The First World War
War Diary of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Transcription by Captain Michael O'Leary, The RCR.


1.2.16 - Monte de Cats

Strength on 1.2.16:- 35 Officers. Other ranks 969.

Captain (Rev.) G.W. Bullock Struck off 19th inst. And Hon. Capt. D.F. Pidgeon taken on this date.

2.2.16 - Monte de Cats


3.2.16 - Monte de Cats


4.2.16 - Monte de Cats


5.2.16 - Monte de Cats

Operation Order No. 1 of this date is attached marked 1 (with attached distribution in Trenches.)

6.2.16 - Monte de Cats

R.C.R. moved from Billets 8.00 a.m. to Brigade Reserve, KEMMEL SHELTERS, (N.20.c.2.4.), arrived 11.00 a.m. in 6th Brigade Area and came under command of G.O.C., 6th. Brigade.

7.2.16 - Kemmel

R.C.R. moved at 4.00 p.m. for Trenches to relieve 27th. Battalion. Relief completed 6.06 p.m. P.P.C.L.I. on our left and 2nd Battalion on our right.

No. 477714 Pte PENNEY H.S. M.G. sec. Killed in rear of Trench F.5. (CVWM)

Situation quiet. Wind South West. Fine.

8.2.16 - Trenches

No. 477714 Pte PENNEY H.S. buried at 2.20 p.m. at N.27.c.4.8½. Sheet 28.
No. 477804 Sgt. RUDEE, F.J. "D" Coy. slightly wounded and at duty.

Situation quiet. Wind South West. Weather, some rain in afternoon.

9.2.16 - Trenches

No. 477688 Pte OLIVER, F. "D" Coy. wounded accidentally.
No. 477276 Pte EDWARDS, A. "B" Coy. Wounded, GS wound.

Situation quiet. Wind Southwest. Very fine and bright.

10.2.16 - Trenches

Situation quiet. Wind N.W. Weather Fine.

11.2.16 - Trenches

Very heavy rain all day. Situation very quiet. Wind S.E.

Wounded:- No. 477578 Pte MASON, E.B. "B" Coy. slightly and at duty.

R.C.R. relieved by 42nd. Battalion at 5.15 p.m. R.C.R. marched to LOCRE and became Divisional Reserve.

12.2.16 - Locre


13.2.16 - Locre

4 Officers and 285 Other Ranks on Working Party at VIERSTRAAT at 7.00 p.m.

14.2.16 - Locre


15.2.16 - Locre

R.C.R. left billets at LOCRE for trenches at 3.00 p.m. in accordance with relief table attached marked 2. R.C.R. relieved 42nd. Battalion at 5.20 p.m. P.P.C.L.I. on our left and 3rd. battalion on our right. Heavy rain throughout the day and a gale blowing from S.W. Situation very quiet.

16.2.16 - Trenche

Very strong S.W. Wind all day. Weather fine. Situation quiet.

17.2.16 - Trenches

Steady West Wind all day. Weather fair. Situation quiet.

No. 477356 Pte GRAHAM, E. "B" Coy. (Grenadier) wounded accidentally.

Brigadier-Gen. A.C. MACDONELL, D.S.O., wounded. Lieut. Col. A.H. MACDONELL took over command of 7th. Brigade temporarily. Major E.K. EATON took command of Royal Canadian Regiment temporarily.

18.2.16 - Trenches

Strong West Wind all day. Weather rainy. Situation quiet.

No. 477492 Pte KERNICK, J. Killed. (CVWM)
No. 477500 Pte KNOX, F. Killed. (CVWM)
No. 477338 Pte GIBSON, A.F. Wounded.
No. 477769 Sgt. REVELL, R. Slight Wounded and at Duty.
No. 477859 Pte SMITH, L. Slight Wounded and at Duty.

19.2.16 - Trenches

Steady West Wind. Weather Fine. Situation Quiet. R.C.R. relieved by 42nd Battn. at 7.50 p.m. R.C.R. marched to KEMMEL SHELTERS and became Brigade Reserve.

No. 477500 Pte KNOX, F. was buried at N.27.c.4.8 ,
No. 477492 Pte KERNICK, J. was buried at N.27.c.4.8 , Sheet 28, S.W. at 11.00 AM.

20.2.16 - Kemmel

Steady N.W. Wind. Change to East in the afternoon. Weather fine. Situation Quiet. Considerable aircraft activity throughout the day. 2 Officers and 21 other ranks went on Leave.

21.2.16 - Kemmel

Light East Wind all day. Cold in the early part of the day getting warmer towards midday. Frost during 20th. - 21st. Situation Quiet.

Captain BUCK, C.A.M.C. took over from Captain W.L. HUTTON, C.A.M.C.

22.2.16 - Kemmel

N.E. Wind. Snow fell at intervals all day. Cold. Situation on our front fairly quiet. R.C.R. O.O. 4 dated 14.2.16

23.2.16 - Kemmel

Steady East Wind all day. R.C.R. moved at 5.30 p.m. for Trenches. R.C.R. relieved 42nd. Battalion at 8.30 p.m. P.P.C.L.I. on our left. 2nd. Canadian Battn. on our right. Rations 3 hours late owing to slippery roads.

24.2.16 - Trenches

Gentle East Wind all day. Weather fine but cold. Situation Quiet.

No. 413120 Pte VANDERVELDE, H. Wounded in foot at listening post, E.3.

3rd. Can Battn. took over from 2nd. Can. Battn. on our right.

25.2.16 - Trenches

Steady East Wind by North, throughout the day. Cold with snow on the ground. Snowed during early part of the night 25th./26th.

Lieut A.C. CAMPBELL, Seriously Wounded.

Hostile Artillery active during middle of day.

26.2.16 - Trenches

Steady West Wind. Weather cloudy by cold. Situation quiet. Snow on ground.

27.2.16 - Trenches

No. 477529 A/L/Cpl. L'CUYER, E. wounded, G.S. Wound. Situation quiet. Wind South. Weather cloudy. Warmer.

28.2.16 - Trenches

Situation Quiet. Wind Southwest, change a light East Wind towards evening, Weather warmer, rain during latter part of the day.

No. 477529 A/L/Cpl. L'ECUYER, E. died of wounds. (CVWM)

R.C.R. relieved by 42nd. Canadian Battalion at 7,00 p.m. and marched to LOCRE and became Divisional Reserve.

29.2.16 - Locre

No. 477529 A/L/Cpl. L'ECUYER, E. was buried at M.23.c.4.6., Sheet 28, S.W.

Appendix 1. R.C.R. O.O. 1 dated 5.2.16. 7th C.I.B. will relieve 6th C.I.B. on night of 6th/7th February in accordance with attached relief table.

Appendix 2. R.C.R. O.O. 4 dated 14.2.16. Relief of Bn. Holding F.5., F.4., E.22., E.3., E.1., support and reserve will take place on 15th/16th February, 1916, in accordance with relief table below.

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