Customs of the Army (1956)

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1. Reporting to Adjutant or Duty Officer on arrival

On first joining the regiment or any other unit, an officer should immediately report to the Adjutant or Duty Officer.

2. Interview by Commanding Officer

An officer will be interviewed by his Commanding Officer shortly after his arrival in anew unit. The officer will be told by the Adjutant when to report. If an officer requires an interview with his Commanding Officer at any other time he should apply in writing, giving reasons.

3. Calling

It is sometimes expected of an officer, on first joining a unit, to call on the Commanding Officer and officers and also married officers and their wives. Enquiries on the custom prevailing should be made on arrival. (See Section IX.)

4. Joining of Regimental, Corps and Army Associations

On first joining, a young officer will be told details of the Regimental and Army Associations to which it is customary for officers of the regiment to subscribe. He should regard such subscriptions as a prior charge on his income, and should never consider whether he personally will receive any benefit from them.

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Contents - Sections - I - II - III - IV - V - VI - VII - VIII - IX