Vimy Pilgrimage Roll (1936)

Published in "The Epic of Vimy," Compiled and Edited by W.W. Murray, Published by The legionary, Ottawa, 1936.

Nominal Roll

"While there were about 8,000 Canadians present at the Unveiling of the Vimy Monument, this record contains only the names of the approximately 6,400 Pilgrims who sailed on the Pilgrimage ships from Canada. It has not been possible to secure in time for inclusion in this volume the names of those resident in Great Britain. In designating the units of the ex-Service men and women the recognized abbreviations have been used; for example, C.F.A. (Canadian Field Artillery); C.A.M.C. (Canadian Army Medical Corps), etc., N.S. stands for Nursing Sister: Imp. for Imperial. The information has in all cases been taken from the original application form filled in by the Pilgrims."

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This version of the Roll is a single alphabetic list. Switch to Roll sorted by home Province and State.

Abbey, Lt.-Col. Philip, 11th S. Bn., Corps A., Montreal, Quebec
Abbey, Mr. Sam, 4th C.E., Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
Abbott, Mr. Abraham, 28th Bn., Beverley, Alberta
Abbott, Mr. Arthur J., F.D.C.T., Vancouver, British Columbia
Abbott, Mrs. A. J., Vancouver, British Columbia
Acheson-Lyle, Rev. A. M., Imp., Colwood, British Columbia
Ackland, Mrs. Katherine, Port Alberni, British Columbia
Adair, Mr. George, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Adair, Mrs. G., Toronto, Ontario
Adams, Mr. Victor, 12th C.P.C., Sherbrooke, Quebec
Adams, Miss Evelyn, Saltcoats, Saskatchewan
Adams, Mr. Jimmie, Maple Creek, Saskatchewan
Adams, Mr. John H., 2nd C.P.B., Deroit Lochmoor, Michigan, U.S.A.
Adamson, Mr. Albert O., 42nd Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Adamson, Mr. David, 75th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Adcock, Mr. Edmond, Vancouver, British Columbia
Addison, Mr. R. A., 119th & 58th an., Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Addison, Mrs. R. A., Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Addy, Mr. Edward R. N., 2nd C.M.R., Toronto, Ontario
Adie, Mrs. Esther E., West Vancouver, British Columbia
Adie, Mrs. Mabel H., St Catharines, Ontario
Adlard, Mr. R. H., 56th Bty., San Diego, California, U.S.A.
Adlard, Mrs. R. H., San Diego, California, U.S.A.
Adnitt, Mrs. Elsie, Langley Prairie, British Columbia
Affleck, Mr. L. O., 38th Bn., Lanark, Ontario
Agnew, Mr. Samuel, Imp., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Agur, Mr. Wm. D., 1st C. E., Tillsonburg, Ontario
Agur, Mrs. W. D., Tillsonburg, Ontario
Ahier., Mr. Walter, 16th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Ainsworth, Mrs. Annie, Vancouver, British Columbia
Ainsworth, Capt. Densmore S., 21st Bn., Wellington, Ontario
Ainsworth, Mrs. D. 8., Wellington, Ontario
Aird, Mrs. Elizabeth, Edmonton, Alberta
Aird, Rev. Wm., 114th Bn., Almonte, Ontario
Aird, Mrs. Wm., Almonte, Ontario
Aitken, Mrs. Wm., Lethbridge, Alberta
Aitken, Mr. Adam, 60th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Aitken, Mrs. Adam., Toronto, Ontario
Aitken, Mrs. Eliza., Toronto, Ontario
Aldred, Mr. Albert L., 4th Bn., Windsor, Ontario
Aldwinckle, Mrs. E. H., Lacombe, Alberta
Aldwinckle, Miss Margaret, Lacombe, Alberta
Alexander, Miss Evelyn E. F., Port Perry, Ontario
Alford, Miss Gertrude, Trenton, Ontario
Allan, Mrs Jessie, Berwyn, Alberta
Allan, Mr. Percy C., 1st C.D.S., Toronto, Ontario
Allanson, Mr. Wm. F. G., 72nd Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Allcock, Mr. Daniel, 29th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Allen, Mrs. Agnes, Vancouver, British Columbia
Allen, Mrs. Elizabeth, Vancouver, British Columbia
Allen, Miss Edith A., Vancouver, British Columbia
Allen, Mr. Ben W., 16th Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Allen, Mrs. Ben W., Ottawa, Ontario
Allen, Mr. George E., 3rd D.A.C., Islington, Ontario
Allen, Mr. Donald E., 42nd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Allen, Mr. John, C.A.S.C., Toronto, Ontario
Allen, Mr. John, 4th C.M.R., Toronto, Ontario
Allen, Mr. William G., 19th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Allen, Mr. Albert J., 2nd Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Allen, Mr. Joseph, 58th Bn., Bulyea, Saskatchewan
Allgrove, Mr. Walter, 28th Bn., Dahlton, Saskatchewan
Allison, Mr. James, 47th Bn., West Vancouver, British Columbia
Allison, Mrs. James, West Vancouver, British Columbia
Allison, Mr. Herbert, 2nd Bn., Trenton, Ontario
Allsopp, Mr. Albert V., M.G.B., Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Almond, Mr. James, 1st Dep. Bn., Sask. Regt., Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
Almond, Mrs. Jas., Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
Alward, Miss Blanche, Victoria, British Columbia
Alward, Mrs. J. P., Forest Hills, New York, U.S.A.
Alyea, Capt. Orloff, C. E., Trenton, Ontario
Alyea, Mrs. Orloff, Trenton, Ontario
Alyea, Miss Jean B., Trenton, Ontario
Amy, Mr. Frank, 35th Bty., Vancouver, British Columbia
Amy, Mrs. Frank, Vancouver, British Columbia
Amy, Mr. Norman, Vancouver, British Columbia
Amy, Miss Barbara, Vancouver, British Columbia
Amy, Mr. Raulin, Quebec, Quebec
Anderson, Mr. E. O., 49th Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Anderson, Mrs. E. O., Calgary, Alberta
Anderson, Mrs. Jennie, Calgary, Alberta
Anderson, Mr. John C., Blairmore, Alberta
Anderson, Mrs. J. C., Blairmore, Alberta
Anderson, Mr. John J., Calgary, Alberta
Anderson, Miss Constance, New Westminster, British Columbia
Anderson, Mr. John W., B.C. Bantams, Vancouver, British Columbia
Anderson, Mrs. Sarah, New Westminster, British Columbia
Anderson, Mr. Herbert J., 6th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Anderson, Mrs. H. J., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Anderson, Mrs. Lilian H., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Anderson, Mr. Walter G., 78th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Anderson, Major Alex. A., 2nd C.D.S., Ottawa, Ontario
Anderson, Mrs. A. A., Ottawa, Ontario
Anderson, Mr. Andrew, Oshawa, Ontario
Anderson, Miss May, Ottawa, Ontario
Anderson, Mr. Thos. G., Listowel, Ontario
Anderson, Mrs. Thos. G., N.S., Listowel, Ontario
Anderson, Mr. Ernest, C.E., Toronto, Ontario
Anderson, Mr. Henry C., 1st C.A.H., Toronto, Ontario
Anderson, Mrs. Isabella., Toronto, Ontario
Anderson, Dr. Ross, 16th Bty., C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Anderson, Mr. Wm. J., 2nd C.E., Toronto, Ontario
Anderson, Mrs. Catherine R., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Anderson, Mr. Thos. H., 6th Bn., Fresno, California, U.S.A.
Andison, Mr. Joseph, Cochrane, Alberta
Andison, Miss Catherine A., Cochrane, Alberta
Andrews, Mr. Albert, 14th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Andrews, Mrs. A., Toronto, Ontario
Andrews, Mr. John H., R.C.H.A., Toronto, Ontario
Andrews, Rev. Donald, Imp., Montreal, Quebec
Andrews, Mr. Clifford, Montreal, Quebec
Andrews, Miss Elsie M., N.S., Imp., Pasadena, California, U.S.A.
Andrews, Miss Maude A., N.S., Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
Annan, Mr. Harvey, C.S.C., Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
Annesley, Mrs. Dorothy F. W., Port Hope, Ontario
Annesley, Miss Dorothey K. M., Port Hope, Ontario
Annesley, Miss Helen R., Port Hope, Ontario
Appleton, Mr. George W., C.E., Toronto, Ontario
Appleton, Mrs. G. W., Toronto, Ontario
Appleton, Master Robert G., Toronto, Ontario
Arbuckle, Mr. Percy R., 2nd Bn., Hull, Quebec
Arbuckle, Mrs. P. R., Hull, Quebec
Archer, Mrs. Elizabeth, Blairmore, Alberta
Archer, Mr. Hyla F., C.R.T.D., Toronto, Ontario
Archibald, Mr. Jas. E., Montreal, Quebec
Arman, Mr. Maxwell H., Saginaw, Michigan, U.S.A.
Armitage, Miss Margaret W., St Thomas, Ontario
Armitage, Mr. Percy W., 52nd Bty., Toronto, Ontario
Armour, Major S. D., 16th Bn., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Armstrong, Mr. Henry M., C.F.A., Kelowna, British Columbia
Armstrong, Mrs. H. M., Kelowna, British Columbia
Armstrong, Miss Elsie, Sackville, New Brunswick
Armstrong, Mr. Edward C., 26th Bn., Fredericton, New Brunswick
Armstrong, Mr. Ernie H., Imp., Campbellford, Ontario
Armstrong, Mr. Thomas E., 19th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Armstrong, Mr. Stephen P., 58th Bn., Chicago, Illinios, U.S.A.
Arnold, Mr. Albert J., F.G.S., Blair, Ontario
Arnold, Mrs. A. J., Blair, Ontario
Arthurs, Mr. Frederick L., C.A.D.C., Vancouver, British Columbia
Arthurs, Miss Muriel E., Brandon, Manitoba
Ashbourne, Mr. B. N., 3rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Ashbourne, Mr. Frank V., 3rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Ashcroft, Mrs. Harry, Hafford, Saskatchewan
Ashcroft, Miss Irene B., Hafford, Saskatchewan
Ashcroft, Mr. Hugh O., Hafford, Saskatchewan
Asher, Mrs. Martha, Niagara Falls, Ontario
Asher, Mrs. Earnest B., Dunnville, Ontario
Asher, Miss Eleanor F.., R.N., Santa Monica, California, U.S.A.
Ashmore, Mr. Frank, Imp., Indian Head, Saskatchewan
Askham, Mr. Charles W., 1st Can. Emp., Vancouver, British Columbia
Asquith, Mr. George, 204th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Asson, Mr. John 8., 72nd Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Atcherley, Mrs. Esther L., Tilbury, Ontario
Atherton, Mrs. Mary, St Catharines, Ontario
Atherton, Mr. Peter, 18th Bn., St Catharines, Ontario
Atherton, Mr. Thos., St Catharines, Ontario
Atkins, Mr. John F., Owen Sound, Ontario
Atkins, Mrs. John F., Imp., Owen Sound, Ontario
Atkinson, Mr. David S., 5th Bn., Princeton, British Columbia
Atkinson, Miss May, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Atkinson, Mr. Harold, 6th C.R.T., Toronto, Ontario
Atkinson, Mr. John W., 1st Cav. Bde., Toronto, Ontario
Atkinson, Mrs. J. W., Toronto, Ontario
Atkinson, Mr. Richard, 4th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Atkinson, Mrs. R., Toronto, Ontario
Aucher, Mrs. M., Toronto, Ontario
Augustine, Miss Emma E., N.S., Arkona, Ontario
Austin, Mrs. Emily, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
Aylesworth, Mrs. Wm. P., Calgary, Alberta
Aylesworth, Master P.O.S., Calgary, Alberta
Aylward, Mr. Geo. A., Imp., Emerson, Manitoba
Ayres, Mr. Mark J., 12th C. E., London, Ontario
Ayres, Mrs. M. J., London, Ontario
Ayres, Miss Shirley, London, Ontario
Ayris, Mr. Harold J., 4th Div. Sig., Toronto, Ontario
Ayris, Mrs. H. J., Toronto, Ontario

Babb, Mr. Richard H., 43rd C. H., Port Arthur, Ontario
Babb, Mrs. R. H., Port Arthur, Ontario
Babbage, Mr. Arthur, Imp., Elk Lake, Ontario
Babin, Miss Annie, Edmundston, New Brunswick
Bacon, Mr. Frederick G., Port Alberni, British Columbia
Bacon, Mrs. F. G., Port Alberni, British Columbia
Bacon, Mr. Edward N., Port Alberni, British Columbia
Bacon, Mrs. Elizabeth., Toronto, Ontario
Baden, Mr. Henry, 5th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Badenock, Mr. A. H., Toronto, Ontario
Badenock, Mrs. A. H., Toronto, Ontario
Badgley, Capt. F. C., C.F.A., Ottawa, Ontario
Baggs, Mrs. Nancy, Vancouver, British Columbia
Bagot, Mrs. Lilian O., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Bailey, Mr. Thos. 90th W.R., Hamiota, Manitoba
Bailey, Mrs. Thos., Hamiota, Manitoba
Bailey, Miss Margaret, Hamiota, Manitoba
Bailey, Mr. Alfred E., 77th & 87th Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Bailey, Mrs. A. E., Ottawa, Ontario
Bailey, Mr. Wm., 16th Bn., Kenora, Ontario
Bailly, Mr. Fred R, 25th Bn., Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Bailly, Mrs. F. P., Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Bain, Mr. John A., 21st Bn, Sussex, New Brunswick
Bain, Mrs. J. A., Sussex, New Brunswick
Baird, Mrs. Margaret, Vancouver, British Columbia
Baird, Miss Mary O., Vancouver, British Columbia
Baird, Dr. W. Forbes, C.A.M.C., Carleton Place, Ontario
Baird, Mrs. W. F., Carleton Place, Ontario
Baird, Mr. David, R. Can. Regt., Montreal, Quebec
Baird, Mrs. David, Montreal, Quebec
Baird, Mr. S., 4th C.D.D.C., Elmhurst, Illinios, U.S.A.
Bairow, Mr. Albert, 134th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Baker, Mr. Jack, R.A.S.C., Calgary, Alberta
Baker, Mrs. J., Calgary, Alberta
Baker, Mr. Jas. F., 12th Royal Lancers, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Baker, Mrs. J. F., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Baker, Mr. H. A. F., Truro, Nova Scotia
Baker, Mrs. H. A. F., Truro, Nova Scotia
Baker, Miss Lillian M., Truro, Nova Scotia
Baker, Mr. Abram, Ottawa, Ontario
Baker, Capt. E. A., C.E., Toronto, Ontario
Baker, Mrs. E. A., Toronto, Ontario
Baker, Mr. Robert P., London, Ontario
Baker, Miss A., N.S., Toronto, Ontario
Baker, Rev. Alexander E., H.Q., Toronto, Ontario
Baker, Mrs. A. E., Toronto, Ontario
Baker, Miss Shirley M., Toronto, Ontario
Baker, Mr. Earle F. W., Toronto, Ontario
Baker, Mr. H. O., 28th Bn., Fielding, Saskatchewan
Balcombe, Mr. Wm. E., 3rd D.A.C., Ottawa, Ontario
Balcombe, Mrs. W. 13., Ottawa, Ontario
Balderston, Mr. Thos. W., 32nd C.F.A., Ottawa, Ontario
Baldwin, Mr. R. E., 33rd C.F.A., Windsor, Ontario
Baldwin, Mrs. R. E., Windsor, Ontario
Baldwin, Mr. Walter, Imp., Cooksville, Ontario
Baldwin, Mr. Robert, Regina, Saskatchewan
Bale, Mr. John E., 200th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Bale, Mrs. J. E., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Bales, Maj. J. N., Montreal, Quebec
Balfour, Mr. George, 24th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Balfour, Mrs. G., Toronto, Ontario
Balkenstein, Mrs. Mary McQ. N., Medecine Hat, Alberta
Ball, Capt. Frederick J. C., 72nd, Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Ball, Mrs. Ellen A., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Ball, Mrs. May, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Ball, Mrs. Catharine T., Picton, Ontario
Ball, Mr. George E., 43rd C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Ballantyne, Mr. James S., 22nd and 10th Bn., Edmonton, Alberta
Ballantyne, Mrs. J. S., Edmonton, Alberta
Balsdon, Mr. Frederick S., 21st Bn, Buffalo , New York, U.S.A.
Balsdon, Mrs. F. S., Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.
Balsdon, Mr. James F., Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.
Balsdon, Mr. Gilbert E., Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.
Bannan, Miss Evah L., Vancouver, British Columbia
Bannerman, Mr. Lewis McL., 75th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Bannister, Mr. Jas., 25th Bn., Sydney, Nova Scotia
Bannister, Mrs. Jas., Sydney, Nova Scotia
Bannister, Mr. Arthur, 18th Bn., Forest, Ontario
Bannister, Mrs. C. V., Scotland, Ontario
Bannister, Mrs. C. V., Scotland, Ontario
Bannister, Mr. George, 1st C.M.R., Watrous, Saskatchewan
Bannister, Mrs. G., Watrous, Saskatchewan
Bannon, Lt.-Col. William T., 31st Bn., Medecine Hat, Alberta
Bannon, Mrs. W. T., Medicine Hat, Alberta
Bannon, Miss Eileen, Medicine Hat, Alberta
Barber, Mr. Frank, 2nd C.M.R., Kamloops, British Columbia
Barber, Miss Dorothy M., Ottawa, Ontario
Barber, Mr. Frederick, 1st Bn., Walkerville, Ontario
Barber, Mr. H. C., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Barber, Mrs. H. C., Toronto, Ontario
Barber, Miss Beverly., Toronto, Ontario
Barbour, Mrs. Ishbel G. H., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Barbour, Mr. Kenneth J., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Barclay, Mr. Edward T., 32nd Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Barclay, Mr. Noel McE., Imp., Montreal, Quebec
Barclay, Mr. Wm. N., Montreal, Quebec
Barker, Mr. Mark, 5th Bn., Pemukan, Alberta
Barker, Mr. Wm., Imp., Trenton, Ontario
Barker, Mr. Roger W., 224th Bn., Blucher, Saskatchewan
Barkhuff, Miss B., Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
Barlow, Mrs. Martha, St Catharines, Ontario
Barlow, Mr. Richard, 129th Bn., Hamilton, Ontario
Barlow, Mrs. Richard, Hamilton, Ontario
Barman, Mr. George H., Medicine Hat, Alberta
Barnard, Mr. T. A., Nanaimo, British Columbia
Barnard, Mrs. Lillian J., Hamilton, Ontario
Barnard, Mr. Stanley V., Matachewan, Ontario
Barnes, Mrs. Mary, Malakwa, British Columbia
Barnes, Mr. Ernest, St Thomas, Ontario
Barnes, Mr. Walter, C.S.C., Billings Bridge, Ontario
Barnes, Mrs. Walter, V. A. D., Billings Bridge, Ontario
Barnes, Mr. Earl T., 45th C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Barnes, Mr. William, 4th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Barnet, Mr. James, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
Barnet, Mrs. Jas., Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
Barnet, Mr. John G., Imp., Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
Barnett, Miss Irene V., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Barnicott, Mr. W. H., Imp., Creighton Mine, Ontario
Baron, Mr. John, C. E., Ottawa, Ontario
Baron, Mrs. John, Ottawa, Ontario
Barr, Mr. Peter G., Imp., Victoria, British Columbia
Barr, Mrs. P. G., Victoria, British Columbia
Barrett, Mr. Willis T. McN., C.E., Victoria, British Columbia
Barrett, Mrs. W. T. McN., Victoria, British Columbia
Barrett, Miss Margaret C., N.S., Imp., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Barrett, Mr. Samuel T., 13th R.H.C., Toronto, Ontario
Barrett, Mr. Thomas, R.A.F., Toronto, Ontario
Barrow, Mrs. A., Toronto, Ontario
Bartholomew, Mr. George J., Toronto, Ontario
Bartholomew, Mrs. G. J., N.S., Toronto, Ontario
Bartlam, Mr. Edwin J., 128th Bn., Regina, Saskatchewan
Bartlam, Mrs. E. J., Regina, Saskatchewan
Barton, Mrs. F. M., Calgary, Alberta
Barton, Miss Flo., Lougheed, Alberta
Barton, Mr. Harold M., 4th Div. T., Ottawa, Ontario
Barwise, Mr. Wm. R., Imp., Vancouver, British Columbia
Barwise, Mrs. W. R., Vancouver, British Columbia
Bascom, Mr. Charles H., 116th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Bascomb, Mr. Herbert A., R.C.A., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Bassett, Mr. Bertram W., 2nd. C.F.A., Somme, Saskatchewan
Bassett, Mrs. B. W., Somme, Saskatchewan
Batchmelor, Mr. Alick, 4th C.M.R., Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.
Bate, Miss Muriel, Calgary, Alberta
Bate, Miss Lottie A., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Bate, Mr. Leonard, Imp., Brampton, Ontario
Bate, Mrs. Leonard, Brampton, Ontario
Bate, Miss Mary A., Freeman, Ontario
Bater, Mrs. Mary E., Vancouver, British Columbia
Bathgate, Mrs. C. H., Providence, Rhose Island, U.S.A.
Batt, Mrs. Eunice E., Fredericton, New Brunswick
Baty, Mr. Edward, Imp., Outremont, Quebec
Bauche, Mr. Arthur W., Westboro, Ontario
Bauche, Mrs. A. W., Westboro, Ontario
Baugh, Mr. F. R., P.P.C.L.I., Spiritwood, Saskatchewan
Baugh, Mrs. F. R., Spiritwood, Saskatchewan
Bawtree, Mr. Wm. T. H., Imp., Nanton, Alberta
Baxter, Mr. John, 1st C.R.T., Toronto, Ontario
Baxter, Mrs. J., Toronto, Ontario
Baxter, Mrs. Salome., Toronto, Ontario
Baxter, Miss Amy. ., Toronto, Ontario
Baxter, Miss Margaret., Toronto, Ontario
Bayley, Mr. Harold J., C.E.F., Toronto, Ontario
Bayne, Miss Gladys E., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Bayne, Miss Mary J., Toronto, Ontario
Bays, Mr. Hubert, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Beach, Major Floyd K., 8th. C.R.T., Edmonton, Alberta
Beach, Mrs. F. K., Edmonton, Alberta
Beagley, Mr. Chas. F., Embro, Ontario
Bealey, Mrs. Mildred K., Calgary, Alberta
Beardall, Mr. Frederick G., 3rd Bn., Weston, Ontario
Beardall, Mrs. F. G., Weston, Ontario
Beath, Mrs. Violet E. Young, N.S., Toronto, Ontario
Beatie, Mr. Edward J., 2nd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Beatie, Mrs. E. J., Toronto, Ontario
Beattie, Miss Barbara, Drumheller, Alberta
Beattie, Mr. Frank H., 42nd Bn., Bridgetown, Nova Scotia
Beattie, Mr. John F. M., S.T.D., Fergus, Ontario
Beattie, Mr. Albert C., 5th C.M.R., Toronto, Ontario
Beaulieu, Capt. Rosaire, 22nd Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Beaulieu, Mrs. R., Montreal, Quebec
Beaver, Mrs. Grace D., Stockett, Montana, U.S.A.
Becher, Mrs. Flora A., London, Ontario
Becher, Mr. John C., London, Ontario
Becher, Mr. Archibald A., London, Ontario
Beckett, Mr. Herbert, 4th Bn., Dunnville, Ontario
Beckingham, Mr. Cortland B., 10th Bty., Ottawa, Ontario
Beckwith, Mr. Charles A., 50th Bn., Edmonton, Alberta
Bedding, Mrs. Mary, Montreal, Quebec
Bedford, Mr. Wm. O., 42nd Bn., New York, New York, U.S.A.
Bedford, Mrs. W. C., New York, New York, U.S.A.
Bedford, Miss Barbara, 42nd Bn., New York, New York, U.S.A.
Beeching, Mr. Albert, R.C.H.A., McMasterville, Quebec
Beecroft, Mr. George W., 8th C.E., Toronto, Ontario
Beer, Mr. Leonard, 19th Bn., Manitoba, Manitoba
Belcher, Mr. Wm. H., 49th Bn., Edmonton, Alberta
Belcher, Miss Dorothy J., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Belfry, Mr. Sherman R., 18th Bn., Cannington, Ontario
Belfry, Mrs. S. R., Cannington, Ontario
Bell, Mr. George C., C.A.M.C., Calgary, Alberta
Bell, Mrs. Hazel F., N. S., Calgary, Alberta
Bell, Mr. Wm., Canmore, Alberta
Bell, Mrs. Jean D. H., Vancouver, British Columbia
Bell, Mrs. Ian H. B., Vancouver, British Columbia
Bell, Mr. Andrew T., 1st C.M.G.C., Sackville, New Brunswick
Bell, Mr. Fred H., Fort William, Ontario
Bell, Dr. James, 5th C.F.A., Fort William, Ontario
Bell, Mrs. James, Fort William, Ontario
Bell, Mr. John, C.A.S.C., Ottawa, Ontario
Bell, Mrs. John, Ottawa, Ontario
Bell, Mr. John, 21st Bn, Long Branch, Ontario
Bell, Mrs. John, Long Branch, Ontario
Bell, Mr. John G., 15th Bn., St Marys, Ontario
Bell, Miss Mary M., Pembroke, Ontario
Bell, Mr. Wm. R., 15th Bn., Weston, Ontario
Bell, Mr. David A., R.A.F., Toronto, Ontario
Bell, Mr. Herbert, 5th Bn., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Bell, Mr. F. J., 26th Bn., Meriden, Connecticut, U.S.A.
Bell., Mr. Thomas, 21st Bty., Toronto, Ontario
Bellamy, Miss Harriet M., Ottawa, Ontario
Bellamy, Mrs. Marie, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Bellamy, Mr. John, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Bellman, Mrs. W. B. M., Toronto, Ontario
Bellman, Mr. Stafford., Toronto, Ontario
Belot, Mr. Alfred O., 32nd Bty., Billings Bridge, Ontario
Belyea, Mr. Abner, Fredericton, New Brunswick
Belyea, Miss Marie C., Moncton, New Brunswick
Belyea, Mr. Wm. A., C.A.A.A., Perth, Ontario
Benest, Mr. Philip, 78th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Bennet, Mr. Wm. H., Imp., Montreal, Quebec
Bennett, Mr. J., 10th Bn., Peace River, Alberta
Bennett, Mrs. J., Peace River, Alberta
Bennett, Mr. Geo. F., Vancouver, British Columbia
Bennett, Mrs. G. F., Vancouver, British Columbia
Bennett, Mrs. Ethel, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Bennett, Mr. George, Divl. Sig., Port Credit, Ontario
Bennett, Mrs. Sarah Jane., Toronto, Ontario
Bennett, Miss Fanny E., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Benson, Mr. Albert A., C.A.M.C., Owen Sound, Ontario
Benson, Mr. William J., 54th Bn., Humboldt, Saskatchewan
Benson., Mr. Harry G., 20th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Bentley, Mr. Enoch, 2nd C.R.T. & 8th Stat. Hosp., Regina, Saskatchewan
Bentley, Mrs. Jean, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Berry, Capt. Albert E., 7th Bn., Vernon, British Columbia
Berry, Mrs. A. E., Vernon, British Columbia
Berry, Miss Phyllis M., Vernon, British Columbia
Berry, Mr. Thos., 28th Bn., Port Arthur, Ontario
Berry, Mr. William D., 75th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Berthiaume, Miss Jeannette, Hull, Quebec
Best, Mr. Samuel, Imp., St Boniface, Manitoba
Best, Mrs. Minnie, Sydney, Nova Scotia
Beswick, Mr. J. E., 15th Bn., Delhi, Ontario
Beswick, Mrs. J. E., Delhi, Ontario
Bethell, Mr. James, Victoria, British Columbia
Bethune, Mr. John G., C.S.C., LeRoy, Saskatchewan
Betts, Mr. Joseph I., 18th Bn., Stratford, Ontario
Betts, Mrs. J. I., Stratford, Ontario
Bevan, Mr. James, Kamloops, British Columbia
Beveridge, Mr. Geo. W., R.C.D., Vancouver, British Columbia
Bevis, Mary Rogers, Toronto, Ontario
Bibby, Mr. Wm. A., 1st Field Co., C.E., Calgary, Alberta
Bickford, Mr. Henry E, 53rd Bty., The Pas, Manitoba
Bickford, Mrs. H. F., The Pas, Manitoba
Bickley, Mr. Wm. H., 18th Bn., Woodstock, Ontario
Bickley, Mr. Frank, 1st Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Bickley, Mrs. F., Toronto, Ontario
Biddick, Mr. Samuel, C.A.S.C., Vancouver, British Columbia
Biddick, Mrs. 8., Vancouver, British Columbia
Biddlecomb, Mr. Frank H., 2nd Bn., Woodstock, Ontario
Biddlecomb, Mrs. F. H., Woodstock, Ontario
Biggs, Mr. R. P., 5th Bn., Metiskow, Alberta
Billings, Mr. Walter J., 13th Bn., Drayton, Ontario
Bilodeau, Mr. Wenceslas, R. 22nd Regt., Quebec, Quebec
Bilodeau, Mrs. W., Quebec, Quebec
Bingham, Mr. James, 77th Bn., Trail, British Columbia
Binns, Mrs. May V. V., Montreal, Quebec
Binns, Mr. I. E., North Andover, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Birch, Mr. Robert, Imp., Hamilton, Ontario
Birch, Mr. Walter C., 153rd Bn., Guelph e, Ontario
Bird, Mr. Geo. H., Port Alberni, British Columbia
Bird, Mrs. G. H., Port Alberni, British Columbia
Birkbeck, Mr. Samuel, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Birkbeck, Mrs. S., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Birmingham, Mrs. Edna P., Toronto, Ontario
Birmingham, Miss G. F. L., Toronto, Ontario
Birnie, Mr. Peter, 16th Bn., Fort William, Ontario
Bish, Mr. Wm., 4th Bn., Kincardine, Ontario
Bishop, Mr. Gilbert, 13th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Bishop, Mr. Loyal le R., 2nd Bde., C.P.A. & R.F.C., Montreal, Quebec
Bishop, Mrs. L. 1e R., Montreal, Quebec
Black, Mrs. J., Edmonton, Alberta
Black, Mr. Albert S., Sussex, New Brunswick
Black, Miss Winnifred., Toronto, Ontario
Black, Mr. Andrew P., S.J.A.H., Toronto, Ontario
Black, Mr. Angus, 73rd Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Black, Miss Annie G., Beatty, Saskatchewan
Blacklock, Mr. Murdock T., 5th C.M.R., River Glade, New Brunswick
Blackman, Mr. Percy, C. E., Toronto, Ontario
Blackmore, Mr. Sydney, 78th Bn., Clair, Saskatchewan
Blain., Mr. Andrew, 20th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Blair, Mr. Robert T., 7th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Blair, Miss Isabelle, Ottawa, Ontario
Blair, Miss Josephine R., Allandale, Ontario
Blais, Mr. Oliver, Kirkland Lake, Ontario
Blake, Major Chas, 8th Bn., Windsor, Ontario
Blake, Mrs. Chas., Windsor, Ontario
Blanchard, Dr. J. E., C.A.D.C., Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Blanchard, Mrs. J. E., Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Blanchard, Mrs. Margaret, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Blandy, Mrs. Corinne E., Victoria, British Columbia
Blight, Mr. George C., 6th Siege Bty., Hillsboro, New Brunswick
Bloomfield, Major Albert E., 1st C.M.R., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Blower, Mr. Frederick C., Imp., Edmonton, Alberta
Blower, Mrs. F. C., Edmonton, Alberta
Bluck, Mrs Winifred M., Olds, Alberta
Blundell, Selina, Vancouver, British Columbia
Blunt, Mr. Walter, 19th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Blunt, Mrs. W., Toronto, Ontario
Blyth, Mr. Archibald J., 5th Bde., M.G.C., Montreal, Quebec
Blythe, Mrs. Eleanor H., Calgary, Alberta
Boag, Mr. George W., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Boag, Mrs. Charlotte., Toronto, Ontario
Boake, Mr. Clarence O., 30th C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Bocking, Mr. Alfred L., 5th C.F.A., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Bodwell, Mrs. D. M., Toronto, Ontario
Bolster, Mrs. Edith V., Regina, Saskatchewan
Bond, Master John H., Leask, Saskatchewan
Bonner, Mrs. Elizabeth W., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Boon, Mr. James, 87th Bn., St Lambert, Quebec
Booth, Mr. John T., Calgary, Alberta
Booth, Mrs. J. T., Calgary, Alberta
Booth, Miss Bettie I., Calgary, Alberta
Booth, Mr. Roy, Calgary, Alberta
Bostock, Mr. Stanley P., 54th C.E. Bn., Nelson, British Columbia
Boston, Mr. Wm. W., 5th C.M.R., West Summerland, British Columbia
Botel, Mr. Henry, 49th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Botel, Miss Frances, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Boucher, Mrs. Sarah F., Chilliwack, British Columbia
Boucher, Miss Leila F., London, Ontario
Boulton, Mrs. Florence M., Neutral Hills, Alberta
Bourgeois, Mr. J. A., 7th F.B.C.A., Cowansville, Quebec
Bowden, Mr. Joseph Wm., Imp., Ponoka, Alberta
Bowen, Mr. George, Imp., Windsor, Ontario
Bowes, Mrs. Bertha L., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Bowey, Mr. George, 151: Bn., London, Ontario
Bowker, Mrs. Evelyn M., Malone, New York, U.S.A.
Bowland, Miss Beatrice B., Carleton Place, Ontario
Bowler, Mr. J. R., 52nd Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Bowler, Mrs. J. R., Ottawa, Ontario
Bowles, Mrs. George, Tilbury, Ontario
Bowley, Mr. Henry S., 1st Can. Pioneers, Edmonton, Alberta
Bowley, Mrs. H. S., Edmonton, Alberta
Bowley, Mr. Wilfred, 18th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Bowley, Mrs. W., Toronto, Ontario
Bowman, Mr. R., C.M.G.C. & Can. Red Cross., Toronto, Ontario
Bowman, Capt. T. E., Toronto, Ontario
Bowron, Mrs. Edna M., Reading, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Bowron, Mr. Allan, Reading, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Boyce, Miss Olive, R. N., Hamilton, Ontario
Boyce, Mr. Pridden, Royal Can. Dragoons & R.A.F., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Boyd, Major Alastair M., 5th Bn., Victoria, British Columbia
Boyd, Mrs. A. M., Victoria, British Columbia
Boyd, Mr. A., Amm. Column, Victoria, British Columbia
Boyd, Mrs. A., Victoria, British Columbia
Boyd, Mr. Erroll D. H., 1st Bn., Hamilton, Ontario
Boyd, Mr. Th05. A., 13th R.H.C., Grand'Mére, Quebec
Boyer, Maj. G., Vancouver, British Columbia
Boyle, Mr. James, 15th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Bradbrooke, Mr. George H., 1st C.M.R., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Bradley, Dr. R. W., 50th Bn., Edmonton, Alberta
Bradley, Mrs. R. W., Edmonton, Alberta
Bradley, Mr. Donald, P.P.C.L.I., Creston, British Columbia
Bradley, Mr. Herbert, 47th Bn., Port Alberni, British Columbia
Bradley, Mrs. H., Port Alberni, British Columbia
Bradley, Mrs. John, Crystal City, Manitoba
Bradley, Mr. Joseph A., 8th W.R., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Bradley, Mr. Ben., 52nd Bn., Fort William, Ontario
Bradley, Mr. Fred, Fort William, Ontario
Bradley, Miss Roberta R., Ottawa, Ontario
Bradley, Miss Verla L., St Catharines, Ontario
Bradley, Mr. Wm. N., 31st Bn., Elmvale, Ontario
Bradley, Mrs. W. N., Elmvale, Ontario
Bradley, Mr. John T., Elmvale, Ontario
Bradly, Mr. Chas. C., 2nd M.M.G.C., Ottawa, Ontario
Bradstreet, Mr. Frank, 5th Bn., Peebles, Saskatchewan
Bradstreet, Mrs. E, Peebles, Saskatchewan
Bradwell, Mr. Joseph, 11th C.R.T., Nanaimo, British Columbia
Bradwell, Mrs. Joseph, Nanaimo, British Columbia
Brander, Mr. Arthur P., 1st Bty., R.C.H.A., Mimico, Ontario
Brander, Mrs. A. P., Mimico, Ontario
Brander, Mr. Stanley, Mimico, Ontario
Brannan, Mr. Thomas, 1st C.R.T., Toronto, Ontario
Brash, Mr. James E., Ottawa, Ontario
Bray, Mr. Ernest, 169th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Bray, Mr. H. A. A., R.C.D., Chicago, Illinios, U.S.A.
Bray, Mrs H. A. A., Chicago, Illinios, U.S.A.
Brayshaw, Mr. David, 15th Bn., Galt, Ontario
Breckenridge, Mr. Wm., 42nd C.R.H., Montreal, Quebec
Breckenridge, Mrs. Wm., Montreal, Quebec
Brehaut, Mr. Alfred, 3rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Brehaut, Mrs. A., Toronto, Ontario
Brereton, Mr. George E., C.A.M.C., Greenfield Park, Quebec
Bressey, Mr. Norman E., Imp., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Bressey, Mrs. N. E., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Brett, Mrs. Mary Ann, Imp., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Bridge, Mr. John E., 28th Bn., Port Washington, British Columbia
Bridge, Mrs. J. B., Port Washington, British Columbia
Bridge, Mr. Cyril, 46th Bn., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Bridge, Mrs. C., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Bridge, Mr. Cyril W., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Bridgeford, Mr. Benjamin W., Can. Corp. Sig., Toronto, Ontario
Bridges, Mrs. Maude, El Monte, California, U.S.A.
Bridgewater, Mr. Ernest, 133rd Bn., Hamilton, Ontario
Bridgewater, Mrs. Ernest, Hamilton, Ontario
Bright, Mrs. Maria M., Waskada, Manitoba
Brightwell, Mr. Harry F., 2nd Siege Bty., C.G.A., Montreal, Quebec
Brightwell, Mrs. H. F., Montreal, Quebec
Brika, Mr. Armand, French Army., Toronto, Ontario
Brind, Mr. Wm. F., 11th C.M.R., West Summerland, British Columbia
Brittain, Mrs. M., Preston, Ontario
Britton, Mr. A. W., 8th Can. Stat. Hosp., Imperial, Saskatchewan
Britton, Mrs. A. W., Imperial., Saskatchewan
Broad, Mr. Walter G., 7th Bn., Stewart, British Columbia
Broadbent, Mr. Tom H., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Broadbent, Mrs. T. H., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Broadhurst, Mr. Rex P., Imp., Whitelaw, Alberta
Broadhurst, Mrs. R. P., Whitelaw, Alberta
Broadhurst, Miss Mary, Whitelaw, Alberta
Broadhurst, Miss Joan, Whitelaw, Alberta
Broadhurst, Miss Margaret, Whitelaw, Alberta
Brock, Miss Maud L., Port Arthur, Ontario
Brocklehurst, Mr. Walter, King's Liverpool Regt., Toronto, Ontario
Brocklehurst, Mrs. W., Toronto, Ontario
Broderick, Mrs. Vera, Canmore, Alberta
Broderick, Miss Joan, Canmore, Alberta
Broderick, Mr. Neil, Canmore, Alberta
Brogden, Capt. Lawrence F., M.D., C.A.M.C., Drumheller, Alberta
Brogden, Mrs. L. F., Drumheller, Alberta
Bromfield, Mr. G. W., Brantford, Ontario
Bromilow, Mr. P., 60th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Bromilow, Mrs. F., Montreal, Quebec
Bromilow, Mr. Jack, Montreal, Quebec
Brookman, Mr. John, R.A.F., Toronto, Ontario
Brooks, Mr. Wm. M., 48th Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Brooks, Mr. Wm. M., Jr., Calgary, Alberta
Brooks, Mr. Geo. F., 3rd C.S.C., Windsor, Ontario
Brooks, Mrs. G. F., Windsor, Ontario
Brooks, Mrs. Jennie., Toronto, Ontario
Brooks, Mr. William., Toronto, Ontario
Brooksbank, Mrs. Lily, Swift Current, Saskatchewan
Brookvar., Ernest H., C.A.M.C., Port Arthur, Ontario
Broomfield, Mrs. G. W., Brantford, Ontario
Broomhall, Mr. Frederick W., 4th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Brousseau, Lt.-Col. T. E., Quebec, Quebec
Brousseau, Madame, Quebec, Quebec
Brow, Mr. John S., 188th Bn., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Browell, Mrs. Margaret, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Brown, Mrs. Annie, Edmonton, Alberta
Brown, Mr. David J., 194th Bn., Picardville, Alberta
Brown, Mrs. D. J., Picardville, Alberta
Brown, Mr. Edward, Calgary, Alberta
Brown, Mrs. E., Calgary, Alberta
Brown, Mr. George, 75th Bn., Acme, Alberta
Brown, Mrs. G., Acme, Alberta
Brown, Mr. Robert W., Gleichen, Alberta
Brown, Mrs. R. W., Gleichen, Alberta
Brown, Mr. Wm. K., 50th Bn., Gleichen, Alberta
Brown, Mr. George V., 31st Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Brown, Capt. John C., C.E., Cumberland, British Columbia
Brown, Mrs. J. C., Cumberland, British Columbia
Brown, Mr. Matthew, 102nd Bn., Cumberland, British Columbia
Brown, Mrs. Matthew, Cumberland, British Columbia
Brown, Miss Phyllis, New Westminster, British Columbia
Brown, Mr. Sydney S., Imp., Victoria, British Columbia
Brown, Mr. Thomas, C.R.T., Vancouver, British Columbia
Brown, Mrs. Thomas, Vancouver, British Columbia
Brown, Mr. Alex. M., C.A.M.C., Brandon, Manitoba
Brown, Miss Bessie M., Brandon, Manitoba
Brown, Mr. Arthur, Can. Cyclists, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Brown, Mrs. Dora, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Brown, Dr. Douglas, C.A.D.C., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Brown, Mrs. Douglas, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Brown, Mr. Gordon A., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Brown, Mr. Harry, 37th Bty., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Brown, Mrs. Harry, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Brown, Mr. Thos., Imp., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Brown, Mr. Albert F., 75th Bn., Haliburton, Ontario
Brown, Mr. Duncan, Imp., St Catharines, Ontario
Brown, Mrs. Elsie A., Niagara Falls, Ontario
Brown, Mr. Herbert A., Niagara Falls, Ontario
Brown, Mrs. Elizabeth, Newmarket, Ontario
Brown, Mrs. Eliza E., Windsor, Ontario
Brown, Mr. Harry S., 58th Bn., Port Arthur, Ontario
Brown, Mr. Jack, 102nd Bn., Hamilton, Ontario
Brown, Mr. Luke, C.A.M.C., Ottawa, Ontario
Brown, Mrs. Margaret J., London, Ontario
Brown, Mr. Richard V., C.A.M.C., Kingston, Ontario
Brown, Mr. Wm. D., 1st C.M.M.G.B., Fort Erie, Ontario
Brown, Mrs. W. D., Fort Erie, Ontario
Brown, Mr. Alfred, 75th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Brown, Mrs. A., Toronto, Ontario
Brown, Mr. Edward D., C.M.G.C., Toronto, Ontario
Brown, Miss Frances., Toronto, Ontario
Brown, Miss Edna., Toronto, Ontario
Brown, Mr. John G., P.P.C.L.I., Toronto, Ontario
Brown, Mrs. Helen, Verdun, Quebec
Brown, Mrs. Bathie, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Brown, Master George Wm., Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Brown., Mr. Herbert W., C.L.H., Toronto, Ontario
Brown., Mrs. Hilda., Toronto, Ontario
Browne, Mr. Alfred H., 47th Bn., Langley Prairie, British Columbia
Browne, Mr. Jack, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Browne, Miss Jean, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Browne, Miss Elizabeth 0. R., Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Browne, Mrs. Lelia J., Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Browne, Mrs. Marie A., Ottawa, Ontario
Browne, Miss Sarah E., Rock Forest, Quebec
Browne, Mr. D. L., 19th Bn., Regina, Saskatchewan
Browne-Wilkinson, Capt. Eric. C.C.B., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Browse, Mr. Marshall F. H., 49th Bn., Edmonton, Alberta
Bruce, Mr. John C., Imp., Fort Erie, Ontario
Bruce, Mrs. J. C., Fort Erie, Ontario
Bruce., Mr. Stevenson, 15th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Brunt, Mr. John W., C.A.M.C., Westmount, Quebec
Bruton, Mrs. Elizabeth J., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Bryan, Mr. Chas. W., 30th Bty., Windsor, Ontario
Bryan, Mr. W. T., Windsor, Ontario
Bryant, Mrs. Gertrude R., Chilliwack, British Columbia
Bryant, Mr. Philip, Chilliwack, British Columbia
Brydon, Mrs. Flora M., Fanny Bay, British Columbia
Bryenton, Miss F. W., Amherst, Nova Scotia
Bryson, Mr. Harold M., Truro, Nova Scotia
Bryson, Mr. Wm., 60th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Bryson, Mrs. W., Montreal, Quebec
Buchan, Miss Jessie. N.S., Imp., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Buchan, Mr. Robt. R., 10th C.F.A., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Buchanan, Mr. John S., 2nd C.F.A., New Westminster, British Columbia
Buchanan, Mrs. Marjorie E., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Buchanan, Mr. Alexander, 3rd C.M.G. Bn., Sioux Lookout, Ontario
Buchanan, Mr. Finlay, 5th Bn., London, Ontario
Buchanan, Mrs. F., London, Ontario
Buchannon, Mrs. Daisy McC., Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
Buckerfield, Mr. Wm. E., 21st Bn, Parry Sound, Ontario
Buckerfield, Mrs. W. E., Parry Sound, Ontario
Buckingham, Mr. Howard C., C.R.A., Ottawa, Ontario
Buckwell, Mr. Edward L., Lt. Strath. Horse, Macleod, Alberta
Budd., Mrs. Mary L.I., Toronto, Ontario
Budgeon, Mrs. Annie J., Toronto, Ontario
Bull, Lt.-Col. J. J., V.D., 26th Bn., Woodstock, New Brunswick
Bull, Mr. James, 4th Bn., Regina, Saskatchewan
Bull, Mrs. J., Regina, Saskatchewan
Bullard, Mr. W., Calgary, Alberta
Bullard, Mrs. Walter, Calgary, Alberta
Bullard, Mr. Victor, 18th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Bullard, Mrs. V., Toronto, Ontario
Bullock, Capt. G. W., Cpls., Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
Bullock, Miss Marion, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
Bullock, Miss Anne S. M., N.S., Imp., Quebec, Quebec
Bumbrough, Mr. Herbert, 5th Bty, C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Bumstead, Mr. Charles, Imp., Edmonton, Alberta
Bunch, Mrs. Annie, Vancouver, British Columbia
Bundy, Mr. Frank, 3rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Bungay, Mr. Frank L., Toronto, Ontario
Bungay, Mrs. F. L., Toronto, Ontario
Bungay, Miss Morah, V. A. D., Toronto, Ontario
Bunt, Mr. Herman E., 4th C. D. A. C., Toronto, Ontario
Burbidge, Maj. G. C., Montreal, Quebec
Burgar, Mr. William J., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Burgess, Mr. Wm., 137th Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Burgess, Mrs. Wm., Calgary, Alberta
Burgess, Mr. Ernest J., H.Q., 4th Inf. Bde., Ottawa, Ontario
Burgess, Mrs. E. J., Ottawa, Ontario
Burgess, Mr. John R., New Liskeard, Ontario
Burgess, Master A. A., New Liskeard, Ontario
Burgess, Mr. Wm. D., 5th Bn., Brechin, Ontario
Burland, Mr. G. Harold, 38th Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Burland, Mrs. G. H., Ottawa, Ontario
Burland, Mr. C. 1., 50th Bn., Hamilton, Bermuda
Burnet, Mr. Reginald K., C.M.G.C., Orillia, Ontario
Burnet, Mrs. R. K., Orillia, Ontario
Burnham, Miss Mary V., Imp., Ottawa, Ontario
Burnie, Mr. George, Imp., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Burnie, Mrs. G., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Burnie, Miss Patricia, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Burns, Mr. John H., Imp., Vancouver, British Columbia
Burns, Mrs. J. H., Vancouver, British Columbia
Burns, Mr. Robt., 52nd Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Burns, Mr. R. Andrew, 2nd C.M.M.G., Ottawa, Ontario
Burns, Mr. John F., 2nd C.F.A., Windsor, Ontario
Burns, Mrs. J. F., Windsor, Ontario
Burns, Miss Iris E., Windsor, Ontario
Burns, Miss Frances M., Windsor, Ontario
Burr, Miss Laurine, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Burrow, Mrs. Laura, Vancouver, British Columbia
Burrow, Miss Madge, Vancouver, British Columbia
Burt, Mrs. Cordelia, Calgary, Alberta
Burt, Mr. Federick A., 16th Bn., Timmins, Ontario
Burt, Mr. Victor A., 3rd Bn., London, Ontario
Burt, Mrs. V. A., London, Ontario
Burt, Mr. Edward T., D.A.C.C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Burt, Mr. Andrew, 15th Bn., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Burton, Mrs. Minnie E., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Burton, Mr. Dudley, 1st C. E., Iroquois Falls, Ontario
Burton, Mr. Samuel W., 14th Bn., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Burton, Mrs. S. W., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Burwash, Miss Ada L., V.A.D., Calgary, Alberta
Busby, Mr. Stuart, 14th Bn., R.M.R.S., Milltown, New Brunswick
Butchart, Mr. William W., 102nd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Butcher, Rev. J. F., C.A.M.C., Medicine Hat, Alberta
Butcher, Mrs. J. F., Medicine Hat, Alberta
Butcher, Mr. A. L, 2nd Bty., Peterborough, Ontario
Butler, Mrs. Beatrice, New Westminster, British Columbia
Butler, Miss Marion B., New Westminster, British Columbia
Butler, Mr. Geo. E., 2nd C.E., Hecla, Manitoba
Butler, Mrs. G. E., Hecla, Manitoba
Butler, Mr. Chas., C.F.A., Brantford, Ontario
Butler, Major W. C., 1st Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Butler, Mrs. W. C., Toronto, Ontario
Butler, Mrs. Winnifred, Montreal, Quebec
Butlin, Mr. Arthur H., 146th Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Butlin, Mrs. A. H., Ottawa, Ontario
Butt, Mr. Francis A., 31st Bn., Sedgewick, Alberta
Butt, Mrs. Agnes M., Vancouver, British Columbia
Butterfield, Mr. James, 49th Bn., Edmonton, Alberta
Butterfield, Mrs. J., Edmonton, Alberta
Butterfield, Mrs. Charlotte E., Windsor, Ontario
Butterfield, Mr. Wm., 20th Bn., Windsor, Ontario
Butterfield, Mrs. Margaret A., Maymont, Saskatchewan
Butterfield, Miss Edith M., Maymont, Saskatchewan
Butterworth, Miss Mary, Vancouver, British Columbia
Byard, Mr. Norman W., 116th Bn., St Catharines, Ontario
Bye, Mr. Arthur, 60th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Byford, Mr. Percy J., 42nd Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Byford, Miss Dorothy, Ottawa, Ontario
Bywater, Col. Arthur E., 4th Bn., Trenton, Ontario

