The First World War
War Diary of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Transcription by Captain Michael O'Leary, The RCR.




Action of "A" Coy. on the 10th and 11th NOVEMBER 1918.

Under orders from battalion headquarters, "A" Company left JEMAPPES at 05.30 hours on the morning of the 10th inst. and proceeded towards MONS via CUESMES.

At P.24.a.3.8. the company was split up, No. 2 Platoon proceeding in a Northerly direction up the road to junction of roads at P.18.a.4.8. where they took over posts from the P.P.C.L.I. Remainder of Company then proceeded along road to FAUBERGE de BERTAIMONT. No. 1 Platoon which was the advance guard for the Company, advanced as far as possible, but when about 500 yards from MONS was held up by heavy machine-gun fire from the AVENUE de BERTAIMONT, after working round the houses they were able to advance to within 250 yards of the town. At this point machine gun fire was very heavy and we were temporarily held up. No. 2 Platoon had by this time advanced to within 400 yards of the town, and had captured 7 prisoners and a machine gun, but were held up at this stage and were unable to advance.

At about 14.00 hours I received order to report to Report Centre at CUESMES, where I found out that "A" Company was attached to the 42ND Battalion (R.H.C.) My orders were that is machine gun fire was too strong, not to attempt to advance as the enemy were expected to withdraw. From then until about 01.00 hours there was no material change in the situation, but about 02.00 hours enemy fire began to get weaker.

At about 03.00 hours I received a message from the 42ND Battalion to be ready to move into town after 05.00 hours. At about 05.00 hours I got my orders to move into town and report to Capt Grafferty of the 42ND Battalion at Q.7.c.3.4. This was carried out, company proceeding down AVENUE de BERTAIMONT to PLACE D'AVESNES, thence to Q.7.c.3.4. without opposition. Here situation was explained to me by Capt. Grafferty who instructed me to get billets for the Company, which was carried out.