The Royal Canadian Regiment

Standing Orders of
The Royal Canadian Regiment


H.Q. 1 December 1935.

The following Orders are issued subject to the provisions of the King’s Regulations and Orders for the Canadian Militia, which it is their purpose to supplement in matters pertaining especially to The Royal Canadian Regiment.


  1. The Commanding Officer
  2. An Officer in Temporary Command
  3. The Second-in-Command
  4. Officers Commanding Stations
  5. Officers Commanding Companies
  6. Seconds-in-Command of Companies
  7. The Adjutant
  8. The Signalling Officer
  9. The Quartermaster
  10. Subaltern Officers
  11. Officers Generally
  12. Warrant Officers
  13. The Regimental Sergeant Major
  14. Orderly Room Clerks
  15. The Sergeant Cook
  16. The Sergeant-Tailor
  17. Non-Commissioned Officers Generally
  18. The Band
  19. Employed Men Generally
  20. Officers' Servants
  21. Married Soldiers
  22. Soldiers Generally
  23. Battalion Parades
  24. The Colours
  25. Passes