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Major Vernon Hodson

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Capt. & Brevet Major V. Hodson (1933)

Capt. & Brevet Major V. Hodson (1933)


The Royal Canadian Regiment; Volume Two, 1933-1966

Lt.-Col. V. Hodson

He joined The Regiment from the Militia in 1913. He left Canada with the Battalion in 1914 and served for thirteen months in France and Flanders, being wounded and earning a Mention in Despatches. In 1916 he was appointed Adjutant, a post which he retained during the post-war reorganization. In 1939 he took command of C Company at St. Jean. He succeeded to the command of The Regiment on November 26th 1939 prior to its departure overseas. A year later he returned to Canada where he was promoted Brigadier prior to his retirement. He died in July 1945.

Date of Birth - 16 Sep 1884