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Lt.-Col. Murray Kirk Greene

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Lieut. M.K. Greene (1912)

Lieut. M.K. Greene (1912)

Major M.K. Greene (1928)

Major M.K. Greene (1928)

Major & Brevet Lt.-Col. M.K. Greene (1933)

Major & Brevet Lt.-Col. M.K. Greene (1933)


Departure of Major Greene (from "A" Company, 1927)

The Connecting File, Vol VI, No. 4, December, 1927

It was with real regret that "A" Company bade good-bye to Major and Mrs M.K. Greene on their departure to London on 27th September, 1927.

Major Green took over "A" Company the 1st April, 1925, and during his two and a half years with us, his work to improve us both on parade and in the field of sport and the keen and sympathetic interest displayed by both Mrs Greene and himself in all our doings have won our admiration and respect.

Prior to their departure Mrs Greene was presented with a motoring rug, a gift from the Company.

The Company also paraded in strength to the station where a noisy farewell was tended before the train pulled out.

The sincerest good wishes of all ranks of "A" Company follow Major and Mrs Greene to London.

The Connecting File, Vol XVII, No. 4, December, 1938

On October 21st, 1938, command of The Royal Canadian Regiment was handed over by Lieut.-Col. M.K. Greene to Lieut.-Col. K.M. Holloway, on the latter's return from the Senior Officers' School, at Sheerness. It is our sincere desire, through the medium of the "Connecting File" to welcome Lieut.-Col. Holloway as he assumes his new duties, and to bid "au revoir" to Lieut.-Col. Greene, on his departure from the Regiment to the appointment of A.A. & Q.M.G., at Calgary.

The Royal Canadian Regiment; Volume Two, 1933-1966

Lt.-Col. M. K. Greene

He was appointed to The Regiment on graduation from Royal Military College in 1910. He went overseas in 1914 as Orderly Officer of 2nd Canadian Infantry Brigade. He was wounded in the heavy fighting at Ypres in the spring of 1915 and obtained a Mention in Despatches. In 1919 he was the first commander of D Company, quartered in Montreal. He commanded The Regiment in 1927 in the dedication of the Arlington Cemetery in Washington. After a series of staff appointments he took command of The Regiment in 1935, relinquishing it to Lt.-Col. M.K. Holloway in 1938. During the Second World War he held a number of staff appointments in Britain from one of which he was recalled in November 1940 to take command of The Regiment anew. On July 10th 1941 he received another staff posting. He retired at the end of the war with the rank of Colonel. He died in England on December 15th 1956.

Regimental Obituary Notice

Lt.-Col. Greene's death is noted in the Spring 1958 edition of The Connecting File:

In Memoriam

Lt.-Col. M.K. Greene, D.S.O.

Word was just received from England that Lt-Col M.K. Greene died at Tunbridge Wells, England, on the 18th December, 1956.

Lt-Col Murray Kirk Greene, a graduate of the Royal Military College, was appointed to The RCR in 1910. He proceeded to France and Flanders in 1915 as staff officer with the 1st Canadian Division; also, various staff appointments in France and Flanders and the United Kingdom; wounded. "Mentioned in Despatches". Between the two wars, he held various staff and regimental appointments, including Command of RCR from 1935-39. During World War II, he served in the United Kingdom with Base Reinforcment Units and commanded the RCR in UK from December 1940 to July 1941. he retired with the rank of Colonel.

Date of Birth - 17 Feb 1888