The First World War
War Diary of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Transcription by Captain Michael O'Leary, The RCR.


1-1-1919. - RENAIX

The Battalion moved to RENAIX by road to-day. Weather fine. Billets good. Mess-dinner for all Officers held in the evening at H.Q. Mess. The first mess-dinner for many months. Capt. G.L.P. GRANT-SUTTIE and Lieut. H.R. StC. JONES mess presidents.

Capt. R.M. MILLETT, M.C., and Lieut. D.N. McDONALD proceeded on leave to U.K.

2-1-1919. - VELAINES

Moved from RENAIX to VELAINES by road. Rainy day.

2 O.R's evac. To C.C.S.

3-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

Moved from VELAINES to ESTAIMBOURG. Once more in the zone of the fighting. Rainy day.

Capt. C.L. WOOD, M.C., returned from hospital.

4-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

Day spent cleaning up from the long marches. Company parades and inspection of clothing and equipment.

4 O.R's evacuated to C.C.S.

5-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

Usual company training. Day fine.

Major M.M.L. GARON proceeded to England.

6-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

Day fine. Usual company parades.

Lieut. H. SCOTT admitted to F.A.
1 O.R. to C.C.S.
1 O.R. from C.C.S.
C apt. C.L. WOOD, M.C., proceeded on leave to U.K.

7-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

Day fine. Inspection and fitting of equipment.

Capt. D.D. FREEZE, M.C., proceeded on 10 days leave to PARIS.
Capt. H. MALONE attached as M.O.

8-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

Dull day. Usual company parades.

9 O.R's to C.C.S. Capt. R.E. BALDERS proceeded on 14 days leave to U.K.

9-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

Day fine. Battalion bathed.

Lieut. H.R.StC. JONES returned from leave.
Lieut. H.C. BARKER returned from leave.

10-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

Battalion parade under R.S.M.

Capt. G.L.P. GRANT-SUTTIE proceeded on command to 3RD Canadian Division.

11-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

Company parades under company arrangements. Day fine and cool.

2 O.R's to Military Prison.

12-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

Church parade.

5 O.R's to C.C.S.

13-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

Battalion parade.

Capt C.G.B. THOMPSON, M.C., and Lieut. W.H. DEO, M.M., returned from leave.
1 O.R. struck off strength as a deserter.

14-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

Battalion route march.

15-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

(No entry for 15th)

16-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

Battalion parade.

11 O.R's to C.C.S.

17-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

Company parades.

1 O.R's from C.C.S.
5 O.R's to C.C.S.

18-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

Lecture for Battalion in the Concert Hall at NECHIN.

Lieut. M.F. GREGG, V.C., M.C., rtn from leave.
Lieut. R.M. MILLETT, M.C., rtn from leave.

19-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

Church parades in the morning. Concert by the "Dumbells" in the evening.

20-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

Company parades.

Capt. W.J. HOME, M.C., to Hospital.
Lieut. D.A. PORTER, M.C., and Lieut. N.F. MacCORMACK to England as Colour Party.

21-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

Usual parades. Lecture in afternoon by Capt. MacKINNON at NECHIN, subject "Safeguard of Civilization."

22-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

Battalion route march.

Hon. Capt. J. HODGKINNON attached from Chap. Services.

23-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

Battalion drill under R.S.M.

1 O.R. admitted to Base Hospital.

24-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

Training and educational training as usual.

25-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

Usual parades.

Capt. W.J. HOME, M.C., to C.C.S.
2 O.R's to C.C.S.

26-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

C. of E. church parade in Concert Hall NECHIN. R.C. Parade in Village Church. Bathing parades at TEMPLEUVE. Snow in the evening.

8 O.R's S.O.S. to England.
4 O.R's to C.C.S.

27-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

Snow continued all day. Very cold.

28-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

Company parades and educational training.

15 Officers and 309 other ranks proceeded on 5 days leave to U.K., after which they will return to S.S.R.D. Bramschott.

29-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

Parades under company arrangements. Leave party did not proceed owing to strike on trains. Billetted for the night at BAISIEUX.

Lieut. Col. C.H. HILL, D.S.O., receives command of Battalion.

30-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

Usual training. Leave party still at BAISIEUX.

22 O.R's S.O.S. to England.

31-1-1919. - ESTAIMBOURG

Day spent in preparing for move tomorrow to HAVRE en route for England.

C.H. Hill
Commanding The Royal Canadian Regiment.

Appendix 1. - R.C.R. O.O. 143 dated 31.1.19. Instructions for R.C.R. for move from ESTAIMBOURG tomorrow February 1st en route for England.