The First World War
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Brevet Major William James Home, M.C.

Soldiers of the First World War database entry - W.J. Home

Capt. W.J. Home, M.C. (1918)

Capt. W.J. Home, M.C. (Nov. 1918)

Capt. W.J. Home, M.C. (1920)

Capt. W.J. Home, M.C., Valcartier Camp (1920)

Capt. & Brevet Major W.J. Home, M.C. (1933)

Capt. & Brevet Major W.J. Home, M.C. (1933)


Military Cross Citation


Lt. (A./Capt.) William James Home, Royal Can. R., Nova Scotia R. - For. conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in command of a company during operations commencing 26th August, 1918. When almost, surrounded by an enemy counter-attack he dashed forward at the head of a party, shooting four enemy himself, causing considerable casualties and checking, their attack. His courage and initiative saved an awkward situation.

Connecting File, Vol IX, NO. 2; April 1930

"Capt W.J. Home, M.C., whose reputation as a hockey player is well known in the Regiment, has been playing with the British Ice Hockey Team this winter and winning laurels for the team and himself as Captain. Capt Home returns to Canada in August [1930] and we look forward to hearing the very latest mechanized accent."

The Connecting File, Vol XIV, No. 2, April 1935

"One of the more interesting happenings during the past quarter was the marriage of Major W.J. Home, M.C., The R.C.R. to Mrs Sarah Hunt, on MOnday, 11th February [1935]. We take this opportunity of once more wishing Major and Mrs Home the greatest happiness and all the luck in the world."

Hong Kong

On 8 July 1940, the Royal Rifles of Canada (Quebec City) and the 7/XIth Hussars (Richmond) received authorization to mobilize as the 1st Battalion of the Royal Rifles of Canada. The first Commanding Officer was Lt. Colonel William James Home, M.C., E.D. a veteran of the First World War who had been with the 8th. Royal Rifles in 1913 and had served with the Royal Canadian Regiment. On 23 October, the Royal Rifles of Canada took the train to Vancouver, where they left Canada on 27 October aboard the Awatea. The unit arrived in Hong Kong on 16 November 1941. On 8 December, Japanese forces attacked the British colony. Following ten days of continuous air and artillery bombardment, Japanese troops landed on the island during the night of 18-19 December. Despite a heroic battle to defend the island, the garrison surrendered on 25 December 1941. During the fighting, Lieutenant-Colonel W.J. Home, the commanding officer of the Royal Rifles, became the senior Canadian officer after the death of Brigadier Lawson.

Date of Birth - 6 Apr 1897

Date of Death - 2 Aug 1983