The O'Leary Collection—Medals of The Royal Canadian Regiment

The O'Leary Collection
Medals of The Royal Canadian Regiment

As a collector of medals to The Royal Canadian Regiment (The RCR), my associated research has examined the service of Royal Canadians at home and abroad in times of peace and war. As the collection grew it expanded to include all the branches of the regimental family tree including the amalgamated regiments of the Canadian Militia and the perpetuated units of the Canadian Expeditionary Force. Through these biographies, I would like to share some of their stories and those of The RCR. — Capt (ret'd) Michael M. O'Leary, CD, The RCR (The Regimental Rogue)

The O'Leary Collection:

479031 Private Geoffrey Austin Allen
Service under an assumed name.
A3285 Pte William Rodgers Allison  poppy icon
Killed in action at Nissoria, Sicily, Italy.
Lieut. Jean Paul Amiot
Retrained from Artillery, a late war reinforcement officer for The RCR.
SB-12725 Private Henry "Hank" Ard  poppy icon
WIA at Hill 187, Died of Wounds in Japan
SB12630 Private Robert "Robbie" Francis Arding  poppy icon
A company cook, Killed in Action at Hill 355, Korea.
477019 Private Harold Ashcroft
Transferred to the Tunnelers.
437213 Private John Charles Bailey  poppy icon
Commemorated on the Vimy Memorial.
9750 / 477030 L/Cpl George A. Baldwin  poppy icon
"Previously reported missing, … Killed in Action."
1033138 Private Robert John W. Barker
A man with mysteries in his history.
477040 Sergeant Harry James Barlow, M.M.  MM icon
814431 Private Edward Beaver
An Alderville First Nation soldier of the Great War.
477057 Sergeant Robert Bedell
"…full of spirits—very full…"
407119 Private John Bell  poppy icon
Died of wounds received in action.
823827 Private George Henry Brett
From "London's Own" to the 1st Canadian Infantry Works Battalion
415026 Private John Thomas Burke  poppy icon
Court martialled for desertion in Canada. Commemorated on the Vimy Memorial.
Major Walter "Chester" Butler, V.D.
"Brought to Notice of the Secretary of State for War for valuable services rendered."
6891 Private Albert Buttery
An old campaigner and an undeserved end.
477136 Private Thomas Byford
9583 Acting Corporal Francis "Frank" G. Carr
"Fit for bandsman."
477158 Private William Charles Carrothers  poppy icon
Died of wounds, age 25.
3203115 Private Frederick James Clarke
B801204 Cpl Allan James John Clayton
Operational service in North West Europe and in Korea.
478866 Pte George William Cleland
A deserter and a stowaway, but not to avoid military service.
Lieutenant Howard Roger Cluff
"London's Own" to London Lawyer.
3234 Corpl. (A/Sergt.) John William Cockburn
"…a prince of good fellows and … every inch a soldier."
454726 Pte Jean Baptiste Collin
"I won't go back to Camp, Fuck the Camp and Military Police."
Captain George Ernest Collins
An RCR soldier commissioned from the ranks into the British Army
401713 Sergeant Frank Russell Cooper, D.C.M.  DCM icon
"For conspicuous gallantry and initiative in command of a section of four machine guns."
SB-64835 Sergeant John Edward Crockford
One of the first regimental parachutists.
Lieut.-Col. Ralph Marston Crowe  poppy icon
…a brave and able officer who died gallantly…
477212 Sergeant Albert Cumberland
A-71109 Private Jack Thompson Davis
A Canadian Fusilier and a Royal Canadian.
675618 Private Joel Dawson
From "Oxford's Own" to the 1st Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade.
A-3523 Pte Frederick James Dobson
Recommended for the American Bronze Star.
Colonel George Allison Dodge, V.D.
3rd (Special Service) Battalion Quartermaster, later first Permanent Force Service Corps officer.
477260 Private Willard Dow
"His service record is remarkable for its brevity."
455277 Private David Jahiel (John) Dulmage
Shot wounds and gas in his first war, regular leave and AWL in his second.
