Vimy Pilgrimage Roll (1936)

Published in "The Epic of Vimy," Compiled and Edited by W.W. Murray, Published by The legionary, Ottawa, 1936.

Nominal Roll

"While there were about 8,000 Canadians present at the Unveiling of the Vimy Monument, this record contains only the names of the approximately 6,400 Pilgrims who sailed on the Pilgrimage ships from Canada. It has not been possible to secure in time for inclusion in this volume the names of those resident in Great Britain. In designating the units of the ex-Service men and women the recognized abbreviations have been used; for example, C.F.A. (Canadian Field Artillery); C.A.M.C. (Canadian Army Medical Corps), etc., N.S. stands for Nursing Sister: Imp. for Imperial. The information has in all cases been taken from the original application form filled in by the Pilgrims."

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Abbott, Mr. Abraham, 28th Bn., Beverley.
Aird, Mrs. Elizabeth, Edmonton.
Aitken, Mrs. Wm., Lethbridge.
Aldwinckle, Mrs. E. H., Lacombe.
Aldwinckle, Miss Margaret, Lacombe.
Allan, Mrs Jessie, Berwyn.
Anderson, Mr. E. O., 49th Bn., Calgary.
Anderson, Mrs. E. O., Calgary.
Anderson, Mrs. Jennie, Calgary.
Anderson, Mr. John C., Blairmore.
Anderson, Mrs. J. C., Blairmore.
Anderson, Mr. John J., Calgary.
Andison, Mr. Joseph, Cochrane.
Andison, Miss Catherine A., Cochrane.
Archer, Mrs. Elizabeth, Blairmore.
Aylesworth, Mrs. Wm. P., Calgary.
Aylesworth, Master P.O.S., Calgary.
Baker, Mr. Jack, R.A.S.C., Calgary.
Baker, Mrs. J., Calgary.
Balkenstein, Mrs. Mary McQ. N., Medecine Hat.
Ballantyne, Mr. James S., 22nd and 10th Bn., Edmonton.
Ballantyne, Mrs. J. S., Edmonton.
Barman, Mr. George H., Medicine Hat.
Bannon, Lt.-Col. William T., 31st Bn., Medecine Hat.
Bannon, Mrs. W. T., Medicine Hat.
Bannon, Miss Eileen, Medicine Hat.
Barker, Mr. Mark, 5th Bn., Pemukan.
Barton, Mrs. F. M., Calgary.
Barton, Miss Flo., Lougheed.
Bate, Miss Muriel, Calgary.
Bawtree, Mr. Wm. T. H., Imp., Nanton.
Beach, Major Floyd K., 8th. C.R.T., Edmonton.
Beach, Mrs. F. K., Edmonton.
Bealey, Mrs. Mildred K., Calgary.
Beattie, Miss Barbara, Drumheller.
Beckwith, Mr. Charles A., 50th Bn., Edmonton.
Belcher, Mr. Wm. H., 49th Bn., Edmonton.
Bell, Mr. George C., C.A.M.C., Calgary.
Bell, Mrs. Hazel, F., N. S., Calgary.
Bell, Mr. Wm., Canmore.
Bennett, Mr. J., 10th Bn., Peace River.
Bennett, Mrs. J., Peace River.
Bibby, Mr. Wm. A., 1st Field Co., C.E., Calgary.
Biggs, Mr. R. P., 5th Bn., Metiskow.
Black, Mrs. J., Edmonton.
Blower, Mr. Frederick C., Imp., Edmonton.
Blower, Mrs. F. C., Edmonton.
Bluck, Mrs Winifred M., Olds.
Blythe, Mrs. Eleanor H., Calgary.
Booth, Mr. John T., Calgary.
Booth, Mrs. J. T., Calgary.
Booth, Miss Bettie I., Calgary.
Booth, Mr. Roy, Calgary.
Boulton, Mrs. Florence M., Neutral Hills.
Bowden, Mr. Joseph Wm., Imp., Ponoka.
Bowley, Mr. Henry S., 1st Can. Pioneers, Edmonton.
Bowley, Mrs. H. S., Edmonton.
Bradley, Dr. R. W., 50th Bn., Edmonton.
Bradley, Mrs. R. W., Edmonton.

Broadhurst, Mr. Rex P., Imp., Whitelaw.
Broadhurst, Mrs. R. P., Whitelaw.
Broadhurst, Miss Mary, Whitelaw.
Broadhurst, Miss Joan, Whitelaw.
Broadhurst, Miss Margaret, Whitelaw.
Broderick, Mrs. Vera, Canmore.
Broderick, Miss Joan, Canmore.
Broderick, Mr. Neil, Canmore.
Brogden, Capt. Lawrence F., M.D., C.A.M.C., Drumheller.
Brogden, Mrs. L. F., Drumheller.
Brooks, Mr. Wm. M., 48th Bn., Calgary.
Brooks, Mr. Wm. M., Jr., Calgary.
Brown, Mrs. Annie, Edmonton.
Brown, Mr. David J., 194th Bn., Picardville.
Brown, Mrs. D. J., Picardville.
Brown, Mr. Edward, Calgary.
Brown, Mrs. E., Calgary.
Brown, Mr. George, 75th Bn., Acme.
Brown, Mrs. G., Acme.
Brown, Mr. Robert W., Gleichen.
Brown, Mrs. R. W., Gleichen.
Brown, Mr. Wm. K., 50th Bn., Gleichen.
Browse, Mr. Marshall F. H., 49th Bn., Edmonton.
Buckwell, Mr. Edward L., Lt. Strath. Horse, Macleod.
Bullard, Mr. W., Calgary.
Bullard, Mrs. Walter, Calgary.
Bumstead, Mr. Charles, Imp., Edmonton.
Burgess, Mr. Wm., 137th Bn., Calgary.
Burgess, Mrs. Wm., Calgary.
Burt, Mrs. Cordelia, Calgary.
Burwash, Miss Ada L., V.A.D., Calgary.
Butcher, Rev. J. F., C.A.M.C., Medicine Hat.
Butcher, Mrs. J. F., Medicine Hat.
Butt, Mr. Francis A., 31st Bn., Sedgewick.
Butterfield, Mr. James, 49th Bn., Edmonton.
Butterfield, Mrs. J., Edmonton.
Calder, Miss Margaret M., Bow Island.
Campbell, Mrs. Edith L., Calgary.
Campbell, Miss Jessie, Edmonton.
Campbell, Miss Mary C., Edmonton.
Cann, Mr. Frederick, Redcliff.
Cann, Mrs. F., Redcliff.
Carter, Mrs. Mary E., Stettler.
Carter, Mr. Frank, Stettler.
Castle, Mr. Donald R., 7th Bn., Calgary.
Chalmers, Mr. J., Banff.
Chandler, Mrs. Frances A., Ponoka.
Childe, Lt.-Col. Cyril G., 1st Div. Cyclists, Banff.
Childe, Mrs. C. G., Banff.
Chiorando, Mrs. Hilda, Calgary.
Church, Mr. C. J., 49th Bn., Balzac.
Clarke, Mr. Philip D., 1st Can. Pioneers, Calgary.
Clarke, Mrs. P. D., Calgary.
Clarke, Mr. Maurice, Calgary.
Clement, Mr. Walter M., 137th Bn., Calgary.
Clement, Mrs. W. M., Calgary.
Clements, Mr. R. A., 2nd C.M.R., Calgary.
Clements, Mrs. R. A., Calgary.
Clements, Miss W. D., Calgary.
Clow, Mrs. Annie McN., Calgary.
Clow, Miss Elizabeth M., Calgary.

Collett, Mr. Leonard, 5th C.M.R., Drumheller.
Collins, Mr. Larkham, Imp., Calgary.
Connon, Mr. Frederick L., R.A.F., St. Paul.
Connon, Mrs. F. L., St. Paul.
Constable, Mrs. C., Calgary.
Cook, Mr. Norman E., 49th Bn., Edmonton.
Cook, Mrs. N. E., Edmonton.
Cooney, Mr. James N., Royal Engineers, South Edmonton.
Coull, Mr. Wm., 1st C.M.G.C., Edmonton.
Coull, Mrs. Wm., Edmonton.
Cox, Mr. Herbert J., 3rd C.M.R., Redcliff.
Cox, Miss Minnie V., W.A.A.C., Innisfail.
Crane, Mr. Geo. A., 4th Bn., Westlock.
Cripps, Rev. W. T. H., Red Deer.
Crook, Mr. Philip, C. E. and Imp., Brooks.
Crook, Mrs. P., Brooks.
Cross, Mr. David, Imp., Calgary.
Cross, Mrs. D., Calgary.
Cross, Mrs. Lavinia J., Edmonton.
Cumming, Mr. Wm., C.A.S.C., Fort Saskatchewan.
Curtis, Mr. Charles, 49th Bn., Edmonton.
Curtis, Mr. Saul E., 1st Div. Train, Calgary.
Dalgleish, Mr. Andrew J., Imp., Canmore.
Dalgleish, Mrs. A. J., Canmore.
Dann, Mrs. Violet, Viking.
Dann, Miss Dorothy, Viking.
Dann, Miss Betty, Viking.
Darby, Miss Phyllis E. M., Calgary.
Davidson, Mr. Charles G., 20th Bty C.F.A., Lethbridge.
Davies, Mr. W'. H., 1st Div. H. Q., Calgary.
Davies, Mrs. W. H., Calgary.
Davis, Mr. Herbert S., 56th Bn., Jasper.
Daws, Mrs. Charlotte E.M.A., Edmonton.
Deane, Miss Loris W., Edmonton.
Debney, Mrs. P. L., Edmonton.
Debney, Miss Ann, Edmonton.
Debney, Lt.-Col. Philip L., 32nd and 68th C.F.A., Edmonton.
Denham, Mr. Sydney, 63rd Bn., Lougheed.
Denham, Mrs. S., Lougheed.
Dennett, Mr. Herbert, 3rd C.R.T., Calgary.
Dennett, Mrs. H., Calgary.
Donald, Mr. Archibald S., 230th C.F.C., and 25th F.C., Edmonton.
Donald, Mrs. A. S., Edmonton.
Donelly, Mrs. Gertrude, Green Court.
Douglas, Mrs. Elizabeth, Medicine Hat.
Drever, Mr. John, Penhold.
Drysdale, Mrs. Edith, Calgary.
Drysdale, Mr. Leslie, Calgary.
Drysdale, Mr. Gerald, Calgary.
Duggan, Mr. John P., 51st Bn., Edmonton.
Duguid, Mr. Joseph S., 202nd Bn., St. Albert.
Duncan, Mrs. Florence M., Calgary.
Duncan, Miss Catherine C., Calgary.
Duncanson, Mr. Frank E., 12th C.G.A., Lethbridge.
Duncanson, Mrs. F. R., Lethbridge.
Dunham, Mrs. Iris M.C., Edmonton.
Dunn, Mrs. Isabella, Calgary.
Dunn, Miss Etta, Calgary.
Dutton, Mr. Wm., 187th Bn., Calgary.
Edgecombe, Mr. George, 1st C.M.R., Edmonton.
Edis, Mr. Thomas H., R.C.N.V.R., Red Deer.
Edmonds, Mrs. Leila E., Edmonton.
Edwards, Mr. Clifford J., Innisfail.
Edwards, Mrs. C. J., Innisfail.
Edwards, Mr. Frank T., 49th Bn., Pincher Creek.
Edwards, Mr. Richard R., 85th Bn., Calgary.
Ennismore, Mr. Roy H., C.A.D.C., Edmonton.
Ennismore, Mrs. R. H., Edmonton.
Evans, Mrs. G. M., Calgary.
Evans, Mr. Geo. M., 113th Bn., Calgary.
Evans, Mr. Gilbert A., 5th Bn., C.G.R., Calgary.
Evans, Miss Mabel M., Calgary.

Evans, Mrs. Sarah A., Blairmore.
Everitt, Miss Grace M., Edmonton.
Exelby, Mr. Lionel, 1st Bn., Calgary.
Fanthom, Mrs. Mary E., Calgary.
Farrow, Capt. Noel A., 10th Bn., Calgary.
Farrow, Mrs. N. A., Calgary.
Finlay, Mr. Hugh B., Imp., Edmonton.
Finlay, Mrs. H. B., Edmonton.
Finlay, Mr. John, Edmonton.
Findlay, Mrs. O., N.S., 12th C.G.H., Red Deer.
Fisher, Capt. Richard F., Imp., Red Deer.
Fisher, Mr. Horace N., Imp., Sedalia.
Fisher, Mrs. H. N., Sedalia.
Fisher, Mr. Barry V., Sedalia.
Fiske, Mr. Albert W., 31st Bn., Provost.
Fletcher, Mrs. Annie, Granum.
Floyd, Major Thos. C., 16th Can. Scottish, Nanton.
Forbes, Miss A. J., Calgary.
Forrest, Mr. James, 7th C.E., Edmonton.
Foulds, Mr. Arthur, 50th Bn., Delburne.
Foulds, Mrs. Arthur, Delburne.
Fraser, Mrs. Christina A., Blairmore.
Fraser, Mr. Kenneth, 1st C.D.S.C., Edmonton.
Fraser, Mrs. K., Edmonton.
Galbraith, Mrs. Doris H., Calgary.
Gardner, Mrs. Ada, Barrhead.
Gauchie, Mr. Rennie, 22nd Bn., Barrhead.
Gavin, Miss Edith, Edmonton.
Gavin, Miss Ruth, Edmonton.
Gibbons, Mr. Arthur, 50th Bn., Calgary.
Gillies, Mrs. Jean, Banff.
Gladstone, Mr. John T., 49th Bn., Waterton Park.
Glover, Mrs. Mary, Banff.
Goodall, Mrs. Maud, Calgary.
Goodwin, Mrs. Jane, South Edmonton.
Goodwin, Mr. Vernon, South Edmonton.
Gough, Miss Helen M., Calgary.
Gourley, Mr. Tom, C.E., Calgary.
Gourley, Mrs. Tom. Calgary.
Green, Mrs. Florence W., Stettler.
Green, Miss Pauline, Stettler.
Green, Mr. Thos., 31st Bn., Edmonton.
Green, Mrs. Thos., Edmonton.
Greer, Miss Florence M., V.A.D., Calgary.
Grevett, Mrs. Alice L., Calgary.
Grevett, Miss Constance R., Calgary.
Griffin, Mr. Geo. H., 138th Bn., Edmonton.
Griffin, Mrs. G. H., Edmonton.
Guilar, Mr. W. J., Calgary.
Guilar, Mrs. W. J., Calgary.
Gush, Mrs. Laura A., Calgary.
Hall, Mrs. Helen, N.S., Calgary.
Halton, Mrs. S. T., Lacombe.
Harper, Mr. Douglas, 50th Bn., Edmonton.
Harrington, Mr. L. G., 1st C.P., Keg River.
Harrington, Mrs. L. G., Keg River.
Harrington, Miss Maude, Calgary.
Harrison, Mr. John G., 19th Alberta Dragoons, Drumheller.
Harrison, Mrs. J. G., Drumheller.
Harrison, Miss Dorothy M., Drumheller.
Harrison, Mr. Wm., 21st Bn., Calgary.
Harrison, Mr. Terry, Calgary.
Hart, Miss Velma H., Calgary.
Haslam, Miss Abbie F., Edmonton.
Hay, Mr. Campbell 8., 8th Bn., Calgary.
Hayhurst, Mr. T., Calgary.
Hayhurst, Mrs. T., Calgary.
Hayhurst. Miss Sheila, Calgary.
Hazlett, Mr. Jas., 31st Bn., Red Deer.
Heaps, Mr. Wm., C.A.M.C., Calgary.
Heaps, Mrs. Wm., Calgary.
Heaps, Miss Ivy. Calgary.
Heaps, Miss Lilian, Calgary.

Heckbert, Mr. S. C., Vermilion.
Hefferman, Mrs. James, N.S., Berwyn.
Heighten, Mr. Stanley H., 137th Bn., Calgary.
Heilman, Mr. George, L.S.H., Barrhead.
Henderson, Mr. R. W., Calgary.
Hesketh, Mr. Thos., Imp., Gleichen.
Hickey, Miss Mabel, N.S., Imp., Calgary.
Hicks, Mr. K. C., 16th Bn., Calgary.
Higgleton, Mr. Thos. E, 49th Bn., Calgary.
Higgleton, Mrs. T. F., Calgary.
Hind, Mr. Henry, 49th Bn., Edmonton.
Hind, Mrs. Henry, Edmonton.
Hinson, Mrs. Ethel, Edmonton.
Hinson, Miss Winnifred, Edmonton.
Hinson, Mr. Wm., Edmonton.
Hoar, Dr. Howard B., C.A.D.C., Blairmore.
Hodges, Mr. Frederick W., 89th Bn., Calgary.
Holloway, Mr. Chas., 7th B.C. Bn., Edmonton.
Holloway, Mrs. Chas., Edmonton.
Holloway, Mr. Chas. A., Edmonton.
Holman, Mr. Claude, 11th C.R.T., Calgary.
Holman, Mrs. C., Calgary.
Holroyd, Mr. Joseph A., 49th Bn., Stereo.
Hooker, Mr. Dan C., 39th Bn., Drumheller.
Horncastle, Mr. Leonard H., Imp., Edmonton.
Horne, Mrs. Harold E., Calgary.
Horsfall, Mr. O., 46th Bn., Erskine.
Horsfall, Mrs. O., Erskine.
Horton, Mr. John B., Imp., Turner Valley.
Hoskin, M. V., Calgary.
Houston, Mr. Wm., Edmonton.
Houston, Mrs. Wm., Edmonton.
Howson, Mrs. Annabell B., Calgary.
Howson, Miss Isabelle B., Calgary.
Huggett, Mr. R. H., R.A.F., Imp., Edmonton.
Hurley, Mr. Francis W., P.P.C.L.I., Calgary.
Ironfield, Mr. John J., 50th Bn., MacLeod.
Ironside, Mr. Edwin G., Calgary.
Ironside, Mr. A. L., 14th Bde., C.F.A., Calgary.
Irwin, Mr. Alec S., 16th Bn., Jasper.
Irwin, Mrs. A. S., Jasper.
Irwin, Miss Gloria, Jasper.
Irwin, Miss Betty, Jasper.
Jackson, Mr. A. L., C.F.C., Calgary.
Jackson, Mrs. A. L., Calgary.
Jackson, Miss Margaret L, Calgary.
Jackson, Mr. Robt. L., Calgary.
Jacques, Mr. Albert E., 28th Bn., Ardrossan.
Jacques, Mrs. A. E., Ardrossan.
James, Miss Kathleen L., Edmonton.
Jamieson, Mr. Wm., Div. Sig., Calgary.
Jamieson, Mrs. Wm., Calgary.
Jardine, Mr. John A., 166th Bn., Lethbridge.
Johnston, Mr. Richard, 78th Bn., Egremont.
Jones, Miss Doris, Vulcan.
Jones, Mr. Edw., 31st Bn., Calgary.
Jones, Mrs. E., Calgary.
Jones, Mrs. Ellen J., Edmonton.
Jones, Mrs. Laura. Calgary.
Jones, Mrs. Maria A., Edmonton.
Jones, Mrs. Sophie M., Edmonton.
Jull, Miss Mildred, Calgary.
Kearney, Miss Doreen, Innisfail.
Kearns, Miss Margaret, Imp., Calgary.
Keeton, Mr. Joseph. 17th Bn., C.F.A., Edmonton.
Keeton, Mrs. Joseph, Edmonton.
Kemp, Mr. Arthur T., 1st C.M.R., Olds.
Kemp, Mrs. A. T., Olds.
Kemp, Mrs. R. A., Calgary.
Kennedy, Mr. John, Lethbridge.
Kennedy, Mr. Wm., 10th Bn., Calgary.
Kent, Mr. Chas. J., 44th Bn., Medicine Hat.
Kent, Mrs. C. J., Medicine Hat.
Kent, Miss Marjorie K., Medicine Hat.

Kent, Mr. Arthur C., Medicine Hat.
Kent, Mrs. Lucy, Edmonton.
Kerry, Mr. Chas., C.A.M.C., Wetaskiwin.
Kerry, Mrs. Chas., Wetaskiwin.
Key, Mrs. Lucy, Calgary.
King, Mr. Walter, 5th Bn., Redcliff.
King, Mr. Wm. H., 10th Bn., Calgary.
Labrie, Mrs. Margaret A., Barrhead.
Lackenby, Mr. Joseph W., 16th Can. Scottish, Lethbridge.
Lackenby, Mrs. Harriet, Lethbridge.
Lakey, Mrs. Jennie, Medicine Hat.
Lamb, Mrs. Annie M., Edmonton.
Lamb, Mr. R., 49th Bn., Edmonton.
Lamb, Mrs. R., Edmonton.
Lambert, Mrs. Lilian J., N.S., Imp., Drumheller.
Lambeth, Miss Joan, Edmonton.
Lee, Mr. Henry, 30th Bn., Calgary.
Lee, Mrs. J. R., Calgary.
Lewis, Mr. Alfred J. 31st Bn., Calgary.
Lewis, Mrs. A. J., Calgary.
Lewis, Mr. Leonard J., Calgary.
Lewis, Mr. Thos. B., 31st Bn., Canmore.
Liddell, Mr. Herbert, Lethbridge.
Liddell, Miss Frances, Lethbridge.
Liddell, Mr. Frank, 50th Bn., Lethbridge.
Liddell, Mrs. Frank, Lethbridge.
Lister, Mrs. Eva, Calgary.
Lister, Miss Irene, Calgary.
Lister, Mr. Thos,. 31st Bn., Edmonton.
Littleton, Major J. W., Imp., Calgary.
Littleton, Mrs. J. W., Calgary.
Littleton, Miss Margaret, Calgary.
Livermore, Mrs. Nellie, Calgary.
Livermore, Mr. Raymond R., Calgary.
Loader, Mr. Geo. E., Imp., Calgary.
Loggin, Miss Mary, Edmonton.
Logue, Mr. Alexander, 50th Bn., Calgary.
Lord, Mrs. Alice V., Edmonton.
Loxam, Mrs. Mary, Calgary.
Luxford, Mr. R. T., Calgary.
Luxford, Mrs. R. T., Calgary.
Lynch, Mrs. John, Calgary.
MacArthur, Miss Eleanor, Calgary.
MacDougall, Mrs. Lillian, Edmonton.
MacDougall, Miss Lillian A., Edmonton.
MacGregor, Mr. Alexander, Imp., Medicine Hat.
MacKenzie, Mrs. Elizabeth J., Calgary.
MacLeod, Mr. Donald A., 67th Bn., Edmonton.
MacLeod, Mr. Murdo, Calgary.
MacLeod, Mrs. Murdo, Calgary.
MacNab, Miss Mary L., Canmore.
McConnell, Mrs. Mary, Edmonton.
McCulloch, Mrs. Catherine, Edmonton.
McDonald, Mrs. Isabella, Calgary.
McDonald, Mr. Malcolm M., 10th Bn., Drumheller.
McDonald, Mrs. M. M., Drumheller.
McDougall, Mr. Allan L., Yukon Bty., 1st M.M.G.B., Medicine Hat.
McDougall, Mrs. A. L., Medicine Hat.
McDougall, Mr. Hugh, 4th C.E., Berwyn.
McFarlane, Miss Betty, Edmonton.
McGinnes, Mr. John, 51st Gordon Highlanders, Edmonton.
McGrath, Mr. John, 12th C.M.R.S., Millarville.
McGrath, Mrs. John, Millarville.
McIvor, Mrs. Marion, Calgary.
McLaurin, Mrs. C. C., Calgary.
McLean, Mrs. Russell, Calgary.
McLean, Mr. Joseph J., Gibbons.
McNab, Mrs. Jos. A., Calgary.
Malloy, Mrs. Isabella, Calgary.
Malone, Mrs. A. M., Calgary.
Marlow, Mrs. Amelia, Lethbridge.
Marsh, Mrs. Eliza, Drumheller.
Marsh, Mrs. Gert. E., Wayne.

Marsh, Miss Bernice, Wayne.
Martin, Miss Gladys E., Ponoka.
Mason, Mr. Adam, 49th Bn., Edmonton.
Mathers, Mr. B. F., 21St Bn., Twining.
Mathers, Mrs. B. F., Twining.
Matheson, Major J. 0, 10th Bn., Ponoka.
Matheson, Mrs. J. C., Ponoka.
Matthewson, Mrs. Isabella, Kitscoty.
Matthewson, Miss Margaret H., Kitscoty.
Maxwell, Mr. Robt., Calgary.
Maxwell, Mrs. Robt., Calgary.
Medley, Miss Eileen, Edmonton.
Metcalfe, Miss Eva, Viking.
Miell, Mr. Frank, C.M.S.C., Rocky Mt. House.
Millen, Mr. Wm. E., Imp., Canmore.
Miller, Mrs. Albert E., Edmonton.
Miller, Mrs. Ann D., Taber.
Miller, Miss Eileen, Taber.
Miller, Miss Dorothy M., Edmonton.
Miller, Miss Helen M., Calgary.
Miller, Mr. L. St. J., Calgary.
Milligan, Miss Dorothy E., Calgary.
Mills, Miss Florence, N.S., Calgary.
Mole, Mr. John W., Calgary.
Monkman, Mrs. J. G., Vulcan.
Monkman, Miss Kathleen, Vulcan.
Moody, Mr. Norman H., 8th Siege Bty., Calgary.
Moore, Miss Jennie E., Calgary.
Moore, Mrs. L. M., Calgary.
Morland, Mr. Robt. S., 10th Bn., Calgary.
Morland, Mrs. R. 8., Calgary.
Morland, Miss Joan, Calgary.
Morrell, Miss Ivy E., R.N., Edmonton.
Morris, Mr. Thos. E., 39th Bty., C.F.A., Lethbridge.
Morrison, Mr. Wm. G., 2nd C.M.G.C., Calgary.
Morrison, Mr. \Vm. H., C.F.C., Calgary.
Morrison, Mrs. W. H., Calgary.
Morrison, Miss Jean, Calgary.
Morrison, Mr. Wm., Calgary.
Morrison, Mr. Arthur, Calgary.
Mosher, Mr. Robt. G., 2nd Bn., Edmonton.
Mosher, Mrs. R. G., Edmonton.
Mosher, Miss Violet, Edmonton.
Mosher, Miss Winnifred, Edmonton.
Muir, Mr. D. P., 3rd C.D.A.C., Red Deer.
Munro, Mr. David, 2nd Bn., Stereo.
Murphy, Capt. Gerald D., 28th Bn., Edmonton.
Murray, Mr. James, 10th Bn., Marwayne.
Murray, Mrs. James, Marwayne.
Murray, Miss T., Edmonton.
Murray, Mr. Wm. J., Imp., Jasper.
Muxworthy, Mr. Robt. D., 42nd Hlds., Medicine Hat.
Napper, Mr. Geo. A., Calgary.
Napper, Mrs. G. A., Calgary.
Napper, Mr. G. E., Imp., Calgary.
Napper, Mrs. G. E., Calgary.
Neary, Mr. Luke, 152nd Field Co., R.E., Lethbridge
Neil, Mr. Wm. E., 81st Bn., Coronation.
Neil, Mrs. W. E., Coronation.
Neil, Miss Rhoda B., Coronation.
Nicholls, Mr. David, Imp., Mossleigh.
Nippin, Miss Doris N. M., Calgary.
Nisbet, Mr. Cornelius E., 31st Bn., Calgary.
Nisbet, Mrs. C. F., Calgary.
O'Brien, Miss Laura, Berwyn.
O'Brien, Miss Martha, Jegerville.
O'Brien, Mr. Stephen, Berwyn.
O'Brien, Mrs. Stephen, Berwyn.
O'Gorman, Capt. The Rt. Rev. M. J., Chaplain Service, Edmonton.
Osler, Mrs. J. S., Queenstown.
Packham, Mr. Peter, Imp., Edmonton.
Packham, Mrs. Peter, Edmonton.
Packham, Miss Edith E. A., Edmonton.

Pain, Mr. Francis A., 2nd C.M.R., Calgary.
Pain, Mrs. F. A., Calgary.
Pain, Miss Nancy H., Calgary.
Pascoe, Mr. Chas. C., 103rd Bn., Calgary.
Paterson, Mrs. Jean, Cadomin.
Patterson, Mrs. Anna B., Wetaskiwin.
Patterson, Mrs. Margaret, Blairmore.
Patterson, Mr. Ralph V., 49th Bn., Vegreville.
Patterson, Mrs. R. V., Vegreville.
Patterson, Mr. Samuel J., 8th F.A., Calgary.
Patterson, Mrs. S. J., Calgary.
Patterson, Mr. Robt., Calgary.
Patterson, Miss Dorothy, Calgary.
Pearce, Mr. Wm. G., 4th Bn., Calgary.
Pearce, Mrs. W. G., Calgary.
Pennock, Mr. Ernest F., Elnora.
Petley, Mrs. P., Calgary.
Petley, Mr. Robt., 31st Bn., Calgary.
Petley, Mr. S. G., 50th Bn., Calgary.
Piper, Mr. John J., R.F.A., Canmore.
Pirie, Mrs. Mary, Langdon.
Pollitt, Miss Annie, N.S., Imp., Medicine Hat.
Pollitt, Miss Ellen, N.S., Imp., Medicine Hat.
Pollitt, Mr. Nicholas T., Medicine Hat.
Porter, Mrs. John, W.A.A.C., Calgary.
Pratt, Mr. R. B., 31st Bn., Medicine Hat.
Preston, Mrs. Henry G., Calgary.
Price, Mrs. Olive M., Calgary.
Puzey, Mr. Cedric J., 49th Bn., Red Deer.
Puzey, Mrs. C. J., Red Deer.
Quigg, Miss Catherine, Berwyn.
Rae, Mr. John R., 10th Bn., Edgerton.
Ravesteyn, Mr. Wm. A., C.A.M.C., Calgary.
Ravesteyn, Mrs. W. A., Calgary.
Ravesteyn, Miss Audrey, Calgary.
Rawson, Mrs. Violet, Edmonton.
Rawson, Mr. George, Edmonton.
Reddon, Mr. Richard A., 50th Bn., Olds.
Reeve, Mr. Ernest V., R.A.S.C., Banff.
Reeve, Mr. Leonard J., Banff.
Reid, Miss Helen F., Edmonton.
Reid, Mr. Jas. S., 50th Bn., Calgary.
Reid, Mrs. J. S., Calgary.
Render, Mrs. Margaret, Medicine Hat.
Riddell, Mr. Alexander, 1st C.P., Edmonton.
Riddell, Mrs. A., Edmonton.
Ritz, Mr. Harry E, 78th Bn., Drumheller.
Robertson, Miss Margaret, Calgary.
Robertson, Mr. Robt., C.A.S., Calgary.
Robertson, Mrs. Robt., Calgary.
Rodger, Mr. James, C.M.G.C., Morley.
Rodger, Mrs. Jas., Morley.
Rodger, Miss Margaret W., Morley.
Rodger, Mr. John R., R.A.F., Kitscoty.
Rodger, Mrs. J. R., Kitscoty.
Rodger, Miss Lois, Kitscoty.
Rogers, Mrs. A. L., Calgary.
Ronahan, Mrs. Evelyn H., Edmonton.
Ronahan, Miss Madge E., Edmonton.
Ross, Mr. Geo. H., 10th Bn., Craigmyle.
Ross, Dr. Herbert, C.A.D.C., Rocky Mt. House.
Ross, Mrs. Lillie M., Edmonton.
Ross, Miss H. M. Mary, Edmonton.
Round, Mr. Arthur J. M., C.F.C., Calgary.
Round, Mrs. A. J. M., Calgary.
Round, Miss Joan, Calgary.
Round, Miss Barbara, Calgary.
Round, Master Geoffrey, Calgary.
Round, Master Robert. Calgary.
Routh, Mr. Albert, 78th Win. Gren., Lethbridge.
Routh, Mr. Albert G., Lethbridge.
Ruddy, Mr. W. W., Hanna.
Rump, Miss Violet M., Wetaskiwin.
Saker, Mr. John A., Chauvin.

Sargent, Mr. R0bt., 2nd C.F.A., Michichi.
Sargent, Mrs. R0bt., Michichi.
Sargent, Mr. Thos., Michichi.
Saunders, Mrs. Alice, Calgary.
Saunders, Miss Dorothy, Calgary.
Scheelar, Mrs. Beatrice L., Strome.
Schroeter, Mr. C. V. J., 194th Bn., Edmonton.
Scott, Mrs. Annie, Alhambra.
Seymour, Mr. J. B., R.A.F., Calgary.
Shaw, Mr. Philip, 15th Bn., C.O.E.F., Leduc.
Shaw, Mrs. Phi1., Leduc.
Shaw, Miss Selma, Leduc.
Shaw, Mr. Robt., 15th Bn., Calgary.
Shaw, Mrs. Robt., Calgary.
Shaw, Mr. Robert, Calgary.
Shaw, Mrs. Wm., Calgary.
Shaw, Master Wm., Calgary.
Shelton, Mr. John W., Can. R. Hldrs., Calgary.
Shelton, Mrs. Mary, Calgary.
Shelton, Miss Betty, Calgary.
Shields. Capt. P. R., Imp., Calgary.
Shirreff, Mr. Robt. G., C.R.T., Edmonton.
Shcobert, Mr. H. A., 4th Bn., Lethbridge.
Shoooert, Mrs. H. A., Lethbridge.
Shoobert, Mr. W. A., Lethbridge.
Shorrock, Mr. Jas. W., M.M., 143rd & 47th C.A.G.S., Eckville.
Singleton, Mr. Ernest, 66th Bn., Edmonton.
Singleton, Mrs. E., Edmonton.
Sivyer, Mr. Frank, 3rd Bn., Innisfail.
Skelton, Mr. Wm., Edmonton.
Smallwood, Mr. Edw. P., Edmonton.
Smith, Mr. Chas., 3rd Tunnelling, Bowden.
Smith, Mrs. Chas., Bowden.
Smith, Mr. E. S., 10th Bn., Calgary.
Smith, Mrs. E. 8., Calgary.
Smith, Mr. Donne S., Calgary. _
Smith, Mr. John, 10th Bn., Calgary.
Smith, Mrs. John, Calgary.
Smith, Mr. Sidney O., Calgary.
Smith, Mrs. Margaret L., Edmonton.
Smith, Mrs. May V., Calgary.
Snape, Mrs. A. B., Jasper.
Snowball, Mr. John, C.A.M.C., Calgary.
Spence, Mr. Alexander, 8th C.R.T., Edmonton.
Spence, Mrs. Alex., Edmonton.
Spindler, Mr. Wm., 230th Bn., Breton.
Spindler, Mrs. Wm., Breton.
Spreckley, Miss Mildred E., Calgary.
Sproule, Mr. Robt. C., P.P.C.L.I., Calgary.
Sproule, Mrs. R. O., Calgary.
Sproule, Miss Dorothy S., Calgary.
Sproule, Miss Margaret O., Calgary.
Sproule, Mr. Brian J., Calgary.
Spurway, Mrs. Nellie E., Calgary.
Stafford, Mr. Geo., C.O.R.C.C., Rosebud.
Stafford, Mrs. Geo., Rosebud.
Standen, Mr. Leonard D., 12th C.E., Gem.
Standen, Mrs. L. D., Gem.
Standen, Mr. Glen L., Gem.
Standen, Miss Mary L., Gem.
Staniland, Mrs. Maud, Barrhead.
Steele, Mr. Tom, Edmonton.
Stephen, Mrs. Amelia, Calgary.
Stevenson, Mr. Henry M., Edson.
Stewart, Mr. Arthur A. M., C.A.S.C., Priddis.
Stewart, Mr. Wm. W., 50th Bn., Priddis.
Stewart, Mrs. W. W., Priddis.
Stewart, Mr. Wm. W., Priddis.
Stonehewer, Mr. Harry, 49th Bn., Edmonton.
Stott, Mr. Wm. T., 85th Bn., Lethbridge.
Stott, Mrs. W. T., Lethbridge.
Stout, Mr. Joseph W., 31st Bn., Medicine Hat.
Strang, Miss Jean L., Ponoka.

Strong, Mrs. N. L., Edmonton.
Strong, Miss Shirley, Edmonton.
Suitor, J., Nanton.
Swales, Mr. Cecil B., Calgary.
Swales, Mrs. C. B., Calgary.
Swann, Mr. Geo. H., Imp., Calgary.
Taylor, Mrs. Elizabeth, Edmonton.
Taylor, Miss Velma M., Edmonton.
Telfer, Mrs. Mary E., Calgary.
Teskey, Mr. Ben., Calgary.
Thom, Mr. John O., 29th Bn., Marwayne.
Thom, Mrs. J. C., Marwayne.
Thompson, Mr. Joseph H., 31st Bn., Edmonton.
Thompson, Mrs. J. H., Edmonton.
Thompson, Mrs. Margaret, Calgary.
Thorn, Mrs. Edwin G., Millet.
Tompkins, Mrs. W. J., High River.
Toole, Capt. Archer J., 31st Bn., Calgary.
Topham, Mr. Robt., 26th Bn., Consort.
Topham, Mrs. R., Consort.
Tosh, Miss Minnie, Calgary.
Townend, Mrs. Mary E., Cochrane.
Traub, Mrs. Emerson, Edmonton.
Tuck, Miss Clara L., Calgary.
Turnbull, Mr. Percy M., 31st Bn., Lethbridge.
Turner, Mr. Arthur, 31st Bn., Cochrane.
Turner, Mrs. Mary, Edmonton.
Unwin, Mr. Arthur, 12th C.M., Banff.
Van Lysebetten, Miss F. A., Calgary.
Wakelyn, Mr. A., 31st Bn., Calgary.
Wakelyn, Mrs. A., Calgary.
Wakelyn, Mr. Arthur, Calgary.
Walker, Mr. Alex., Calgary.
Walker, Mr. Wm. E., 8th Bn., Hesketh.
Wallace, Miss Kathleen, Canmore.
Ward, Miss Elsie, Edmonton.
Ward, Dr. J. O., 5th Bn., Leduc.
Ward, Mrs. J. G., Leduc.
Warren, Mr. S. G., 2nd Div. Sig., Lethbridge.
Warrior, Mr. Reginald W., 39th C.F.A., Coronation.
Watherston, Mr. Edmund F., Barrhead.
Watts, Mrs. Margaret, Calgary.
Webber, Mrs. Marion J., Edmonton.
Webster, Mr. Wm. A., 3rd C.R.T., Calgary.
Webster, Mr. Gordon W., Calgary.
Weddell, Mr. A., 31st Bn., Calgary.
Weddell, Mrs. A., Calgary.
Weir, Mrs. Catharine, Drumheller.
Weismiller, Mr. W. J., 85th C.E.C.C., R.E., Exshaw.
Weismiller, Mrs. W. J., Exshaw.
Welch, Mr. Harold L., 50th Bn., Didsbury.
Welch, Mr. Herbert M., C.A.M.C., Calgary.
Welch, Mrs. Herbert M., Calgary.
Welsh, Mr. Joseph, Imp., Red Deer.
Welton, Miss Frances L., Calgary.
Wensley, Mr. Arthur, 31st Bn., Edmonton.
Wensley, Mrs. Arthur, Edmonton.
West, Miss Amy, Vegreville.
Whiteside, Miss Joy, Edmonton.
Whitman, Mr. Arthur G., C.A.M.C., Lethbridge.
Whitney, Mrs. Ellen O., Bow Island.
Wilderman, Mrs. Ida, N.S., Imp., Blackie.
Wilderman, Miss Patricia, Blackie.
Wilkinson, Mr. Wilfred, Calgary.
Williams, Mrs. Matilda, Edmonton.
Williams, Miss Grace, Edmonton.
Williams, Mr. W. J., 191st Bn., Calgary.
Williams, Mrs. W. J., Calgary.
Williams, Mr. John A., Calgary.
Willson, Mr. Albert H., 44th Bn., Calgary.
Willson, Mrs. A. H., Calgary.
Wilson, Mr. John, P.P.C.L.I., Coleman.
Wilson, Mr. John, 137th and 31st an., Calgary.
Wilson, Mrs. John, Calgary.

Wilson, Mr. John R., Calgary.
Wilson, Mr. John J., 50th Bn., Calgary.
Wishart, Mr. Thos., C.L.H., Calgary.
Wishart, Mrs. Thos., Calgary.
Wood, Miss Elizabeth C., Edmonton.
Wood, Mr. Fred., Calgary.
Wood, Mrs. Sally, N.S., Imp., Calgary.
Wood, Miss Joan, Calgary.
Wright, Mrs. Annie, Canmore.
Wright, Miss Ada, Canmore.
Yates, Mr. Reginald 8., 3rd C.M.G., Wild Horse.
Young, Mrs. Bella, Calgary.

elipsis graphic


Abbott, Mr. Arthur J., F.D.C.T., Vancouver.
Abbott, Mrs. A. J., Vancouver.
Acheson-Lyle, Rev. A. M., Imp., Colwood.
Ackland, Mrs. Katherine, Port Alberni.
Adcock, Mr. Edmond, Vancouver.
Adie, Mrs. Esther E., West Vancouver.
Adnitt, Mrs. Elsie, Langley Prairie.
Ainsworth, Mrs. Annie, Vancouver.
Allanson, Mr. Wm. F. G., 72nd Bn., Vancouver.
Allcock, Mr. Daniel, 29th Bn., Vancouver.
Allen, Mrs. Agnes, Vancouver.
Allen, Mrs. Elizabeth, Vancouver.
Allen, Miss Edith A., Vancouver.
Allison, Mr. James, 47th Bn., West Vancouver.
Allison, Mrs. James, West Vancouver.
Alward, Miss Blanche, Victoria.
Amy, Mr. Frank, 35th Bty., Vancouver.
Amy, Mrs. Frank, Vancouver.
Amy, Mr. Norman, Vancouver.
Amy, Miss Barbara, Vancouver.
Anderson, Miss Constance, New Westminster.
Anderson, Mr. John W., B.C. Bantams, Vancouver.
Anderson, Mrs. Sarah, New Westminster.
Armstrong, Mr. Henry M., C.F.A., Kelowna.
Armstrong, Mrs. H. M., Kelowna.
Arthurs, Mr. Frederick L., C.A.D.C., Vancouver.
Askham, Mr. Charles W., 1st Can. Emp., Vancouver.
Asson, Mr. John 8., 72nd Bn., Vancouver.
Atkinson, Mr. David S., 5th Bn., Princeton.
Bacon, Mr. Frederick G., Port Alberni.
Bacon, Mrs. F. G., Port Alberni.
Bacon, Mr. Edward N., Port Alberni.
Baden, Mr. Henry, 5th Bn., Vancouver.
Baggs, Mrs. Nancy, Vancouver.
Baird, Mrs. Margaret, Vancouver.
Baird, Miss Mary O., Vancouver.
Ball, Capt. Frederick J. C., 72nd, Bn., Vancouver.
Bannan, Miss Evah L., Vancouver.
Barber, Mr. Frank, 2nd C.M.R., Kamloops.
Barclay, Mr. Edward T., 32nd Bn., Vancouver.
Barnard, Mr. T. A., Nanaimo.
Barnes, Mrs. Mary, Malakwa.
Barr, Mr. Peter G., Imp., Victoria.
Barr, Mrs. P. G., Victoria.
Barrett, Mr. Willis T. McN., C.E., Victoria.
Barrett, Mrs. W. T. McN., Victoria.
Barwise, Mr. Wm. R., Imp., Vancouver.
Barwise, Mrs. W. R., Vancouver.
Bater, Mrs. Mary E., Vancouver.
Bell, Mrs. Jean D. H., Vancouver.
Bell, Mrs. Ian H. B., Vancouver.
Bennett, Mr. Geo. F., Vancouver.
Bennett, Mrs. G. F., Vancouver.
Berry, Capt. Albert E., 7th Bn., Vernon.
Berry, Mrs. A. E., Vernon.
Berry, Miss Phyllis M., Vernon.
Bethell, Mr. James, Victoria.
Bevan, Mr. James, Kamloops.

