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Lieut. Harry Victor Bonner

Soldiers of the First World War database entry - Lieut. H.V. Bonner

Lieut. Harry Victor Bonner

Lieut. Harry Victor Bonner (1918)

Lieut. Harry Victor Bonner

Lieut. Harry Victor Bonner (Nov. 1918)


Regimental Obituary Notice

Maj Bonner's death is noted in the Summer 1957 edition of The Connecting File:

In Memoriam

Major H.V. Bonner

At Victoria, British Columbia, on the 2nd July 1957. Major Harvey Bonner joined the Regiment in 1912 as a private. Commissioned during World War I, he was wounded in 1918, but returned to the Regiment and became M.M.G. officer.

Major Bonner was demobilized in 1919, but rejoined the Regiment as Staff-Sergeant. In 1924, he was promoted to the rank of quarter-master sergeant. At the outbreak of [the Second World] War, he was commissioned, and became adjutant of the RCR Depot at Wolseley Barracks, London, Ontario. He rose to the rank of Major and commanded the RCR Wing of No. 1 District Depot Wolseley Barracks. In 1944, he retired and proceeded to Victoria, British Columbia, with his family.

Date of Birth - 4 Dec 1892; Tillford, England

Date of Death - Nov 1947 at Victoria, B.C.