Mess Dinners; Advice for Subaltern Organizers of

Annex B

Mess Dinner Questions (circa 1983)

1.     O.P.I. name and phone number.

2.     Type of function. Official or Unofficial.

3.     Date and time.

4.     Number of personnel attending.

5.     Check on Guest book, event card to be made for the book and design.

6.     List of VIP's.

7.     List of names of who is going to be charged and who is not.

8.     Require seating plan two days in advance.

9.     Type of menu card, design and how many. Will they may make their own?

10.     Type of place card, design and how many.

11.     Are they having a sherry bar, beer bar, cocktails or punch(type).

12.     Make up the wine list. (Bar supervisor should be present).

13.     Do they want two pours of sherry or to have white wine served with the soup.

14.     Once menu decided. One copy to the cook (cook should be present for discussion). If food has to be ordered outside this area, the menu has to be confirmed two weeks in advance, otherwise one week.

15.     Confirm if they want relish trays, dinner rolls, cheese trays, mints and nuts.

16.     Having cigars and cigarettes passed out.

17.     Having liqueurs served.

18.     Are pipers going to be present.

19.     Are the pipers going to play the piobaireachd. (Explain what happens).

20.     Are the pipers going to be quaifed, or just have a drink.

21.     Will a band be present.

22.     Confirm the number of drinks for the band and sandwiches.

23.     If they are having a dance, the check requisition must be in 48 hrs in advance if the mess is paying with band details.

24.     Number of toasts being done.

25.     Number of March Pasts being played.

26.     Number of drinks for the staff if ant.

27.     Type of staff you are going to have to work and serve the meal.