Badges of The Royal Canadian Regiment
St. Edward's Crown Badges; 1927 - 1970s


Notes and References

In 1927, the Regiment managed to have the Regiment's badges changed to remove the heraldically incorrect Guelphic crown. At this time two major variations of the Regiment's cap badge appeared, the first, with the St Edward's Crown as shown at left were made by the Regiment for sale in the Regimental Kit Shops. the second major variation are the Imperial Crown badges which were the government issued badges.

Variants of the St Edwards crown badges were in existence from 1926 until the 1970s when the "Stay-brite" variant appeared, and faded from use. The St Edward's crown reappeared in modern badges produced for the regiment in the 1990s.


RCR Standing orders 1927; Appendix 2, Part II


Warrant Officers, Class I, will wear officers' pattern cap-badges.

Cap-badges will be worn with the upper left and upper right points of the star in line with the upper seam of the cap-band.

Cap-badges will be worn by warrant officers, non-commissioned officers and men, heads inwards across the points of the collar, the ends of each badge touching the edges of the collar at equal distances from the point.

Regimental shoulder-badges will be worn by all ranks on the service jacket, and by warrant officers, non-commissioned officers and men on the greatcoat, one-half inch from the bottom of the shoulder straps.


1.     SERVICE DRESS (extracts)

a.     Jacket.

(7)     Collar Badges - Gilt metal, (polished beavers worn horizontally immediately above notch in collar, heads pointing inwards).

(8)     Shoulder Badges - the letters "R. C. R." in gilt metal, placed 1/4" above the point of the shoulder.

n.     Cap, N.P.

(1)     White's felt cap, of the pattern known as "Flexolyte," obtained from Messrs. A.J. White (Hatters) Limited, 74 Jermyn Street, St. Jame's, S.W. 1, England.

(2)     1/2" gilt metal mounted V.R.I. buttons.

(3)     Silver and gilt cap badge. Cap badge to be worn so that the two upper horizontal points of teh star are in line with the top seam of the cap band.

(4)     The chin strap to be worn outside the bottom point of the star.

2.     BLUE UNDRESS (extracts)

a.     Jacket.

(4)     Collar Badges - Silver beaver, as worn on jacket S.D.

(5)     Shoulder Badges - will not be worn.

e.     Cap. - Blue, N.P. Badges and buttons same as for Service Cap.

Auth: AMDT No. 14, RCR Standing Orders, Reprint 1927, Appendix 2, Part II, General Instructions

3.     Badges.

Warrant Officers Class I and Warrant Officers Class II will wear officers' pattern cap-badge. Cap-badges will be worn with the lowest point of the star just touching the upper edge of the chin-strap.

Collar Badges - no change.

Regimental Shoulder-badges - no change.


Auth: Amdt No. 14, RCR Standing Orders 1927, Appendix 2, Part I, Orders of Dress, New Paragraph - 9.

9.    Badges

Warrant Officers Class I and Warrant Officers Class II will wear officers' pattern cap badge. Cap badges will be worn with the lowest point of the star just touching the upper edge of the chin strap. (Collar badges and shoulder badges, no change.)


RCR (MU) 1615-1


18 Nov 60

RCR Officers' Cap Badge Star
White Metal - Diamond Cut - Gaunts

1.     This pattern star was purchased for use by officers in the Spring of 1960. It was an effort to get back to the old original pre War star that was diamond cut. In the process of stamping these from white metal the points were, unfortunately, slightly rounded.

2.     Since badges were urgently needed at the time, approximately 50 of a lot of 200 were sold and in use by officers and WOs 1 and WOs 2. These are still being worn; however, no more are being sold. At present the RCR is awaiting completion of arrangements with Gaunts to provide a more accurate pattern star for approval and use.

2.     The pre war badge stars were silver; this is white metal for the sake of economy.

R.F. Smith, Capt
Museum Project Officer
The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum

Letter is annotated: This note mainly for record purposes.


The Connecting File, April 1961 - DRESS NOTES

Officer Cap Badge:  As most older members are aware, the present star backing of the hat badge, worn by Officers and Warrant Officers, is incorrect.  We are now in the process of having a new die cut that will produce a star with the pronounced diamond cut.