Beveridge, Mr. Geo. W., R.C.D., Vancouver.
Biddick, Mr. Samuel, C.A.S.C., Vancouver.
Biddick, Mrs. 8., Vancouver.
Bingham, Mr. James, 77th Bn., Trail.
Bird, Mr. Geo. H., Port Alberni.
Bird, Mrs. G. H., Port Alberni.
Blair, Mr. Robert T., 7th Bn., Vancouver.
Blandy, Mrs. Corinne E., Victoria.
Blundell, Selina, Vancouver.
Boston, Mr. Wm. W., 5th C.M.R., West Summerland.
Bostock, Mr. Stanley P., 54th C.E. Bn., Nelson.
Boucher, Mrs. Sarah F., Chilliwack.
Boyd, Major Alastair M., 5th Bn., Victoria.
Boyd, Mrs. A. M., Victoria.
Boyd, Mr. A., Amm. Column, Victoria.
Boyd, Mrs. A., Victoria.
Boyer, Maj. G., Vancouver.
Bradley, Mr. Donald, P.P.C.L.I., Creston.
Bradley, Mr. Herbert, 47th Bn., Port Alberni.
Bradley, Mrs. H., Port Alberni.
Bradwell, Mr. Joseph, 11th C.R.T., Nanaimo.
Bradwell, Mrs. Joseph, Nanaimo.
Bridge, Mr. John E., 28th Bn., Port Washington.
Bridge, Mrs. J. B., Port Washington.
Brind, Mr. Wm. F., 11th C.M.R., West Summerland.
Broad, Mr. Walter G., 7th Bn., Stewart.
Brown, Mr. George V., 31st Bn., Vancouver.
Brown, Capt. John C., C.E., Cumberland.
Brown, Mrs. J. C., Cumberland.
Brown, Mr. Matthew, 102nd Bn., Cumberland.
Brown, Mrs. Matthew, Cumberland.
Brown, Miss Phyllis, New Westminster.
Brown, Mr. Sydney S., Imp., Victoria.
Brown, Mr. Thomas, C.R.T., Vancouver.
Brown, Mrs. Thomas, Vancouver.
Browne, Mr. Alfred H., 47th Bn., Langley Prairie.
Bryant, Mrs. Gertrude R., Chilliwack.
Bryant, Mr. Philip, Chilliwack.
Brydon, Mrs. Flora M., Fanny Bay.
Buchanan, Mr. John S., 2nd C.F.A., New Westminster.
Bunch, Mrs. Annie, Vancouver.
Burns, Mr. John H., Imp., Vancouver.
Burns, Mrs. J. H., Vancouver.
Burrow, Mrs. Laura, Vancouver.
Burrow, Miss Madge, Vancouver.
Butler, Mrs. Beatrice, New Westminster.
Butler, Miss Marion B., New Westminster.
Butt, Mrs. Agnes M., Vancouver.
Butterworth, Miss Mary, Vancouver.
Cadwallader, Mr. Charles M., Forestry Corps, Victoria.
Cairney, Mrs. C., Vancouver.
Cambrey, Mrs. Sarah A., Saanich.
Cameron, Mr. W. H., 7th Bn., Ladner.
Cameron, Mrs. W. H., Ladner.
Campbell, Mr. George, Imp., Victoria.
Campbell, Mr. Alick, Victoria.
Campbell, Miss Isabella, Vancouver.
Campbell, Mr. Robert, 1/7 Scottish Rifles, Union Bay.
Campbell, Mrs. Robert, Union Bay.
Candy, Mrs. E. M., Fernie.
Carlson, Miss Lydia W., Vancouver.
Carmichael, Mr. Robert H., C.F.C., Similkameen.
Carr, Miss Elsie N., Kamloops.
Casey, Miss Minnie, West Vancouver.
Cassidy, Mr. Charles, 102nd Bn., Vancouver.
Cassidy, Mrs. Charles, Vancouver.
Cassidy, Miss Eileen M. McK., Vancouver.
Chalmers, Mrs. Alexina N., North Vancouver.
Chalmers, Miss Mary E., North Vancouver.
Chandler, Mr. C. C., 48th C.P., Esquimalt.
Chandler, Mrs. C. C., Esquimalt.
Chatfield, Mr. Alfred, R.C.O.C., Victoria.
Chatfield, Mrs. A., Victoria.
Cherry, Mr. Arthur. 54th Bn., Vancouver.
Ching, Mr. Francis H., 5th Bn., Victoria.

Ching, Mrs. F. H., Victoria.
Clark, Mrs. Annie, Vancouver.
Clark, Mr. Leonard, R.F.A., Imp., Gray Creek.
Clark, Mrs. Leonard, Gray Creek.
Clark, Mr. Hugh, Gray Creek.
Clark, Miss Margaret, Gray Creek.
Clements, Mr. Wm. E., Vancouver.
Clements, Mrs. W. E., Vancouver.
Clemons, Mr. Charles W., Imp., Vancouver.
Clemons, Mrs. C. W., Vancouver.
Clemons, Mr. Barrie A., Vancouver.
Cliff, Mr. Alfred, C.F.C., Victoria.
Cochran, Mrs. Margaret, Barriere.
Cocroft, Mr. Harry, C.A.S.C., Vancouver.
Collart, Mr. Jean J. T., Belgian Army, Prince Rupert.
Colon, Mr. Claude, 29th Bn., Vancouver.
Copp, Capt. John P., 4th Bn., New Westminster.
Coppinger, Mrs. Elizabeth M., Victoria.
Crabb, Mr Charles, 102nd Bn., Vancouver.
Craft, Mr. George, 54th Bn., Needles.
Craig, Mrs. Alexander, New Westminster.
Craig, Mrs. Olive A., Vancouver.
Craig, Mr. Robert, 16th Bn., New Westminster.
Cran, Mrs. George, Vancouver.
Cran, Mr. George, Vancouver. .
Crawford, Mrs. Charlotte, Victoria.
Crawford, Miss Florence M., Vancouver.
Crerar, Mr. Donald, 5th C.F.A., Prince Rupert.
Crerar, Mr. Alistair D., Prince Rupert.
Crooks, Mrs. R. W., Vancouver.
Crooks, Mr. Michael, Vancouver.
Crooks, Miss Kathleen F., Vancouver.
Croskery, Mr. Carl W., Vancouver.
Cross, Mr. Walter W., 2nd C.M.R., Victoria.
Cross, Mrs. W. W., Victoria.
Crossley, Mrs. Margaret E., Victoria.
Cunningham, Mr. Stewart, 1st F.E., Qualicum Beach.
Cunningham, Mrs. Stewart, Qualicum Beach.
Curnow, Mrs. Margaret H., Victoria.
Curran, Capt. Veysie, 27th Bn., Vancouver.
Currie, Miss Blanche, West Vancouver.
Curtis, Mr. Percival E., F.G.H., Vancouver.
Curwen, Major Montague A., 11th C.M.R., Vernon.
Dann, Mrs. Dorice M., N.S., Cloverdale.
Dann, Mr. Allan, Cloverdale.
Davies, Mr. Allan M., 16th Bn., Prince Rupert.
Dawes, Mrs. Lily A., Victoria. ,
Deaves, Mrs. Gladys, Vancouver.
Deaves, Mr. Robert W., Vancouver.
Denison, Mrs. Ralph, Nanaimo.
Denison, Miss Joan, Nanaimo.
Denny, Mr. Douglas G., 7th Bn., Summerland.
Devine, Mrs. Florence A., Vancouver.
Dingley, Mrs. Jane, Milner.
Dodge, Mrs. Annie, Vancouver.
Dolley, Mr. Frederick P., Imp., New Westminster.
Donaldson, Mr. Wm., 72nd Bn., Vancouver.
Donaldson, Mrs. Wm., Vancouver.
Downing, Mr. Alexander, 72nd Bn., Kamloops.
Downing, Mrs. A., Kamloops.
Drysdale, Miss Louise M., Vancouver.
Duhig, Mr. Joseph, Imp., New Westminster.
Dunn, Miss Nancy E., M.B.E., N.S., Rolla.
Durie, Mrs. Esther, Vancouver.
Eaton, Miss Annie W., Victoria.
Eaton, Mrs. Sarah E., Vancouver.
Eaton, Miss Patricia F., Vancouver.
Eaton, Miss Myrtle J., Vancouver.
Edwards, Mr. Frederick F., Imp., Vancouver.
Edwards, Mrs. F. F., Vancouver.
Elliott, Mrs. Honor, White Rock.
Elliott, Miss Marguerite, White Rock.
Ellis, Miss Sheila, Vancouver.
Etchell, Mr. Chas, 8th Bn., Vancouver.

Evans, Mr. Geo. H., Wellington.
Ewing, Mr. David, C.A.S.C., Port Coqurtlam.
Fawcett, Mr. Victor C., C.A.D.C., Nanaimo.
Fawcett, Mrs. V. C., Nanaimo.
Ferrie, Mr. Joseph, 27th Bn., Vancouver.
Finch, Mrs. Lucy E., Vancouver.
Fitch, Mr. Thomas J., 54th Bn., Vancouver.
Fletcher, Mrs. A. M., Victoria.
Fletcher, Mr. Harold L., 29th Bn., Vancouver.
Fletcher, Mr. Wm. E., 48th Bn., Vancouver.
Fletcher, Mrs. W. E., Vancouver.
Flower, Mrs. Kathleen, Victoria.
Flower, Master Claude, Victoria.
Forret, Mr. Wm., 9th C.E., North Vancouver.
Forret, Mrs. Wm., North Vancouver.
Forster, Mr. Samuel S., 3rd C.T.C., Vancouver.
Forsyth, Mr. James, 6th C.F.B., West Vancouver.
Forsyth, Mrs. James, West Vancouver.
Forward, Mr. Wm., 49th Bn., Oyama.
Foster, Col. W. W., 52nd Bn., Vancouver.
Fox, Mr. Fred W., 5th Bn., Vancouver.
Foxhall, Mrs. Rose, Vancouver.
Francis, Mrs. Annie, Vancouver.
Franks, Miss Edith, N.S., Victoria.
Fraser, Mr. Alexander, Imp., Squamish.
Fraser, Mr. Gilbert, Scottish Horse, Vancouver.
Fraser, Mr. Wm., 9th F.A., Kootenay Bay.
Fraser, Mrs. Wm., Kootenay Bay.
Fraser, Mr. R. S., Kootenay Bay.
Fraser, Miss M. M., Kootenay Bay.
Fraser, Miss J. E., Kootenay Bay .
Frisby, Mr. R. O., 16th Bn., Vancouver.
Frisby, Mrs. R. O., Vancouver.
Frost, Mr. John J. K., 16th Can. Scottish, Vanderhoof.
Fry, Mr. Robt. C., 4th C.E., Rossland.
Fuller, Mrs. Annie, Langley Prairie.
Fuller, Miss Betty, Langley Prairie.
Fulton, Mrs. Margaret A., Vancouver.
Funnel], Mrs. Georgina R., Vancouver.
Funnell, Mr. Edwin, Vancouver.
Furukawa, Mr. Bunshiro, 50th Bn., Vancouver.
Gage-Cole, Mr. Thos. S., 102nd Bn., Vancouver.
Garrard, Mrs. Eleanor M., Victoria.
Gilbert, Mr. Daniel R., 188th Bn., Vancouver.
Gilbert, Mrs. D. R., Vancouver.
Gilbert, Mr. Philip R., Vancouver.
Giles, Miss Phyllis A., Vancouver.
Gladwin, Mr. Cuthbert, 51st C.F.A., North Vancouver.
Gleig, Mr. Sydney E., 2nd C.E., Chilliwack.
Goddard, Mr. Frank, 25th Bn., Vancouver.
Goodland, Col. Herbert T., Imp., Victoria.
Goodland, Mrs. H. T., Victoria.
Goodspeed, Miss Dorothy, New Westminster.
Goodspeed, Mr. Frank, New Westminster.
Goodspeed, Mr. Harold, New Westminster.
Goodspeed, Mr. Edward A., C.A.M.C., Burnaby.
Goodwin, Mr. Alfred, R.C.N., Victoria.
Goodwin, Mrs. Alfred, Victoria.
Gosnell, Mr. Wilfrid B., C.A.M.C., Enderby.
Gracey, Mr. Hugh, R.N.M.B.R., Vancouver.
Graham, Mr. A. D., 8th Bn., Vancouver.
Gray, Mr. Alfred E., 1st B.C. Regt., Vancouver.
Gray, Mrs. A. E., Vancouver.
Green, Mr. Thos. W., 20th Bty., Powell River.
Green, Mrs. T. W., N.S., Powell River.
Greensmith, Mr. Thomas, C.E., Princeton.
Griffith, Mr. Wm. J., 16th Bn., Sapperton.
Griffiths, Mr. Harry, 21st Bn., Ocean Falls.
Gyde, Mr. Edward, 13th Bn., New Westminster.
Gyde, Mrs. Edward, New Westminster.
Hackworth, Mr. Wm. C., E. Depot, Qualicum Beaclt.
Hainsworth, Mr. James, C.E., Vancouver.
Hakeman, Mr. Wm. G. M., Nakusp.
Hakeman, Mrs. W. G. M., Nakusp.
Hakeman, Mr. Douglas F. M., Nakusp.

Hall, Mr. Patrick, Chilliwack.
Hall, Mrs. P. J. Chilliwack.
Hall, Mr. Thos. W., 29th Bn., Prince Rupert.
Hamilton, Mrs. Louisa O., Vancouver.
Hampton, Mr. Cyril M., 54th Bn., Vancouver.
Hampton, Mrs. C. M., Vancouver.
Hann, Mr. Francis M., C.M.G.C., Vancouver.
Hansford, Mr. R. J., 1st C.P., Vancouver.
Hansford, Mrs. R. J., Vancouver.
Harper, Mr. Noel G., 47th Bn., Kamloops.
Harrison, Mr. Albert J., Imp., Nakusp.
Harrison, Mr. Ernest, 7th Bn., Grand Forks.
Harvey, Mr. L. W. N., 53rd Bty., C.F.A., Vancouver.
Harwood, Mr. Fred, 29th Bn., Eburne.
Hatch, Mrs. Elizabeth, Vancouver.
Hatcher, Mrs. Isabel H., Vancouver.
Haynes, Mr. Alfred, M.M., 28th Bn., Donald.
Head, Mr. William, Victoria.
Helliwell, Mrs. Ada, Vancouver.
Hemphill, Mr. James, Vancouver.
Hemphill, Mrs. James, Vancouver.
Hilbert, Mr. Albert E., 67th C.W.S., Vancouver.
Hilbert, Mrs. A. E., Vancouver.
Hill, Mr. Fred O., Vancouver.
Hill, Miss Lucy, Vernon.
Hill, Mr. Walter, 7th Bn., Rossland.
Hodge, Mr. James, C.A.M.C., Victoria.
Hodge, Mrs. James, Victoria.
Hogg, Mrs. James, Imp., Saanich, V.I.
Hogg, Mr. James, Saanich, V.I.
Hogg, Mr. Wm., Saanich, V.I.
Hogg, Mrs. Margaret, Merritt.
Hoggan, Major Thomas R. R., C.A.V.C., 7th Inf. Bde.,
Hole, Mr. Percy H., C.E., Vancouver.
Holland, Mr. Leonard, 72nd Bn., Vancouver.
Holland, Mr. Thomas A., C.O.R.C.C., Vancouver.
Holliday, Mr. Daniel, 29th Bn., Clo-oose.
Holliday, Mrs. Daniel, Clo-oose.
Holtum, Dr. Frederick B., 202nd Bn., Victoria.
Holtum, Mrs. F. B., Victoria.
Homewood, Mr. E., 16th Bn., Port Alberni.
Hornsey, Mrs. Jessie, Vancouver.
Hoskin, Mr. Henry R, 1st F.A., Vancouver.
Howard, Mrs. Margaret, Vancouver.
Howdle, Mrs. Emma L., West Vancouver.
Howdle, Miss Muriel, West Vancouver.
Howdle, Miss Doris E., West Vancouver.
Howell, Mrs. Sarah O., Roosville.
Howlett, Mr. John, 47th Bn., Vancouver.
Huggard, Mr. Thomas S., 48th Bn., Sidmouth.
Huggard, Mrs. T. S., Sidmouth.
Hughes, Mr. F. W., 7th Bn., Vancouver.
Hughes, Mrs. F. W., Vancouver.
Hughes, Mr. Wm. J., Vancouver.
Hughes, Miss Phyllis M., Vancouver.
Hughes, Mr. Herbert V., 1st C.M.R., Vancouver.
Hughes, Mr. Walter, C.S.C., New Westminster.
Hull, Mrs. Elsie F., Victoria.
Hull, Miss Irene P. A., Victoria.
Humphris, Mr. James R., 54th Bn., Nakusp.
Humphris, Mrs. J. R., Nakusp.
Humphris, Miss Helen, Nakusp.
Humphris, Miss Alice, Nakusp.
Hunter, Mrs. E. 8., Vancouver.
Hunter, Mr. Jack, Vancouver.
Hurn, Mrr. Horace S., R.A.F., Victoria.
Hutchinson, Miss Alice M., North Vancouver.
Inglis, Mr. Adam, 72nd Bn., Vancouver.
Inglis, Mrs. Adam, Vancouver.
Innis, Mr. John H., 1st Bn., Hedley.
Innis, Mr. Gordon D., Hedley.
Irving, Mrs. Jessie, Vancouver.
Jackson, Mrs. Sydney, N.S., Ashcroft.
James, Mrs. Ellen R, Wells.

Jenkins, Mrs. Lucy, Vancouver.
Johnston, Mr. Geo. C., 2nd C.M.R., Vancouver.
Johnston, Mrs. G. O., Vancouver.
Johnston, Mr. Geo. Jr., Vancouver.
Johnston, Mrs. Jessie J., North Vancouver.
Johnston, Mr. Nelson, R.C.G.A., Chilliwack.
Johnston, Mrs. Nelson, Chilliwack.
Jones, Mrs. Ellen, Nanaimo.
Jones, Mr. Joseph W. R., 54th Bn., Vancouver.
Jones, Mrs. J. W. R., Vancouver.
Jones, Mr. Joseph W., 50th Bn., Victoria.
Kagetsu, Mr. Eikichi, Vancouver.
Kagetsu, Mrs. Eikichi, Vancouver.
Kagetsu, Miss Kimiyo, Vancouver.
Kagetsu, Miss Takako, Vancouver.
Kagetsu, Mr. Hajime, Vancouver.
Keet, Mrs. Beatrice, New Westminster.
Kendrick, Mr. Frederick W., C.A.M.C., North Vancouver.
Kenmuir, Mrs. Agnes, Nanaimo.
Kent, Mr. George, 29th Bn., Vancouver.
Kent, Mrs. Geo., Vancouver.
Kerr, Mrs. Christina, Wistaria.
Kinley, Miss Lois E., Port Simpson.
Kinley, Mrs. Minnie, Vancouver.
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Edith B., Fernie.
Knox, Rev. Henry, C.A.M.C., Vancouver.
Knox, Mrs. Henry, Vancouver.
Lacey, Mrs. Mollie, Victoria.
Lamb, Mr. Malcolm M., 16th Bn., Prince Rupert.
Latta, Lt.-Col. Wm. S., 29th Bn., Victoria.
Latta, Mrs. W. 8., Victoria.
Latta, Mr. Francis R., Victoria.
Lawler, Mr. John, 31st Bty., Vancouver.
Lawrie, Mr. Thos., 121st Bn., Vancouver.
Lee, Mr. T. P., 1st C.M.G.C., Vancouver.
Legg, Mr. J. W., C.M.G.C., Vancouver.
Legg, Mrs. J. W., Vancouver.
Leighton, Capt. Arthur, 72nd Bn., Nanaimo.
Leighton, Mrs. Arthur, Nanaimo.
Lemon, Mrs. Arthur C., Victoria.
Lemon, Master Ernest A. J., Victoria.
Lepingwell, Mr. Guy, 72nd Sea. Can., Cawston.
Lewis, Mrs. Annie, Vancouver.
Lewis, Mrs. Josephine, Victoria.
Ley, Mr. Cecil E., Imp., Victoria.
Littlewood, Mr. Chas. J., 47th Bn., New Westminster.
Lloyd, Mrs. Hilda M. J., West Vancouver.
Lloyd, Miss Jeanne 1., West Vancouver.
Lock, Mr. Herbert T., C.A.M.C., Victoria.
Lock, Mrs. H. T., Victoria.
Lock, Miss Gladys M., Victoria.
Logan, Mr. James V., 75th Bn., Chilliwack.
Logan, Mrs. J. V., Chilliwack.
Longley, Mr. James A., Imp., Vancouver.
Lougheed, Mr. Norman, G. M., P.P.C.L.I., Point Gray.
Lougheed, Mrs. N. G. M., Point Gray.
MacArtair, Mr. Alasdair, D.C.M., C.S.C., Esquimalt.
Mackay, Mr. A. C. N., 14th R.M.R., Vancouver.
Mackie, Mr. James O., 7th Bn., Sicamous.
Mackie, Mrs. J. O., Sicamous.
MacLean, Mr. John, 7th Bn., Ocean Falls.
MacLeod, Mr. Murdo S., 13th Bn., Chilliwack.
MacNicol, Mr. Robert, 67th Bn., Vancouver.
MacNicol, Mrs. R., Vancouver.
McAdam, Mrs. Lily, Quesnel.
McClellan, Mr. W. M., Can. Postal Corps, Vancouver.
McCue, Mr. Thomas, C. E., Vancouver.
McCue, Mrs. Thomas, Vancouver.
McDermid, Mrs. Sarah A., Vancouver.
McDonald, Mr. Archibald D., 48th C.F.A., Vancouver.
McDonald, Mr. Duncan J., 72nd Bn., Revelstoke.
McDonald, Mr. George H., Hdqts., Aldergrove.
McDonald, Mrs. G. H., Aldergrove.

McDonald, Mrs. Janet S., N.S., Revelstoke.
McDougall, Mr. John L., 231st & 72nd Bns, Powell River.
McGrath, Mrs. Irene M., Rosedale.
McGraw, Mrs. Bertha, Vancouver.
McKinnon, Mrs. Edith M., Victoria.
McLean, Mrs. Rose, Imp., Vancouver.
McLellan, Mr. John, A. Bty., R.C.H.A., Vancouver.
McLellan, Mrs. John, Vancouver.
McLeod, Mrs. George O., Vancouver.
McPherson, Mr. Donald, 72nd Bn., Victoria.
McPherson, Mr. John A., Vancouver.
McPherson, Mrs. J. A., Vancouver.
McQuarrie, Mrs. O., Vancouver.
McRitchie, Mrs. Lilly E., Vancouver.
Main, Mr. Wm. S., 16th Bn., Vancouver.
Main, Mrs. W. S. Vancouver.
Malcolm, Mr. Colin R., 48th Bn., Burns Lake.
Mann, Mrs. Arthur R., Duncan.
Mann, Mr. Henry G., 62nd Bn., Vancouver.
Martin, Mrs. Rose E., Vancouver.
Martin, Miss Ivy R., Vancouver.
Mason, Mr. Joseph, 16th Can. Scottish, Sidney.
Mason, Mrs. Joseph, Sidney.
Matterson, Mr. Ronald N., 1st Bn., Tofino.
Matthew, Mr. W., New Westminster.
Matthews, Mrs. Elsie E., Kelowna.
Matthews, Mr. James C., 2nd C.R.T., Penny.
Mavity, Miss Mavis, Vancouver.
Mayell, Mr. Bertram, P.P.C.L.I., Victoria.
Mayell, Mrs. B., Victoria.
Mayer, Mrs. Lucy A., V.A.D., Port Clements, Q.C. Island.
Mayer, Mr. Henry E., Port Clements, Q.C. Island.
Mayer, Mr. Geo. H., Port Clements, Q.C. Island.
Mellors, Mrs. Clara, Vancouver.
Menendez, Mr. Leo A., 72nd Bn., New Westminster.
Menendez, Mrs. L. A., New Westminster.
Meredith, Mr. Bailey P., 5th C.M.R., Vancouver.
Messenger, Mr. Harry, 1st C.M.M.G.C., Vancouver.
Messenger, Miss Joanetta D., Vancouver.
Miller, Mr. Alfred O., 2nd C.M.R., & 1st C.R.T., New Westminster.
Miller, Mrs. A. O., New Westminster.
Miller, Mr. Philip G., New Westminster.
Mills, Mr. Frederick O., 27th Bn., Vancouver.
Milne, Mrs. Elizabeth M., Vernon.
Milne, Miss Helen M., Vernon.
Mitchell, Mr. C. N. Sr., Vancouver.
Moir, Mr. Wm., 5th C. E., Vancouver.
Moir, Mrs. Wm., Vancouver.
Moodie, Miss Marcella, Kelowna.
Morden, Mr. Herbert H., 21st Bty., C.F.A., North Vancouver.
Morden, Mr. Thos. W., C.E., West Vancouver.
Morley, Mrs. H. L., Kamloops.
Morley, Miss Mary, Kamloops.
Morley, Miss Mona, Kamloops.
Mossman, Mr. George. 16th Bn., Vancouver.
Mossman, Miss Nina, Vancouver.
Mossman, Mr. Watkin, Vancouver.
Mossman, Mr. Wm., Vancouver.
Moulds, Mr. Cecil S., 51st Bty., Vancouver.
Mundie, Mr. Alexander, Vancouver.
Murray, Mr. Wm. H. W., Prince Rupert.
Nelson, Mr. John, 29th Bn., Victoria.
Noble, Miss Florence E., Port Alberni.
Nyland, Mr. John, Birken.
Nyland, Mrs. John, Birken.
Oakeley, Mr. James T. E., 238th C.F.C., Creston.
Oastler, Mr. Alexander S., Can. R.R.T., Vancouver.
Oliver, Mr. Henry H., 107th Bn., Terrace.
Oliver, Mr. Mervyn W., 39th Bty., C.F.A., Victoria.
Oliver, Mrs. M. W., Victoria.
Olsen, Mr. Eric, C. E., Trail.
Orr, Mrs. Lucy, Steveston.
Osborne, Mr. Robert F., Vancouver.

Owen, Rev. C. C., Vancouver.
Palmer, Mr. Eyre S., 1st Can. Pioneers, Peachland.
Parker, Capt. Oswald R., R.N.R., Victoria.
Parker, Mrs. O. R., Victoria.
Parkes, Mr. Harold C., Imp., Prince Rupert.
Parkin, Mrs. Elizabeth A., Powell River.
Parkin, Miss Margaret M., Powell River.
Paterson, Mr. John S., 72nd Bn., Vancouver.
Payne, Mrs. Nellie A., Creston.
Peart, Mr. W. E., 47th Bn., New Westminster.
Peart, Mrs. W. E., New Westminster.
Perowne, Mr. George T. J., 47th & 16th Bn., North Vancouver.
Peters, Mrs. Helen S., Vernon.
Phelps, Mr. Thos. E., 27th Bn., Vancouver.
Phelps, Mrs. T. 13., Vancouver.
Phelps, Mr. James W., Vancouver.
Phillifant,, Mr. Frederick, 2nd C.M.R., Vancouver.
Phillips, Mrs. Mabel, West Vancouver.
Phillips, Miss Beatrice M., West Vancouver.
Pickard, Mrs. Jean, Nelson.
Pickard, Mr. Gordon, Nelson.
Pike, Mr. Alfred O., 46th Bn., Vancouver.
Pitchford, Mr. A. J., C.F.A., Vancouver.
Planche, Dr. Henry H., Imp., Vancouver.
Planche, Mrs. H. H., Vancouver.
Planche, Miss Dorothy, Vancouver.
Plint, Mr. John H., R.C.N.V.R., Prince Rupert.
Plowman, Mr. Arthur W., Can. Cyclists, Victoria.
Pollard, Mr. Frederick E., 10th C.F.A., Essondale.
Pollard, Mr. Richard J., 47th Bn., Vancouver.
Poole, Mr. Harry, 7th Bn., Vancouver.
Popham, Mr. John O., 16th Bn., New Westminster.
Porter, Mr. Reginald S. N., 48th Bn., Victoria.
Porter, Mrs. R. S. N., Victoria.
Potter, Mr. Charles, 4th C.F.A., Vancouver.
Powell, Mrs. Dorothy, Vancouver.
Prewett, Mr. Francis, Imp., Pioneer Mine.
Price, Mr. Llewellyn T., R.C.D., Vaucouver.
Price, Mrs. L. T., Vancouver.
Price, Mr. Trevor O., Vancouver.
Priestley, Mr. Harry, C.A.S.C., Vancouver.
Prosser, Mr. Howard T. V., 102nd R.A.F., Vancouver.
Pue, Major Frederick J., 12th C.M.R., Vancouver.
Quigley, Mrs. M., Vancouver.
Quigley, Miss Mary E., N.S., Vancouver.
Quigley, Miss Alice M., Vancouver.
Quigley, Miss Emma M., Vancouver.
Radcliffe, Mr. Thomas M., Imp., New Westminster.
Rahal, Mrs. Winifred E., Fernie.
Ramsden, Mr. Samuel, 29th Bn., Vancouver.
Reavill, Mr. Robert F., Imp., Vancouver.
Reid, Mr. Andrew C., Qualicum Beach.
Rendell, Mrs. Florence G., Victoria.
Rendell, Miss Hilda M., Victoria.
Richardson, Miss Alice P., Vancouver.
Richardson, Mr. D., Chilliwack.
Richardson, Mr. David, 16th Bn., Can. Scottish, Chilliwack.
Richardson, Mrs. Mary P., Chilliwack.
Riddell, Mr. Jas. D., 67th Bn., Victoria.
Rigden, Mr. Edward H., Imp., Vancouver.
Riley, Mrs. Edith, Vancouver.
Robbins, Miss Christine, Chilliwack.
Roberts, Mr. James, 29th Bn., Vancouver.
Robertson, Mr. Arthur, C.F.C., Massett.
Robertson, Mrs. Arthur, Massett.
Robertson, Mr. Robert, R.A.F., Vancouver.
Robinson, Miss Bessie A., Vancouver.
Roddick, Mrs. Minnie, New Westminster.
Roddis, Mr. Albert E., 3rd Can. Pioneers, Pouce Coupe.
Roddis, Mrs. A. E., Pouce Coupe.
Roff, Mrs. Florence, Alberni.
Rolfe, Mr. Emrys, Vancouver.
Rolfe, Mrs. Emrys, Vancouver.

Rolfe, Master Alun, Vancouver.
Rolfe, Mr. Wm., 6th F.C.C.E., Vancouver.
Rotherham, Mr. Edward J., 54th Bn., Princeton.
Rotherham, Mrs. E. J., Princeton.
Rothnie, Mrs. Ann E., Vancouver.
Ryckman, Mrs. J. A., Creston.
Salter, Mrs. Emily J., New Westminster.
Sargent, Mr. David R., 5th C.I.F., Nanaimo.
Sargent, Mrs. D. R., Nanaimo.
Sawyer, Mr. G. G., 13th Bn., Fernie.
Scott, Mr. Robert, Fernie.
Sedger, Mr. Gerald H., Imp., Victoria.
Seggie, Mr. George, 29th Bn., Nanaimo.
Sellar, Mr. F. O., 78th Bn., New Westminster.
Sharman, Mrs. C., West Vancouver.
Shearer, Mrs. Grace, Vancouver.
Shinobu, Mr. Saburo, Vancouver.
Simm, Mrs. Gertrude E., Vancouver.
Simm, Miss Winnifred, Vancouver.
Simpson, Mr. John A., 28th Bn., Vancouver.
Simpson, Mrs. J. A., Vancouver.
Sims, Mr. Charles, 102nd Bn., Victoria.
Sims, Mrs. Charles, Victoria.
Singer, Mr. Wesley S., 48th Bn., 3rd P.N.E.S., Massett.
Singer, Mrs. W. S., Massett.
Smart, Mr. Robert K., 13th C.F.A., Vancouver.
Smith, Mrs. Annie E. J., Vancouver.
Smith, Mrs. Frances M., Passmore.
Smith, Mr. George A., 72nd Bn., Armstrong.
Smith, Mr. Harold, C.A.S.C.T.D., Vancouver.
Smith, Mr. Walter, Imp., Vancouver.
Smith, Mr. Wm D., 3rd C. E., Stewart.
Somers, Mrs. Joseph, Nanaimo.
Steed, Mr. Harry A., R.G.A., New Westminster.
Stevenson, Mr. James, 67th Bn., Victoria.
Stevenson, Mrs. James, Victoria.
Stevenson, Mr. James, Vancouver.
Stevenson, Mrs. James, Vancouver.
Stevenson, Miss Muriel, Vancouver.
Stewart, Mr. Alex, 54th Bn., Vancouver.
Stewart, Mr. Donald, 28th Bn., Vancouver.
Stewart, Mrs. C. Ellen, Mt. Lehman.
Stewart, Mr. Wm. A., 29th Bn., Essondale.
Stirk, Mrs. Edith O., Vancouver.
Stirling, Mrs. Florence, Vancouver.
Sutcliffe, Mr. Arnold, 3rd Bn., Victoria.
Sutcliffe, Mrs. Arnold, Victoria.
Sutherland, Mrs. Ellen, Vancouver.
Sutton, Mr. Herbert H., 48th Highlanders, New Westminster.
Sweatman, Mr. Percy, 4th C.M.G.C., Duncan.
Tarras, Mrs. Elizabeth M., Chilliwack.
Taylor, Mr. Harry V., 38th Bty., C.F.A., Vanderhoof.
Taylor, Mr. Robert, Princeton.
Taylor, Mrs. Robert. Princeton.
Taylor, Miss Annie E., Princeton.
Taylor. Mr. Robert L., Princeton.
Tait, Mrs. Lilliam, Nanaimo.
Tavendale, Mr. Alexander, 102nd Bn., Penticton.
Tavendale, Mrs. Alexander, Penticton.
Tavendale, Miss Leila, Penticton.
Telford, Miss Margaret P. W., Surrey.
Telford, Mrs. Muriel M., Burnaby.
Thomas, Mr. Arthur E., 16th Bn., Vancouver.
Thompsett, Mr. H., Victoria.
Thompsett, Mrs. Harry, Victoria.
Thompson, Mr. Jackson, 1st Can. Pioneers, Vancouver.
Thompson, Mr. Joseph P., Imp., East Wellington.
Thompson, Mr. Ross T., 4th C.S.B., Pioneer Mine.
Thompson, Mrs. R. T., Pioneer Mine.
Thompson, Miss Sarah A., Quesnel.
Thomson, Mr. Alexander, 16th Bn., New Westminster.
Thomson, Mrs. Alexander, New Westminster.
Thrall, Mrs. R., Qualicum Beach.
Thurston, Mrs. George, Vancouver.

Tinker, Major George P., C.I.B., Prince Rupert.
Tinsman, Mrs. Chas. A., Vancouver.
Townsend, Mr. F. J., Vancouver.
Trowsdale, Mr. Robert W., 4th C.I.B., North Vancouver.
Tucker, Mr. Edward, 47th Bn., Victoria.
Turner, Mrs. Florence, West Vancouver.
Twohey, Mr. Wm. D., Imp., Port Coquitlam.
Twohey, Mrs. W. D., Port Coquitlam.
Waddington, Mr. Arthur H., 7th Bn., Prince Rupert.
Waddington, Mrs. A. H., Prince Rupert.
Wallace, Mrs. Mary, Nelson.
Walsh, Mr. Owen, 54th Bn., Nakusp.
Walton, Mr. George, C.F.A., Victoria.
Walton, Mrs. George, Victoria.
Walton, Mr. Victor, Victoria.
Ward, Mr. H. D., Roslyn.
Ward, Mr. Victor, 46th Bn., Vancouver.
Ward, Mrs. Victor, Vancouver.
Ward, Miss Phyllis M., Vancouver.
Wardle, Mr. Walter, 29th Bn., New Westminster.
Wardle, Mrs. Walter, New Westminster.
Ware, Mr. Francis R., 8th Bn., Wellington.
Warnock, Mr. David W., 6th Bn., Port Alberni.
Warnock, Mrs. D. W., Port Alberni.
Warren, Mr. Henry, 63rd Bn., Victoria.
Watt, Mr. Norman A., 2nd C.M.M.G., Prince Rupert.
Webster, Mrs. Ellen, Coal Creek.
Westby, Miss Marion, Fernie.
Wheeler, Mrs. Lily, Burnaby.
Whiskin, Mr. Frank, C.D.C., Penticton.
White, Mr. Albert V., 17th C.F.A., New Westminster.
White, Mrs. Catherine, Vancouver.
White, Mr. Charles M., Saanichton.
White, Mr. John, 48th Bn., Kamloops.
Whittle, Mrs. Mary A., Victoria.
Wilkins, Mr. James, 72nd Bn., Vancouver.
Wilkins, Mrs. James, Vancouver.
Wilkinson, Mrs. A. S., New Westminster.
Wilkinson, Mrs. Jessie, Sidney.
Williams, Mr. Humphrey D., 2nd C.M.R., Vancouver.
Williams, Mr. John, 3rd C.R.T., Vancouver.
Wilson, Miss Jessie W., V.A.D., New Westminster.
Wilson, Mrs. Kate, Victoria.
Wilson, Mr. James, Victoria.
Wilson, Mr. Walter, C.R.T., Burns Lake.
Wilson, Mrs. Walter, Burns Lake.
Wiltshire, Mr. Walter E., 47th Bn., New Westminster.
Winget, Mrs. Chrissie, Langley Prairie.
Winget, Miss Jean, Langley Prairie.
Winter. Miss Eveline A., Vancouver.
Wishart, Mary E., Kamloops.
Wood, Mr. George B., 143rd & 2nd C.M.R., Sechelt.
Woodward, Mr. George. 10th Bn., White Rock.
Workman, Mr. Allan, C.A.M.C., New Westminster.
Wotherspoon, Mr. Wm., Imp., Vancouver.
Wright, Mrs. Helen M. C. F., Aldergrove.
Wright, Miss Sylvia, Aldergrove.
Wynne, Mr. John, 102nd Bn., Anyox.
York, Mr. C. N., 5th Bty., Rolla.
York, Miss Irma J., Rolla.
Younie, Mr. John, 5th Bn., Vancouver.

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Agnew, Mr. Samuel, Imp., Winnipeg.
Anderson, Mr. Herbert J., 6th Bn., Winnipeg.
Anderson, Mrs. H. J., Winnipeg.
Anderson, Mrs. Lilian H., Winnipeg.
Anderson, Mr. Walter G., 78th Bn., Winnipeg.
Arthurs, Miss Muriel E., Brandon.
Atkinson, Miss May, Winnipeg.
Aylward, Mr. Geo. A., Imp., Emerson.
Bagot, Mrs. Lilian O., Winnipeg.

Bailey, Mr. Thos. 90th W.R., Hamiota.
Bailey, Mrs. Thos., Hamiota.
Bailey, Miss Margaret, Hamiota.
Baker, Mr. Jas. F., 12th Royal Lancers, Winnipeg.
Baker, Mrs. J. F., Winnipeg.
Bale, Mr. John E., 200th Bn., Winnipeg.
Bale, Mrs. J. E., Winnipeg.
Ball, Mrs. Ellen A., Winnipeg.
Ball, Mrs. May, Winnipeg.
Barbour, Mrs. Ishbel G. H., Winnipeg.
Barbour, Mr. Kenneth J., Winnipeg.
Bate, Miss Lottie A., Winnipeg.
Bayne, Miss Gladys E., Winnipeg.
Beer, Mr. Leonard, 19th Bn., Manitoba.
Belcher, Miss Dorothy J., Winnipeg.
Benest, Mr. Philip, 78th Bn., Winnipeg.
Best, Mr. Samuel, Imp., St. Boniface.
Bickford, Mr. Henry E, 53rd Bty., The Pas.
Bickford, Mrs. H. F., The Pas.
Birkbeck, Mr. Samuel, Winnipeg.
Birkbeck, Mrs. S., Winnipeg.
Bloomfield, Major Albert E., 1st C.M.R., Winnipeg.
Bocking, Mr. Alfred L., 5th C.F.A., Winnipeg.
Bonner, Mrs. Elizabeth W., Winnipeg.
Botel, Mr. Henry, 49th Bn., Winnipeg.
Botel, Miss Frances, Winnipeg.
Bradley, Mrs. John, Crystal City.
Bradley, Mr. Joseph A., 8th W.R., Winnipeg.
Bressey, Mr. Norman E., Imp., Winnipeg.
Bressey, Mrs. N. E., Winnipeg.
Bright, Mrs. Maria M., Waskada.
Browell, Mrs. Margaret, Winnipeg.
Brown, Mr. Alex. M., C.A.M.C., Brandon.
Brown, Miss Bessie M., Brandon.
Brown, Mr. Arthur, Can. Cyclists, Winnipeg.
Brown, Mrs. Dora, Winnipeg.
Brown, Dr. Douglas, C.A.D.C., Winnipeg.
Brown, Mrs. Douglas, Winnipeg,
Brown, Mr. Gordon A., Winnipeg.
Brown, Mr. Harry, 37th Bty., Winnipeg.
Brown, Mrs. Harry, Winnipeg.
Brown, Mr. Thos., Imp., Winnipeg.
Browne, Mr. Jack, Winnipeg.
Browne, Miss Jean, Winnipeg.
Browne-Wilkinson, Capt. Eric. C.C.B., Winnipeg.
Bruton, Mrs. Elizabeth J., Winnipeg.
Buchan, Miss Jessie. N.S., Imp., Winnipeg.
Buchan, Mr. Robt. R., 10th C.F.A., Winnipeg.
Buchanan, Mrs. Marjorie E., Winnipeg.
Burns, Mr. Robt., 52nd Bn., Winnipeg.
Burton, Mrs. Minnie E., Winnipeg.
Butler, Mr. Geo. E., 2nd C.E., Hecla.
Butler, Mrs. G. E., Hecla.
Cairns, Capt. A., C.M.M.G.C., Winnipeg.
Cairns. Mrs. A., Winnipeg.
Calverley, Miss Eva, Winnipeg.
Cameron, Mrs. Ann, Winnipeg.
Cameron, Capt. Herbert T., M.G.C., Winnipeg.
Cameron, Mrs. H. T., Winnipeg.
Campbell, Mrs. Elizabeth A., N.S., Imp., Winnipeg.
Campbell, Mr. Thos., 10th Bn., Winnipeg.
Caney, Mr. Chas. T., 44th Bn., Winnipeg.
Cannon, Mr. James. 16th Bn., Winnipeg.
Captain, Mr. Isaac M.._Imp., Winnipeg.
Captain, Mrs. I. M., Winnipeg.
Captain, Miss Margaret, Winnipeg.
Captain, Master Thos., Winnipeg.
Carruthers, Major The Rev. Canon C., Chaplain, Winnipeg.
Cartwright, Mrs. Emily F., Winnipeg.
Caverley, Miss Edna P., Ninette.
Chalmers, Mr. John E, 4th Bn., Winnipeg.
Chambers, Miss Jessie B., Winnipeg.
Channing, Mrs. Kate, Winnipeg.
Child, Miss A. G., N.S., Winnipeg.