Cadden, Mrs. Wm., Montreal, Quebec
Cadden, Mr. Harold, Montreal, Quebec
Cadman, Mrs. Phoebe, Hamilton, Ontario
Cadwallader, Mr. Charles M., Forestry Corps, Victoria, British Columbia
Cage, Mr. Harold, Imp., Ottawa, Ontario
Cairney, Mrs. C., Vancouver, British Columbia
Cairns, Capt. A., C.M.M.G.C., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Cairns, Mr. James, 27th Bn., Port Arthur, Ontario
Cairns, Mr. George H., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Cairns, Mrs. G. H., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Cairns., Mrs. A., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Calder, Miss Margaret M., Bow Island, Alberta
Caldwell, Mrs. Jessie H., Farnham, Quebec
Caldwell, Mr. Lionel, 2nd C.M.G.C., New Carlisle, Quebec
Calkin, Mrs. James R., Woodstock, New Brunswick
Call, Mr. John E., 7th C.R.T., Renfrew, Ontario
Call, Mr. Ernest J., C.A.eM.C., Toronto, Ontario
Callaghan, Miss Ethel., Toronto, Ontario
Callaghan, Miss Mary., Toronto, Ontario
Callahan, Mr. James, 50th Bn., Fitchburg, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Callbeck, Mrs. Geo. A., Summerside, Prince Edward Island
Callon, Mr. James, C.R.T., Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Callon, Mr. Thos., T.M., Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Calverley, Miss Eva, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Cambrey, Mrs. Sarah A., Saanich, British Columbia
Cambridge, Mr. Wellington G., Can. Div. Sig., Toronto, Ontario
Cambridge, Mrs. W. G., Toronto, Ontario
Cameron, Mr. W. H., 7th Bn., Ladner, British Columbia
Cameron, Mrs. W. H., Ladner, British Columbia
Cameron, Mrs. Ann, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Cameron, Capt. Herbert T., M.G.C., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Cameron, Mrs. H. T., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Cameron, Mr. Gerald, R.C.R., Sydney, Nova Scotia
Cameron, Mrs. G., Sydney, Nova Scotia
Cameron, Lt.-Col. A. E., C.A.V.C., Ottawa, Ontario
Cameron, Mrs. A. E., Ottawa, Ontario
Cameron, Miss Muriel, Ottawa, Ontario
Cameron, Mr. James, 40th Bty., C.F.A., Hamilton, Ontario
Cameron, Mr. James, 1st C.S.B., Kingston, Ontario
Cameron, Capt. Wm. H., Imp., Weston, Ontario
Cameron, Mr. Wm. K., Weston, Ontario
Cameron, Mr. William, Central Butte, Saskatchewan
Cameron, Mrs. Wm., Central Butte, Saskatchewan
Campbell, Mrs. Edith L., Calgary, Alberta
Campbell, Miss Jessie, Edmonton, Alberta
Campbell, Miss Mary C., Edmonton, Alberta
Campbell, Mr. George, Imp., Victoria, British Columbia
Campbell, Mr. Alick, Victoria, British Columbia
Campbell, Miss Isabella, Vancouver, British Columbia
Campbell, Mr. Robert, 1/7 Scottish Rifles, Union Bay, British Columbia
Campbell, Mrs. Robert, Union Bay, British Columbia
Campbell, Mrs. Elizabeth A., N.S., Imp., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Campbell, Mr. Thos., 10th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Campbell, Major, J. A., M. D., London, Ontario
Campbell, Mrs. J. A., N.S., London, Ontario
Campbell, Mr. John, 89th Bty R.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Campbell, Mr. John A., R.C.N.V.R., Toronto, Ontario
Campbell, Mrs. J. A., Toronto, Ontario
Campbell, Mr. William., Toronto, Ontario
Campbell, Mrs. W., Toronto, Ontario
Campbell, Mr. Wm., 7th Bn., Orland, California, U.S.A.
Campion, Mr. James M., R.C.R., Westboro, Ontario
Campion, Mrs. J. M., Westboro, Ontario
Candy, Mrs. E. M., Fernie, British Columbia
Caney, Mr. Chas. T., 44th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Cann, Mr. Frederick, Redcliff, Alberta
Cann, Mrs. F., Redcliff, Alberta
Cannom, Miss Hazel I., Toronto, Ontario
Cannon, Mr. James. 16th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Cannon, Mr. Alfred R., 3rd C.D.A.C., Toronto, Ontario
Cantelon, Capt. A. E., C.A.M.C., Tompkins, Saskatchewan
Cantelon, Miss Eileen, Maple Creek, Saskatchewan
Capell, Mr. J. A., C.A.M.C., Kingston, Ontario
Capell, Mrs. J. A., Kingston, Ontario
Captain, Mr. Isaac M.._Imp., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Captain, Mrs. I. M., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Captain, Miss Margaret, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Captain, Master Thos., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Card, Capt. Raymond W. G., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Card, Mrs. R. W. G., Toronto, Ontario
Carling, Mr. W. H., 26th Bn., Westmount, Quebec
Carlson, Miss Lydia W., Vancouver, British Columbia
Carman, Mr. Beryl, D.A.C., Eldorado, Ontario
Carmichael, Mr. Robert H., C.F.C., Similkameen, British Columbia
Carnegie, Mr. C. R., 44th Bn., Preston, Ontario
Carnegie, Mrs. C. R., Preston, Ontario
Carnegie, Mr. Robert, Preston, Ontario
Carnegie, Miss Hilda, Preston, Ontario
Carney, Mr. Richard, 4th C.M.R., Toronto, Ontario
Carolan, Mr. J. T., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Carpenter, Mr. Harry W., 7th C.G.R., Perth, New Brunswick
Carpenter, Mrs. Alice D., Hamilton, Ontario
Carr, Miss Elsie N., Kamloops, British Columbia
Carr, Mrs. Fanny, Hamilton, Ontario
Carrigan, Mr. Dougall, 85th Bn., Westville, Nova Scotia
Carruthers, Major The Rev. Canon C., Chaplain, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Carter, Mrs. Mary E., Stettler, Alberta
Carter, Mr. Frank, Stettler, Alberta
Carter, Mr. Herbert, Guelph, Ontario
Carter, Mrs. Herbert, Guelph, Ontario
Carter, Mr. Thomas J., Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
Carter, Mrs. T. J., Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
Cartwright, Mrs. Emily F., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Case, Mr. Benson 8., 43rd C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Casey, Miss Minnie, West Vancouver, British Columbia
Cashman, Mrs. Carolina, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Cassells, Mr. John, 15th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Cassells, Mrs. J., Toronto, Ontario
Cassells, Miss Marjory., Toronto, Ontario
Cassells, Mr. James., Toronto, Ontario
Cassidy, Mr. Charles, 102nd Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Cassidy, Mrs. Charles, Vancouver, British Columbia
Cassidy, Miss Eileen M. McK., Vancouver, British Columbia
Castle, Mr. Donald R., 7th Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Caswell, Mr. John P. J., C.L.H., Montreal, Quebec
Catchpole, Mr. Alfred J., 1st Bn., Fergus, Ontario
Catterall, Mr. Harry, 13th C.F.A., Weston, Ontario
Catterall, Mrs. Harry, Weston, Ontario
Catterall, Mrs. J., Weston, Ontario
Caveen, Mr. Frederic J., 13th Bty C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Caverley, Miss Edna P., Ninette, Manitoba
Cavey, Mr. Wm. H., C.R.T., Ottawa, Ontario
Cavey, Mr. Bert., Ottawa, Ontario
Ceely, Mr. Alfred, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Chabot, Mr. Roméo, 150th Bn., Valley Junction, Quebec
Chadwick, Mrs. Catharine., Toronto, Ontario
Chadwick, Miss Evelyn., Toronto, Ontario
Chalmers, Mr. J., Banff, Alberta
Chalmers, Mrs. Alexina N., North Vancouver, British Columbia
Chalmers, Miss Mary E., North Vancouver, British Columbia
Chalmers, Mr. John E, 4th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Chamberlain, Mrs. Emily, St Thomas, Ontario
Chamberlain, Mr. Elijah, 15th C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Chamberlain, Mrs. E., Toronto, Ontario
Chambers, Miss Jessie B., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Chambers, Mrs. Elizabeth, Richmond Hill, Ontario
Chambers, Mrs. Margret L., N.S., Windsor, Ontario
Chambers, Mr. Tom, 60th Bn., Verdun, Quebec
Chance, Mr. Joseph J., Imp., Sandwich, Ontario
Chandler, Mrs. Frances A., Ponoka, Alberta
Chandler, Mr. C. C., 48th C.P., Esquimalt, British Columbia
Chandler, Mrs. C. C., Esquimalt, British Columbia
Chandler, Mr. Charles, 9an Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Channing, Mrs. Kate, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Chapman, Mr. E. W. G., 36th Bty., Edmundston, New Brunswick
Chapman, Mrs. E. W. G., Edmundston, New Brunswick
Chapman, Mr. Daniel, C.A.M.C., Scarborough Bluffs, Ontario
Chapman, Mrs. Daniel, Scarborough Bluffs, Ontario
Chapman, Mr. Gordon L., 1st B.N., Toronto, Ontario
Chapman, Mrs. Florence, Montreal, Quebec
Chapman, Mr. Geo. E., Montreal, Quebec
Chappell, Miss Mabel B., Moncton, New Brunswick
Charette, Mr. J. E., 13th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Charette, Mrs. J. E., Montreal, Quebec
Chartrand, Mr. Arthur, Laval Hosp., Montreal, Quebec
Chartrand, Mrs. Arthur, Montreal, Quebec
Chase, Mr. L. J., North Battleford, Saskatchewan
Chase, Mrs. Louise M., Mervin, Saskatchewan
Chastey, Mr. George, 52nd Bn., Port Arthur, Ontario
Chatfield, Mr. Alfred, R.C.O.C., Victoria, British Columbia
Chatfield, Mrs. A., Victoria, British Columbia
Chenevert, Mrs. A. M., Duluth, Minnesota, U.S.A.
Chequer, Mr. George, 11th C. E., Ottawa, Ontario
Cherry, Mr. Arthur. 54th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Cherry, Mrs. Ethel, Laurentian View, Ontario
Chesworth, Mr. Stanley, 26th Bn., St John, New Brunswick
Cheval, Mr. Matthew, 1st C.A.V.C., Montreal, Quebec
Chevalier, Mr. Philippe, Montreal, Quebec
Child, Miss A. G., N.S., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Child, Mr. Wm. A., 32nd Bn., C.F.A., Gananoque, Ontario
Child, Mrs. A. T., Regina, Saskatchewan
Childe, Lt.-Col. Cyril G., 1st Div. Cyclists, Banff, Alberta
Childe, Mrs. C. G., Banff, Alberta
Ching, Mr. Francis H., 5th Bn., Victoria, British Columbia
Ching, Mrs. F. H., Victoria, British Columbia
Chiorando, Mrs. Hilda, Calgary, Alberta
Chisholm, Mr. Wm., 129th Bn., Fort Erie North, Ontario
Chisholm, Mrs. Frances., Toronto, Ontario
Chisholm, Mr. John, 43rd C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Chisholm, Miss Christina E., N.S., New York, New York, U.S.A.
Chisholm, Miss Etta, N.S., New York, New York, U.S.A.
Chisholm., Mrs. Annie, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Chretien, Capt. Jos. P., C.A.D.C., Montreal, Quebec
Christian, Mr. Curley, 78th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Christian, Mrs. C., Toronto, Ontario
Christian, Mr. D. M., Toronto, Ontario
Christian, Mr. John A., C.A.M.C., Humboldt, Saskatchewan
Christian, Mrs. J. A., Humboldt, Saskatchewan
Christian, Miss Joyce B., Humboldt, Saskatchewan
Christie, Mr. Wm. G., Imp., Kapuskasing, Ontario
Christie, Mr. Rendall A. G., C.A.M.C., Montreal, Quebec
Christy, Mr. Robt. M., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Chug'g, Mrs. Olive H., Ottawa, Ontario
Chugg, Mr. John H., 38th Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Church, Mr. C. J., 49th Bn., Balzac, Alberta
Church, J., Toronto, Ontario
Churchill, Mr. Henry, 65th Bn., Herschel, Saskatchewan
Clapham, Mr. Louis A., 44th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Clapham, Miss Winnifred, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Clapham, Mr. Chas. J., 3rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Clapham, Mrs C. J., Toronto, Ontario
Clark, Mrs. Annie, Vancouver, British Columbia
Clark, Mr. Leonard, R.F.A., Imp., Gray Creek, British Columbia
Clark, Mrs. Leonard, Gray Creek, British Columbia
Clark, Mr. Hugh, Gray Creek, British Columbia
Clark, Miss Margaret, Gray Creek, British Columbia
Clark, Mr. Edmond, R.C.H.A., Moncton, New Brunswick
Clark, Mrs. Edmond, Moncton, New Brunswick
Clark, Miss Ruth, Moncton, New Brunswick
Clark, Mr. Arthur H., Imp., Simcoe, Ontario
Clark, Mr. George, Ottawa, Ontario
Clark, Mrs. George, Ottawa, Ontario
Clark, Mr. Geo. H., 4th C.M.R., Ottawa, Ontario
Clark, Mr. Geo. F., Imp., Cornwall, Ontario
Clark, Capt. James H., 3rd C.M.G., Windsor, Ontario
Clark, Mr. Thos. O., C.A.V.C. & C.F.A., Cornwall, Ontario
Clark, Mr. C., Toronto, Ontario
Clark, Major Gregory, 4th C.M.R., Toronto, Ontario
Clark, Mr. Alexander M., 5th C.D.A.C., Montreal, Quebec
Clark, Miss Barbara, R.N., Montreal, Quebec
Clark, Mr. Horace H., 14th R.M.R., Montreal, Quebec
Clarke, Mr. Philip D., 1st Can. Pioneers, Calgary, Alberta
Clarke, Mrs. P. D., Calgary, Alberta
Clarke, Mr. Maurice, Calgary, Alberta
Clarke, Mr. Chas. W., Truro, Nova Scotia
Clarke, Mrs. C. W., Truro, Nova Scotia
Clarke, Mr. Chas. H., 18th Inf. Bde, Stratford, Ontario
Clarke, Mrs. Frances, Bowmanville, Ontario
Clarke, Col. J. T., C.A.M.C., Ottawa, Ontario
Clarke, Mr. Edward, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Clarke, Mrs. E., Toronto, Ontario
Clarke, Mrs. Lily., Toronto, Ontario
Clarke, Mr. Sydney, 5th Bn., Young, Saskatchewan
Clarke, Mrs. S., Young, Saskatchewan
Clarke, Mr. Wm. D., 46th Bn., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Clarke, Mrs. Wm. D., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Clarke, Mr. Herbert J., 12th Bty., C.F.A., Flint, Michigan, U.S.A.
Clayton, Mr. Stanley, 52nd Bn., Fort William, Ontario
Clayton, Mrs. Stanley, Fort William, Ontario
Clelland, Mr. Thomas, 5th Bn., Calderbank, Saskatchewan
Clemens, Mrs. Ella, N.S., Tyrone, Ontario
Clement, Mr. Walter M., 137th Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Clement, Mrs. W. M., Calgary, Alberta
Clements, Mr. R. A., 2nd C.M.R., Calgary, Alberta
Clements, Mrs. R. A., Calgary, Alberta
Clements, Miss W. D., Calgary, Alberta
Clements, Mr. Wm. E., Vancouver, British Columbia
Clements, Mrs. W. E., Vancouver, British Columbia
Clements, Mr. Geo. E., 46th Bn., Dundas, Ontario
Clements, Mr. Herbert R. C., Imp., Brantford, Ontario
Clemons, Mr. Charles W., Imp., Vancouver, British Columbia
Clemons, Mrs. C. W., Vancouver, British Columbia
Clemons, Mr. Barrie A., Vancouver, British Columbia
Clendining, Capt. H., Toronto, Ontario
Clerk, Miss Winnifred G., Montreal, Quebec
Cliff, Mr. Alfred, C.F.C., Victoria, British Columbia
Clifford, Mr. Arthur H., 85th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Clift, Mr. Harold E., C.F.A., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Clift, Mr. Edward Wm., 19th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Closs, Mr. Lloyd E., C.M.G.C., Noranda, Quebec
Clow, Mrs. Annie McN., Calgary, Alberta
Clow, Miss Elizabeth M., Calgary, Alberta
Cluff, Miss Debora, N.S., Ottawa, Ontario
Cluff, Miss Agnes, New York, New York, U.S.A.
Coad, Mr. Joseph A., Can. Sig., Toronto, Ontario
Coad, Mrs. J. A., Toronto, Ontario
Coates, Mr. James W., Havelock, New Brunswick
Coates, Mrs. J. W., Havelock, New Brunswick
Cobb, Mr. John H. W., M.M., Verdun, Quebec
Cobban, Mr. Alexander A., R.E., Montreal, Quebec
Cobbold, Mr. Harry F., 3rd Bn., Copper Cliff, Ontario
Cobley, Mr. Geo. H., Imp., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Cochran, Mrs. Margaret, Barriere, British Columbia
Cochrane, Mr. Hugh, 13th R.I.R., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Cochrane, Mr. Walter J., 1st Field Amb., Toronto, Ontario
Cochrane, Mr. Hector O., 60th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Cochrane, Mrs. H. O., Montreal, Quebec
Cockerill, Mr. Frank, F.G.H., Gunton, Manitoba
Cockerill, Miss Velna G., Gunton, Manitoba
Cockerill, Miss Violet B., Gunton, Manitoba
Cockill, Mr. Edward, 47th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Cocroft, Mr. Harry, C.A.S.C., Vancouver, British Columbia
Coggins, Mr. Henry J., 24th Bn., Oak Park, Illinios, U.S.A.
Colbourne, Mr. James, 11th C. E., Hamilton, Ontario
Colbourne, Mrs. James, Hamilton, Ontario
Coldrey, Mrs. E. T., Ottawa, Ontario
Cole, Mr. Wm., 75th Bn., Clayton, Ontario
Cole, Mr. Wm. H., Riel Rebellion 1885, Grimsby, Ontario
Cole, Mr. Charles W., 75th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Cole, Mr. Maxell A., 19th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Cole, Mrs. M. A., Toronto, Ontario
Cole, Mr. R. J., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Cole, Mrs. R. J., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Cole, Miss Doris, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Coles, Mr. Alfred H., Imp., Keewatin, Ontario
Coles, Mrs. A. H., Keewatin, Ontario
Coles, Mr. James O., 9th C. E., Brantford, Ontario
Coles, Mrs. J. C., Brantford, Ontario
Collard, Mrs. Charles., Toronto, Ontario
Collard, Chas., Toronto, Ontario
Collard, Miss I. M., Toronto, Ontario
Collart, Mr. Jean J. T., Belgian Army, Prince Rupert, British Columbia
Collett, Mr. Leonard, 5th C.M.R., Drumheller, Alberta
Collett, Mr. Cecil H., 27th Bty., North Bay, Ontario
Collie, Miss A. R., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Collins, Mr. Larkham, Imp., Calgary, Alberta
Collins, Miss Caroline, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Collins, Mr. Hubert E, 2nd C.I.B., Ottawa, Ontario
Collins, Mr. Samuel R., 4th C.M.R., Ottawa, Ontario
Collins, Mr. Alfred A., 2nd C.M.R., Toronto, Ontario
Collins, Mr. C. P., 19th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Collins, Mr. Sydney, 60th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Collins, Mrs. John, Bellingham, Washington, U.S.A.
Collinson, Mr. Geo. J., C.A.M.C., Chapleau, Ontario
Collinson, Mrs. G. J., Chapleau, Ontario
Colman, Mr. Arthur R., 33rd Bty., Toronto, Ontario
Colman, Mrs. A. R., Toronto, Ontario
Colon, Mr. Claude, 29th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Colter, Mr. John L., 47th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Colter, Mrs. J. L., Toronto, Ontario
Colven, Mrs. Alex. 8., Disley., Saskatchewan
Conlan, Mr. Alfred C., 17th Bty., Mankota, Saskatchewan
Conlin, Mr. Willard H., 18th Bn., Fergus, Ontario
Conlin, Miss Laura M., N.S., Toronto, Ontario
Connellan, Mr. Gilbert, Imp., Regina, Saskatchewan
Connellan, Mrs. G., Regina, Saskatchewan
Connolly, Mr. Hugh, C.A.M.C., Gladstone, Manitoba
Connolly, Mrs. H., Gladstone, Manitoba
Connon, Mr. Frederick L., R.A.F., St Paul, Alberta
Connon, Mrs. F. L., St Paul, Alberta
Connor, Mr. John, 60th Bn., Verdun, Quebec
Connor, Mrs. John, Verdun, Quebec
Connors, Mr. Mark B., 3rd Can. Div. T., Minto, New Brunswick
Connors, Mrs. M. B., Minto, New Brunswick
Constable, Mrs. C., Calgary, Alberta
Constable, Mr. Leopold C., Sig., Montreal, Quebec
Conway, Miss Iris M., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Cook, Mr. Norman E., 49th Bn., Edmonton, Alberta
Cook, Mrs. N. E., Edmonton, Alberta
Cook, Mr. John W., 3rd T.C., St John, New Brunswick
Cook, Capt. Herbert, 52nd Bn., Port Arthur, Ontario
Cook, Mrs. Herbert, Port Arthur, Ontario
Cook, Mr. George, 18th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Cook, Miss Lucille H., Toronto, Ontario
Cook, Mrs. M. L., N.S., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Cook, Mr. Walter, 1st C.P.B., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Cooke, Mr. Arthur W., 24th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Cooke, Mr. Walter, Imp., Fredericton, New Brunswick
Cooke, Miss Elizabeth A., N.S., Pictou, Nova Scotia
Cooke, Mr. John, 4th C.M.R., Toronto, Ontario
Cooke, Mr. Robert, G. G. C., Toronto, Ontario
Cooke, Mr. Joseph S., 19th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Cooke, Mrs. J. S., Toronto, Ontario
Cooksey, Mr. Albert, 78H Bn., Hamilton, Ontario
Cooksey, Mrs. Albert, Hamilton, Ontario
Cooksey, Mrs. Margaret M., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Cooley, Mr. Walter, 3rd Bde H.Q., Toronto, Ontario
Coombes, Mr. Henry N. S., C.R.A.F., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Cooney, Mr. James N., Royal Engineers, South Edmonton, Alberta
Cooper, Mr. Arthur J., C.A.M.C., Windsor, Ontario
Cooper, Miss Eleanor, Brantford, Ontario
Cooper, Mr. Eugene H., 72nd Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Cooper, Mr. Andrew, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Cooper, Mrs. Florence., Toronto, Ontario
Cooper, Mrs. Gertrude M., Toronto, Ontario
Cooper, Mr. Joshua R., 2nd Div. Trench M.S., Montreal, Quebec
Cooxsley, Miss Nellie F., N.S., Imp. R.C., Ottawa, Ontario
Copleston, Mrs. Minnie E. D., Blair, Ontario
Copleston, Miss Jean I., Blair, Ontario
Copp, Capt. John P., 4th Bn., New Westminster, British Columbia
Copp, Mr. Clarence A., 13th Bn., Harrowsmith, Ontario
Copper, Mr. Chas. W., 15th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Copper, Mr. Ernest E., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Coppinger, Mrs. Elizabeth M., Victoria, British Columbia
Cor-king, Mr. P. P., Div. Sig., Toronto, Ontario
Corbeil, Mr. René, C.A.M.C., Montreal, Quebec
Corbett, Mrs. Isabel B., Quebec, Quebec
Corbett, Mr. Frances M., Quebec, Quebec
Corbett, Mrs. Christena M., Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Corbin, Mr. Francis St. C., 85th Bn., Fredericton, New Brunswick
Corbin, Mrs. F. St. O., Fredericton, New Brunswick
Cork, Mr. William E., 102nd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Corkish, Mr. John 8., 52nd Bn., Brandon, Manitoba
Corkum, Mr. C. Archibald, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Cormack, Mr. Arthur, 75th Bn., Lakeview, Ontario
Cormack, Mr. Alfred G., R.N.V.R., Toronto, Ontario
Cormack, Mrs. A. G., Toronto, Ontario
Cornes, Mrs. Gertrude, Bedfordville, Saskatchewan
Cornish, Mr. Wm. C., 19 Bty., 5th Bde., St Vital, Manitoba
Cornish, Mrs. W. C., St Vital, Manitoba
Corps, Mr. Edward A., 75th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Corps, Mr. Edward L., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Corrall, Mr. David, Imp., St Catharines, Ontario
Corrall, Mrs. David, St Catharines, Ontario
Corrigan, Lt.-Col. Charles A., C.A.S.C., Toronto, Ontario
Corrigan, Mrs. C. A., Toronto, Ontario
Coshever, Miss Marie, Windsor, Ontario
Cottingham, Miss Alice M., Montreal, Quebec
Cottrell, Mr. Ernest M., 1st Div. Amm. Column., Toronto, Ontario
Coull, Mr. Wm., 1st C.M.G.C., Edmonton, Alberta
Coull, Mrs. Wm., Edmonton, Alberta
Coulson, Mr. Arthur, 123rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Coulter, Mr. Clarence I., 125th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Coulthard, Mr. Guy R., 4th Div. Sig., Toronto, Ontario
Coupland, Mrs. Ada, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Courtney, Mr. Basil E., 3rd C.G.A., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Coutu, Mr. W. L., R.C.D., North Bay, Ontario
Coutu, Mrs. W. L., North Bay, Ontario
Cowan, Mr. James, Imp., Timmins, Ontario
Cowan, Miss M. E., N.S., Toronto, Ontario
Cowan, Mr. Walter, 7th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Cowan, Mrs. W., Toronto, Ontario
Cowan, Miss Catherine H., Toronto, Ontario
Coward, Mr. Chas., C.A.M.C., Rainy River, Ontario
Coward, Mr. Richard, 5th T.M., Toronto, Ontario
Cowley, Mrs. Sarah, Tilbury, Ontario
Cox, Mr. Herbert J., 3rd C.M.R., Redcliff, Alberta
Cox, Miss Minnie V., W.A.A.C., Innisfail, Alberta
Cox, Mr. George, 58th Bn., Guelph, Ontario
Cox, Mrs. H., Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Cox, Mr. Sam C., 4th Bn., Pembroke, Ontario
Cox, Mrs. S. C., Pembroke, Ontario
Cox, Mr. Herbert, 2nd D.A.C., Toronto, Ontario
Cox, Mrs. Ivor., Toronto, Ontario
Cox, Miss Dilys May., Toronto, Ontario
Cox, Mr. John W., 124th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Coxhead, Mr. Percy E., 67th Bty., Montreal, Quebec
Coxhead, Mrs. P. E., Montreal, Quebec
Crabb, Mr Charles, 102nd Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Craddock, Mrs. Margaret, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Craddock, Master David, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Craft, Mr. George, 54th Bn., Needles, British Columbia
Craig, Mrs. Alexander, New Westminster, British Columbia
Craig, Mrs. Olive A., Vancouver, British Columbia
Craig, Mr. Robert, 16th Bn., New Westminster, British Columbia
Craig, Mr. Thos., 3rd Bn., Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Craig, Mrs. Mary J., Toronto, Ontario
Craig, Mr. Walter., Toronto, Ontario
Craig, Mr. Thomas J., Toronto, Ontario
Cramond, Mr. Wm. A., 78th Bn., Brooklin, Ontario
Crampton, Mr. W. E., 75th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Crampton, Mrs. W. E., Toronto, Ontario
Cran, Mrs. George, Vancouver, British Columbia
Cran, Mr. George, Vancouver , British Columbia
Crane, Mr. Geo. A., 4th Bn., Westlock, Alberta
Crawford, Mrs. Charlotte, Victoria, British Columbia
Crawford, Miss Florence M., Vancouver, British Columbia
Crawford, Mrs. Pearl, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Crawford, Mr. Archibald A., 12th Bty C.G.A., Toronto, Ontario
Crawford, Mrs. A. A., Toronto, Ontario
Crawford, Mr. John N., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Creagh, Mr. Thos. P., 14th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Crealock, Miss Ruby J., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Creasy, Mr. C. G., Imp., Windsor, Ontario
Crerar, Mr. Donald, 5th C.F.A., Prince Rupert, British Columbia
Crerar, Mr. Alistair D., Prince Rupert, British Columbia
Crighton, Mr. George, Windsor, Ontario
Crilley, Mr. Hubert H., Imp., Montreal, Quebec
Cripps, Rev. W. T. H., Red Deer, Alberta
Critchley, Mr. Hugh F., 5th C. E., Monteith, Ontario
Critchley, Mrs. H. F., Monteith, Ontario
Crockatt, Mrs. Jessie M., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Crocker, Mr. Wm., Imp., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Crocombe, Miss Sarah H., Ottawa, Ontario
Croft, Mr. George, 75th Bn., St Catharines, Ontario
Crolly, Mrs. Mary A., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Cromey, Mr. Edwin W., 3rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Cromey, Mrs. E. W., Toronto, Ontario
Cromwell, Mr. Frank W., C.F.A., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Cromwell, Mrs. F. W., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Crook, Mr. Philip, C. E. and Imp., Brooks, Alberta
Crook, Mrs. P., Brooks, Alberta
Crooks, Mrs. R. W., Vancouver, British Columbia
Crooks, Mr. Michael, Vancouver, British Columbia
Crooks, Miss Kathleen F., Vancouver, British Columbia
Crosbie, Mr. Thomas D., 3rd D.A.C., Toronto, Ontario
Crosbie, Mrs. T. D., Toronto, Ontario
Crosbie, Mr. Douglas T., Toronto, Ontario
Crosbie, Mr. John S., Toronto, Ontario
Crosby, Mr. Percy D., 13th L.R.O.C., Summerside, Prince Edward Island
Crosby, Mrs. P.D., Summerside, Prince Edward Island
Crosby, Miss Mary, Summerside, Prince Edward Island
Croskery, Mr. Carl W., Vancouver, British Columbia
Cross, Mr. David, Imp., Calgary, Alberta
Cross, Mrs. D., Calgary, Alberta
Cross, Mrs. Lavinia J., Edmonton, Alberta
Cross, Mr. Walter W., 2nd C.M.R., Victoria, British Columbia
Cross, Mrs. W. W., Victoria, British Columbia
Cross, Miss Adelaide, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Cross, Miss Eva, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Cross, Mr. Evan M., 3rd Res. Bn., Brantford, Ontario
Cross, Mrs. E. M., Brantford, Ontario
Cross, Mrs. Herbert, Ottawa, Ontario
Cross, Miss Dorothy., Toronto, Ontario
Crossan, Mr. Robert, 4th Bn., Hamilton, Ontario
Crossley, Mrs. Margaret E., Victoria, British Columbia
Crothers, Mr. Thomas, 238th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Crotty, Mrs. Caroline E., Montreal, Quebec
Crouch, Miss Ellen, N.S., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Crowe, Mrs. Lillian M., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Crowe, Miss Patricia J., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Crowell, Major Harvey E., 85th Bn., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Crowell, Mrs. H. E., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Crowell, Miss Marion F., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Crowell, Mr. Edwin H., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Crowter, Mr. Wm. C., 5th Bn., LeRoy, Saskatchewan
Cruikshank, Mr. George, C.E., Toronto, Ontario
Cubbon, Mr. Harold, Imp., Souris, Manitoba
Cubbon, Mrs. Harold, Souris, Manitoba
Cullen, Mr. James, 1st Tunnelling, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Cullen, Mrs. Elizabeth, Brantford, Ontario
Cullen, Mr. John, 10th C.R.T., Toronto, Ontario
Cullen, Mrs. J., Toronto, Ontario
Cullen, Mr. John C., Toronto, Ontario
Cullimore, Mrs. Emily., Toronto, Ontario
Cully, Mr. Thomas, 3rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Cumming, Mr. Wm., C.A.S.C., Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta
Cumming, Mr. Angus O., 4th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Cummings, Mrs. Lumsden., Toronto, Ontario
Cunningham, Mr. Stewart, 1st F.E., Qualicum Beach, British Columbia
Cunningham, Mrs. Stewart, Qualicum Beach, British Columbia
Cur-wood, Mr. Robert, 24th Bn., Mascouche, Quebec
Curnow, Mrs. Margaret H., Victoria, British Columbia
Curran, Capt. Veysie, 27th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Currie, Miss Blanche, West Vancouver, British Columbia
Currie, Mr. John D., Windsor, Nova Scotia
Currie, Dr. Duncan A., 21st Bn., Morrisburg, Ontario
Currie, Mrs. D. A., Morrisburg, Ontario
Currie, Mr. Guy F., 43rd C. H., Ottawa, Ontario
Currie, Mr. James, C.M.G.C., Sarnia, Ontario
Currie, Mrs. James, Sarnia, Ontario
Currie, Miss Christine, Regina, Saskatchewan
Curry, Mrs. Florence MacK., Buckhannon, West Virginia, U.S.A.
Curson, Mr. James R., 47th Bn., Goderich, Ontario
Curtis, Mr. Charles, 49th Bn., Edmonton, Alberta
Curtis, Mr. Saul E., 1st Div. Train, Calgary, Alberta
Curtis, Mr. Percival E., F.G.H., Vancouver, British Columbia
Curwen, Major Montague A., 11th C.M.R., Vernon, British Columbia
Cusick, Mrs. Wm. J., Coderre, Saskatchewan
Cuthill, Mrs. Agnes, Birch Hills, Saskatchewan
Cuthill, Miss Mary C., Birch Hills, Saskatchewan
Cuthill, Mr. John, Birch Hills, Saskatchewan

