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Captain Claude Llewellyn Wood, M.C.

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Capt. C.L. Wood, M.C.

Capt. C.L. Wood, M.C. (1918)

Capt. C.L. Wood, M.C. (1920)

Capt. C.L. Wood, M.C., Valcartier Camp, 1920


MC Citation:


Capt. Claude Llewellyn Wood, Royal Can. Regt., Nova Scotia Regt. - For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in command of a company during an attack on Bois de Sart, 26th August, 1918. He led his company through very heavy fire to his objective, where he found both his flanks in the air. Though almost surrounded by an enemy counter-attack, he held on to his position, and broke up the counter-attack. Throughout he showed marked courage, and set a very fine example to his men.

Citation for Bar to the MC:


Capt. Claude Llewellyn Wood, M.C., R. Can. R., Nova Scotia R. - For conspicuous gallantry and ability to command during the operation before Cambrai, 29th September to 1st October, 1918. After the C.O., the adjutant and other senior officers had become casualties, he assumed command of his battalion on the evening of the 28th September and carried out a successful attack on the morning of 29th September. His battalion was continuously in action until the early morning of 1st October. (M.C. gazetted 1st February, 1919.)

Permanent Force Instructor, 1924:

Captain "Smoky" Woods (left) with Capt McIntosh, P.P.C.L.I. - Instructors from Permanent Force for Military School 1924.

McGregor Fullerton McIntosh is mentioned in the regimental history of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (Hodder-Williams, 1968). While serving in the field as a Lance Sergeant, he took command of the men around him after the last officer had been put out of action and held off an enemy attack on the Patricia's trench lines at Fabeck Graben (Sep 1916). He was commissioned in the field for his admirable leadership, but lost an arm due to wounds on his next front line tour while still officially in the ranks. He did continue to serve in the the reorganized PPCLI after the war as one of the original cadre of Permanent Force officers in 1919.

(Photo provided to The Regimental Rogue by Hugh Conway, a Royal Canadian and regimental collector.)

The Connecting File, Vol IX, No. 1, January 1930

"Pass friend, all is well." It is thus one thinks of gallant Captain Claude L. Wood, M.C., who passed on to his reward in November last [1929]. All ranks of the Regiment will remember Captain Wood's serious motor accident two year's ago and the brave cheery manner in which he endured his suffering at the Christie Street Hospital, Toronto. He was buried with military honours by the Regiment he loved so well, the honorary bearers being eight of his brother officers and the bearers eight Warrant Officers. The duties were furnished by "B" Company. To Major and Mrs Wood, The C.F. extends its sympathy in their sorrow."

Death of Captain C.L. Wood (From regimental records.)

Captain Calaude Llewellyn Wood, M.C., late The Royal Canadian Regiment, died at Toronto, Ontario, on 30th October 1929, as a result from injuries received in a motor accident, in London, on the 15th November 1926, when Lieutenant A.K. Stanley, a passenger in the same car was almost instantly killed.

Captain Wood was buried in Prospect Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario, on the 1st November, 1929. Firing Party was furnished by "B" Coy., The R.C.R., Gun Carriage, bearing his remains was drawn by Drivers and Horses supplied from the Royal Canadian Dragoons. The regimental Band from London, Ont., was in attendance.

The undermentioned officers of the Regiment were present and acted as pall-bearers:-

The bearers were:- R.S.M. (W.O. I) J. Wyatt, D.C.M., R.Q.M.S. (W.O. II) R.A. Hanson, Q.M.S. (W.O. II) H.V. Bonner and C.S.M. (W.O. II) F. Davis, M.M., from London. S.M.I. (W.O. I) R.F. Bicknell, S.M.I. (W.O. I) F. White, S.M.I. (W.O. I) J.S. Tiffin and S.M.I. (W.O. I) C.A. Dadds, The R.C.R., Military District No. 2.

Mourners:- The District Officer Commanding Military District No. 2, Captain A.W. Hunt, M.M., P.P.C.L.I., representing the D.O.C., M.D. No. 1, "B" Coy, The R.C.R., warrant and non-commissioned officers from H.Q. Wing and "C" Coy, The R.C.R., London, Ont.

The Commanding Officer received the following letter from Major H.W. Wood, father of the deceased, in connection with the funeral:-

Toronto, Ont
1st November, 1929.

Dear Colonel Langford:-

My wife and I were amazed and find it hard even now to realize the way his old Regiment rallied round my boy to help him on his last journey. Perhaps I can best express it when I say "it was a wonderful tribute of soldiers to a soldier."

We thank you on your own behalf and also on behalf of the Regiment he loved so well.

It was all such a practical proof of sympathy which helps a lot.

Yours sincerely,
(Signed) H.W.W. Wood.

Major Herbert W.W. Wood's donations (From regimental records.)

Major Herbert W.W. Wood, father of the late Captain C.L. Wood, M.C., The R.C.R., who died in Toronto, Ontario, on the 30th October, 1929, donated a crayon picture of Captain Wood which was taken in Shornecliffe, England, in 1915. The picture was framed and placed in the Officers' Mess. he also donated the sum of Five hundred dollars, $500.00 to go with the picture, for disposal as the officers think best, under the direction of the Officer Commanding.

Lieut.-Colonel M.K. Greene, O.C., The R.C.R., acknowledged receipt of the donations on the 23rd August 1936, and presented Major Wood with a copy of the History of The Royal Canadian Regiment, with the best wishes from all ranks.

Medals awarded to Captain Claude Llewellyn Wood, M.C., as displayed in The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum.

Medals awarded to Captain Claude Llewellyn Wood, M.C.,
as displayed in The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum.
Photo by Arthur Majoor.