Christy, Mr. Robt. M., Winnipeg.
Clapham, Mr. Louis A., 44th Bn., Winnipeg.
Clapham, Miss Winnifred, Winnipeg.
Clift, Mr. Harold E., C.F.A., Winnipeg.
Cobley, Mr. Geo. H., Imp., Winnipeg.
Cochrane, Mr. Hugh, 13th R.I.R., Winnipeg.
Cockerill, Mr. Frank, F.G.H., Gunton.
Cockerill, Miss Velna G., Gunton.
Cockerill, Miss Violet B., Gunton.
Collie, Miss A. R., Winnipeg.
Collins, Miss Caroline, Winnipeg.
Connolly, Mr. Hugh, C.A.M.C., Gladstone.
Connolly, Mrs. H., Gladstone.
Conway, Miss Iris M., Winnipeg.
Cooke, Mr. Arthur W., 24th Bn., Winnipeg.
Coombes, Mr. Henry N. S., C.R.A.F., Winnipeg.
Copper, Mr. Chas. W., 15th Bn., Winnipeg.
Copper, Mr. Ernest E., Winnipeg.
Corkish, Mr. John 8., 52nd Bn., Brandon.
Cornish, Mr. Wm. C., 19 Bty., 5th Bde., St. Vital.
Cornish, Mrs. W. C., St. Vital.
Coupland, Mrs. Ada, Winnipeg.
Crawford, Mrs. Pearl, Winnipeg.
Crockatt, Mrs. Jessie M., Winnipeg.
Crocker, Mr. Wm., Imp., Winnipeg.
Crolly, Mrs. Mary A., Winnipeg.
Cromwell, Mr. Frank W., C.F.A., Winnipeg.
Cromwell, Mrs. F. W., Winnipeg.
Cross, Miss Adelaide, Winnipeg.
Cross, Miss Eva, Winnipeg.
Cubbon, Mr. Harold, Imp., Souris.
Cubbon, Mrs. Harold, Souris.
Davis, Mrs. Mary H., Winnipeg.
DeBrincat, Miss Mary J., Winnipeg.
Diss, Mrs. Elizabeth C., Winnipeg.
Dixon, Mrs. Alfred. Winnipeg.
Dobson, Mr. R. J. Edwin, Dauphin.
Dodge, Mr. Lyle W., 21st Bty., Elkhorn.
Dodge, Mrs. L. W., Elkhorn.
Donovan, Mr. F. D., 58th B.G.O.C., Winnipeg.
Doran, Mrs. Beatrice E., Winnipeg.
Doran, Miss Bessie, Winnipeg.
Douglas, Mrs. Constance M., Winnipeg.
Dowling, Mr. Bernard, 8th Bn., Virden.
Dunnett, Mrs. Marion, Winnipeg.
Dutton, Mr. Chas. L., 1st C.G.H., Birtle. .
Dutton, Mrs. C. L., Birtle.
DuMontier, Mrs. Louise, Winnipeg.
Ellis, Mr. Wm. E., 7th Bty., Winnipeg.
Ennis, Mrs. Martha, Winnipeg.
Ewen, Mr. Jas. R., C.E., Elgin.
Ewen, Miss Alice 1., Elgin.
Ewert, Mr. Wm., C.A.D.C., Altona.
Eyres, Mr. Arthur W., 2nd F.A., C.E.M., Winnipeg.
Eyres, Mrs. A. W., Winnipeg.
Fanshaw, Mr. Hubert V., Winnipeg.
Fanshaw, Mrs. H. V., Winnipeg.
Farler, Mr. Albert, 78th Bn., Winnipeg.
Farler, Mrs. A., Winnipeg.
Farler, Miss Alberta, Winnipeg.
Farler, Miss Edna, Winnipeg.
Farmer, Mrs. Nellie, St. Boniface.
Fleming, Miss Helen, Winnipeg.
Fleming, Mrs. Isabel, Winnipeg.
Flexman, Major Ernest, 22nd Bty., C.F.A., Winnipeg.
Flexman, Mrs. Ernest, Winnipeg.
Fontaine, Mr. Pierre, French Army, St. Boniface.
Forsyth, Mrs. Anna G., Winnipeg.
Foster, Mr. John R., L.S.H., Winnipeg.
Foster, Mrs. J. R., Winnipeg.
Foubister, Mr. Jas. W., 5th Bn., Winnipeg.
Francis, Mr. Noel B., 68th Bn., Winnipeg.
Franklin, Mr. Thos., 16th Bty., Winnipeg.
Froud, Mr. Ivor T., P.P.C.L.I., Winnipeg.
Froud, Mrs. I. T., Winnipeg.

Froud, Miss Joyce, Winnipeg.
Froud, Mr. Gordon, Winnipeg.
Fryday, Mr. John N., 27th Bn., Winnipeg.
Gardiner, Mrs. Janet B., Winnipeg.
Gardner, Mr. George, 43rd Bn. St. Vital.
Geminill, Lt.-Col. Jas. D., Imp., Winnipeg.
Geminill, Mr. Patrick, Winnipeg.
Geraghty, Mr. Wm. T., Imp., Stony Mountain.
Gibb, Miss Meg., Winnipeg.
Gibbs, Mrs. Edw., Elkhorn.
Godfrey, Mr. Wm., 46th Bn., Morden.
Gordon, Miss Edith, Winnipeg.
Gordon, Miss Isabelle, Winnipeg.
Gower, Mr. Wm. E., Imp., Winnipeg. . _
Grant, Mr. Donald A., C.F.A., Portage La Prairie.
Gray, Mr. Ernest E., 2/4 Queen's R.W. Surrey, Winnipeg.
Green, Mr. Chas. W., 44th Bn., St. James.
Green, Mrs. Katherine, Winnipeg.
Greer, Mr. Andrew, 4th Sig, Winnipeg.
Greer, Mrs. A., Winnipeg.
Grimshaw, Mrs. J., Elkhorn.
Grimstone, Mr. Michael, Imp., Winnipeg.
Gunn, Wr. Wm. G., L.S.H., Winnipeg.
Gunn, Mrs. W. G., Winnipeg
Hall, Mr. G. W., 2nd Bn., St. Boniface.
Hall, Mrs. G. W., St. Boniface.
Hall, Miss Annie, St. Boniface.
Hall, Mrs. J. E., St. Vital.
Hamilton, Mrs. C., Winnipeg.
Hamp, Mr. Ernest A., 16th Can. 8., Winnipeg.
Hamp, Mrs. E. A., Winnipeg.
Hanna, Capt. Wm. F., C.D.C., Winnipeg.
Hardwick, Mr. Geo. W., 16th Bn., Nesbitt.
Hargreaves, Mr. Geo., Winnipeg.
Harris, Mr. Frederick J., Imp., Winnipeg.
Hay, Mrs. Margaret, Winnipeg.
Hay, Miss Marjorie, Winnipeg.
Heaney, Mrs. Clara M., Winnipeg.
Heale, Mr. John, Teulon.
Heale, Mrs. John, N.S., Teulon.
Henderson, Mr. George V., C.E., Strathclair.
Henderson, Mrs. G. V., Strathclair.
Henderson, Capt. John D., 1st C.M.R., Winnipeg.
Hensley, Mr. Percy W. E., Imp., Winnipeg.
Hilditch, Miss Mae, Eriksdale.
Hills. Mrs. J. D., Souris.
Hiron, Mr. Ernest, 107th Bn., Gilbert Plains.
Hodgson, Mr. Wm., 44th Bn., Winnipeg.
Hogg, Mr. Leslie J., Winnipeg.
Holland, Mr. Wm. J., 28th Bn., Winnipeg.
Hollings, Mrs. Florence E., Bowsman River.
Hooper, Mr. Henry S., 44th Bn., Portage La Prairie.
Hooper, Mrs. H. S., Portage La Prairie.
Hooper, Miss Gwendolynne. Portage La Prairie.
Hopkins, Mr. James E, 3rd C.E., Winnipeg.
Horne, Mr. Geo. W., R.C.R., Winnipeg.
Horne, Mrs. G. W., Winnipeg.
Horner, Mr. A. E., 4th C.C.S., Winnipeg.
Howe, Mr. Wm. C., 44th Bn., Brandon.
Howe, Mrs. W. C., Brandon.
Howland, Mr. Robt. D., Chaplain. 71st Bn., Emerson.
Hudson, Miss Edith F., N.S., Winnipeg.
Hurton, Mrs. Nellie, N.S., Imp., Glenboro.
Hurton, Miss Grace, Glenboro.
Hutchinson, Mrs. Gertrude, Winnipeg.
Hutton, Mr. Robt. H., C.A.M.C., Winnipeg.
Hutton, Mrs. R. H., Winnipeg.
Ingram, Mr. Alfred, 8th Bn., Winnipeg.
Ingram, Mrs. Alfred, Winnipeg.
Irwin, Mr. Geo. H., 44th Bn., Winnipeg.
Jackson, Mrs. Sarah, Transcona.
Jankiewicz, Miss Eugenie J., Winnipeg.
Jankiewicz, Miss Pauline M., Winnipeg.
Jarvis, Mr. Edgar J., 8th Bn., Kelwood.

Jarvis, Mrs. E. J., Kelwood.
Jarvis, Mr. Clive, Kelwood.
Jenkins, Mr. Thomas, C.A.M.C., Winnipeg.
Joberty, Mr. R., French Flying Forces, St. Boniface.
Johannson, Mr. Johann, 78th Bn., Winnipeg.
Johannson, Mrs. J., Winnipeg.
Johston, Mr. Jas. R., 52nd Bty., Winnipeg.
Johnston, Mrs. Mary, Winnipeg.
Johnstone, Mr. Duncan McL., 43rd Bn., Winnipeg.
Jones, Mr. Ernest A. H., 8th Bn., Winnipeg.
Jones, Mr. Frank T., 1st C.E., Portage La Prairie.
Joyce, Mr. Claude R, 8th Bn., Winnipeg.
Jones, Mrs. May A., Minnedosa.
Kay, Mr. J., P.P.C.L.I., Winnipeg.
Kay, Mrs. J., Winnipeg.
Kay, Mr. J. M., Winnipeg.
Kelly, Mr. John J., 8th Bn., Winnipeg.
Kelly, Mrs. J. J., Winnipeg.
Kelso, Mr. John L., 19th Bty., C.F.A., Winnipeg.
Kemp, Mr. Edward W., 8th Bn., Winnipeg.
Kemp, Mrs. E. W., Winnipeg.
Kemp, Miss Patricia J., Winnipeg.
Kemp, Mr. Edward L., Winnipeg.
Kentner, Mrs. R. G., Winnipeg.
Kentner, Miss Irene F., Winnipeg.
King, Mr. Edward W., 29th Bn., Winnipeg.
Kindon, Mr. Phillip H., 16th Can. Scottish. Russell.
Kinsella, Mrs. Hugh F. P., Winnipeg.
Kirby, Mr. Fred. L., Imp., Winnipeg.
Knox, Mr. Harold C., C.M.G., Winnipeg.
Knox, Mrs. H. C., Winnipeg.
Knight, Mr. Geo. A., C.A.M.C., Winnipeg.
Lacey, Miss Gwendolyn, Brandon.
Lacey, Mr. Leonard W., Brandon.
Lamontagne, Mrs. Clara M., Brandon.
Lamontagne, Mr. Horace, Brandon.
Landreth, Mr. W. Anderson, Winnipeg.
Lane, Mr. Chas., 27th Bn., Winnipeg.
Langford, Miss Leslie L., Portage La Prairie.
Last, Mr. Chas. J., 221st Bn., & H.Q., London, Winnipeg.
Last, Mrs. C. J., Winnipeg.
Lauman, Mr. A. W., Winnipeg.
Lauman, Mrs. A. W., Winnipeg.
Leach, Miss Mabel, Winnipeg.
Lecot, Mrs. Marie, Ninette.
Lecot, Miss Lucianee, Ninette.
Lee, Mrs. Charlotte 13., Winnipeg.
Lee, Miss Laura R., Winnipeg.
Little, Mr. James S., Winnipeg.
Little, Mrs. J. S. Winnipeg.
Littlewood, Mr. George, Imp., Winnipeg.
Livesey, Mrs. Fanny E., Swan River.
Lloyd, Mr. Frederick L., 10th C.E., St. Vital.
Lloyd, Mrs. F. L., St. Vital.
Lloyd, Miss Mae E., Winnipeg.
Lovett, Miss Mary L., Winnipeg.
Low, Miss Edith S., Winnipeg.
Low, Mr. George, 27th Bn., Winnipeg.
Lowe, Mr. Thos. G., 78th Bn., Winnipeg.
MacDonald, Mr. Donald, 43rd Bn., 1st Div. Sply. Col., Ninette.
MacDonald, Mrs. Irene M., Winnipeg.
MacDonald, Miss Edith, Portage La Prairie.
MacDonald, Mr. Jas. L., Winnipeg.
MacDonald, Mrs. J. L., Winnipeg.
MacLean, Mr. Alexander, 5th C.E., Winnipeg.
MacLean, Mrs. Alexander, Winnipeg.
MacLean, Mrs. A. D., Winnipeg.
MacLean, Miss Gayda, Winnipeg.
MacLean, Miss Donalda, Winnipeg.
MacLean, Mr. Murdock, Brandon.
MacLean, Mrs. M., Brandon.
MacLeod, Capt. Norman T., M.C., D.C.M., Imp., Winnipeg.

MacQueen, Mr. Jas., 43rd C.H., Winnipeg.
MacQueen, Mrs. Jas., Winnipeg.
MacTier, Mrs. Elizabeth, Binscarth.
McBride, Miss Margaret B., N.S., Imp., Winnipeg.
McGowan, Mrs. C. A., Winnipeg.
McCrindle, Mrs. Margaret, Miami.
McGuaig, Miss Florence M., Winnipeg.
McDowell, Mr. Alex., Hartney.
McDowell, Mrs. Alex., Hartney.
McKenzie, Mr. Robt., Roland.
McKeod, Mrs. A. D., St. James.
McLean, Mr. Geo., 27th Bn., Winnipeg.
McLeish, Miss Grace J., Hartney.
McLeod, Angus, Winnipeg.
McLeod, Mrs. Annie D., N.S., St. James.
McMartin, Miss Marion, Franklin.
McMunn, Miss Frances E., Morden.
Mann, Mr. Colin, 1st C.M.R., Neepawa.
Martin, Mrs. G., Norwood.
Mendham, Mrs. Charlotte, Winnipeg.
Mendham, Miss Rose, Winnipeg.
Middlehurst, Mr. Jas. W., 52nd Bn., Transcona.
Middlehurst, Mrs. J. W., Transcona.
Midwinter, Capt. C. A., 226th Bn., Winnipeg.
Midwinter, Mrs. C. A., Winnipeg.
Midwinter, Miss. Joan, Winnipeg.
Midwinter, Mrs. C. W., Roland.
Midwinter, Mr. Chas. W., 78th Bn., Roland.
Milady, Mr. Wm., 50th C.F., Winnipeg.
Milady, Mrs. W., Winnipeg.
Miller, Mr. Donald, 100th & 107th an., Oakville.
Miller, Mrs. Donald, Oakville.
Miller, Miss Doreen E., Oakville.
Miller, Miss Dawnalayne, Oakville.
Miller, Mrs. Ethel M., Cypress River.
Milton, Mrs. Fanny, Winnipeg.
Minnis, Mrs. W., Bede.
Monteith, Miss Margaret E., Winnipeg.
Montgomery, Mrs. E. S., Winnipeg.
Montgomery, Mr. Donald V., 43rd Bn., Winnipeg.
Moon, Mrs. Eliza, Winnipeg.
Moon, Miss Lilie, Winnipeg.
Morley, Mrs. Bertha, Winnipeg.
Morris, Mr. Thos., 16th Bn., Winnipeg.
Morrison, Mrs. Margaret L., Winnipeg.
Morton, Mrs. Mary A., Winnipeg. _
Mossop, Mr. Jas. W., 4th Bn., Winnipeg.
Munday, Mrs. Jane E., Winnipeg.
Munday, Miss Elenor M., Winnipeg.
Munday, Mr. Samuel J., Winnipeg.
Munn, Mrs. Margaret K., Winnipeg.
Munro, Mr. Harry B., 43rd Bn., Swan River.
Munro, Mrs. H. B., Swan River.
Munro, Capt. Wm. E., C.A.M.C., Winnipeg.
Munro, Mrs. W. E., Winnipeg.
Murdoch, Mr. Donald H., 66th C.F.A., Winnipeg.
Murdoch, Mrs. Jane O., Winnipeg.
Mutimer, Mr. C. H., Winnipeg.
Mutimer, Mrs. C. H., Winnipeg.
Mutimer, Mr. Ernest, Winnipeg.
Nicholls, Major Chas. McE., C.G.A., Winnipeg.
Nicholson, Mrs. E. A., V.A.D., Reston.
Noakes, Mr. Wm., Brandon.
Noble, Mr. Robt. R., 27th Bn., St. Vital.
Noble, Mrs. R. R., St. Vital.
Nye, Mr. Percy J., C.R.H., Winnipeg.
Nye, Mr. Chas. E., Winnipeg.
Ogilvy, Mr. Alex 8., Imp., Winnipeg.
Orchard, Mr. F. J. A., 1st C.C.B., Winnipeg.
Osborne, Mr. Archie, 184th Bn., Winnipeg.
Osborne, Mrs. A., Winnipeg.
Osborne, Mr. Wm., 8th Bn., Winnipeg.
Oxenham, Capt. Hugh W., 52nd Bn., Winnipeg.
Padley, Mrs. Jonas G., Winnipeg.
Paton, Major Geo. MacD., 1st C.M.R., Winnipeg.

Patten, Mr. Austin, 5th Bn., Birtle.
Patterson, Mr. J. H., 44th Bn., & 4th C.M.G.C., Winnipeg.
Paul, Mr. Percy W., C.M.G.C., Oak Lake.
Paul, Mrs. P. W., Oak Lake.
Paul, Miss Emily A., Oak Lake.
Pearce, Mr. Wm. A. V., L.S.H., Winnipeg.
Pearce, Mrs. W. A. V., Winnipeg.
Penton, Mrs. Emily N., Brandon.
Penton, Miss Norah E., Brandon.
Peters, Mr. D., Wawanesa.
Peters, Mr. Marshall B., 27th Bn., Wawanesa.
Peters, Mrs. M. D., Wawanesa.
Phillips, Mr. Albert G., 27th Bn., Winnipeg.
Phillips, Mrs. A. G., Winnipeg.
Phillips, Mr. Harry G., 3rd C.F.A., Winnipeg.
Pilkington, Mr. John, 7lst C.F.C., St. James.
Poyser, Mr. Harold, 5th C.G.A., Winnipeg.
Pozer, Mrs. M. S., Ericsdale.
Pozer, Mrs. P. E., Ericksdale.
Pozer, Mr. Reed, Ericksdale.
Pridham, Col. Edwin A., 1st C.M.R., Winnipeg.
Pridham, Mrs. E. A., Winnipeg.
Rajotte, Mr. Henry G., 2nd Field Co., C.E., Winnipeg.
Rance, Rev. John, Winnipeg.
Ray, Mr. Hector G., 43rd Bn., Winnipeg.
Rayner, Miss Alice V., Winnipeg.
Reay, Mrs. Catharine, Winnipeg.
Reay, Mrs. Hannah, Winnipeg.
Rees, Miss Margaret G., Winnipeg.
Reeves, Mr. Jas., Winnipeg.
Reeves, Mrs. Jas., Winnipeg.
Reid, Mr. Allan B., 8th Bn., Winnipeg.
Reid, Mr. Harry M., C.A.M.C., St. Vital.
Reid, Mr. John R., 8th Bn., Winnipeg.
Reid, Miss Ruby, Ninette.
Reid, Mrs. Sarah, Ninette.
Rice, Mr. Fred C. W., 27th Bn., Winnipeg.
Rice, Mrs. F. C. W., Winnipeg.
Richards, Mr. Jim L., C.F.C., Winnipeg.
Riches, Mr. Arthur, 16th Bn., Winnipeg.
Riches, Mrs. A., Winnipeg.
Ritchie, Mr. Hugh, 2nd Bn., Neepawa.
Robertson, Miss Gladys M., Winnipeg.
Robertson, Miss Jean, Alonsa.
Robinson, Mr. Tom, I.D.B.M., Man. Regt., Dugald.
Robinson, Mrs. Tom, Dugald.
Rockcliff, Mr. James, Imp., Swan River.
Roger, Mr. Andrew J., 24th Bn., Willen.
Roger, Mrs. A. J., Willen.
Rolls, Mr. Albert, C.A.S.C., Winnipeg.
Rose, Mr. Alfred W., 3rd Can. Div. Train, Winnipeg.
Rose, Mrs. A. W., Winnipeg.
Rose, Miss Catherine C., Winnipeg.
Rundle, Mr. John W., 28th Bn., Sherridon.
Sawers, Mr. George, 42nd Bn., Winnipeg.
Scaife, Mr. Albert, 44th Bn., Mather.
Scaife, Mrs. A., Mather.
Schweitzer, Capt. Valmore E., 27th Bn., Winnipeg.
Schweitzer, Mrs. V. E., Winnipeg.
Scott, Mr. Anthony H., 12th C.E., Brandon.
Scott, Mrs. A. H., Brandon.
Scott, Miss Janet, Winnipeg.
Seamer, Mr. H. A., Winnipeg.
Shackley, Mr. R. P., 78th Bn., Winnipeg.
Shackley, Mrs. R. P., Winnipeg.
Shackley, Miss Alice, Winnipeg.
Shannan, Mr. Joseph, 3rd C.M.R., Winnipeg.
Shannan, Mrs. Jos., Winnipeg.
Shearn, Mrs. Kate A., St. Boniface.
Shearn, Miss Kathleen, St. Boniface.
Shearns, Miss Ethel, St. Boniface.
Shields, Mrs. Annie, Darlinford.
Shields, Mr. James, 1st F.A.D., Winnipeg.
Shields, Miss Margaret T., Winnipeg.
Shoult, Mr. Wm. J., C.A.M.C., Reston.

Simpson, Miss Muriel A., N.S., Winnipeg.
Skelton, Mr. W., C.M.G.C., St. James.
Skelton, Mr. Wm. D., St. James.
Smart, Mr. Thos. McD., 5th Hldrs., Winnipeg.
Smart, Mrs. T. McD., Winnipeg.
Smart, Miss Phyllis R., Winnipeg.
Smart, Miss Margaret H., Winnipeg.
Smith, Mr. Arthur H., Can. Cyclists, Winnipeg.
Smith, Mrs. Catherine, Winnipeg.
Smith, Mr. Robt. N. G., R.A.S.C., Winnipeg.
Smith, Mrs. Violet, Winnipeg.
Sprague, Miss Mary B., Winnipeg.
Stafford, Mrs. Alice M., Winnipeg.
Stanilandf Mr. Wm., Imp., Winnipeg.
Stewart, Mr. C., 78th Bn., Winnipeg.
Stewart, Mrs. G., Winnipeg.
Stewart, Miss N., Winnipeg.
Stewart, Mr. Harry G., F.G.H., Winnipeg.
Stewart, Master Ian, Winnipeg.
Stokes, Mr. Percy H., R.C.N.V.R., Winnipeg.
Stokes, Mrs. P. H., Winnipeg.
Stratford, Mr. Edward, 52nd Bn., Brandon.
Stratford, Mrs. Edw,, Brandon.
Sullivan, Mr. James, P.P.C.L.I., Emerson.
Sutherland, Mr. Jas. N., 27th Bn., Winnipeg.
Sutherland, Mrs. J. N., Winnipeg.
Sutherland, Mrs. Laura A. A., Holmfield.
Sutherland, Mrs. M. F., Winnipeg.
Sweet, Mr. Rayburn S., 2nd Section, 5th C.D.A.C., Norwood.
Taylor, Mr. Alexander, 27th Bn., Winnipeg.
Taylor, Col. The Hon. F. G., Winnipeg.
Taylor, Mr. Francis W., 43rd Bn., Winnipeg.
Tease, Mr. Finlay G., Can. Cyclists, Winnipeg.
Temple, Mrs. Lettie 1., Winnipeg.
Theberge, Mr. Frank J., C.A.M.C., St. Boniface.
Theberge, Mrs. F. J., St. Boniface.
Thompson, Mr. John, 27th Bn., St. Boniface.
Thompson, Mrs. John, St. Boniface.
Thompson, Mr. Wm. E., Imp., Winnipeg.
Thomson, Mrs Christine, Winnipeg.
Throp, Mr. Wm., 78th Bn., Winnipeg.
Thurston, Mrs. Mary F., Winnipeg.
Todhunter, Mrs. G. N., Winnipeg.
Tomlinson, Mr. Wm., C.A.M.C., St. Boniface.
Tomlinson, Mrs. W., St. Boniface.
Trim, Mr. A. O., 3rd C.M.G.C., Crawford Park.
Trim, Mrs. A. O., Crawford Park.
Trimble, Mr. Wm. C., 28th Bn., Winnipeg.
Trimble, Mrs. W. C., Winnipeg.
Tuckett, Miss Bertha, Winnipeg.
Tulloch, Mr. Bruce, 80th Bn., Winnipeg.
Tyrrell, Capt. Chas. S., C.A.P.C., Winnipeg.
Venton, Mr. Wm. J., 6th Bn., Winnipeg.
Venton, Mrs. W. J., Winnipeg.
Waite, Capt. John, 102nd Bn., Portage La Prairie.
Walker, Mr. David C., 43rd Bn., Winnipeg.
Walsh, Mr. Geo. E., 78th Bn., St. Boniface.
Walsh, Mr. Ronald V., St. Boniface.
Walton, Mr. Wilfred, 24th Bn., Winnipeg.
Warnock, Miss Sally, N.S., Winnipeg.
Watson, Mr. David W., Imp., Winnipeg.
Welwood, Miss Jean M., Winnipeg.
Wheeler, Mrs. Mary, Winnipeg.
White, Mr. Henry T., Winnipeg.
Wilkinson-Newsholme, Mr. W. S., Imp., Dropmore.
Williams, Mrs. Daisy, Elkhorn.
Williamson, Major Donald, 1st C.M.R., Winnipeg.
Willis, Mr. Joseph H., 1st C.M.R., Binscarth.
Wilson, Miss Mary E., Winnipeg.
Wilson, Miss Isabella S., Winnipeg.
Winch, Mrs. Mary M., Winnipeg.
Winch, Master Alfred A., Winnipeg.
Wood, Mrs. G., Winnipeg.
Wood, Mrs. Dora M., Winnipeg.

Wood, Mr. Joseph E., 1st Div., Winnipeg.
Wood, Mr. Robt., P.P.C.L.I,, Minnedosa.
Wood, Mr. W. F., 27th Bn., Winnipeg.
Worrall, Mr. Wm. H., Imp., Neepawa.
Worrall, Mrs. W. H., Neepawa.
Wright, Miss Marjorie, Winnipeg.
Wright, Mr. Wm., Winnipeg.
Yeardye, Mr. Arthur D., 78th Bn., Winnipeg.
Young, Mr. Robt. A. G., Winnipeg.

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Armstrong, Miss Elsie, Sackville.
Armstrong, Mr. Edward C., 26th Bn., Fredericton.
Babin, Miss Annie, Edmundston.
Bain, Mr. John A., 21st Bn., Sussex.
Bain, Mrs. J. A., Sussex.
Batt, Mrs. Eunice E., Fredericton.
Bell, Mr. Andrew T., 1st C.M.G.C., Sackville.
Belyea, Mr. Abner, Fredericton.
Belyea, Miss Marie C., Moncton.
Black, Mr. Albert S., Sussex.
Blacklock, Mr. Murdock T., 5th C.M.R., River Glade.
Blight, Mr. George C., 6th Siege Bty., Hillsboro.
Bull, Lt.-Col. J. J., V.D., 26th Bn., Woodstock.
Busby, Mr. Stuart, 14th Bn., R.M.R.S., Milltown.
Calkin, Mrs. James R., Woodstock.
Carpenter, Mr. Harry W., 7th C.G.R., Perth.
Chapman, Mr. E. W. G., 36th Bty., Edmundston.
Chapman, Mrs. E. W. G., Edmundston.
Chappell, Miss Mabel B., Moncton.
Chesworth, Mr. Stanley, 26th Bn., St. John.
Clark, Mr. Edmond, R.C.H.A., Moncton.
Clark, Mrs. Edmond, Moncton.
Clark, Miss Ruth, Moncton.
Coates, Mr. James W., Havelock.
Coates, Mrs. J. W., Havelock.
Connors, Mr. Mark B., 3rd Can. Div. T., Minto.
Connors, Mrs. M. B., Minto.
Cook, Mr. John W., 3rd T.-C., St. John.
Cooke, Mr. Walter, Imp., Fredericton.
Corbin, Mr. Francis St. C., 85th Bn., Fredericton.
Corbin, Mrs. F. St. O., Fredericton.
Davidson, Mr. Peter, Moncton.
Davidson, Mrs. Peter, Moncton.
Davidson, Dr. Victor D., C.A.M.C., St. John.
Davidson, Mrs. V. D., St. John.
Davis, Miss Inez, Harvey Station, York County.
Derrah, Mr. Chalmers A., 2nd C.M.R., Glassville.
Derrah, Mrs. C. A., Glassville.
Derrah, Miss Louise M., Glassville.
Derrah, Miss Pauline M., Glassville.
Dodge, Major A. A., 2nd Bde., C.F.A., Fredericton.
Dodge, Miss Doris M. T., Oromocto.
Dorey, Mr. Frederick T., 12th Bty., C.G.A., St. Stephen.
Estabrooks, Mr. W. Harold. 60th Bn., St. John.
Evans, Mrs. Elizabeth. Bothwell.
Farris, Miss Muriel, Moncton.
Fitzpatrick, Miss Irene, Fredericton.
Flewelling, Mr. Herman G., 15th Bn., St. John.
Flieger, Mrs. Byron W., Fredericton.
Foley, Miss Violet E., St. John.
Foulger, Mr. Arthur J., C.A.M.C., Sussex.
Foulger, Mrs. A. J., Sussex.
Foulger, Mr. Edward A., Sussex.
Foulger, Miss Alice J., Sussex.
Fraser, Miss Margaret, River Charlo.
Gale, Lt.-Col. John R., 25th Bn., St. John.
Gale, Mrs. J. R., N.S., St. John.
Gartley, Miss Martha E., Fredericton.
Gartley, Miss Mary E., Fredericton.
Gilmour, Mr. Wm., Imp., Campbellton.
Good, Major Frank A., 140th Bn., Fredericton.

Good, Mr. Geo. A., 28th Bn., Fredericton.
Grannan, Mr. Charles P., 26th Bn., St. John.
Gray, Mr. Arthur L., 78th Bn., St. John.
Griffin, Mr. Philip L., 6th C.S. Bty., St. John.
Griffin, Mrs. P. L., St. John.
Harvey, Mr. James H., 23rd Bty., C.F.A., Fredericton.
Harvey, Mrs. J. H., Fredericton.
Harvey, Mr. John F., T.M., Fredericton.
Hicks, Mr. Ansley S., C.F.A., Sackville.
Hill, Brig-Gen. Frederic W., C.A., Fredericton.
Hill, Mrs. F. W., Fredericton.
Hill, Miss Louise, Fredericton.
Horncastle, Mr. Martin C., 12th Siege Bty., Fredericton.
Horncastle, Mrs. M. C., Fredericton.
Humphrey, Mr. Charles E., 1st C.S.C., St. John County.
Humphrey, Mrs. C. E., St. John County.
Irwin, Mrs. Jeanne, St. John.
Jeffries, Mr. Err, 7th Bn., Sussex.
Jennings, Mr. Wm., 26th Bn., Anaganee.
Jones, Mr. Arthur R., P.P.C.L.I., Fairville.
Keith, Mrs. Jane I., Fredericton. .
Kelly, Capt. A. C., 12th Bn., 5th Bn., St. Croix.
Kelly, Mrs. A. C., St. Croix.
Kelly, Mr. Harold J., St. Croix. -
Kennedy, Dr. Elmor T., C.A.M.C., Sussex.
Lamb, Miss Mary J., St. John.
Lamont, Mr. E. Murray, C.G.R., Glassville.
Lamont, Mrs. E. M., Glassville.
Lutes, Mr. Walter, Sussex.
Mackenzie, Mr. Geo. C., P.P.C.L.I., Minto.
MacPhail, Mr. Norval H., 26th Bn., Perth.
McCartney, Mr. Hazen H., 13th & 17th Btys., C.F.A., Minto.
McCartney, Mrs. H. H., Minto.
McCluskey, Mr. Wm., 2nd Bn., Queens County.
McKay, Lt.-Col. Norman C., 73rd Bn., Campbellton.
McKay, Mrs. N. C., Campbellton.
McKay, Miss Helen J., Campbellton.
McKnight, Capt. J. Graham, 26th Bn., St. John.
McKnight, Mrs. J. G., St. John.
McMenamon, Mrs. Mary A., St. John.
McNichol, Mr. Frederick G., 95th Bn., St. John.
McNichol, Mrs. F. G., St. John.
Malcolm, Capt. Donald C., C.A.M.C., St. John.
Malcolm, Mrs. D. C., St. John.
Malcolm, Miss Jean E., St. John.
Malcolm, Mr. Donald A. C., St. John.
Markham, Mr. Geo. H., 12th Siege Bty., C.G.A., St. John.
Markham, Mrs. G. H., St. John.
Milburn, Mr. A. H. S., 7th Bty., Moncton.
Milburn, Mrs. A. H. S., Moncton.
Mitton, Miss Myrtle M., Moncton.
Morneault, Mr. Thaddee, 2nd Bn., Edmundston.
Murphy, Mrs. Anastasia V., St. John.
Murray, Mr. Herman S., 26th Bn., Chatham.
Murray, Mrs. H. S., Chatham.
Nisbet, Lt.-Col. Frederick J., C.E., St. John.
Parker, Capt. Wm. F., 64th Bn., Sussex.
Pearce, Mrs. Frances E., Sussex.
Pearce, Miss Lorna, Sussex.
Pearce, Mr. Wm., Sussex.
Phinney, Mrs. Mary A., West St. John.
Pinkham, Capt. Wm. C. H., 27th Bn., St. John.
Profit, Mr. S. B., 11th Siege Bty., Sussex.
Raymond, Mrs. Arthur E., Woodstock.
Roe, Mr. A. S. R., 5th Siege Bty., St. John.
Rose, Mr. Judson W., 25th Bn., Sackville.
Roxborough, Mr. Ebenezer S., 140th & 60th Bns., St. John.
Russell, Miss M. J., Sussex.
Ryder, Mr. Frank A., 8th C.F.A., St. John.
Ryder, Mrs. F. A., St. John.
Ryder, Miss Norma A., St. John.
Ryder, Mr. Everett, St. John.
Samphier, Miss Marjorie. Woodstock.

Savage, Miss Flossie R., Chatham.
Slipp, Mrs. David M., Woodstock.
Spinney, Mrs. J. O., St. George.
Steeves, Miss Emma G., The Glades.
Stickney, Miss Dorothy L, Moncton.
Tippett, Mr. S. C., 14th R.M.R., St. John.
Tippett, Mrs. S. C., St. John.
Wade, Mr. Harry R, 28th C.F.A., McAdam Junction.
Walton, Mr. James, Moncton.
Walton, Mrs. James, Moncton.
Warren, Miss E. Damie, Sussex.
Watson, Mrs. Viva L., Woodstock.
White, Capt. Douglas V., 2nd C.S.B., St. John.
Wilkins, Miss Catherine R., St. John.
Winslow, Mr. John D., 8th C.A.S.C., Woodstock.
Winslow, Mrs. J. D., Woodstock.
Winslow, Miss Charlotte H., Woodstock.
Winsor, Dr. Allen L., Kings County.
Young, Mr. Earle M., C.M.G.B., Fredericton.
Young, Mrs. E. M., Fredericton.
Young, Mr. Ronald E. Fredericton.

elipsis graphic


Allsopp, Mr. Albert V., M.G.B., Dartmouth.
Bailly, Mr. Fred R, 25th Bn., Lunenburg.
Bailly, Mrs. F. P., Lunenburg.
Baker, Mr. H. A. F., Truro.
Baker, Mrs. H. A. F., Truro.
Baker, Miss Lillian M., Truro.
Bannister, Mr. Jas., 25th Bn., Sydney.
Bannister, Mrs. Jas., Sydney.
Barrett, Miss Margaret C., N.S., Imp., Halifax.
Bascomb, Mr. Herbert A., R.C.A., Halifax.
Beattie, Mr. Frank H., 42nd Bn., Bridgetown.
Bennett, Mrs. Ethel, Halifax.
Best, Mrs. Minnie, Sydney.
Bowes, Mrs. Bertha L., Halifax.
Browne, Miss Elizabeth 0. R., Dartmouth.
Browne, Mrs. Lelia J., Dartmouth.
Bryenton, Miss F. W., Amherst.
Bryson, Mr. Harold M., Truro.
Bullock, Capt. G. W., Cpls., Bridgewater.
Bullock, Miss Marion, Bridgewater.
Cameron, Mr. Gerald, R.C.R., Sydney.
Cameron, Mrs. G., Sydney.
Carrigan, Mr. Dougall, 85th Bn., Westville.
Cashman, Mrs. Carolina, Dartmouth.
Chisholm. Mrs. Annie, Dartmouth.
Clarke, Mr. Chas. W., Truro.
Clarke, Mrs. C. W., Truro.
Cooke, Miss Elizabeth A., N.S., Pictou.
Corkum, Mr. C. Archibald, Lunenburg.
Courtney, Mr. Basil E., 3rd C.G.A., Halifax.
Craig, Mr. Thos., 3rd Bn., Yarmouth.
Crowell, Major Harvey E., 85th Bn., Halifax.
Crowell, Mrs. H. E., Halifax.
Crowell, Miss Marion F., Halifax.
Crowell, Mr. Edwin H., Halifax.
Cullen, Mr. James, 1st Tunnelling, Halifax.
Currie, Mr. John D., Windsor.
Davidson, Mr. Paul W., 13th Bn., Wolfville.
Davies, Mr. Bleddyn L., Imp., Sydney. /
Davison, Mrs- A. F. Bridgewater.
Duggan. Mr. Wm. P., 24th Bn., Halifax.
Dunlop, Mr. Wm. C., C.A.M.C., Windsor.
Edwards, Mr. John K., 112th Bn., Annapolis Royal.
Finlayson, Miss Christena J., Grand River.
Fowles, Mrs. Sarah A., Bridgetown.
Fraser, Mr. Wm. K., 18th Bn., Wolfville.
Fraser, Mrs. W. K., Wolfville.
Fuller, Capt. Rev. W. E., 38th Bty., Campbellton.
Gibbons, Mr. O. A. C., C.A.F., Halifax Co.

Gibbons, Mrs. O. A. C., Halifax Co.
Gill, Mr. George, Imp. and C.E.F., Bridgetown.
Gill, Mrs. Nettie, Bridgetown.
Gourley, Mr. Chester, 106th Bn., Stewiacke.
Gourley, Mrs. C., Stewiacke.
Greeley, Mr. Thomas, C.A.M.C., Halifax.
Green. Mr. John S., Can. Postal Corps, Halifax.
Green, Mrs. J. S., Halifax.
Hallett. Mr. Henry L., Halifax.
Hamilton, Miss Agnes E., Sydney.
Hamshaw, Mrs. Mary, Halifax Co.
Harker, Mrs. John, Westville.
Harper. Miss Hazel M., Amherst.
Harrington, Mrs. Gordon, Lunenburg.
Harris. Mr. Kenneth P., 85th N.S. Hldrs., Annapolis Royal.
Henderson, Miss Wilmah M., Parrsboro.
Hennessey, Mr. Frederick W., 25th Bn., Port Hawkesbury.
Hennigar, Mr. Edw. C., R.C.R., Wolfville.
Hennigar, Mrs. E. C., Wolfville.
Herbert, Mr. Wm., Kentville.
Hickman, Mr. Renforth R., Oxford.
Hiltz, Miss Dorothy A., Kentville.
Hines, Mr. John J., Halifax.
Hines, Miss Gladys B. I., Halifax.
Hivey, Miss Helen E., Berwick.
Holloway, Mr. Fred J., 6th C.E., Wolfville.
Hulme, Mr. Geo., 25th Bn., Imperoyal.
Hulme, Mrs. Geo., Imperoyal.
Hunter, Mr. Bruce, 25th Bn., Round Hill.
Hunter, Mrs. 3., Round Hill.
Ingraham, Mr. Wilbert E., North Sydney.
Ingraham, Mr. Hugh W., North Sydney.
Ingraham, Capt. Wilson S., 25th Bn., North Sydney.
Irwin, Mrs. Adelaide, Shelburne.
Johnson, Mr. Walter A., 2nd Bn., Halifax.
Jones, Mr. George, Springhill.
Jone, Miss Elizabeth, Springhill.
Jones, Miss Annie, Springhill.
Lewis, Mr. Jas. L., R.C.G., Halifax.
Logan, Miss Jessie I., New Glasgow.
Lynds, Mr. Jas. R., Truro.
Lynds. Mrs. J. R., Truro.
Macdonald, Mr. G. W. A., 25th Bn., Sydney.
Macdonald. Mrs. G. W. A., Sydney.
Macdonald. Miss Hilda H., Truro.
MacDonald, Mrs. Mildred, Stellarton.
MacKay, Miss Helen B., N.S., New Glasgow.
Mackenzie, Col. L. H., 25th Bn., Halifax.
Mackie, Mr. Neil L., Dominion.
MacKinnon. Capt. A., Halifax.
MacKinnon. Mrs. Alastair, Halifax.
MacKinnon, Miss E., N.S., Sydney.
MacKinnon, Miss Jessie M., Sydney.
MacKinnon, Miss Sally C., Sydney.
MacKinnon, Mr. Wm. V., 25th Bn., Halifax.
MacLean, Mr. Chas. J., Mulgrave.
MacLeod, The Rev. John D., 13th R.N.C., Truro.
MacLeod, Mrs. J. D., Truro.
MacLeod, Mrs. M. F., N.S., Reserve.
MacPherson, Mr. Murray, 22nd Bty., Sydney.
MacDonald, Mr. Alex. R., 10th Bty., Sydney Mines.
MacKay. Mrs. Myrtle, Lockeport.
Marshall, Mrs. Jas. A., New Glasgow.
Marshall, Mrs. Margret C., Springhill Mines.
Martin. Miss Catherine A., Sydney.
Martin, Miss Laura S., Amherst.
Mason, Mrs. Agnes F., N.S., Imp, Lunenburg.
Maxwell, Mr. Wm., Westville.
Maxwell, Mrs. W., Westville.
Meadows, Susie A., Stewiacke.
Medforth, Mr. Geo. T., 4th C.E., Amherst.
Medforth, Mrs. Isobelle M., V.A.D., Amherst.

Messias, Mr. Bertie L., 4th C.M.G.C., Wolfville.
Messias, Mrs. B. L., Wolfville.
Miller, Mr. Geo. E., 78th Bn., Bayfield.
Miller, Mrs. G. E., Bayfield.
Miller, Mr. James N., 5th Field 0O., Elmsdale.
Misener, Mrs. L. C., Woodside.
Monbourquette, Mr. Wm. J., 25th Bn., Dartmouth.
Morris, Lt.-Col. Clarence H., M.D., C.A.M.C., Windsor.
Morris, Mr. Gilbert L., Windsor.
Morris, Mrs. Ralph, Imperoyal.
Moseley, Miss Mabel C., Halifax.
Mullally, Mr. Tom J., P.P.C.L.I., Halifax.
Murdock, Miss Florence E., Amherst.
Murdock, Mrs. H. W., Truro.
Murdock, Mr. Stewart T., 6th Siege Bty., Westville.
Murdock, Mrs. S. T., Westville.
Nelmes, Mrs. Emily, Westville.
Owen, Mr. Levi R., 85th Bn., Berwick.
Parker, Miss Mabel L., Halifax.
Payne, Mr. Sydney H., Annapolis Royal.
Payne, Mrs. S. H., Annapolis Royal.
Perry, Mr. Henry, 13th L.R.Op. Corps, Halifax.
Porter, Mr. F. E., 5th C.M.R., Halifax.
Porter, Mrs. F. E., Halifax.
Rabbitt, Mr. Thomas, 9th Siege Bty., R.C.G.A., Halifax.
Reay, Mr. James, 9th Siege Bty., R.C.G.A., Halifax.
Rhude. Mr. Samuel B., 8th Bde., Halifax.
Rhude. Master Harry B., Halifax.
Risser, Mr. John J. E., Riverport.
Ritchie, Miss Edythe A., Halifax.
Roberts, Mr. Geo. W., 36th Bty., C.F.A., Sydney.
Roberts, Mr. Stanley W., Sydney.
Robertson, Mr. L. V., R.C.R., Shelburne.
Robertson, Mrs. L. V., Shelburne.
Roper, Mr. Alfred, 13th Bn., Sydney Mines.
Roper, Major John S., K.C., M.C., 85th Bn., Halifax.
Roscoe, Coi. B. W., 26th Bn., Kentville.
Roscoe, Mr. Ronald W., Kentville.
Ross, Mr. Wm. W., 85th Bn., Mulgrave.
Ross, Mrs. W. W., Mulgrave.
Ryder, The Rev. Walter E., 2nd C.M.R., Lunenburg.
Ryder, Mrs. W. E., Lunenburg.
Sanford, Mr. Norman S., Amherst.
Scott, Mrs. Amy L., Amherst.
Scott, Miss Margaret, Amherst.
Scott, Mr. Howard G., 1st Bn., New Glasgow.
Smith, Mr. Frank N., 5th C.D., Truro.
Smith, Miss Mathilde O., Parrsboro.
Smith, Mrs. May, Lunenburg.
Smith, Mr. Thos. B., 1st C.G.C.S., Liverpool.
Smyth, Major C. M., 7th Bn., Sydney.
Smyth, Mrs. C. M., Sydney.
Smyth, Miss Elise D., Sydney.
Steeves, Mr. Willard M., C.E., Oxford.
Stewart, Mrs. Agnes, Cape Breton.
Sutherland, Mr. Alexander W., 224th F. Corps, West River Station.
Syda, Mr. Gerald E., 16th C.F.A., Digby.
Taylor. Miss Minnie E., Halifax.
Thompson, Mr. Gerald S., 16th Bn., Truro.
Thompson, Mrs. G. S., Truro.
Townsend, Mr. Clifton N., 18th C.F.B., Louisburg.
Walsh, Mr. Harry E., 85th Hldrs., Kentville.
Walsh, Mrs. H. E., Kentville.
Wasson, Mr. Wm. B., 6th C.F.A., Truro.
Wasson, Mrs. W. B., Truro.
Wasson, Mr. Hollis, Truro.
Widgery, Mr. Chas. E. J., C.M.G.C., Halifax.
Widgery, Mrs. C. E. J., Halifax.
Widgery, Mr. Charles, Halifax.
Williams, Mr. Harry A., Kentville.
Williams. Mrs. H. A., Kentville.
Wilson, Mr. Joseph B., 42nd Bn., Waterville.
Wilson, Mrs. J. B., Waterville.