D'Arcy, Mr. Clarence W., 9th C.F.A., Montreal, Quebec
D'Argent, Mr. Gustave A., C.E., Toronto, Ontario
Dailey, Mr. Geo. E. A., 47th Bn., Bremerton, Washington, U.S.A.
Dailey, Mrs. G. E. A., Bremerton, Washington, U.S.A.
Dailey, Miss Margaret L., Bremerton, Washington, U.S.A.
Daily, Mr. John, Imp., Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Daily, Mrs. John, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Dakers, Mr. George, Imp., Verdun, Quebec
Dakers, Mrs. Geo., Verdun, Quebec
Dale, Capt. John O., Wellington Regt., Harriston, Ontario
Dale, Mr. Frank, 3rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Dale, Mrs. F., Toronto, Ontario
Daley, Mr. Chas. B., Belmont, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Dalgleish, Mr. Andrew J., Imp., Canmore, Alberta
Dalgleish, Mrs. A. J., Canmore, Alberta
Dalgleish, Mr. Otto L., 116th Bn., Peterborough, Ontario
Dalley, Mr. Percival V., 14th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Dalley, Mrs. P. V., Toronto, Ontario
Dalley, Mr. John M., Toronto, Ontario
Daly, Mr. Phillip A., Imp., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Dalziel, Miss Jessie, Woodbridge, Ontario
Dames, Mrs. Florence C., Placerville, California, U.S.A.
Dance, Mr. Wm. J., Imp., Montreal, Quebec
Danelz, Mr. Edward O., 45th and 52nd Bn., Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A.
Dann, Mrs. Violet, Viking, Alberta
Dann, Miss Dorothy, Viking, Alberta
Dann, Miss Betty, Viking, Alberta
Dann, Mrs. Dorice M., N.S., Cloverdale, British Columbia
Dann, Mr. Allan, Cloverdale, British Columbia
Darby, Miss Phyllis E. M., Calgary, Alberta
Darling, Mr. Gordon H., 162nd Bn., North Bay, Ontario
Darling, Mrs. G. H., North Bay, Ontario
Darnell, Mr. J. R., Montreal, Quebec
Darnell, Mrs. J. R., Montreal, Quebec
Darrach, Mr. Ian T., 1st Bn., Kensington, Prince Edward Island
Dart, Mr. A. H., 21st Bn, Barrie, Ontario
Daughters, Mr. Geo., 14th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Daughters, Mrs. Geo., Montreal, Quebec
Davey, Mr. B. Alfred, A.S.C.M.T., Toronto, Ontario
Davids, Mr. Rupert, C.D.S., Toronto, Ontario
Davidson, Mr. Charles G., 20th Bty C.F.A., Lethbridge, Alberta
Davidson, Mr. Peter, Moncton, New Brunswick
Davidson, Mrs. Peter, Moncton, New Brunswick
Davidson, Dr. Victor D., C.A.M.C., St John, New Brunswick
Davidson, Mrs. V. D., St John, New Brunswick
Davidson, Mr. Paul W., 13th Bn., Wolfville, Nova Scotia
Davidson, Mr. James, 11th Bty., Toronto, Ontario
Davidson, Mrs. J., Toronto, Ontario
Davidson, Mrs. Jessie., Toronto, Ontario
Davidson, Mr. Robert, R.C.D., Toronto, Ontario
Davidson, Mrs. R., Toronto, Ontario
Davidson, Mr. Alex. D., Toronto, Ontario
Davies, Mr. W'. H., 1st Div. H. Q., Calgary, Alberta
Davies, Mrs. W. H., Calgary, Alberta
Davies, Mr. Allan M., 16th Bn., Prince Rupert, British Columbia
Davies, Mr. Bleddyn L., Imp., Sydney, Nova Scotia
Davies, Miss Esther M., Toronto, Ontario
Davies, Mr. Fred., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Davies, Mrs. Catherine, North Battleford, Saskatchewan
Davies, Mr. W. O. L., Ordinance Corps, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Davis, Mr. Herbert S., 56th Bn., Jasper, Alberta
Davis, Mrs. Mary H., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Davis, Miss Inez, Harvey Station, York County, New Brunswick
Davis, Mrs. Jeannie., Toronto, Ontario
Davis, Mr. Wilfred, 3rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Davis, Mr. William E., 1st Div., Toronto, Ontario
Davis, Mr. Albert S., 1st Heavy Bty., Montreal, Quebec
Davis, Mr. Edward W. M., 1st Heavy Bty., Montreal, Quebec
Davis, Mr. Fred, Imperial., Saskatchewan
Davis, Miss Ruth M., Imperial., Saskatchewan
Davis, Mr. Joseph, 1st Dep. Bn., Kinistino, Saskatchewan
Davison, Mrs. A. F., Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
Davison, Mrs. R. G., Tlnstleton, Ontario
Davison, Miss Helen A., Thistleton, Ontario
Davison, Miss Marion E., Thistleton, Ontario
Davison, Miss Rosemary A., Thistleton, Ontario
Davy, Major Frederick, H.Q., 1st Div., Toronto, Ontario
Dawe, Mr. Benjamin, 25th Bn., Hopedale, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Dawes, Mrs. Lily A., Victoria, British Columbia
Daws, Mrs. Charlotte E.M.A., Edmonton, Alberta
Dawson, Mr. R. G., 52nd Bty., Thistleton, Ontario
Dawson, Mr. J. E., 1st C.M.G.C., Camp Borden, Ontario
Dawson, Mrs. J. E., Camp Borden, Ontario
Day, Mr. Francis, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
De Balinhard, Lt.-Col. John C., P.P.C.L.I., Yorkton, Saskatchewan
De Balinhard, Miss Mary C., Yorkton, Saskatchewan
de Jocas, Mr. Henri, 58th Inf. Regt., French Army, Ottawa, Ontario
de Jocas, Mr. Guillaume, Ottawa, Ontario
Dean, Mr. Norman L., R.C.D., Toronto, Ontario
Dean, Mrs. N. L., Toronto, Ontario
Deane, Miss Loris W., Edmonton, Alberta
Deane, Capt. H. T., 21st Bn, Renfrew, Ontario
Deans, Miss Catherine C., Beverley Hills, California, U.S.A.
Dearnaley, Mr. Wm. A., 9th C.E., Montreal, Quebec
Deaves, Mrs. Gladys, Vancouver, British Columbia
Deaves, Mr. Robert W., Vancouver, British Columbia
Debney, Mrs. P. L., Edmonton, Alberta
Debney, Miss Ann, Edmonton, Alberta
Debney, Lt.-Col. Philip L., 32nd and 68th C.F.A., Edmonton, Alberta
DeBrincat, Miss Mary J., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Delaney, Mr. W. T., 1st C.E., London, Ontario
DeMartigny, Lt.-Col. F., Montreal, Quebec
Demille, Mr. Charles E., 224th Bn., Trenton, Ontario
Denham, Mr. Sydney, 63rd Bn., Lougheed, Alberta
Denham, Mrs. S., Lougheed, Alberta
Denison, Mrs. Ralph, Nanaimo, British Columbia
Denison, Miss Joan, Nanaimo, British Columbia
Dennett, Mr. Herbert, 3rd C.R.T., Calgary, Alberta
Dennett, Mrs. H., Calgary, Alberta
Dennis, Mr. John, R.A.F., Toronto, Ontario
Denny, Mr. Douglas G., 7th Bn., Summerland, British Columbia
Dennys, Mr. John H., 48th Hlders., Toronto, Ontario
Denton, Mr. Abraham A., 75th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Derbyshire, Mrs. W., Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
Derbyshire, Mr. Wm., C.E., Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
Derrah, Mr. Chalmers A., 2nd C.M.R., Glassville, New Brunswick
Derrah, Mrs. C. A., Glassville, New Brunswick
Derrah, Miss Louise M., Glassville, New Brunswick
Derrah, Miss Pauline M., Glassville, New Brunswick
Derry, Mr. Geo. W., 10th Bty., Imp., North Bay, Ontario
Desmarais, Mr. Joseph, 60th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Dever, Mr. James M., 87th Bn., St Lambert, Quebec
Dever, Mrs. J. N., St Lambert, Quebec
Devine, Mrs. Florence A., Vancouver, British Columbia
Devine, Mr. Wm., Imp., Kipling, Saskatchewan
Devlin, Mr. James, Imp., Watrous, Saskatchewan
Dewar, Miss Mary S., N.S., Ste Anne de Bellevue, Quebec
DeWolfe, Mr. Leland B., 85th Bn., Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario
Dicken, Mr. Joseph H., C.A.S.C., Toronto, Ontario
Dicken, Mrs. J. H., Toronto, Ontario
Dickens, Mr. James, 18th Bn., London, Ontario
Dickens, Mr. Arthur T., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Dickens, Mrs. Lilian K., Toronto, Ontario
Dickie, Elizabeth L., N.S., Montreal, Quebec
Dickinson, Miss Jessie E., Westboro, Ontario
Dickinson, Mrs. James, Port Arthur, Ontario
Dickinson, Mr. James M., Imp., London, Ontario
Dickinson, Mrs. Mary L., London, Ontario
Dickinson, Mr. James, C.M.G.C., Toronto, Ontario
Dickinson, Mr. Ross., Toronto, Ontario
Diefenbaker, Mr. G., 19th Bn., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Dill, Mrs. Bessie M., Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Dimberline, Mr. William E., C.A.D.C., Toronto, Ontario
Dimberline, Mrs. W. E., Toronto, Ontario
Dingle, Major G. R. M., 3rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Dingley, Mrs. Jane, Milner, British Columbia
Dingley, Mr. Leonard E., 9th Emp., Kitchener, Ontario
Dion, Mr. Jos C. A., Ottawa, Ontario
Disbrey, Mr. Wm., 28th Bn., Regina, Saskatchewan
Diss, Mrs. Elizabeth C., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Dix, Mr. Frederick W. W., 13th Bty., C.F.A., St Lambert, Quebec
Dixon, Mrs. Alfred., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Dixon, Mr. James F., 21st Bn, Ottawa, Ontario
Dixon, Mrs. J. F., Ottawa, Ontario
Dixon, Mrs. Ellen M., Bienfait, Saskatchewan
Doble, Mr. Wm. N., Sunderland, Ontario
Doble, Mrs. W. N., Sunderland, Ontario
Doble, Miss Mary A., Sunderland, Ontario
Dobson, Mr. R. J. Edwin, Dauphin, Manitoba
Dodd, Mr. Ted, C.A.S.C., Toronto, Ontario
Dodds, Miss Margery, Toronto, Ontario
Dodds, Mr. Philip, Picton, Ontario
Dodge, Mrs. Annie, Vancouver, British Columbia
Dodge, Mr. Lyle W., 21st Bty., Elkhorn, Manitoba
Dodge, Mrs. L. W., Elkhorn, Manitoba
Dodge, Major A. A., 2nd Bde., C.F.A., Fredericton, New Brunswick
Dodge, Miss Doris M. T., Oromocto, New Brunswick
Doherty, Miss Lila A., Ottawa, Ontario
Dolan, Mr. W. E., 52nd Bn., Chicago, Illinios, U.S.A.
Dolan, Mrs. W. E., Chicago, Illinios, U.S.A.
Dolby, Mr. John W., 18th Bn., Guelph, Ontario
Dolley, Mr. Frederick P., Imp., New Westminster, British Columbia
Donald, Mr. Archibald S., 230th C.F.C. and 25th F.C., Edmonton, Alberta
Donald, Mrs. A. S., Edmonton, Alberta
Donald, Mr. Jas., 21st Bn, South Porcupine, Ontario
Donaldson, Mr. Wm., 72nd Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Donaldson, Mrs. Wm., Vancouver, British Columbia
Donelly, Mrs. Gertrude, Green Court, Alberta
Donnelly, Mrs. Margaret, Ottawa, Ontario
Donovan, Mr. F. D., 58th B.G.O.C., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Donovan, Mr. George, 87th Bn., Laurentian View, Ontario
Donovan, Mrs. George, Laurentian View, Ontario
Donovan, Miss Jessie H., Laurentian View, Ontario
Doran, Mrs. Beatrice E., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Doran, Miss Bessie, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Dorey, Mr. Frederick T., 12th Bty., C.G.A., St Stephen, New Brunswick
Dormer, Mr. Wm. J. S., R.A.F., Montreal, Quebec
Dormer, Mrs. W. J. 8., Montreal, Quebec
Dormer, Mr. Robert E. W., Montreal, Quebec
Dormer, Miss Doreen M. E., Montreal, Quebec
Dorney, Mr. Frank, 14th Bn. ', Toronto, Ontario
Dorsett, Mr. Henry J., 1st Bn., Peterborough, Ontario
Dorsett, Mr. Donald, Peterborough, Ontario
Douglas, Mrs. Elizabeth, Medicine Hat, Alberta
Douglas, Mrs. Constance M., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Douglas, Capt Wm., 16th Can. Sc., Ottawa, Ontario
Douglas, Mrs. Wm., Ottawa, Ontario
Douglas, Mr. John A., C.E., Toronto, Ontario
Douglas, Mr. James W., 3rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Douglas, Mrs. Margaret., Toronto, Ontario
Douglas, Mr. Robert T., 1st C.S.C., Toronto, Ontario
Douglas, Mrs. James S., Verdun, Quebec
Dow, Mr. Charles A. G., 58th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Dowling, Mr. Bernard, 8th Bn., Virden, Manitoba
Down, Mrs. Alice M., Toronto, Ontario
Down, Miss Myrtle A., Toronto, Ontario
Down, Mr. Richard E., C.A.M.C., Toronto, Ontario
Down, Mrs. R. E., Toronto, Ontario
Down, Mr. William R., Toronto, Ontario
Downer, Mr. Chas. W., 11th Field Amb., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Downes, Mrs. Bertha, Regina, Saskatchewan
Downes, Mr. Henry M., Regina, Saskatchewan
Downey, Mabel G., Toronto, Ontario
Downing, Mr. Alexander, 72nd Bn., Kamloops, British Columbia
Downing, Mrs. A., Kamloops, British Columbia
Downing, Mrs. Eric, Severn Park, Ontario
Downing, Mr. Eric, Imp., Severn Park, Ontario
Dowse, Mr. Trevor E., 24th Bn., Timmins, Ontario
Dowsley, Mr. Geo. G., 8th C.F.A., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Dowsley, Mrs. G. G., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Doyle, Mr. Leo E., 11th Bty., North Bay, Ontario
Doyle, Mrs. L. E., North Bay, Ontario
Draycott, Mr. Thos. C., 1st C.F.C., Fort William, Ontario
Drever, Mr. John, Penhold, Alberta
Drinkwater., Mr. Edward W., 149th Bn., Sarnia, Ontario
Driscoll, Mr. Harry, 4th C.M.R., Ottawa, Ontario
Drummond, Miss Muriel, Prescott, Ontario
Drummond, Mr. Alexander L., R.N., Verdun, Quebec
Dryburgh, Mr. Archibald, 3rd Can. Div., Toronto, Ontario
Drysdale, Mrs. Edith, Calgary, Alberta
Drysdale, Mr. Leslie, Calgary, Alberta
Drysdale, Mr. Gerald, Calgary, Alberta
Drysdale, Miss Louise M., Vancouver, British Columbia
Duchesnay, Mr. A. J., P.P.C.L.I., Quebec, Quebec
Duchesnay, Mrs. A. J., Quebec, Quebec
Duck, Miss Margaret, Regina, Saskatchewan
Duckworth, Mr. Francis R., Cav. Bde., Weyburn, Saskatchewan
Dudgeon, Mrs. Lulu C., Owen Sound, Ontario
Dudley, Mr. George H., 2nd C.P. Bn., & 6th C.E., Ottawa, Ontario
Dudley, Mrs. G. H., Ottawa, Ontario
Duffield, Mr. James B., C.M.R., Durham, Ontario
Duffield, Mrs. J. B., Durham, Ontario
Duffield, Mr. John H., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Duford, Miss Angelina, Eastview, Ontario
Duggan, Mr. John P., 51st Bn., Edmonton, Alberta
Duggan., Mr. Wm. P., 24th Bn., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Duguid, Mr. Joseph S., 202nd Bn., St Albert, Alberta
Duguid, Mrs. J. P., Shellbrook, Saskatchewan
Duguid, Mr. John G., Shellbrook, Saskatchewan
Duhig, Mr. Joseph, Imp., New Westminster, British Columbia
Dumont-Laviolette, Madame, Charlebois, Quebec
DuMontier, Mrs. Louise, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Duncan, Mrs. Florence M., Calgary, Alberta
Duncan, Miss Catherine C., Calgary, Alberta
Duncan, Mr. John, 52nd Bn., Keewatin, Ontario
Duncan, Mrs. E., Toronto, Ontario
Duncan, Mr. James, R.A.F., Toronto, Ontario
Duncan, Mr. Joseph, Imp., Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Duncanson, Mr. Frank E., 12th C.G.A., Lethbridge, Alberta
Duncanson, Mrs. F. R., Lethbridge, Alberta
Dundas, Mr. Warner J., 6th D.A.T.S., Westmount, Quebec
Dunham, Mrs. Iris M.C., Edmonton, Alberta
Dunk, Mr. Sydney, 148th Bn., Rosemount, Quebec
Dunklee, Mr. John B., 10th C.F.A., St Catharines, Ontario
Dunlop, Mr. Wm. C., C.A.M.C., Windsor, Nova Scotia
Dunlop, Capt. Wesley A., 118th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Dunlop, Mr. John A., C.S.C., New York, New York, U.S.A.
Dunn, Mrs. Isabella, Calgary, Alberta
Dunn, Miss Etta, Calgary, Alberta
Dunn, Miss Nancy E., M.B.E., N.S., Rolla, British Columbia
Dunn, Mr. Frederick G., 81st & 46th an., St Catharines, Ontario
Dunn, Mrs. F. G., St Catharines, Ontario
Dunnett, Mrs. Marion, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Dunnett, Mr. Bernard F., 116th Bn., Cannington, Ontario
Dunsdon, Mr. H. J., 215th Bn., Princeton, Ontario
Dunsdon, Mrs. H. J., Princeton, Ontario
Durie, Mrs. Esther, Vancouver, British Columbia
Dutton, Mr. Wm., 187th Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Dutton, Mr. Chas. L., 1st C.G.H., Birtle , Manitoba
Dutton, Mrs. C. L., Birtle, Manitoba
Dyke, Mr. Russell L., 24th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Dymond, Mr. Joseph S., 20th C.M.G.C., Lansing, Ontario