401045 Sergeant Robert Duncan  poppy icon
Killed by an aeroplane bomb.
6420 Bugler (Private) William Thomas Durrant
Discharged from the C.E.F., medically unfit, on 18 Jan 1915.
823467 Private Henry William Edwards, M.M.  MM icon
"Awards with Gazette dates this late are usually … Canada's 100 Days."
1033010 Private Philip Aubrey Elston
Court Martialled for a self-inflicted wound.
6452 Private Leslie Eversfield  poppy icon
"…a grandson of the celebrated Irish actor, Dion Bousicoult (sic)…"
477294 Sergeant William John Joseph Fardy
6793 Private John Andrew Fisher  poppy icon
"Killed in Action between 22 Apr 1915 and 30 Apr 1915."
477960 Corporal Charles Fitzwalter  poppy icon
Which Walters' "Fitz"?
158582 Acting Sergeant John Joseph Flanagan, M.M.  MM icon  poppy icon
477313 Acting Sergeant Albert Ernest Foster, M.M.  MM icon
"…in showing admirable coolness set a magnificent example…"
Captain Everest Baldwin Gandier
Wounded at Courcelette, a casualty of his first and only tour in the trenches.
477347 A/L/Corporal Albert Edward Gladwin, M.M.  MM icon
Lt.-Col. Charles Stewart Grafton, V.D.
Author of "The Canadian Emma-Gees"
444833 Private Aurele Guimond  poppy icon
"Died of Wounds received in Action (G.S.W. Mult. Sev.)"
469511 Private William Alexander Gunn  poppy icon
"Left leg amputated in France — Gas Gangrene."
Lieut. Frederick Amherst Hale
A Company Commander at Vimy Ridge, a Private in Siberia.
477377 Private Douglas Thomas Hamilton  poppy icon
3180900 Private Walter Littlewood Harnish
An MSA Draftee who arrived in France days before the Armistice.
455751 A/Corporal Warren Merton Hartley
Under-aged soldier in the First War; RCAF radar officer in the Second.
488223 Pte George Francis Hawkins  poppy icon
Commemorated on the Menin Gate Memorial at Ypres.
478922 Private Douglas Henry Hearns
An underaged soldier, buried by shellfire on his only tour of the front line.
SA-111379 Warrant Officer (Class II) Otto Mark Helesic
"Anywhere including Overseas except most secret assignments."
127678 Pte Frederick Walter Hicks
"Not being likely to become an efficient soldier."
127075 Acting Corporal George Wesley Himes
"In the post-war years, Himes was a well-known Galt athlete."
Brigadier Vernon "Uncle Bill" Hodson
The only officer of the Regiment to land in England and France on regimental service in both World Wars.
477447 Acting/C.Q.M.S. Richard Rolfe Hutton
A 20-year-old Sergeant at Vimy Ridge.
7578–477448–15055 Sgt Gordon Hymmen
Regimental sportsman and Great War veteran.
715141 Private Edward Kay Irving
Wounded in action near Ypres on 16 Nov 1917.
454638 Private William Henry Jackson  poppy icon
Repatriated sick to Canada and died of illness.
3180212 Private Noble Avard Jamieson
A conscript and a gas casualty.
A-432 Corporal James Harold "Harry" Jessop  poppy icon
"Killed in Action — While leaving the "jumping off trench"…"
12719 CQMS Harold Johns
RCR regimental service between the World Wars.
A-57541 Sergeant George Johnson
"Likes his work very much; gets along easily with his men."
477501 Private Henry William Krimmel  poppy icon
A Royal Canadian in the 7th Light Trench Mortar Battery.
Lieut.-Col. Sidney Pilton Layborn
"You appear to be entitled to the best combination of clasps of any member of your Contingents."
478928 Private Arthur Robert Leatherbarrow
"…fit for service, but not "general service."
A3247 Private Elmer James Lee  poppy icon
"…officially reported died of wounds August twenty-seventh [1940]…"
261628 Private Arthur Frederick Littlewood  MM icon
2355331 Lance Corporal Albert Lorking
Wounded in action, later a War Amps representative.
