Researching The Royal Canadian Regiment

A Brief Regimental History

Honours and Awards of The RCR

These honours and awards lists are the result of combining and reviewing the recipients lists found in the published regimental histories with documents from the archives of The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum. Prepared by Michael M. O'Leary, CD (Capt, ret'd, The RCR), Dec 2022/Jan 2023.

Private Pinel and London's South Africa Memorial

Disaster at the Barracks; Death and Destruction at Wolseley Hall (1903).

Murder at Wolseley Barracks (1908).

13149 Pte Edward Howe Collinson

The Ortona Toast Recipe

Too Few Honours; Rumours of Historical Parsimony in Regimental Honours and Awards

Heritage but not Necessarily Lineage; The RCR and Historic South-Western Ontario Units

Battle Honours of The RCR

  1. How many Battle Honours?
  2. 1915: Bermuda and Belgium
  3. Great War Battle Honours Revisited; 25 or 49?

The Royal Canadian Regiment
Great War Rolls of Honour - The Perpetuated CEF Units

The RCR in the Great War

Badges of The RCR

Regimental History of The Royal Canadian Regiment

This collection of articles was selected from regimental journals, prepared in a digital format, and included in the website of The Royal Canadian Regiment by Capt Michael O'Leary when he served as the Regimental Adjutant (2005-2008). In successive changes to the regimental website of The RCR, these pages were not updated and brought forward. To make them accessible to members of the Regiment who may be searching for them, I have prepared them for inclusion on The Regimental Rogue. — MMO

From the April, 1933, edition of the regimental journal; The Old Comrades Association (1933)

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Perpetuation of units of the Canadian Expeditionary Force.

Operations Since 1945.

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The Royal Canadian Regiment timeline graphic

Developed by Capt Michael O'Leary (Regimental Adjutant 2005-2008). The linked image is a 3.3 Megabyte file, and may not download quickly.

The Royal Canadian Regiment timeline graphic Click image for full size.

The Southwestern Ontario Memorial Album

This Memorial Album was Dedicated to our Beloved Dead. Most likely with the inclusion of names, photos and rolls of honour by subscription, it lists only a few of the fallen from the region it covers. The album would have had an equally limitied publication run, perhaps only being distributed to those contributing families and organizations that paid for copies.

Each name in the album, plus key words from accompanying notes are transcribed below the page images to facilitate web searches. Names, wherever possible, have been linked to the Canadian Virtual War memorial. (Go to album pages.)

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