Eade, Mr. Frederick, 126th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Eade, Mrs. F., Toronto, Ontario
Eade, Miss May., Toronto, Ontario
Eade, Mr. Chas. J., P.P.C.L.I., Lomita, California, U.S.A.
Eagle, Mr. George, 21st Bn., Saginaw, Michigan, U.S.A.
Eagleson, Miss Emma G., N.S., Ottawa, Ontario
Eastwell, Mr. George, 4th C.M.R., Kingston, Ontario
Eastwell, Mrs. George, Kingston, Ontario
Eastwick, Mr. David E., Imp., Montreal, Quebec
Eaton, Miss Annie W., Victoria, British Columbia
Eaton, Mrs. Sarah E., Vancouver, British Columbia
Eaton, Miss Patricia F., Vancouver, British Columbia
Eaton, Miss Myrtle J., Vancouver, British Columbia
Eaton, Mr. Herbert W., 1st C.M.M.G.C., St Thomas, Ontario
Ecarnot, Miss Germaine M., Montmartre, Saskatchewan
Edgecombe, Mr. George, 1st C.M.R., Edmonton, Alberta
Edis, Mr. Thomas H., R.C.N.V.R., Red Deer, Alberta
Edmonds, Mrs. Leila E., Edmonton, Alberta
Edmonds, Mr. Frederick A., 4th Bn., Waterloo, Ontario
Edmonds, Mr. Richard, Simcoe, Ontario
Edmonds, Mrs. Richard, Simcoe, Ontario
Edmonds, Miss Dorothea, Simcoe, Ontario
Edmondson, Wm., Toronto, Ontario
Edward, Mr. Leonard W., R.C.H.A., Toronto, Ontario
Edwards, Mr. Clifford J., Innisfail, Alberta
Edwards, Mrs. C. J., Innisfail, Alberta
Edwards, Mr. Frank T., 49th Bn., Pincher Creek, Alberta
Edwards, Mr. Richard R., 85th Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Edwards, Mr. Frederick F., Imp., Vancouver, British Columbia
Edwards, Mrs. F. F., Vancouver, British Columbia
Edwards, Mr. John K., 112th Bn., Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
Edwards, Capt. Chas. L., C.A.V.C. & 18th Bn., Hamilton, Ontario
Edwards, Miss E. Elizabeth, Hamilton, Ontario
Edwards, Capt. F., Kenora, Ontario
Edwards, Mrs. Frank. Kenora., , Ontario
Edwards, Miss N. Patricia, Kenora, Ontario
Edwards, Mr. Robt. J., 1st Bn., London, Ontario
Edwards, Mr. William G., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Edwards., Miss Frances A., Brockville, Ontario
Effemy, Mr. George D., 24th Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Effemy, Miss Dorothy, Ottawa, Ontario
Eley, Miss Edna E., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Eliot, Miss Gladys M., London ', Ontario
Ellingham, Mr. Frank, 75th Bn., Hamilton, Ontario
Ellingham, Mrs. Frank, Hamilton, Ontario
Ellins, Mr. Harry F., C.A.G.S., Montreal, Quebec
Ellins, Mrs. H. F., Montreal, Quebec
Ellinson, Mr. Harold, 3lst Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Elliott, Mrs. Honor, White Rock, British Columbia
Elliott, Miss Marguerite, White Rock, British Columbia
Elliott, Mr. W. B., R.C.D., Alliston, Ontario
Elliott, Mrs. W. B., Alliston, Ontario
Elliott, Mr. Reginald, 38th Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Elliott, Mrs. David H., Tilbury, Ontario
Elliott, Mr. Frederick, 3rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Elliott, Mr. A. E., Montreal, Quebec
Elliott, Mrs. A. E., Montreal, Quebec
Elliott, Miss Gladys, Montreal, Quebec
Elliott, Mrs. A. E., Imperial., Saskatchewan
Elliott, Mr. Vernal H. E., C.A.S.C., Piapot, Saskatchewan
Elliott, Mrs. Geo., Larchmont, New York, U.S.A.
Ellis, Miss Sheila, Vancouver, British Columbia
Ellis, Mr. Wm. E., 7th Bty., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Ellis, Mr. Adrian B., 4th Bn., St Thomas, Ontario
Ellis, Mr. George A., 2nd C.R.T., Toronto, Ontario
Ellis, Mr. Eugene, 24th V.R.C. Bn., Lachine, Quebec
Ellis, Mr. James, 1st Dep. Bn., Sask. Regt., Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Ellis Mr. Chas. W., Imp., Ottawa, Ontario
Emans, Mr. Wm., 1st Bn., Chatham, Ontario
Emmerson, Mr. Samuel O., 28th Bn., Tacoma, Washington, U.S.A.
Emmet, Capt. The Rev. A. G., 1st Inf. Bde., Port Hope, Ontario
Emmet, Mr. Ronald H., Toronto, Ontario
Emmet., Mrs. A. G., Port Hope, Ontario
Emmett, Mr. P. N., 11th C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Emmett, Mrs. P. N., Toronto, Ontario
Englis, Miss Ruby, Birch Hills, Saskatchewan
English, Mr. W. G., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
English, Mrs. W. G., Toronto, Ontario
Ennis, Mrs. Martha, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Ennismore, Mr. Roy H., C.A.D.C., Edmonton, Alberta
Ennismore, Mrs. R. H., Edmonton, Alberta
Entwistle, Mr. James, 58th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Escott, Mr. Thos. H., C.A.M.C., Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.
Escott, Mrs. T. H., Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.
Estabrooks, Mr. W. Harold. 60th Bn., St John, New Brunswick
Etchell, Mr. Chas, 8th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Etheridge, Mr. Leonard E., 2lst Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Etheridge, Mrs. L. E., Montreal, Quebec
Evans, Mrs. G. M., Calgary, Alberta
Evans, Mr. Geo. M., 113th Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Evans, Mr. Gilbert A., 5th Bn., C.G.R., Calgary, Alberta
Evans, Miss Mabel M., Calgary, Alberta
Evans, Mrs. Sarah A., Blairmore, Alberta
Evans, Mr. Geo. H., Wellington, British Columbia
Evans, Mrs. Elizabeth., Bothwell, New Brunswick
Evans, Mr. Albert E., Imp., Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Evans, Mrs. A. E., Sault bte Marie, Ontario
Evans, Miss Mavis M., Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Evans, Mr. Arthur G., 75th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Evans, Mr. Ernest R., C.E., Toronto, Ontario
Evans, Mrs. E. R., Toronto, Ontario
Evans, Mr. L. C., Machine G. Sec., Regina, Saskatchewan
Evans, Mrs. L. C., Regina, Saskatchewan
Evans, Mr. Stuart H., C.A.M.C., Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
Evans, Mrs. S. H., Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
Evans, Mr. John W., Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
Evans, Miss Audrey M., Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
Evans, Mr. Frank H., Kalamazoo, Michigan, U.S.A.
Evans, Mrs. Nellie M., Houston, Texas, U.S.A.
Everitt, Miss Grace M., Edmonton, Alberta
Ewen, Mr. Jas. R., C.E., Elgin, Manitoba
Ewen, Miss Alice 1., Elgin, Manitoba
Ewens, Miss Evelyn M., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Ewert, Mr. Wm., C.A.D.C., Altona, Manitoba
Ewing, Mr. David, C.A.S.C., Port Coqurtlam, British Columbia
Exelby, Mr. Lionel, 1st Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Eynouf., Miss Margaret, Ottawa, Ontario
Eyres, Mr. Arthur W., 2nd F.A., C.E.M., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Eyres, Mrs. A. W., Winnipeg, Manitoba

Faichney, Mr. Benjamin, 2nd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Faichney, Mr. Billy., Toronto, Ontario
Faichney, Mrs. B., Toronto, Ontario
Faichney, Mr. Thomas D., P.P.C.L.I., Toronto, Ontario
Faichney, Mrs. T. D., Toronto, Ontario
Faichney, Miss Joan., Toronto, Ontario
Faichney, Miss Lois., Toronto, Ontario
Fair, Mr. Thomas, 5th C.M.G.C., Hamilton, Ontario
Fairbairn, Mr. Edward, 42nd Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Fairbairn, Mr. John S., C.A.P.C., Westmount, Quebec
Fairbanks, Mr. James. 63rd Bty., Chippawa, Ontario
Fairey, Mr. Frank C., 75th Bn., Hamilton, Ontario
Fairweather, V. W., Toronto, Ontario
Falion, Mrs. Vera., Toronto, Ontario
Fallis, Mrs. Gladys D., Toronto, Ontario
Fallis, Miss Joan., Toronto, Ontario
Fanshaw, Mr. Hubert V., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Fanshaw, Mrs. H. V., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Fanthom, Mrs. Mary E., Calgary, Alberta
Farler, Mr. Albert, 78th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Farler, Mrs. A., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Farler, Miss Alberta, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Farler, Miss Edna, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Farmer, Mrs. Nellie, St Boniface, Manitoba
Farnell, Mr. Wilfrid, 14th C.R.M.R., Toronto, Ontario
Farnell, Mrs. W., Toronto, Ontario
Farr, Mrs. J., St Thomas, Ontario
Farr, Miss A., St Thomas, Ontario
Farr, Miss W. N., Toronto, Ontario
Farr, Mr. E. A. W., Imp., Chicago, Illinios, U.S.A.
Farr, Mrs. E. A. W., Chicago, Illinios, U.S.A.
Farrar, Mrs. John, Ottawa, Ontario
Farrar, Mr. John, 3rd Tunnelling 0O., Ottawa, Ontario
Farrel], Mr. Frederick M. A., 30th Bty., Sunderland, Ontario
Farrell, Mrs. F. M. A., Sunderland, Ontario
Farrell, Mrs. Isabel, W.A.A.C., Toronto, Ontario
Farrell, Mr. P. H., Toronto, Ontario
Farris, Miss Muriel, Moncton, New Brunswick
Farrow, Capt. Noel A., 10th Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Farrow, Mrs. N. A., Calgary, Alberta
Fauvel, Mr. Bertram A., 3rd Can. Gen. Hosp., Ottawa, Ontario
Favreau, Mr. Alexandre, 14th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Favreau, Mrs. A., Montreal, Quebec
Fawcett, Mr. Victor C., C.A.D.C., Nanaimo, British Columbia
Fawcett, Mrs. V. C., Nanaimo, British Columbia
Fedden, Mr. Frederick A., 42nd C.S.C., Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
Fedden, Mrs. F. A., Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
Fenn, Mrs. Annie, Regina, Saskatchewan
Fennel], Mr. Wm. A., 75th Bn., Athelstan, Quebec
Fenner, Mrs. Lillian, Tilbury, Ontario
Ferguson, Mrs. Gladys C., N.S., Toronto, Ontario
Ferguson, Mr. Wm., Toronto, Ontario
Ferguson, Mr. John., Toronto, Ontario
Ferguson, Mr. William McC., R.C.N.V.R., Toronto, Ontario
Ferguson, Mr. John G., Toronto, Ontario
Ferguson, Mr. John G. F., Toronto, Ontario
Ferguson, Mr. Frank B., 1st C.S. Bty., Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.
Ferguson, Mrs. F. B., Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.
Ferguson Mr. John, Imp., Whitby, Ontario
Ferrie, Mr. Joseph, 27th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Ferrier, Mr. Alexander, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Ferrier, Mrs. A., Toronto, Ontario
Ferrier, Mr. John E., 38th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Field, Miss Elsie E., W.A.A.C., New York, New York, U.S.A.
Fielding, Mr. Thomas, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Fielding, Mrs. T., Toronto, Ontario
Finch, Mrs. Lucy E., Vancouver, British Columbia
Findlay, Mrs. O., N.S., 12th C.G.H., Red Deer, Alberta
Finkle-Stone, Mrs. Fanny, N.S., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Finlay, Mr. Hugh B., Imp., Edmonton, Alberta
Finlay, Mrs. H. B., Edmonton, Alberta
Finlay, Mr. John, Edmonton, Alberta
Finlay, Mr. George, Imp., Montreal, Quebec
Finlay, Mr. Robert, 47th Bn., Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
Finlay, Mrs. Robert, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
Finlayson, Miss Christena J., Grand River, Nova Scotia
Finlayson, Miss Tena J., V.A.D., Regina, Saskatchewan
Finn, Mr. Owen, 17th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Firman, Mrs. Chas., Schreiber, Ontario
Firman Mr. Charles, R.F.C., Schreiber, Ontario
Fiset, Maj.-Gen. Sir Eugene, Rimouski, Quebec
Fiset, Lady, Rimouski, Quebec
Fiset, Mademoiselle, Rimouski, Quebec
Fish, Mrs. Mary, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Fisher, Capt. Richard F., Imp., Red Deer, Alberta
Fisher, Mr. Horace N., Imp., Sedalia, Alberta
Fisher, Mrs. H. N., Sedalia, Alberta
Fisher, Mr. Barry V., Sedalia, Alberta
Fisher, Mr. W. Stanley, 20th Bty., C.F.A., Ottawa, Ontario
Fisher, Mr. Edgar O., 1st C.D.A.C., Toronto, Ontario
Fisher, Mrs. E. 0., Toronto, Ontario
Fisher, Mr. George, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Fiske, Mr. Albert W., 31st Bn., Provost, Alberta
Fitch, Mr. Thomas J., 54th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Fitzgerald, Miss G. Helen, Belleville, Ontario
Fitzgerald, Miss Florence, Belleville, Ontario
Fitzpatrick, Miss Irene, Fredericton, New Brunswick
Fitzpatrick, Mr. D. H., R.N., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Fitzpatrick, Mrs. D. H., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Fitzpatrick, Miss Pamela A., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Fleming, Miss Helen, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Fleming, Mrs. Isabel, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Fleming, Mr. Duncan M., 21st Bn, Windsor, Ontario
Fleming, Mrs. D. M., Windsor, Ontario
Fleming, Mr. F. A., 4th Bty., Toronto, Ontario
Fleming, Mr. Thos., Imp., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Fleming, Mrs. T., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Fletcher, Mrs. Annie, Granum, Alberta
Fletcher, Mrs. A. M., Victoria, British Columbia
Fletcher, Mr. Harold L., 29th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Fletcher, Mr. Wm. E., 48th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Fletcher, Mrs. W. E., Vancouver, British Columbia
Fletcher, Mrs. H. J., Fergus, Ontario
Fletcher, Mr. Nelson 8., 12th C. E., London, Ontario
Fletcher, Mr. Percy V., Imp., Trenton, Ontario
Fletcher, Mr. Robert B., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Fletcher Mr. Henry J., Imp., Fergus, Ontario
Flett, Mr. Agmond B.V., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Flett, Mrs. A. B. V., Toronto, Ontario
Flewelling, Mr. Herman G., 15th Bn., St John, New Brunswick
Flexman, Major Ernest, 22nd Bty, C.F.A., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Flexman, Mrs. Ernest, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Flieger, Mrs. Byron W., Fredericton, New Brunswick
Flower, Mrs. Kathleen, Victoria, British Columbia
Flower, Master Claude, Victoria, British Columbia
Flowers, Miss Lilian L., Regina, Saskatchewan
Floyd, Major Thos. C., 16th Can. Scottish, Nanton, Alberta
Foley, Miss Violet E., St John, New Brunswick
Foley, Miss Nellie M., Ottawa, Ontario
Foley, MISS Mary, Ottawa, Ontario
Foley, Mr. Frank J., 20th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Fontaine, Mr. Pierre, French Army, St Boniface, Manitoba
Forbes, Miss A. J., Calgary, Alberta
Forbes, Miss Annie, Montreal, Quebec
Forbes, Mr. James O., 3rd Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Ford, Mrs. Elizabeth E., Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
Forgie, Mr. J. M., 3rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Forgie, Mrs. J. M., Toronto, Ontario
Forman, Mr. Jasper, 38th Bn., Lindsay, Ontario
Forrest, Mr. James, 7th C.E., Edmonton, Alberta
Forrest, Jennie E., Toronto, Ontario
Forrest, Mr. J. J., 5th C.M.R., Coaticook, Quebec
Forrest, Mrs. J. J., Coaticook, Quebec
Forret, Mr. Wm., 9th C.E., North Vancouver, British Columbia
Forret, Mrs. Wm., North Vancouver, British Columbia
Forster, Mr. Samuel S., 3rd C.T.C., Vancouver, British Columbia
Forster, Miss Charlotte L., Montreal, Quebec
Forsyth, Mr. James, 6th C.F.B., West Vancouver, British Columbia
Forsyth, Mrs. James, West Vancouver, British Columbia
Forsyth, Mrs. Anna G., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Forsyth, Lt.-Col. Wilfred W., C.A.V.C., Toronto, Ontario
Forward, Mr. Wm., 49th Bn., Oyama, British Columbia
Foster, Col. W. W., 52nd Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Foster, Mr. John R., L.S.H., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Foster, Mrs. J. R., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Foster, Mr. Lorne 1)., 21st Bn., Trenton, Ontario
Foster, Lt.-Col. Harold W. A., 20th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Fothergill, Mr. William, 2nd C.A.B., Montreal, Quebec
Foubister, Mr. Jas. W., 5th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Foulds, Mr. Arthur, 50th Bn., Delburne, Alberta
Foulds, Mrs. Arthur, Delburne, Alberta
Foulds, Mrs. Clara., Toronto, Ontario
Foulger, Mr. Arthur J., C.A.M.C., Sussex, New Brunswick
Foulger, Mrs. A. J., Sussex, New Brunswick
Foulger, Mr. Edward A., Sussex, New Brunswick
Foulger, Miss Alice J., Sussex, New Brunswick
Fowler, Mr. Wilbur H., C.E., Drumbo, Ontario
Fowler, Mrs. Wilbur H., Drumbo, Ontario
Fowler, Mr. George, Drumbo, Ontario
Fowles, Mrs. Sarah A., Bridgetown, Nova Scotia
Fox, Mr. Fred W., 5th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Foxall, Mr. Francis J., 7th Bn., Guelph, Ontario
Foxhall, Mrs. Rose, Vancouver, British Columbia
Foyle, Mr. Arthur H., Imp., Windsor, Ontario
Fralick, Mr. Bert J., C.W.G.D., Barrie, Ontario
Francis, Mrs. Annie, Vancouver, British Columbia
Francis, Mr. Noel B., 68th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Francis, Miss M. L., N.S., New York, New York, U.S.A.
Franklin, Mr. Thos., 16th Bty., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Franklin, Capt. Wm. H., C.A.M.C., Montreal, Quebec
Franklin, Miss Barbara, Montreal, Quebec
Franks, Miss Edith, N.S., Victoria, British Columbia
Frappier, Mr. Arthur P., 22nd Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Frappier, Mrs. A. P., Montreal, Quebec
Fraser, Mrs. Christina A., Blairmore, Alberta
Fraser, Mr. Kenneth, 1st C.D.S.C., Edmonton, Alberta
Fraser, Mrs. K., Edmonton, Alberta
Fraser, Mr. Alexander, Imp., Squamish, British Columbia
Fraser, Mr. Gilbert, Scottish Horse, Vancouver, British Columbia
Fraser, Mr. Wm., 9th F.A., Kootenay Bay, British Columbia
Fraser, Mrs. Wm., Kootenay Bay, British Columbia
Fraser, Mr. R. S., Kootenay Bay, British Columbia
Fraser, Miss M. M., Kootenay Bay, British Columbia
Fraser, Miss J. E., Kootenay Bay , British Columbia
Fraser, Miss Margaret, River Charlo, New Brunswick
Fraser, Mr. Wm. K., 18th Bn., Wolfville, Nova Scotia
Fraser, Mrs. W. K., Wolfville, Nova Scotia
Fraser, Dr. James J., 1st Div., Hamilton, Ontario
Fraser, Mrs. Winnifred, Riverside, Ontario
Fraser, Mr. George J., 13th Bn., Kewagama, Quebec
Fraser, Miss Violet U., Montreal, Quebec
Fraser, Mrs. Douglas, Regina, Saskatchewan
Fraser, Mrs. Selina, Antler, Saskatchewan
Fraser, Mr. Jas. B., 43rd Bn., Wilmington, California, U.S.A.
Freed, Mrs. Hiram, Windsor, Ontario
Freeman, Mr. Frederick W., 3rd Gen. Hosp. Aurora., Ontario
Freeman, Miss Margaret L, South Fort, Saskatchewan
French, Capt. Cecil E., Can. Inf., R.F.C., R.A.F., Toronto, Ontario
French, Mrs. Cecil E., Toronto, Ontario
Friers, Mrs. Sarah A., Toronto, Ontario
Friers, Miss Violet A., Toronto, Ontario
Frisby, Mr. R. O., 16th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Frisby, Mrs. R. O., Vancouver, British Columbia
Frise, Mr. James L., 12th Bty., Toronto, Ontario
Frost, Mr. John J. K., 16th Can. Scottish, Vanderhoof, British Columbia
Frost, Mr. James, R.N., Port Arthur, Ontario
Frost, Major Leslie M., 20th Bn., Lindsay, Ontario
Frost, Mr. William J., 4th Div., T.M.B., Toronto, Ontario
Froud, Mr. Ivor T., P.P.C.L.I., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Froud, Mrs. I. T., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Froud, Miss Joyce, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Froud, Mr. Gordon, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Fry, Mr. Robt. C., 4th C.E., Rossland, British Columbia
Fry, Mr. Ernest E., R.C.R., Toronto, Ontario
Fry, Mr. Robert., Toronto, Ontario
Fryday, Mr. John N., 27th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Fryer, Mrs. Muriel E., Longueuil, Quebec
Fuller, Mrs. Annie, Langley Prairie, British Columbia
Fuller, Miss Betty, Langley Prairie, British Columbia
Fuller, Capt. Rev. W. E., 38th Bty., Campbellton, Nova Scotia
Fuller, Mr. Robert M., 21st Bty., Windsor, Ontario
Fuller, Mrs. R. M., Windsor, Ontario
Fulton, Mrs. Margaret A., Vancouver, British Columbia
Funnel], Mrs. Georgina R., Vancouver, British Columbia
Funnell, Mr. Edwin, Vancouver, British Columbia
Furukawa, Mr. Bunshiro, 50th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Fyfe, Mr. Louis R., 43rd Bn., Fort William, Ontario

Gabb, Capt. Henry J., 128th Bn., Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Gabb, Mrs. H. J., Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Gaetz, Dr. Thos. H., 50th Bn., Shelton, Connecticut, U.S.A.
Gaetz, Mrs. T. H., Shelton, Connecticut, U.S.A.
Gage-Cole, Mr. Thos. S., 102nd Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Gagnon, Mr. Joseph E., 28th Bn., Quebec, Quebec
Gagnon, Mrs. J. E., Quebec, Quebec
Gagnon, Miss Irene, Quebec, Quebec
Gaisford, Capt. Reginald O., 38th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Gaisford, Mrs. R. O., Montreal, Quebec
Galbraith, Mrs. Doris H., Calgary, Alberta
Gale, Lt.-Col. John R., 25th Bn., St John, New Brunswick
Gale, Mrs. J. R., N.S., St John, New Brunswick
Galt, Miss Ada S., B.R.C., Toronto, Ontario
Gamble., Mr. Wm. H., 80th Bn., Oshawa, Ontario
Game, Mr. J. M., Walkerton, Ontario
Game, Mrs. J. M., Walkerton, Ontario
Gammon, Mrs. Mildred V., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Gar, Mr. Henry, 14th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Garbutt, Mr. C. E., 44th Wing, R.A.F., Toronto, Ontario
Garbutt, Mrs. C. E., Toronto, Ontario
Garbutt, Mrs. Mary., Toronto, Ontario
Gardiner, Mrs. Janet B., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Gardiner, Miss Anna., Toronto, Ontario
Gardner, Mrs. Ada, Barrhead, Alberta
Gardner, Mr. George, 43rd Bn. St. Vital., Manitoba
Gardner, Mr. Henry, 13th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Gardner, Mrs. Henry., Toronto, Ontario
Gardner, Miss Marjory E., N.S., Toronto, Ontario
Garner, Mr. Benjamin. 13th C.F.A., Paris, Ontario
Garner, Miss Nellie M., Ottawa, Ontario
Garner, Mr. Graham O., 23rd C.F.A., Westmount, Quebec
Garner, Mrs. G. C., Westmount, Quebec
Garnett, Mrs. Henrah., Hamilton, Ontario
Garrard, Mrs. Eleanor M., Victoria, British Columbia
Garrard, Mr. Charles J., Ottawa, Ontario
Garrard, Mrs. C. J., Ottawa, Ontario
Garrison, Mr. Irvine E., 13th R. Hldrs., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Gartley, Miss Martha E., Fredericton, New Brunswick
Gartley, Miss Mary E., Fredericton, New Brunswick
Garvan, Mr. Michael J., 1st Div. H.Q. & Div. C.A., St Agathe des Monts, Quebec
Garvan, Mrs. M. J., St Agathe des Monts, Quebec
Garvey, Mr. Martin. 38th Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Garvin, Dr. Fred G., C.A.D.C., Canora, Saskatchewan
Garvin, Mrs. Fred G., Canora, Saskatchewan
Garvock, Mr. Wm. 1., P.P.C.L.I., Ottawa, Ontario
Gaskin, Mrs. Mary A., Gait, Ontario
Gauchie, Mr. Rennie, 22nd Bn., Barrhead, Alberta
Gauld, Mr. John, Imp., North Battleford, Saskatchewan
Gaunt., Mr. Fred, K.O.S.B., Toronto, Ontario
Gauthier, Mr. Willis J., C F.C., Ottawa, Ontario
Gav, Mrs. W. C., London, Ontario
Gavin, Miss Edith, Edmonton, Alberta
Gavin, Miss Ruth, Edmonton, Alberta
Gay, Mr. Wm. G. C.A.M.C., London, Ontario
Gear, Mr. Henry., Toronto, Ontario
Gear, Mrs. Henry., Toronto, Ontario
Gear, Mr. Douglas., Toronto, Ontario
Geddes, Mr. John, 1st Bn., Hamilton, Ontario
Gee, Miss Alma E., New York, New York, U.S.A.
Geminill, Lt.-Col. Jas. D., Imp., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Geminill, Mr. Patrick, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Gent, Mrs. Mary E., Toronto, Ontario
George, Mr. E. H., Hamilton, Ontario
George, Mrs. E. H., Hamilton, Ontario
George, Mr. Gilbert O., Imp., Montreal, Quebec
George, Mr. James E, 44th Bn., Regina, Saskatchewan
George, Mrs. May W., Regina, Saskatchewan
Geraghty, Mr. Wm. T., Imp., Stony Mountain, Manitoba
Gerrard, Miss Alice 5., London, Ontario
Gervin, Miss Mildred, Billings Bridge, Ontario
Giannini, Mr. Adone, Sand Coulee, Montana, U.S.A.
Gibb, Miss Meg., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Gibbons, Mr. Arthur, 50th Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Gibbons, Mr. O. A. C., C.A.F., Halifax Co, Nova Scotia
Gibbons, Mrs. O. A. C., Halifax Co, Nova Scotia
Gibbons, Mr. Percy W., 46th Bn., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Gibbs, Mrs. Edw., Elkhorn, Manitoba
Gibbs, Mr. Arthur H., 4th Bn., Mitchell, Ontario
Gibson, Miss Anita L., N.S., Kingston, Ontario
Giddings, Mrs. E. L., Toronto, Ontario
Gilbert, Mr. Daniel R., 188th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Gilbert, Mrs. D. R., Vancouver, British Columbia
Gilbert, Mr. Philip R., Vancouver, British Columbia
Gilbert, Mr. Frank, 3rd C.E., Ottawa, Ontario
Gilbert, Mrs. Frank, Ottawa, Ontario
Gilbert, Mr. Geo. W., C.L.H.A., Snrnia, Ontario
Gilbert, Mrs. G. W., Sarnia, Ontario
Gilbert, Major George H., 46th Bn., Yorkton, Saskatchewan
Gilbey, Mr. Henry, Imp., Montreal, Quebec
Giles, Miss Phyllis A., Vancouver, British Columbia
Giles, Mrs S. A., Ottawa, Ontario
Gill, Mr. George, Imp. and C.E.F., Bridgetown, Nova Scotia
Gill, Mrs. Nettie, Bridgetown, Nova Scotia
Gill, Mrs. Alice, N.S., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Gill, Mr. Ross., Toronto, Ontario
Gill, Mr. Roy., Toronto, Ontario
Gill, Mr. Vernon K., 1st Bty., 1st Bde., CFA, Saskatchewan
Gillam, Mr. Walter, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Gillam, Mrs. Walter., Toronto, Ontario
Gillan, Miss Ina G., N.S., Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Gillan, Miss Winifred B., Worcester, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Gillard, Miss Patricia B., Regina, Saskatchewan
Gillespie, Mr. John J., 116th Bn., Brechin, Ontario
Gillespie, Mr. Cecil E., 78th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Gillies, Mrs. Jean, Banff, Alberta
Gillies, Mr. Laurence H., 38th Bty., C.F.A., Ottawa, Ontario
Gillies, Mrs L. H., Ottawa, Ontario
Gilmore, Mr. Sidney J., 2nd Bn., Belleville, Ontario
Gilmore, Mr. Wm. B., 42nd R.H.G., Montreal, Quebec
Gilmour, Mr. Wm., Imp., Campbellton, New Brunswick
Gimblett, Mr. Robt. J., 3rd Bty., Ottawa, Ontario
Ginn, Miss Eveline., Toronto, Ontario
Ginn, Mrs. E., Toronto, Ontario
Ginn, Mrs. Minnie., Toronto, Ontario
Girouard, Lt.-Col. R. de 13. 3., 22nd Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Girouard, Mrs. Katherine M., Ottawa, Ontario
Girouard, Miss Des1ree A., Ottawa, Ontario
Girouard, Miss E., Ottawa, Ontario
Girouard, Miss Marie L., Ottawa, Ontario
Givens, Capt. Wm. C., C.A.M.C., Toronto, Ontario
Givens, Mrs. W. C., Toronto, Ontario
Givens, Mr. Wm. W., Toronto, Ontario
Givens, Miss Margaret P., Toronto, Ontario
Gladstone, Mr. John T., 49th Bn., Waterton Park, Alberta
Gladwin, Mr. Cuthbert, 51st C.F.A., North Vancouver, British Columbia
Glanville, Mrs. Robt., Windsor, Ontario
Glanville, Mrs. Reginald, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Glanvnle, Mr. Robert, 47th Bn., Windsor, Ontario
Glass, Mr. John J., 58th & 8th Res. Bns., Toronto, Ontario
Gleig, Mr. Sydney E., 2nd C.E., Chilliwack, British Columbia
Glenday, Mr. John, 42nd Bty., Toronto, Ontario
Glenday, Miss Betty., Toronto, Ontario
Glenfield, Mr. Wm. H., 34th Bty., C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Glenfield, Mrs. W. H., Toronto, Ontario
Glenfield, Mr. Wm. R., Toronto, Ontario
Glover, Mrs. Mary, Banff, Alberta
Glover, Mr. Wm. L., 4th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Glover, Mrs. W. L., Toronto, Ontario
Goddard, Mr. Frank, 25th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Goddard, Miss Dorothy K., Utica, New York, U.S.A.
Godenrath, Capt. Percy F., 16th Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Godenrath, Mrs. P. F., Ottawa, Ontario
Godfrey, Mr. Wm., 46th Bn., Morden, Manitoba
Godfrey, Mrs. John, Hamilton, Ontario
Godin, Mr. Jules, 14th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Godin, Mrs. Jules, Montreal, Quebec
Godley, Mrs. Annie, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Golden, Mr. A. D., Toronto, Ontario
Golden, Mrs. Margaret., Toronto, Ontario
Golden, Mr. T. L., L.S.H., Noranda, Quebec
Gollings, Mr. John F., Kirkton, Ontario
Good, Major Frank A., 140th Bn., Fredericton, New Brunswick
Good, Mr. Geo. A., 28th Bn., Fredericton, New Brunswick
Goodale, Mr. Robt. R., C.A.M.C., Regina, Saskatchewan
Goodall, Mrs. Maud, Calgary, Alberta
Goodes, Mrs. Rose, Pasadena, California, U.S.A.
Goodes, Mr. Dennis, 4th C.M.G.C., Pasadena, California, U.S.A.
Goodland, Col. Herbert T., Imp., Victoria, British Columbia
Goodland, Mrs. H. T., Victoria, British Columbia
Goodman, Mr. Ernest B., Imp., Mt Nebo, Saskatchewan
Goodspeed, Miss Dorothy, New Westminster, British Columbia
Goodspeed, Mr. Frank, New Westminster, British Columbia
Goodspeed, Mr. Harold, New Westminster, British Columbia
Goodspeed, Mr. Edward A., C.A.M.C., Burnaby, British Columbia
Goodwin, Mrs. Jane, South Edmonton, Alberta
Goodwin, Mr. Vernon, South Edmonton, Alberta
Goodwin, Mr. Alfred, R.C.N., Victoria, British Columbia
Goodwin, Mrs. Alfred, Victoria, British Columbia
Gordon, Miss Edith, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Gordon, Miss Isabelle, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Gordon, Miss Helen, N.S., Imp., London, Ontario
Gordon, Mr. Thos. C., Welland, Ontario
Gordon, Mr. David D., C.M.G.C., Toronto, Ontario
Gordon, Mr. George, 1st C.M.M.G.C., Toronto, Ontario
Gordon, Mrs. George., Toronto, Ontario
Gordon, Miss Martha., Toronto, Ontario
Gordon, Mr. Alexander, 78th Bn., Quebec, Quebec
Gordon, Mr. George, 8th Bn., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Gore, Mrs. Ellen, London, Ontario
Gore, Capt. J., Imp., London, Ontario
Gornall, Mr. Wm., 43rd Bn., Woodstock, Ontario
Gorrie, Mr. Ernest L'., 42nd Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Gorrie, Mrs. E. L., Montreal, Quebec
Gosling, Mr. Reginald, 15th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Gosnell, Mr. Wilfrid B., C.A.M.C., Enderby, British Columbia
Gosselin, Mr. Armand, 21st Bn, Kirkland Lake, Ontario
Goudge, Mr. Morison F., 9th Siege Bty., Ottawa, Ontario
Goudge, Mrs. M. F., Ottawa, Ontario
Gough, Miss Helen M., Calgary, Alberta
Gould, Mr. James T., 78th Bn., Glendale, California, U.S.A.
Goulet, Mr. J. Augustin, 60th Bn., New-Carlisle, Quebec
Gourley, Mr. Tom, C.E., Calgary, Alberta
Gourley, Mrs. Tom, Calgary, Alberta
Gourley, Mr. Chester, 106th Bn., Stewiacke, Nova Scotia
Gourley, Mrs. C., Stewiacke, Nova Scotia
Gower, Mr. Wm. E., Imp., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Gower, Mr. Alfred, 24th Bn., Hamilton, Ontario
Gower, Mrs. Alfred, Hamilton, Ontario
Gower, Mrs. Christiana, Hamilton, Ontario
Gower, Mr. Oliver, 19th Bn., Hamilton, Ontario
Gracey, Mr. Hugh, R.N.M.B.R., Vancouver, British Columbia
Gracie, Mr. James, 21st Bn, Ottawa, Ontario
Gracie, Mrs. James, Ottawa, Ontario
Graham, Mr. A. D., 8th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Graham, Miss Gertrude, Ottawa, Ontario
Graham, Mr. Howard D., 15th Bn., Trenton, Ontario
Graham, Miss Heather., Toronto, Ontario
Graham, Mr. John C., 116th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Graham, Mr. Malcolm, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Graham, Mr. Wm. P., 49th Bn., Wilkie, Saskatchewan
Graham, Mrs. W. P., Wilkie, Saskatchewan
Graham, Mrs A. 1., Calais, Maine, U.S.A.
Graham, Mrs. John R., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Graham, Mr. S. G. Imp., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Graham, Mrs. S. G., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Grannan, Mr. Charles P., 26th Bn., St John, New Brunswick
Grant, Mr. Donald A., C.F.A., Portage La Prairie ', Manitoba
Grant, Capt. Wm. P., 253rd Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Grant, Mr. Jarvis A., Toronto, Ontario
Grant, Mrs. J. A., Toronto, Ontario
Grant, Mr. Adam C., Imp., Verdun, Quebec
Grant, Mr. B. D., 20th Bn., Quebec, Quebec
Grant, Mr. Wilson E., 24th Bn., Lacolle, Quebec
Grantham, Mr. James, Imp., London, Ontario
Grantham, Mrs. James, London, Ontario
Gratton, Rev. Father L., Chaplain Service, Hull, Quebec
Gravel, Mr. Oscar, Imp., St Lambert, Quebec
Gray, Mr. Alfred E., 1st B.C. Regt., Vancouver, British Columbia
Gray, Mrs. A. E., Vancouver, British Columbia
Gray, Mr. Ernest E., 2/4 Queen's R.W. Surrey, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Gray, Mr. Arthur L., 78th Bn., St John, New Brunswick
Gray, Mr. Robert O., 2nd C.M.G.C., Hamilton, Ontario
Gray, Mrs. Ellen., Toronto, Ontario
Gray, Mrs. Ida W., Toronto, Ontario
Gray, Mr. Robert, Imp., D.L.I., Toronto, Ontario
Gray, Mrs. Robert., Toronto, Ontario
Gray, Mr. Robert, 2nd C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Gray, Mrs. Robert., Toronto, Ontario
Gray-Owen, Mr. Joseph, 128th, 161st & 150th Bns., Saskatchewan
Gray-Owen, Mr. Norman, Regina, Saskatchewan
Greeley, Mr. Thomas, C.A.M.C., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Green, Mrs. Florence W., Stettler, Alberta
Green, Miss Pauline, Stettler, Alberta
Green, Mr. Thos., 31st Bn., Edmonton, Alberta
Green, Mrs. Thos., Edmonton, Alberta
Green, Mr. Thos. W., 20th Bty., Powell River, British Columbia
Green, Mrs. T. W., N.S., Powell River, British Columbia
Green, Mr. Chas. W., 44th Bn., St James, Manitoba
Green, Mrs. Katherine, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Green, Mrs. J. S., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Green, Mr. Alfred C., 1st C.C.B., Hamilton, Ontario
Green, Major Darius, 2nd Bn., Trenton, Ontario
Green, Mr. Leonard T., Imp., Chapleau, Ontario
Green, Mrs. L. T., Chapleau, Ontario
Green, Mr. Herbert, 123ml Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Green, Mrs. Herbert., Toronto, Ontario
Green, Mr. John H., 3rd Bde., Verdun, Quebec
Green., Mr. John S., Can. Postal Corps, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Greenaway, Mrs. B. J., Toronto, Ontario
Greenfield, Mr. Thos. W., 49th Bty., Hamilton, Ontario
Greenfield, Mr. Robert J., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Greenfield, Mrs. R. J., Toronto, Ontario
Greenhalgh, Mr. Herbert, 58th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Greenhalgh, Mr. Wm., 115 King's Liverpool Regt., McMasterville, Quebec
Greenhalgh, Mrs. W., McMasterville, Quebec
Greenhalgh, Miss Alice, McMasterville, Quebec
Greenhalgh, Mr. Billy, McMasterville, Quebec
Greenlees, Capt. Frederick H., 1st T. M., London, Ontario
Greenlees, Mrs. F. H., London, Ontario
Greenlees, Mr. Thomas, London, Ontario
Greenlees, Mr. Alex, London, Ontario
Greensmith, Mr. Thomas, C.E., Princeton, British Columbia
Greenwood, Mr. James, C.A.M.C. and C.A.D.C., Toronto, Ontario
Greer, Miss Florence M., V.A.D., Calgary, Alberta
Greer, Mr. Andrew, 4th Sig, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Greer, Mrs. A., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Greer, Lt.-Col. William D., 1st Div, Toronto, Ontario
Gregg, Maj. M. F., V.C., R.C.R., Ottawa, Ontario
Gregg, Mrs. M. F., Ottawa, Ontario
Gregory, Mr. Wm., P.P.C.L.I., Regina, Saskatchewan
Gregson, Mr. Peter, Hamilton, Ontario
Gregson, Mrs. Sarah J., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Gresham, Mr. William, 1st Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Greves, Mr. Wm. J., C.M.G.C., London, Ontario
Grevett, Mrs. Alice L., Calgary, Alberta
Grevett, Miss Constance R., Calgary, Alberta
Grier, Miss Frances E., Montreal, Quebec
Griffin, Mr. Geo. H., 138th Bn., Edmonton, Alberta
Griffin, Mrs. G. H., Edmonton, Alberta
Griffin, Mr. Philip L., 6th C.S. Bty., St John, New Brunswick
Griffin, Mrs. P. L., St John, New Brunswick
Griffith, Mr. Wm. J., 16th Bn., Sapperton, British Columbia
Griffiths, Mr. Harry, 21st Bn, Ocean Falls, British Columbia
Griffiths, Mr. Geo. E., C.E., Thor-old, Ontario
Griffiths, Mr. Arthur R., 42nd Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Griffiths, Mrs. A. R., Montreal, Quebec
Griffiths, Mrs. Jane E., Saltcoats, Saskatchewan
Grigg, Dr. Victor 5., C.E.F., Bruce Mines, Ontario
Grigg, Mrs. May, Stanstead, Quebec
Grigg, Mr. L., Stanstead, Quebec
Grigg, Miss Elizabeth, Stanstead, Quebec
Grimshaw, Mrs. J., Elkhorn, Manitoba
Grimshaw, Mr. George F., 10th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Grimshaw, Mrs. G. F., Toronto, Ontario
Grimstone, Mr. Michael, Imp., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Groshow, Mrs. A. D., London, Ontario
Groves, Mr. James E., 21st Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Grubb, Mr. Thomas, 24th Bn., V.R.C., Hamilton, Ontario
Grubb, Miss Jean 8., Hamilton, Ontario
Guilar, Mr. W. J., Calgary, Alberta
Guilar, Mrs. W. J., Calgary, Alberta
Gunn, Wr. Wm. G., L.S.H., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Gunn, Mrs. W. G., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Gurr, Mr. Sidney J., 4th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Gush, Mrs. Laura A., Calgary, Alberta
Guthrie, Mr. Frederick, 14th & 87th an., Montreal, Quebec
Guy, Mr. Richard W., C.S.C., Ottawa, Ontario
Gyde, Mr. Edward, 13th Bn., New Westminster, British Columbia
Gyde, Mrs. Edward, New Westminster, British Columbia