Wilson, Mr. Norman A., 42nd Bn., Waterville.
Wilson, Miss Olie, Waterville.
Wilson, Mr. Paul R., Nerwick.
Woodworth, Mr. Harold G., 85th Bn., Berwick.
Yates, Mr. John, Imp., Glace Bay.
Zinck, Dr. Clark R., 42nd Hldrs., Lunenburg.
Zinck, Mrs. C. R., Lunenburg.

elipsis graphic

(Exclusive of Toronto)

Adamson, Mr. Albert O., 42nd Bn., Ottawa.
Addison, Mr. R. A., 119th & 58th an., Sault Ste Marie.
Addison, Mrs. R. A., Sault Ste Marie.
Adie, Mrs. Mabel H., St. Catharines.
Affleck, Mr. L. O., 38th Bn., Lanark.
Agur, Mr. Wm. D., 1st C. E., Tillsonburg.
Agur, Mrs. W. D., Tillsonburg.
Ainsworth, Capt. Densmore S., 21st Bn., Wellington.
Ainsworth, Mrs. D. 8., Wellington.
Aird, Rev. Wm., 114th Bn., Almonte.
Aird, Mrs. Wm., Almonte.
Aldred, Mr. Albert L., 4th Bn., Windsor.
Alexander, Miss Evelyn E. F., Port Perry.
Alford, Miss Gertrude, Trenton.
Allen, Mr. Ben W., 16th Bn., Ottawa.
Allen, Mrs. Ben W., Ottawa.
Allen, Mr. George E., 3rd D.A.C., Islington.
Allison, Mr. Herbert, 2nd Bn., Trenton.
Alyea, Capt. Orloff, C. E., Trenton.
Alyea, Mrs. Orloff, Trenton.
Alyea, Miss Jean B., Trenton.
Anderson, Major Alex. A., 2nd C.D.S., Ottawa.
Anderson, Mrs. A. A., Ottawa.
Anderson, Mr. Andrew, Oshawa.
Anderson, Miss May, Ottawa.
Anderson, Mr. Thos. G., Listowel.
Anderson, Mrs. Thos. G., N.S., Listowel.
Annesley, Mrs. Dorothy F. W., Port Hope.
Annesley, Miss Dorothey K. M., Port Hope.
Annesley, Miss Helen R., Port Hope.
Armitage, Miss Margaret W., St. Thomas.
Armstrong, Mr. Ernie H., Imp., Campbellford.
Arnold, Mr. Albert J., F.G.S., Blair.
Arnold, Mrs. A. J., Blair.
Asher, Mrs. Martha, Niagara Falls.
Asher, Mrs. Earnest B., Dunnville.
Atcherley, Mrs. Esther L., Tilbury.
Atherton, Mrs. Mary, St. Catharines.
Atherton, Mr. Peter, 18th Bn., St. Catharines.
Atherton, Mr. Thos., St. Catharines.
Atkins, Mr. John F., Owen Sound.
Atkins, Mrs. John F., Imp., Owen Sound.
Augustine, Miss Emma E., N.S., Arkona.
Ayres, Mr. Mark J., 12th C. E., London.
Ayres, Mrs. M. J., London.
Ayres, Miss Shirley, London.
Babb, Mr. Richard H., 43rd C. H., Port Arthur.
Babb, Mrs. R. H., Port Arthur.
Babbage, Mr. Arthur, Imp., Elk Lake.
Badgley, Capt. F. C., C.F.A., Ottawa.
Bailey, Mr. Alfred E., 77th & 87th Bn., Ottawa.
Bailey, Mrs. A. E., Ottawa.
Bailey, Mr. Wm., 16th Bn., Kenora.
Baird, Dr. W. Forbes, C.A.M.C., Carleton Place.
Baird, Mrs. W. F., Carleton Place.
Baker, Mr. Abram, Ottawa.
Baker, Capt. E. A., C.E., Toronto.
Baker, Mrs. E. A., Toronto.
Baker, Mr. Robert P., London.
Balcombe, Mr. Wm. E., 3rd D.A.C., Ottawa.
Balcombe, Mrs. W. 13., Ottawa.
Balderston, Mr. Thos. W., 32nd C.F.A., Ottawa.
Baldwin, Mr. R. E., 33rd C.F.A., Windsor.

Baldwin, Mrs. R. E., Windsor.
Baldwin, Mr. Walter, Imp., Cooksville.
Ball, Mrs. Catharine T., Picton.
Bannister, Mr. Arthur, 18th Bn., Forest.
Bannister, Mrs. C. V., Scotland.
Bannister, Mrs. C. V., Scotland.
Barber, Miss Dorothy M., Ottawa.
Barber, Mr. Frederick, 1st Bn., Walkerville.
Barker, Mr. Wm., Imp., Trenton.
Barlow, Mrs. Martha, St. Catharines.
Barlow, Mr. Richard, 129th Bn., Hamilton.
Barlow, Mrs. Richard, Hamilton.
Barnard, Mrs. Lillian J., Hamilton.
Barnard, Mr. Stanley V., Matachewan.
Barnes, Mr. Ernest, St. Thomas.
Barnes, Mr. Walter, C.S.C., Billings Bridge.
Barnes, Mrs. Walter, V. A. D., Billings Bridge.
Barnicott, Mr. W. H., Imp., Creighton Mine.
Baron, Mr. John, C. E., Ottawa.
Baron, Mrs. John, Ottawa.
Barton, Mr. Harold M., 4th Div. T., Ottawa.
Bate, Mr. Leonard, Imp., Brampton.
Bate, Mrs. Leonard, Brampton.
Bate, Miss Mary A., Freeman.
Bauche, Mr. Arthur W., Westboro.
Bauche, Mrs. A. W., Westboro.
Beagley, Mr. Chas. F., Embro.
Beardall, Mr. Frederick G., 3rd Bn., Weston.
Beardall, Mrs. F. G., Weston.
Beattie, Mr. John F. M., S.T.D., Fergus.
Becher, Mrs. Flora A., London.
Becher, Mr. John C., London.
Becher, Mr. Archibald A., London.
Beckett, Mr. Herbert, 4th Bn., Dunnville.
Beckingham, Mr. Cortland B., 10th Bty., Ottawa.
Belfry, Mr. Sherman R., 18th Bn., Cannington.
Belfry, Mrs. S. R., Cannington.
Bell, Mr. Fred H., Fort William.
Bell, Dr. James, 5th C.F.A., Fort William.
Bell, Mrs. James, Fort William.
Bell, Mr. John, C.A.S.C., Ottawa.
Bell, Mrs. John, Ottawa.
Bell, Mr. John, 21st Bn., Long Branch.
Bell, Mrs. John, Long Branch.
Bell, Mr. John G., 15th Bn., St. Marys.
Bell, Miss Mary M., Pembroke.
Bell, Mr. Wm. R., 15th Bn., Weston.
Bellamy, Miss Harriet M., Ottawa.
Belot, Mr. Alfred O., 32nd Bty., Billings Bridge.
Belyea, Mr. Wm. A., C.A.A.A., Perth.
Bennett, Mr. George, Divl. Sig., Port Credit.
Benson, Mr. Albert A., C.A.M.C., Owen Sound.
Berry, Mr. Thos., 28th Bn., Port Arthur.
Beswick, Mr. J. E., 15th Bn., Delhi.
Beswick, Mrs. J. E., Delhi.
Betts, Mr. Joseph I., 18th Bn., Stratford.
Betts, Mrs. J. I., Stratford.
Bickley, Mr. Wm. H., 18th Bn., Woodstock.
Biddlecomb, Mr. Frank H., 2nd Bn., Woodstock.
Biddlecomb, Mrs. F. H., Woodstock.
Billings, Mr. Walter J., 13th Bn., Drayton.
Birch, Mr. Robert, Imp., Hamilton.
Birch, Mr. Walter C., 153rd Bn., Guelph.
Birnie, Mr. Peter, 16th Bn., Fort William.
Bish, Mr. Wm., 4th Bn., Kincardine.
Blair, Miss Isabelle, Ottawa.
Blair, Miss Josephine R., Allandale.
Blais, Mr. Oliver, Kirkland Lake.
Blake, Major Chas, 8th Bn., Windsor.
Blake, Mrs. Chas., Windsor.
Boucher, Miss Leila F., London.
Bowen, Mr. George, Imp., Windsor.
Bowey, Mr. George, 151: Bn., London.
Bowler, Mr. J. R., 52nd Bn., Ottawa.
Bowler, Mrs. J. R., Ottawa.

Bowles, Mrs. George, Tilbury.
Bowland, Miss Beatrice B., Carleton Place.
Boyce, Miss Olive, R. N., Hamilton.
Boyd, Mr. Erroll D. H., 1st Bn., Hamilton.
Bradley, Mr. Ben., 52nd Bn., Fort William.
Bradley, Mr. Fred, Fort William.
Bradley, Miss Roberta R., Ottawa.
Bradley, Miss Verla L., St. Catharines.
Bradley, Mr. Wm. N., 31st Bn., Elmvale.
Bradley, Mrs. W. N., Elmvale.
Bradley, Mr. John T., Elmvale.
Bradly, Mr. Chas. C., 2nd M.M.G.C., Ottawa.
Brander, Mr. Arthur P., 1st Bty., R.C.H.A., Mimico.
Brander, Mrs. A. P., Mimico.
Brander, Mr. Stanley, Mimico.
Brash, Mr. James E., Ottawa.
Brayshaw, Mr. David, 15th Bn., Galt.
Bridgewater, Mr. Ernest, 133rd Bn., Hamilton.
Bridgewater, Mrs. Ernest, Hamilton.
Brittain, Mrs. M., Preston.
Brock, Miss Maud L., Port Arthur.
Brookvar. Ernest H., C.A.M.C., Port Arthur.
Brooks, Mr. Geo. F., 3rd C.S.C., Windsor.
Brooks, Mrs. G. F., Windsor.
Bromfield, Mr. G. W., Brantford.
Broomfield, Mrs. G. W., Brantford.
Brown, Mr. Albert F., 75th Bn., Haliburton.
Brown, Mr. Duncan, Imp., St. Catharines.
Brown, Mrs. Elsie A., Niagara Falls.
Brown, Mr. Herbert A., Niagara Falls.
Brown, Mrs. Elizabeth, Newmarket.
Brown, Mrs. Eliza E., Windsor.
Brown, Mr. Harry S., 58th Bn., Port Arthur.
Brown, Mr. Jack, 102nd Bn., Hamilton.
Brown, Mr. Luke, C.A.M.C., Ottawa.
Brown, Mrs. Margaret J., London.
Brown, Mr. Richard V., C.A.M.C., Kingston.
Brown, Mr. Wm. D., 1st C.M.M.G.B., Fort Erie.
Brown, Mrs. W. D., Fort Erie.
Browne, Mrs. Marie A., Ottawa.
Bruce, Mr. John C., Imp., Fort Erie.
Bruce, Mrs. J. C., Fort Erie.
Bryan, Mr. Chas. W., 30th Bty., Windsor.
Bryan, Mr. W. T., Windsor.
Buchanan, Mr. Alexander, 3rd C.M.G. Bn., Sioux Lookout.
Buchanan, Mr. Finlay, 5th Bn., London.
Buchanan, Mrs. F., London.
Buckerfield, Mr. Wm. E., 21st Bn., Parry Sound.
Buckerfield, Mrs. W. E., Parry Sound.
Buckingham, Mr. Howard C., C.R.A., Ottawa.
Burgess, Mr. Ernest J., H.Q., 4th Inf. Bde., Ottawa.
Burgess, Mrs. E. J., Ottawa.
Burgess, Mr. John R., New Liskeard.
Burgess, Master A. A., New Liskeard.
Burgess, Mr. Wm. D., 5th Bn., Brechin.
Burland, Mr. G. Harold, 38th Bn., Ottawa.
Burland, Mrs. G. H., Ottawa.
Burnet, Mr. Reginald K., C.M.G.C., Orillia.
Burnet, Mrs. R. K., Orillia.
Burnham, Miss Mary V., Imp., Ottawa.
Burns, Mr. R. Andrew, 2nd C.M.M.G., Ottawa.
Burns, Mr. John F., 2nd C.F.A., Windsor.
Burns, Mrs. J. F., Windsor.
Burns, Miss Iris E., Windsor.
Burns, Miss Frances M., Windsor.
Burt, Mr. Federick A., 16th Bn., Timmins.
Burt, Mr. Victor A., 3rd Bn., London.
Burt, Mrs. V. A., London.
Burton, Mr. Dudley, 1st C. E., Iroquois Falls.
Butcher, Mr. A. L, 2nd Bty., Peterborough.
Butler, Mr. Chas., C.F.A., Brantford.
Butlin, Mr. Arthur H., 146th Bn., Ottawa.
Butlin, Mrs. A. H., Ottawa.
Butterfield, Mrs. Charlotte E., Windsor.

Butterfield, Mr. Wm., 20th Bn., Windsor.
Byard, Mr. Norman W., 116th Bn., St. Catharines.
Byford, Mr. Percy J., 42nd Bn., Ottawa.
Byford, Miss Dorothy, Ottawa.
Bywater, Col. Arthur E., 4th Bn., Trenton.
Cadman, Mrs. Phoebe, Hamilton.
Cage, Mr. Harold, Imp., Ottawa.
Cairns, Mr. James, 27th Bn., Port Arthur.
Call, Mr. John E., 7th C.R.T., Renfrew.
Callon, Mr. James, C.R.T., Sault Ste Marie.
Callon, Mr. Thos., T. M., Sault Ste Marie.
Cameron, Lt.-Col. A. E., C.A.V.C., Ottawa.
Cameron, Mrs. A. E., Ottawa.
Cameron, Miss Muriel, Ottawa.
Cameron, Mr. James, 40th Bty., C.F.A., Hamilton.
Cameron, Mr. James, 1st C.S.B., Kingston.
Cameron, Capt. Wm. H., Imp., Weston.
Cameron, Mr. Wm. K., Weston.
Campbell, Major, J. A., M. D., London.
Campbell, Mrs. J. A., N.S., London.
Campion, Mr. James M., R.C.R., Westboro.
Campion, Mrs. J. M., Westboro.
Capell, Mr. J. A., C.A.M.C., Kingston.
Capell, Mrs. J. A., Kingston.
Carman, Mr. Beryl, D.A.C., Eldorado.
Carnegie, Mr. C. R., 44th Bn., Preston.
Carnegie, Mrs. C. R., Preston.
Carnegie, Mr. Robert, Preston.
Carnegie, Miss Hilda, Preston.
Carpenter, Mrs. Alice D., Hamilton.
Carr, Mrs. Fanny, Hamilton.
Carter, Mr. Herbert, Guelph.
Carter, Mrs. Herbert, Guelph.
Catchpole, Mr. Alfred J., 1st Bn., Fergus.
Catterall, Mr. Harry, 13th C.F.A., Weston.
Catterall, Mrs. Harry, Weston.
Catterall, Mrs. J., Weston.
Cavey, Mr. Wm. H., C.R.T., Ottawa.
Cavey, Mr. Bert., Ottawa.
Chamberlain, Mrs. Emily, St. Thomas.
Chambers, Mrs. Elizabeth, Richmond Hill.
Chambers, Mrs. Margret L., N.S., Windsor.
Chance, Mr. Joseph J., Imp., Sandwich.
Chapman, Mr. Daniel, C.A.M.C., Scarborough Bluffs
Chapman, Mrs. Daniel, Scarborough Bluffs.
Chastey, Mr. George, 52nd Bn., Port Arthur.
Chequer, Mr. George, 11th C. E., Ottawa.
Cherry, Mrs. Ethel, Laurentian View.
Child, Mr. Wm. A., 32nd Bn., C.F.A., Gananoque.
Chisholm, Mr. Wm., 129th Bn., Fort Erie North.
Christie, Mr. Wm. G., Imp., Kapuskasing.
Chugg, Mr. John H., 38th Bn., Ottawa.
Chug'g, Mrs. Olive H., Ottawa.
Clark, Mr. Arthur H., Imp., Simcoe.
Clark, Mr. George, Ottawa.
Clark, Mrs. George, Ottawa.
Clark, Mr. Geo. H., 4th C.M.R., Ottawa.
Clark, Mr. Geo. F., Imp., Cornwall.
Clark, Capt. James H., 3rd C.M.G., Windsor.
Clark, Mr. Thos. O., C.A.V.C., & C.F.A., Cornwall.
Clarke, Mr. Chas. H., 18th Inf. Bde, Stratford.
Clarke, Mrs. Frances, Bowmanville.
Clarke, Col. J. T., C.A.M.C., Ottawa.
Clayton, Mr. Stanley, 52nd Bn., Fort William.
Clayton, Mrs. Stanley, Fort William.
Clemens, Mrs. Ella, N.S., Tyrone.
Clements, Mr. Geo. E., 46th Bn., Dundas.
Clements, Mr. Herbert R. C., Imp., Brantford.
Cluff, Miss Debora, N.S., Ottawa.
Cobbold, Mr. Harry F., 3rd Bn., Copper Cliff.
Colbourne, Mr. James, 11th C. E., Hamilton.
Colbourne, Mrs. James, Hamilton.
Coldrey, Mrs. E. T., Ottawa.
Cole, Mr. Wm., 75th Bn., Clayton.
Cole, Mr. Wm. H., Riel Rebellion, 1885, Grimsby.

Coles, Mr. Alfred H., Imp., Keewatin.
Coles, Mrs. A. H., Keewatin.
Coles, Mr. James O., 9th C. E., Brantford.
Coles, Mrs. J. C., Brantford.
Collett, Mr. Cecil H., 27th Bty., North Bay.
Collins, Mr. Hubert E, 2nd C.I.B., Ottawa.
Collins, Mr. Samuel R., 4th C.M.R., Ottawa.
Collinson, Mr. Geo. J., C.A.M.C., Chapleau.
Collinson, Mrs. G. J., Chapleau.
Conlin, Mr. Willard H., 18th Bn., Fergus.
Cook, Capt. Herbert, 52nd Bn., Port Arthur.
Cook, Mrs. Herbert, Port Arthur.
Cooksey, Mr. Albert, 78H Bn., Hamilton.
Cooksey, Mrs. Albert, Hamilton.
Cooxsley, Miss Nellie F., N.S., Imp. R.C., Ottawa.
Cooper, Mr. Arthur J., C.A.M.C., Windsor.
Cooper, Miss Eleanor, Brantford.
Cooper, Mr. Eugene H., 72nd Bn., Ottawa.
Copleston, Mrs. Minnie E. D., Blair.
Copleston, Miss Jean I., Blair.
Copp, Mr. Clarence A., 13th Bn., Harrowsmith.
Cormack, Mr. Arthur, 75th Bn., Lakeview.
Corrall, Mr. David, Imp., St. Catharines.
Corrall, Mrs. David, St. Catharines.
Coshever, Miss Marie, Windsor.
Coutu, Mr. W. L., R.C.D., North Bay.
Coutu, Mrs. W. L., North Bay.
Cowan, Mr. James, Imp., Timmins.
Coward, Mr. Chas., C.A.M.C., Rainy River.
Cowley, Mrs. Sarah, Tilbury.
Cox, Mr. George, 58th Bn., Guelph.
Cox, Mrs. H., Sault Ste Marie.
Cox, Mr. Sam C., 4th Bn., Pembroke.
Cox, Mrs. S. C., Pembroke.
Cramond, Mr. Wm. A., 78th Bn., Brooklin.
Creasy, Mr. C. G., Imp., Windsor.
Crighton, Mr. George, Windsor.
Critchley, Mr. Hugh F., 5th C. E., Monteith.
Critchley, Mrs. H. F., Monteith.
Crocombe, Miss Sarah H., Ottawa.
Croft, Mr. George, 75th Bn., St. Catharines.
Cross, Mr. Evan M., 3rd Res. Bn., Brantford.
Cross, Mrs. E. M., Brantford.
Cross, Mrs. Herbert, Ottawa.
Crossan, Mr. Robert, 4th Bn., Hamilton.
Cullen, Mrs. Elizabeth, Brantford.
Currie, Dr. Duncan A., 21st Bn., Morrisburg.
Currie, Mrs. D. A., Morrisburg.
Currie, Mr. Guy F., 43rd C. H., Ottawa.
Currie, Mr. James, C.M.G.C., Sarnia.
Currie, Mrs. James, Sarnia.
Curson, Mr. James R., 47th Bn., Goderich.
Daily, Mr. John, Imp., Sault Ste Marie.
Daily, Mrs. John, Sault Ste Marie.
Dale, Capt. John O., Wellington Regt., Harriston.
Dalgleish, Mr. Otto L., 116th Bn., Peterborough.
Dalziel, Miss Jessie, Woodbridge.
Darling, Mr. Gordon H., 162nd Bn., North Bay.
Darling, Mrs. G. H., North Bay.
Dart, Mr. A. H., 21st Bn., Barrie.
Dawson, Mr. R. G., 52nd Bty., Thistleton.
Davison, Mrs. R. G., Tlnstleton.
Davison, Miss Helen A., Thistleton.
Davison, Miss Marion E., Thistleton.
Davison, Miss Rosemary A., Thistleton.
Dawson, Mr. J. E., 1st C.M.G.C., Camp Borden.
Dawson, Mrs. J. E., Camp Borden.
Deane, Capt. H. T., 21st Bn., Renfrew.
de Jocas, Mr. Henri, 58th Inf. Regt., French Army, Ottawa.
de Jocas, Mr. Guillaume, Ottawa.
Delaney, Mr. W. T., 1st C.E., London.
Demille, Mr. Charles E., 224th Bn., Trenton.
DeWolfe, Mr. Leland B., 85th Bn., Fitzroy Harbour.

Dickens, Mr. James, 18th Bn., London.
Dickinson, Miss Jessie E., Westboro.
Dickinson, Mrs. James, Port Arthur.
Dickinson, Mr. James M., Imp., London.
Dickinson, Mrs. Mary L., London.
Dingley, Mr. Leonard E., 9th Emp., Kitchener.
Dion, Mr. Jos C. A., Ottawa.
Dixon, Mr. James F., 21st Bn., Ottawa. »
Dixon, Mrs. J. F., Ottawa.
Doble, Mr. Wm. N., Sunderland.
Doble, Mrs. W. N., Sunderland.
Doble, Miss Mary A., Sunderland.
Dodds, Miss Margery, Toronto.
Dodds, Mr. Philip, Picton.
Doherty, Miss Lila A., Ottawa.
Dolby, Mr. John W., 18th Bn., Guelph.
Donald, Mr. Jas., 21st Bn., South Porcupine.
Donnelly, Mrs. Margaret, Ottawa.
Donovan, Mr. George, 87th Bn., Laurentian View.
Donovan, Mrs. George, Laurentian View.
Donovan, Miss Jessie H., Laurentian View.
Dorsett, Mr. Henry J., 1st Bn., Peterborough.
Dorsett, Mr. Donald, Peterborough.
Douglas, Capt, Wm., 16th Can. Sc., Ottawa.
Douglas, Mrs. Wm., Ottawa.
Downing, Mrs. Eric, Severn Park.
Downing, Mr. Eric, Imp., Severn Park.
Dowse, Mr. Trevor E., 24th Bn., Timmins.
Doyle, Mr. Leo E., 11th Bty., North Bay.
Doyle, Mrs. L. E., North Bay.
Draycott, Mr. Thos. C., 1st C.F.C., Fort William.
Drinkwater. Mr. Edward W., 149th Bn., Sarnia.
Driscoll, Mr. Harry, 4th C.M.R., Ottawa.
Drummond, Miss Muriel, Prescott.
Dudgeon, Mrs. Lulu C., Owen Sound.
Dudley, Mr. George H., 2nd C.P. Bn., & 6th C.E., Ottawa.
Dudley, Mrs. G. H., Ottawa.
Duffield, Mr. James B., C.M.R., Durham.
Duffield, Mrs. J. B., Durham.
Duncan, Mr. John, 52nd Bn., Keewatin.
Dunklee, Mr. John B., 10th C.F.A., St. Catharines.
Dunn, Mr. Frederick G., 81st & 46th an., St. Catharines.
Dunn, Mrs. F. G., St. Catharines.
Dunnett, Mr. Bernard F., 116th Bn., Cannington.
Duford, Miss Angelina, Eastview.
Dunsdon, Mr. H. J., 215th Bn., Princeton.
Dunsdon, Mrs. H. J., Princeton.
Dymond, Mr. Joseph S., 20th C.M.G.C., Lansing.
Eagleson, Miss Emma G., N.S., Ottawa.
Eastwell, Mr. George, 4th C.M.R., Kingston.
Eastwell, Mrs. George, Kingston.
Eaton, Mr. Herbert W., 1st C.M.M.G.C., St. Thomas.
Edmonds, Mr. Frederick A., 4th Bn., Waterloo.
Edmonds, Mr. Richard, Simcoe.
Edmonds, Mrs. Richard, Simcoe.
Edmonds, Miss Dorothea, Simcoe. I
Edwards, Capt. Chas. L., C.A.V.C., & 18th Bn., Hamilton.
Edwards, Miss E. Elizabeth, Hamilton.
Edwards. Miss Frances A., Brockville.
Edwards, Capt. F., Kenora.
Edwards, Mrs. Frank. Kenora.
Edwards, Miss N. Patricia, Kenora.
Edwards, Mr. Robt. J., 1st Bn., London.
Effemy, Mr. George D., 24th Bn., Ottawa.
Effemy, Miss Dorothy, Ottawa.
Ellingham, Mr. Frank, 75th Bn., Hamilton.
Ellingham, Mrs. Frank, Hamilton.
Ellinson, Mr. Harold, 3lst Bn., Ottawa.
Eliot, Miss Gladys M., London.
Ellis. Mr. Chas. W., Imp., Ottawa.
Ellis, Mr. Adrian B., 4th Bn., St. Thomas.
Elliott, Mr. W. B., R.C.D., Alliston.
Elliott, Mrs. W. B., Alliston.
Elliott, Mr. Reginald, 38th Bn., Ottawa.

Elliott, Mrs. David H., Tilbury.
Emans, Mr. Wm., 1st Bn., Chatham.
Emmet, Capt. The Rev. A. G., 1st Inf. Bde., Port Hope
Emmet. Mrs. A. G., Port Hope.
Evans, Mr. Albert E., Imp., Sault Ste. Marie.
Evans, Mrs. A. E., Sault bte. Marie.
Evans, Miss Mavis M., Sault Ste. Marie.
Eynouf. Miss Margaret, Ottawa.
Fair, Mr. Thomas, 5th C.M.G.C., Hamilton.
Fairbanks, Mr. James. 63rd Bty., Chippawa.
Fairey, Mr. Frank C., 75th Bn., Hamilton.
Farr, Mrs. J., St. Thomas.
Farr, Miss A., St. Thomas.
Farrar, Mrs. John, Ottawa.
Farrar, Mr. John, 3rd Tunnelling 0O., Ottawa.
Farrel], Mr. Frederick M. A., 30th Bty., Sunderland.
Farrell, Mrs. F. M. A., Sunderland.
Fauvel, Mr. Bertram A., 3rd Can. Gen. Hosp., Ottawa.
Fenner, Mrs. Lillian, Tilbury.
Ferguson. Mr. John, Imp., Whitby.
Firman. Mr. Charles, R.F.C., Schreiber.
Firman, Mrs. Chas., Schreiber.
Fisher, Mr. W. Stanley, 20th Bty., C.F.A., Ottawa.
Fitzgerald, Miss G. Helen, Belleville.
Fitzgerald, Miss Florence, Belleville.
Fleming, Mr. Duncan M., 21st Bn., Windsor.
Fleming, Mrs. D. M., Windsor.
Fletcher Mr. Henry J., Imp., Fergus.
Fletcher, Mrs. H. J., Fergus.
Fletcher, Mr. Nelson 8., 12th C. E., London.
Fletcher, Mr. Percy V., Imp., Trenton.
Foley, Miss Nellie M., Ottawa.
Foley, MISS Mary, Ottawa.
Forman, Mr. Jasper, 38th Bn., Lindsay.
Foster, Mr. Lorne 1)., 21st Bn., Trenton.
Fowler, Mr. Wilbur H., C.E., Drumbo.
Fowler, Mrs. Wilbur H., Drumbo.
Fowler, Mr. George, Drumbo.
Foxall, Mr. Francis J., 7th Bn., Guelph.
Foyle, Mr. Arthur H., Imp., Windsor.
Fralick, Mr. Bert J., C.W.G.D., Barrie.
Fraser, Dr. James J., 1st Div., Hamilton.
Fraser, Mrs. Winnifred, Riverside.
Freed, Mrs. Hiram, Windsor.
Freeman, Mr. Frederick W., 3rd Gen. Hosp. Aurora.
Frost, Mr. James, R.N., Port Arthur.
Frost, Major Leslie M., 20th Bn., Lindsay.
Fuller, Mr. Robert M., 21st Bty., Windsor.
Fuller, Mrs. R. M., Windsor.
Fyfe, Mr. Louis R., 43rd Bn., Fort William.
Gamble. Mr. Wm. H., 80th Bn., Oshawa.
Game, Mr. J. M. Walkerton.
Game, Mrs. J. M., Walkerton.
Garner, Mr. Benjamin. 13th C.F.A., Paris.
Garner, Miss Nellie M., Ottawa.
Garnett, Mrs. Henrah. Hamilton.
Garrard, Mr. Charles J., Ottawa.
Garrard, Mrs. C. J., Ottawa.
Garvey, Mr. Martin. 38th Bn., Ottawa.
Garvock, Mr. Wm. 1., P.P.C.L.I., Ottawa.
Gaskin, Mrs. Mary A., Gait.
Gauthier, Mr. Willis J., C F.C., Ottawa.
Gay, Mr. Wm. G. C.A.M.C., London.
Gav, Mrs. W. C., London.
Geddes, Mr. John, 1st Bn., Hamilton.
George, Mr. E. H., Hamilton.
George, Mrs. E. H., Hamilton.
Gerrard, Miss Alice 5., London.
Gervin, Miss Mildred, Billings Bridge.
Gibbs, Mr. Arthur H., 4th Bn., Mitchell.
Gibson, Miss Anita L., N.S., Kingston.
Gilbert, Mr. Frank, 3rd C.E., Ottawa.
Gilbert, Mrs. Frank, Ottawa.
Gilbert, Mr. Geo. W., C.L.H.A., Snrnia.
Gilbert, Mrs. G. W., Sarnia.

Giles, Mrs S. A., Ottawa.
Gillespie, Mr. John J., 116th Bn., Brechin.
Gillies, Mr. Laurence H., 38th Bty., C.F.A., Ottawa.
Gillies, Mrs L. H., Ottawa.
Gilmore, Mr. Sidney J., 2nd Bn., Belleville.
Gimblett, Mr. Robt. J., 3rd Bty., Ottawa.
Girouard, Lt.-Col. R. de 13. 3., 22nd Bn., Ottawa.
Girouard, Mrs. Katherine M., Ottawa.
Girouard, Miss Des1ree A., Ottawa.
Girouard, Miss E., Ottawa.
Girouard, Miss Marie L., Ottawa.
Glanvnle, Mr. Robert, 47th Bn., Windsor.
Glanville, Mrs. Robt., Windsor.
Godenrath, Capt. Percy F., 16th Bn., Ottawa.
Godenrath, Mrs. P. F., Ottawa.
Godfrey, Mrs. John, Hamilton.
Gollings, Mr. John F., Kirkton.
Gordon, Miss Helen, N.S., Imp., London.
Gordon, Mr. Thos. C., Welland.
Gore, Mrs. Ellen, London.
Gore, Capt. J., Imp., London.
Gornall, Mr. Wm., 43rd Bn., Woodstock.
Gosselin, Mr. Armand, 21st Bn., Kirkland Lake.
Goudge, Mr. Morison F., 9th Siege Bty., Ottawa.
Goudge, Mrs. M. F., Ottawa.
Gower, Mr. Alfred, 24th Bn., Hamilton.
Gower, Mrs. Alfred, Hamilton.
Gower, Mrs. Christiana, Hamilton.
Gower, Mr. Oliver, 19th Bn., Hamilton.
Gracie, Mr. James, 21st Bn., Ottawa.
Gracie, Mrs. James, Ottawa.
Graham, Miss Gertrude, Ottawa.
Graham, Mr. Howard D., 15th Bn., Trenton.
Grant, Capt. Wm. P., 253rd Bn., Ottawa.
Grantham, Mr. James, Imp., London.
Grantham, Mrs. James, London.
Gray, Mr. Robert O., 2nd C.M.G.C., Hamilton.
Green, Mr. Alfred C., 1st C.C.B., Hamilton.
Green, Major Darius, 2nd Bn., Trenton.
Green, Mr. Leonard T., Imp., Chapleau.
Green, Mrs. L. T., Chapleau.
Greenfield, Mr. Thos. W., 49th Bty., Hamilton.
Greenlees, Capt. Frederick H., 1st T. M., London.
Greenlees, Mrs. F. H., London.
Greenlees, Mr. Thomas, London.
Greenlees, Mr. Alex, London.
Gregg, Maj. M. F., V.C., R.C.R., Ottawa.
Gregg, Mrs. M. F., Ottawa.
Gregson, Mr. Peter, Hamilton.
Greves, Mr. Wm. J., C.M.G.C., London.
Griffiths, Mr. Geo. E., C.E., Thor-old.
Grigg, Dr. Victor 5., C.E.F., Bruce Mines.
Groshow, Mrs. A. D., London.
Groves, Mr. James E., 21st Bn., Ottawa.
Grubb, Mr. Thomas, 24th Bn., V.R.C., Hamilton.
Grubb, Miss Jean 8., Hamilton.
Guy, Mr. Richard W., C.S.C., Ottawa.
Haddow, Mr. John, Kapuskasing.
Hague, Mrs. R. D., London.
Haight, Mr. Archie M., 15th Bty., C.F.A., Brantford.
Haight, Mrs. A. M., Brantford.
Haight, Mrs. Nellie A., Norwich.
Hainsworth, Mr. Gilbert, 1st C.F.A., & C.A.M.C., Prescott.
Hainsworth, Mrs. G., Prescott.
Haisell, Mrs. Cardine, Gait.
Haisell, Miss Elva, Galt.
Hale, Mrs. A. E., Ottawa.
Hale, Mr. R., 1st Bn., Ottawa.
Hale, Major Wm. G., Can. Ordnance Corps, Sarnia.
Hale, Mrs. W. G., Sarnia.
Hale, Miss Valerie, Sarnia.
Hall. Mr. Arthur E., R.A.F., Cornwall.
Hall, Mr. George H., Imp., Renfrew.
Hall, Mrs. J., Ottawa.

Hall, Mr. Thos. A., Sault Ste. Marie.
Hall, Mrs. T. A., Sault Ste. Marie.
Hall, Miss Mickey A., Sault Ste. Marie.
Halstead, Mrs. Ada J., Ridgetown.
Hambleton, Mr. George, 2nd Bn., St. Thomas.
Hamilton, Miss Mabel O., N.S., Ottawa.
Hammond, Maj. F. D., Peterboro.
Hanchet, Mr. Walter F., Can. Forestry Corps, Ottawa.
Hanchet, Mr. David, Ottawa.
Hanna, Mr. R. J., Can. Corps, Hamilton.
Hanna, Mrs. R. J., Hamilton.
Harding, Mr. R. G., Imp., Bowmanville.
Hardingham, Mrs. R., Hamilton.
Hardingham, Miss G., Hamilton.
Harness, Mr. Alfred, P.P.C.L.I., Ottawa.
Harness, Mrs. Alfred, Ottawa.
Hart, Mr. Frederick T., 21st Bn., Peterborough.
Hart, Mrs. F. T., Peterborough.
Hart, Miss Meta, Peterborough.
Hart, Miss Tuna, Peterborough.
Hart, Mr. Ross, Peterborough.
Harold, Mr. E. M., 19th Bn., Paris.
Harper, Mr. Peter S., 236th Bty., Ottawa.
Harrington, Mr. Frederick A., 18th Bn., Brantford.
Harrington, Mr. Geo. F., C.E., Millbrook.
Harrington, Mrs. G. F., Millbrook.
Harris, Mr. Frank, 52nd Bn., Port Arthur.
Harris, Mr. Orville H., C.S. Bty., Gores Landing.
Harris, Mrs. O. H., Gore‘s Landing.
Harrison, Mr. Charles M., 21st Bn., Trenton.
Harrison, Mrs. Mary, Fort William.
Hart, Mr. Geo. H., 1st Bn., Copper Cliff.
Harvey, Mr. Henry J., 2lst Bn., Ottawa.
Hawkey, Mr. Joseph T., 21st Bn., Kingston.
Hayes, Miss Amelia S., Trenton.
Haynes, Mrs. F. S., Sault Ste. Marie.
Haynes, Mr. George C., 2nd Bn., St. Thomas.
Hayward, Mr. Cecil L., 10th C.E., Creemore.
Hayward, Mrs. C. L., Creemore.
Hayward, Mr. Frederick H., Imp., London.
Hazell, Mr. A. O., 1st Bn., Windsor.
Heagerty, Mrs. Eleanor, Ottawa.
Heale, Mr. Frederick W., 159th Bn., Copper Cliff.
Healy, Mr. James H., 4th Bn., St. Catharines.
Hefford, Mr. Leslie R. O., 20th Bn., Kingston.
Hefford, Mrs. L. R. G., Kingston.
Hendly, Miss A., Guelph.
Henshaw, Mr. Frederick, 2nd F.A., London.
Henshaw, Mr. John H., 20th Bty., C.F.A., Hamilton.
Henshaw, Mrs. J. H., Hamilton.
Hepburn, Major The Rev. Chanell G., Chaplain Service, Ottawa.
Hepburn, Mrs. C. G., Ottawa.
Herring, Mr. George, C.T.S.S., "Wallace", Welland.
Herrington, Miss Lenora. N.S., Napanee.
Herwig, Miss Elsie K., Ottawa.
Hetterley, Mr. Charles, 2nd Res. Bde., Niagara Falls.
Hewer, Mr. E. J., C.A.S.C., Simcoe.
Hewer, Mrs. E. J., Simcoe.
Hewitt, Mrs. Emma S., St. Catharines.
Higgins, Mr. Thomas F., 18th Bn., Sarnia.
Highley, Mr. Clarence A., 2nd Bty., C.F.A., Ottawa.
Hignett, Mr. Harry, 38th Bn., Smiths Falls.
Hill, Mrs. Alice, London. -
Hill, Mr. Bertram H. L., 98th Bn., St. Catharines.
Hill, Mr. Lloyd, St. Catharines.
Hill, Dr. C. E., Lansing.
Hill, Mrs. C. E., Lansing.
Hill, Mr. David, 2nd Bn., Cobourg.
Hills, Mr. F. W., 3rd Bn., Ottawa.
Hinchcliffe, Mrs. Mabel, Paris.
Hindley, Miss Alice, N.S., Guelph.
Hiscocks, Mrs. Albert F., Ottawa.
Hobbs, Mr. Allan B., 44th Bn., Galt.
Hodgkinson, Mr. Arnold, 6th C.F.A., Ottawa.

Hogg, Mr. Arthur, C.A.M.C., Mimico.
Holding, Mr. Richard, Imp., Ottawa.
Holland, Mr. Wm. H., 102nd Bn., Thorold.
Holmes, Mr. Charles R., 7th Bn., Campbellford.
Holmes, Mr. Charlie W., 4th Div. M.T., Newmarket.
Holmes, Mrs. C. W., Newmarket.
Holmes, Mrs. Fred W., Ottawa.
Holmes, Mr. Walter J., 5th C.M.R., Ottawa.
Holmes, Mrs. W. J., Ottawa.
Holt, Mrs. Elizabeth H., Port Arthur.
Hood, Mrs. Jeania, Windsor.
Hood, Mr. Ross J., Peterborough.
Hoodless, Mrs. Eleanor G., Sault Ste. Marie.
Hooke, Mr. Henry W., 6th Field Co., C.E., Ottawa.
Hooke, Mrs. H. W., Ottawa.
Hooke, Miss Dorothy E., Ottawa.
Hooper, Mr. George A., Windsor.
Hopwood, Mrs. May, London.
Horning, Mr. Harmon G., 1st Bty., C.G.A., Woodstock.
Houliston, Col. John, 3rd C.E., Ottawa.
House, Mr. John A., 51st Bn., St. Catharines.
House, Mrs. J. A., St. Catharines.
Houston, Miss Mary B., Carleton Place.
Howie, Mr. Wm. O., 19th Bn., Hamilton.
Howie, Mrs. W. O., Hamilton.
Huartson, Mr. Wm., Can. Sig., Fort William.
Hubbard, Mr. Geo. A., 10th Bty., C.F.A., North Bay.
Hubbard, Mr. Stephen, 34th Bn., Galt.
Hughes, Mr. Wm. G., 2lst Bn., Sudbury.
Humphries, Mr. Archibald, 18th Bn., Chatham.
Hunt, Miss Marguerite E., Fort William.
Hunter, Miss 1. Leslie, London.
Hunter, Mrs. Robert M., London.
Hurlbert, Mr. Gordon D., P.P.C.L.I., Ottawa.
Hussey, Mr. Geo. T., 21st Bn., Ottawa.
Hussey, Mrs. G. T., Ottawa.
Hussey, Mr. James, 21st Bn., Ottawa.
Hutton, Mr. Wm. H., Imp., London.
Hyder, Miss Grace, Ottawa.
Inch, Lt.-Col. George T., M.C., 31st Bty., Hamilton.
Ingham, Mr. Thomas, 10th Bty., St. Catharines.
Instone, Mr. Percy N., Imp., Hamilton.
Isaacs, Mr. Charles E., 52nd Bn., Port Arthur.
Jackson, Mr. David S., C.S.E., Hespeler.
Jackson, Mr. Henry E., C.A.M.C., North Bay.
Jackson, Mrs. H. E., North Bay.
Jackson, Mr. Henry E., North Bay.
Jackson, Mr. John, 48th Bn., Kirkland Lake.
Jago, Mrs. Elizabeth M., St. Catharines.
Jagoe, Mr. John A., St. Thomas.
James, Mrs. Frederick, Cornwall.
Jaggard, Mr. Cyril, Warwick R.H.A., Windsor.
James, Mr. Henry E., 52nd Bn., Port Arthur.
James, Mrs. J. F., Sarnia.
Janson, Lt.-Col. Theodore J., Imp., Ottawa.
Jess, Mr. Edward, 8th Res. Bn., Stoney Creek.
Jess, Mrs. Edward, Stoney Creek.
Jessiman, Miss P. M., Ottawa.
Jessiman, Mr. Robt. H., 5th C.M.R., Ottawa.
Jessiman, Mrs. R. H., Ottawa.
Jewison, Miss Annie, Port Arthur.
Jewison, Miss Marjorie, Port Arthur.
Johns, Mr. Chas. S., 4th Bn., Galt.
Johns, Mrs. C. S., Galt.
Johnson, Mrs. Edith A., Fort William.
Johnson, Mrs. Harry, Fort William.
Johnson, Miss Marjorie, Fort William.
Johnson, Mrs. Mary, Hamilton.
Johnston, Mr. Wm. J., 15th Bn., Renfrew.
Johnston, Mr. Wm. M., C.E., Kirkland Lake.
Jones, Mrs. Ada M., Kingston.
Jones, Mr. E. Kenneth McL., 67th Bty., C.F.A., Rosseau.
Jones, Mrs. E. K. McL., Rosseau.
Jones, Mr. George, Imp., Trenton.
Jones, Mrs. George, Trenton.

