GvR Memorial Cross

The Royal Canadian Regiment and
The First World War - 1914-1919


Soldiers of The Royal Canadian Regiment who are known to be casualties of the Great War are buried in at least 183 Cemeteries in nine countries. The pages linked below will provide information on each of these cemeteries and list those Royal Canadians identified as casualties of the Great War known to be buried therein. In many of the Canadian cemeteries listed below there may also be found other Royal Canadians whose deaths occured either before the First World War, or after the final date for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission lists. An interactive map showing cemetery locations is also available.

camera icon camera icon The camera icon indicates the inclusion of one or more gravestone photos. Many of these photos have been generously provided by members of the Great War Forum and the Army.ca Forums. A blue camera icon indicates that not all gravestone photos are included for those cemeteries.