Hackman, Rev. Edw. A. O., Swift Current, Saskatchewan
Hackman, Mrs. E. A. O., Swift Current, Saskatchewan
Hackworth, Mr. Wm. C., E. Depot, Qualicum Beaclt, British Columbia
Hadden, Mr. Herbert J., 116th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Haddow, Mr. John, Kapuskasing, Ontario
Hadfield, Mrs. Herbert H., South Fork, Saskatchewan
Haggis, Mrs. R. H., Dundurn, Saskatchewan
Hague, Mrs. R. D., London, Ontario
Haight, Mr. Archie M., 15th Bty., C.F.A., Brantford, Ontario
Haight, Mrs. A. M., Brantford, Ontario
Haight, Mrs. Nellie A., Norwich, Ontario
Hainsworth, Mr. James, C.E., Vancouver, British Columbia
Hainsworth, Mr. Gilbert, 1st C.F.A. & C.A.M.C., Prescott, Ontario
Hainsworth, Mrs. G., Prescott, Ontario
Haisell, Mrs. Cardine, Gait, Ontario
Haisell, Miss Elva, Galt, Ontario
Hakeman, Mr. Wm. G. M., Nakusp, British Columbia
Hakeman, Mrs. W. G. M., Nakusp, British Columbia
Hakeman, Mr. Douglas F. M., Nakusp, British Columbia
Halbert, Miss Margaret G., V.A.D., Regina, Saskatchewan
Hale, Mrs. A. E., Ottawa, Ontario
Hale, Mr. R., 1st Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Hale, Major Wm. G., Can. Ordnance Corps, Sarnia, Ontario
Hale, Mrs. W. G., Sarnia, Ontario
Hale, Miss Valerie, Sarnia, Ontario
Hale, Mrs. H. R., St Agathe des Monts, Quebec
Haley, Mr. Hugh, 29th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Halford, Mr. Chas. R., 56th Bn., Verdun, Quebec
Halford, Mrs. C. R., Verdun, Quebec
Halford, Mr. Norman, Verdun, Quebec
Hall, Mrs. Helen, N.S., Calgary, Alberta
Hall, Mr. Patrick, Chilliwack, British Columbia
Hall, Mrs. P. J., Chilliwack, British Columbia
Hall, Mr. Thos. W., 29th Bn., Prince Rupert, British Columbia
Hall, Mr. G. W., 2nd Bn., St Boniface, Manitoba
Hall, Mrs. G. W., St Boniface, Manitoba
Hall, Miss Annie, St Boniface, Manitoba
Hall, Mrs. J. E., St Vital, Manitoba
Hall, Mr. George H., Imp., Renfrew, Ontario
Hall, Mrs. J., Ottawa, Ontario
Hall, Mr. Thos. A., Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Hall, Mrs. T. A., Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Hall, Miss Mickey A., Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Hall, Mr. Alfred J., 5th C.M.R., Toronto, Ontario
Hall, Mr. Banjamin W., 54th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Hall, Mrs. B. J., Toronto, Ontario
Hall, Mr. Philip N., 110th and 116th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Hall, Mr. William, F.G.H., Toronto, Ontario
Hall, Mr. Henry B., Imp., Montreal, Quebec
Hall, Mrs. H. B., Montreal, Quebec
Hall, Miss Ruth R., Montreal, Quebec
Hall, Mrs. J. S. G., N.S., St Lambert, Quebec
Hall, Mrs. J., St Lambert, Quebec
Hall-Tompkins, Mr. E. E, 60th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Hall Mr. Arthur E., R.A.F., Cornwall, Ontario
Hallett, Mr. Norman W., 15th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Hallett., Mr. Henry L., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Hallick, Mr. W. G. A., 3rd Div. A.M.M., C.R.A.F., Toronto, Ontario
Halstead, Mrs. Ada J., Ridgetown, Ontario
Halton, Mrs. S. T., Lacombe, Alberta
Hambleton, Mr. George, 2nd Bn., St Thomas, Ontario
Hamblin, Mr. R. A., 136th Bn., Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A.
Hamblin, Mrs. R. A. and three children., Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A.
Hamblin, Mrs. Alice A., Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A.
Hamilton, Mrs. Louisa O., Vancouver, British Columbia
Hamilton, Mrs. C., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Hamilton, Miss Agnes E., Sydney, Nova Scotia
Hamilton, Miss Mabel O., N.S., Ottawa, Ontario
Hamilton, Miss Mina., Toronto, Ontario
Hamilton, Mr. George, C.H., Montreal, Quebec
Hamilton, Mr. George, Montreal, Quebec
Hamilton, Miss Caroline, N.S., Imp., Welfare Island, New York, U.S.A.
Hammond, Maj. F. D., Peterboro, Ontario
Hamp, Mr. Ernest A., 16th Can. 8., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Hamp, Mrs. E. A., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Hampson, Mer. Sydney T., 10th Bn., Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Hampton, Mr. Cyril M., 54th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Hampton, Mrs. C. M., Vancouver, British Columbia
Hamshaw, Mrs. Mary, Halifax Co, Nova Scotia
Hanchet, Mr. Walter F., Can. Forestry Corps, Ottawa, Ontario
Hanchet, Mr. David, Ottawa, Ontario
Hancock, Mrs. Mary A., Toronto, Ontario
Hand, Mrs. Hannah J., Toronto, Ontario
Hand, Mr. William P., 2nd C.E., Toronto, Ontario
Hand, Mrs. W. P., Toronto, Ontario
Hanley, Mrs. Mary, Semans, Saskatchewan
Hann, Mr. Francis M., C.M.G.C., Vancouver, British Columbia
Hanna, Capt. Wm. F., C.D.C., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Hanna, Mr. R. J., Can. Corps, Hamilton, Ontario
Hanna, Mrs. R. J., Hamilton, Ontario
Hanna, Miss Helen, N.S., Toronto, Ontario
Hansford, Mr. R. J., 1st C.P., Vancouver, British Columbia
Hansford, Mrs. R. J., Vancouver, British Columbia
Harcourt, Mr. Reginald, Imp., Strathmore, Quebec
Harding, Mr. R. G., Imp., Bowmanville, Ontario
Harding, Mr. A. W., Imp., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Harding, Mrs. A. W., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Harding, Mr. George, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Harding, Miss Ivy, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Hardingham, Mrs. R., Hamilton, Ontario
Hardingham, Miss G., Hamilton, Ontario
Hardwick, Mr. Geo. W., 16th Bn., Nesbitt, Manitoba
Hare, Mr. Harry, C.A.M.C., Regina, Saskatchewan
Hargrave, Mr. John H., 42nd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Hargreaves, Mr. Geo., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Harker, Mrs. John, Westville, Nova Scotia
Harkness, Mrs. Margaret., Toronto, Ontario
Harness, Mr. Alfred, P.P.C.L.I., Ottawa, Ontario
Harness, Mrs. Alfred, Ottawa, Ontario
Harold, Mr. E. M., 19th Bn., Paris, Ontario
Harper, Mr. Douglas, 50th Bn., Edmonton, Alberta
Harper, Mr. Noel G., 47th Bn., Kamloops, British Columbia
Harper, Mr. Peter S., 236th Bty., Ottawa, Ontario
Harper, Mr. William, 5th C.E., Toronto, Ontario
Harper, Capt. Oswald C., 46th Bn., Ruddell, Saskatchewan
Harper, Mrs. O. C., Ruddell, Saskatchewan
Harper, Miss Ora, Ruddell, Saskatchewan
Harper, Miss Marjorie, Ruddell, Saskatchewan
Harper., Miss Hazel M., Amherst, Nova Scotia
Harrington, Mr. L. G., 1st C.P., Keg River, Alberta
Harrington, Mrs. L. G., Keg River, Alberta
Harrington, Miss Maude, Calgary, Alberta
Harrington, Mrs. Gordon, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Harrington, Mr. Frederick A., 18th Bn., Brantford, Ontario
Harrington, Mr. Geo. F., C.E., Millbrook, Ontario
Harrington, Mrs. G. F., Millbrook, Ontario
Harrington, Miss Mildred B., Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Harrington, Mr. John E., 47th Bn., San Diego, California, U.S.A.
Harrington, Brs. J. E., San Diego, California, U.S.A.
Harrington, Mr. Walter, San Diego, California, U.S.A.
Harris, Mr. Frederick J., Imp., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Harris, Mr. Frank, 52nd Bn., Port Arthur, Ontario
Harris, Mr. Orville H., C.S. Bty., Gores Landing, Ontario
Harris, Mrs. O. H., Gorees Landing, Ontario
Harris, Mr. Walter J., 21st Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Harris, Mrs. W. J., Toronto, Ontario
Harris., Mr. Kenneth P., 85th N.S. Hldrs., Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
Harrison, Mr. John G., 19th Alberta Dragoons, Drumheller, Alberta
Harrison, Mrs. J. G., Drumheller, Alberta
Harrison, Miss Dorothy M., Drumheller, Alberta
Harrison, Mr. Wm., 21st Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Harrison, Mr. Terry, Calgary, Alberta
Harrison, Mr. Albert J., Imp., Nakusp, British Columbia
Harrison, Mr. Ernest, 7th Bn., Grand Forks, British Columbia
Harrison, Mr. Charles M., 21st Bn., Trenton, Ontario
Harrison, Mrs. Mary, Fort William, Ontario
Harrison, Mr. Thomas, 19th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Harrison, Mrs. Thomas., Toronto, Ontario
Harrison, Mrs. Mary J., Toronto, Ontario
Harrison, Mr. Robert W., 198th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Harrison, Mr. Alan K., 210th Bn., Davidson, Saskatchewan
Harrod, Mr. Joseph J., 15th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Harrod, Mrs. J. J., Toronto, Ontario
Harry, Mr. Chas. W., Imp., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Harry, Mrs. C. W., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Harry, Mr .Robt. M., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Hart, Miss Velma H., Calgary, Alberta
Hart, Mr. Frederick T., 21st Bn., Peterborough, Ontario
Hart, Mrs. F. T., Peterborough, Ontario
Hart, Miss Meta, Peterborough, Ontario
Hart, Miss Tuna, Peterborough, Ontario
Hart, Mr. Ross, Peterborough, Ontario
Hart, Mr. Geo. H., 1st Bn., Copper Cliff, Ontario
Hart, Capt. Edward, 1st C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Hart, Mrs. Edward., Toronto, Ontario
Hartley, Mr. Leonard, 3rd Bty., 1st Bde., Verdun, Quebec
Hartley, Mr. Thos. B., C.R.F.C., Montreal, Quebec
Hartley, Mrs. T. B., Montreal, Quebec
Hartry, Mr. Wilford H., 31st Bty., C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Harvey, Mr. L. W. N., 53rd Bty., C.F.A., Vancouver, British Columbia
Harvey, Mr. James H., 23rd Bty., C.F.A., Fredericton, New Brunswick
Harvey, Mrs. J. H., Fredericton, New Brunswick
Harvey, Mr. John F., T.M., Fredericton, New Brunswick
Harvey, Mr. Henry J., 2lst Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Harvey, Mr. James, 14th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Harvey, Mr. Geo. E., 46th Bn., Truax, Saskatchewan
Harvey, Mrs. G. E., Truax, Saskatchewan
Harvey, Mr. Geo. W., Truax, Saskatchewan
Harvey, Mr. Frank E., Truax, Saskatchewan
Harwood, Mr. Fred, 29th Bn., Eburne, British Columbia
Haselton, Miss Helen M., R.N., St Lambert, Quebec
Haslam, Miss Abbie F., Edmonton, Alberta
Hatch, Mrs. Elizabeth, Vancouver, British Columbia
Hatcher, Mrs. Isabel H., Vancouver, British Columbia
Haward, Mr. George, 28th Bn., Regina, Saskatchewan
Hawkey, Mr. Joseph T., 21st Bn., Kingston, Ontario
Hawkins, Mr. John, 1st C.M.R.S., Brancepeth, Saskatchewan
Hay, Mr. Campbell 8., 8th Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Hay, Mrs. Margaret, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Hay, Miss Marjorie, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Hayes, Miss Amelia S., Trenton, Ontario
Hayes, Mrs. D. B. and son., Toronto, Ontario
Hayes, Mr. D. B., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Hayes, Mrs. Jessie., Toronto, Ontario
Hayes, Miss Muriel., Toronto, Ontario
Hayes, Mr. George, Imp., Westmount, Quebec
Hayes, Mrs. George, Westmount, Quebec
Hayhurst, Mr. T., Calgary, Alberta
Hayhurst, Mrs. T., Calgary, Alberta
Hayhurst., Miss Sheila, Calgary, Alberta
Haynes, Mr. Alfred, M.M., 28th Bn., Donald, British Columbia
Haynes, Mrs. F. S., Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Haynes, Mr. George C., 2nd Bn., St Thomas, Ontario
Hayward, Mr. Cecil L., 10th C.E., Creemore, Ontario
Hayward, Mrs. C. L., Creemore, Ontario
Hayward, Mr. Frederick H., Imp., London, Ontario
Haywood, Mr. Ernest W., 10th C.L.T., Regina, Saskatchewan
Haywood, Mrs. E. W., Regina, Saskatchewan
Hazell, Mr. A. O., 1st Bn., Windsor, Ontario
Hazlett, Mr. Jas., 31st Bn., Red Deer, Alberta
Hazlett, Mr. J. K., 75th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Hazlett, Mrs. J. K., Toronto, Ontario
Head, Mr. William, Victoria, British Columbia
Heagerty, Mrs. Eleanor, Ottawa, Ontario
Heale, Mr. John, Teulon, Manitoba
Heale, Mrs. John, N.S., Teulon, Manitoba
Heale, Mr. Frederick W., 159th Bn., Copper Cliff, Ontario
Healy, Mr. James H., 4th Bn., St Catharines, Ontario
Heaney, Mrs. Clara M., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Heap, Mr. John T., C.A.M.C., Cartierville ", Quebec
Heaps, Mr. Wm., C.A.M.C., Calgary, Alberta
Heaps, Mrs. Wm., Calgary, Alberta
Heaps, Miss Ivy, Calgary, Alberta
Heaps, Miss Lilian, Calgary, Alberta
Hearne, Mr. Joseph, 58th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Heaslip, Capt. Joseph D., C.A.M.C., Toronto, Ontario
Heaslip, Mrs. J. D., Toronto, Ontario
Heathcote, Mr. Harold A. S., 75th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Heathcote, Mrs. H. A. S., Toronto, Ontario
Heckbert, Mr. S. C., Vermilion, Alberta
Hefferman, Mrs. James, N.S., Berwyn, Alberta
Hefford, Mr. Leslie R. O., 20th Bn., Kingston, Ontario
Hefford, Mrs. L. R. G., Kingston, Ontario
Heighington, Capt. W., 20th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Heighington, Mrs. W., Toronto, Ontario
Heighten, Mr. Stanley H., 137th Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Heilman, Mr. George, L.S.H., Barrhead, Alberta
Helliwell, Mrs. Ada, Vancouver, British Columbia
Hemming, Mr. Joseph O., 14th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Hemming, Mrs. J. O., Montreal, Quebec
Hemphill, Mr. James, Vancouver, British Columbia
Hemphill, Mrs. James, Vancouver, British Columbia
Henderson, Mr. R. W., Calgary, Alberta
Henderson, Mr. George V., C.E., Strathclair, Manitoba
Henderson, Mrs. G. V., Strathclair, Manitoba
Henderson, Capt. John D., 1st C.M.R., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Henderson, Miss Wilmah M., Parrsboro, Nova Scotia
Henderson, Miss Marion H., N.S., Toronto, Ontario
Henderson, Mrs. Elizabeth, Farnham, Quebec
Hendly, Miss A., Guelph, Ontario
Hendry, Mr. Gordon, 147th Bn., Noranda, Quebec
Hennessey, Mr. Frederick W., 25th Bn., Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia
Hennigar, Mr. Edw. C., R.C.R., Wolfville, Nova Scotia
Hennigar, Mrs. E. C., Wolfville, Nova Scotia
Henshaw, Mr. Frederick, 2nd F.A., London, Ontario
Henshaw, Mr. John H., 20th Bty., C.F.A., Hamilton, Ontario
Henshaw, Mrs. J. H., Hamilton, Ontario
Hensley, Mr. Percy W. E., Imp., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Henson, Mr. Ernest, 4th ley. Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Hepburn, Major The Rev. Chanell G., Chaplain Service, Ottawa, Ontario
Hepburn, Mrs. C. G., Ottawa, Ontario
Hepburn, Mr. James, 13th Bn.; Piapot., Saskatchewan
Hepburn, Mr. James, 46th Bn., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Herbert, Mr. Wm., Kentville, Nova Scotia
Hermeston, Mr. Wm., Kewagama, Quebec
Hermeston, Mrs. W., Kewagama, Quebec
Herring, Mr. George, C.T.S.S. “Wallace", Welland, Ontario
Herring, Mr. A. D., 4th M.G.B., Toronto, Ontario
Herring, Mrs. A. D., Toronto, Ontario
Herring, Miss Dorothy., Toronto, Ontario
Herrington, Miss Lenora. N.S., Napanee, Ontario
Hersee, Miss Lilian, Montreal, Quebec
Herwig, Miss Elsie K., Ottawa, Ontario
Hesketh, Mr. Thos., Imp., Gleichen, Alberta
Hetterley, Mr. Charles, 2nd Res. Bde., Niagara Falls, Ontario
Hewer, Mr. E. J., C.A.S.C., Simcoe, Ontario
Hewer, Mrs. E. J., Simcoe, Ontario
Hewett, Mrs. Emily M., Toronto, Ontario
Hewitt, Mrs. Emma S., St Catharines, Ontario
Hewitt, Mr. Alfred, Imp., Antler, Saskatchewan
Hewitt, Mrs. A., Antler, Saskatchewan
Hewitt, Mr. Clarence S., C.C.W.S., Fairlight, Saskatchewan
Hewitt, Mrs. C. S., Fairlight, Saskatchewan
Hewitt, Miss Roberta, Fairlight, Saskatchewan
Hewson, Mr. Ralph R., C.0.R.C.C., Toronto, Ontario
Hewson., Major Chas. W., 5th C.M.R., Lacolle, Quebec
Hickey, Miss Mabel, N.S., Imp., Calgary, Alberta
Hickman, Mr. Renforth R., Oxford, Nova Scotia
Hicks, Mr. K. C., 16th Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Hicks, Mr. Ansley S., C.F.A., Sackville, New Brunswick
Higgins, Mr. Thomas F., 18th Bn., Sarnia, Ontario
Higgins, Mr. William J., 31st C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Higgins, Mrs. Sarah W., Lashburn, Saskatchewan
Higgleton, Mr. Thos. E, 49th Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Higgleton, Mrs. T. F., Calgary, Alberta
Higham, Mr. J. F., 3rd F. A., Toronto, Ontario
Higham, Mrs. J. F., Toronto, Ontario
Higham, Mr. John., Toronto, Ontario
Highley, Mr. Clarence A., 2nd Bty., C.F.A., Ottawa, Ontario
Hignett, Mr. Harry, 38th Bn., Smiths Falls, Ontario
Hilbert, Mr. Albert E., 67th C.W.S., Vancouver, British Columbia
Hilbert, Mrs. A. E., Vancouver, British Columbia
Hilditch, Miss Mae, Eriksdale, Manitoba
Hill, Mr. Fred O., Vancouver, British Columbia
Hill, Miss Lucy, Vernon, British Columbia
Hill, Mr. Walter, 7th Bn., Rossland, British Columbia
Hill, Brig-Gen. Frederic W., C.A., Fredericton, New Brunswick
Hill, Mrs. F. W., Fredericton, New Brunswick
Hill, Miss Louise, Fredericton, New Brunswick
Hill, Mrs. Alice, London, Ontario
Hill, Mr. Bertram H. L., 98th Bn., St Catharines, Ontario
Hill, Mr. Lloyd, St Catharines, Ontario
Hill, Dr. C. E., Lansing, Ontario
Hill, Mrs. C. E., Lansing, Ontario
Hill, Mr. David, 2nd Bn., Cobourg, Ontario
Hill, Mr. Arthur J., 87th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Hill, Mrs. A. J., Toronto, Ontario
Hill, Mr. Harold R., 134th C.A.S.C., Toronto, Ontario
Hill, Mr. Joseph W., R.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Hill, Mrs. J. W., Toronto, Ontario
Hill, Mrs. Rose, Montreal, Quebec
Hill, Capt. Bryan M., 9th C.M.R. & C.A.S.C., Pennant, Saskatchewan
Hill, Mrs. F., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Hill, Miss Myrtle M., Rose Valley, Saskatchewan
Hills, Mr. F. W., 3rd Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Hills., Mrs. J. D., Souris, Manitoba
Hiltz, Miss Dorothy A., Kentville, Nova Scotia
Hinchcliffe, Mrs. Mabel, Paris, Ontario
Hind, Mr. Henry, 49th Bn., Edmonton, Alberta
Hind, Mrs. Henry, Edmonton, Alberta
Hind, Mr. B. M., 10th Bn., 2nd Bde., Maxstone, Saskatchewan
Hindley, Miss Alice, N.S., Guelph, Ontario
Hines, Mr. John J., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Hines, Miss Gladys B. I., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Hinschberger, Miss Ellen D., Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Hinson, Mrs. Ethel, Edmonton, Alberta
Hinson, Miss Winnifred, Edmonton, Alberta
Hinson, Mr. Wm., Edmonton, Alberta
Hiron, Mr. Ernest, 107th Bn., Gilbert Plains, Manitoba
Hiscocks, Mrs. Albert F., Ottawa, Ontario
Hivey, Miss Helen E., Berwick, Nova Scotia
Hoar, Dr. Howard B., C.A.D.C., Blairmore, Alberta
Hoather, Mr. Alfred J., C.M.G.C., Toronto, Ontario
Hobbs, Mr. Allan B., 44th Bn., Galt, Ontario
Hobbs, Mr. Frederick J., Toronto, Ontario
Hobbs, Mrs. F. J., Toronto, Ontario
Hobkirk, Mrs. Grace, 27th Bn., Regina, Saskatchewan
Hobson, Miss Florence L., Toronto, Ontario
Hocking, Mrs. Tamar E., Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.
Hocking, Miss Eileen, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.
Hodge, Mr. James, C.A.M.C., Victoria, British Columbia
Hodge, Mrs. James, Victoria, British Columbia
Hodges, Mr. Frederick W., 89th Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Hodgkinson, Mr. Arnold, 6th C.F.A., Ottawa, Ontario
Hodgson, Mr. Wm., 44th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Hodgson, Mrs. Edith, Saginaw, Michigan, U.S.A.
Hoffman, Mr. Frank, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Hoffman, Mrs. Frfank, N.S., Imp., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Hogg, Mrs. James, Imp., Saanich, VI, British Columbia
Hogg, Mr. James, Saanich, VI, British Columbia
Hogg, Mr. Wm., Saanich, VI, British Columbia
Hogg, Mrs. Margaret, Merritt, British Columbia
Hogg, Mr. Leslie J., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Hogg, Mr. Arthur, C.A.M.C., Mimico, Ontario
Hogg, Mrs. Elizabeth., Toronto, Ontario
Hogg, Mr. George H., 58th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Hogg, Mrs. G. H., Toronto, Ontario
Hoggan, Major Thomas R. R., C.A.V.C., 7th Inf Bde, British Columbia
Holding, Mr. Richard, Imp., Ottawa ', Ontario
Hole, Mr. Percy H., C.E., Vancouver, British Columbia
Holland, Mr. Leonard, 72nd Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Holland, Mr. Thomas A., C.O.R.C.C., Vancouver, British Columbia
Holland, Mr. Wm. J., 28th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Holland, Mr. Wm. H., 102nd Bn., Thorold, Ontario
Holland, Mr. Robert E., Imp., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Holliday, Mr. Daniel, 29th Bn., Clo-oose, British Columbia
Holliday, Mrs. Daniel, Clo-oose, British Columbia
Hollings, Mrs. Florence E., Bowsman River, Manitoba
Holloway, Mr. Chas., 7th B.C. Bn., Edmonton, Alberta
Holloway, Mrs. Chas., Edmonton, Alberta
Holloway, Mr. Chas. A., Edmonton, Alberta
Holloway, Mr. Fred J., 6th C.E., Wolfville, Nova Scotia
Holloway, Mr. Frederick J., 116th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Holloway, Mrs. F. J., Toronto, Ontario
Holloway, Mrs. Eliza, Lashburn, Saskatchewan
Hollwell, Mrs. E. J., Batavia, New York, U.S.A.
Holman, Mr. Claude, 11th C.R.T., Calgary, Alberta
Holman, Mrs. C., Calgary, Alberta
Holmes, Mr. Charles R., 7th Bn., Campbellford, Ontario
Holmes, Mr. Charlie W., 4th Div. M.T., Newmarket, Ontario
Holmes, Mrs. C. W., Newmarket, Ontario
Holmes, Mrs. Fred W., Ottawa, Ontario
Holmes, Mr. Walter J., 5th C.M.R., Ottawa, Ontario
Holmes, Mrs. W. J., Ottawa, Ontario
Holmes, Mrs. Florence., Toronto, Ontario
Holmes, Mr. Arthur, 9th Can. Field Amb., Verdun, Quebec
Holmes, Mrs. A., Verdun, Quebec
Holmes, Mr. Gordon, Verdun, Quebec
Holmes, Mr. Stanley, Verdun, Quebec
Holmes, Mr. Richard T., 13th C.F.A., Montreal, Quebec
Holmes, Mr. Harry. 68th Bn., Sheho, Saskatchewan
Holmes, Mrs. H., Sheho, Saskatchewan
Holmes, Miss Renee M., Sheho, Saskatchewan
Holroyd, Mr. Joseph A., 49th Bn., Stereo, Alberta
Holt, Mrs. Elizabeth H., Port Arthur, Ontario
Holtum, Dr. Frederick B., 202nd Bn., Victoria, British Columbia
Holtum, Mrs. F. B., Victoria, British Columbia
Holyday, Mr. Arthur H., 4th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Holyday, Mrs. A. H., Toronto, Ontario
Homewood, Mr. E., 16th Bn., Port Alberni, British Columbia
Honey, Dr. Edgar M., 50th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Honey, Mrs. E. M., Toronto, Ontario
Hood, Mrs. Jeania, Windsor, Ontario
Hood, Mr. Ross J., Peterborough, Ontario
Hoodless, Mrs. Eleanor G., Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Hooke, Mr. Henry W., 6th Field Co., C.E., Ottawa, Ontario
Hooke, Mrs. H. W., Ottawa, Ontario
Hooke, Miss Dorothy E., Ottawa, Ontario
Hooker, Mr. Dan C., 39 th Bn., Drumheller, Alberta
Hooper, Mr. Henry S., 44th Bn., Portage La Prairie, Manitoba
Hooper, Mrs. H. S., Portage La Prairie, Manitoba
Hooper, Miss Gwendolynne., Portage La Prairie, Manitoba
Hooper, Mr. George A., Windsor, Ontario
Hooper, Mr. Thomas H., 5th C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Hooper, Mrs. T. H., Toronto, Ontario
Hooper, Mr. Jack T., Toronto, Ontario
Hooper, Mr. Frank C., Toronto, Ontario
Hooper, Mr. Chas. V., Knights Landing, California, U.S.A.
Hope, Mr. George W., 5th C.R.T., Englishtown, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Hopkins, Mr. James E, 3rd C.E., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Hopkins, Mr. J. C., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Hopkins, Mrs. J. C., Toronto, Ontario
Hopkins, Miss Helen., Toronto, Ontario
Hopkins, Mr. John., Toronto, Ontario
Hopkins, Mr. C. W., 1st C. A. Bty., Montreal, Quebec
Hopkins, Mrs. C. W., Montreal, Quebec
Hopperton, Miss Emily E., Montreal, Quebec
Hopwood, Mrs. May, London, Ontario
Horncastle, Mr. Leonard H., Imp., Edmonton, Alberta
Horncastle, Mr. Martin C., 12th Siege Bty., Fredericton, New Brunswick
Horncastle, Mrs. M. C., Fredericton, New Brunswick
Horne, Mrs. Harold E., Calgary, Alberta
Horne, Mr. Geo. W., R.C.R., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Horne, Mrs. G. W., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Horne, Mrs. Helen., Toronto, Ontario
Horner, Mr. A. E., 4th C.C.S., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Horning, Mr. Harmon G., 1st Bty., C.G.A., Woodstock, Ontario
Hornsey, Mrs. Jessie, Vancouver, British Columbia
Horsfall, Mr. O., 46th Bn., Erskine, Alberta
Horsfall, Mrs. O., Erskine, Alberta
Horton, Mr. John B., Imp., Turner Valley, Alberta
Horton, Mr. William, 75th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Hoskin, M. V., Calgary, Alberta
Hoskin, Mr. Henry R, 1st F.A., Vancouver, British Columbia
Hoskin, Mr. John I., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Hoskin, Mrs. J. I., Toronto, Ontario
Houlden, Mr. Sydney, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Houliston, Col. John, 3rd C.E., Ottawa, Ontario
Hourigan, Mr. Leonard J., 6th Res. Bn., Toronto, Ontario
House, Mr. John A., 51st Bn., St Catharines, Ontario
House, Mrs. J. A., St Catharines, Ontario
Houston, Mr. Wm., Edmonton, Alberta
Houston, Mrs. Wm., Edmonton, Alberta
Houston, Miss Mary B., Carleton Place, Ontario
Houston, Mr. David, 2nd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Howard, Mrs. Margaret, Vancouver, British Columbia
Howdle, Mrs. Emma L., West Vancouver, British Columbia
Howdle, Miss Muriel, West Vancouver, British Columbia
Howdle, Miss Doris E., West Vancouver, British Columbia
Howe, Mr. Wm. C., 44th Bn., Brandon, Manitoba
Howe, Mrs. W. C., Brandon, Manitoba
Howe, Mr. Hilton H., 4th C.M.R., Toronto, Ontario
Howe, Mrs. Mabel., Toronto, Ontario
Howe, Mr. James, 12th C.E., Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Howe, Mrs. Jas., Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Howell, Mrs. Sarah O., Roosville, British Columbia
Howell, Mr. William T., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Howell, Mr. Benjamin A., 18th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Howey, Miss Nettie E., N.S., Toronto, Ontario
Howie, Mr. Wm. O., 19th Bn., Hamilton, Ontario
Howie, Mrs. W. O., Hamilton, Ontario
Howland, Mr. Robt. D., Chaplain. 71st Bn., Emerson, Manitoba
Howlett, Mr. John, 47th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Howlett, Mr. Thos. F., R.A.F., Toronto, Ontario
Howlett, Mrs. T. F., Toronto, Ontario
Howse, Mr. Leslie O., 1st C.M.G.B., Toronto, Ontario
Howse, Mrs. L. O., Toronto, Ontario
Howson, Mrs. Annabell B., Calgary, Alberta
Howson, Miss Isabelle B., Calgary, Alberta
Huartson, Mr. Wm., Can. Sig., Fort William, Ontario
Hubbard, Mr. Geo. A., 10th Bty., C.F.A., North Bay, Ontario
Hubbard, Mr. Stephen, 34th Bn., Galt, Ontario
Hubbard, Dr. John P., 16th C.F.A., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Hubbard, Mrs. J. P., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Hudon, Mr. George, 22nd Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Hudson, Miss Edith F., N.S., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Hudson, Mr. Harry, 73rd Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Hudson, Mrs. ROSeina R., Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Huggard, Mr. Thomas S., 48th Bn., Sidmouth, British Columbia
Huggard, Mrs. T. S., Sidmouth, British Columbia
Huggett, Mr. R. H., R.A.F., Imp., Edmonton, Alberta
Huggins, Mr. Roy E., 1st Bty., C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Hughes, Mr. F. W., 7th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Hughes, Mrs. F. W., Vancouver, British Columbia
Hughes, Mr. Wm. J., Vancouver, British Columbia
Hughes, Miss Phyllis M., Vancouver, British Columbia
Hughes, Mr. Herbert V., 1st C.M.R., Vancouver, British Columbia
Hughes, Mr. Walter, C.S.C., New Westminster, British Columbia
Hughes, Mr. Wm. G., 2lst Bn., Sudbury, Ontario
Hughes, Mr. Thos. J., 2nd Bty., Montreal, Quebec
Hughes, Miss Edith E., Montreal, Quebec
Hull, Mrs. Elsie F., Victoria, British Columbia
Hull, Miss Irene P. A., Victoria, British Columbia
Hulme, Mr. Geo., 25th Bn., Imperoyal, Nova Scotia
Hulme, Mrs. Geo., Imperoyal, Nova Scotia
Hume, Mr. George E., 35th Bty., C.F.A., Montreal, Quebec
Humphrey, Mr. Charles E., 1st C.S.C., St John County, New Brunswick
Humphrey, Mrs. C. E., St John County, New Brunswick
Humphrey, Mr. Arthur, 5th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Humphrey, Mrs. Arthur., Toronto, Ontario
Humphrey, Miss Joan., Toronto, Ontario
Humphrey, Mr. Reginald, 15th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Humphrey, Mrs. Reginald., Toronto, Ontario
Humphrey, Maj. M. J., Montreal, Quebec
Humphries, Mr. Archibald, 18th Bn., Chatham, Ontario
Humphries, Mr. Wm. H., R.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Humphris, Mr. James R., 54th Bn., Nakusp, British Columbia
Humphris, Mrs. J. R., Nakusp, British Columbia
Humphris, Miss Helen, Nakusp, British Columbia
Humphris, Miss Alice, Nakusp, British Columbia
Hunt, Miss Marguerite E., Fort William, Ontario
Hunt, Col. Robert D., 56th C.F.C., Lakeside, Quebec
Hunt, Mr. Albert H. E., D.C., C.A.M.C., Riverside, California, U.S.A.
Hunt, Mrs. Chas. H., New York, New York, U.S.A.
Hunt, Miss Jeannette, New York, New York, U.S.A.
Hunter, Mrs. E. 8., Vancouver, British Columbia
Hunter, Mr. Jack, Vancouver, British Columbia
Hunter, Mr. Bruce, 25th Bn., Round Hill, Nova Scotia
Hunter, Mrs. 3., Round Hill, Nova Scotia
Hunter, Miss 1. Leslie, London, Ontario
Hunter, Mrs. Robert M., London, Ontario
Hunter, Lt.-Col. Frederick E, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Hunter, Mrs. F. F., Toronto, Ontario
Hunter, Mr. William, 37th and 2nd an., Toronto, Ontario
Hunter, Mrs. Wm., Toronto, Ontario
Hunter, Mr. John, 42nd R.H.C., Montreal, Quebec
Hunter, Mrs. John, Montreal, Quebec
Hunter, Mr. Wm. 8., Montreal, Quebec
Hunter, Mrs. W. B., Montreal, Quebec
Hurlbert, Mr. Gordon D., P.P.C.L.I., Ottawa, Ontario
Hurley, Mr. Francis W., P.P.C.L.I., Calgary, Alberta
Hurn, Mrr. Horace S., R.A.F., Victoria, British Columbia
Hurton, Mrs. Nellie, N.S., Imp., Glenboro, Manitoba
Hurton, Miss Grace, Glenboro, Manitoba
Hussey, Mr. Geo. T., 21st Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Hussey, Mrs. G. T., Ottawa, Ontario
Hussey, Mr. James, 21st Bn, Ottawa, Ontario
Hutchins, Mr. Herbert F., C.A.S.C., Toronto, Ontario
Hutchins, Mrs. H. F., Toronto, Ontario
Hutchinson, Miss Alice M., North Vancouver, British Columbia
Hutchinson, Mrs. Gertrude, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Hutchinson, Mr. Frederick, 127th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Hutchinson, Mr. Hamilton T., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Hutchinson, Mr. Albert E., 42nd Bn., Verdun, Quebec
Hutchinson, Mrs. Florence, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Hutchinson, Miss Edna, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Hutton, Mr. Robt. H., C.A.M.C., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Hutton, Mrs. R. H., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Hutton, Mr. Wm. H., Imp., London, Ontario
Hutton, Mr. Benjamin, 3rd Field Bty., C.A.S.C., Toronto, Ontario
Hutton, Mr. Robert, 47th C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Hutton, Mrs. Robert., Toronto, Ontario
Hyatt, Mr. Arthur, 2nd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Hyatt, Mrs. Arthur., Toronto, Ontario
Hyde, Mr. Charles E., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Hyde, Mrs. Charles., Toronto, Ontario
Hyder, Miss Grace, Ottawa, Ontario
Hyfield, Mr. John A., 19th C.F.A., Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Inch, Lt.-Col. George T., M.C., 31st Bty., Hamilton, Ontario
Ingham, Mr. Thomas, 10th Bty., St Catharines, Ontario
Ingham, Mr. H., 1st Bn., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Ingham, Mrs. H., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Inglis, Mr. Adam, 72nd Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Inglis, Mrs. Adam, Vancouver, British Columbia
Inglis, Miss Sarah, Chlcago, Illinios, U.S.A.
Ingraham, Mr. Wilbert E., North Sydney, Nova Scotia
Ingraham, Mr. Hugh W., North Sydney, Nova Scotia
Ingraham, Capt. Wilson S., 25th Bn., North Sydney, Nova Scotia
Ingram, Mr. Alfred, 8th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Ingram, Mrs. Alfred, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Innis, Mr. John H., 1st Bn., Hedley, British Columbia
Innis, Mr. Gordon D., Hedley, British Columbia
Instone, Mr. Percy N., Imp., Hamilton, Ontario
Ironfield, Mr. John J., 50th Bn., MacLeod, Alberta
Ironside, Mr. Edwin G., Calgary, Alberta
Ironside, Mr. A. L., 14th Bde., C.F.A., Calgary, Alberta
Irvine, Mr. Charles, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Irvine, Mrs. Charles., Toronto, Ontario
Irvine, Mr. Robert J., 110th Field Amb., Toronto, Ontario
Irving, Mrs. Jessie, Vancouver, British Columbia
Irving, Mrs. Orson., Toronto, Ontario
Irwin, Mr. Alec S., 16th Bn., Jasper, Alberta
Irwin, Mrs. A. S., Jasper, Alberta
Irwin, Miss Gloria, Jasper, Alberta
Irwin, Miss Betty, Jasper, Alberta
Irwin, Mr. Geo. H., 44th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Irwin, Mrs. Jeanne, St John, New Brunswick
Irwin, Mrs. Adelaide, Shelburne, Nova Scotia
Irwin, Mr. Karl W., 19th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Irwin, Mrs. K. W., Toronto, Ontario
Irwine, Mrs. Emily, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Isaac, Mrs. Maria B., Toronto, Ontario
Isaacs, Mr. Charles E., 52nd Bn., Port Arthur, Ontario