Jones, Miss Rose H., Welland.
Jordan, Mr. E. H., 5th Bde., C.F.A., Sudbury.
Jordan, Mrs. E. H., Su‘dbury.
Jordan, Mr. George, 3rd Siege Bty., Trenton.
Jordan, Mrs. George, Trenton.
Joyce, Mr. Benjamin F., C.D.C., Trenton.
Keith, Mr. Chas. A., C.A.M.C., Port Colborne.
Kellett, Mrs. James, N.S., Oakville.
Kellner, Mr. Hugh, Imp., Windsor.
Kells, Mr. Clark, 1st Depot Bn., W.O.R., Windsor.
Kelly, Mr. Frank C., 58th Bn., Tilbury.
Kelly, Capt. Patrick J., 4th C.M.R., Campbellford.
Kelman, The Rev. John, 1st Bde., C.F.A., Toronto.
Kennedy, Miss Allie, Owen Sound.
Kennedy, Miss Betty, Owen Sound.
Kennedy, Mr. G. A., U.S. Army, Elora.
Kennedy, Mrs. G. A., Elora.
Kennedy, Miss Elsie, Elora.
Kennedy, Mrs. Mabel, London.
Kenny, Miss Nora, Guelph.
Kent, Miss Dorothy, Ottawa.
Kerr, Mrs. Fred, Brantford.
Kerr, Mrs. George, Brantford.
Kilbourn, Miss Sara M., Owen Sound.
King, Mr. Garnet, O., 3rd Bn., Perth.
Kipp, Dr. Fred 8., C.E., Granton.
Kipp, Mrs. F. S., Granton.
Kirby, Mr. Sydney, Imp., Kitchener.
Kirk, Capt. John C. M., 20th Bn., Whitby.
Kissick, Mr. Wm., Sault Ste. Marie.
Knapp, Mr. Frank, C.R.T., Porquis Junction.
Knapp, Miss Millicent E., Porquis Junction.
Knight, Mrs. Margaret A., St. Thomas.
Krug, Capt. Henry O., 10th Bde., Kitchener.
LaBrash, Mr. George, C.M.G.C., Trenton.
Lacey, Mr. Harry, 16th Bty., Windsor.
LaFleche, Madame L. R., Ottawa.
LaFléche, Master Francois, Ottawa.
Laing, Mr. Robert H., Imp., Kirkland Lake.
Lambert, The Rev. Sydney E., C.S., Toornto.
Lambert, Mrs. Sydney E., Toronto.
Lamont, Mrs. Gladys M., Ottawa.
Lanchbury, Mr. Horace, 19th Bn., Mimico.
Lanchbury, Mrs. Horace, Mimico.
Lane, Mrs. Adelia M., N.S., Prescott.
Langstaff, Mrs. Sarah A., Sault Ste. Marie.
Langtry, Dr. J. H., 16th Can. Scottish, Fort William.
Langtry, Mrs. J. H., Fort William.
Lashbrook, Mr. Robert S., London.
Laughran, Miss Amy E., Ottawa.
Lauzon, Mr. J. Allyre, C.A.S.C., Ottawa.
Lazenby, Mr. Frederick W., Ottawa.
Leader, Mr. John R., 7th C.R.T., Ottawa.
Leader, Mr. Russell E., Ottawa.
Leaver, Mr. Henry, 32nd C.F.A., City View.
Lee, Mr. Evered J., C.E., Almonte.
Lee, Mr. Frank W., Imp., Oshawa.
Legg, Mr. J. T. M., 9th T.O.S., Windsor.
Lemmon, Mr. Percy W., 18th Bn., Walkerville.
Lemmon, Mrs. P. W., Walkerville.
Leonard, Mr. Charles, 2nd Bn., Ottawa.
Leonard, Mr. Percy J., 14th F.A.C., Ottawa.
Lesley, Mr. Thomas, Ottawa.
Letty, Mr. Cyrus, Brampton.
Lewis, Mrs. Elizabeth B., Paris.
Lewis, Mr. Frederick A., 16th Bty., Guelph.
Lewis, Mrs. F. A., Guelph.
Lewis, Mr. Herbert V., 27th Bn., Ottawa.
Lewis, Mr. John K., 11th C.E., London.
Lewis, Mr. Wm. L., 52nd Bn., London.
Leyden, Mr. Charles, 29th Bn., Windsor.
Lighfoot, Mr. James D., 2nd Bn., Windsor.
Lightfoot, Mr. W. W., Sault Ste. Marie.
Lindeman, Mrs. A. M., Hamilton.
Lineker, Miss Ada, Hamilton.

Linford, Mr. Walter J., C.E. Sig., Ottawa.
Little, Capt. George B., 127th Bn., Agincourt.
Lloyd, Mrs. Edith, Port Arthur.
Lloyd, Mr. Wm. E., Sig., Peterborough.
Lloyd, Mrs. W. E., Peterborough.
Lock, Capt. J. C., Oshawa.
Lock, Mrs. W. J., Oshawa.
Logue, Mr. Frederick, 33rd Bty., Trenton.
Lond, Mr. Martin J., 22nd Bn., Windsor.
Lond, Miss G., Windsor.
Long, Miss Jane M., Walkerton.
Lothian, Miss I. S. M., Kapuskasing.
Loudon, Mr. J. Cecil, Imp., Chatham.
Lovelady, Mr. Frederick G., C.A.M.C., Port Arthur.
Lowe, Mr. Harry, 21st Bn., Trenton.
Lowe, Mr. Wm., 47th Bn., Windsor.
Lowe, Mrs. Wm., Windsor.
Lowry, Capt. L. F., Chaplain Service, Sarnia.
Lucas, Mr. Sanford L., C.L.I., Tara.
Lunn, Mr. Leslie H., 4th C.F.A., London.
Lyle, Mr. A. J., 19th Bn., Bowmanville.
Macdonald, Mr. Allan, 13th Bn., Ottawa.
Macdonald, Mrs. Allan, Ottawa.
MacDonald, Mr. John C., 1st Bn., Fergus.
MacDonnell, Lt.-Gen. Sir Archibald, Kingston.
MacGregor, Miss Olive M., Ottawa.
Macintyre, Lt.-Col. D. E., 28th Bn., Owen Sound.
MacIsaac, Mr. J. A., C.F.A., Ottawa.
MacKay, Mr. James E., Imp., Kingston.
MacKellar, Mr. John C., Imp., Brantford.
Mackenzie, Mr. A., Woodbridge.
MacKenzie, Mr. A. G., 33rd Bty, C.F.A., Tillsonburg.
MacKenzie, Mrs. A. G., Tillsonburg.
Mackenzie, Mr. Frank, 2nd C.A.D.C., St. Catharines.
Mackie, Mr. Alexander R., Imp., Colborne.
MacLeod, Capt. Angus H., Imp., Schomberg.
MacNab, Mr. Duncan, 15th Bn,. Windsor.
MacNab, Mrs. Duncan, Windsor.
MacNamara, Mr. Wm. S., 2nd Bn., Hamilton.
MacWilliams, Mr. Alfred, 38th Bn., Ottawa.
McAdie, Mr. Neil S., 76th Bn., W.A.C., Rainy River.
McAlpine, Mr. Norman R., Forestry Corps, Sudbury.
McBain, Dr. Robert W., 10th F.A.C., Kirkland Lake.
McBain, Mrs. R. W., Kirkland Lake.
McCain, Miss Alice, Ottawa.
McCall, Mr. Patrick L., 8th Bde., C.F.A., Niagara Falls.
McCallum, Mrs. Christina, Downsview.
McCallum, Miss Christina, Downsview.
McCallum, Major George H., C.E., Ottawa.
McCallum, Mr. Roy C., 38th Bn., Sandwich.
McCallum, Mrs. R. C., Sandwich.
McCann, Mr. Harry S., L.S.H., North Bay.
McCann, Mrs. H. S., North Bay.
McCann, Mr. John C., Ottawa.
McCarthy, The Rev. Father Thos. J., Chaplain Service, Sarnia.
McClellan, Mrs. D. J., Woodstock.
McConnell, Mrs. Louise, Windsor.
McCormack, Mr. G. L. N., Imp., Port Arthur.
McCormick, Mr. Herbert A., 17th Res. H. S. Regt., Ottawa.
McCormick, Master Wm. M., Ottawa.
McCormick, Miss Merceline, Brockville.
McCoy, Mr. Edwin J., 19th Bn., Hamilton.
McCoy, Mr. Thos. R., Hamilon.
McCuaig, Miss Charlotte F., Ottawa.
McDaid, Mrs. Daisy, Port Arthur.
McDonald, Mrs. Adeline, Chatham.
McDonald, Mr. Leslie M., 42nd Bn., Owen Sound.
McDonald, Mrs. L. M., Owen Sound.
McDowell, Capt. J. C., Sudbury.
McEvoy, Miss Margaret, Barrie.
McFaddon, Mrs. Kate, Lindsay.
McGhee, Mr. Alexander F., Imp., Copper Cliff.
McGhie, Mr. Alexander, 4th C.M.T.C., St. Catharines.

McGhie, Mrs. A., St. Catharines.
McGibney, Mr. Robert, J., 52nd Bn., Ottawa.
McGibney, Mr. George J., Ottawa.
McGuire, Mr. N. T., 16th C.F.C., Windsor.
McIntosh, Mr. Robert W., C.C.C.B., Willowdale.
McIntyre, Mr. Duncan, P.P.C.L.I., Collingwood.
McIntyre, Mr. Hugh M., lmp., Hamilton.
McIntyre, Mr. Ross R., Imp., Galt.
McKibbon, Mr. James E., 21st Bn., Trenton.
McKibbon, Mrs. J. E., Trenton.
McKinnon, Miss A. Elizabeth, Barrie.
McKnight, Mrs. J. H., Ottawa.
McLaghlan, Mr. Peter, 102nd Bn., Sudbury.
McLaren, Mr. Stanley S., 25th Bn., C.F.A., Almonte.
McLauchlan, Lt.-Col. George D., 26th Bn., Owen Sound.
McLeod, Dr. Thos. R., C.A.S.C., Muncey.
McLeod, Mrs. T. R., Muncey.
McLeod, Miss Barbara, Muncey.
McMahon, Mrs. Mary L., Brockville.
McMaster, Mrs. D. A., Cookstown.
McMaster, Mr. David A., 28th Bn., Cookstown.
McMath, Mrs. Jessie, Fort William.
McMath, Miss Patricia, Fort William.
McMinn, Mr. Robert J., Imp., Whitby.
McNiven, Mr. Chas. H., 10th Bn. Cdn. C., London.
Macpherson, Dr. D. M., Tilbury.
McPherson, Mr. Robert, 9th C.F.A., St. Catharines.
McPherson, Mr. Samuel, 6th C.F.A., St. Catharines.
Mabb, Mr. Horace, 18th Bn., Mitchell.
Mabb, Mrs. Horace, Mitchell.
Madden, Mr. Leroy G., 21st Bn., Belleville.
Madden, Mrs. L. G., Belleville.
Madge, Mr. Castle G., 18th Bn., Tilbury.
Madge, Mrs. C. G., Tilbury.
Maguire, Mrs. Ellen A., London.
Mangan, Mr. Wm., 44th Bn., Woodstock.
Marlow, Mr. James, 238th Forestry, Hamilton.
Marlow, Mrs. James, Hamilton. »
Marsh, Miss Elmere H., London.
Marshall, Miss Edith M., Ottawa.
Marshall, Mr. Geo. E., 38th Bn., Windsor.
Marshall, Mrs. G. E., Windsor.
Marshall, Mr. Thos. G., M.G.C., Hespeler.
Martin, Mrs. Ella M., Ottawa.
Martin, Dr. Herbert W., C.A.M.C., Hamilton.
Martin, Mr. W. D., Ottawa.
Mason, Mr. Geo. W., 14th Bn., London.
Massie, Mr. Clarence C., 4th Inf. Bde., Campbellford.
Masson, Mr. G. A., 1st Div. A.P., Hamilton.
Masson, Mrs. G. A., Hamilton.
Masson, Mr. Robert, Hamilton.
Mastin. Miss Hattie M. N.S., Belleville.
Mates, Mrs. Sarah E., Brockville.
Matheson, Miss Marjorie C., Ottawa.
Maxwell, Mr. John S., 15th Bn., Sudbury.
Mayne, Mr. R. F., 38th Bn., St. Thomas.
Mayne, Mrs. R. F., St. Thomas.
Mayne, Mr. V. E., 18th Bn., London.
Meagher, Miss Mary H., Manotick.
Medland, Mr. B. J., 17th Bn., London.
Meekins, Mrs. J. O., Jr., N.S., Ottawa.
Meekins, Miss Violet A., Ottawa.
Meikle, Mr. George, 75th Bn., Brantford.
Melton, Mr. Geo. R. E., 21st Bn., Peterborough.
Mennie, Miss Joyce O., Ottawa.
Menzies, Major Albert P., 4th C.M.R., Ottawa.
Menzies, Mrs. Isabella, Ottawa.
Merser, Mr. Alfred J., 34th Bn., Kitchener.
Miall, Capt. Edward, 2nd Bridging Transport, Ottawa.
Miall, Mrs. Edward, Ottawa.
Middlemore. Mr. Peter, 4th Bn., Windsor.
Midglev. Miss Winnifred. Ottawa.
Milks. Mrs. Hector M., Ottawa.
Milks, Miss Helen M., Ottawa.
Miller, Mre. Marie. Brantford.

Milliken, Mr. John, 1st Bn., Stratford.
Mills, Mr. John, C. E., St. Thomas.
Mills, Miss Irene B., St. Thomas.
Millward, Capt. A. E., C.M.G.C., Ottawa.
Millward, Mrs. A. E., Ottawa.
Misener, Mr. John S., Woodside.
Misener, Mrs. J. S., N.S., Woodside.
Mitchell, Mr. John F., Imp., Hamilton.
Mitchell, Miss Margaret, Hamilton.
Moffatt, Mr. Alfred P., 3rd Div. S. Col. M.T., Hamilton.
Moggach, Mr. Wm., 18th Bn., Beachville.
Moir, Mr. Frederick G., Freelton.
Moncrieff, Mr. Edward R., 1st C.M.R., Belleville.
Montgomery, Mr. Geo. D., 4th Can. L. Bn., Cornwall.
Moody, Mr. Ernest, 20th Bn., Windsor.
Moodie, Mr. Joseph R., C.E., St. Thomas.
Moodie, Mrs. J. R., St. Thomas.
Mooney, Mr. Donald D., 1st M.G. Bn., Goderich.
Mooney, Mrs. D. D., Goderich.
Moore, Mr. A. D., 3rd Bn., Muncey.
Moore, Mrs. A. D., Muncey.
Moore, Mr. Keith, Muncey.
Moore, Miss M. I., Muncey.
Moore, Mrs. James,, Paris.
Moore, Mrs. Lillie M., Perth.
Moran, Mr. Walter, 21st Bn., Strathroy.
Morris, Miss Carolyn L., Ottawa.
Morris, Mr. C. S., 21st Bn., Ottawa.
Morris, Mrs. C. S., Ottawa.
Morris, Mr. David M., Imp., Hamilton.
Morris, Mr. Wm. E., 2nd T.C., London.
Morrison, Major Alfred S., T.M., Niagara Falls.
Morrison, Mrs. Emma, Imp., St. Catharines.
Morrison, Miss Mary A., Ottawa.
Morrison, Miss Maye, Ottawa.
Morton, Mr, Arthur J., 14th P.W.O.R., Iroquois Falls.
Morton, Mr. Harold J., C.A.S.C., Kingston.
Moscrop, Mr. Arthur, 5th Bn., Peterborough
Mould, Mr. John F., 19th Bn., St. Catharines.
Mould, Mrs. J. F., St. Catharines.
Mould, Miss Constance, St. Catharines.
Muir, Mr. Frank A., 173rd Bn., St. Catharines.
Mullins, Capt. F. F., 43rd Bn., C.F.A., Kitchener.
Mundell, Mr. David L., 12th C.E., Erin.
Munro, Mr. Albert 1., 5th C.E., Brockville.
Munro. Mrs. A. I., Brockville.
Munro. Miss Charlotte. Weston.
Munro, Mr. Donald, Weston.
Munro, Mr. James J., 53rd Co., C.F.C., Weston.
Munro, Mrs. J. J., Weston.
Munroe, Miss Kate T., Havelock.
Murdie, Mr. Wm. C., 9th C.E., Ottawa.
Murdie, Mrs. Gladys, Ottawa.
Murphy, Miss Helen T., Ottawa.
Murphy, Mr. Wm. H., 5th C.M.G.C., Ottawa.
Murray, Capt. W. W., 2nd Bn., Ottawa.
Murray, Mrs. W. W., Ottawa.
Nash, Capt. Gerald E., R.A.F., Welland.
Nash, Mr. Gerald A., Welland.
Naylor, Mr. Clifford. P.P.C.L.I., Paris.
Naylor, Mrs. Clifford. Paris.
Naylor, Mrs. Annie, Paris.
Naylor, Miss Jessie, Paris.
Neal, Mr. George, Imp., Englehart.
Neal, Mrs. Geo., Englehart.
Neal, Miss Florence, Englehart.
Newell, Mr. Harry R., C.E., Ottawa.
Newell, Mrs. H. R., Ottawa.
Newell, Mr. John R., Ottawa.
Newell, Miss Jocelyn A., Ottawa.
Newman, Mr. Alfred M., Imp., Sarnia.
Nicholls, Mr. Ernest E., 2nd Bn., Peterborough.
Nichols, Mr. Roy L., F.D. Bn., London.
Nicholson, Mr. Wm., 10th C.F.A., St. Catharines.
Nixon, Mr. Albert H., 126th Bn., Brampton.

Nixon, Mrs. A. H., Brampton.
Nixon, Mr. John, Imp., Nipigon.
Nixon, Mr. Wm., 5th C.E., Timmins.
Nixon, Mrs. Wm., Timmins.
Nordquist, Mr. W. E., 27th Bn., Port Arthur.
Norman, Mr. Herbert W., 4th Bn., London.
Norman, Mrs. H. W., London.
Norman, Miss Dorohty, London.
Norman, Miss Sheila, London.
Noyes, Mr. F. W., 5th Field Amb., Belleville.
Nugent, Miss Anne, Hamilton.
O'Connor, Major Austin, C.A.M.C., Ottawa.
O'Donovan, Mr. Patrick, 130th Bn., Ottawa.
O'Gorman, Capt. John R., 7th C.R.T., Timmins.
Oligny, Mrs. Annie G., London.
Olivant, Mr. Chas. G., 5th C.M.R., London.
Oliver, Dr. Joseph H., 116th Bn., Sunderland.
Oliver, Miss Bessie, Sunderland.
Oliver, Miss Emma O., Sunderland.
Oliver, Mr. Bruce, Sunderland.
O'Neil, Mr. Wm. M., 2nd Bn., Ottawa.
O'Neil, Mrs. W. M., Ottawa.
Orchard, Mr. Joseph, C.F.C., Trenton-
O'Reilly, Mr. Melvin J., 38th Bn., Windsor.
O'Reilly, Mrs. M. J., Windsor.
Owen, Rev. Albert E., Unionville.
Packman, Capt. Caleb H., 102nd Bn., Windsor.
Packman, Miss Isabel, Ottawa.
Page, Mr. Wm., 52nd Bn., Port Arthur.
Paget, Mr. Alfred J., 14th Bty., C.F.A., Windsor.
Palmer, Mrs. Abigail, Goderich.
Palmer, Mr. Albert C., D.C.M., 1st C.M.R., Grimsby.
Palmer, Mr. Wilmer, 19th Bn., Tottenham.
Palmer, Mrs. W., Tottenham.
Parkinson, Mr. Thos., 87th Bn., Walkerville.
Parry-Evans, Mrs. Maysel A., N.S., Prescott.
Parsons. Mr. Arthur E., 87th Bn., Galt.
Parsons, Mr. Edward J., 1st Bde. Artillery, Smiths Falls.
Parsons, Mrs. E. J., Smiths Falls.
Partridge, Mrs. Annie, Sault Ste. Marie.
Patchell, Mr. R. A., K.C., C.E., Carleton Place.
Paterson, Miss E. M., Guelph.
Patterson, Mrs. Gertrude, N.S., Imp., Hamilton.
Payne, Mr. Harry G., 1st Bn., Monkton.
Paynter, Mr. Chas. S., 2nd Bty., C.F.A., Ottawa.
Peach, Mr. Stanley A., 18th Bn., London.
Peach, Mrs. S. A., London.
Pemberton, Mr. Albert, 2nd Bn., Mimico.
Pembroke, Lt.-Col. Harry E., P.P.C.L.I., Owen Sound.
Penner, Mr. Oswald L., 58th Bn., Ottawa.
Peneycad, Mr. John, 1231'd Bn., Mimico.
Pense, Lt.-Col. Henry E., 21st Bn., Kingston.
Derry, Mr. Geo. W., 10th Bty., Imp., North Bay.
Perry, Mrs. G. W., North Bay.
Perry, Mr. George, North Bay.
Perry, Mr. Arthur, North Bay.
Perry. Mr. Leonard H., 1st Bn., Camp Borden,
Perry, Mr. Wm., 3rd Bn., Perth.
Perry, Mrs. Wm., Perth.
Perry, Mr. Wm. V., 21st Bn., Long Branch.
Pheasant, Mr. Herbert, 18th Bn., Windsor.
Phillips, Capt. Edmund M., 3rd C.D.T., Ottawa.
Phillips, Mr. Geo. A., 21st Bn., Cornwall.
Phillips, Mrs. G. A., Cornwall.
Phillips, Mr. Geo. H. R., 2nd Can. Pioneers, Sault Ste. Marie.
Phillips, Mrs. G. H. R., Sault Ste. Marie.
Piggales, Mr. Joseph A., 116th Bn., London.
Pinner, Mr. Bertie G., 1st Bn., Stratford.
Pinner, Mrs. B. G., Stratford.
Pinner, Miss Josephine M., Stratford.
Pinner, Miss Carol B., Stratford.
Pizzey, Mr. Joseph, 1st Bn., Brantford.
Pizzey, Mrs. Joseph Brantford.
Pizzey, Miss Edna, Brantford.

Pizzey, Mr. Samson, 1st Bn., Brantford.
Pizzey, Mrs. Samson, Brantford.
Pizzey, Miss Fern, Brantford.
Plamondon, Mr. Emilien, Imp., North Bay.
Potter, Mr. G. R. L., 13th Bn., Ottawa.
Potter, Mr. Raymond G. B., 16th C.F.A., London.
Preston, Rev. Alfred J., 116th Bn., Keene.
Preston, Mrs. A. J., Keene.
Preston, Mr. Edwin E., 13th C.M.G.C., Vankleek Hill.
Pretty, Mr. Alfred, C.E., Claremont.
Prior, Mr. Francis A., 20th Bn., North Bay.
Probert, Mr. Stanley W., R.I.F:, R.S., Manc. Regt., Ottawa.
Proctor, Miss Ida M., Ottawa.
Pugh, Mr. Wesley G., 12th C.R.T., Stratford.
Purkis, Mr. Cecil, R.C.R., Preston
Purkis, Mrs. Cecil, Preston.
Pyatt, Mrs. 8., Fort William.
Pye, Mr. Edwin, 5th Bn., Ottawa.
Rabnett, Mr. Anthony A., C.A.F., Ottawa.
Rabnett, Mrs. A. A., Ottawa.
Rabnett, Mr. Jerome E., Ottawa.
Ramsey, Mrs. C. W. P., Ottawa.
Ramsey, Miss Dorothea E., Ottawa.
Ramsey, Mr. John, Ottawa.
Randall, Mrs. Elizabeth, Fort William.
Rankin, Miss Eva, Fort William.
Ratcliffe, Mr. W‘m. A., P.P.C.L.I:, Whitby.
Rattew, Mr. Arthur O., 4th C.M.R., Frederickhouse.
Read, Mr. Horace, Ottawa.
Read, Mrs. Horace, Ottawa.
Redden, Mrs. Elizabeth, Port Arthur.
Redden, Miss Ida, Port Arthur.
Reed, Mrs. Helen L., London.
Rees, Mr. Joseph, 11th Bty., C.F.A., Hamilton.
Reeves, Mr. Dave W., 107th Bn., Englehart.
Reeves, Mrs. D. W., Englehart.
Reeves, Mr. Walford D., Englehart.
Reid, Capt. Frederick L., M.D., C.A.M.C., Trenton.
Reid, Mr. John R., 33rd Bty., Hamilton.
Reid, Mr. Robt, W., 1st Bn., Hamilton.
Reid, Mr. Thos. J., 19th Bn., Hamilton.
Reid, Mr. Wm., 87th Bn., Ottawa.
Reid, Mr. Wm., R.E., Windsor.
Reilly, Mr. Hugh J., D.A.C., Welland.
Reilly, Mrs. H. J., Welland.
Revoy, Mr. Frederick R., 33rd Bty., Peterborough.
Rew, Mrs. Arthur H., Swansea.
Rice, Miss Muriel J., Ottawa.
Richardson, Mrs. R. P., Sarnia.
Riddell. Mr. Wm., 1st C.M.R., London.
Riddell, Mr. Wm. G., London.
Riddell, Mr. Angus N., London.
Riley, Mr. Walter H. E, 38th Bn., Westboro.
Riley, Mrs. W. H. F., Westboro.
Rimmer, Mrs. Margaret, Hamilton.
Rinn, Mrs. Harry, R.C.D., Tottenham.
Rinn, Mrs. Harry, Tottenham.
Robb, Capt. The Rev. Andrew D., C.P.N.L., Oshawa.
Robb, Mr. Thos. W., Imp., Chippawa.
Roberts, Mr. Edward T., 73rd R. Hldrs., St. Catharines.
Roberts. Mrs. E. T., St. Catharines.
Robertson, Capt. A. M., C.E., Ottawa.
Robertson, Mr. Stuart, 3rd M.G., Bn., Drayton.
Robins, Mr. R. L., Brantford.
Robinson, Mrs. Ella L., Windsor.
Robinson, Mr. Joseph W., P.P.C.L.I., London.
Robinson, Mrs Mildred D., Port Arthur.
Rochester, Mr. G. H., C.E., Ottawa.
Rogers. Mr. Geo. E., C.E.M.T., Riverside.
Rolland, Major Henry D., 87th C.G.G., Ottawa.
Roney, Mr. Basil O., 6th C.R.T., Kapuskasing.
Rorke. Lt.-Col. "Herbert V., 20th Bn., Ottawa.
Rosamund, Miss D., Oakville.
Rose, Mr. Alexander C., 36th Bn., Sarnia.

Ross, Mr. Alex, Imp., Prescott.
Ross, Dr. Chas. B., Can. Sig. Corps, Gravenhurst.
Ross, Mrs. C. B., Gravenhurst.
Rosser, Mr. G. L., R.C.D. and R.E., Ottawa.
Rothwell, Miss Susie, Lanark.
Rowe, Mr. John W., 15th Bn., GaIt.
Rowe, J. W., Galt.
Rowley, Mr. Frank, Imp., London.
Rowley, Mrs. Frank, London.
Rowley, Mr. Ronald W., London.
Rowley, Miss Mary E., London.
Roy, Miss Jean L., Ottawa.
Roy, Miss Marjorie T., Ottawa.
Ruddick, Mr. Wm. M., C.A.S.C., Weston.
Russell, Mr. Geo. A., 4th C.M.R., Newmarket
Russell, Dr. Geo. A., C.A.M.C., Canfield.
Russell, Mrs. G. A. Canfield.
Russell, Mr. Milton O., 27th Bn., Markham.
Ruston, Mr. Walter, 38th Bn., Renfrew.
Rutherford, Mrs. Dellmarion, Blenheim.
Sadler, Mr. Alfred, Imp., Ottawa.
Sadler, Mrs. Alfred, Ottawa.
Sadler, Master Roy A., Ottawa.
Sanders, Mr. W. D., Exeter.
Sanders, Mrs. W. D., Exeter.
Sanderson, Mr. John I., 33rd C.F.A., Guelph.
Sangster, Mr. James E., Imp., Hamilton.
Sansum, Mr. A., R.E., Belmont.
Sansum, Mrs. A., Belmont.
Sargeant, Mrs. May, Hamilton.
Saunders, Mr. Albert E., R.C.R., London.
Saunders, Mr. W. L., 6th C.R.T., Ottawa.
Scales, Mrs. Katherine, Sarnia.
Scandrett, Mr. Geo. H., 18th Bn., Sandwich.
Scandrett, Mrs. G. H., Sandwich.
Scarth, Mr. Harry O., 8th Bde., C.F.A., Timmins.
Schofield, Mr. Clive, 2nd Bn., Ottawa.
Schofield, Mr. Francis B., Mere. Marine, London.
Schofield, Mrs. F. B., London.
Scott, Mrs. Elsie E., Hamilton.
Segre, Mr. Beresford H., C.F.A., & R.E., Ottawa.
Segre, Mrs. B. H., Ottawa.
Sellars, Mr. Robert, 15th Bn., Brown's Corners.
Shapton, Mr. Walter E, 52nd Bn., Fort William.
Sharp, Mr. Geo. W., 20th Bn., Timmins.
Shaw, Lt.-Col. John Wm., 161st Bn., Clinton.
Shaw, Mrs. J. W., Clinton.
Shaw, Mr. Harry, Clinton.
Shields, Mr. Robt. A., 52nd Bn., Sioux Lookout.
Shurety, Mrs. Nellie, Peterborough.
Shuttleworth, Mr. James M., London.
Sifton, Mr. Leonard Bamlet, Imp., St. Thomas.
Siddall, Mr. Wm., 8th Bn., L.B.D., Port Arthur.
Sillers, Miss Marion R., Walkerton.
Silver, Mr. John A., 28th Bn., Fort William.
Silver, Mrs. John, A., Fort William.
Silver, Master Andrew W. H., Fort William.
Sime, Mr. E. H., 11th C.R.T., Port Arthur.
Simon, Mrs. Sarah, Brockville.
Simpson, Mr. Ernest, Imp., Fraserdale.
Simpson, Mrs. Ernest Fraserdale. .
Sinclair, Mr. David C., 52nd Bn., Owen Sound.
Skellern, Mr. Ernest, 4th C.M.R., North Bay.
Skellern, Mrs. Ernest, North Bay.
Skinner, Mrs. E. M., Sandwich East.
Skinner, Mr. H. Gordon, R.C.H.A., Niagara Falls.
Skinner, Mrs. H. G., Niagara Falls.
Slade, Miss Esther M., Ottawa.
Slater, Mr. James, 15th Bn., Fort William.
Smart, Mrs. Anne C., N.S., A.E.F., London.
Smart, Mrs. Rose, Ottawa.
Smart, Mrs. (Dr.) W. E., Penetanguishene.
Smiles, Miss Robena L., Billing's Bridge.
Smiles, Miss Belle W., Billings' Bridge.
Smith, Mrs. Ada, Sarnia.

Smith, Mr. Albert E., 20th Bn., Orillia.
Smith, Mr. Chas. E., Sudbury.
Smith, Mr. Charles S., 20th Bn., Windsor.
Smith, Mr. Frank, 20th Bn., Peterborough.
Smith, Miss Lily, Belleville.
Smith, Mrs. Mary, Guelph.
Smith, Mrs. Mary A., Dunbarton.
Smith, Mr. M. James, 16th C.F.A., Ottawa.
Smith, Mr. Vincent C., 38th Bn., Ottawa.
Smith, Mr. Wallace E., 52nd Bn., Port Arthur.
Smith, Mrs. W. E., Port Arthur.
Smith, Mr. Wm. F., C.F.A., Ottawa.
Smith, Mrs. W. F., Ottawa.
Smith, Mr. James E., Imp., Ingersoll.
Snider, Mrs. Alex., Westboro.
Soper, Mrs. Alma P., Uxbridge.
Soutar, Mr. Chas. E., 38th C.I.B., Ottawa.
Soutar, Miss Elizabeth, Belleville.
Spalding, Mr. James, Coppercliff.
Spearing, Mr. Albert, 18th Bn., Amherstburg.
Spence, Mr. Samuel D., 58th Bn., Espanola.
Spence, Mrs. S. D., Espanola.
Spencer, Mr. L. Arthur, 3rd C.S.B., Port Arthur.
Spencer, Miss Coral B., Ottawa.
Spencer, Mr. Thos., 1st C.R.T., Sarnia.
Spencer, Mrs. Thos., Sarnia.
Spooner, Mr. Frank A., 2nd Heavy Bty., Cobourg.
Spratling, Mr. Edward J., 58th Bn., Niagara Falls.
Spratling, Mrs. E. J., Niagara Falls.
Spriggs, Mr. Aubrey E., 86th Bn., Hamilton.
Stafford, Mrs. B. J., Kingston.
Stagg, Miss Constance E., Fort William.
Stallwood, Mr. J. B., Beamsville.
Stallwood, Mrs. J. B., Beamsville.
Stanbridge, Mr. Ernest W., 2lst Bn., Brantford.
Stanworth, Mr. Harold, 5th Bn., Port Arthur.
Stanworth, Mrs. Harold, Port Arthur.
Starr, Mr. Hugh R., C.A.S.C., Brockville.
Starr, Mr. Kirby G., Brockville.
Steele, Mr. Henry R, 8th Bn., Fergus.
Steele, Mrs. Janet H., Ottawa.
Stephens, Mr. S., 52nd Bn., Ottawa.
Stewart, Mr. Adelbert P., Dunnville.
Stewart, Mr. Alex, C.M.R., Bar River.
Stewart, Dr. Donald W., 160th Bn., & R.A.F., Shelburne.
Stewart, Mr. John R., 18th Bty., Ottawa.
Stewart, Miss Mary I., Kincardine.
St. George, Mr. Hector, 38th Bn., Ottawa.
Stille, Mr. Fred C., Ottawa.
Stille, Mrs. F. C., Ottawa.
Stocdale, Mr. Wm. J., 20th Bn., North Bay. 7
Stockdale, Mrs. W. J., North Bay.
Stoddart, Mr. John C., 2nd Bn., Shelburne.
Stoddart, Mrs. J. C., Shelburne.
Stone, Mr. Joseph S., 2nd Bn., Sault Ste. Marie.
Stonehewer, Lt.-Col. James, 2nd C.M.G.C., Hamilton.
Storey, Capt. Vernon H., C.A.M.C., Bowmanville.
Storey, Mrs. V. H., N.S., Bowmanville.
Storie, Mrs. Stanley, Powassan.
Stothers, Mr. Carman E., 15th Bn., Picton.
Stratton, Mr. Victor W., 3rd C.M.G.C., Midland.
Strawson, Mrs. R. A., Fort William.
Strawson, Miss Ethel M., Fort William.
Strong, Mr. Orville B., 1st Bn., Windsor.
Stuart, Mr. James R., 42nd Bn., Ottawa.
Stubbs, Mrs. Agnes, Galt.
Stubbs, Miss Peggy, Galt.
Sturgeon, Mrs. Georgie L., Hamilton.
Sullivan, Mr. Edward G., C.E., Niagara Falls.
Sullivan, Mrs. E. G., Niagara Falls.
Swift, Mr. Lawrence O., Imp., London.
Sykes, Mrs. E. L., Ottawa.
Syme, Mr. Malcolm J., C.P., New Toronto.
Tabram, Mr. Alfred, 21st Bn., Cornwall.
Tanner, Mr. Howard, 46th Bn., Little Britain.

Tarlton, Mr. A. Ross, Hamilton.
Tarlton, Mrs. A. R., Hamilton.
Tattersall, Mr. R. A., 15th Bn., London.
Tattersall, Mrs. R. A., London.
Taylor, Mr. Bertram A., 13th Bn., Niagara-on-the-Lake.
Taylor, Mr. Daniel, Imp., Port Arthur.
Taylor, Mr. Donald B., 1st Sig., Almonte.
Taylor, Mr. Geo. H., 52nd Bn., Mimico.
Taylor, Mrs. G. H., Mimico.
Taylor, Mr. Henry M., C.C.C.B., Sarnia.
Taylor, Mr. John T., 1st C.P., Hamilton.
Taylor, Mrs. J. T., Hamilton.
Taylor, Mr. Walter H., C.A.S.C., Picton.
Taylor, Mr. Wm. J., Imp., Kerrwood.
Taylor, Mr. W;m. S., 21st Bn., Kingston.
Taylor, Mrs W. 8., Kingston.
Tench, Miss Ada M., Ottawa.
Tenney, Mr. Chas. E., 2nd Bn., Ottawa.
Thomas, Mr. Henry J., Imp., Sudbury.
Thomas, Mrs. H. J., Sudbury.
Thomas, Mr. Leonard, 74th Bty., Ottawa.
Thomas, Mr. Robert, Ottawa.
Thomas, Mrs. Leonard, Ottawa.
Thompson, Mr. Albert, 54th R.A.F., Hamilton.
Thompson, Mrs. Albert, Hamilton.
Thompson, Mr. Andrew R., 4th Bn., Ottawa.
Thompson, Mrs. A. R., Ottawa.
Thompson, Dr. Fred. G., 47th Bn., Clinton.
Thompson, Mrs. F. G., Clinton.
Thompson, Mr. Robt. G., 2nd C.M.R., Teeswater.
Thompson, Mrs. Sibby, Galt.
Thoyns, Mr. J. C., C.M.M.G., Ottawa.
Thorns, Mrs. J. C., N.S., Ottawa.
Thoms, Miss Eleanor, Ottawa.
Thorn, Miss Meta L., Lindsay.
Thorn, Mrs. R. F,. Omemee.
Thorne, Mr. Reginald, C.M.G.C., Watford.
Tierney, Miss Dorothy M., Ottawa.
Tierney, Miss Eleanor M., Ottawa.
Tindall, Mr. Earl E., C.M.G.C., North Bay.
Tippin, Mr. Albert H., 111th Bn., St. Catharines.
Tomlin, Mr. Harry, 2nd C.P.B., Barrie.
Tomlin, Mrs. Harry, Barrie.
Toovey, Mr. Cyril G., 6th Bn., St. Catharines.
Tordiff, Mrs. Grace F., Bowmanville.
Torrie, Mr. James M. R., Imp., St. Catharines.
Torrie, Master Fraser G., St. Catharines.
Towers, Dr. T. L., C.A.M.C., London.
Towers, Mrs. T. L., London.
Towns, Mr. Sirastin, 58th B.G. Opr. Co., Ottawa.
Towns, Mrs. S., Ottawa.
Tracey, Mr. Wilfred J., 102nd Bn., St. Catharines.
Tudor, Mr. Henry, 38th Bn., Ottawa.
Turnbull, Mr. Wm., Imp., Brantford.
Turnbull, Mr. Wm. McA., L.S.H., Guelph .
Turner, Mr. Harold S., 10th Field Co., C.E., Goderich.
Turner, Mr. John, 2nd Ammun. Column, Hamilton.
Turner, Mr. Lawrence G., 1st M.M.G.C., Ottawa.
Turner, Lt.-Gen. Sir Richard, V.C., Ottawa.
Turton, Mr. Robt., 25th Bn., St. Catharines.
Turton, Mrs. Robt., St. Catharines.
Turton, Miss Pearl, St. Catharines.
Tussie, Mrs. Selina, St. Catharines.
Tyrell, Mrs. Geo. M., Ottawa.
Tyrell, Miss Jessie D., Ottawa.
Tyrell, Miss Rose M., Ottawa.
Ullman, Mr. Geo. D., C.C.S., Barrie.
Ullman, Mrs. G. D., Barrie.
Usher, Mr. Robt. M., 18th Bn., 2nd Div., Ottawa.
Vannan, Mr. Donald, 1st Bn., Windsor.
Waddington, Miss Nellie, Sioux Lookout.
Wadlin, Mr. Lorenzo N., 2nd Can. Pioneers, Ottawa.
Wadlin, Mrs. L. N., Ottawa.
Waghorn, Miss Muriel E., Fort William.
Waghorn, Mrs. H. R., Fort William.

Wakefield, Miss Edith, Windsor.
Wakeling, Mr. Robt. E, 4th Bn., Brantford.
Wakeling, Mrs. R. F., Brantford.
Waldram, Master Wm. A., New Liskeard.
Walker, Mr. David, 6th Bn., Ottawa.
Walker, Miss Emily V., Ottawa.
Walker, Miss Lydie A., Ottawa.
Walker, Lt.-Col. Wm. K., 1st C.M.G.C., Ottawa.
Wallace, Mr. Claude R, 2nd Bn., Trenton.
Walsh, Mrs. Adeline, Hamilton.
Walsh, Mr. Herbert L., 11th Bn., Niagara Falls.
Walsh, Mrs. H. L., Niagara Falls.
Walsh, Mr. James, Niagara Falls.
Walsh, Miss Rosemary, Niagara Falls.
Walters, Mr. Arthur J., Imp., Fort William.
Wansbrough, Dr. E. McK., 2nd Bn., C.M.G.C., Shelburne.
Wansbrough, Mrs. E. McK., Shelburne.
Ward, Miss Gertrude, Ottawa.
Ward, Mrs. M., Sudbury.
Ward, Mr. Robt. P., C.S.C., Lorne Park.
Ward, Mrs. R. P., Lorne Park.
Ward, Miss Sylvia C., Lorne Park.
Waterfield, Mr. John G., 1st C.S.C., Belmont.
Waterfield, Mrs. J. G., Belmont.
Waters, Miss Mary E., Belleville.
Watkins, Mrs Mona, N.S., Imp., St. Thomas.
Watson, Mrs. Ellen, Ottawa.
Watson, Mr. Geo. W., 10th Bn., Havelock.
Watson, Mr. Francis J., Havelock.
Watson, Mrs. F. J., Havelock.
Watson, Lt.-Col. Henry G., F.G.H., C.A.P.C., Brantford.
Watson, Miss Margaret E., Brantford.
Watson, Miss Frances P., Brantford.
Watson, Mr. James P., 2nd C.C.S., Stratford.
Watson, Mrs. J. P., Stratford.
Watson, Capt. Robt. S., 4th Inf. Bde., Hamilton.
Watson, Mrs. R. S., Hamilton.
Watt, Mr. James C., Div. Cyclists, London.
Watt, Mr. James D., 4th C.M.G.C., Welland.
Watt, Mrs. J. D., Welland.
Watt, Mr. Robt. 1., 13th Bn., London.
Watt, Mrs. R. 1., London.
Waugh, Mr. Bruce W., 18th C.M.G., Ottawa.
Weagant, Dr. Henry W., 4th C.F.A., Cornwall.
Webb, Mr. Alph. A., 18th Bn., Windsor.
Webb, Mrs. A. A., Windsor.
Webb, Mrs. Carrie, Port Credit.
Webb, Mr. Sidney J., C.F.C., Ottawa.
Webb, Mrs. S. J., Ottawa.
Webster, Mrs. Queena J., Vine Mount.
Wellard, Mr. Chas. J., 52nd Bn., Sault Ste. Marie.
Wesson, Mr. Fred, 1st Bn., Waterloo.
West, Mr. Angus C., Newmarket.
Westman, Mr. Geo. E., D.D.S., 9th Inf. Bde., Sault Ste. Marie.
Westman, Mrs. G. E., Sault Ste. Marie.
Westwood, Miss Rachel, Fort William.
Wharrie, Mr. John, 27th Bn., Hamilton.
Wheeler, Mr. Wm., 2nd Bn., Pickering.
Whelan, Mr. Alfred J., 2nd Div., Ottawa.
Whelan, Miss Margaret L., Ottawa.
Whelan, Miss Teresa, Ottawa.
Whetstone, Mrs. Elizabeth, Aylmer.
Whitaker, Mr. Geo. E., 22nd Bty, C.F.A., Simcoe.
Whitaker, Mrs. G. E., Simcoe.
White, Mrs. Florence H., Ottawa.
White, Mr. Oliver, 2lst Bn., Windsor.
Whitehurst, Mr. W. R., 10th C.F., Port Arthur.
Whitehurst, Mrs. W. R., Port Arthur.
Whitehurst, Master Wm., Port Arthur.
Whitfield, Mr. A. J., 5th Bty., C.F.A., Barrie.
Whittaker, Mr. Arthur, Niagara Falls.
Whittaker, Mrs. Arthur, Niagara Falls.
Whittle, Mrs. Alice, Guelph.
Wickes, Mr. Frederick G., 54th Bn., Hamilton.

