The First World War
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Lieut. Harry Christie Barker, M.C.

Soldiers of the First World War database entry - H.C. Barker

Lieut. Harry Christie Barker, M.C. (1918)

Lieut. H.C. Barker, M.C. (1918)

Lieut. Harry Christie Barker, M.C. (November 1918)

Lieut. H.C. Barker, M.C. (Nov, 1918)


M.C. Citation:

SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE, 11 JANUARY, 1919; 10 January 1919, Issue number: 31119, Page number: 652

Lt. Harry Christie Barker, R. Can. Regt., Nova Scotia Regt. - During a night attack on a village this officer carried out a most daring and valuable reconnaissance. In pitch darkness he discovered the dispositions of the left and right companies, and on his information to the commanders, they were connected up. He then found that our right flank was in the air, with no connection with the battalion on our right. He proceeded into "No Man's Land" at great risk from hostile machine-gun fire, and discovering the next battalion's left party, was able to guide this battalion into line. Our flank was secured and the success of the operation assured. He reported to battalion headquarters the complete and accurate dispositions of our line.

Date of Birth - 30 Dec 1897; St John, NB