Jackson, Mr. A. L., C.F.C., Calgary, Alberta
Jackson, Mrs. A. L., Calgary, Alberta
Jackson, Miss Margaret L, Calgary, Alberta
Jackson, Mr. Robt. L., Calgary, Alberta
Jackson, Mrs. Sydney, N.S., Ashcroft, British Columbia
Jackson, Mrs. Sarah, Transcona, Manitoba
Jackson, Mr. David S., C.S.E., Hespeler, Ontario
Jackson, Mr. Henry E., C.A.M.C., North Bay, Ontario
Jackson, Mrs. H. E., North Bay, Ontario
Jackson, Mr. Henry E., North Bay, Ontario
Jackson, Mr. John, 48th Bn., Kirkland Lake, Ontario
Jackson, Mr. Alfred H., 87th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Jackson, Mrs. E., Toronto, Ontario
Jackson, Mr. Henry McC., 48th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Jackson, Capt. James, 2nd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Jackson, Mr. Thos. G., 15th C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Jackson, Mr. T. A., Toronto, Ontario
Jackson, Mrs. W. R., Toronto, Ontario
Jackson, Mrs. Minnie, Pontiac, Michigan, U.S.A.
Jackson, Miss Eva R., New York, New York, U.S.A.
Jacques, Mr. Albert E., 28th Bn., Ardrossan, Alberta
Jacques, Mrs. A. E., Ardrossan, Alberta
Jaffray, Mr. Matthew, 2nd C.P. Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Jaggard, Mr. Cyril, Warwick R.H.A., Windsor, Ontario
Jago, Mrs. Elizabeth M., St Catharines, Ontario
Jagoe, Mr. John A., St Thomas, Ontario
James, Miss Kathleen L., Edmonton, Alberta
James, Mrs. Ellen R, Wells, British Columbia
James, Mrs. Frederick, Cornwall, Ontario
James, Mr. Henry E., 52nd Bn., Port Arthur, Ontario
James, Mrs. J. F., Sarnia, Ontario
James, Dr. Arthur B., R.C.A.M.C., Toronto, Ontario
James, Miss Elizabeth., Toronto, Ontario
James, Mr. Harry G., 19th Bn. and 2nd M.G., Toronto, Ontario
James, Mr. Leslie 13., Sig., Toronto, Ontario
James, Mrs. L. E., Toronto, Ontario
James, Mr. Arthur W., Imp., Bratton, Saskatchewan
James, Mr. Wm. B., Imp., Rochester, New York, U.S.A.
James, Mrs. W. D., Rochester, New York, U.S.A.
James, Miss Frances E., Rochester, New York, U.S.A.
Jamieson, Mr. Wm., Div. Sig., Calgary, Alberta
Jamieson, Mrs. Wm., Calgary, Alberta
Jankiewicz, Miss Eugenie J., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jankiewicz, Miss Pauline M., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Janson, Lt.-Col. Theodore J., Imp., Ottawa, Ontario
Jardine, Mr. John A., 166th Bn., Lethbridge, Alberta
Jarrett, Mr. Sidney, 9th C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Jarrett, Mr. Chas. E., 1st C.M.R., Saltcoats, Saskatchewan
Jarrett, Mrs. C. E., Saltcoats, Saskatchewan
Jarrett, Miss Essie L., Saltcoats, Saskatchewan
Jarvis, Mr. Edgar J., 8th Bn., Kelwood, Manitoba
Jarvis, Mrs. E. J., Kelwood, Manitoba
Jarvis, Mr. Clive, Kelwood, Manitoba
Jaycock, Mr. Edwin L. J., 10th Bn., Swift Current, Saskatchewan
Jeanes, Mrs. Edith A., Toronto, Ontario
Jefferies, Mrs. C. H., Montreal, Quebec
Jefferies, Miss Winifred K., Montreal, Quebec
Jefferies., Mr. Chas. H., 1st C.R.T., Montreal, Quebec
Jeffries, Mr. Err, 7th Bn., Sussex, New Brunswick
Jenkins, Mrs. Lucy, Vancouver, British Columbia
Jenkins, Mr. Thomas, C.A.M.C., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jenkins, Lt.-Col. Thos., 5th Bn., Yorkton, Saskatchewan
Jenkins, Mrs. Thos., Yorkton, Saskatchewan
Jenkins, Mr. Robt. K., Yorkton, Saskatchewan
Jenkins, Mr. Morris G., 16th Can. Scottish, New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A.
Jenkins, Miss Stella M., R.N., N.S., 7th C.G.H., Utica, New York, U.S.A.
Jenner, Miss Eva M., Regina, Saskatchewan
Jennings, Mr. Wm., 26th Bn., Anaganee, New Brunswick
Jerdan, Mr. Porteous, 18th Bn., St Lambert, Quebec
Jess, Mr. Edward, 8th Res. Bn., Stoney Creek, Ontario
Jess, Mrs. Edward, Stoney Creek, Ontario
Jess, Mrs. E. Lily., Toronto, Ontario
Jessiman, Miss P. M., Ottawa, Ontario
Jessiman, Mr. Robt. H., 5th C.M.R., Ottawa, Ontario
Jessiman, Mrs. R. H., Ottawa, Ontario
Jessop, Miss Marguerite, N.S., Quebec, Quebec
Jewison, Miss Annie, Port Arthur, Ontario
Jewison, Miss Marjorie, Port Arthur, Ontario
Joberty, Mr. R., French Flying Forces, St Boniface, Manitoba
Johannson, Mr. Johann, 78th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Johannson, Mrs. J., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Johns, Mr. Chas. S., 4th Bn., Galt, Ontario
Johns, Mrs. C. S., Galt, Ontario
Johnson, Mr. Walter A., 2nd Bn., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Johnson, Mrs. Edith A., Fort William, Ontario
Johnson, Mrs. Harry, Fort William, Ontario
Johnson, Miss Marjorie, Fort William, Ontario
Johnson, Mrs. Mary, Hamilton, Ontario
Johnson, Dr. Henry D., C.A.M.C., Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Johnson, Capt. Hammond, 1st Bty., C.F.A., Montreal, Quebec
Johnson, Mr. Louis L., 10th Bde., H.Q., Clarke City, Quebec
Johnson, Mrs. Edith A., Weyburn, Saskatchewan
Johnson, Mr. Harold, C.E., Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Johnson, Mrs. Harold, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Johnson., Mr. T. H., 58th B.G.O.E., Montreal, Quebec
Johnston, Mr. Richard, 78th Bn., Egremont, Alberta
Johnston, Mr. Geo. C., 2nd C.M.R., Vancouver, British Columbia
Johnston, Mrs. G. O., Vancouver, British Columbia
Johnston, Mr. Geo. Jr., Vancouver, British Columbia
Johnston, Mrs. Jessie J., North Vancouver, British Columbia
Johnston, Mr. Nelson, R.C.G.A., Chilliwack, British Columbia
Johnston, Mrs. Nelson, Chilliwack, British Columbia
Johnston, Mrs. Mary, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Johnston, Mr. Wm. J., 15th Bn., Renfrew, Ontario
Johnston, Mr. Wm. M., C.E., Kirkland Lake, Ontario
Johnston, Mr. Gordon, 3rd Bde., C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Johnston, Mrs. Catherine, Montreal, Quebec
Johnston, Mr. Alexander, Montreal, Quebec
Johnstone, Mr. Duncan McL., 43rd Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Johnstone, Mr. Edwin C., Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Johnstone, Miss Jennie, Summerside, Prince Edward Island
Johnstone, Mr. James, 14th Bn., R.M.R., Montreal, Quebec
Johston, Mr. Jas. R., 52nd Bty., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jolliffe, Miss Edith L., N.S., Toronto, Ontario
Jone, Miss Elizabeth, Springhill, Nova Scotia
Jones, Miss Doris, Vulcan, Alberta
Jones, Mr. Edw., 31st Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Jones, Mrs. E., Calgary, Alberta
Jones, Mrs. Ellen J., Edmonton, Alberta
Jones, Mrs. Laura, Calgary, Alberta
Jones, Mrs. Maria A., Edmonton, Alberta
Jones, Mrs. Sophie M., Edmonton, Alberta
Jones, Mrs. Ellen, Nanaimo, British Columbia
Jones, Mr. Joseph W. R., 54th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Jones, Mrs. J. W. R., Vancouver, British Columbia
Jones, Mr. Joseph W., 50th Bn., Victoria, British Columbia
Jones, Mr. Ernest A. H., 8th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jones, Mr. Frank T., 1st C.E., Portage La Prairie, Manitoba
Jones, Mrs. May A., Minnedosa, Manitoba
Jones, Mr. Arthur R., P.P.C.L.I., Fairville, New Brunswick
Jones, Mr. George, Springhill, Nova Scotia
Jones, Miss Annie, Springhill, Nova Scotia
Jones, Mrs. Ada M., Kingston, Ontario
Jones, Mr. E. Kenneth McL., 67th Bty., C.F.A., Rosseau, Ontario
Jones, Mrs. E. K. McL., Rosseau, Ontario
Jones, Mr. George, Imp., Trenton, Ontario
Jones, Mrs. George, Trenton, Ontario
Jones, Miss Rose H., Welland, Ontario
Jones, Miss Alma., Toronto, Ontario
Jones, Mr. Raymond G., 3rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Jones, Mrs. R. G., Toronto, Ontario
Jones, Miss Miriam., Toronto, Ontario
Jones, Miss Gwendolyn., Toronto, Ontario
Jones, Mr. Robert E., C.M.G.C., Toronto, Ontario
Jones, Mr. William, 5th C.M.R., Toronto, Ontario
Jones, Mrs. Wzm., Toronto, Ontario
Jones, Mrs. Elizabeth, Montreal, Quebec
Jones, Mr. George, Pointe Claire, Quebec
Jones, Mrs. George, Pointe Claire, Quebec
Jones, Miss Helan M., Regina, Saskatchewan
Jones, Mr. R. Jas. 188th Bn., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Jones, Mrs. R. J., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Jones, Miss Jessie, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Jones, Miss Joy L., Hollywood, California, U.S.A.
Jones Mr. Joe, Imp., Hollywood, California, U.S.A.
Jordan, Mr. E. H., 5th Bde., C.F.A., Sudbury, Ontario
Jordan, Mrs. E. H., Suedbury, Ontario
Jordan, Mr. George, 3rd Siege Bty., Trenton, Ontario
Jordan, Mrs. George, Trenton, Ontario
Jossa, Mr. Martin, 2nd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Jowett, Mr. Lewis, 74th and 2nd C.R.T., Toronto, Ontario
Jowett, Mrs. Lewis., Toronto, Ontario
Joyce, Mr. Claude R, 8th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Joyce, Mr. Benjamin F., C.D.C., Trenton, Ontario
Judkins, Mrs. E. M. L., Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Jull, Miss Mildred, Calgary, Alberta
Juniper, Mr. Harold J., Imp., Montreal, Quebec

Kagetsu, Mr. Eikichi, Vancouver, British Columbia
Kagetsu, Mrs. Eikichi, Vancouver, British Columbia
Kagetsu, Miss Kimiyo, Vancouver, British Columbia
Kagetsu, Miss Takako, Vancouver, British Columbia
Kagetsu, Mr. Hajime, Vancouver, British Columbia
Karr, Mr. Wm. H., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Kavanagh, Mr. Joseph, C.A.S.C., Toronto, Ontario
Kavanagh, Mrs. Joseph., Toronto, Ontario
Kay, Mr. J., P.P.C.L.I., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Kay, Mrs. J., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Kay, Mr. J. M., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Kay, Mr. Charles, Imp., Verdun, Quebec
Kearney, Miss Doreen, Innisfail, Alberta
Kearns, Miss Margaret, Imp., Calgary, Alberta
Kearns, Mrs. Josephine, Huntingdon Park, California, U.S.A.
Keely, Mr. George M., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Keen, Mr. Walter L., 38th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Keen, Mr. G. O., 13th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Keen, Mrs. G. C., Montreal, Quebec
Keeping, Mr. E. A., 5th Siege Bty., Murray Harbour, Prince Edward Island
Keeping, Mrs. E. A., Murray Harbour, Prince Edward Island
Keet, Mrs. Beatrice, New Westminster, British Columbia
Keeton, Mr. Joseph. 17th Bn., C.F.A., Edmonton, Alberta
Keeton, Mrs. Joseph, Edmonton, Alberta
Kein, Mr. John P., 3rd Div., 38th Bty., Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Keirstead, Capt. J. Vernon, 7th M.G. Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Keith, Mrs. Jane I., Fredericton , New Brunswick
Keith, Mr. Chas. A., C.A.M.C., Port Colborne, Ontario
Kellett, Mrs. James, N.S., Oakville, Ontario
Kellett, Mrs. Bessie, El Monte, California, U.S.A.
Kellner, Mr. Hugh, Imp., Windsor, Ontario
Kells, Mr. Clark, 1st Depot Bn., W.O.R., Windsor, Ontario
Kelly, Mr. John J., 8th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Kelly, Mrs. J. J., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Kelly, Capt. A. C., 12th Bn., 5th Bn., St Croix, New Brunswick
Kelly, Mrs. A. C., St Croix, New Brunswick
Kelly, Mr. Harold J., St Croix, New Brunswick
Kelly, Mr. Frank C., 58th Bn., Tilbury, Ontario
Kelly, Capt. Patrick J., 4th C.M.R., Campbellford, Ontario
Kelly, Mrs. Jane A., Montreal, Quebec
Kelman, The Rev. John, 1st Bde., C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Kelso, Mr. John L., 19th Bty., C.F.A., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Kemp, Mr. Arthur T., 1st C.M.R., Olds, Alberta
Kemp, Mrs. A. T., Olds, Alberta
Kemp, Mrs. R. A., Calgary, Alberta
Kemp, Mr. Edward W., 8th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Kemp, Mrs. E. W., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Kemp, Miss Patricia J., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Kemp, Mr. Edward L., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Kemp, Lt.-Col. F. G., Quebec, Quebec
Kemp, Mrs. F. G., Quebec, Quebec
Kendrick, Mr. Frederick W., C.A.M.C., North Vancouver, British Columbia
Kenmuir, Mrs. Agnes, Nanaimo, British Columbia
Kennedy, Mr. John, Lethbridge, Alberta
Kennedy, Mr. Wm., 10th Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Kennedy, Dr. Elmor T., C.A.M.C., Sussex, New Brunswick
Kennedy, Miss Allie, Owen Sound, Ontario
Kennedy, Miss Betty, Owen Sound, Ontario
Kennedy, Mr. G. A., U.S. Army, Elora, Ontario
Kennedy, Mrs. G. A., Elora, Ontario
Kennedy, Miss Elsie, Elora, Ontario
Kennedy, Mrs. Mabel, London, Ontario
Kennedy, Mr. Henry, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Kennedy, Mrs. Jennie, Quebec, Quebec
Kenney, Dr. Arthur A. B., C.A.D.C., Maple Creek, Saskatchewan
Kenney, Mrs. A. A. E., Maple Creek, Saskatchewan
Kenney, Miss Nora, Maple Creek, Saskatchewan
Kenny, Miss Nora, Guelph, Ontario
Kenny, Miss Isobel, Montreal, Quebec
Kenny, Miss Hilda, Montreal, Quebec
Kenny, Miss Mary, Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.
Kent, Mr. Chas. J., 44th Bn., Medicine Hat, Alberta
Kent, Mrs. C. J., Medicine Hat, Alberta
Kent, Miss Marjorie K., Medicine Hat, Alberta
Kent, Mr. Arthur C., Medicine Hat, Alberta
Kent, Mrs. Lucy, Edmonton, Alberta
Kent, Mr. George, 29th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Kent, Mrs. Geo., Vancouver, British Columbia
Kent, Miss Dorothy, Ottawa, Ontario
Kentner, Mrs. R. G., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Kentner, Miss Irene F., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Keogh, Mrs. Dollie, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Kergon, Mr. Wilfred, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Kerley, Mr. Walter J. D., Imp., Norquay, Saskatchewan
Kernaghan, Miss Grace M., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Kerr, Mrs. Christina, Wistaria, British Columbia
Kerr, Mrs. Fred, Brantford, Ontario
Kerr, Mrs. George, Brantford, Ontario
Kerr, Mr. Charles, 15th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Kerr, Mr. Jas. L., 52nd Bn., North Battleford, Saskatchewan
Kerry, Mr. Chas., C.A.M.C., Wetaskiwin, Alberta
Kerry, Mrs. Chas., Wetaskiwin, Alberta
Key, Mrs. Lucy, Calgary, Alberta
Keyes, Mrs. Amy J., N.S., Wapella, Saskatchewan
Kidd, Mr. Wm., 42nd R.C.H., Lynn, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Kilbourn, Miss Sara M., Owen Sound, Ontario
Kilbourn, Miss Olive A., N.S., Imp., Flushing, New York, U.S.A.
Kilgour, Mrs. David, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Killick, Mr. Wm. J., 24th Bn., V.R.C., Lacolle, Quebec
Kincade, Mr. Wm. T., 2nd Bde., C.M.M.G., Toronto, Ontario
Kindon, Mr. Phillip H., 16th Can. Scottish. Russell., Manitoba
King, Mr. Walter, 5th Bn., Redcliff, Alberta
King, Mr. Wm. H., 10th Bn., Calgary, Alberta
King, Mr. Edward W., 29th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
King, Mr. Garnet O., 3rd Bn., Perth, Ontario
King, Mr. Joseph E., 15th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
King, Mr. Francis H., 90th C.T.S., R.A.F., Shell Lake, Saskatchewan
Kingsburgh, Mr. James, 43rd C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Kinkaid, Mr. Alex, 15th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Kinley, Miss Lois E., Port Simpson, British Columbia
Kinley, Mrs. Minnie, Vancouver, British Columbia
Kinnear, Mrs. James, Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
Kinnear, Miss Kathleen 1., Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
Kinnear, Mr. John K., Wilmette, Illinios, U.S.A.
Kinnear, Mrs. J. W., Wilmette, Illinios, U.S.A.
Kinsella, Mrs. Hugh F. P., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Kipp, Dr. Fred 8., C.E., Granton, Ontario
Kipp, Mrs. F. S., Granton, Ontario
Kirby, Mr. Fred. L., Imp., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Kirby, Mr. Sydney, Imp., Kitchener, Ontario
Kirk, Capt. John C. M., 20th Bn., Whitby, Ontario
Kirk, Mr. Sidney, R.C.R., Toronto, Ontario
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Edith B., Fernie, British Columbia
Kirwan, Miss Dorothy F., Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Kissick, Mr. Wm., Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Kitson, Mr. Robert, 8th C.A.F., Toronto, Ontario
Knapp, Mr. Frank, C.R.T., Porquis Junction, Ontario
Knapp, Miss Millicent E., Porquis Junction, Ontario
Knight, Mr. Geo. A., C.A.M.C., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Knight, Mrs. Margaret A., St Thomas, Ontario
Knight, Miss Frances, Montreal, Quebec
Knight, Miss Margaret, Montreal, Quebec
Knight, Mrs. Sarah S. A., St Hubert, Quebec
Knight, Miss Agnes H., St Hubert, Quebec
Knight, Miss Elizabeth, Regina, Saskatchewan
Knowles, Mrs. Florence., Toronto, Ontario
Knowles, Mrs. Jessie., Toronto, Ontario
Knox, Rev. Henry, C.A.M.C., Vancouver, British Columbia
Knox, Mrs. Henry, Vancouver, British Columbia
Knox, Mr. Harold C., C.M.G., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Knox, Mrs. H. C., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Knox, Mr. Joseph, 2nd C.D.A.C., Toronto, Ontario
Kopp, Mr. Wm. E., Imp., Long Island, New York, U.S.A.
Krug, Capt. Henry O., 10th Bde., Kitchener, Ontario