Widdows, Mrs. Maud, Hamilton.
Wiley, Mr. Oliver, 2nd D.A.C., St. Catharines.
Wiley, Mrs. Oliver, St. Catharines.
Wilkins, Mr. Chas. V., 10th C.E., Trenton.
Wilkins, Mrs. C. V., Trenton.
Wilkins, Mr. George, 5th C.R.T., Ottawa.
Wilkins, Mr. Geo. S., 2nd Bn., Prescott.
Willett, Mr. Charles, Imp., Hamilton.
Williams, Mr. C. E., 4th Bn., Campbellford.
Williams, Major Chas. F., M.D., Imp., Ottawa.
Williams, Mr. Frank S., 94th & 16th an., Fort William.
Williams, Mrs. F. 8., Fort William.
Williams, Mr. L. Douglas, Fort William.
Williams, Mr. Frank, Fort William.
Williams, Miss Margaret, Fort William.
W'illiams, Mr. Geo. E., 21st Bn., Cornwall.
Williams, Mr. Geo. H., 15th Bn., St. George.
Williams, Mrs. G. H., St. George.
Williams, Miss Sherley E., St. George.
Wilson, Mrs. Amy E., Trenton.
Wilson, Mr. Clyde T., 87th Bn., Clarence.
Wilson, Mr. Ernest T., Imp., Kincardine.
Wilson, Mr. Norman M., 48th Hldrs., Beamsville.
Wilson, Mrs. N. M., Beamsville.
Wilson, Dr. Robt. B. E., 24th Bn., Uxbridge.
Wilson, Maj. S. H., Port Arthur.
Wilson, Mr. Victor, 4th Field Co., C.E., Niagara Falls.
Wilson, Mr. Willard P., 116th Bn., St. Catharines.
Wishart, Mr. James P., Imp., Woodstock.
Witcombe, Mr. Edwin J., 123rd Bn., Burks Falls.
Witts, Mr. Albert, C.D.A.C., Sheddon.
Wolhaupter, Mrs. M. Adelaid, St. Catharines.
Wolhaupter, Miss Marion, St. Catharines.
Wood, Mr. James H., 3rd Bn., Ottawa.
Wood, Mr. Lionel C., D.T.M., Oshawa.
Woods, Mr. Walter S., 1st Bde., C.F.A., Ottawa.
Woods, Mrs. Walter 8., Ottawa.
Woodrow, Mr. Bertie, 1st C.M.R., Kenora.
Woodrow, Mrs. Bertie, Kenora.
Woodward, Mr. Hezekiah, Cannington.
Woodward, Capt. John H. C., 135th Bn., London.
Wrenn, Mrs. Agnes E., Bowmanville.
Wright, Mr. Alfred J., 4th Can. Rly., North Bay.
Wright, Mrs. A. J., North Bay.
Wright, Mr. Arthur E., 4th Bn., Hamilton.
Wright, Mrs. A. E., Hamilton.
Wright, Mrs. J. Stanley, Port Hope.
Wright, Miss Ellen, Port Hope.
Wright, Mrs. L. E., Ottawa.
Wyand, Mr. Blake, Ottawa.
Yeager, Mrs. Lillian, Grimsby.
Yeager, Mr. Lloyd, Grimsby.
Yeager, Mrs. L., Grismby.
Young, Mr. A., D.S.C., Imp., Windsor.
Young, Mrs. A., Windsor.
Young, Mr. Arthur H., Kingston.
Young, Mr. G. A., Havelock.
Young, Mrs. G. A., Havelock.
Young, Mrs. Elizabeth, St. Thomas.
Young, Mr. Geo. O., 4th Bn., St. Catharines.
Young, Mr. Victor H., 3rd Bn., Hamilton.

elipsis graphic


Adair, Mr. George, Imp.
Adair, Mrs. G.
Adamson, Mr. David, 75th Bn.
Addy, Mr. Edward R. N., 2nd C.M.R.
Ahier. Mr. Walter, 16th Bn.
Aitken, Mr. Adam, 60th Bn.
Aitken, Mrs. Adam.
Aitken, Mrs. Eliza.
Allan, Mr. Percy C., 1st C.D.S.

Allen, Mr. Donald E., 42nd Bn.
Allen, Mr. John, C.A.S.C.
Allen, Mr. John, 4th C.M.R.
Allen, Mr. William G., 19th Bn.
Anderson, Mr. Ernest, C.E.
Anderson, Mr. Henry C., 1st C.A.H.
Anderson, Mrs. Isabella.
Anderson, Dr. Ross, 16th Bty., C.F.A.
Anderson, Mr. Wm. J., 2nd C.E.
Andrews, Mr. Albert, 14th Bn.
Andrews, Mrs. A.
Andrews, Mr. John H., R.C.H.A.
Appleton, Mr. George W., C.E.
Appleton, Mrs. G. W.
Appleton, Master Robert G.
Archer, Mr. Hyla F., C.R.T.D.
Armitage, Mr. Percy W., 52nd Bty.
Armstrong, Mr. Thomas E., 19th Bn.
Ashbourne, Mr. B. N., 3rd Bn.
Ashbourne, Mr. Frank V., 3rd Bn.
Asquith, Mr. George, 204th Bn.
Atkinson, Mr. Harold, 6th C.R.T.
Atkinson, Mr. John W., 1st Cav. Bde.
Atkinson, Mrs. J. W.
Atkinson, Mr. Richard, 4th Bn.
Atkinson, Mrs. R.
Aucher, Mrs. M.
Ayris, Mr. Harold J., 4th Div. Sig-
Ayris, Mrs. H. J.
Bacon, Mrs. Elizabeth.
Badenock, Mr. A. H.
Badenock, Mrs. A. H.
Baker, Miss A., N.S.
Baker, Rev. Alexander E., H.Q.
Baker, Mrs. A. E.
Baker, Miss Shirley M.
Baker, Mr. Earle F. W.
Balfour, Mr. George, 24th Bn.
Balfour, Mrs. G.
Ball, Mr. George E., 43rd C.F.A.
Bannerman, Mr. Lewis McL., 75th Bn.
Barnes, Mr. Earl T., 45th C.F.A.
Barber, Mr. H. C., Imp.
Barber, Mrs. H. C.
Barber, Miss Beverly.
Barnes, Mr. William, 4th Bn.
Barrett, Mr. Samuel T., 13th R.H.C.
Barrett, Mr. Thomas, R.A.F.
Bairow, Mr. Albert, 134th Bn.
Barrow, Mrs. A.
Bartholomew, Mr. George J.
Bartholomew, Mrs. G. J., N.S.
Bascom, Mr. Charles H., 116th Bn.
Baxter, Mr. John, 1st C.R.T.
Baxter, Mrs. J.
Baxter, Mrs. Salome.
Baxter, Miss Amy. .
Baxter, Miss Margaret.
Bayley, Mr. Harold J., C.E.F.
Bayne, Miss Mary J.
Bays, Mr. Hubert, Imp.
Beath, Mrs. Violet E. Young, N.S.
Beatie, Mr. Edward J., 2nd Bn.
Beatie, Mrs. E. J.
Beattie, Mr. Albert C., 5th C.M.R.
Beecroft, Mr. George W., 8th C.E.
Bell, Mr. David A., R.A.F.
Bell. Mr. Thomas, 21st Bty.
Bellman, Mrs. W. B. M.
Bellman, Mr. Stafford.
Bennett, Mrs. Sarah Jane.
Benson. Mr. Harry G., 20th Bn.
Berry, Mr. William D" 75th Bn.
Bevis, Mary Rogers
Bickley, Mr. Frank, 1st Bn.

Bickley, Mrs. F.
Birmingham, Mrs. Edna P.
Birmingham, Miss G. F. L.
Bishop, Mr. Gilbert, 13th Bn.
Black, Miss Winnifred.
Blackman, Mr. Percy, C. E.
Black, Mr. Andrew P., S.J.A.H.
Blain. Mr. Andrew, 20th Bn.
Blunt, Mr. Walter, 19th Bn.
Blunt, Mrs. W.
Boag, Mr. George W., Imp.
Boag, Mrs. Charlotte.
Boake, Mr. Clarence O., 30th C.F.A.
Bodwell, Mrs. D. M.
Bowman, Mr. R., C.M.G.C. & Can. Red Cross.
Bowman, Capt. T. E.
Bowley, Mr. Wilfred, 18th Bn.
Bowley, Mrs. W.
Boyle, Mr. James, 15th Bn.
Brannan, Mr. Thomas, 1st C.R.T.
Bray, Mr. Ernest, 169th Bn.
Brehaut, Mr. Alfred, 3rd Bn.
Brehaut, Mrs. A.
Bridgeford, Mr. Benjamin W., Can. Corp. Sig.
Brika, Mr. Armand, French Army.
Brocklehurst, Mr. Walter, King's Liverpool Regt.
Brocklehurst, Mrs. W.
Brookman, Mr. John, R.A.F.
Brooks, Mrs. Jennie.
Brooks, Mr. William.
Broomhall, Mr. Frederick W., 4th Bn.
Brown, Mr. Alfred, 75th Bn.
Brown, Mrs. A.
Brown, Mr. Edward D., C.M.G.C.
Brown, Miss Frances.
Brown. Mr. Herbert W., C.L.H.
Brown. Mrs. Hilda.
Brown, Miss Edna.
Brown, Mr. John G., P.P.C.L.I.
Bruce. Mr. Stevenson, 15th Bn.
Budd. Mrs. Mary L. I.
Budgeon, Mrs. Annie J.
Bullard, Mr. Victor, 18th Bn.
Bullard, Mrs. V.
Bumbrough, Mr. Herbert, 5th Bty C.F.A.
Bundy, Mr. Frank, 3rd Bn.
Bungay, Mr. Frank L.
Bungay, Mrs. F. L.
Bungay, Miss Morah, V. A. D.
Bunt, Mr. Herman E., 4th C. D. A. C.
Burgar, Mr. William J., Imp.
Burt, Mr. Edward T., D.A.C.C.F.A.
Butchart, Mr. William W., 102nd Bn.
Butler, Major W. C., 1st Bn.
Butler, Mrs. W. C.
Call, Mr. Ernest J., C.A.‘M.C.
Callaghan, Miss Ethel.
Callaghan, Miss Mary.
Cambridge, Mr. Wellington G., Can. Div. Sig.
Cambridge, Mrs. W. G. 7
Campbell, Mr. John, 89th Bty R.F.A.
Campbell, Mr. John A., R.C.N.V.R.
Campbell, Mrs. J. A.
Campbell, Mr. William.
Campbell, Mrs. W.
Cannom, Miss Hazel I.
Cannon, Mr. Alfred R., 3rd C.D.A.C.
Card, Capt. Raymond W. G., Imp.
Card, Mrs. R. W. G.
Carney, Mr. Richard, 4th C.M.R.
Carolan, Mr. J. T., Imp.
Case, Mr. Benson 8., 43rd C.F.A.
Cassells, Mr. John, 15th Bn.
Cassells, Mrs. J.
Cassells, Miss Marjory.

Cassells, Mr. James.
Caveen, Mr. Frederic J., 13th Bty C.F.A.
Ceely, Mr. Alfred, Imp.
Chadwick, Mrs. Catharine.
Chadwick, Miss Evelyn.
Chamberlain,, Mr. Elijah, 15th C.F.A.
Chamberlain, Mrs. E.
Chandler, Mr. Charles, 9an Bn.
Chapman, Mr. Gordon L., 1st B.N.
Chisholm, Mrs. Frances.
Chisholm, Mr. John, 43rd C.F.A.
Christian, Mr. Curley, 78th Bn.
Christian, Mrs. C.
Christian, Mr. I). M.
Church, J. .
Clapham, Mr. Chas. J., 3rd Bn.
Clapham, Mrs C. J.
Clark, Mr. C.
Clark, Major Gregory, 4th C.M.R.
Clarke, Mr. Edward, Imp.
Clarke, Mrs. E.
Clarke, Mrs. Lily.
Clendining, Capt. H.
Clift, Mr. Edward Wm., 19th Bn.
Coad, Mr. Joseph A., Can. Sig.
Coad, Mrs. J. A.
Cochrane, Mr. Walter J., 1st Field Amb.
Cockill, Mr. Edward, 47th Bn.
Cole, Mr. Charles W., 75th Bn.
Cole, Mr. Maxell A., 19th Bn.
Cole, Mrs. M. A.
Collard, Mrs. Charles.
Collard, Chas.
Collard, Miss I. M.
Collins, Mr. Alfred A., 2nd C.M.R.
Collins, Mr. C. P., 19th Bn.
Colman, Mr. Arthur R., 33rd Bty.
Colman, Mrs. A. R.
Colter, Mr. John L., 47th Bn.
Colter, Mrs. J. L.
Conlin, Miss Laura M., N.S.
Cook, Mr. George, 18th Bn.
Cook, Miss Lucille H.
Cook, Mrs. M. L., N.S., Imp.
Cooke, Mr. John 0,, 4th C.M.R.
Cooke, Mr. Robert G. G. C.
Cooke, Mr. Joseph S., 19th Bn.
Cooke, Mrs. J. S.
Cooley, Mr. Walter, 3rd Bde H.Q.
Cooper, Mr. Andrew, Imp.
Cooper, Mrs. Florence.
Cooper, Mrs. Gertrude M.
Cork, Mr. William E., 102nd Bn.
Cor-king, Mr. P. P., Div. Sig.
Cormack, Mr. Alfred G., R.N.V.R.
Cormack, Mrs. A. G.
Corps, Mr. Edward A., 75th Bn.
Corps, Mr. Edward L., Imp.
Corrigan, Lt.-Col. Charles A., C.A.S.C.
Corrigan, Mrs. C. A.
Cottrell, Mr. Ernest M., 1st Div. Amm. Column.
Coulson, Mr. Arthur, 123rd Bn.
Coulter, Mr. Clarence I., 125th Bn.
Coulthard, Mr. Guy R., 4th Div. Sig.
Cowan, Miss M. E., N.S.
Cowan, Mr. Walter, 7th Bn.
Cowan, Mrs. W.
Cowan, Miss Catherine H.
Coward, Mr. Richard, 5th T.M.
Cox, Mr. Herbert, 2nd D.A.C.
Cox, Mrs. Ivor.
Cox, Miss Dilys May.
Cox, Mr. John W., 124th Bn.
Craig, Mrs. Mary J.
Craig, Mr. Walter.

Craig, Mr. Thomas J.
Crampton, Mr. W. E., 75th Bn.
Crampton, Mrs. W. E.
Crawford, Mr. Archibald A., 12th Bty C.G.A.
Crawford, Mrs. A. A.
Crawford, Mr. John N., Imp.
Cromey, Mr. Edwin W., 3rd Bn.
Cromey, Mrs. E. W.
Cross, Miss Dorothy.
Crosbie, Mr. Thomas D., 3rd D.A.C.
Crosbie, Mrs. T. D.
Crosbie, Mr. Douglas T.
Crosbie, Mr. John S.
Crothers, Mr. Thomas, 238th Bn.
Crouch, Miss Ellen, N.S., Imp.
Cruikshank, Mr. George, C.E.
Cullen, Mr. John, 10th C.R.T.
Cullen, Mrs. J.
Cullen, Mr. John C.
Cullimore, Mrs. Emily.
Cully, Mr. Thomas, 3rd Bn.
Cumming, Mr. Angus O., 4th Bn.
Cummings, Mrs. Lumsden.
Dale, Mr. Frank, 3rd Bn.
Dale, Mrs. F.
Dalley, Mr. Percival V., 14th Bn.
Dalley, Mrs. P. V.
Dalley, Mr. John M.
D'Argent, Mr. Gustave A., C.E.
Davey, Mr. B. Alfred, A.S.C.M.T.
Davids, Mr. Rupert, C.D.S.
Davidson, Mr. James, 11th Bty.
Davidson, Mrs. J.
Davidson, Mrs. Jessie.
Davidson, Mr. Robert, R.C.D.
Davidson, Mrs. R.
Davidson, Mr. Alex. D.
Davies, Miss Esther M.
Davies, Mr. Fred., Imp.
Davis, Mrs. Jeannie.
Davis, Mr. Wilfred, 3rd Bn.
Davis, Mr. William E., 1st Div.
Davy, Major Frederick, H. Q. 1st Div.
Day, Mr. Francis, Imp.
Dean, Mr. Norman L., R.C.D.
Dean, Mrs. N. L.
Dennis, Mr. John, R.A.F.
Dennys, Mr. John H., 48th Hlders.
Denton, Mr. Abraham A., 75th Bn.
Dicken, Mr. Joseph H., C.A.S.C.
Dicken, Mrs. J. H.
Dickens, Mr. Arthur T., Imp.
Dickens, Mrs. Lilian K.
Dickinson, Mr. James, C.M.G.C.
Dickinson, Mr. Ross.
Dimberline, Mr. William E., C.A.D.C.
Dimberline, Mrs. W. E.
Dingle, Major G. R. M., 3rd Bn.
Dodd, Mr. Ted, C.A.S.C.
Dorney, Mr. Frank, 14th Bn.
Douglas, Mr. John A., C.E.
Douglas, Mr. James W., 3rd Bn.
Douglas, Mrs. Margaret.
Douglas, Mr. Robert T., 1st C.S.C.
Dow, Mr. Charles A. G., 58th Bn.
Down, Mrs. Alice M.
Down, Miss Myrtle A.
Down, Mr. Richard E., C.A.M.C.
Down, Mrs. R. E.
Down, Mr. William R.
Downey, Mabel G.
Dryburgh, Mr. Archibald, 3rd Can. Div.
Duffield, Mr. John H., Imp.
Duncan, Mrs. E.
Duncan, Mr. James, R.A.F.

Dunlop, Capt. Wesley A., 118th Bn.
Eade, Mr. Frederick, 126th Bn.
Eade, Mrs. F.
Eade, Miss May.
Edward, Mr. Leonard W., R.C.H.A.
Edmondson, Wm.
Edwards, Mr. William G., Imp.
Elliott, Mr. Frederick, 3rd Bn.
Ellis, Mr. George A., 2nd C.R.T.
Emmet, Mr. Ronald H.
Emmett, Mr. P. N., 11th C.F.A.
Emmett, Mrs. P. N.
English, Mr. W. G., Imp.
English, Mrs. W. G.
Entwistle, Mr. James, 58th Bn.
Evans, Mr. Arthur G., 75th Bn.
Evans, Mr. Ernest R., C.E.
Evans, Mrs. E. R.
Faichney, Mr. Benjamin, 2nd Bn.
Faichney, Mr. Billy.
Faichney, Mrs. B.
Faichney, Mr. Thomas D., P.P.C.L.I.
Faichney, Mrs. T. D.
Faichney, Miss Joan.
Faichney, Miss Lois.
Fairweather, V. W.
Fallis, Mrs. Gladys D.
Fallis, Miss Joan.
Falion, Mrs. Vera.
Farr, Miss W. N.
Farnell, Mr. Wilfrid, 14th C.R.M.R.
Farnell, Mrs. W.
Farrell, Mrs. Isabel, W.A.A.C.
Farrell, Mr. P. H.
Ferguson, Mrs. Gladys C., N.S.
Ferguson, Mr. Wm.
Ferguson, Mr. John.
Ferguson, Mr. William McC., R.C.N.V.R.
Ferguson, Mr. John G.
Ferguson, Mr. John G. F.
Ferrier, Mr. Alexander, Imp. ,
Ferrier, Mrs. A.
Fielding, Mr. Thomas, Imp.
Fielding, Mrs. T.
Finkle-Stone, Mrs. Fanny, N.S., Imp.
Fisher, Mr. Edgar O., 1st C.D.A.C.
Fisher, Mrs. E. 0.
Fisher, Mr. George, Imp.
Fleming, Mr. F. A., 4th Bty.
Fletcher, Mr. Robert B., Imp.
Flett, Mr. Agmond B.V., Imp.
Flett, Mrs. A. B. V.
Foley, Mr. Frank J., 20th Bn.
Forrest, Jennie E.
Forgie, Mr. J. M., 3rd Bn.
Forgie, Mrs. J. M.
Forsyth, Lt.-Col. Wilfred W., C.A.V.C.
Foster, Lt.-Col. Harold W. A., 20th Bn.
Foulds, Mrs. Clara.
French, Capt. Cecil E., Can. Inf., R.F.C., R.A.F.
French, Mrs. Cecil E.
Friers, Mrs. Sarah A.
Friers, Miss Violet A.
Frise, Mr. James L., 12th Bty.
Frost, Mr. William J., 4th Div., T.M.B.
Fry, Mr. Ernest E., R.C.R.
Fry, Mr. Robert.
Galt, Miss Ada S., B.R.C.
Gar, Mr. Henry, 14th Bn.
Garbutt, Mr. C. E., 44th Wing, R.A.F.
Garbutt, Mrs. C. E.
Garbutt, Mrs. Mary.
Gardiner, Miss Anna.
Gardner, Mr. Henry, 13th Bn.
Gardner, Mrs. Henry.

Gardner, Miss Marjory E., N.S.
Gaunt. Mr. Fred, K.O.S.B.
Gear, Mr. Henry.
Gear, Mrs. Henry.
Gear, Mr. Douglas.
Gent, Mrs. Mary E.
Giddings, Mrs. E. L.
Gill, Mrs. Alice, N.S., Imp.
Gill, Mr. Ross.
Gill, Mr. Roy.
Gillam, Mr. Walter, Imp.
Gillam, Mrs. Walter.
Gillespie, Mr. Cecil E., 78th Bn.
Ginn, Miss Eveline.
Ginn, Mrs. E.
Ginn, Mrs. Minnie.
Givens, Capt. Wm. C., C.A.M.C.
Givens, Mrs. W. C.
Givens, Mr. Wm. W.
Givens, Miss Margaret P.
Glass, Mr. John J., 58th & 8th Res. Bns.
Glenday, Mr. John, 42nd Bty.
Glenday, Miss Betty.
Glenfield, Mr. Wm. H., 34th Bty., C.F.A.
Glenfield, Mrs. W. H.
Glenfield, Mr. Wm. R.
Glover, Mr. Wm. L., 4th Bn.
Glover, Mrs. W. L.
Golden, Mr. A. D.
Golden, Mrs. Margaret.
Gordon, Mr. David D., C.M.G.C.
Gordon, Mr. George, 1st C.M.M.G.C.
Gordon, Mrs. George.
Gordon, Miss Martha.
Gosling, Mr. Reginald, 15th Bn.
Graham, Miss Heather.
Graham, Mr. John C., 116th Bn.
Graham, Mr. Malcolm, Imp.
Grant, Mr. Jarvis A.
Grant, Mrs. J. A.
Gray, Mrs. Ellen.
Gray, Mrs. Ida W.
Gray, Mr. Robert, Imp., D.L.I.
Gray, Mrs. Robert.
Gray, Mr. Robert, 2nd C.F.A.
Gray, Mrs. Robert.
Green, Mr. Herbert, 123ml Bn.
Green, Mrs. Herbert.
Greenaway, Mrs. B. J.
Greenfield, Mr. Robert J., Imp.
Greenfield, Mrs. R. J.
Greenhalgh, Mr. Herbert, 58th Bn.
Greenwood, Mr. James, C.A.M.C. and C.A.D.C.
Greer, Lt.-Col. William D., 1st Div
Gresham, Mr. William, 1st Bn.
Grimshaw, Mr. George F., 10th Bn.
Grimshaw, Mrs. G. F.
Gurr, Mr. Sidney J., 4th Bn.
Hadden, Mr. Herbert J., 116th Bn.
Haley, Mr. Hugh, 29th Bn.
Hall, Mr. Alfred J., 5th C.M.R.
Hall, Mr. Banjamin W., 54th Bn.
Hall, Mrs. B. J.
Hall, Mr. Philip N., 110th and 116th Bn.
Hall, Mr. William, F.G.H.
Hallett, Mr. Norman W., 15th Bn.
Hallick, Mr. W. G. A., 3rd Div. A.M.M., C.R.A.F.
Hamilton, Miss Mina.
Hancock, Mrs. Mary A.
Hand. Mrs. Hannah J.
Hand, Mr. William P., 2nd C.E.
Hand, Mrs. W. P.
Hanna, Miss Helen, N.S.
Hargrave, Mr. John H., 42nd Bn.
Harkness, Mrs. Margaret.

Harper, Mr. William, 5th C.E.
Harris, Mr. Walter J., 21st Bn.
Harris, Mrs. W. J.
Harrison, Mr. Thomas, 19th Bn.
Harrison, Mrs. Thomas.
Harrison, Mrs. Mary J.
Harrison, Mr. Robert W., 198th Bn.
Harrod, Mr. Joseph J., 15th Bn.
Harrod, Mrs. J. J.
Hart, Capt. Edward, 1st C.F.A.
Hart, Mrs. Edward.
Hartry, Mr. Wilford H., 31st Bty., C.F.A.
Harvey, Mr. James, 14th Bn.
Hayes, Mrs. D. B. and son.
Hayes, Mr. D. B., Imp.
Hayes, Mrs. Jessie.
Hayes, Miss Muriel.
Hazlett, Mr. J. K., 75th Bn.
Hazlett, Mrs. J. K.
Hearne, Mr. Joseph, 58th Bn.
Heaslip, Capt. Joseph D., C.A.M.C.
Heaslip, Mrs. J. D.
Heathcote, Mr. Harold A. S., 75th Bn.
Heathcote, Mrs. H. A. S.
Heighington, Capt. W., 20th Bn.
Heighington, Mrs. W.
Henderson. Miss Marion H., N.S.
Henson, Mr. Ernest, 4th ley. Bn.
Herring, Mr. A. D., 4th M.G.B.
Herring, Mrs. A. D.
Herring, Miss Dorothy.
Hewett, Mrs. Emily M.
Hewson, Mr. Ralph R., C.0.R.C.C.
Higham, Mr. J. F., 3rd F. A.
Higham, Mrs. J. F.
Higham, Mr. John.
Higgins, Mr. William J., 31st C.F.A.
Hill, Mr. Arthur J., 87th Bn.
Hill, Mrs. A. J.
Hill, Mr. Harold R., 134th C.A.S.C.
Hill, Mr. Joseph W., R.F.A.
Hill, Mrs. J. W.
Hoather, Mr. Alfred J., C.M.G.C.
Hobbs, Mr. Frederick J.
Hobbs, Mrs. F. J.
Hobson, Miss Florence L.
Hogg, Mrs. Elizabeth.
Hogg, Mr. George H., 58th Bn.
Hogg, Mrs. G. H.
Holloway, Mr. Frederick J., 116th Bn.
Holloway, Mrs. F. J.
Holmes, Mrs. Florence.
Holyday, Mr. Arthur H., 4th Bn.
Holyday, Mrs. A. H.
Honey, Dr. Edgar M., 50th Bn.
Honey, Mrs. E. M.
Hooper, Mr. Thomas H., 5th C.F.A.
Hooper, Mrs. T. H.
Hooper, Mr. Jack T.
Hooper, Mr. Frank C.
Hopkins, Mr. J. C., Imp.
Hopkins, Mrs. J. C.
Hopkins, Miss Helen.
Hopkins, Mr. John.
Horne, Mrs. Helen.
Horton, Mr. William, 75th Bn.
Hoskin, Mr. John I., Imp.
Hoskin, Mrs. J. I.
Houlden, Mr. Sydney, Imp.
Hourigan, Mr. Leonard J., 6th Res. Bn.
Houston, Mr. David, 2nd Bn.
Howe, Mr. Hilton H., 4th C.M.R.
Howe, Mrs. Mabel.
Howell, Mr. William T., Imp.
Howey, Miss Nettie E., N.S.

Howlett, Mr. Thos. F., R.A.F.
Howlett, Mrs. T. F.
Howse, Mr. Leslie O., 1st C.M.G.B.
Howse, Mrs. L. O.
Huggins, Mr. Roy E., 1st Bty., C.F.A.
Humphrey, Mr. Arthur, 5th Bn.
Humphrey, Mrs. Arthur.
Humphrey, Miss Joan.
Humphrey, Mr. Reginald, 15th Bn.
Humphrey, Mrs. Reginald.
Humphries, Mr. Wm. H., R.F.A.
Hunter, Lt.-Col. Frederick E, Imp.
Hunter, Mrs. F. F.
Hunter, Mr. William, 37th and 2nd an.
Hunter, Mrs. Wm.
Hutchins, Mr. Herbert F., C.A.S.C.
Hutchins, Mrs. H. F.
Hutchinson, Mr. Frederick, 127th Bn.
Hutchinson, Mr. Hamilton T., Imp.
Hutton, Mr. Benjamin, 3rd Field Bty., C.A.S.C.
Hutton, Mr. Robert, 47th C.F.A.
Hutton, Mrs. Robert.
Hyatt, Mr. Arthur, 2nd Bn.
Hyatt, Mrs. Arthur.
Hyde, Mr. Charles E., Imp.
Hyde, Mrs. Charles.
Irvine, Mr. Charles, Imp.
Irvine, Mrs. Charles.
Irvine, Mr. Robert J., 110th Field Amb.
Irving, Mrs. Orson.
Irwin, Mr. Karl W., 19th Bn.
Irwin, Mrs. K. W.
Isaac, Mrs. Maria B.
Jackson, Mr. Alfred H., 87th Bn.
Jackson, Mrs. E.
Jackson, Mr. Henry McC., 48th Bn.
Jackson, Capt. James, 2nd Bn.
Jackson, Mr. Thos. G., 15th C.F.A.
Jackson, Mr. T. A.
Jackson, Mrs. W. R.
Jaffray, Mr. Matthew, 2nd C.P. Bn.
James, Dr. Arthur B., R.C.A.M.C.
James, Miss Elizabeth.
James, Mr. Harry G., 19th Bn. and 2nd M.G.
James, Mr. Leslie 13., Sig.
James, Mrs. L. E.
Jarrett, Mr. Sidney, 9th C.F.A.
Jeanes, Mrs. Edith A.
Jess, Mrs. E. Lily.
Johnston, Mr. Gordon, 3rd Bde., C.F.A.
Jolliffe, Miss Edith L., N.S.
Jones, Miss Alma.
Jones, Mr. Raymond G., 3rd Bn.
Jones, Mrs. R. G.
Jones, Miss Miriam.
Jones, Miss Gwendolyn.
Jones, Mr. Robert E., C.M.G.C.
Jones, Mr. William, 5th C.M.R.
Jones, Mrs. Wzm.
Jossa, Mr. Martin, 2nd Bn.
Jowett, Mr. Lewis, 74th and 2nd C.R.T.
Jowett, Mrs. Lewis.
Karr, Mr. Wm. H., Imp.
Kavanagh, Mr. Joseph, C.A.S.C.
Kavanagh, Mrs. Joseph.
Keely, Mr. George M., Imp.
Keen, Mr. Walter L., 38th Bn.
Kennedy, Mr. Henry, Imp.
Kergon, Mr. Wilfred, Imp.
Kerr, Mr. Charles, 15th Bn.
Kincade, Mr. Wm. T., 2nd Bde., C.M.MG.
King, Mr. Joseph E., 15th Bn.
Kingsburgh, Mr. James, 43rd C.F.A.
Kinkaid, Mr. Alex, 15th Bn.
Kirk, Mr. Sidney, R.C.R.

Kitson, Mr. Robert, 8th C.A.F.
Knowles, Mrs. Florence.
Knowles, Mrs. Jessie.
Knox, Mr. Joseph, 2nd C.D.A.C.
Laing, Mr. Arthur C., 3rd R.A.F.
Laing, Miss Jennie C.
Lamb, Mr. James, 13th Bn.
Lancaster, Mrs. Rebecca E. '
Lancaster, Miss Elsie M.
Langford, Mr. Arthur J., 2nd Can. Pioneers.
Langford, Mrs. A. J.
Langford, Mr. Reg. G.
Langford, Miss Vera G.
Langley, Mr. George H., 8th Sig.
Lawrence, Mr. Philip, 3rd Bn.
Leckie, Miss Edith L. L., N.S., B.C. of RC.
Linden, Mr. Percy H. G., C.R.A.
Linton, Mr. William, 4th C.E.
Linton, Mrs. Wm.
Liston, Mr. Boreas, C.M.G.C.
Loch, Mr. Lawrence, Imp.
Loch, Mrs. Lawrence.
Lomas, Mr. Joseph A., 9th C.E.
Lomas, Mrs. J. A.
Long, Miss Georgina D., N.S.
Long, Mr. James, 2nd C.M.R.
Longshaw, Mr. John E., 75th Bn.
Love, Mr. William C., C.A.V.C.
Low, Mr. George M., Imp.
Lowther, Mr. Gerald G., 3rd Bn.
Lucas, Mr. Robert J., C.R.C.G.A.
Lucas, Miss Jean.
Lush, Mr. Edgar, C.E.
Lush, Mr. F. P.
Lyons, Miss Ella M., N.S.
Macdonald, Mrs. Nettie.
Macdonald, Miss Constance.
MacFarlane, Mr. George, 4th C.M.R.
MacKendrick, Maj. H. C.
Macleod, Miss A. L.
MacMillan, Mr. John, 3rd Siege Bty. l
MacNaughton, Miss Mary A., N.S.
MacNaughton, Mr. Roderick, 6th G.R.T.
MacNaughton, Mrs. Roderick.
MacNaughton, Miss Mary.
MacNaughton, Miss Ina.
MacTavish, Mr. Wm. G., 75th Bn.
McAlpine, Miss E. I., N.S.
McBride, Mr. Archie C., 15th Bn.
McBride, Mr. Robert L., 26th Bn.
McBride, Mrs. R. L.
McCarten, Mr. Samuel, 208th and 102nd Bns.
McCarten, Mrs. Samuel.
McCarten, Mr. S. Clifford.
McCausland, Maj. The Reverend H.
McColl, Mr. Paul, 116th Bn.
McCormack, Mr. James, Imp.
McCormick, Mr. Frederick C., Imp.
McDonald, Mr. Donald, 123rd Bn.
McDonald, Mrs. Donald.
McDonald, Mrs. May.
McDonough, Mr. William, 75th Bn.
McDougall, Mr. Eric G.
McDougall, Mrs. E. G.
McDougall, Mrs. Mary J.
McElroy, Mr. Leonard O., 1st Bn.
McGee, Mr. George A., 87th Bn.
McGuigan, Mr. Arthur.
McGuigan, Mrs. Arthur.
McIlvenny, Mr. Frank, 16th Bn.
McIntyre, Mr. William 13., 19th Bn.
McJannet, Mr. William L., 2nd Field Co., C.E.
McKane, Mr. Francils R., Imp.
McKay, Mr. Edward D., 15th Bty.
McKinnon, Mr. Chester L., 38th Bty.

McKnight, Mr. Robert G.
McLean, Miss Ola M.
McLeod, P.A.
McMaster, Mr. Wilfrid, 2nd Bn.
McNab, Rev. John, 2nd Div., C.F.A.
McNeil, Mr. James H., Imp.
McNeill, Mrs. J. H.
McPherson, Lt.-Col. Frederick S., Sig.
McRae, Mr. William, 3lst Bty.
Magee, Mr. Thomas, 20th Bn.
Magill, Mr. John, 3rd C.M.G.C.
Magill, Mr. James, 124th Bn.
Mahon, Miss Georgia L.
Mainer, Mr. Randolph G., P.P.C.L.I.
Mains, Mr. Duncan A., 3rd Bn.
Manaton. Mrs. Doris W.
Manaton, Mr. Albert C.
Mann, Mr. Charles A., 75th Bn.
Mann, Mr. James T., C.R.D.
Mann, Mrs. J. T.
Marley, Mr. William E., C.E.
Marley, Mrs. W. E.
Marley, Miss Doris.
Marlow, Mr. Harry, 4th Bn.
Marriott, Mr. Percy G., 84th Bn.
Marsh, Mr. Wm., Ordinance Corps.
Marshall, Mr. Herbert V. H., 3rd D.A.C.
Marshall, Mr. Robert, 2nd Div., H.Q.
Martindale, Mr. Wm. E., 14th Bn.
Mathews, Mrs. Mary.
Matthews, Mr. Thomas, A.S.C.
Mavor, Mr. James T., C.E.F.
Maybin, Miss Josephine.
Maynard, Mr. Carl H., 15th Bn.
Maynard, Mrs. C. H.
Menzies, Dr. F. H., 9th Bn.
Menzies, Mrs. F. H.
Menzies, Miss Mary.
Menzies, Miss Margaret.
Merrett, Mr. Lennett J., 8th C.E.
Merrett, Mrs. L. J. .
Merrett, Miss Lilian M.
Miller, Mrs. Armour A.
Miller, Miss Elizabeth M.
Miller, Miss Isabella L.
Miller, Mr. Thomas, 50th Bn.
Milton, Mr. Edward, 15th Bn.
Monie, Mr. David.
Monk, Miss Martha J., N.S., R.A.M.C.
Monk, Miss E. Louise.
Moore, Mr. Herbert S., 20th Bty., C.F.A.
Moore, Mr. James, 48th C.F.A.
Moore, Mrs. James.
Moore, Mr. John W.
Moore, Mr. John, 4th C.M.R.
Moore, Mrs. John.
Moore, Miss Betty.
Moore, Mrs. Muriel A.
Morgan, Mr. Wm. V.
Morris, Capt. Chas. A., 11th C.E.
Morris, Mrs. C. A. ,
Morris, Mr. Hector B., Imp.
Morris, Mrs. H. B.
Morris, Mr. Hubert M., C.M.G.C.
Morris, Mrs. H. M.
Morris, Mr. Robert, Imp.
Morrison, Mr. David A., 102nd Bn.
Morrison, Miss Mae.
Morris, Mr. Alfred J., C.S.C.
Morrow, Mr. Alfred, Imp.
Morton, Mrs. May L.
Mowat, Mr. C. Smyth, 18th C.F.A.
Mowat, Mrs. C. S.
Muir, Mr. George, C.A.M.C.
Muir, Mr. James R., 48th Hldrs.

Muir, Mr. Peter.
Muncie, Mrs. Sarah.
Muncie, Mr. George R.
Murray, Mrs. Lillian R.
Murray, Mr. Norman B., 111th Bn.
Murray, Mr. Robert W., D.A.C.
Murray, Mrs. R. W.
Murray, Mr. Wallace.
Murray, Mr. Thomas, Imp.
Murray, Mr. William, 17th Bty., C.F.A.
Myer, Mr. Edward E., C.E.F.
Neeson, Mr. James, 1st C.D.A.C.
Neeson, Mrs. James.
Neill, Mr. Joseph, 25th Bn.
Neilson, Mr. William, M.G.C.
Newman, Mr. Elgin T., 3rd Bn.
Nicholas, Mr. Harry J.
Nidd, Mr. Robert, C.E.F.
Nixon, Mr. Frederick C., 102nd Bn.
Nixon, Mrs. F. C.
Noke, Mr. James, 216th Bn.
Norman, Major Ronald E., R.A.F.
Norris, Maj. E. J. K.
Norton, Mrs. Elizabeth.
O'Brien, Mr. John A., Imp.
O'Brien, Mr. John M., 2nd Div. Sig.
Oddy, Mr. Richard St. J., 19th Bn.
Oddy, Mrs. R. St. J.
Oke, Mr. C. W., C.A.M.C.
Oke, Mrs. C. W.
Oke, Mr. William.
Oke, Mr. Maurice.
Oke, Mr. John, C.R.T.
O'Keefe, Mr. Thomas J., 58th Bn.
Oliver, Capt. Douglas R., 18th Bn.
Oliver, Mrs. D. R.
Oliver, Mr. William, Imp.
Olsen, Mrs. Hilda E.
O'Reilly, Mr. Robert, Imp.
Ormerod, Mr. Henry, 3rd C.M.S. Bn.
Ottaway, Dr. Frank G., 58th Bn.
Owler, Mr. George O., 15th Bn.
Parker, Mr. Edgar P., 24th Bn.
Parker, Mr. Frank, 116th Bn.
Parker, Mr. George A., 2nd C. P.
Parrett, Mr. William.
Pascoe, Mr. Claud A., King Edward's Horse.
Paterson, Mr. Jesse G., 20th C.M.G.C.
Paterson, Mrs. J. G.
Paterson, Mr. George.
Patrick, Mr. James, 5th C.F.A.
Pavey, Mr. Alfred, 116th Bn.
Payne, Mr. John E., C.F.C.
Perkin, Mrs. T. R.
Perrett, Mr. Charles W., 75th Bn.
Peters, Mrs. Susan.
Petrie, Miss Bessie.
Phillips, Mr. David, 28th Bn.
Phillips, Mrs. David.
Phillips, Mr. David L.
Phillips, Mr. Edward T., Imp.
Phillips, Mrs. E. T.
Pidduck, Mr. John R., R.P.C.L.I.
Poppelwell, Mr. William, 19th Bn.
Porter, Mr. Frank, P.P.C.L.I.
Porter, Mrs. Frank.
Porter, Geo. M.
Porter, Mr. George, 44th Bn.
Porter, Mr. Henry, 33rd Bty.
Porter, Mrs. Henry.
Porter, Mr. Samuel, 3rd Bn.
Poupore, Lt.-Col. Albert G., 75th Bn.
Powell, Mr Henry T., 1st Bn.
Powers, Miss Sadie M.
Prater, Mr. E. C.

Pratt, Mr. John, Imp.
Pratt, Mrs. John.
Pratt. Miss Doreen.
Price, Mr. Frederick F., R.C.R.
Prissick, Mr. Wilfred W., Imp.
Prissick, Mrs. W. W.
Prissick, Miss Myra E.
Pritchard, Mr. Ernest, C.A.D.C-
Province, Mr. Samuel J., Imp.
Province, Mrs. S. J.
Province, Miss Eileen.
Province, Miss Eleanor.
Province, Mr. S. J.
Pyke, Mrs. Lucy.
Pyle. Mrs. Hannah.
Pyper, Mr. Charles B., 15th R.I.F.
Radburn, Mr. Alfred G., 14th C.A.M.C.
Rae, Mr. Wm. J., 15th Bn.
Rae. Mrs. W. J.
Rae, Miss Mona.
Ransom, Mr. Algernon F., 3rd Bn.
Raspin, Mr. Joseph, 2nd M.M.G.C.
Raspin, Mrs. Joseph.
Ravelle, Mrs. Margaret A., N.S.
Reason, Mr. Felix G., 4th Bn.
Reburn, Mr. C. L., 164th &. 116th an.
Reburn, Mrs. C. L.
Redfern, Mr. Wesley B., 9th Field Co., CE.
Redfern, Mrs. W. B.
Redfern, Miss Marian.
Redfern, Miss Jean.
Redfern, Miss Barbara.
Redfern, Mr. Donald.
Redwood, Mr. W. J. M., 116th Bn.
Reed, Mr. John R., 60th Bn.
Reed, Mrs. J. R.
Reid, Capt. A. M., 1st Field Co., C.E.
Reid. Mr. Alex, 53rd C.F.A.
Reid, Mr. Harry.
Reid, Mr. Charles, Imp.
Reid, Mrs. Charles.
Reid, Mr. Samuel, 3rd Field Co., C.E.
Reilly, Mr. John D., 21st Bn.
Relf, Mr. John, 4th C.M.R.
Reynolds, Mr. George, 3rd Bn.
Ritchie, Miss Jane.
Richards, Mr. James T., Imp.
Richards, Mrs. J. T.
Richards, Mrs. Mary K.
Richardson, Mr. Albert J., 75th Bn.
Richardson, Mrs. Jean M.
Richardson, Mr. Stephen E., 124th Bn.
Richardson, Mrs. S. E.
Ridgway, Mr. Tom, 9th Bty., C.F.A.
Ridgway, Mrs. Tom.
Riley, Mr. Joseph F., C.A.M.C.
Riley, Mrs. J. F.
Riley, Miss Josephine.
Riley, Miss Dora C.
Rimmer, Mr. Arthur, 2nd Bn.
Rinehart, Mrs. Mary.
Roberts, Mr. Alfred T., 85th Bn.
Roberts, Mrs. A. T.
Roberts, Mr. Fred.
Roberts, Mrs. Mary.
Roberts, Miss Norah, R. N.
Roberts, Miss Pansy E., N.S., C.G.H.
Roberts, Mr. Thomas J., 5th C.D.A.C.
Robertson, Mrs. Annie.
Robertson, Mr. Charles, 6th Black Watch.
Robinson, A. A., C.E.F.
Robinson, Mr. Clifford, 3rd Bn.
Robinson, Mr. Henry S., 8th Bde.
Robinson, Mr. Thomas A., C.A.G.S.
Robinson, Mrs. Isabel.

