The Royal Canadian Regiment and
The First World War - 1914-1919

Regina Trench Cemetery

Although Regina Trench Cemetery is in the commune of Grandcourt, it is not possible to gain access to the cemetery from Grandcourt. Visitors should approach the cemetery from the direction of Courcelette, which is a village about 8 kilometres north-east of Albert (next to the main road D929 Albert-Bapaume). The cemetery lies about 1.5 kilometres north-west of the village of Courcelette (signposted in the centre of Courcelette) and will be found 1.5 kilometres down a single track lane (not suitable for cars).

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Royal Canadians buried at the Regina Trench Cemetery are listed below.

Regt. No. Rank. Given Names. Surname. Date of Death. Remarks. CVWM/CWGC Link; Grave Ref.
477002A/CplWalter AugustusACREMAN08-Oct-16 CVWM
III. A. 14.
477030L-CplGeorge AlfredBALDWIN08-Oct-16CVWM
I. D. 20.
477105PteLoenard GeorgeBRIDGE08-Oct-16CVWM
I. C. 9.
552426A/L-CplHenry CarlBRIGGS08-Oct-16CVWM
IV. E. 3.
454926PteCecil HowardBUELL08-Oct-16CVWM
II. F. 4.
478903PteJohn AbelBUTTERWORTH08-Oct-17CVWM
I. B. 28.
478510PteDan JohnCAMPBELL08-Oct-16CVWM
I. D. 30.
I. B. 19.
478915PteEdward LeslieCARTER08-Oct-16CVWM
II. G. 29.
228407PteEarl JohnCOOK08-Oct-16CVWM
IV. B. 10.
V. E. 15.
IV. A. 15.
552722A/L-CplKenneth CampbellFINDLAY06-Oct-16CVWM
IV. A. 16.
I. B. 17.
I. C. 12
I. D. 4.
I. B. 14.
III. A. 27.
I. C. 26.
I. D. I.
II. F. 8.
III. E. 3.
II. E. 6.
442122PteJoseph AlfredLEBLANC08-Oct-16CVWM
IV. D. 3.
461391PteJohn ProctorLITTON08-Oct-16CVWM
I. F. 25.
440966PteHenry RichardLOCKYER08-Oct-16CVWM
III. E. 12.
I. F. 19.
455696PteWellington RobertMETCALF08-Oct-16CVWM
II. F. 14.
444656PteReginald GeorgeMUNCEY08-Oct-16CVWM
III. E. 10.
455167PteWilliam JosephO'REILLY08-Oct-16CVWM
I. B. 6.
454075PteAlvin MorsePARKS08-Oct-16CVWM
I. B. 18.
478663PteFred OsbornePURDY08-Oct-16CVWM
I. A. 12.
I. B. 15.
478689PteStephen MurdickRICHARD08-Oct-16CVWM
II. D. 2.
455307PteFrederick WilliamROBERTS08-Oct-16CVWM
I. B. 13.
477787L-CplGordon MostynROBINSON08-Oct-16CVWM
II. E. 5.
Capt.William TravisSAPTE08-Oct-16CVWM
I. F. I.
477823SgtGeorge H.SEARS08-Oct-16CVWM
II. F. 19.
478898PteJohn RobertSKELTON08-Oct-16Served as Robert Wilson, and listed as such in the CVWMCVWM
I. C. 2.
I. C. 23.
IV. A. 12.
477875PteEdward A.STARK08-Oct-16CVWM
III. D. 8.
455322PteJames FrankSTEER08-Oct-16CVWM
I. G. 2.
Lieut.Herbert JamesSTUART03-Oct-16CVWM
II. D. 53.
Lieut.Percy VilliersSUTTON08-Oct-16CVWM
III. C. 27.
455151PteGeorge HenryTUTTON08-Oct-16CVWM
I. C. 13.
425471PteFrancis BattisonWEBSTER08-Oct-16CVWM
II. G. 27.
I. C. 17.
I. G. 3.
425516PteWilfred PercyYOUNG08-Oct-16CVWM
I. B. 7.

Regina Trench Cemetery

Photo by Avalon Eastman; a member of the Great War Forum.

CWGC headstone for Pte Jules Ketels.

Photo by Robert Pike, a member of the Great War Forum.

Regina Trench Cemetery Regina Trench Cemetery Regina Trench Cemetery Regina Trench Cemetery CWGC headstone for A/L-Cpl. Walter Acreman. CWGC headstone for L-Cpl George Baldwin. CWGC headstone for Pte Leonard Bridge. CWGC headstone for A/L-Cpl. Henry Briggs. CWGC headstone for Pte Cecil Buell. CWGC headstone for Pte John Butterworth. CWGC headstone for Pte Dan Campbell. CWGC headstone for Pte Philias Carriere. CWGC headstone for Pte Edward Carter. CWGC headstone for Pte Earl Cook. CWGC headstone for Pte Reginald Davidge. CWGC headstone for A/L-Cpl. Jack Fielder. CWGC headstone for A/L-Cpl. Kenneth Findlay. CWGC headstone for Pte Etienne Frechette. CWGC headstone for Pte Edwin Freeland. CWGC headstone for Pte John Fryer. CWGC headstone for Pte Jerome Gauthro. CWGC headstone for Pte Isaac Handford. CWGC headstone for Pte Fred Hutchison. CWGC headstone for Pte Ivan Joy. CWGC headstone for Pte William Kelymery. CWGC headstone for Pte Jules Ketels. CWGC headstone for Pte James Knight. CWGC headstone for Pte Joseph LeBlanc. CWGC headstone for Pte John Litton. CWGC headstone for Pte Henry Lockyer. CWGC headstone for A/Cpl. Hugh McLean. CWGC headstone for Pte Wellington Metcalf. CWGC headstone for Pte Reginald Muncey. CWGC headstone for Pte William O'Reilly. CWGC headstone for Pte Alvin Parks. CWGC headstone for Pte Fred Purdy. CWGC headstone for Pte George Reed. CWGC headstone for Pte Stephen Richard. CWGC headstone for Pte Frederick Roberts. CWGC headstone for L-Cpl. Gordon Robinson. CWGC headstone for Capt. William Sapte. CWGC headstone for Sgt. George Sears. CWGC headstone for Pte William Somers. CWGC headstone for Pte Andrew Stark. CWGC headstone for Pte edward Stark. CWGC headstone for Pte James Steer. CWGC headstone for Lieut. Herbert Stuart. CWGC headstone for Lieut. Herbert Stuart. CWGC headstone for Lieut. Percy Sutton. CWGC headstone for Pte Georger Tutton. CWGC headstone for Pte Francis Webster. CWGC headstone for Pte John Whitaker. CWGC headstone for Pte John Willimas. CWGC headstone for Pte Robert Wilson (Skelton). CWGC headstone for Pte Wilfred Young.

Photos by Peter Bennett, a member of the Great War Forum

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