The First World War
Officers of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Temp. Capt. Ernest Hugh Simpson

Soldiers of the First World War database entry - E.H. Simpson

Lieut. Ernest Hugh Simpson

From "Group of officers taken in the POW camp at Osnabruck during the winter of 1916-1917" (IWM Q 63186).


Connecting File, Vol IX, NO. 2; April 1930

"Another ex-officer, Mr. E.H. Simpson of Kentville, N.S., sends his greetings to old comrades when enclosing his subscription to the Connecting File. It seems but yesterday that (then) Lieut. E.H. Simpson, fresh from Royal Military College, reported for duty with "C" Company at St George's, Bermuda. This was in January, 1915. It is feared that the Editor of the Connecting File is responsible for Mr Simpson's regimental nickname of "Lank" due to his 6 feet plus. Gook luck to him and may his 6 feet plus never grow less."

Date of Birth - 14 Oct 1895