Robinson, Mr. W. E., C.M.R.
Robson, Mr. David, Imp.
Rolph, Mr. Frank G., 38th Bn.
Rose, Mr. George E., C.A.M.C.
Ross, Capt. Alexander P., 18th Bn.
Roumbanis, Mr. Demetrius C., French Army.
Routley, Mr. Frank S., C.E.
Rowland, Mr. John W., Div. Sig.
Russell, Mr. James, Imp.
Ryerson, Major Arthur O., 31st Bty.
Sager, Mr. Elmer, 1st C.M.G.
Salter, Mr. Robert.
Sanders, Mr. William B., 4th Bty., C.F.A.
Scaysbrook, Mr. George, R. E.
Scott, Miss Carol M.
Scott, Miss Marguaret J.
Scott, Mr. Richard S., R.A.F.
Scott, Mrs. R. S.
Seabrook, Mr. Arthur F., L.S.H.
Searle, Maurice.
Searle, Mr. Wm. T., Imp.
Sears, Mr. Richard A., Imp.
Seeley, Mrs. Olive.
Seers, Mrs. Isabella C.
Seibert, Mrs. Dorothy E.
Sheekey, Mrs. Robt.
Shepherd, Mr. Douglas, Imp.
Shepherd, Mr. George, 116th Bn.
Sheppard, Mr. Alexander, 1st C.R.T.
Sheppard, Mrs. Alexander.
Sheppard, Mrs. Isabel].
Shine, Mrs. Kate.
Silson, Mrs. Ruth.
Simpson, Mrs. Margaret J.
Simpson, Major Rupert, Imp.
Simpson, Mrs. Rupert.
Skrimshire, Mr. Linton H., 1st Bn.
Skrimshire, Mrs. L. H.
Slade, Mr. Harry A., 3rd Bn. 7
Sloan, Mr. James, 2nd M.G. Bn.
Sloan, Mr. Robert W.
Smelt, W. J.
Smith, Mr. A. J., C.A.S.C.
Smith, Mrs. A. J.
Smith, Miss Birdie.
Smith, Mr. Edward L. H., 21st Bn.
Smith, Mr. Harry O., C.A.S.C.
Smith, Mrs. H. O.
Smith, Miss Andrey G.
Smith, Mr. Henry W., Imp.
Smith, Mrs. H. W.
Smith, Master Wallace.
Smith, Miss June.
Smith, Mr. Sydney, 18th Bn.
Smith, Mrs. Sydney.
Smith, Mr. Wm. G.
Smith, Mrs. W. G.
Solley, Mrs. Mary L.
Sowray, Mr. George, 25th Bn.
Stanely, Mr. E., 123rd Bn.
Stanway, Mr. Leonard J., 4th C.M.R.
Stephenson, Mr. Robert, 4th C.S.C.
Stevens, Mr. Charles, 20th Bn.
Stevens, Mr. Edgar G. W., 2nd C.E.
Stevens, Mr. Walter A., C.A.S.C.
Stevenson, Mr. E., 1st C.E.
Stevenson, Mrs. E.
Stevenson, Mr. Ernest F., C.E.
Stewart, Mrs. Agnes.
Stewart, Mr. David, Imp.
Stewart, Dr. Evan A., 87th Bn.
Stewart, Mr. John, 58th Bn.
Stewart, Mrs. Leila M.
Stewart, Capt. Richard A. W., 20th Bn.
Stewart, Mr. William, 45th Bty.

Stinson, Mr. Frank, 19th Bn.
Stinson, Mrs. Sarah.
Stott. Mr. Joseph, C.O.C.
Stransman, Mr. Harry, 38th Bn.
Stuart. Mr. George, Imp.
Summers, Mr. George L., 5th C.M.R.
Summers, Mrs. G. L.
Sutcliffe, Capt. James E., Imp.
Swan, Mr. Wm., 58th Bn.
Sweeney, Mrs. Margaret M.
Switzer, Mrs. Mary J.
Sylvester, Mr. Jack A., Belgian Army.
Symons. Mr. Wilfrid G., 87th Gren. Guards.
Tait, Mrs. Isabella.
Tait, Miss Isabella.
Tate. Mr. J. A., Imp.
Taylor, Mr. Charles H., 13th Bn.
Taylor. Mr. David, 11th Bty.
Taylor. Mrs. David.
Taylor. Mrs. Emma.
Taylor. Mr. Frank, Imp.
Terry, Mr. Frank H., 20th Bty.
Thomas. Mr. George G., 2nd C.R.T.
Thomas. Mrs. G. C.
Thomas. Miss Isabel.
Thomas. Mr. John M., Imp.
Thomas, Mrs. J. M.
Thomas. Mr. Ian M.
Thomas. Mr. Thomas G., R.A.F.
Thomas, Mrs. T. G.
Thomas, Miss Margaret 0.
Thompson, Capt. Allan O., 19th Bn.
Thompson, Mr. Charles S., 16th Bn.
Thompson, Mr. David, C.A.M.C.
Thompson, Mrs. Hannah M.
Thompson, Major James W. G., 116th Bn.
Thompson, Mrs. Mary J.
Thompson, Mr. R., Rlwy Troops.
Thompson, Mrs. R.
Thompson, Mr. Thomas, 21st Bn.
Thomson, Major Jas. S., Imp.
Thomson, Mr. James, 3rd Div. Tr.
Thomson, Mrs. James.
Thomson, Major, W. R.
Thorpe, Mr. Harold, 74th Bn.
Timmins, Mr. Harold W., 20th Bty.
Tinworth, Mr. William S., 1st Bn.
Tinworth, Mrs. W. S.
Tinworth, Miss Ethel.
Tipper, Mr. Percy A., Imp.
Titmarsh. Mr. James H., 19th Bn.
Titmarsh. Mrs. J. H.
Titmarsh. Mr. James S.
Tomlinson. Mrs. James.
Torr, Miss Alice, N.S.
Totten. Mrs. Violet R.
Towler. Mr. Raymond E., Imp.
Towler. Mrs. R. E., N.S.
Towler. Miss Eleanor.
Tranter. Mr. John, 1st C.M.B. Bn.
Trollope. Mr. George, C.E.
Trollope. Mrs. George.
Tucker. Mr. Oliver, 46th Bn.
Tucker. Mr. Walter E., 7th Field Co., C.E.
Turner. Mrs. Kathleen E.
Turner. Mr. Tom, 15th Bn.
Turpin. Mr. Christopher W., C.A.M.C.
Turpin. Mrs. Hannah P.
Turpin. Mrs. Violet H.
Twaddle. Mrs. Margaret.
Twaddle, Mr. Wm. M., 58th Bn.
Tvas, Mrs. Minnie P.
Tyler. Mr. E. O., 3rd Bn.
Tyler. Mrs. E. C.
Unia. Mr. Edward A. J., 3rd Bn.

Unia, Mrs. E. A. J.
Unthank, Mr. William A., 26th Bn.
Valentlne, Mr. Thomas, 16th Bn.
Vanderburgh, Miss Mary F.
Vann, Mrs. Dorothy J.
Vann, Miss Dorothy Y.
Vann, Mr. Frank G.
Vetter, Mr. Harold V., R.N.C.V.R.
Vigrass, Mrs. M. J.
Vigrass, Miss Mercedes.
Vyse, Mr. Stephen G., 116th Bn.
Waine, Mr. Jack, Imp.
Waine. Mrs. Jack.
Walker, Mr. Goldwin W. O., 33rd Bty., C.F.A.
Walker, Mr. Robert L. M., 24th Bn.
Wallace, Mr. William, 75th Bn.
Walton, Mr. Leonard, 4th Bn.
Ware, Cyril.
Wardle, Mrs. J. A.
Watson, Mr. Edgar W., Imp.
Watson, Mrs. Ellen J.
Webb, Mr. Chas., P.P.C.L.I.
Webb, Mrs. Chas.
Webster, Mrs. Maggie L. M.
Weir, Mr. John J., 6th C.F.A.
Weir, Mr. Robert, C.A.S.C.
Weir, Mrs. Robert.
Weller, Mrs. Mary L.
Wellman, Mr. Isaac, 58th Bn.
Wells, Mr. William A., 20th Bn.
Welwood, Capt. Thomas R., M.D., C.A.M.C.
Wemyss, Mr. James E., 124th Bn.
Wemyss, Mrs. J. E.
West, Mr. James A., C.A.S.C.
West, Mrs. J. A.
West, Mr. William, P.P.C.L.I.
Westbeare, Mr. William A., 127th Bn.
Westman, Mrs. Florence A.
Westwater, Mr. William, 24th Bn.
Wheelans, Mr William, 42th Hldrs.
Wheelans, Mrs. Wm.
White, Mr. C. E, 4th Bn.
White, Mrs. C. F.
White, Mr. Vernon.
White, Mr. Charles L., Imp.
White, Mrs. C. L.
White, Major James A. G., 2nd Bde., C.E.
White, Mrs. J. A. G.
White, Mr. Norman S., R.C.D.
White, Mrs. N. S.
White, Miss Yvonne.
Whitehouse, Mr. Ralph, 4th C.M.R.
Whitely, Mr. Elmer.
Whitham, Mr. Walter, 10th Bty.
Whitham, Mrs. Walter.
Whitham, Mr. Walter.
Whitlow, Mr. A. J., A. Transport.
Whitnall, Mr. Percy, 2nd C.M.R.
Whitnall, Mrs. Percy.
Whitnall, Mr. William.
Whittle, Mr. William, Imp.
Whittaker, Mr. Isaac, 4th C.M.R.
Whittaker, Mrs. Isaac.
Whittaker, Miss Margaret.
Wilcox, Mr. Isaiah, Imp.
Wildgoose, Henrietta.
Wilkinson, Mr. Harold, 58th Bn.
Wilkinson, Mrs. Harold.
Wilkinson, Miss Lillian.
Wilkinson, Mr. John.
Williams, Mr. Arthur, C.A.M.C.
Williams, Major Frank A., Sig.
Williams, Mr. Francis E., 58th Bn.
Williams, Mr. Richard D., 123rd Bn.
Williamson, Mr. Leonard, 30th C.F.A.

Willimott, Mr. Sidney, 19th Bn.
Willson, Mr. W. L., 19th Bn.
Willson, Mrs. W. L.
Willson, Miss Shirley.
Wilson, Mr. Andrew, 11th C.M.G.
Wilson, Mrs. Andrew.
Wilson, Mrs. Jane.
Wilson, Mr. John, C.R.T.
Wiltshire, Mrs. Elizabeth.
Wood, Mr. Charles A., C.O.C., H.Q.
Wood, Mrs. C. A.
Wood, Miss Grace E.
Wood, Mr. James, 60th Bn.
Woodward, Mr. Frederick C., 170th Bn.
Woodward, Mrs. F. C.
Woolley, Miss Kathleen.
Wordley, Mr. John W., 15th Bn.
Wordley, Mrs. J. W.
Wormald, Mrs. Elizabeth.
Wright, Mrs. M. E.
Wright, Miss Marjory.
Wright, Mr. Walter, Imp.
Wright, Mrs. Walter.
Yeaman, Miss Agnes G.
Young, Mr. Alexander, 123rd Bn.
Young, Mrs. Elizabeth P.
Yuill, Mrs. Janet.
Yuill, Miss Ruby.

elipsis graphic


Blanchard, Dr. J. E., C.A.D.C., Charlottetown.
Blanchard, Mrs. J. E., Charlottetown.
Blanchard, Mrs. Margaret, Charlottetown.
Callbeck, Mrs. Geo. A., Summerside.
Crosby, Mr. Percy D., 13th L.R.O.C., Summerside.
Crosby, Mrs. P.D., Summerside.
Crosby, Miss Mary, Summerside.
Darrach, Mr. Ian T., 1st Bn., Kensington.
Duncan, Mr. Joseph, Imp., Charlottetown.
Gillan, Miss Ina G., N.S., Charlottetown.
Harrington, Miss Mildred B., Charlottetown.
Johnson, Dr. Henry D., C.A.M.C., Charlottetown.
Johnstone, Mr. Edwin C., Charlottetown.
Johnstone, Miss Jennie, Summerside.
Keeping, Mr. E. A., 5th Siege Bty., Murray Harbour.
Keeping, Mrs. E. A., Murray Harbour.
Kirwan, Miss Dorothy F., Charlottetown.
Macdonald, Mrs. Edith A., Murray River.
MacGuigan, Dr. James D., Charlottetown.
MacMillan, Miss Marion, Charlottetown.
McKinnon, Mr. Malcolm, Charlottetown.
Mair, Miss Anna, Charlottetown.
Robinson, Mr. David M., 14th Bn., Charlottetown.
Robinson, Mrs. David M., Charlottetown.
Sherren, Mr. G. E., Charlottetown.
Schurman, Miss Winnifred D., N.S., Summerside.
Sherren, Mrs. Geo. E., Charlottetown.
Slackford, Miss Mabel M., Summerside.
Simpson, Mrs. R. P., Charlottetown.
Townsend, Miss Jean M., Summerside.
Wonnacott, Mr. Lloyd A., 2nd Bty., Charlottetown.

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Abbey, Lt.-Col. Philip, 11th S. Bn., Corps A., Montreal.
Adams, Mr. Victor, 12th C.P.C., Sherbrooke.
Allen, Mr. Albert J., 2nd Bn., Montreal.
Amy, Mr. Raulin, Quebec.
Andrews, Rev. Donald, Imp., Montreal.
Andrews, Mr. Clifford, Montreal.
Arbuckle, Mr. Percy R., 2nd Bn., Hull.

Arbuckle, Mrs. P. R., Hull.
Archibald, Mr. Jas. E., Montreal.
Baird, Mr. David, R. Can. Regt., Montreal.
Baird, Mrs. David, Montreal.
Bales, Maj. J. N., Montreal.
Barclay, Mr. Noel McE., Imp., Montreal.
Barclay, Mr. Wm. N., Montreal.
Baty, Mr. Edward, Imp., Outremont.
Beaulieu, Capt. Rosaire, 22nd Bn., Montreal.
Beaulieu, Mrs. R., Montreal.
Bedding, Mrs. Mary, Montreal.
Beeching, Mr. Albert, R.C.H.A., McMasterville.
Bennet, Mr. Wm. H., Imp., Montreal.
Berthiaume, Miss Jeannette, Hull.
Bilodeau, Mr. Wenceslas, R. 22nd Regt., Quebec.
Bilodeau, Mrs. W., Quebec.
Binns, Mrs. May V. V., Montreal.
Bishop, Mr. Loyal le R., 2nd Bde., C.P.A., & R.F.C. Montreal.
Bishop, Mrs. L. 1e R., Montreal.
Black, Mr. Angus, 73rd Bn., Montreal.
Blyth, Mr. Archibald J., 5th Bde., M.G.C., Montreal.
Boon, Mr. James, 87th Bn., St. Lambert.
Bourgeois, Mr. J. A., 7th F.B.C.A., Cowansville.
Boyd, Mr. Th05. A., 13th R.H.C., Grand'Mére.
Breckenridge, Mr. Wm., 42nd C.R.H., Montreal.
Breckenridge, Mrs. Wm., Montreal.
Brereton, Mr. George E., C.A.M.C., Greenfield Park.
Brightwell, Mr. Harry F., 2nd Siege Bty., C.G.A., Montreal.
Brightwell, Mrs. H. F., Montreal.
Bromilow, Mr. P., 60th Bn., Montreal.
Bromilow, Mrs. F., Montreal.
Bromilow, Mr. Jack, Montreal.
Brousseau, Lt.-Col. T. E., Quebec.
Brousseau, Madame, Quebec.
Brown, Mrs. Helen, Verdun.
Browne, Miss Sarah E., Rock Forest.
Brunt, Mr. John W., C.A.M.C., Westmount.
Bryson, Mr. Wm., 60th Bn., Montreal.
Bryson, Mrs. W., Montreal.
Bullock, Miss Anne S. M., N.S., Imp., Quebec.
Burbidge, Maj. G. C., Montreal.
Butler, Mrs. Winnifred, Montreal.
Bye, Mr. Arthur, 60th Bn., Montreal.
Cadden, Mrs. Wm., Montreal. '
Cadden, Mr. Harold, Montreal.
Caldwell, Mrs. Jessie H., Farnham.
Caldwell, Mr. Lionel, 2nd C.M.G.C., New Carlisle.
Carling, Mr. W. H., 26th Bn., Westmount.
Caswell, Mr. John P. J., C.L.H., Montreal.
Chabot, Mr. Roméo, 150th Bn., Valley Junction.
Chambers, Mr. Tom, 60th Bn., Verdun.
Chapman, Mrs. Florence, Montreal.
Chapman, Mr. Geo. E., Montreal.
Charette, Mr. J. E., 13th Bn., Montreal.
Charette, Mrs. J. E., Montreal.
Chartrand, Mr. Arthur, Laval Hosp., Montreal.
Chartrand, Mrs. Arthur, Montreal.
Cheval, Mr. Matthew, 1st C.A.V.C., Montreal.
Chretien, Capt. Jos. P., C.A.D.C., Montreal.
Chevalier, Mr. Philippe, Montreal.
Christie, Mr. Rendall A. G., C.A.M.C., Montreal
Clark, Mr. Alexander M., 5th C.D.A.C., Montreal.
Clark, Miss Barbara, R.N., Montreal.
Clark, Mr. Horace H., 14th R.M.R., Montreal.
Clerk, Miss Winnifred G., Montreal.
Clifford, Mr. Arthur H., 85th Bn., Montreal.
Closs, Mr. Lloyd E., C.M.G.C., Noranda.
Cobb, Mr. John H. W., M.M., Verdun.
Cobban, Mr. Alexander A., R.E., Montreal.
Cochrane, Mr. Hector O., 60th Bn., Montreal.
Cochrane, Mrs. H. O., Montreal.
Collins, Mr. Sydney, 60th Bn., Montreal.
Connor, Mr. John, 60th Bn., Verdun.

Connor, Mrs. John, Verdun.
Constable, Mr. Leopold C., Sig., Montreal.
Cooper, Mr. Joshua R., 2nd Div. Trench M.S., Montreal.
Corbeil, Mr. René, C.A.M.C., Montreal.
Corbett, Mrs. Isabel B., Quebec.
Corbett, Mr. Frances M., Quebec.
Cottingham, Miss Alice M., Montreal.
Coxhead, Mr. Percy E., 67th Bty., Montreal.
Coxhead, Mrs. P. E., Montreal.
Creagh, Mr. Thos. P., 14th Bn., Montreal.
Crilley, Mr. Hubert H., Imp., Montreal.
Crotty, Mrs. Caroline E., Montreal.
Cur-wood, Mr. Robert, 24th Bn., Mascouche.
Dakers, Mr. George, Imp., Verdun.
Dakers, Mrs. Geo., Verdun.
Dance, Mr. Wm. J., Imp., Montreal.
D'Arcy, Mr. Clarence W., 9th C.F.A., Montreal.
Darnell, Mr. J. R., Montreal.
Darnell, Mrs. J. R., Montreal.
Daughters, Mr. Geo., 14th Bn., Montreal.
Daughters, Mrs. Geo., Montreal.
Davis, Mr. Albert S., 1st Heavy Bty., Montreal.
Davis, Mr. Edward W. M., 1st Heavy Bty., Montreal.
Dearnaley, Mr. Wm. A., 9th C.E., Montreal.
DeMartigny, Lt.-Col. F., Montreal.
Desmarais, Mr. Joseph, 60th Bn., Montreal.
Dever, Mr. James M., 87th Bn., St. Lambert.
Dever, Mrs. J. N., St. Lambert.
Dewar, Miss Mary S., N.S., Ste. Anne de Bellevue.
Dickie, Elizabeth L., N.S., Montreal.
Dix, Mr. Frederick W. W., 13th Bty., C.F.A., St. Lambert.
Dormer, Mr. Wm. J. S., R.A.F., Montreal.
Dormer, Mrs. W. J. 8., Montreal.
Dormer, Mr. Robert E. W., Montreal.
Dormer, Miss Doreen M. E., Montreal.
Douglas, Mrs. James S., Verdun.
Drummond, Mr. Alexander L., R.N., Verdun.
Duchesnay, Mr. A. J., P.P.C.L.I., Quebec.
Duchesnay, Mrs. A. J., Quebec.
Dumont-Laviolette, Madame. Charlebois.
Dundas, Mr. Warner J., 6th D.A.T.S., Westmount.
Dunk, Mr. Sydney, 148th Bn., Rosemount.
Dyke, Mr. Russell L., 24th Bn., Montreal.
Eastwick, Mr. David E., Imp., Montreal.
Ellins, Mr. Harry F., C.A.G.S., Montreal.
Ellins, Mrs. H. F., Montreal.
Elliott, Mr. A. E., Montreal.
Elliott, Mrs. A. E., Montreal.
Elliott, Miss Gladys, Montreal.
Ellis, Mr. Eugene, 24th V.R.C. Bn., Lachine.
Etheridge, Mr. Leonard E., 2lst Bn., Montreal.
Etheridge, Mrs. L. E., Montreal.
Fairbairn, Mr. Edward, 42nd Bn., Montreal.
Fairbairn, Mr. John S., C.A.P.C., Westmount.
Favreau, Mr. Alexandre, 14th Bn., Montreal.
Favreau, Mrs. A., Montreal.
Fennel], Mr. Wm. A., 75th Bn., Athelstan.
Ferrier, Mr. John E., 38th Bn., Montreal.
Finlay, Mr. George, Imp., Montreal.
Finn, Mr. Owen, 17th Bn., Montreal.
Fiset, Maj.-Gen. Sir Eugene, Rimouski.
Fiset, Lady, Rimouski.
Fiset, Mademoiselle, Rimouski.
Forbes, Miss Annie, Montreal..
Forbes, Mr. James O., 3rd Bn., Montreal.
Forrest, Mr. J. J., 5th C.M.R., Coaticook.
Forrest, Mrs. J. J., Coaticook.
Forster, Miss Charlotte L., Montreal.
Fothergill, Mr. William, 2nd C.A.B., Montreal.
Franklin, Capt. Wm. H., C.A.M.C., Montreal.
Franklin, Miss Barbara, Montreal.
Frappier, Mr. Arthur P., 22nd Bn., Montreal.
Frappier, Mrs. A. P., Montreal.
Fraser, Mr. George J., 13th Bn., Kewagama.
Fraser, Miss Violet U., Montreal.

Fryer, Mrs. Muriel E., Longueuil.
Gagnon, Mr. Joseph E., 28th Bn., Quebec.
Gagnon, Mrs. J. E., Quebec.
Gagnon, Miss Irene, Quebec.
Gaisford, Capt. Reginald O., 38th Bn., Montreal.
Gaisford, Mrs. R. O., Montreal.
Garner, Mr. Graham O., 23rd C.F.A., Westmount.
Garner, Mrs. G. C., Westmount.
Garvan, Mr. Michael J., 1st Div. H.Q., & Div. C.A., St. Agathe des Monts.
Garvan, Mrs. M. J., St. Agathe des Monts.
George, Mr. Gilbert O., Imp., Montreal.
Gilbey, Mr. Henry, Imp., Montreal.
Gilmore, Mr. Wm. B., 42nd R.H.G., Montreal.
Godin, Mr. Jules, 14th Bn., Montreal.
Godin, Mrs. Jules, Montreal.
Golden, Mr. T. L., L.S.H., Noranda.
Gordon, Mr. Alexander, 78th Bn., Quebec.
Gorrie, Mr. Ernest L., 42nd Bn., Montreal.
Gorrie, Mrs. E. L., Montreal.
Goulet, Mr. J. Augustin, 60th Bn., New-Carlisle.
Grant, Mr. Adam C., Imp., Verdun.
Grant, Mr. B. D., 20th Bn., Quebec.
Grant, Mr. Wilson E., 24th Bn., Lacolle.
Gratton, Rev. Father L., Chaplain Service, Hull.
Gravel, Mr. Oscar, Imp., St. Lambert.
Green, Mr. John H., 3rd Bde., Verdun.
Greenhalgh, Mr. Wm., 115 King's Liverpool Regt., McMasterville.
Greenhalgh, Mrs. W., McMasterville.
Greenhalgh, Miss Alice, McMasterville.
Greenhalgh, Mr. Billy, McMasterville.
Grier, Miss Frances E., Montreal.
Griffiths, Mr. Arthur R., 42nd Bn., Montreal.
Griffiths, Mrs. A. R., Montreal.
Grigg, Mrs. May, Stanstead.
Grigg, Mr. L., Stanstead.
Grigg, Miss Elizabeth, Stanstead.
Guthrie, Mr. Frederick, 14th & 87th an., Montreal.
Hale, Mrs. H. R., St. Agathe des Monts.
Halford, Mr. Chas. R., 56th Bn., Verdun.
Halford, Mrs. C. R., Verdun.
Halford, Mr. Norman, Verdun.
Hall, Mr. Henry B., Imp., Montreal.
Hall, Mrs. H. B., Montreal.
Hall, Miss Ruth R., Montreal.
Hall, Mrs. J. S. G., N.S., St. Lambert.
Hall, Mrs. J., St. Lambert.
Hall-Tompkins, Mr. E. E, 60th Bn., Montreal.
Hamilton, Mr. George, C.H., Montreal.
Hamilton, Mr. George, Montreal.
Harcourt, Mr. Reginald, Imp., Strathmore.
Hartley, Mr. Leonard, 3rd Bty., 1st Bde., Verdun. ,
Hartley, Mr. Thos. B., C.R.F.C., Montreal.
Hartley, Mrs. T. B., Montreal.
Haselton, Miss Helen M., R.N., St. Lambert.
Hayes, Mr. George, Imp., Westmount.
Hayes, Mrs. George, Westmount.
Heap, Mr. John T., C.A.M.C., Cartierville. "
Hemming, Mr. Joseph O., 14th Bn., Montreal.
Hemming, Mrs. J. O., Montreal.
Henderson, Mrs. Elizabeth, Farnham.
Hendry, Mr. Gordon, 147th Bn., Noranda.
Hermeston, Mr. Wm., Kewagama.
Hermeston, Mrs. W., Kewagama.
Hersee, Miss Lilian, Montreal.
Hewson. Major Chas. W., 5th C.M.R., Lacolle.
Hill, Mrs. Rose, Montreal.
Holmes, Mr. Arthur, 9th Can. Field Amb., Verdun.
Holmes, Mrs. A., Verdun.
Holmes, Mr. Gordon, Verdun.
Holmes, Mr. Stanley, Verdun.
Holmes, Mr. Richard T., 13th C.F.A., Montreal.
Hopkins, Mr. C. W., 1st C. A. Bty., Montreal.
Hopkins, Mrs. C. W., Montreal.

Hopperton, Miss Emily E., Montreal.
Howell, Mr. Benjamin A., 18th Bn., Montreal.
Hudon, Mr. George, 22nd Bn., Montreal.
Hudson, Mr. Harry, 73rd Bn., Montreal.
Hughes, Mr. Thos. J., 2nd Bty., Montreal.
Hughes, Miss Edith E., Montreal.
Hume, Mr. George E., 35th Bty., C.F.A., Montreal.
Humphrey, Maj. M. J., Montreal.
Hunt, Col. Robert D., 56th C.F.C., Lakeside.
Hunter, Mr. John, 42nd R.H.C., Montreal.
Hunter, Mrs. John, Montreal.
Hunter, Mr. Wm. 8., Montreal.
Hunter, Mrs. W. B., Montreal.
Hutchinson, Mr. Albert E., 42nd Bn., Verdun.
Jefferies. Mr. Chas. H., 1st C.R.T., Montreal.
Jefferies, Mrs. C. H., Montreal.
Jefferies. Miss Winifred K., Montreal.
Jerdan, Mr. Porteous, 18th Bn., St. Lambert.
Jessop, Miss Marguerite, N.S., Quebec.
Johnson, Capt. Hammond, 1st Bty., C.F.A., Montreal.
Johnson, Mr. Louis L., 10th Bde., H.Q., Clarke City.
Johnson. Mr. T. H., 58th B.G.O.E., Montreal. _
Johnston, Mrs. Catherine, Montreal.
Johnston, Mr. Alexander, Montreal.
Johnstone, Mr. James, 14th Bn., R.M.R., Montreal.
Jones, Mrs. Elizabeth, Montreal.
Jones. Mr. George, Pointe Claire.
Jones, Mrs. George, Pointe Claire.
Juniper, Mr. Harold J., Imp., Montreal.
Kay, Mr. Charles, Imp., Verdun.
Keen, Mr. G. O., 13th Bn., Montreal.
Keen, Mrs. G. C., Montreal.
Keirstead, Capt. J. Vernon, 7th M.G. Bn., Montreal.
Kelly. Mrs. Jane A., Montreal.
Kemp, Lt.-Col. F. G., Quebec.
Kemp, Mrs. F. G., Quebec.
Kennedy, Mrs. Jennie, Quebec.
Kenny, Miss Isobel, Montreal.
Kenny, Miss Hilda, Montreal.
Killick, Mr. Wm. J., 24th Bn., V.R.C., Lacolle.
Knight, Miss Frances, Montreal.
Knight, Miss Margaret, Montreal.
Knight, Mrs. Sarah S. A., St. Hubert.
Knight, Miss Agnes H., St. Hubert.
Lamontagne, Miss Constance, Montreal.
Lawrence, Mrs. J. 8., Montreal.
Lawrence, Miss Emily F., Montreal.
Layton, Mr. George 8., Montreal.
Lebrun, Mr. G. H. W., Montreal.
Lebrun, Mrs. G. H. W., Montreal.
Legg, Mrs. Mary, Verdun.
Leggett, Mr. Anthony W., C.C.S.C., St. Lambert.
Leggett, Mrs. A. W., St. Lambert.
LeGresley, Mr. Francis J., 4th C.D.A.C., New Carlisle.
LePage, Mr. Charles A., R.N.C.V.R., Montreal
Lessard, Mr. Joseph V. E., Imp., Montreal.
Lewis, Mr. Harry, 12th Field Amb., Westmount.
Lindsay, Dr. Ewart, Noranda.
Link, Mr. Chas. H., 19th Bn., Montreal.
Lloyd, Mr. Clifford C., Imp., Montreal.
Lloyd, Mrs. Hilda, Montreal.
Lloyd, Mr. Albert E. H., Montreal.
Long, Mr. Harry J., 24th Bn., Montreal.
MacAulay, Major Thos. G., 5th C.M.R., Quebec.
MacCallum, Mr. Malcolm, Imp., Montreal.
MacCarthy, Mrs. C. de L., Montreal.
Macdonald, Mr. Donald A., 4th C.E., Montreal.
MacDonald, Miss Isabel, Montreal.
MacDonald, Mr. Ronald J., 1st Bn., Montreal.
MacDougall, Mr. Bruce W., Imp, Montreal.
MacDougall, Mrs. B. W., Montreal.
MacFadzen, Miss Ada. Westmount.
Mackie, Major O., Imp., Hull.
Mackie, Mrs. C., Hull.
Mackie, Master Ronald. Hull.

MacKinnon, Major The Hon. Mr. Justice Cecil G., C.A.S.C., Montreal.
MacLean, Mrs. Donald H., Quebec.
MacLean, Lt.-Col. Neil B., 52nd Bn., Montreal.
MacQueen, Mrs. Isabel E., R.N., Montreal.
McCaffery, Mrs. Wm., Montreal.
McCaffery, Mr. Wm., 14th Bn., R.M.R., Montreal.
McCann, Mr. Francis J., 10th Siege Bty., Montreal.
McCrindle ,Mr. Andrew D., 24th V.R., Montreal.
McGurty, Mr. Albert. C.A.M.C., Lachine.
McGurty, Mrs. A., Lachine.
McLaren, Mr. Wm. E., 32nd C.F.A., Montreal.
MCLarcn, Mrs. W. E., Montreal.
McLean, Mr. David C., 14th R.M.R., Greenfield Park.
McLean, Mrs. David C., Greenfield Park.
McMullan, Mr. Robert, Imp., Westmount.
McMurty, Major Alex. O., 1st Bde., C.F.A., Montreal.
McSkimming, Mr. Thos, W., 1st Siege Bty., Montreal South.
Maggs, Mr. Cyril H., Imp., Montreal.
Maggs, Mr. Raymond F., Imp., Montreal.
Margrett, Mr. Stanley B., 28th Bn., Montreal.
Marriet, Mrs. Florence, Montreal.
Marsh, Miss Dorothy, Quebec.
Marshall, Mr. Chas. H., C.A.M.(J., Outremont.
Martin, Mr. Chas. H., Montreal.
Martin, Mrs. Ruby, Montreal.
Martineau, Mr. Jean O., 6th C.F.A., Levis.
Mason, Mr. Lionel A., 6th C.M.G.G., Montreal.
Masse, Mr. Georges, 22nd Bn., St. Jean.
Masse, Mrs. G., St. Jean.
Mastine, Miss Edith L., Montreal.
Mastine, Mr. J. H., Drummondville.
Mastine, Mrs. J. H., Drummondville.
Matheson, Mr. Kenneth, 24th Bty., C.F.A., Montreal.
Matthews, Mr. Geo. W., R.N., Montreal. \
Mayhew, Mr. Douglas O., 5th C.M.R., Bromptonville.
Mayhew, Miss Jean 1., Montreal.
Mears, Mr. Maurice R. D., Imp., Montreal.
Messervier, Mr. E. T., 4th Bn., Noranda.
Millar, Mr. George, 13th Black Watch, Verdun.
Mitchell, Capt. C. N., V.C., Montreal.
Mitchell, Major George G., 23rd Bn., Lachute.
Mitchell, Mrs. G. G., Lachute.
Moore, Mrs. Mary, Lachine.
Moore, Mr. W. S., 16th Bty., C.F.A., Montreal.
Moore, Mrs. W. S., Montreal.
Moore, Mr. Sidney E., Montreal.
Moore, Miss Amy M., Montreal.
Mosley, Mr. Martin A., Imp., Montreal.
Motton, Mr. Frederick W., 24th V.R.C., Montreal.
Motton, Mrs. F. W., Montreal.
Murphy, Mrs. A. L., Montreal.
Murray, Mr. Charles E., 85th Bn., Montreal.
Murray, Mrs. Nita D., Montreal.
Neill, Mr. John, Imp., Montreal.
Nesbitt, Capt. J. K., 14th R.M.R., La Tuque.
Nesbitt. Mrs. J. K., La Tuque.
Ness, Mr. John B., Imp., Montreal.
Ness, Mrs. J. B., Montreal.
Ness, Miss Ruth, Montreal.
Ness, Miss Joan, Montreal.
Nixon ,Miss Charlotte 1., N.S., Montreal.
O'Brien, Mr. George, Imp., Montreal.
O'Brien, Mr. Patrick. 73rd Bn., Montreal.
O'Brien, Mrs. P., Montreal.
O'Brien, Mr. Thos., 8th C.E., Montreal.
O'Connell, Mr. Timothy J., 130th Bn., Montreal.
O'Donnell, Mr. Michael J., Montreal.
Oliver. Mr. Thos. M., 10th Field Co., C.E., Franklin Centre.
O'Sullivan. Mrs. Daisy, Strathmore.
Packer. Mr. John, 21st Bn., St. Lambert.
Paquet, Mr. J. F. A., 15th Bn., Bougainville.

Paradis, Mr. Louis J., 5th C.M.R., Montreal.
Payne, Mr. Thos. A., C.A.M.C., Montreal.
Park, Capt. Wm. B., Indian Army, Westmount.
Pearce, Mr. Wm. R., C.A.V.C., Montreal.
Peattie, Mr. Wm., R.N., Noranda.
Peel, Mr. Reginald, R.E., Brownsburg.
Petch, Mrs. Eleanore E., N.S., Montreal.
Phillips. Mr. Stephen H., 5th C.M.R., Montreal.
Phillips, Mrs. S. H., Montreal.
Pippin, Mr. S. J., C.E., Montreal.
Plunkett, Mrs. Hector A., Montreal.
Pope, Mr. Chas. L., 244th Bn., 5th C.M.R., 3rd C.S.C., Farnham.
Porter, Miss Margaret Y., Montreal.
Powell, Mr. A. T., Siberian Ammun. Column, Brownsburg.
Pratt, Mr. John, Imp., East Angus.
Price, Miss Eunice 113., Montreal.
Provan, Mrs. Catherine, Montreal.
Quinn. Mr. Wm., 14th Bn., St. Anne de Bellevue.
Rancourt, Mrs. Lea, Quebec.
Randles, Mr. A., The Kings (Liverpool) Regt., Montreal.
Rathbone, Mr. John E., 25th Bn., Montreal.
Redford, Capt. Geo. A., C.F.A., Rouyn.
Reid, Mr. C. Dixon, C.A.M.C., Montreal.
Reilly, Mrs. Kathleen, Montreal.
Riach, Mrs. Margaret, M.G., Montreal.
Richardson, Mr. C. E., 10th Siege Bty., Brownsburg.
Richardson, Mrs. C. E., Brownsburg.
Ricks, Mr. Frederick K., Imp., Montreal.
Ricks, Mrs. F. K., Montreal.
Robson, Mr. Mark, C.A.D.C., Montreal.
Roche, Mr. James J., R.N.C.V.R., Montreal.
Rochon, Mr. David, 79th Bty., Montreal.
Rochon, Mr. Jean 13., 10th Bn., Montreal.
Rodriguez, Mr. P., 2nd C.M.G.C., Montreal.
Ross, Miss Marjorie, N.S., 3rd C.G.H., Montreal.
Round, Mrs. Caroline, Montreal.
Round, Mr. Edmund, 87th Bn., Montreal.
Scott, The Rev. Elton, 5th Siege Bty., Lennoxville.
Scott, Mrs. Elton, Lennoxville.
Scott, Lt.-Col. The Venerable The Archdeacon Frederick G., Chaplain Service, Quebec.
Scott, Mr. Harry, Quebec.
Scowen, Mr. Herbert H., 35th C.F.A., Bishopton.
Sears, Mr. Henry, 24th Bn., Montreal.
Sears, Mrs. Henry, Montreal. .
Seary, Mr. John T., 148th Bn., Brownsburg.
Sedgwick, Mr. Harry, Montreal.
Sedgwick, Mrs. Harry, Montreal.
Shaw, Miss Dorothy, Montreal.
Sheel, Mr. Herbert H., 87th Bn., Beloeil.
Shefford, Mrs. L., 24th Bn., Montreal.
Shields, Mr. Wm. T., Imp., Montreal.
Sibley, Mr. Alfred P., C.F.A., Montreal.
Sim, Mrs. Ella, Verdun.
Simpson, Mr. Wm., 5th C.D.A.C., Verdun.
Simpson, Mr. Wm., Verdun.
Simpson, Mrs. Wm., Verdun.
Simpson, Mr. Leonard, Verdun.
Sirois, Mr. L. P. Dilfred, Labor Bn., Grand River.
Skanes, Mr. Wm., 14th Bn., R.M.R., Montreal.
Skanes, Mrs. Wm., Montreal.
Skeates, Mr. F. W., 87th Bn., St. Lambert.
Skeates, Mrs. F. W., St. Lambert.
Smiley, Miss Caroline, Montreal.
Smith, Mr. Bristol B., 22nd Bn., Coaticook.
Smith, Mr. Clifford A., 4th C.F.A., Montreal.
Smith, Mrs. C. A., Montreal.
Smith, Mr. George F., Sig., Montreal.
Smith, Mrs. G. F., Montreal.
Smith, Mr. Wm. H., 60th Bn., Montreal.
Smollett, Mr. Dewey D., 14th R.M.R., New Carlisle.
Smollett, Mr. Henry W., New Carlisle.

Southwick, Mr. Wm. A., C.A.M.C., Montreal.
Southwick, Mrs. W. A., Montreal.
Southwick, Master Wm. L., Montreal.
Spence, Mr. Charlie, 24th V.R.C., Montreal.
Spence, Mrs. C., Montreal.
Spence, Mr. Samuel E., C.E., Valois.
Spencer, Mr. Wilton W., 14th R.M.R., Montreal.
Stack, Mr. Thos. E., Imp., Montreal.
Ste. Marie, Mr. Lucien, 14th Bn., R.M.R., Montreal.
Stephens, Mr. Geo. E., C.R.T., Montreal.
Stephens, Mrs. G. E., Montreal.
Stilwell, Mr. Sidney H., Imp., Brownsburg.
St. Onge, Miss Marie A., N.S., Montreal.
St. Onge, Miss W. Alma, Montreal.
Struthers, Mr. E. J., Rock Island.
Struthers, Mrs. E. J., Rock Island.
Sweeney, Mr. John J., 3rd Field Co., C.E., Montreal.
Sweeney, Mrs. J. J., Montreal.
Swinden, Mrs. Gladys C., Montreal.
Symes, Mr. Alfred W., 21st Bn., St. Lambert.
Symes, Mrs. A. W., St. Lambert.
Taylor, Mr. Wm. J., P.P.C.L.I., Westmount.
Thompson, Mrs. Elizabeth B., Outremont.
Thompson, Mr. Harold, C.A.M.C., Verdun.
Thompson, Mrs. Harold, Verdun.
Thompson, Mr. John, 12th S.B., Montreal.
Thompson, Mrs. John, Montreal.
Thresh, Mr. George, R.A.F., Montreal.
Thresh, Mr. John W., 22nd Bty., Montreal.
Todd, Mrs. A. W., Farnham.
Tovey, Mr. Chas. W., Imp., Montreal.
Tovey, Mrs. C. W., Montreal.
Trudelle, Mr. Louis, 14th Bn., St. Cyrille.
Turbyne, Mr. Alexander M., Verdun.
Turnbull, Mr. Alexander, Imp., Outremont.
Vergeylen, Mr. Paul A., 12th Bn., C.F.A., Montreal.
Waddell, Mr. James V., Imp., St. Rose.
Walkem, Lt.-Col. High C., 42nd Bn., Montreal.
Walker, Mrs. Eliza A., Verdun.
Wallace, Mr. Hugh F., 4th Bn., Shawinigan Falls.
Walsh, Mr. George B., C.A.D.C., Outremont.
Wareham, Mr. Albert, 42nd Bty., Montreal.
Wareham, Mrs. A., Montreal.
Waters, Mr. Sydney H., 76th Bn., Verdun.
Waters, Mrs. S. H., Verdun.
Watson, Mr. Harry, 11th C.E., Lachine.
Watson, Mrs. Harry, Lachine.
White, Mr. A. O., 4th Siege Bty., Montreal.
White, Mr. John, 228th Bn., Montreal.
Whitham, Mr. D. K., Montreal.
Whitham, Mr. D. L. Y., Montreal.
Whitham, Mr. R. E., Montreal.
Whitworth, Mr. James W., C.A.M.C., Pointe Claire.
Wilcox, Mr. George F., 15th Bn., Lachine.
Wilcox, Mrs. G. F., Lachine.
Wilcox, Miss Gwendolyn, Lachine.
Wilcox, Miss Kathleen, Lachine.
Wild. Mr. Harry E., C.A., Pay. C., Montreal.
Wilde, Mr. Ernest H., 5th Bde., H.Q., Montreal.
Wilde, Mrs. E. H., Montreal.
Wilde, Miss Patricia, Montreal.
Wilding, Mr. Gilbert G., 1st C.M.M.G., Montreal.
Wileman, Mr. Alan W., Montreal.
Wileman, Miss Florence E., Montreal.
Williams, Mrs. Louisa, Montreal.
Williams, Miss Margaret E. F., Montreal.
Willinan, Major Samuel L., 242nd C.F.C., Calumet.
Willoughby, Mr. Frank D., 21st Bty., Montreal.
Wilson, Mr. Herbert, 2nd C.F.A., Montreal.
Wilson, Capt. Robert, 1st Siege Bty., C.G.A., Montreal.
Wiseman, Mr. Stanley, 21st Bn., C.R.T., Montreal.
Wiseman,,Mrs. Stanley, Montreal.
Wolferstan, Mr. Ronald D. P., Montreal.
Wood, Mr. Frederick, R.C.N.V.R., Montreal.
Wood, Mr. Henry J., 13th Bn., Lachine.

Wood, Mrs. H. J., Lachine.
Wood, Mr. Donald H., Lachine.
Wood, Miss Mabel, St. Eustache sur le Lac.
Wood, Miss Nellie, V.A.D., Montreal.
Woods, Mr. Percy D., 4th Bn., Quebec.
Wrigley, Mr. Wm. E., 18th C.F.A., Montreal.
Yates, Mr. Hubert E, 10th Bty., C.F.A., & B.E.F., Verdun.

