The First World War
War Diary of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Transcription by Captain Michael O'Leary, The RCR.


1-11-1918. - VICOIGNE

The Battalion paraded in morning. Usual programme of training carried out. Conference of Battalion Adjutants, Intelligence Officers and Signalling Officers at Brigade Headquarters in the afternoon. The question of communications during attack was discussed and everyone agreed in the necessity of plenty of telephone wire, and means for rapid transport of same. Decided to carry into offensive 12 miles of wire on pack mules.

4 O.Rs. evac. To C.C.S.
1 O.R. trans. To C.B.D.

2-11-1918. - VICOIGNE

Usual programme of training carried out. Slight long distance enemy shelling into the nearby village of RAISMES.

Lieut. H.R. StC. JONES returned from leave.
6 O.Rs. evac. To C.C.S.

3-11-1918. - VICOIGNE

Day fine. Working parties of 4 Officers and 300 other ranks supplied to 8TH Battalion Canadian Engineers for reconstruction work in roads in BOIS de

77 O.Rs. from C.C.R.C.

4-11-1918. - VICOIGNE

Day fine and warm. Usual training carried out. The Band gave a concert in the afternoon.

Lieuts. L.C. LINTON and H.G. JONES proceeded on leave.
Lieut. H. SCOTT joined from C.C.R.C.
3 other ranks evacuated to C.C.S.

5-11-1918. - VICOIGNE

Weather unsettled. Company route marches. "A" and "C" Companies did Lewis Gun practice at Ranges. "B" Company had practice on rifle range.

2 O.Rs. committed to Military Prison.

6-11-1918. - VICOIGNE

Rainy day. The Battalion marched away from VICOIGNE at 07.00 hours in Battle Order, proceed through the city of VALENCIENNES. Here the canal bridge had been blown up by the enemy in retreat, so had practically every cross-road and bridge along the way. Heavy rain during the march. Battalion reached ONNAING about 13.30 hours. Here the Battalion was billeted for the remainder of the day and that night. In the afternoon the Officers reconnoitred the forward area, then held by the 8TH Canadian Infantry Brigade. Capt. H.T. COCK remained at 2ND C.M.R. Battalion Headquarters for the night, and sent back to Battalion Headquarters all available information regarding the general situation.

3 other ranks trans. To Canadian Labor Pool.

(Appendix 1.)

7-11-1918. - ONNAING

Battalion marched out of ONNAING in Battle order at 11.15 hours. It was expected that the Battalion would march to QUIEVECHAIN and be billeted there, but when this village was reached the P.P.C.L.I. who were now in front of us were advancing so rapidly that the march continued to QUIEVRAIN. The situation was as follows:- P.P.C.L.I. advancing rapidly towards MONS, the Royal Canadian Regiment in support, 4TH Canadian Division on the right, CONDE CANAL on the left. With the Imperials somewhere to the left of that, location unknown. During this march the roads were good except for occasional crater holes. Villages full of civilians. After marching into QUIEVRAIN several casualties were caused by shrapnel and gas from enemy bombardment.

Lieut. W.M. KING returned from leave.
Lieut. M. ISBESTER proceeded on leave.
2 O.Rs. Killed.
2 O.Rs. Wounded.

8-11-1918. - QUIEVRAIN

Summary of Operations attached.

(Appendix 2.)

9-11-1918. - JEMAPPES

Summary of Operations attached.

(Appendix 3.)

10-11-1918. - GHLIN

Summary of Operations attached.

11-11-1918. - MONS

At about 09.00 hours a signal message as attached was received stating that all hostilities would cease st 11.00 hours etc. The news was sent to Companies and soon spread among the civil population as well. Thus for us the war ended in almost exactly the same ground that the British Army had made their first stand in 1914. Our men were in MONS. One platoon of "A" Company under Lieut. W.M. KING had been the first to reach the square in the morning and the platoon commander had inscribed his name in the "Golden Book of MONS". In the afternoon the Corps Commander made his official entry in to MONS, part of "A" Company contributed to the Guard of Honour. Battalion Headquarters moved to MONS in the evening.

(Appendix 4.)

12-11-1918. - MONS

Companies moved into MONS and were billetted along Avenue FRERE-ORBAN. Battalion Headquarters established at Junction of FRERE-ORBAN with Boulevard DOLEZ. Received information that the Canadian Corps would form part of the Army of Occupation of Germany and that the Division would start for that country shortly. 3RD Divisional Concert Party put on "Pinafore" at MONS theatre.

Lieut. H.V. BONNER rtd. from leave.
1 O.R. committed to prison.

13-11-1918. - MONS

Training carried out during the morning. Battalion engaged in cleaning up, reorganizing, and re-fitting equipment.

Lieut. D.A. PORTER rtd. from leave.
24 O.Rs. from C.C.R.C.

14-11-1918. - MONS

Companies at the disposal of the Company Commanders. Battalion paid and bathed with change of clothing.

3 O.Rs. from C.C.S.
6 O.Rs. to C.C.S.

15-11-1918. - MONS

General HORNE made a ceremonial entry into MONS. 7TH Canadian Infantry Brigade supplied Guard of Honour. Capt. H.T. COCK, M.C., was in charge of R.C.R. detachment. Representative parties from all units in General HORNE's Army marched pass in the GRAND PLACE.

Lieut. S.W. TURNER rtd. from leave.
4 O.Rs. from C.C.S.