477550 Sergeant Walter Lowe, M.M.  MM icon  poppy icon
Private John Franklin Maddever
A "7th Fusilier" during the Fenian Raids
400831 Pte Ernest William Manzi
A minor player in the 33rd Battalion ration scandal.
8260 / 2228308 Sergeant Joseph Marcil  poppy icon
A Permanent Force RCR, and CEF service in Canada.
9790 / 477583 / 12044 Sergeant James Edward Maule
"He is an excellent musician and thorough disciplinarian and his services are very satisfactory."
127514 Private Harry McBride  poppy icon
Underage, died in England, buried in Canada.
440029 Private Douglas McCall  poppy icon
477630 Cpl William James McConnell
"Missing, believed taken prisoner."
542152 Corporal William Earl McCubbin, M.M.  MM icon
Lieut.-Col. Edward McIntyre, E.D.
Injured in Italy with The RCR, Public Relations, and later command of his Militia regiment.
228218 Private David McKay  poppy icon
Killed by enemy artillery whilst in billets.
7211 Private Chester Duncan McLaren
A 7th Fusilier with The RCR, wounded at Paardeberg.
A/758 Lance Corporal Hector McLean  poppy icon
"Killed in Action during a heavy bombardment at Hill 60, Zillebeke."
127719 Sergeant Sylvester McLean
"Another member of the old 22nd Battalion band joined today."
477661 Pte William Foy McQueen  poppy icon
Twice wounded, and killed in action.
455084 Private William Mercer  poppy icon
Commemorated on the Vimy Memorial.
127261 Pte Isaac Allen Middleton
"shrapnel wound, right upper arm (flesh)"
Captain Percy McKinley Millman
"Percy Millman, a prominent insurance man of this city, has been named paymaster."
261556 Pte Joseph Robert Morton  poppy icon
Killed in action at Passchendaele Ridge.
477609 Private Clifford Moss, M.M.  MM icon  poppy icon
"As a Company Scout he fearlessly went forward time and again…"
6256 Acting Sergeant James Fiddes Murray, D.C.M.  DCM icon
"For conspicuous gallantry…carried messages under heavy shrapnel fire…rescued three men who had been buried…"
Lieutenant Bertram Tschudi Nevitt  poppy icon
"He died as he lived, a soldier and a gentleman, and at the very forefront of battle."
478662 Pte John Lockwood Nicholl
"Man looks about 60 years of age …"
3203064 Private Wilfred Seaforth Nicholas
Nicholas arrived at the Regiment on 13 Nov 1918.
478052 Private Thomas O'Meara
A soldier of the Manchester draft of 1907, and a stowaway in 1915.
455657 Private Ernest William Partridge  poppy icon
"He was wounded in the chest and left arm by bullets … and succumbed one week later at No. 49 C.C.S."
4824 / 15130 Sgt Alfred Charles Pearce
A soldier of many regiments.
400915 Private Sidney R. Petrie
"…at the age of 25 Petrie became a permanent resident of the Hospital for Insane."
478900 Private Cornelius Pettitt  poppy icon
"I Remain your Loving Joe…" — Killed in Action at Regina Trench.
823825 Private Allan Phillips  poppy icon
"Killed by enemy shell bursting on road."
9609 / 477728 Private Albert Edward Piper
"Arrived from England as a STOWAWAY …"
878226 Private Thomas Joseph Pippy  poppy icon
"Reported missing [after action] Sept. 30th, 1918."
477781 Corporal Arthur Rix, M.M.  MM icon
477783 Private William Henry Roberts  poppy icon
"Died whilst a prisoner of War."
733548 Corporal Maynard Burton Rosencrants
3rd (Special Service) Battalion, The RCR; later CEF (112th Bn); and a family connection to the JFK assassination investigation.
477805 Private Harold George Rumsby
"…diagnosis of neurasthenia…later changed to Delusional Insanity."
