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Brevet Major Victor William Synge Heron

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Capt. V.W.S. Heron (1920)

Capt. V.W.S. Heron, Valcartier Camp, 1920


The Connecting File, Vol XII, No. 1, January 1933

On 26th January [1933], Major V.W.S. Heron left the Station, on leave pending retirement, on account of ill health.

Members of the Regiment who know Major Heron will sadly miss his clever and, on occasions, biting wit. The writer has met no one who can so quickly turn a phrase or give an instant answer which produced a laugh. He possesses the gift of turning unpleasant, irritating or serious problems into ludicrous stuations which would shame the world most successful humourist - and so raise our morale.

Major Heron, throughout his service in the Regiment has alwaus taken the greatest interest in the welfare of the men, whether it be the normal routine welfare or their amusements, comforts and privileges. Few other ranks possibly realize how many "cushy things" have been put over due to Major Heron's influence.

Major Heron's hobby has been the Regiment, so no more need be said.

Comparisons are odious but the Connecting File has never had a better Editor that V.W.S.H. Like all true journalists, he showed unflinching courage which unfortunately sometimes was not appreciated and had its repercussions.

Al ranks of Halifax Station, The RCR, wish him the Best of health and prosperity, including marriage, if one day he sees the light.

T. Vickary

The Connecting File, Vol XII, No. 3, July 1933

We hear that Major V.W.S. Heron, on return from Bermuda, is spending his retirement in the historical town of Grand Pre.

Date of Birth - 28 May 1885