LaBrash, Mr. George, C.M.G.C., Trenton, Ontario
Labrie, Mrs. Margaret A., Barrhead, Alberta
Lacey, Mrs. Mollie, Victoria, British Columbia
Lacey, Miss Gwendolyn, Brandon, Manitoba
Lacey, Mr. Leonard W., Brandon, Manitoba
Lacey, Mr. Harry, 16th Bty., Windsor, Ontario
Lackenby, Mr. Joseph W., 16th Can. Scottish, Lethbridge, Alberta
Lackenby, Mrs. Harriet, Lethbridge, Alberta
LaFleche, Madame L. R., Ottawa, Ontario
LaFléche, Master Francois, Ottawa, Ontario
Laing, Mr. Robert H., Imp., Kirkland Lake, Ontario
Laing, Mr. Arthur C., 3rd R.A.F., Toronto, Ontario
Laing, Miss Jennie C., Toronto, Ontario
Laing, Mrs. Chas., Chicago, Illinios, U.S.A.
Laker, Mr. Stephen, C.C.M.G.S., Berkley, Michigan, U.S.A.
Laker, Mrs. Stephen, Berkley, Michigan, U.S.A.
Lakey, Mrs. Jennie, Medicine Hat, Alberta
Lamb, Mrs. Annie M., Edmonton, Alberta
Lamb, Mr. R., 49th Bn., Edmonton, Alberta
Lamb, Mrs. R., Edmonton, Alberta
Lamb, Mr. Malcolm M., 16th Bn., Prince Rupert, British Columbia
Lamb, Miss Mary J., St John, New Brunswick
Lamb, Mr. James, 13th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Lambert, Mrs. Lilian J., N.S., Imp., Drumheller, Alberta
Lambert, The Rev. Sydney E., C.S., Toornto, Ontario
Lambert, Mrs. Sydney E., Toronto, Ontario
Lambert, Mr. Wm. W., R.C.R., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Lambeth, Miss Joan, Edmonton, Alberta
Lamont, Mr. E. Murray, C.G.R., Glassville, New Brunswick
Lamont, Mrs. E. M., Glassville, New Brunswick
Lamont, Mrs. Gladys M., Ottawa, Ontario
Lamontagne, Mrs. Clara M., Brandon, Manitoba
Lamontagne, Mr. Horace, Brandon, Manitoba
Lamontagne, Miss Constance, Montreal, Quebec
Lancaster, Mrs. Rebecca E., Toronto, Ontario
Lancaster, Miss Elsie M., Toronto, Ontario
Lanchbury, Mr. Horace, 19th Bn., Mimico, Ontario
Lanchbury, Mrs. Horace, Mimico, Ontario
Landreth, Mr. W. Anderson, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Lane, Mr. Chas., 27th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Lane, Mrs. Adelia M., N.S., Prescott, Ontario
Lane, Mr. Bertram J., Regina, Saskatchewan
Langford, Miss Leslie L., Portage La Prairie, Manitoba
Langford, Mr. Arthur J., 2nd Can. Pioneers., Toronto, Ontario
Langford, Mrs. A. J., Toronto, Ontario
Langford, Mr. Reg. G., Toronto, Ontario
Langford, Miss Vera G., Toronto, Ontario
Langley, Mr. George H., 8th Sig., Toronto, Ontario
Langstaff, Mrs. Sarah A., Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Langtry, Dr. J. H., 16th Can. Scottish, Fort William, Ontario
Langtry, Mrs. J. H., Fort William, Ontario
Lashbrook, Mr. Robert S., London, Ontario
Last, Mr. Chas. J., 221st Bn., & H.Q. London, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Last, Mrs. C. J., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Latta, Lt.-Col. Wm. S., 29th Bn., Victoria, British Columbia
Latta, Mrs. W. 8., Victoria, British Columbia
Latta, Mr. Francis R., Victoria, British Columbia
Laughran, Miss Amy E., Ottawa, Ontario
Lauman, Mr. A. W., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Lauman, Mrs. A. W., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Lauzon, Mr. J. Allyre, C.A.S.C., Ottawa, Ontario
Lavery, Mrs. Sarah, Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.A.
Law, Mrs. Mabel, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Law, Miss Barbara L., Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Lawler, Mr. John, 31st Bty., Vancouver, British Columbia
Lawrence, Mr. Philip, 3rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Lawrence, Mrs. J. 8., Montreal, Quebec
Lawrence, Miss Emily F., Montreal, Quebec
Lawrie, Mr. Thos., 121st Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Lay, Mr. Frederick J., Wynyard, Saskatchewan
Layton, Mr. George 8., Montreal, Quebec
Lazenby, Mr. Frederick W., Ottawa, Ontario
Leach, Miss Mabel, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Leach, Mr. Joseph H., 46th Bn., Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Leach, Mrs. J. H., Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Leach, Miss Elsie, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Leach, Mr. Samuel J., R.C.M.P., Lac La Ronge, Saskatchewan
Leader, Mr. John R., 7th C.R.T., Ottawa, Ontario
Leader, Mr. Russell E., Ottawa, Ontario
Leaver, Mr. Henry, 32nd C.F.A., City View, Ontario
Lebrun, Mr. G. H. W., Montreal, Quebec
Lebrun, Mrs. G. H. W., Montreal, Quebec
Leckie, Miss Edith L. L., N.S., B.C. of RC., Toronto, Ontario
Lecky, Mr. Samuel, 85th C.E., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Lecky, Mrs. S., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Lecot, Mrs. Marie, Ninette, Manitoba
Lecot, Miss Lucianee, Ninette, Manitoba
Ledru, Mr. Sydney, Imp., San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
Lee, Mr. Henry, 30th Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Lee, Mrs. J. R., Calgary, Alberta
Lee, Mr. T. P., 1st C.M.G.C., Vancouver, British Columbia
Lee, Mrs. Charlotte 13., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Lee, Miss Laura R., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Lee, Mr. Evered J., C.E., Almonte, Ontario
Lee, Mr. Frank W., Imp., Oshawa, Ontario
Lee, Mr. Robt. J., Estevan, Saskatchewan
Lee, Mrs. R. J., Estevan, Saskatchewan
Leech, Mr. Philip, Baring, Saskatchewan
Leech, Mrs. P., Baring, Saskatchewan
Legg, Mr. J. W., C.M.G.C., Vancouver, British Columbia
Legg, Mrs. J. W., Vancouver, British Columbia
Legg, Mr. J. T. M., 9th T.O.S., Windsor, Ontario
Legg, Mrs. Mary, Verdun, Quebec
Leggett, Mr. Anthony W., C.C.S.C., St Lambert, Quebec
Leggett, Mrs. A. W., St Lambert, Quebec
LeGresley, Mr. Francis J., 4th C.D.A.C., New Carlisle, Quebec
Leighton, Capt. Arthur, 72nd Bn., Nanaimo, British Columbia
Leighton, Mrs. Arthur, Nanaimo, British Columbia
Lemmon, Mr. Percy W., 18th Bn., Walkerville, Ontario
Lemmon, Mrs. P. W., Walkerville, Ontario
Lemon, Mrs. Arthur C., Victoria, British Columbia
Lemon, Master Ernest A. J., Victoria, British Columbia
Leonard, Mr. Charles, 2nd Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Leonard, Mr. Percy J., 14th F.A.C., Ottawa, Ontario
LePage, Mr. Charles A., R.N.C.V.R., Montreal, Quebec
Lepingwell, Mr. Guy, 72nd Sea. Can., Cawston, British Columbia
Lesley, Mr. Thomas, Ottawa, Ontario
Leslie, Mr. John. 48th Bty., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Lessard, Mr. Joseph V. E., Imp., Montreal, Quebec
Letty, Mr. Cyrus, Brampton, Ontario
Lewis, Mr. Alfred J. 31st Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Lewis, Mrs. A. J., Calgary, Alberta
Lewis, Mr. Leonard J., Calgary, Alberta
Lewis, Mr. Thos. B., 31st Bn., Canmore, Alberta
Lewis, Mrs. Annie, Vancouver, British Columbia
Lewis, Mrs. Josephine, Victoria, British Columbia
Lewis, Mr. Jas. L., R.C.G., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Lewis, Mrs. Elizabeth B., Paris, Ontario
Lewis, Mr. Frederick A., 16th Bty., Guelph, Ontario
Lewis, Mrs. F. A., Guelph, Ontario
Lewis, Mr. Herbert V., 27th Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Lewis, Mr. John K., 11th C.E., London, Ontario
Lewis, Mr. Wm. L., 52nd Bn., London, Ontario
Lewis, Mr. Harry, 12th Field Amb., Westmount, Quebec
Ley, Mr. Cecil E., Imp., Victoria, British Columbia
Leyden, Mr. Charles, 29th Bn., Windsor, Ontario
Liddell, Mr. Herbert, Lethbridge, Alberta
Liddell, Miss Frances, Lethbridge, Alberta
Liddell, Mr. Frank, 50th Bn., Lethbridge, Alberta
Liddell, Mrs. Frank, Lethbridge, Alberta
Liddell, Mrs. Charlotte E., Regina, Saskatchewan
Liedru, Mrs. S., San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
Lighfoot, Mr. James D., 2nd Bn., Windsor, Ontario
Lightfoot, Mr. W. W., Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Lindeman, Mrs. A. M., Hamilton, Ontario
Linden, Mr. Percy H. G., C.R.A., Toronto, Ontario
Lindsay, Dr. Ewart, Noranda, Quebec
Lindsay, Miss Ada F., Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A.
Lineker, Miss Ada, Hamilton, Ontario
Linford, Mr. Walter J., C.E. Sig., Ottawa, Ontario
Link, Mr. Chas. H., 19th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Linton, Mr. William, 4th C.E., Toronto, Ontario
Linton, Mrs. Wm., Toronto, Ontario
Lister, Mrs. Eva, Calgary, Alberta
Lister, Miss Irene, Calgary, Alberta
Lister, Mr. Thos, 31st Bn., Edmonton, Alberta
Liston, Mr. Boreas, C.M.G.C., Toronto, Ontario
Little, Mr. James S., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Little, Mrs. J. S., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Little, Capt. George B., 127th Bn., Agincourt, Ontario
Littleton, Major J. W., Imp., Calgary, Alberta
Littleton, Mrs. J. W., Calgary, Alberta
Littleton, Miss Margaret, Calgary, Alberta
Littlewood, Mr. Chas. J., 47th Bn., New Westminster, British Columbia
Littlewood, Mr. George, Imp., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Livermore, Mrs. Nellie, Calgary, Alberta
Livermore, Mr. Raymond R., Calgary, Alberta
Livesey, Mrs. Fanny E., Swan River, Manitoba
Lloyd, Mrs. Hilda M. J., West Vancouver, British Columbia
Lloyd, Miss Jeanne 1., West Vancouver, British Columbia
Lloyd, Mr. Frederick L., 10th C.E., St Vital, Manitoba
Lloyd, Mrs. F. L., St Vital, Manitoba
Lloyd, Miss Mae E., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Lloyd, Mrs. Edith, Port Arthur, Ontario
Lloyd, Mr. Wm. E., Sig., Peterborough, Ontario
Lloyd, Mrs. W. E., Peterborough, Ontario
Lloyd, Mr. Clifford C., Imp., Montreal, Quebec
Lloyd, Mrs. Hilda, Montreal, Quebec
Lloyd, Mr. Albert E. H., Montreal, Quebec
Loader, Mr. Geo. E., Imp., Calgary, Alberta
Loch, Mr. Lawrence, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Loch, Mrs. Lawrence., Toronto, Ontario
Lochead, Mr. R. A., 11th Inf. Bde., Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Lochead, Mrs. R. A., Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Lock, Mr. Herbert T., C.A.M.C., Victoria, British Columbia
Lock, Mrs. H. T., Victoria, British Columbia
Lock, Miss Gladys M., Victoria, British Columbia
Lock, Capt. J. C., Oshawa, Ontario
Lock, Mrs. W. J., Oshawa, Ontario
Logan, Mr. James V., 75th Bn., Chilliwack, British Columbia
Logan, Mrs. J. V., Chilliwack, British Columbia
Logan, Miss Jessie I., New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
Loggin, Miss Mary, Edmonton, Alberta
Logue, Mr. Alexander, 50th Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Logue, Mr. Frederick, 33rd Bty., Trenton, Ontario
Lomas, Mr. Joseph A., 9th C.E., Toronto, Ontario
Lomas, Mrs. J. A., Toronto, Ontario
Lond, Mr. Martin J., 22nd Bn., Windsor, Ontario
Lond, Miss G., Windsor, Ontario
Lond, Miss Genevieve, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
Long, Miss Jane M., Walkerton, Ontario
Long, Miss Georgina D., N.S., Toronto, Ontario
Long, Mr. James, 2nd C.M.R., Toronto, Ontario
Long, Mr. Harry J., 24th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Longley, Mr. James A., Imp., Vancouver, British Columbia
Longshaw, Mr. John E., 75th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Lord, Mrs. Alice V., Edmonton, Alberta
Lothian, Miss I. S. M., Kapuskasing, Ontario
Loudon, Mr. J. Cecil, Imp., Chatham, Ontario
Lougheed, Mr. Norman, G. M., P.P.C.L.I., Point Gray, British Columbia
Lougheed, Mrs. N. G. M., Point Gray, British Columbia
Love, Mr. William C., C.A.V.C., Toronto, Ontario
Lovelady, Mr. Frederick G., C.A.M.C., Port Arthur, Ontario
Loveridge, Mrs. Martha D., Regina, Saskatchewan
Lovett, Miss Mary L., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Low, Miss Edith S., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Low, Mr. George, 27th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Low, Mr. George M., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Lowe, Mr. Thos. G., 78th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Lowe, Mr. Harry, 21st Bn., Trenton, Ontario
Lowe, Mr. Wm., 47th Bn., Windsor, Ontario
Lowe, Mrs. Wm., Windsor, Ontario
Lowry, Capt. L. F., Chaplain Service, Sarnia, Ontario
Lowther, Mr. Gerald G., 3rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Loxam, Mrs. Mary, Calgary, Alberta
Lucas, Mr. Sanford L., C.L.I., Tara, Ontario
Lucas, Mr. Robert J., C.R.C.G.A., Toronto, Ontario
Lucas, Miss Jean., Toronto, Ontario
Lunn, Mr. Leslie H., 4th C.F.A., London, Ontario
Lush, Mr. Edgar, C.E., Toronto, Ontario
Lush, Mr. F. P., Toronto, Ontario
Lutes, Mr. Walter, Sussex, New Brunswick
Lutz, Mrs. Goldie K., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Luxford, Mr. R. T., Calgary, Alberta
Luxford, Mrs. R. T., Calgary, Alberta
Lyle, Mr. A. J., 19th Bn., Bowmanville, Ontario
Lynas, Mr. Joseph A., P.P.C.L.I., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Lynch, Mrs. John, Calgary, Alberta
Lynds, Mr. Jas. R., Truro, Nova Scotia
Lynds., Mrs. J. R., Truro, Nova Scotia
Lyon, Mr. Lorne A., 75th Bn., Wheeling, West Virginia, U.S.A.
Lyons, Miss Ella M., N.S., Toronto, Ontario