477811 Private George Sanson
Batman to Capt J.W. Coupe.
477813 Corporal "Charles Edward" Sauvé
"In brushes with lurking enemy parties, L-Cpl C.E. Sauvé…rendered courageous service."
400576 Private George Searle  poppy icon
Commemorated on the Vimy Memorial.
214215 Pte John Leonard Shook
Negligent Discharge, circa 1918.
7985 Sergeant Alfred Percy Simpson
Wounded at the battle of Paardeberg (Cronje's Laager).
401159 / 491355 Private Albert Skelly
A London plumber, wounded at Flers-Courcelette.
477858 Private Joseph Smith
477872 Pte George Francis Joseph Stacey  poppy icon
Commemorated on the Menin Gate.
6056 Private David Henry Stayte  poppy icon
"Woodstock Private Killed In Action—Givenchy Survivor Falls"
823298 Pte Thomas Patrick Steele, M.M.  MM icon
… for gallant conduct in the field …
SP-15250 C.S.M. (W.O. II) Clifford Charles Stewart
9595 / 477887 / 12016 C.Q.M.S. John "Jock" Stirling, M.M.  MM icon
…an example to all the younger members of the Regiment.
817177 Private Wentworth Havelock Tabor
"Wounded in Action" on 20 May 1917.
3186169 Private Thomas Joseph Tangney
"…landed in France on 8 Nov 1918…"
Lieut. Marie Jean Henrie Linière Taschereau
"…in Halifax on the day of the Halifax Explosion…"
190111 Private William Henry Taylor  poppy icon
From the 91st Battalion to the 1st Battalion, died of disease.
477915 Private Albert Morley Thomas  poppy icon
734231 Private Clark D. Thompson  poppy icon
The older Thompson brother, killed in action.
P13066 Sergeant Harold Thompson
Instrumental Soloist for over 20 years of Canadian Army service.
733849 Private Norman Parker Thompson
The younger Thompson brother; post-war service in the Special Guard.
A4279 Private Roland William Thoms  poppy icon
"Pte. Roland Thoms, a first rate young soldier, … was killed."
733146 Private William Tyler
"Transferred to England for discharge as a MINOR."
Colonel Frederick William Utton
Wounded at Paardeberg; 1908 Olympian; a long and full military career.
455304 Private Clayton "Earl" Varcoe
Previously reported missing … now officially Prisoner of War.
12536 Private Gaudias "Jock/Grandpa/Pop" Villeneuve
"Grandpa" Villeneuve had a wonderful meal awaiting us.
A305 / 400305 Private Andrew Walker  poppy icon
"Previously reported Wounded, now Killed in Action."
477951 Private Frederick George Walker  poppy icon
Wounded in action, 9 Apr 1917. Died of wounds, 18 Apr 1917.
7239 Sergt.-Maj. Instr. (W.O.I) James Duncan Stirling Wallace
"On 1 Jun 1912, he was appointed to the Physical Training Instructional Staff…"
425464 Sergeant Ernest Watson, D.C.M.  DCM icon
"For conspicuous leadership and good work during the operations from 8th to 15th August, 1918."
733119 Private Isaac Zenas Weagle  poppy icon
A long-range shelling casualty.
477974 Sergeant George Webb
A soldier of the Manchester draft of 1907.
823504 Private Frank Webster
"…Webster's first and last tour of the forward trenches."
6978 Private John Henry "Harry" Whitworth
"On furlough to Canada for 12 weeks."
4334 / 477996 Pte Isaac Hamilton Wilcox
Permanent Force, South Africa, and C.E.F.
Major Ernest Frederick "Tug" Wilson
"During the present war this officer has rendered exceptionally meritorious service…"
A800005 Lance Corporal William Robert Christopher Windle (MiD)
A Korean War sniper and recipient of Mention in Despatches
1033222 Pte John McKenzie Winter
RCR in the Great War, CGG in the Second World War.
478022 Private William Witherow  poppy icon
"Single, had measles, malaria, enteric, and dysentery in India. Uses alcohol and tobacco."