16-11-1918. - MONS

Commanding Officer inspected companies in turn in the morning. Divisional thanksgiving service held in the theatre MONS. The Royal Canadian Regiment represented by 1 Officer and 40 other ranks.

5 O.Rs. transferred to Canadian Labor Pool.
10 O.Rs. from 7TH T.M. Battery.

17-11-1918. - MONS

Church of England parade in church at Place de Parc. R.C. parade in Cathedral. A corps thanksgiving service was held in the theatre MONS, each Battalion in Canadian Corps represented. Capt. C.G.B. THOMPSON, M.C., and 10 other ranks attended from the R.C.R.

Lieut. H.F. ORMON returned from leave.
2 O.Rs. trans to England.
1 O.R. trans, to Cdn. Corps Survey Section.
11 trans to 3RD Div. Employment Co.
8 O.Rs. to C.C.S.
1 O.R. from C.C.S.

18-11-1918. - MONS

Training under Company arrangements. Slight snowfall in the afternoon. 1ST and 2ND Canadian Divisions started on march to Germany to-day.

Lieut. N.F. McCORMACK rtd. from 7TH T.M.B.
Lieut. (A/Capt.) J. KELTIE taken on strength from 7TH T.M. Battery.
1 O.R. died of influenza at No. 1 C.C.S.
16 O.Rs. to C.C.S.

19-11-1918. - MONS

Battalion route march in forenoon. On return to MONS the Battalion marched pass the Brigade and Divisional Commanders. Both expressed themselves as well pleased with the marching and turnout of the battalion.

20-11-1918. - MONS

Usual routine of training carried out. Informed that Battalion would not move on 21st as expected. Brigadier General CLARKE at battalion H.Q. Mess for lunch.

Capt. A.E. ANDREW, Lieut. M. ISBESTER, and Lieut. H.G. JONES returned from leave.
1 O.R. from leave.

21-11-1918. - MONS

Instructions had been received that 3RD Canadian Division was to proceed from MONS toward the German border today. Order cancelled.

10 O.Rs. to F.A.
3 O.Rs. returned from leave.
1 O.R. from C.C.S.

22-11-1918. - MONS

Practice march past was carried out by the 7TH Canadian Infantry Brigade during the morning.

13 O.Rs. to C.C.S.
8 O.Rs. to F.A.
Capt. H.F.R. GRIFFITH S/O strength on appt to 3RD Cdn. Div. Traffic Officer.
Lieut. D.A. PORTER proceeded on leave to U.K.

(Appendix 3.)

Lieut. L.C. LINTON from leave.
2 O.Rs. from leave.

23-11-1918. - MONS

Instructions received from 7TH Canadian Infantry Brigade to send one Company to NIVELLES to relieve one Company of the 13TH Battalion (R.H.C.) in guarding German War Material. Many British prisoners of War passing through MONS on their way back to England.

2 O.Rs. from C.C.S.

24-11-1918. - MONS

"A" Coy. left at 08.00 hours by lorry for NIVELLES. Church parade at cathedral for R.C's and at Church in PLACE DE PARC for Church of England.

17 O.Rs. for leave.
2 O.Rs. from leave.
1 O.R. to F.A.

25-11-1918. - MONS

Lecture in theatre MONS, by Brigadier General CLARKE. All Officers and N.C.Os. of the 7TH Canadian Infantry Brigade attended.

2 O.Rs. to F.A.

26-11-1918. - MONS

Battalion bathed in Normal School Baths.

6 Officers and 12 O.Rs. proceeded to WATERLOO and BRUSSELS for the day.
3 O.Rs. for leave in U.K.
2 O.Rs. from leave.
2 O.Rs. to F.A.

27-11-1918. - MONS

King of the Belgians visited MONS. Battalion supplied 76 all ranks to line the streets. First game of Football League. "B" Coy Vs. "C" Coy. result 2 - favour of "C" Coy.

Lieut. D.J. MacGILLIVARY, rejoined from C.C.R.S.
1 O.R. to C.C.S.
2 O.Rs. to F.A.

28-11-1918. - MONS

Inter-platoon competition in training carried out during the morning. Battalion Officers entertained Officers of the 85TH Battalion at Theatre party and dinner in the evening.

2 O.Rs. to F.A.
1 O.R. to C.C.S.
1 O.R. returned from leave.

29-11-1918. - MONS

Route march during the morning. Units are taking up the matter of education for civil life. Capt. G.L.P. GRANT-SUTTIE has been appointed Battalion Educational Officer. Companies carried out a test to obtain rolls of illiterates. Football game "D" Coy. vs. H.Q. won by "D" Coy. Score 4 - 1.

10 O.Rs. to C.C.S.
4 O.Rs. to F.A.

30-11-1918. - MONS

Usual training parade was held in field next to that in which the 85TH Battalion were training. Football in the afternoon. Band vs. "B" Coy. Score 3 - 1 in favour of the Band.

31 O.Rs. for leave.
2 O.Rs. to F.A.
1 O.R. returned from leave.

H.T. Cock
Commanding, The Royal Canadian Regiment.

Appendix 1. - R.C.R. O.O. 130 dated 5.11.19. R.C.R. will move by march to forward area VALENCIENNES tomorrow Nov. 6th, 1918.

Appendix 2. - Summary of operations of the Royal Canadian Regiment on 9th, 10th, 11th November, 1918.

Appendix 3. - Summary of operations of "A" Coy R.C.R. on 10th and 11th November, 1918.

Appendix 4. - Field message dated 11.11.18.