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Maj. Ralph Edward Balders, M.C.

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Lieut. R.E. Balders (1912)

Lieut. R.E. Balders (1912)

Capt. R.E. Balders (1918)

Capt. R.E. Balders (1918)

Capt. R.E. Balders (1918)

Capt. R.E. Balders (1919) (LAC)

Capt. R.E. Balders (1928)

Capt. R.E. Balders (1928)


M.C. Citation:

SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE, 1 FEBRUARY, 1919; 31 January 1919, Issue number: 31158, Page number: 1705

Capt. Ralph Edward Balders, Royal Canadian Reg., Nova Scotia Reg. - For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during an attack on Bois de Gart on 26th August, 1918. When the attack was held up he went through intense enemy fire to the front line to ascertain the situation, and returned to battalion headquarters with information causing the reserve company to be sent to fill a gap in time to meet an enemy counter-attack. On 28th, in answer to an urgent call for reinforcements, he saved a critical situation with his two companies on Artillery Hill, where the enemy was heavily attacking. He did excellent work.

The Connecting File, Vol X, No. 1, January 1931

"To Major R.E. Balders, M.C., and Mrs Balders, we offerour very best hope for many years of enjoyment of life. Major Balders has been an outstanding personality in the Regiment for so long and is so markedly the best type of the sound and efficient regimental officer, that his retirement will be a distinct loss. His rich sense of humour, his gift of impropmtu repartee, and his cheery laugh made him a favorite in the Mess and everywhere he went. The Regiment will not forget him, and we know he will not forget the Regiment. Good-bye and the very best of luck."

The Connecting File, Vol XI, No. 1, February 1932

"Another bright spot in the wilderness. Major and Mrs R.E. Balders paid us [i.e., "D" Company, St John's P.Q.] a visit during their stay in Montreal. Ho different he looks now that he no longer carries the worries of Companies and Schools on his shoulders. Farming on the North West Arm [i.e. an extension of Halifax Harbour] apparently agrees with him."

1912 Real Photo Post Card (RPPC): "Colonel Denison and Officers R.C.R."
Photo by Neapole & Harding, Pembroke
1912 Real Photo Post Card (RPPC):
Officers of The Royal Canadian Regiment, Petawawa Camp, 1912

Front row, left to right: Lieut. H.T. Cock, Lieut. K.M. Hollaway, Lieut. R.E. Balders. 2nd Row: Capt. A.P. Birchall (Royal Fusiliers), Capt. C.H. Hill, Maj. J.H. Kaye, Lieut.-Col. A.E. Carpenter, Col. S.J.A. Denison, C.M.G., Maj. J.D. Doull, Maj. A.C.B. Hamilton-Gray, Capt. D.B. Papineau, Capt. A.A.S. Law. 3rd Row: Capt. J.S. Brown, Lieut. C.R.E. Willets, Lieut. E.B. Costin, Lieut. M.K. Greene, Lieut. M.M.L. Garon, Lieut. M.E. Roscoe, Lieut. A.K. Hemming, Lieut. H.F.R. Griffith, Lieut. E.A. Seely-Smith. 4th Row: Lieut. R.J. Brook, Lieut. J.S.M.A.H. Lyne-Evans, Lieut. A.E. Willounby, Hon. Capt and Quartermaster A.J. Fowlie, Hon. Lieut. and Bandmaster Michael Ryan, Lieut. F.G. Macculloch.

This photo was published in the Vol. 1 of the regimental history of The RCR (Fetherstonaugh, 1936).

1912 Real Photo Post Card (RPPC):

The recipent, D.V.M. Balders (possibly a brother of R.E. Balders), would later rise in rank to the Hon Rank of Brigadier (1942), having been awarded the O.B.E. and the M.C.

Date of Birth - 30 Oct 1888; Sandown, Isle of Wight; third son of Lieut.-Colonel Charles Morley Balders, The King's Dragoon Guards

Date of Death - 21 July 1943; at Boulderwood, Halifax, N.S.