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Adams, Miss Evelyn, Saltcoats.
Adams, Mr. Jimmie, Maple Creek.
Allen, Mr. Joseph, 58th Bn., Bulyea.
Allgrove, Mr. Walter, 28th Bn., Dahlton.
Anderson, Mrs. Catherine R., Prince Albert.
Ashcroft, Mrs. Harry, Hafford.
Ashcroft, Miss Irene B., Hafford.
Ashcroft, Mr. Hugh O., Hafford.
Ashmore, Mr. Frank, Imp., Indian Head.
Baker, Mr. H. O., 28th Bn., Fielding.
Baldwin, Mr. Robert, Regina.
Bannister, Mr. George, 1st C.M.R., Watrous.
Bannister, Mrs. G., Watrous.
Barker, Mr. Roger W., 224th Bn., Blucher.
Barnett, Miss Irene V., Saskatoon.
Bartlam, Mr. Edwin J., 128th Bn., Regina.
Bartlam, Mrs. E. J., Regina.
Bassett, Mr. Bertram W., 2nd. C.F.A., Somme.
Bassett, Mrs. B. W., Somme.
Baugh, Mr. F. R., P.P.C.L.I., Spiritwood.
Baugh, Mrs. F. R., Spiritwood.
Bell, Mr. Herbert, 5th Bn., Saskatoon.
Bellamy, Mrs. Marie, Saskatoon.
Bellamy, Mr. John, Saskatoon.
Bennett, Miss Fanny E., Saskatoon.
Benson, Mr. William J., 54th Bn., Humboldt. -
Bentley, Mr. Enoch, 2nd C.R.T., & 8th Stat. Hosp., Regina.
Bentley, Mrs. Jean, Prince Albert.
Bethune, Mr. John G., C.S.C., LeRoy.
Black, Miss Annie G., Beatty.
Blackmore, Mr. Sydney, 78th Bn., Clair.
Bolster, Mrs. Edith V., Regina.
Bond, Master John H., Leask.
Boyce, Mr. Pridden, Royal Can. Dragoons & R.A.F., Saskatoon.
Bradbrooke, Mr. George H., 1st C.M.R., Saskatoon.
Bradstreet, Mr. Frank, 5th Bn., Peebles.
Bradstreet, Mrs. E, Peebles.
Brett, Mrs. Mary Ann, Imp., Saskatoon.
Bridge, Mr. Cyril, 46th Bn., Prince Albert.
Bridge, Mrs. C., Prince Albert.
Bridge, Mr. Cyril W., Prince Albert.
Britton, Mr. A. W., 8th Can. Stat. Hosp., Imperial.
Britton, Mrs. A. W., Imperial.
Broadbent, Mr. Tom H., Saskatoon.
Broadbent, Mrs. T. H., Saskatoon.
Brooksbank, Mrs. Lily, Swift Current.
Brow, Mr. John S., 188th Bn., Prince Albert.
Brown, Mrs. Bathie, Moose Jaw.
Brown, Master George Wm., Moose Jaw.
Browne, Mr. D. L., 19th Bn., Regina.
Bull, Mr. James, 4th Bn., Regina.
Bull, Mrs. J., Regina.
Burnie, Mr. George, Imp., Prince Albert.
Burnie, Mrs. G., Prince Albert.
Burnie, Miss Patricia, Prince Albert.
Burr, Miss Laurine, Saskatoon.
Burton, Mr. Samuel W., 14th Bn., Saskatoon.
Burton, Mrs. S. W., Saskatoon.
Butterfield, Mrs. Margaret A., Maymont.
Butterfield, Miss Edith M., Maymont.
Cairns, Mr. George H., Saskatoon.

Cairns, Mrs. G. H., Saskatoon.
Cameron, Mr. William, Central Butte.
Cameron, Mrs. Wm., Central Butte.
Cantelon, Capt. A. E., C.A.M.C., Tompkins.
Cantelon, Miss Eileen, Maple Creek.
Carter, Mr. Thomas J., Meadow Lake.
Carter, Mrs. T. J., Meadow Lake.
Chase, Mr. L. J., North Battleford.
Chase, Mrs. Louise M., Mervin.
Child, Mrs. A. T., Regina.
Christian, Mr. John A., C.A.M.C., Humboldt.
Christian, Mrs. J. A., Humboldt.
Christian, Miss Joyce B., Humboldt.
Churchill, Mr. Henry, 65th Bn., Herschel.
Clarke, Mr. Sydney, 5th Bn., Young.
Clarke, Mrs. S., Young.
Clarke, Mr. Wm. D., 46th Bn., Saskatoon.
Clarke, Mrs. Wm. D., Saskatoon.
Clelland, Mr. Thomas, 5th Bn., Calderbank.
Cole, Mr. R. J., Saskatoon.
Cole, Mrs. R. J., Saskatoon.
Cole, Miss Doris, Saskatoon.
Colven, Mrs. Alex. 8., Disley.
Conlan, Mr. Alfred C., 17th Bty., Mankota.
Connellan, Mr. Gilbert, Imp., Regina.
Connellan, Mrs. G., Regina.
Cooksey, Mrs. Margaret M., Saskatoon.
Cornes, Mrs. Gertrude, Bedfordville.
Craddock, Mrs. Margaret, Saskatoon.
Craddock, Master David, Saskatoon.
Crealock, Miss Ruby J., Prince Albert.
Crowe, Mrs. Lillian M., Saskatoon.
Crowe, Miss Patricia J., Saskatoon.
Crowter, Mr. Wm. C., 5th Bn., LeRoy.
Currie, Miss Christine, Regina.
Cusick, Mrs. Wm. J., Coderre.
Cuthill, Mrs. Agnes, Birch Hills.
Cuthill, Miss Mary C., Birch Hills.
Cuthill, Mr. John, Birch Hills.
Davies, Mrs. Catherine, North Battleford.
Davies, Mr. W. O. L., Ordinance Corps, Prince Albert.
Davis, Mr. Fred, Imperial.
Davis, Miss Ruth M., Imperial.
Davis, Mr. Joseph, 1st Dep. Bn., Kinistino.
De Balinhard, Lt.-Col. John C., P.P.C.L.I., Yorkton.
De Balinhard, Miss Mary C., Yorkton.
Devine, Mr. Wm., Imp., Kipling.
Devlin, Mr. James, Imp., Watrous.
Diefenbaker, Mr. G., 19th Bn., Prince Albert.
Disbrey, Mr. Wm., 28th Bn., Regina.
Dixon, Mrs. Ellen M., Bienfait.
Downer, Mr. Chas. W., 11th Field Amb., Saskatoon.
Downes, Mrs. Bertha, Regina.
Downes, Mr. Henry M., Regina.
Duck, Miss Margaret, Regina.
Duckworth, Mr. Francis R., Cav. Bde., Weyburn.
Duguid, Mrs. J. P., Shellbrook.
Duguid, Mr. John G., Shellbrook.
Ecarnot, Miss Germaine M., Montmartre.
Eley, Miss Edna E., Prince Albert.
Elliott, Mrs. A. E., Imperial.
Elliott, Mr. Vernal H. E., C.A.S.C., Piapot.
Ellis, Mr. James, 1st Dep. Bn., Sask. Regt., Moose Jaw.
Englis, Miss Ruby, Birch Hills.
Evans, Mr. L. C., Machine G. Sec., Regina. .
Evans, Mrs. L. C., Regina.
Evans, Mr. Stuart H., C.A.M.C., Meadow Lake.
Evans, Mrs. S. H., Meadow Lake.
Evans, Mr. John W., Meadow Lake.
Evans, Miss Audrey M., Meadow Lake.
Ewens, Miss Evelyn M., Saskatoon.
Fenn, Mrs. Annie, Regina.
Finlayson, Miss Tena J., V.A.D., Regina.
Fleming, Mr. Thos., Imp., Prince Albert.
Fleming, Mrs. T., Prince Albert.

Flowers, Miss Lilian L., Regina.
Ford, Mrs. Elizabeth E., Meadow Lake.
Fraser, Mrs. Douglas, Regina.
Fraser, Mrs. Selina, Antler.
Freeman, Miss Margaret L, South Fort.
Gabb, Capt. Henry J., 128th Bn., Moose Jaw.
Gabb, Mrs. H. J., Moose Jaw.
Garrison, Mr. Irvine E., 13th R. Hldrs., Saskatoon.
Garvin, Dr. Fred G., C.A.D.C., Canora.
Garvin, Mrs. Fred G., Canora.
Gauld, Mr. John, Imp., North Battleford.
George, Mr. James E, 44th Bn., Regina.
George, Mrs. May W., Regina.
Gibbons, Mr. Percy W., 46th Bn., Saskatoon.
Gilbert, Major George H., 46th Bn., Yorkton.
Gill, Mr. Vernon K., 1st Bty., 1st Bde., C.F.A., Regina.
Gillard, Miss Patricia B., Regina.
Godley, Mrs. Annie, Saskatoon.
Goodale, Mr. Robt. R., C.A.M.C., Regina.
Goodman, Mr. Ernest B., Imp., Mt. Nebo. -
Gordon, Mr. George, 8th Bn., Saskatoon
Graham, Mr. Wm. P., 49th Bn., Wilkie.
Graham, Mrs. W. P., Wilkie.
Gray-Owen, Mr. Joseph, 128th, 161st, & 150th Bns., Regina.
Gray-Owen, Mr. Norman, Regina.
Gregory, Mr. Wm., P.P.C.L.I., Regina.
Gregson, Mrs. Sarah J., Saskatoon.
Griffiths, Mrs. Jane E., Saltcoats.
Hackman, Rev. Edw. A. O., Swift Current.
Hackman, Mrs. E. A. O., Swift Current.
Hadfield, Mrs. Herbert H., South Fork.
Haggis, Mrs. R. H., Dundurn.
Halbert, Miss Margaret G., V.A.D., Regina.
Hampson, M‘r. Sydney T., 10th Bn., Moose Jaw.
Hanley, Mrs. Mary, Semans.
Hare, Mr. Harry, C.A.M.C., Regina.
Harper, Capt. Oswald C., 46th Bn., Ruddell.
Harper, Mrs. 0. C., Ruddell.
Harper, Miss Ora, Ruddell.
Harper, Miss Marjorie, Ruddell.
Harrison, Mr. Alan K., 210th Bn., Davidson.
Harry, Mr. Chas. W., Imp., Saskatoon.
Harry, Mrs. C. W., Saskatoon.
Harry, Mr .Robt. M., Saskatoon.
Harvey, Mr. Geo. E., 46th Bn., Truax.
Harvey, Mrs. G. E., Truax.
Harvey, Mr. Geo. W., Truax.
Harvey, Mr. Frank E., Truax.
Haward, Mr. George, 28th Bn., Regina.
Hawkins, Mr. John, 1st C.M.R.S., Brancepeth.
Haywood, Mr. Ernest W., 10th C.L.T., Regina.
Haywood, Mrs. E. W., Regina.
Hepburn, Mr. James, 13th Bn.; Piapot.
Hepburn, Mr. James, 46th Bn., Prince Albert.
Hewitt, Mr. Alfred, Imp., Antler.
Hewitt, Mrs. A., Antler.
Hewitt, Mr. Clarence S., C.C.W.S., Fairlight.
Hewitt, Mrs. C. S., Fairlight.
Hewitt, Miss Roberta, Fairlight.
Higgins, Mrs. Sarah W., Lashburn.
Hill, Capt. Bryan M., 9th C.M.R., & C.A.S.C., Pennant.
Hill, Mrs. F., Saskatoon.
Hill, Miss Myrtle M., Rose Valley.
Hind, Mr. B. M., 10th Bn., 2nd Bde., Maxstone.
Hinschberger, Miss Ellen D., Moose Jaw.
Hobkirk, Mrs. Grace, 27th Bn., Regina.
Hoffman, Mr. Frank, Saskatoon.
Hoffman, Mrs. Frfank, N.S., Imp., Saskatoon.
Holland, Mr. Robert E., Imp., Saskatoon.
Holloway, Mrs. Eliza, Lashburn.
Holmes, Mr. Harry. 68th Bn., Sheho.
Holmes, Mrs. H., Sheho.
Holmes. Miss Renee M., Sheho.
Howe, Mr. James, 12th C.E., Moose Jaw.

Howe, Mrs. Jas., Moose Jaw.
Hudson, Mrs. ROSeina R., Moose Jaw.
Hutchinson, Mrs. Florence, Prince Albert.
Hutchinson, Miss Edna, Prince Albert.
Irwine, Mrs. Emily, Saskatoon.
James, Mr. Arthur W., Imp., Bratton.
Jarrett, Mr. Chas. E., 1st C.M.R., Saltcoats.
Jarrett, Mrs. C. E., Saltcoats.
Jarrett, Miss Essie L., Saltcoats.
Jaycock, Mr. Edwin L. J., 10th Bn., Swift Current.
Jenkins, Lt.-Col. Thos., 5th Bn., Yorkton.
Jenkins, Mrs. Thos., Yorkton.
Jenkins, Mr. Robt. K., Yorkton.
Jenner, Miss Eva M., Regina.
Johnson, Mrs. Edith A., Weyburn.
Johnson, Mr. Harold, C.E., Moose Jaw.
Johnson, Mrs. Harold, Moose Jaw.
Jones, Miss Helan M., Regina.
Jones, Mr. R. Jas. 188th Bn., Prince Albert.
Jones, Mrs. R. J., Prince Albert.
Jones, Miss Jessie, Prince Albert.
Judkins, Mrs. E. M. L., Moose Jaw.
Kenney, Dr. Arthur A. B., C.A.D.C., Maple Creek.
Kenney, Mrs. A. A. E., Maple Creek.
Kenney, Miss Nora, Maple Creek.
Keogh, Mrs. Dollie, Saskatoon.
Kerley, Mr. Walter J. D., Imp., Norquay.
Kernaghan, Miss Grace M., Prince Albert.
Kerr, Mr. Jas. L., 52nd Bn., North Battleford.
Keyes, Mrs. Amy J., N.S., Wapella.
King, Mr. Francis H., 90th C.T.S., R.A.F., Shell Lake.
Kinnear, Mrs. James, Meadow Lake.
Kinnear, Miss Kathleen 1., Meadow Lake.
Knight, Miss Elizabeth, Regina.
Lambert, Mr. Wm. W., R.C.R., Saskatoon.
Lane, Mr. Bertram J., Regina.
Law, Mrs. Mabel, Moose Jaw.
Law, Miss Barbara L., Moose Jaw.
Lay, Mr. Frederick J., Wynyard.
Leach, Mr. Joseph H., 46th Bn., Moose Jaw.
Leach, Mrs. J. H., Moose Jaw.
Leach, Miss Elsie, Moose Jaw.
Leach, Mr. Samuel J., R.C.M.P., Lac La Ronge.
Lecky, Mr. Samuel, 85th C.E., Saskatoon.
Lecky, Mrs. S., Saskatoon.
Lee, Mr. Robt. J., Estevan.
Lee, Mrs. R. J., Estevan.
Leech, Mr. Philip. Baring.
Leech, Mrs. P., Baring.
Liddell, Mrs. Charlotte E., Regina.
Loveridge, Mrs. Martha D., Regina.
Lynas, Mr. Joseph A., P.P.C.L.I., Saskatoon.
MacDonald, Mr. Angus, 9th Field Amb., Saskatoon.
Mackintosh, Mr. Hugh E, 46th Bn., Garden Head.
McAdie, Mr. Harold H., 195th Bn., M.G., Barford.
McCarthey, Mr. Peter C. S., R.C.R., Saskatoon.
McDonald, Miss Gladys O., Regina.
McDougall, Mr. J., C.E., Saskatoon.
McGill, Miss Margaret H., N.S., Saskatoon.
McGregor, Mr. Robt., 46th Bn., Moose Jaw.
McInnis, Miss Doris, Regina.
McKay, Mr. Wm., 28th Bn., Melfort.
McKay, Mrs. Wm., Melfort.
McKenzie, Mr. R. J., M.G.S., Fenwood.
McKenzie, Mr. John H., Fenwood.
McKnight, Mrs. Frances A., Big River.
McLean, Mr. Carroll D., 1st C.M.M.G. Bde. B. Bn., Regina.
McLean, Mrs. C. D., Regina.
McMichael. Mrs. Mary, Birch Hills.
McVittie, Mr. James E. 1st Bty., Regina.
McVittie, Mrs. J. E., Regina.
Magachan, Mrs. May, Regina.
Mann, Mrs. Mvra, Regina.
Marriott, Mr. Eric L., Imp., Saskatoon.
Marshall, Mr. Robt., 5th Bn., Turtleford.

Marshall, Mrs. R., Turtleford.
Martin, Dr. B., C.A.M.C., Regina.
Massey, Mr. Hugh, 78th Bn., V. 12th., Wadena.
Matley, Mr. A. J., 20th Bty., Punnichy.
Matley, Mrs. A. J., Punnichy. .
Matthew, Mr. Peter, 27th Bn., Nipawm.
Matthew, Mrs. P., Nipawin.
Matthews, Mr. Geo. D., 7th C.S.B., Scott.
May, Mr. Percy T., 28th Bn., Shellbrook.
May, Mrs. P. T., Shellbrook.
Melville, Mrs. Roy, Saskatoon.
Melville, Rev. Roy, P.P.C.L.I., Saskatoon.
Mewhort, Mr. Thos., 10th Field Co., North Battleford.
Mewhort, Mrs. Thos., North Battleford.
Michas, Mr. Tom, 16th Can. Sc., Saskatoon.
Millar, Mrs. Alicee M., Prince Albert.
Miller, Mr. Edward B., 78th Bn., Watrous.
Miller, M13. E. B., Watrous.
Miller, Mr. Edward C., Watrous.
Miller, Mr. Ernest W., Fort Qu'Appelle.
Milligan. Mr. James C.F.C., Prince Albert.
Mitchell, Mr. Frederick J., Green Lake.
Mitchell, Mrs. F. J., Green Lake.
Mitchell, Mrs. Lucy, Strasbourg.
Mitchell, Mr. Samuel, 5th Bn., Atwater.
Mitchell. Mrs. S., Atwater.
Moore, Mr. John, 44th Bn., Saskatoon.
Moore, Miss Doris, Saskatoon.
Mounsey, Mr. Samuel, 5th C.M.R., Melville.
Munday, Mr. Charles, P.P.C.L.I., Regina.
Newport, Mr. Allan G., 49th Ed. Bn., Marsden.
Nixon, Miss Anne K., Regina.
O'Brien, Mr. Edmund P., 75th B.E.F., Saskatoon.
Oliver, Mr. David, Imp., Moose Jaw.
Ortloff, Mr. E., Prince Albert.
Palmer, Mr. Corden G., R.N.V.R., Regina.
Palmer, Mrs. C. G., Regina.
Palmer, Miss Versa, Regina. .
Parkhill, Mrs. E. W. L., Moose Jaw.
Parry, Mr. James H., 10th Bn., Regina.
Parry, Mrs. J. H., Regina.
Patterson, Mr. Wm. J., C.L.H., Regina.
Pattison, Mr. Edward J., C.E., Regina.
Pearce, Mr. Geo. E., 53rd Bn., Moose Jaw.
Perkins, Mr. Wm. B., 38th Bty., Meadow Lake.
Perkins, Mrs. W. B., Meadow Lake.
Pettit, Capt. P. S., 28th Bn., Strasbourg.
Phillips, Mrs. Annie, Regina.
Phillips, Mr. Edward, C.L.H.A., Saskatoon.
Phillips, Miss Patricia M., Saskatoon.
Philpott, Capt. P. J., 46th Bn., Saskatoon.
Pickering, Mr. Thos. F., C.F.A., Prince Albert.
Pickering, Mrs. T. F., Prince Albert.
Platt, Mr. Arthur V., Shell Lake.
Potts, Mrs. T. E., Saskatoon.
Potts, Mr. Thos. E., Saskatoon.
Price-Hughes, Mrs. Lottie, Saskatoon.
Puckett, Mr. John W. 3rd Div., Prince Albert.
Puckett, Mrs. J. W., Prince Albert.
Reavie, Mr. D. F., Rocanville.
Reeson, Mrs. Elizabeth, Regina.
Rice, Mr. Stanley, 5th Bn., Prince Albert.
Roberts, Mrs. Ethel, Saskatoon.
Robertson, Mr. Mathew, C.A.D.C., Indian Head.
Roe, Mrs. Sarah, Saskatoon.
Rolfe, Mr. Chas. A., C.L.H., Wawota.
Rolfe, Mrs. C. A., Wawota.
Ross, Brig-Gen. Alex., 61h Inf. Bde., Yorkton.
Ross, Mrs. Alex., Yorkton.
Rowland, Mr. Wm. O., 4th Field Co., C.E., Kindersley.
Roy, Mr. Geo. E., 7th Bn., C.R.T., Weyburn.
Savage, Mr. Arthur, 50th B.G., R.O.D., R.E., Saskatoon.
Scott, Miss Caroline, Saskatoon.
Scott, Miss Isabelle F., Birch Hills.

Seward, Mr. Harry, Punnichy.
Sharpley, Mr. F. A., 2nd F.A., Conquest.
Skelton, Mr. Nigel S., 28th Bn., Saskatoon.
Smethurst, Mr. Harold, 8th Sty. Hosp., Humboldt.
Smethurst, Mrs. Harold, Humboldt.
Smith, Miss Alice E., Regina.
Smith. Miss E. Roxana, Saskatoon.
Smith, Mrs. Mabel A., Prince Albert.
Smith, Miss Beatrice E., Prince Albert.
Speller, Mr. C. S., Imp., Lloydminster.
Speller, Mrs. C. S., Lloydminster.
Speller, Mr. Phillip W., Lloydminster.
Speller, Miss Kathleen, Lloydminster.
Staniforth, Mr. D., Melfort.
Staniforth, Mrs. D., Melfort.
Steele, Mrs. Maude K., Saskatoon.
Stewart, Mr. George, 42nd Bn, Saskatoon.
Stone, Capt. Blair O., C.A.M.C., Arcola.
Stone, Mrs. B. C., Arcola.
Struthers, Miss Jessie M., Regina.
Struthers, Mr. Thos. C., 2nd C.S.C., Gainsborough.
Struthers, Mrs. T. C., Gainsborough.
Swanson, Mr. James O., Prince Albert.
Swanson, Mrs. J. O., Prince Albert.
Swift, Mr. Chas. H., 7th C.R.T., Regina.
Tait, Mr. Robert, C.A.M.C., Saskatoon.
Taylor, Mr. Harvey F., 116th Bn., Frobisher.
Taylor, Mrs. H. F., Frobisher.
Tetreault, Mr. Joseph A., C.E., Kinley.
Thompson, Mr. Cyril A., 51st Bn., Humboldt.
Thompson, Mr. Frederick, 43rd Bn., Moose Jaw.
Thompson, Mrs. Fred., Moose Jaw.
Thompson, Master Frederick G., Moose Jaw.
Thomson, Miss Ida M., Indian Head.
Thorneycroft, Mr. John P., C.A.V.C., Swift Current.
Thorneycroft, Mrs. J. P., Swift Current.
Tocher, Mr. John C., 4th C.M.G.C., Wapella.
Tooley, Mr. R. R., C.R.C.R., Prince Albert.
Topping, Mr. Frederick W., 15th C.M.R., Prince Albert.
Topping, Mrs. F. W., Prince Albert.
Topping, Mr. Garner M., Prince Albert.
Topping, Mr. John G., Prince Albert.
Trueman. Dr. Wm. L., C.A.D.C., Melville.
Trueman, Mrs. W. L., Melville.
Turnham, Mr. S. H., 67th Bn., North Battleford.
Twidale, Mr. Percy, 16th Can. Scottish, Meadow Lake.
Twidale, Miss Enid M., Meadow Lake.
Tyrer, Lt.-Col. Thos. G., P.P.C.L.I., Regina.
Tyrer, Mrs. T. G., Regina.
Tyrer, Miss Elizabeth, Regina.
Tyson, Mr. John H., 46th Bn., Wawota.
Upson, Mrs. Geo. O., Big River.
Upson, Miss Pat, Big River.
Upson, Mr. Brian, Big River.
Vincent, Mr. Frank, P.P.C.L.I., Wolseley.
Walker, Mrs. John R., Regina.
Wanstall, Mr. Henry A., Saskatoon.
Ward, Major Henry, M.G. Bn., Regina.
Ward, Mrs. Lily, Birch Hills.
Ward, Master George, Birch Hills.
Warwick, Mr. Arthur T., 28th Bn., Prince Albert.
Warwick, Mrs. A. T., Prince Albert.
Watkinson, Mr. John V., 53rd Bn., Prince Albert.
Watkinson, Mrs. J. V., Prince Albert.
Watson, Mr. G. H., 66th I.V., 3rd Bn., Imp., Lashburn.
Watson, Mrs. G. H., Lashburn.
Watson, Miss Edna E., Lashburn.
Webb, Mrs. L. J., Davidson.
Webb, Mr. James, Davidson.
Webb, Mr. Robert, Davidson.
Wetton, Mr. Arthur N., C.L.H., North Battleford.
White, Mrs. Mary L., Prince Albert.
Wight, Miss Doris, Saskatoon.
Wight, Mrs. M., Saskatoon-
Williams, ML. Arthur E., Imp., Regina.
Williams, Major Wm. D., R.O.A., and Imp., Regina.

Wilson, Mrs. Kate, Prince Albert.
Wood, Mr. Arthur, Regina.
Wood, Mrs. Arthur, Regina.
Wood, Miss Gwen, Regina.
Woodhouse, Mr. Edwin, R.C.R., Prince Albert.
Wright, Mr. Geo. W. G., C.A.S.C., Regina.
Wright, Mrs. G. W. G., Regina.
Wylie, Mr. Arthur 8., Fort Qu'Appelle.
Yates, Mrs. Hannah, Ituna.
Yates, Miss Margaret W., Regina.
Young, Mr. Wm., P.P.C.L.I., Saltcoats.
Zimmer, Mr. Otto H., 16th Bn., Moose Jaw.

elipsis graphic


Adlard, Mr. R. H., 56th Bty., San Diego.
Adlard. Mrs. R. H., San Diego.
Almond, Mr. James, 1st Dep. Bn., Sask. Regt., Los Angeles.
Almond, Mrs. Jas., Los Angeles.
Anderson, Mr. Thos. H., 6th Bn., Fresno.
Andrews, Miss Elsie M., N.S., Imp., Pasadena.
Andrews, Miss Maude A., N.S., Los Angeles.
Annan, Mr. Harvey, C.S.C., Los Angeles.
Asher, Miss Eleanor F.., R.N., Santa Monica.
Austin, Mrs. Emily, Los Angeles.
Bridges, Mrs. Maude, El Monte.
Campbell, Mr. Wm., 7th Bn., Orland.
Sartier, Miss Emma J., San Francisco.
Shick, Mr. Herbert E., C.F.C., San Francisco.
Dames, Mrs. Florence C., Placerville.
Deans, Miss Catherine C., Beverley Hills.
Derbyshire, Mrs. W., Los Angeles.
Derbyshire, Mr. Wm., C.E., Los Angeles.
Eade, Mr. Chas. J., P.P.C.L.I., Lomita.
Fraser, Mr. Jas. B., 43rd Bn., Wilmington.
Goodes, Mrs. Rose, Pasadena.
Goodes, Mr. Dennis, 4th C.M.G.C., Pasadena.
Gould, Mr. James T., 78th Bn., Glendale.
Hamblin, Mr. R. A., 136th Bn., Santa Barbara.
Hamblin, Mrs. R. A., Santa Barbara, and three children.
Hamblin, Mrs. Alice A., Santa Barbara.
Harrington, Mr. John E., 47th Bn., San Diego.
Harrington, Brs. J. E., San Diego.
Harrington, Mr. Walter, San Diego.
Hooper, Mr. Chas. V., Knights Landing.
Hunt, Mr. Albert H. E., D.C., C.A.M.C., Riverside.
Jones. Mr. Joe, Imp., Hollywood.
Jones, Miss Joy L., Hollywood.
Kearns, Mrs. Josephine, Huntingdon Park.
Kellett, Mrs. Bessie, El Monte.
Ledru, Mr. Sydney, Imp., San Francisco.
Liedru, Mrs. S., San Francisco.
Lindsay, Miss Ada F., Santa Barbara.
Macpherson, Col. C. D., 3lst Bn., Los Angeles.
Marriott, Mr. Edw. A., B.M.I., Kernville.
Melville, Mr. Matthew, 38th C.F.A., San Pedro.
Melville, Mrs. M., San Pedro.
Misner, Mrs. N., San Francisco.
Moxarn, Mrs. Emma B., Los Angeles.
Muggach, Mr. Wm., 3rd C.R.T., San Francisco.
Muggach, Mrs. W., San Francisco.
O'Connor, Mr. Wm. H., 3rd C.A.S.C., San Jose.
O'Connor, Mrs. W. H., San Jose.
Peel, Mr. Maxwell (7., 85th Bn., Whittier.
Pitman, Mr. Henry C., R.F.C., Alameda.
Pitman, Mrs. H. C., Alameda.
Pomeroy, Mr. Stanley (3., 16th Bn., Alameda.
Pomeroy, Mrs. S. C., Alameda.
Reynolds, Mr. Frederick, 21st C.F.C., Los Angeles.
Roche, Mrs. Alice M., Los Angeles.
Simpson, Miss Cora, Huntingdon Park.
Skitch, Mrs. W. E., Long Beach.

Stewart, Mrs. Minerva, Los Angeles.
Taylor, Mr. David, 77th Field Artillery, Mill Valley.
Taylor, Mrs. David, Mill Valley.
Taylor, Mrs. Mary, Pasadena.
Wells, Mrs. Ada M., Alhambra.
Whyte, Mr. Marvin, 10th Bn., Glendale.
Willard, Mr. Frederick G., Can. Little Black Devils, Pasadena.
Willard, Mrs. F. G., Pasadena.
Wilson, Mr. Arthur H., Imp., San Diego.
Wilson, Mrs. A. H., San Diego.

elipsis graphic


Bell, Mr. F. J., 26th Bn., Meriden.
Gaetz, Dr. Thos. H., 50th Bn., Shelton.
Gaetz, Mrs. T. H., Shelton.
Hyfield, Mr. John A., 19th C.F.A., Hartford.
Jenkins, Mr. Morris G., 16th Can. Scottish, New Haven.
Lavery. Mrs. Sarah, Hartford.
Mackenzie, Miss Dora, Can. Stationary, New Haven.
MacLean, Miss Katherine, Torrington.
Moore, Dr. M. R., Gales Ferry.
Moore, Mrs. M. R., Gales Ferry.
Nicholson, Miss Alexis A., Bridgeport.
Parkes, Miss Ida, Norwich.
Parkes, Rev. Dr. Robt. H., 6th F.A., Norwich.
Parkes, Mrs. R. H., Norwich.
Walker, Mr. Thomas H., 116th Bn., Hartford.

elipsis graphic


Armstrong, Mr. Stephen P., 58th Bn., Chicago.
Baird, Mr. S., 4th C.D.D.C., Elmhurst.
Bray, Mr. H. A. A., R.C.D., Chicago.
Bray, Mrs H. A. A., Chicago.
Coggins, Mr. Henry J., 24th Bn., Oak Park.
Dolan, Mr. W. E., 52nd Bn., Chicago.
Dolan. Mrs. W. E., Chicago.
Farr, Mr. E. A. W., Imp., Chicago.
Farr, Mrs. E. A. W., Chicago.
Inglis, Miss Sarah, Chlcago.
Kinnear, Mr. John K., Wilmette.
Kinnear, Mrs. J. W., Wilmette.
Laing, Mrs. Chas., Chicago.
Mann, Mr. Robert G., 4th C.D.T.M.B., Chicago.
Marsh, Mr. H. W., 1st Bn., Chicago.
Richardson, Mr. Alfred V., 3rd Bn., Chicago.
Stockebrand, Dr. Alfred, Evanston.
Stockebrand, Mrs. Alfred, Evanston.
Wagner, Mr. Ernest I. O., 4th C.M.R., Chicago.
Wagner, Mrs. E. I. O., Chicago.

elipsis graphic


Graham, Mrs A. 1., Calais.
McNamara, Dr. Wesley C., 26th Bn., Lincoln.
McNamara, Mrs. W. O., Lincoln.
Tozer, Mrs. E., Orono.
Tozer, Miss, Orono.

elipsis graphic


Nicol, Mr. H., 34th and 13th an., Baltimore

elipsis graphic


Binns, Mr. I. E., North Andover.
Bowron, Mrs. Edna M., Reading.
Bowron, Mr. Allan, Reading.
Callahan, Mr. James, 50th Bn., Fitchburg.
Corbett, Mrs. Christena M., Boston.
Daley, Mr. Chas. B., Belmont.
Dawe, Mr. Benjamin, 25th Bn., Hopedale.
Dill, Mrs. Bessie M., Cambridge.

Gillan, Miss Winifred B., Worcester.
Kein, Mr. John P., 3rd Div., 38th Bty., Boston.
Kidd, Mr. Wm., 42nd R.C.H., Lynn.
MacHardy, Miss Joanna A., Quincy.
MacLeod, Miss Christine M., Bradford.
McGovern, Mr. Harry, 5th C.M.R., West Roxbury.
McGovern, Mrs. H., West Roxbury.
McKinney, Mrs. Laura A., Norwood.
Miller, Miss Elizabeth, Newton.
Murphy, Mrs. Jennis C., West Newton.
Nicholson, Miss Alice M., Quincy.
Nicholson, MiSs Jessie M., Quincy.
Prowse, Mr. Louis F., 44th Bn., Marblehead.
Smith, Mr. Thos. E., 49th Bn., Peabody.
Wademan, Mr. Thos. H., 116th Bn., Lawrence.

elipsis graphic


Adams, Mr. John H., 2nd C.P.B., Deroit Lochmoor.
Arman, Mr. Maxwell H., Saginaw.
Burt, Mr. Andrew, 15th Bn., Detroit.
Clarke, Mr. Herbert J., 12th Bty., C.F.A., Flint.
Cook, Mr. Walter, 1st C.P.B., Detroit.
Daly, Mr. Phillip A., Imp., Detroit.
Dowsley, Mr. Geo. G., 8th C.F.A., Detroit.
Dowsley, Mrs. G. G., Detroit.
Eagle, Mr. George, 21st Bn., Saginaw.
Evans, Mr. Frank H., Kalamazoo.
Fish, Mrs. Mary, Detroit.
Fitzpatrick, Mr. D. H., R.N., Detroit.
Fitzpatrick, Mrs. D. H., Detroit.
Fitzpatrick, Miss Pamela A., Detroit.
Gammon, Mrs. Mildred V., Detroit.
Glanville, Mrs. Reginald, Detroit.
Graham, Mrs. John R., Detroit.
Graham, Mr. S. G. Imp., Detroit.
Graham, Mrs. S. G., Detroit.
Harding, Mr. A. W., Imp., Detroit.
Harding, Mrs. A. W., Detroit.
Harding, Mr. George, Detroit.
Harding, Miss Ivy, Detroit.
Hodgson, Mrs. Edith, Saginaw.
Hubbard, Dr. John P., 16th C.F.A., Detroit.
Hubbard, Mrs. J. P., Detroit.
Ingham, Mr. H., 1st Bn., Detroit.
Ingham, Mrs. H., Detroit.
Jackson, Mrs. Minnie, Pontiac.
Kilgour, Mrs. David, Detroit.
Laker, Mr. Stephen, C.C.M.G.S., Berkley.
Laker, Mrs. Stephen, Berkley.
Leslie, Mr. John. 48th Bty., Detroit.
Lutz, Mrs. Goldie K., Detroit.
McDonagh, Mrs. Mary, Detroit.
McGrorty, Mr. Wm., Imp., Detroit.
Maddison, Mrs. Emily, Saginaw.
Maddison, Miss Edna M., Saginaw. .
Maddison, Miss Margaret E., Saginaw.
Madge, Mr. Arthur M., 27th Bn., Detroit.
Mitchell, Mr. J. W., Merc. Marine, Ferndale.
Mitchell, Mrs. J. W., Ferndale.
Neilson, Mr. Alex., Imp., Detroit. .
Netherton, Mrs. Mary, Detroit.
Netherton, Miss Kathleen, Detroit.
Netherton, Miss Patricia, Detroit.
Netherton, Miss Caroline. Detroit.
Nixon, Mr. A. H., 4th C.F.A., Detroit.
Nixon, Mrs. A. H., Detroit.
Ray, Mr. Arthur C., 2nd T.M., Detroit.
Read, Mr. Donald, 6th C.S.R., Saginaw.
Reynolds, Miss Alice, Flint.
Rice, Mr. Duncan, C.A.M.C., Kalamazoo.
Rice, Mrs. Duncan, Kalamazoo.
Roberts, Mr. George, 38th Bn., Detroit.
Roberts, Mrs. George, Detroit.
Roberts, Mr. Richard, Detroit.

Roberts, Miss Evelyn, Detroit.
Royle, Mr. Thomas, 58th Bn., Detroit.
Royle, Mrs. Thos., Detroit.
Shaw, Miss Esther, Detroit.
Shular, Mrs. Oliver E., Detroit.
Skilbeck, Mr. Cyril, 68th Bn., Detroit.
Skilbeck, Miss Grace W., Detroit.
Thom, Mr. John M., 1st Bn., Kalamazoo.
Thom, Mrs. J. M., Kalamazoo.
Wallace, Mr. James, 18th Bn., Detrmt.
Weeks, Miss Jessica M., Detroit.
Young, Miss Annie B., Flint.

elipsis graphic


Chenevert, Mrs. A. M., Duluth.
Danelz, Mr. Edward O., 45th and 52nd Bn., Minneapolis.

elipsis graphic


Beaver, Mrs. Grace D., Stockett.
Giannini, Mr. Adone, Sand Coulee.
Nelson, Miss Ruby, Sand Coulee.

elipsis graphic


Payne, Mr. George W., 5th C.M.R., Webster Groves.
Payne, Mrs. G. W., Webster Groves.

elipsis graphic


Hope, Mr. George W., 5th C.R.T., Englishtown.
Lochead, Mr. R. A., 11th Inf. Bde., Princeton.
Lochead, Mrs. R. A., Princeton.

elipsis graphic


Alward, Mrs. J. P., Forest Hills.
Balsdon, Mr. Frederick S., 21st Bn., Buffalo. .
Balsdon, Mrs. F. S., Buffalo.
Balsdon, Mr. James F., Buffalo.
Balsdon, Mr. Gilbert E., Buffalo.
Batchmelor, Mr. Alick, 4th C.M.R., Buffalo.
Bedford, Mr. Wm. O., 42nd Bn., New York.
Bedford, Mrs. W. C., New York.
Bedford, Miss Barbara, 42nd Bn., New York.
Bowker, Mrs. Evelyn M., Malone.
Chisholm, Miss Christina E., N.S., New York.
Chisholm, Miss Etta, N.S., New York.
Cluff, Miss Agnes, New York.
Dunlop, Mr. John A., C.S.C., New York.
Elliott, Mrs. Geo., Larchmont.
Ferguson, Mr. Frank B., 1st C.S. Bty., Brooklyn.
Ferguson, Mrs. F. B., Brooklyn.
Field, Miss Elsie E., W.A.A.C., New York.
Francis, Miss M. L., N.S., New York.
Goddard, Miss Dorothy K., Utica.
Gee, Miss Alma E., New York.
Hamilton, Miss Caroline, N.S., Imp., Welfare Island.
Hollwell, Mrs. E. J., Batavia.
Hunt, Mrs. Chas. H., New York.
Hunt, Miss Jeannette, New York.
Jackson, Miss Eva R., New York.
James, Mr. Wm. B., Imp., Rochester.
James, Mrs. W. D., Rochester.
James, Miss Frances E., Rochester.
Jenkins, Miss Stella M., R.N., N.S., 7th C.G.H., Utica.
Kenny, Miss Mary, Buffalo.
Kilbourn, Miss Olive A., N.S., Imp., Flushing.
Kopp, Mr. Wm. E., Imp., Long Island.
MacLeod, Mr. A. J., 85th Bn., Baldwinsville.
MacLeod, Mrs. A. J., Baldwinsville.
McMaster, Mr. Robert, 15th Bn., Buffalo.
McNulty, Miss Jean, N.S., New York.
Mason, Miss Anne, New York.
Menear, Mr. Wm. H., 2nd Div., C.A.S.C., Buffalo.

Menear, Mrs. W. H., Buffalo.
Menear, Miss Minnie, Buffalo.
Mulligan, Miss Eleanor, White Plains. .
Nancarrow, Mr. Harold E., 36th C.F.A., Buffalo.
Olmstead, Rev. Claude T., 26th Bn., Morrisonville.
Olmstead, Mrs. C. T., Morrissonville.
Pigott, Miss Marion, N.S., New York.
Rath, Col. The Hon. Fred. J., Utica.
Read, Mr. Herbert, 24th Bn., Buffalo.
Read, Mrs. Herbert, Buffalo.
Rice, Mr. Robt. L., 3rd C.S.B., Larchmont.
Rice, Mrs. R. L., Larchmont.
Riley, Mr. Francis J., 13th Bn., Buffalo.
Roberts, Mr. Emrys, 5th C.M.R., New York.
Roberts, Mrs. E., New York.
Scammell, Mr. Chas. R., C.A.M.C., Rochester.
Scammell, Mrs. C.R., Rochester.
Scammell, Mr. Chas. B., Rochester.
Smith, Mr. Andrew, Imp., Rochester.
Smith, Mrs. Andrew, Rochester.
Smith, Miss Wilhelmina, N.S., New York.
Strang, Miss Helen C., N.S., 2nd A.I.M.N.S.R., New York.
Third, Mr. Thomas W., C.F.A., Brooklyn.
Third, Mrs. T. W., Brooklyn.
Warrington, Mr. John J., 15th Bn., Astoria, L.I.
Waters, Miss Grace B., N.S., 7th C.G.H., Utica.

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Tyson, Mr. Robert, Akron.
Tyson, Mrs. Robert, Akron.
Wilson, Mr. John E., 5th C.M.R., Cleveland.

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Escott, Mr. Thos. H., C.A.M.C., Portland.
Escott, Mrs. T. H., Portland.
Hocking, Mrs. Tamar E., Portland.
Hocking, Miss Eileen, Portland.

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Armour, Major S. D., 16th Bn., Philadelphia.
Rutledge, Mr. S. S., Imp., Philadelphia.
Rutledge, Mrs. S. S., Philadelphia.
Stitt, Mrs. R. D., Pittsburgh.
Wright, Mr. E. J., C.F.C., Philadelphia.

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Bathgate, Mrs. C. H., Providence.

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Marshall, Mr. Frederick H., C.A.S.C., Memphis.

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Evans, Mrs. Nellie M., Houston.

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Abbey, Mr. Sam, 4th C.E., Seattle.
Barkhuff, Miss B., Seattle.
Barnet, Mr. James, Seattle.
Barnet, Mrs. Jas., Seattle.
Barnet, Mr. John G., Imp., Seattle.
Buchannon, Mrs. Daisy McC., Seattle.
Collins, Mrs. John, Bellingham.
Dailey, Mr. Geo. E. A., 47th Bn., Bremerton.
Dailey, Mrs. G. E. A., Bremerton.
Dailey, Miss Margaret, L., Bremerton.
Emmerson, Mr. Samuel O., 28th Bn., Tacoma.
Fedden, Mr. Frederick A., 42nd C.S.C., Seattle.
Fedden, Mrs. F. A., Seattle.
Finlay, Mr. Robert, 47th Bn., Seattle.
Finlay, Mrs. Robert, Seattle.
McBey, Mrs. J., Bellingham.
McCarl, Miss Violet, Seattle.
Rossiter, Mr. Eric T., 7th Bn., Tacoma.

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Curry, Mrs. Florence MacK., Buckhannon.
Lyon, Mr. Lorne A., 75th Bn., Wheeling.

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Lond, Miss Genevieve, Milwaukee.
Morrison, Mr. James, 52nd Bn., Milwaukee.
Morrison, Mrs. Jas., Milwaukee.

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McGregor, Miss Bessie E., Washington.

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Burland, Mr. C. 1., 50th Bn., Hamilton.

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Penny, Mr. S. James, 171st Que. R., Corner Brook.

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In Memorium

MRS. A. U. DuPENCIER, of Vancouver, British Columbia, who died on July 13th, 1936, while en route to Montreal to join the Vimy Pilgrimage.

MRS. R. A. KEMP, of Calgary, Alberta, who died on board the R.M.S. "Antonia" on July 28th, 1936, while en route to England after visiting her husband's grave in France.