Mabb, Mr. Horace, 18th Bn., Mitchell, Ontario
Mabb, Mrs. Horace, Mitchell, Ontario
MacArtair, Mr. Alasdair, D.C.M., C.S.C., Esquimalt, British Columbia
MacArthur, Miss Eleanor, Calgary, Alberta
MacAulay, Major Thos. G., 5th C.M.R., Quebec, Quebec
MacCallum, Mr. Malcolm, Imp., Montreal, Quebec
MacCarthy, Mrs. C. de L., Montreal, Quebec
MacDonald, Mr. Donald, 43rd Bn., 1st Div. Sply. Col., Ninette, Manitoba
MacDonald, Mrs. Irene M., Winnipeg, Manitoba
MacDonald, Miss Edith, Portage La Prairie, Manitoba
MacDonald, Mr. Jas. L., Winnipeg, Manitoba
MacDonald, Mrs. J. L., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Macdonald, Mr. G. W. A., 25th Bn., Sydney, Nova Scotia
MacDonald, Mrs. Mildred, Stellarton, Nova Scotia
MacDonald, Mr. Alex. R., 10th Bty., Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia
Macdonald, Mr. Allan, 13th Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Macdonald, Mrs. Allan, Ottawa, Ontario
MacDonald, Mr. John C., 1st Bn., Fergus, Ontario
Macdonald, Mrs. Nettie., Toronto, Ontario
Macdonald, Miss Constance., Toronto, Ontario
Macdonald, Mrs. Edith A., Murray River, Prince Edward Island
Macdonald, Mr. Donald A., 4th C.E., Montreal, Quebec
MacDonald, Miss Isabel, Montreal, Quebec
MacDonald, Mr. Ronald J., 1st Bn., Montreal, Quebec
MacDonald, Mr. Angus, 9th Field Amb., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Macdonald., Mrs. G. W. A., Sydney, Nova Scotia
Macdonald., Miss Hilda H., Truro, Nova Scotia
MacDonnell, Lt.-Gen. Sir Archibald, Kingston, Ontario
MacDougall, Mrs. Lillian, Edmonton, Alberta
MacDougall, Miss Lillian A., Edmonton, Alberta
MacDougall, Mr. Bruce W., Imp, Montreal, Quebec
MacDougall, Mrs. B. W., Montreal, Quebec
MacFadzen, Miss Ada, Westmount, Quebec
MacFarlane, Mr. George, 4th C.M.R., Toronto, Ontario
MacGregor, Mr. Alexander, Imp., Medicine Hat, Alberta
MacGregor, Miss Olive M., Ottawa, Ontario
MacGuigan, Dr. James D., Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
MacHardy, Miss Joanna A., Quincy, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Macintyre, Lt.-Col. D. E., 28th Bn., Owen Sound, Ontario
MacIsaac, Mr. J. A., C.F.A., Ottawa, Ontario
Mackay, Mr. A. C. N., 14th R.M.R., Vancouver, British Columbia
MacKay, Miss Helen B., N.S., New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
MacKay, Mr. James E., Imp., Kingston, Ontario
MacKay., Mrs. Myrtle, Lockeport, Nova Scotia
MacKellar, Mr. John C., Imp., Brantford, Ontario
MacKendrick, Maj. H. C., Toronto, Ontario
MacKenzie, Mrs. Elizabeth J., Calgary, Alberta
Mackenzie, Mr. Geo. C., P.P.C.L.I., Minto, New Brunswick
Mackenzie, Col. L. H., 25th Bn., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Mackenzie, Mr. A., Woodbridge, Ontario
MacKenzie, Mr. A. G., 33rd Bty, C.F.A., Tillsonburg, Ontario
MacKenzie, Mrs. A. G., Tillsonburg, Ontario
Mackenzie, Mr. Frank, 2nd C.A.D.C., St Catharines, Ontario
Mackenzie, Miss Dora, Can. Stationary, New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A.
Mackie, Mr. James O., 7th Bn., Sicamous, British Columbia
Mackie, Mrs. J. O., Sicamous, British Columbia
Mackie, Mr. Neil L., Dominion, Nova Scotia
Mackie, Mr. Alexander R., Imp., Colborne, Ontario
Mackie, Major O., Imp., Hull, Quebec
Mackie, Mrs. C., Hull, Quebec
Mackie, Master Ronald, Hull, Quebec
MacKinnon, Miss E., N.S., Sydney, Nova Scotia
MacKinnon, Miss Jessie M., Sydney, Nova Scotia
MacKinnon, Miss Sally C., Sydney, Nova Scotia
MacKinnon, Mr. Wm. V., 25th Bn., Halifax, Nova Scotia
MacKinnon, Major The Hon Mr. Justice Cecil G., C.A.S.C., Montreal, Quebec
MacKinnon., Capt. A., Halifax, Nova Scotia
MacKinnon., Mrs. Alastair, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Mackintosh, Mr. Hugh E, 46th Bn., Garden Head, Saskatchewan
MacLean, Mr. John, 7th Bn., Ocean Falls, British Columbia
MacLean, Mr. Alexander, 5th C.E., Winnipeg, Manitoba
MacLean, Mrs. Alexander, Winnipeg, Manitoba
MacLean, Mrs. A. D., Winnipeg, Manitoba
MacLean, Miss Gayda, Winnipeg, Manitoba
MacLean, Miss Donalda, Winnipeg, Manitoba
MacLean, Mr. Murdock, Brandon, Manitoba
MacLean, Mrs. M., Brandon, Manitoba
MacLean, Mr. Chas. J., Mulgrave, Nova Scotia
MacLean, Mrs. Donald H., Quebec, Quebec
MacLean, Lt.-Col. Neil B., 52nd Bn., Montreal, Quebec
MacLean, Miss Katherine, Torrington, Connecticut, U.S.A.
MacLeod, Mr. Donald A., 67th Bn., Edmonton, Alberta
MacLeod, Mr. Murdo, Calgary, Alberta
MacLeod, Mrs. Murdo, Calgary, Alberta
MacLeod, Mr. Murdo S., 13th Bn., Chilliwack, British Columbia
MacLeod, Capt. Norman T., M.C., D.C.M., Imp, Manitoba
MacLeod, The Rev. John D., 13th R.N.C., Truro, Nova Scotia
MacLeod, Mrs. J. D., Truro, Nova Scotia
MacLeod, Mrs. M. F., N.S., Reserve, Nova Scotia
MacLeod, Capt. Angus H., Imp., Schomberg, Ontario
Macleod, Miss A. L., Toronto, Ontario
MacLeod, Miss Christine M., Bradford, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
MacLeod, Mr. A. J., 85th Bn., Baldwinsville, New York, U.S.A.
MacLeod, Mrs. A. J., Baldwinsville, New York, U.S.A.
MacMillan, Mr. John, 3rd Siege Bty. l, Toronto, Ontario
MacMillan, Miss Marion, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
MacNab, Miss Mary L., Canmore, Alberta
MacNab, Mr. Duncan, 15th Bn, Windsor, Ontario
MacNab, Mrs. Duncan, Windsor, Ontario
MacNamara, Mr. Wm. S., 2nd Bn., Hamilton, Ontario
MacNaughton, Miss Mary A., N.S., Toronto, Ontario
MacNaughton, Mr. Roderick, 6th G.R.T., Toronto, Ontario
MacNaughton, Mrs. Roderick., Toronto, Ontario
MacNaughton, Miss Mary., Toronto, Ontario
MacNaughton, Miss Ina., Toronto, Ontario
MacNicol, Mr. Robert, 67th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
MacNicol, Mrs. R., Vancouver, British Columbia
MacPhail, Mr. Norval H., 26th Bn., Perth, New Brunswick
MacPherson, Mr. Murray, 22nd Bty., Sydney, Nova Scotia
Macpherson, Dr. D. M., Tilbury, Ontario
Macpherson, Col. C. D., 3lst Bn., Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
MacQueen, Mr. Jas., 43rd C.H., Winnipeg, Manitoba
MacQueen, Mrs. Jas., Winnipeg, Manitoba
MacQueen, Mrs. Isabel E., R.N., Montreal, Quebec
MacTavish, Mr. Wm. G., 75th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
MacTier, Mrs. Elizabeth, Binscarth, Manitoba
MacWilliams, Mr. Alfred, 38th Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Madden, Mr. Leroy G., 21st Bn, Belleville, Ontario
Madden, Mrs. L. G., Belleville, Ontario
Maddison, Mrs. Emily, Saginaw, Michigan, U.S.A.
Maddison, Miss Edna M., Saginaw , Michigan, U.S.A.
Maddison, Miss Margaret E., Saginaw, Michigan, U.S.A.
Madge, Mr. Castle G., 18th Bn., Tilbury, Ontario
Madge, Mrs. C. G., Tilbury, Ontario
Madge, Mr. Arthur M., 27th Bn., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Magachan, Mrs. May, Regina, Saskatchewan
Magee, Mr. Thomas, 20th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Maggs, Mr. Cyril H., Imp., Montreal, Quebec
Maggs, Mr. Raymond F., Imp., Montreal, Quebec
Magill, Mr. John, 3rd C.M.G.C., Toronto, Ontario
Magill, Mr. James, 124th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Maguire, Mrs. Ellen A., London, Ontario
Mahon, Miss Georgia L., Toronto, Ontario
Main, Mr. Wm. S., 16th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Main, Mrs. W. S., Vancouver, British Columbia
Mainer, Mr. Randolph G., P.P.C.L.I., Toronto, Ontario
Mains, Mr. Duncan A., 3rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Mair, Miss Anna, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Malcolm, Mr. Colin R., 48th Bn., Burns Lake, British Columbia
Malcolm, Capt. Donald C., C.A.M.C., St John, New Brunswick
Malcolm, Mrs. D. C., St John, New Brunswick
Malcolm, Miss Jean E., St John, New Brunswick
Malcolm, Mr. Donald A. C., St John, New Brunswick
Malloy, Mrs. Isabella, Calgary, Alberta
Malone, Mrs. A. M., Calgary, Alberta
Manaton, Mrs. Doris W., Toronto, Ontario
Manaton, Mr. Albert C., Toronto, Ontario
Mangan, Mr. Wm., 44th Bn., Woodstock, Ontario
Mann, Mrs. Arthur R., Duncan, British Columbia
Mann, Mr. Henry G., 62nd Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Mann, Mr. Colin, 1st C.M.R., Neepawa, Manitoba
Mann, Mr. Charles A., 75th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Mann, Mr. James T., C.R.D., Toronto, Ontario
Mann, Mrs. J. T., Toronto, Ontario
Mann, Mrs. Mvra, Regina, Saskatchewan
Mann, Mr. Robert G., 4th C.D.T.M.B., Chicago, Illinios, U.S.A.
Margrett, Mr. Stanley B., 28th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Markham, Mr. Geo. H., 12th Siege Bty., C.G.A., St John, New Brunswick
Markham, Mrs. G. H., St John, New Brunswick
Marley, Mr. William E., C.E., Toronto, Ontario
Marley, Mrs. W. E., Toronto, Ontario
Marley, Miss Doris., Toronto, Ontario
Marlow, Mrs. Amelia, Lethbridge, Alberta
Marlow, Mr. James, 238th Forestry, Hamilton, Ontario
Marlow, Mrs. James, Hamilton », Ontario
Marlow, Mr. Harry, 4th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Marriet, Mrs. Florence, Montreal, Quebec
Marriott, Mr. Percy G., 84th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Marriott, Mr. Eric L., Imp., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Marriott, Mr. Edw. A., B.M.I., Kernville, California, U.S.A.
Marsh, Mrs. Eliza, Drumheller, Alberta
Marsh, Mrs. Gert. E., Wayne, Alberta
Marsh, Miss Bernice, Wayne, Alberta
Marsh, Miss Elmere H., London, Ontario
Marsh, Mr. Wm., Ordinance Corps., Toronto, Ontario
Marsh, Miss Dorothy, Quebec, Quebec
Marsh, Mr. H. W., 1st Bn., Chicago, Illinios, U.S.A.
Marshall, Mrs. Jas. A., New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
Marshall, Mrs. Margret C., Springhill Mines, Nova Scotia
Marshall, Miss Edith M., Ottawa, Ontario
Marshall, Mr. Geo. E., 38th Bn., Windsor, Ontario
Marshall, Mrs. G. E., Windsor, Ontario
Marshall, Mr. Thos. G., M.G.C., Hespeler, Ontario
Marshall, Mr. Herbert V. H., 3rd D.A.C., Toronto, Ontario
Marshall, Mr. Robert, 2nd Div., H.Q., Toronto, Ontario
Marshall, Mr. Chas. H., C.A.M.(J., Outremont, Quebec
Marshall, Mr. Robt., 5th Bn., Turtleford, Saskatchewan
Marshall, Mrs. R., Turtleford, Saskatchewan
Marshall, Mr. Frederick H., C.A.S.C., Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A.
Martin, Miss Gladys E., Ponoka, Alberta
Martin, Mrs. Rose E., Vancouver, British Columbia
Martin, Miss Ivy R., Vancouver, British Columbia
Martin, Mrs. G., Norwood, Manitoba
Martin, Miss Laura S., Amherst, Nova Scotia
Martin, Mrs. Ella M., Ottawa, Ontario
Martin, Dr. Herbert W., C.A.M.C., Hamilton, Ontario
Martin, Mr. W. D., Ottawa, Ontario
Martin, Mr. Chas. H., Montreal, Quebec
Martin, Mrs. Ruby, Montreal, Quebec
Martin, Dr. B., C.A.M.C., Regina, Saskatchewan
Martin., Miss Catherine A., Sydney, Nova Scotia
Martindale, Mr. Wm. E., 14th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Martineau, Mr. Jean O., 6th C.F.A., Levis, Quebec
Mason, Mr. Adam, 49th Bn., Edmonton, Alberta
Mason, Mr. Joseph, 16th Can. Scottish, Sidney, British Columbia
Mason, Mrs. Joseph, Sidney, British Columbia
Mason, Mrs. Agnes F., N.S., Imp, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Mason, Mr. Geo. W., 14th Bn., London, Ontario
Mason, Mr. Lionel A., 6th C.M.G.G., Montreal, Quebec
Mason, Miss Anne, New York, New York, U.S.A.
Masse, Mr. Georges, 22nd Bn., St Jean, Quebec
Masse, Mrs. G., St Jean, Quebec
Massey, Mr. Hugh, 78th Bn., V. 12th., Wadena, Saskatchewan
Massie, Mr. Clarence C., 4th Inf. Bde., Campbellford, Ontario
Masson, Mr. G. A., 1st Div. A.P., Hamilton, Ontario
Masson, Mrs. G. A., Hamilton, Ontario
Masson, Mr. Robert, Hamilton, Ontario
Mastin., Miss Hattie M., N.S., Belleville, Ontario
Mastine, Miss Edith L., Montreal, Quebec
Mastine, Mr. J. H., Drummondville, Quebec
Mastine, Mrs. J. H., Drummondville, Quebec
Mates, Mrs. Sarah E., Brockville, Ontario
Mathers, Mr. B. F., 21St Bn., Twining, Alberta
Mathers, Mrs. B. F., Twining, Alberta
Matheson, Major J. 0, 10th Bn., Ponoka, Alberta
Matheson, Mrs. J. C., Ponoka, Alberta
Matheson, Miss Marjorie C., Ottawa, Ontario
Matheson, Mr. Kenneth, 24th Bty., C.F.A., Montreal, Quebec
Mathews, Mrs. Mary., Toronto, Ontario
Matley, Mr. A. J., 20th Bty., Punnichy, Saskatchewan
Matley, Mrs. A. J., Punnichy , Saskatchewan
Matterson, Mr. Ronald N., 1st Bn., Tofino, British Columbia
Matthew, Mr. W., New Westminster, British Columbia
Matthew, Mr. Peter, 27th Bn., Nipawm, Saskatchewan
Matthew, Mrs. P., Nipawin, Saskatchewan
Matthews, Mrs. Elsie E., Kelowna, British Columbia
Matthews, Mr. James C., 2nd C.R.T., Penny, British Columbia
Matthews, Mr. Thomas, A.S.C., Toronto, Ontario
Matthews, Mr. Geo. W., R.N., Montreal, Quebec
Matthews, Mr. Geo. D., 7th C.S.B., Scott, Saskatchewan
Matthewson, Mrs. Isabella, Kitscoty, Alberta
Matthewson, Miss Margaret H., Kitscoty, Alberta
Mavity, Miss Mavis, Vancouver, British Columbia
Mavor, Mr. James T., C.E.F., Toronto, Ontario
Maxwell, Mr. Robt., Calgary, Alberta
Maxwell, Mrs. Robt., Calgary, Alberta
Maxwell, Mr. Wm., Westville, Nova Scotia
Maxwell, Mrs. W., Westville, Nova Scotia
Maxwell, Mr. John S., 15th Bn., Sudbury, Ontario
May, Mr. Percy T., 28th Bn., Shellbrook, Saskatchewan
May, Mrs. P. T., Shellbrook, Saskatchewan
Maybin, Miss Josephine., Toronto, Ontario
Mayell, Mr. Bertram, P.P.C.L.I., Victoria, British Columbia
Mayell, Mrs. B., Victoria, British Columbia
Mayer, Mrs. Lucy A., V.A.D., Port Clements, QC Island, British Columbia
Mayer, Mr. Henry E., Port Clements, QC Island, British Columbia
Mayer, Mr. Geo. H., Port Clements, QC Island, British Columbia
Mayhew, Mr. Douglas O., 5th C.M.R., Bromptonville, Quebec
Mayhew, Miss Jean 1., Montreal, Quebec
Maynard, Mr. Carl H., 15th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Maynard, Mrs. C. H., Toronto, Ontario
Mayne, Mr. R. F., 38th Bn., St Thomas, Ontario
Mayne, Mrs. R. F., St Thomas, Ontario
Mayne, Mr. V. E., 18th Bn., London, Ontario
McAdam, Mrs. Lily, Quesnel, British Columbia
McAdie, Mr. Neil S., 76th Bn., W.A.C., Rainy River, Ontario
McAdie, Mr. Harold H., 195th Bn., M.G., Barford, Saskatchewan
McAlpine, Mr. Norman R., Forestry Corps, Sudbury, Ontario
McAlpine, Miss E. I., N.S., Toronto, Ontario
McBain, Dr. Robert W., 10th F.A.C., Kirkland Lake, Ontario
McBain, Mrs. R. W., Kirkland Lake, Ontario
McBey, Mrs. J., Bellingham, Washington, U.S.A.
McBride, Miss Margaret B., N.S., Imp., Winnipeg, Manitoba
McBride, Mr. Archie C., 15th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
McBride, Mr. Robert L., 26th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
McBride, Mrs. R. L., Toronto, Ontario
McCaffery, Mrs. Wm., Montreal, Quebec
McCaffery, Mr. Wm., 14th Bn., R.M.R., Montreal, Quebec
McCain, Miss Alice, Ottawa, Ontario
McCall, Mr. Patrick L., 8th Bde., C.F.A., Niagara Falls, Ontario
McCallum, Mrs. Christina, Downsview, Ontario
McCallum, Miss Christina, Downsview, Ontario
McCallum, Major George H., C.E., Ottawa, Ontario
McCallum, Mr. Roy C., 38th Bn., Sandwich, Ontario
McCallum, Mrs. R. C., Sandwich, Ontario
McCann, Mr. Harry S., L.S.H., North Bay, Ontario
McCann, Mrs. H. S., North Bay, Ontario
McCann, Mr. John C., Ottawa, Ontario
McCann, Mr. Francis J., 10th Siege Bty., Montreal, Quebec
McCarl, Miss Violet, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
McCarten, Mr. Samuel, 208th and 102nd Bns., Toronto, Ontario
McCarten, Mrs. Samuel., Toronto, Ontario
McCarten, Mr. S. Clifford., Toronto, Ontario
McCarthey, Mr. Peter C. S., R.C.R., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
McCarthy, The Rev. Father Thos. J., Chaplain Service, Sarnia, Ontario
McCartney, Mr. Hazen H., 13th & 17th Btys., C.F.A., Minto, New Brunswick
McCartney, Mrs. H. H., Minto, New Brunswick
McCausland, Maj. The Reverend H., Toronto, Ontario
McClellan, Mr. W. M., Can. Postal Corps, Vancouver, British Columbia
McClellan, Mrs. D. J., Woodstock, Ontario
McCluskey, Mr. Wm., 2nd Bn., Queens County, New Brunswick
McColl, Mr. Paul, 116th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
McConnell, Mrs. Mary, Edmonton, Alberta
McConnell, Mrs. Louise, Windsor, Ontario
McCormack, Mr. G. L. N., Imp., Port Arthur, Ontario
McCormack, Mr. James, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
McCormick, Mr. Herbert A., 17th Res. H. S. Regt., Ottawa, Ontario
McCormick, Master Wm. M., Ottawa, Ontario
McCormick, Miss Merceline, Brockville, Ontario
McCormick, Mr. Frederick C., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
McCoy, Mr. Edwin J., 19th Bn., Hamilton, Ontario
McCoy, Mr. Thos. R., Hamilon, Ontario
McCrindle, Mrs. Margaret, Miami, Manitoba
McCrindle, Mr. Andrew D., 24th V.R., Montreal, Quebec
McCuaig, Miss Charlotte F., Ottawa, Ontario
McCue, Mr. Thomas, C. E., Vancouver, British Columbia
McCue, Mrs. Thomas, Vancouver, British Columbia
McCulloch, Mrs. Catherine, Edmonton, Alberta
McDaid, Mrs. Daisy, Port Arthur, Ontario
McDermid, Mrs. Sarah A., Vancouver, British Columbia
McDonagh, Mrs. Mary, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
McDonald, Mrs. Isabella, Calgary, Alberta
McDonald, Mr. Malcolm M., 10th Bn., Drumheller, Alberta
McDonald, Mrs. M. M., Drumheller, Alberta
McDonald, Mr. Archibald D., 48th C.F.A., Vancouver, British Columbia
McDonald, Mr. Duncan J., 72nd Bn., Revelstoke, British Columbia
McDonald, Mr. George H., Hdqts., Aldergrove, British Columbia
McDonald, Mrs. G. H., Aldergrove, British Columbia
McDonald, Mrs. Janet S., N.S., Revelstoke, British Columbia
McDonald, Mrs. Adeline, Chatham, Ontario
McDonald, Mr. Leslie M., 42nd Bn., Owen Sound, Ontario
McDonald, Mrs. L. M., Owen Sound, Ontario
McDonald, Mr. Donald, 123rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
McDonald, Mrs. Donald., Toronto, Ontario
McDonald, Mrs. May., Toronto, Ontario
McDonald, Miss Gladys O., Reginae, Saskatchewan
McDonough, Mr. William, 75th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
McDougall, Mr. Allan L., Yukon Bty., 1st M.M.G.B., Medicine Hat, Alberta
McDougall, Mrs. A. L., Medicine Hat, Alberta
McDougall, Mr. Hugh, 4th C.E., Berwyn, Alberta
McDougall, Mr. John L., 231st & 72nd Bns, Powell River, British Columbia
McDougall, Mr. Eric G., Toronto, Ontario
McDougall, Mrs. E. G., Toronto, Ontario
McDougall, Mrs. Mary J., Toronto, Ontario
McDougall, Mr. J., C.E., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
McDowell, Mr. Alex., Hartney, Manitoba
McDowell, Mrs. Alex., Hartney, Manitoba
McDowell, Capt. J. C., Sudbury, Ontario
McElroy, Mr. Leonard O., 1st Bn., Toronto, Ontario
McEvoy, Miss Margaret, Barrie, Ontario
McFaddon, Mrs. Kate, Lindsay, Ontario
McFarlane, Miss Betty, Edmonton, Alberta
McGee, Mr. George A., 87th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
McGhee, Mr. Alexander F., Imp., Copper Cliff, Ontario
McGhie, Mr. Alexander, 4th C.M.T.C., St Catharines, Ontario
McGhie, Mrs. A., St Catharines, Ontario
McGibney, Mr. Robert, J., 52nd Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
McGibney, Mr. George J., Ottawa, Ontario
McGill, Miss Margaret H., N.S., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
McGinnes, Mr. John, 51st Gordon Highlanders, Edmonton, Alberta
McGovern, Mr. Harry, 5th C.M.R., West Roxbury, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
McGovern, Mrs. H., West Roxbury, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
McGowan, Mrs. C. A., Winnipeg, Manitoba
McGrath, Mr. John, 12th C.M.R.S., Millarville, Alberta
McGrath, Mrs. John, Millarville, Alberta
McGrath, Mrs. Irene M., Rosedale, British Columbia
McGraw, Mrs. Bertha, Vancouver, British Columbia
McGregor, Mr. Robt., 46th Bn., Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
McGregor, Miss Bessie E., Washington, D.C, U.S.A.
McGrorty, Mr. Wm., Imp., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
McGuaig, Miss Florence M., Winnipeg, Manitoba
McGuigan, Mr. Arthur., Toronto, Ontario
McGuigan, Mrs. Arthur., Toronto, Ontario
McGuire, Mr. N. T., 16th C.F.C., Windsor, Ontario
McGurty, Mr. Albert., C.A.M.C., Lachine, Quebec
McGurty, Mrs. A., Lachine, Quebec
McIlvenny, Mr. Frank, 16th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
McInnis, Miss Doris, Regina, Saskatchewan
McIntosh, Mr. Robert W., C.C.C.B., Willowdale, Ontario
McIntyre, Mr. Duncan, P.P.C.L.I., Collingwood, Ontario
McIntyre, Mr. Hugh M., lmp., Hamilton, Ontario
McIntyre, Mr. Ross R., Imp., Galt, Ontario
McIntyre, Mr. William 13., 19th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
McIvor, Mrs. Marion, Calgary, Alberta
McJannet, Mr. William L., 2nd Field Co., C.E., Toronto, Ontario
McKane, Mr. Francils R., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
McKay, Lt.-Col. Norman C., 73rd Bn., Campbellton, New Brunswick
McKay, Mrs. N. C., Campbellton, New Brunswick
McKay, Miss Helen J., Campbellton, New Brunswick
McKay, Mr. Edward D., 15th Bty., Toronto, Ontario
McKay, Mr. Wm., 28th Bn., Melfort, Saskatchewan
McKay, Mrs. Wm., Melfort, Saskatchewan
McKenzie, Mr. Robt., Roland, Manitoba
McKenzie, Mr. R. J., M.G.S., Fenwood, Saskatchewan
McKenzie, Mr. John H., Fenwood, Saskatchewan
McKeod, Mrs. A. D., St James, Manitoba
McKibbon, Mr. James E., 21st Bn, Trenton, Ontario
McKibbon, Mrs. J. E., Trenton, Ontario
McKinney, Mrs. Laura A., Norwood, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
McKinnon, Mrs. Edith M., Victoria, British Columbia
McKinnon, Miss A. Elizabeth, Barrie, Ontario
McKinnon, Mr. Chester L., 38th Bty., Toronto, Ontario
McKinnon, Mr. Malcolm, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
McKnight, Capt. J. Graham, 26th Bn., St John, New Brunswick
McKnight, Mrs. J. G., St John, New Brunswick
McKnight, Mrs. J. H., Ottawa, Ontario
McKnight, Mr. Robert G., Toronto, Ontario
McKnight, Mrs. Frances A., Big River, Saskatchewan
McLaghlan, Mr. Peter, 102nd Bn., Sudbury, Ontario
MCLarcn, Mrs. W. E., Montreal, Quebec
McLaren, Mr. Stanley S., 25th Bn., C.F.A., Almonte, Ontario
McLaren, Mr. Wm. E., 32nd C.F.A., Montreal, Quebec
McLauchlan, Lt.-Col. George D., 26th Bn., Owen Sound, Ontario
McLaurin, Mrs. C. C., Calgary, Alberta
McLean, Mrs. Russell, Calgary, Alberta
McLean, Mr. Joseph J., Gibbons, Alberta
McLean, Mrs. Rose, Imp., Vancouver, British Columbia
McLean, Mr. Geo., 27th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
McLean, Miss Ola M., Moore, Toronto, Ontario
McLean, Mr. David C., 14th R.M.R., Greenfield Park, Quebec
McLean, Mrs. David C., Greenfield Park, Quebec
McLean, Mr. Carroll D., 1st C.M.M.G. Bde. B. Bn., Regina, Saskatchewan
McLean, Mrs. C. D., Regina, Saskatchewan
McLeish, Miss Grace J., Hartney, Manitoba
McLellan, Mr. John, A. Bty., R.C.H.A., Vancouver, British Columbia
McLellan, Mrs. John, Vancouver, British Columbia
McLeod, Mrs. George O., Vancouver, British Columbia
McLeod, Angus, Winnipeg, Manitoba
McLeod, Mrs. Annie D., N.S., St James, Manitoba
McLeod, Dr. Thos. R., C.A.S.C., Muncey, Ontario
McLeod, Mrs. T. R., Muncey, Ontario
McLeod, Miss Barbara, Muncey, Ontario
McLeod, P.A., Toronto, Ontario
McMeenamon, Mrs. Mary A., St John, New Brunswick
McMahon, Mrs. Mary L., Brockville, Ontario
McMartin, Miss Marion, Franklin, Manitoba
McMaster, Mrs. D. A., Cookstown, Ontario
McMaster, Mr. David A., 28th Bn., Cookstown, Ontario
McMaster, Mr. Wilfrid, 2nd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
McMaster, Mr. Robert, 15th Bn., Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.
McMath, Mrs. Jessie, Fort William, Ontario
McMath, Miss Patricia, Fort William, Ontario
McMichael, Mrs. Mary, Birch Hills, Saskatchewan
McMinn, Mr. Robert J., Imp., Whitby, Ontario
McMullan, Mr. Robert, Imp., Westmount, Quebec
McMunn, Miss Frances E., Morden, Manitoba
McMurty, Major Alex. O., 1st Bde., C.F.A., Montreal, Quebec
McNab, Mrs. Jos. A., Calgary, Alberta
McNab, Rev. John, 2nd Div., C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
McNamara, Dr. Wesley C., 26th Bn., Lincoln, Maine, U.S.A.
McNamara, Mrs. W. O., Lincoln, Maine, U.S.A.
McNeil, Mr. James H., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
McNeill, Mrs. J. H., Toronto, Ontario
McNichol, Mr. Frederick G., 95th Bn., St John, New Brunswick
McNichol, Mrs. F. G., St John, New Brunswick
McNiven, Mr. Chas. H., 10th Bn. Cdn. C., London, Ontario
McNulty, Miss Jean, N.S., New York, New York, U.S.A.
McPherson, Mr. Donald, 72nd Bn., Victoria, British Columbia
McPherson, Mr. John A., Vancouver, British Columbia
McPherson, Mrs. J. A., Vancouver, British Columbia
McPherson, Mr. Robert, 9th C.F.A., St Catharines, Ontario
McPherson, Mr. Samuel, 6th C.F.A., St Catharines, Ontario
McPherson, Lt.-Col. Frederick S., Sig., Toronto, Ontario
McQuarrie, Mrs. O., Vancouver, British Columbia
McRae, Mr. William, 3lst Bty., Toronto, Ontario
McRitchie, Mrs. Lilly E., Vancouver, British Columbia
McSkimming, Mr. Thos W., 1st Siege Bty., Montreal South, Quebec
McVittie, Mr. James E. 1st Bty., Regina, Saskatchewan
McVittie, Mrs. J. E., Regina, Saskatchewan
Meadows, Susie A., Stewiacke, Nova Scotia
Meagher, Miss Mary H., Manotick, Ontario
Mears, Mr. Maurice R. D., Imp., Montreal, Quebec
Medforth, Mr. Geo. T., 4th C.E., Amherst, Nova Scotia
Medforth, Mrs. Isobelle M., V.A.D., Amherst, Nova Scotia
Medland, Mr. B. J., 17th Bn., London, Ontario
Medley, Miss Eileen, Edmonton, Alberta
Meekins, Mrs. J. O., Jr., N.S., Ottawa, Ontario
Meekins, Miss Violet A., Ottawa, Ontario
Meikle, Mr. George, 75th Bn., Brantford, Ontario
Mellors, Mrs. Clara, Vancouver, British Columbia
Melton, Mr. Geo. R. E., 21st Bn., Peterborough, Ontario
Melville, Mrs. Roy, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Melville, Rev. Roy, P.P.C.L.I., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Melville, Mr. Matthew, 38th C.F.A., San Pedro, California, U.S.A.
Melville, Mrs. M., San Pedro, California, U.S.A.
Mendham, Mrs. Charlotte, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Mendham, Miss Rose, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Menear, Mr. Wm. H., 2nd Div., C.A.S.C., Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.
Menear, Mrs. W. H., Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.
Menear, Miss Minnie, Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.
Menendez, Mr. Leo A., 72nd Bn., New Westminster, British Columbia
Menendez, Mrs. L. A., New Westminster, British Columbia
Mennie, Miss Joyce O., Ottawa, Ontario
Menzies, Major Albert P., 4th C.M.R., Ottawa, Ontario
Menzies, Mrs. Isabella, Ottawa, Ontario
Menzies, Dr. F. H., 9th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Menzies, Mrs. F. H., Toronto, Ontario
Menzies, Miss Mary., Toronto, Ontario
Menzies, Miss Margaret., Toronto, Ontario
Meredith, Mr. Bailey P., 5th C.M.R., Vancouver, British Columbia
Merrett, Mr. Lennett J., 8th C.E., Toronto, Ontario
Merrett, Mrs. L. J. ., Toronto, Ontario
Merrett, Miss Lilian M., Toronto, Ontario
Merser, Mr. Alfred J., 34th Bn., Kitchener, Ontario
Messenger, Mr. Harry, 1st C.M.M.G.C., Vancouver, British Columbia
Messenger, Miss Joanetta D., Vancouver, British Columbia
Messervier, Mr. E. T., 4th Bn., Noranda, Quebec
Messias, Mr. Bertie L., 4th C.M.G.C., Wolfville, Nova Scotia
Messias, Mrs. B. L., Wolfville, Nova Scotia
Metcalfe, Miss Eva, Viking, Alberta
Mewhort, Mr. Thos., 10th Field Co., North Battleford, Saskatchewan
Mewhort, Mrs. Thos., North Battleford, Saskatchewan
Miall, Capt. Edward, 2nd Bridging Transport, Ottawa, Ontario
Miall, Mrs. Edward, Ottawa, Ontario
Michas, Mr. Tom, 16th Can. Sc., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Middlehurst, Mr. Jas. W., 52nd Bn., Transcona, Manitoba
Middlehurst, Mrs. J. W., Transcona, Manitoba
Middlemore., Mr. Peter, 4th Bn., Windsor, Ontario
Midglev., Miss Winnifred. Ottawa., , Ontario
Midwinter, Capt. C. A., 226th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Midwinter, Mrs. C. A., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Midwinter, Miss. Joan, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Midwinter, Mrs. C. W., Roland, Manitoba
Midwinter, Mr. Chas. W., 78th Bn., Roland, Manitoba
Miell, Mr. Frank, C.M.S.C., Rocky Mt House, Alberta
Milady, Mr. Wm., 50th C.F., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Milady, Mrs. W., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Milburn, Mr. A. H. S., 7th Bty., Moncton, New Brunswick
Milburn, Mrs. A. H. S., Moncton, New Brunswick
Milks, Miss Helen M., Ottawa, Ontario
Milks Mrs. Hector M., Ottawa., , Ontario
Millar, Mr. George, 13th Black Watch, Verdun, Quebec
Millar, Mrs. Alicee M., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Millen, Mr. Wm. E., Imp., Canmore, Alberta
Miller, Mrs. Albert E., Edmonton, Alberta
Miller, Mrs. Ann D., Taber, Alberta
Miller, Miss Eileen, Taber, Alberta
Miller, Miss Dorothy M., Edmonton, Alberta
Miller, Miss Helen M., Calgary, Alberta
Miller, Mr. L. St. J., Calgary, Alberta
Miller, Mr. Alfred O., 2nd C.M.R., & 1st C.R.T., New Westminster, British Columbia
Miller, Mrs. A. O., New Westminster, British Columbia
Miller, Mr. Philip G., New Westminster, British Columbia
Miller, Mr. Donald, 100th & 107th an., Oakville, Manitoba
Miller, Mrs. Donald, Oakville, Manitoba
Miller, Miss Doreen E., Oakville, Manitoba
Miller, Miss Dawnalayne, Oakville, Manitoba
Miller, Mrs. Ethel M., Cypress River, Manitoba
Miller, Mr. Geo. E., 78th Bn., Bayfield, Nova Scotia
Miller, Mrs. G. E., Bayfield, Nova Scotia
Miller, Mr. James N., 5th Field 0O., Elmsdale, Nova Scotia
Miller, Mre. Marie., Brantford, Ontario
Miller, Mrs. Armour A., Toronto, Ontario
Miller, Miss Elizabeth M., Toronto, Ontario
Miller, Miss Isabella L., Toronto, Ontario
Miller, Mr. Thomas, 50th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Miller, Mr. Edward B., 78th Bn., Watrous, Saskatchewan
Miller, M13. E. B., Watrous, Saskatchewan
Miller, Mr. Edward C., Watrous, Saskatchewan
Miller, Mr. Ernest W., Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan
Miller, Miss Elizabeth, Newton, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Milligan, Miss Dorothy E., Calgary, Alberta
Milligan, Mr. James, C.F.C., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Milliken, Mr. John, 1st Bn., Stratford, Ontario
Mills, Miss Florence, N.S., Calgary, Alberta
Mills, Mr. Frederick O., 27th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Mills, Mr. John, C. E., St Thomas, Ontario
Mills, Miss Irene B., St Thomas, Ontario
Millward, Capt. A. E., C.M.G.C., Ottawa, Ontario
Millward, Mrs. A. E., Ottawa, Ontario
Milne, Mrs. Elizabeth M., Vernon, British Columbia
Milne, Miss Helen M., Vernon, British Columbia
Milton, Mrs. Fanny, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Milton, Mr. Edward, 15th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Minnis, Mrs. W., Bede, Manitoba
Misener, Mrs. L. C., Woodside, Nova Scotia
Misener, Mr. John S., Woodside, Ontario
Misener, Mrs. J. S., N.S., Woodside, Ontario
Misner, Mrs. N., San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
Mitchell, Mr. C. N. Sr., Vancouver, British Columbia
Mitchell, Mr. John F., Imp., Hamilton, Ontario
Mitchell, Miss Margaret, Hamilton, Ontario
Mitchell, Capt. C. N., V.C., Montreal, Quebec
Mitchell, Major George G., 23rd Bn., Lachute, Quebec
Mitchell, Mrs. G. G., Lachute, Quebec
Mitchell, Mr. Frederick J., Green Lake, Saskatchewan
Mitchell, Mrs. F. J., Green Lake, Saskatchewan
Mitchell, Mrs. Lucy, Strasbourg, Saskatchewan
Mitchell, Mr. Samuel, 5th Bn., Atwater, Saskatchewan
Mitchell, Mrs. S., Atwater, Saskatchewan
Mitchell, Mr. J. W., Merc. Marine, Ferndale, Michigan, U.S.A.
Mitchell, Mrs. J. W., Ferndale, Michigan, U.S.A.
Mitton, Miss Myrtle M., Moncton, New Brunswick
Moffatt, Mr. Alfred P., 3rd Div. S. Col. M.T., Hamilton, Ontario
Moggach, Mr. Wm., 18th Bn., Beachville, Ontario
Moir, Mr. Wm., 5th C. E., Vancouver, British Columbia
Moir, Mrs. Wm., Vancouver, British Columbia
Moir, Mr. Frederick G., Freelton, Ontario
Mole, Mr. John W., Calgary, Alberta
Monbourquette, Mr. Wm. J., 25th Bn., Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Moncrieff, Mr. Edward R., 1st C.M.R., Belleville, Ontario
Monie, Mr. David., Toronto, Ontario
Monk, Miss Martha J., N.S., R.A.M.C., Toronto, Ontario
Monk, Miss E. Louise., Toronto, Ontario
Monkman, Mrs. J. G., Vulcan, Alberta
Monkman, Miss Kathleen, Vulcan, Alberta
Monteith, Miss Margaret E., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Montgomery, Mrs. E. S., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Montgomery, Mr. Donald V., 43rd Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Montgomery, Mr. Geo. D., 4th Can. L. Bn., Cornwall, Ontario
Moodie, Miss Marcella, Kelowna, British Columbia
Moodie, Mr. Joseph R., C.E., St Thomas, Ontario
Moodie, Mrs. J. R., St Thomas, Ontario
Moody, Mr. Norman H., 8th Siege Bty., Calgary, Alberta
Moody, Mr. Ernest, 20th Bn., Windsor, Ontario
Moon, Mrs. Eliza, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Moon, Miss Lilie, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Mooney, Mr. Donald D., 1st M.G. Bn., Goderich, Ontario
Mooney, Mrs. D. D., Goderich, Ontario
Moore, Miss Jennie E., Calgary, Alberta
Moore, Mrs. L. M., Calgary, Alberta
Moore, Mr. A. D., 3rd Bn., Muncey, Ontario
Moore, Mrs. A. D., Muncey, Ontario
Moore, Mr. Keith, Muncey, Ontario
Moore, Miss M. I., Muncey, Ontario
Moore, Mrs. James, Paris, Ontario
Moore, Mrs. Lillie M., Perth, Ontario
Moore, Mr. Herbert S., 20th Bty., C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Moore, Mr. James, 48th C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Moore, Mrs. James., Toronto, Ontario
Moore, Mr. John W., Toronto, Ontario
Moore, Mr. John, 4th C.M.R., Toronto, Ontario
Moore, Mrs. John., Toronto, Ontario
Moore, Miss Betty., Toronto, Ontario
Moore, Mrs. Muriel A., Toronto, Ontario
Moore, Mrs. Mary, Lachine, Quebec
Moore, Mr. W. S., 16th Bty., C.F.A., Montreal, Quebec
Moore, Mrs. W. 8., Montreal, Quebec
Moore, Mr. Sidney E., Montreal, Quebec
Moore, Miss Amy M., Montreal, Quebec
Moore, Mr. John, 44th Bn., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Moore, Miss Doris, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Moore, Dr. M. R., Gales Ferry, Connecticut, U.S.A.
Moore, Mrs. M. R., Gales Ferry, Connecticut, U.S.A.
Moran, Mr. Walter, 21st Bn., Strathroy, Ontario
Morden, Mr. Herbert H., 21st Bty., C.F.A., North Vancouver, British Columbia
Morden, Mr. Thos. W., C.E., West Vancouver, British Columbia
Morgan, Mr. Wm. V., Toronto, Ontario
Morland, Mr. Robt. S., 10th Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Morland, Mrs. R. 8., Calgary, Alberta
Morland, Miss Joan, Calgary, Alberta
Morley, Mrs. H. L., Kamloops, British Columbia
Morley, Miss Mary, Kamloops, British Columbia
Morley, Miss Mona, Kamloops, British Columbia
Morley, Mrs. Bertha, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Morneault, Mr. Thaddee, 2nd Bn., Edmundston, New Brunswick
Morrell, Miss Ivy E., R.N., Edmonton, Alberta
Morris, Mr. Thos. E., 39th Bty., C.F.A., Lethbridge, Alberta
Morris, Mr. Thos., 16th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Morris, Lt.-Col. Clarence H., M.D., C.A.M.C., Windsor, Nova Scotia
Morris, Mr. Gilbert L., Windsor, Nova Scotia
Morris, Mrs. Ralph, Imperoyal, Nova Scotia
Morris, Miss Carolyn L., Ottawa, Ontario
Morris, Mr. C. S., 21st Bn, Ottawa, Ontario
Morris, Mrs. C. S., Ottawa, Ontario
Morris, Mr. David M., Imp., Hamilton, Ontario
Morris, Mr. Wm. E., 2nd T.C., London, Ontario
Morris, Capt. Chas. A., 11th C.E., Toronto, Ontario
Morris, Mrs. C. A., Toronto, Ontario
Morris, Mr. Hector B., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Morris, Mrs. H. B., Toronto, Ontario
Morris, Mr. Hubert M., C.M.G.C., Toronto, Ontario
Morris, Mrs. H. M., Toronto, Ontario
Morris, Mr. Robert, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Morris, Mr. Alfred J., C.S.C., Toronto, Ontario
Morrison, Mr. Wm. G., 2nd C.M.G.C., Calgary, Alberta
Morrison, Mr. \Vm. H., C.F.C., Calgary, Alberta
Morrison, Mrs. W. H., Calgary, Alberta
Morrison, Miss Jean, Calgary, Alberta
Morrison, Mr. Wm., Calgary, Alberta
Morrison, Mr. Arthur, Calgary, Alberta
Morrison, Mrs. Margaret L., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Morrison, Major Alfred S., T.M., Niagara Falls, Ontario
Morrison, Mrs. Emma, Imp., St Catharines, Ontario
Morrison, Miss Mary A., Ottawa, Ontario
Morrison, Miss Maye, Ottawa, Ontario
Morrison, Mr. David A., 102nd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Morrison, Miss Mae., Toronto, Ontario
Morrison, Mr. James, 52nd Bn., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
Morrison, Mrs. Jas., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
Morrow, Mr. Alfred, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Morton, Mrs. Mary A., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Morton, Mr. Arthur J., 14th P.W.O.R., Iroquois Falls, Ontario
Morton, Mr. Harold J., C.A.S.C., Kingston, Ontario
Morton, Mrs. May L., Toronto, Ontario
Moscrop, Mr. Arthur, 5th Bn., Peterborough, Ontario
Moseley, Miss Mabel C., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Mosher, Mr. Robt. G., 2nd Bn., Edmonton, Alberta
Mosher, Mrs. R. G., Edmonton, Alberta
Mosher, Miss Violet, Edmonton, Alberta
Mosher, Miss Winnifred, Edmonton, Alberta
Mosley, Mr. Martin A., Imp., Montreal, Quebec
Mossman, Mr. George. 16th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Mossman, Miss Nina, Vancouver, British Columbia
Mossman, Mr. Watkin, Vancouver, British Columbia
Mossman, Mr. Wm., Vancouver, British Columbia
Mossop, Mr. Jas. W., 4th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Motton, Mr. Frederick W., 24th V.R.C., Montreal, Quebec
Motton, Mrs. F. W., Montreal, Quebec
Mould, Mr. John F., 19th Bn., St Catharines, Ontario
Mould, Mrs. J. F., St Catharines, Ontario
Mould, Miss Constance, St Catharines, Ontario
Moulds, Mr. Cecil S., 51st Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Mounsey, Mr. Samuel, 5th C.M.R., Melville, Saskatchewan
Mowat, Mr. C. Smyth, 18th C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Mowat, Mrs. C. S., Toronto, Ontario
Moxarn, Mrs. Emma B., Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
Muggach, Mr. Wm., 3rd C.R.T., San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
Muggach, Mrs. W., San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
Muir, Mr. D. P., 3rd C.D.A.C., Red Deer, Alberta
Muir, Mr. Frank A., 173rd Bn., St Catharines, Ontario
Muir, Mr. George, C.A.M.C., Toronto, Ontario
Muir, Mr. James R., 48th Hldrs., Toronto, Ontario
Muir, Mr. Peter., Toronto, Ontario
Mullally, Mr. Tom J., P.P.C.L.I., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Mulligan, Miss Eleanor, White Plains , New York, U.S.A.
Mullins, Capt. F. F., 43rd Bn., C.F.A., Kitchener, Ontario
Muncie, Mrs. Sarah., Toronto, Ontario
Muncie, Mr. George R., Toronto, Ontario
Munday, Mrs. Jane E., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Munday, Miss Elenor M., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Munday, Mr. Samuel J., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Munday, Mr. Charles, P.P.C.L.I., Regina, Saskatchewan
Mundell, Mr. David L., 12th C.E., Erin, Ontario
Mundie, Mr. Alexander, Vancouver, British Columbia
Munn, Mrs. Margaret K., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Munro, Mr. David, 2nd Bn., Stereo, Alberta
Munro, Mr. Harry B., 43rd Bn., Swan River, Manitoba
Munro, Mrs. H. B., Swan River, Manitoba
Munro, Capt. Wm. E., C.A.M.C., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Munro, Mrs. W. E., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Munro, Mr. Albert 1., 5th C.E., Brockville, Ontario
Munro, Mr. Donald, Weston, Ontario
Munro, Mr. James J., 53rd Co., C.F.C., Weston, Ontario
Munro, Mrs. J. J., Weston, Ontario
Munro., Mrs. A. I., Brockville, Ontario
Munro., Miss Charlotte. Weston., , Ontario
Munroe, Miss Kate T., Havelock, Ontario
Murdie, Mr. Wm. C., 9th C.E., Ottawa, Ontario
Murdie, Mrs. Gladys, Ottawa, Ontario
Murdoch, Mr. Donald H., 66th C.F.A., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Murdoch, Mrs. Jane O., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Murdock, Miss Florence E., Amherst, Nova Scotia
Murdock, Mrs. H. W., Truro, Nova Scotia
Murdock, Mr. Stewart T., 6th Siege Bty., Westville, Nova Scotia
Murdock, Mrs. S. T., Westville, Nova Scotia
Murphy, Capt. Gerald D., 28th Bn., Edmonton, Alberta
Murphy, Mrs. Anastasia V., St John, New Brunswick
Murphy, Miss Helen T., Ottawa, Ontario
Murphy, Mr. Wm. H., 5th C.M.G.C., Ottawa, Ontario
Murphy, Mrs. A. L., Montreal, Quebec
Murphy, Mrs. Jennis C., West Newton, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Murray, Mr. James, 10th Bn., Marwayne, Alberta
Murray, Mrs. James, Marwayne, Alberta
Murray, Miss T., Edmonton, Alberta
Murray, Mr. Wm. J., Imp., Jasper, Alberta
Murray, Mr. Wm. H. W., Prince Rupert, British Columbia
Murray, Mr. Herman S., 26th Bn., Chatham, New Brunswick
Murray, Mrs. H. S., Chatham, New Brunswick
Murray, Capt. W. W., 2nd Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Murray, Mrs. W. W., Ottawa, Ontario
Murray, Mrs. Lillian R., Toronto, Ontario
Murray, Mr. Norman B., 111th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Murray, Mr. Robert W., D.A.C., Toronto, Ontario
Murray, Mrs. R. W., Toronto, Ontario
Murray, Mr. Wallace., Toronto, Ontario
Murray, Mr. Thomas, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Murray, Mr. William, 17th Bty., Toronto, Ontario
Murray, Mr. Charles E., 85th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Murray, Mrs. Nita D., Montreal, Quebec
Mutimer, Mr. C. H., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Mutimer, Mrs. C. H., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Mutimer, Mr. Ernest, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Muxworthy, Mr. Robt. D., 42nd Hlds., Medicine Hat, Alberta
Myer, Mr. Edward E., C.E.F., Toronto, Ontario

Nancarrow, Mr. Harold E., 36th C.F.A., Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.
Napper, Mr. Geo. A., Calgary, Alberta
Napper, Mrs. G. A., Calgary, Alberta
Napper, Mr. G. E., Imp., Calgary, Alberta
Napper, Mrs. G. E., Calgary, Alberta
Nash, Capt. Gerald E., R.A.F., Welland, Ontario
Nash, Mr. Gerald A., Welland, Ontario
Naylor, Mr. Clifford. P.P.C.L.I., Paris, Ontario
Naylor, Mrs. Clifford. Paris., , Ontario
Naylor, Mrs. Annie, Paris, Ontario
Naylor, Miss Jessie, Paris, Ontario
Neal, Mr. George, Imp., Englehart, Ontario
Neal, Mrs. Geo., Englehart, Ontario
Neal, Miss Florence, Englehart, Ontario
Neary, Mr. Luke, 152nd Field Co., R.E., Lethbridge, Alberta
Neeson, Mr. James, 1st C.D.A.C., Toronto, Ontario
Neeson, Mrs. James., Toronto, Ontario
Neil, Mr. Wm. E., 81st Bn., Coronation, Alberta
Neil, Mrs. W. E., Coronation, Alberta
Neil, Miss Rhoda B., Coronation, Alberta
Neill, Mr. Joseph, 25th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Neill, Mr. John, Imp., Montreal, Quebec
Neilson, Mr. William, M.G.C., Toronto, Ontario
Neilson, Mr. Alex., Imp., Detroit , Michigan, U.S.A.
Nelmes, Mrs. Emily, Westville, Nova Scotia
Nelson, Mr. John, 29th Bn., Victoria, British Columbia
Nelson, Miss Ruby, Sand Coulee, Montana, U.S.A.
Nesbitt, Capt. J. K., 14th R.M.R., La Tuque, Quebec
Nesbitt, Mrs. J. K., La Tuque, Quebec
Ness, Mr. John B., Imp., Montreal, Quebec
Ness, Mrs. J. B., Montreal, Quebec
Ness, Miss Ruth, Montreal, Quebec
Ness, Miss Joan, Montreal, Quebec
Netherton, Mrs. Mary, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Netherton, Miss Kathleen, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Netherton, Miss Patricia, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Netherton, Miss Caroline, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Newell, Mr. Harry R., C.E., Ottawa, Ontario
Newell, Mrs. H. R., Ottawa, Ontario
Newell, Mr. John R., Ottawa, Ontario
Newell, Miss Jocelyn A., Ottawa, Ontario
Newman, Mr. Alfred M., Imp., Sarnia, Ontario
Newman, Mr. Elgin T., 3rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Newport, Mr. Allan G., 49th Ed. Bn., Marsden, Saskatchewan
Nicholas, Mr. Harry J., Toronto, Ontario
Nicholls, Mr. David, Imp., Mossleigh, Alberta
Nicholls, Major Chas. McE., C.G.A., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Nicholls, Mr. Ernest E., 2nd Bn., Peterborough, Ontario
Nichols, Mr. Roy L., F.D. Bn., London, Ontario
Nicholson, Mrs. E. A., V.A.D., Reston, Manitoba
Nicholson, Mr. Wm., 10th C.F.A., St Catharines, Ontario
Nicholson, Miss Alexis A., Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S.A.
Nicholson, Miss Alice M., Quincy, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Nicholson, MiSs Jessie M., Quincy, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Nicol, Mr. H., 34th and 13th an., Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.
Nidd, Mr. Robert, C.E.F., Toronto, Ontario
Nippin, Miss Doris N. M., Calgary, Alberta
Nisbet, Mr. Cornelius E., 31st Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Nisbet, Mrs. C. F., Calgary, Alberta
Nisbet, Lt.-Col. Frederick J., C.E., St John, New Brunswick
Nixon, Mr. Albert H., 126th Bn., Brampton, Ontario
Nixon, Mrs. A. H., Brampton, Ontario
Nixon, Mr. John, Imp., Nipigon, Ontario
Nixon, Mr. Wm., 5th C.E., Timmins, Ontario
Nixon, Mrs. Wm., Timmins, Ontario
Nixon, Mr. Frederick C., 102nd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Nixon, Mrs. F. C., Toronto, Ontario
Nixon, Miss Charlotte 1., N.S., Montreal, Quebec
Nixon, Miss Anne K., Regina, Saskatchewan
Nixon, Mr. A. H., 4th C.F.A., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Nixon, Mrs. A. H., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Noakes, Mr. Wm., Brandon, Manitoba
Noble, Miss Florence E., Port Alberni, British Columbia
Noble, Mr. Robt. R., 27th Bn., St Vital, Manitoba
Noble, Mrs. R. R., St Vital, Manitoba
Noke, Mr. James, 216th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Nordquist, Mr. W. E., 27th Bn., Port Arthur, Ontario
Norman, Mr. Herbert W., 4th Bn., London, Ontario
Norman, Mrs. H. W., London, Ontario
Norman, Miss Dorohty, London, Ontario
Norman, Miss Sheila, London, Ontario
Norman, Major Ronald E., R.A.F., Toronto, Ontario
Norris, Maj. E. J. K., Toronto, Ontario
Norton, Mrs. Elizabeth., Toronto, Ontario
Noyes, Mr. F. W., 5th Field Amb., Belleville, Ontario
Nugent, Miss Anne, Hamilton, Ontario
Nye, Mr. Percy J., C.R.H., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Nye, Mr. Chas. E., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Nyland, Mr. John, Birken, British Columbia
Nyland, Mrs. John, Birken, British Columbia

O'Brien, Miss Laura, Berwyn, Alberta
O'Brien, Miss Martha, Jegerville, Alberta
O'Brien, Mr. Stephen, Berwyn, Alberta
O'Brien, Mrs. Stephen, Berwyn, Alberta
O'Brien, Mr. John A., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
O'Brien, Mr. John M., 2nd Div. Sig., Toronto, Ontario
O'Brien, Mr. George, Imp., Montreal, Quebec
O'Brien, Mr. Patrick. 73rd Bn., Montreal, Quebec
O'Brien, Mrs. P., Montreal, Quebec
O'Brien, Mr. Thos., 8th C.E., Montreal, Quebec
O'Brien, Mr. Edmund P., 75th B.E.F., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
O'Connell, Mr. Timothy J., 130th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
O'Connor, Major Austin, C.A.M.C., Ottawa, Ontario
O'Connor, Mr. Wm. H., 3rd C.A.S.C., San Jose, California, U.S.A.
O'Connor, Mrs. W. H., San Jose, California, U.S.A.
O'Donnell, Mr. Michael J., Montreal, Quebec
O'Donovan, Mr. Patrick, 130th Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
O'Gorman, Capt. The Rt. Rev. M. J., Chaplain Service, Edmonton, Alberta
O'Gorman, Capt. John R., 7th C.R.T., Timmins, Ontario
O'Keefe, Mr. Thomas J., 58th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
O'Neil, Mr. Wm. M., 2nd Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
O'Neil, Mrs. W. M., Ottawa, Ontario
O'Reilly, Mr. Melvin J., 38th Bn., Windsor, Ontario
O'Reilly, Mrs. M. J., Windsor, Ontario
O'Reilly, Mr. Robert, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
O'Sullivan, Mrs. Daisy, Strathmore, Quebec
Oakeley, Mr. James T. E., 238th C.F.C., Creston, British Columbia
Oastler, Mr. Alexander S., Can. R.R.T., Vancouver, British Columbia
Oddy, Mr. Richard St. J., 19th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Oddy, Mrs. R. St. J., Toronto, Ontario
Ogilvy, Mr. Alex 8., Imp., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Oke, Mr. C. W., C.A.M.C., Toronto, Ontario
Oke, Mrs. C. W., Toronto, Ontario
Oke, Mr. William., Toronto, Ontario
Oke, Mr. Maurice., Toronto, Ontario
Oke, Mr. John, C.R.T., Toronto, Ontario
Oligny, Mrs. Annie G., London, Ontario
Olivant, Mr. Chas. G., 5th C.M.R., London, Ontario
Oliver, Mr. Henry H., 107th Bn., Terrace, British Columbia
Oliver, Mr. Mervyn W., 39th Bty., C.F.A., Victoria, British Columbia
Oliver, Mrs. M. W., Victoria, British Columbia
Oliver, Dr. Joseph H., 116th Bn., Sunderland, Ontario
Oliver, Miss Bessie, Sunderland, Ontario
Oliver, Miss Emma O., Sunderland, Ontario
Oliver, Mr. Bruce, Sunderland, Ontario
Oliver, Capt. Douglas R., 18th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Oliver, Mrs. D. R., Toronto, Ontario
Oliver, Mr. William, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Oliver, Mr. David, Imp., Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Oliver., Mr. Thos. M., 10th Field Co., C.E., Franklin Centre, Quebec
Olmstead, Rev. Claude T., 26th Bn., Morrisonville, New York, U.S.A.
Olmstead, Mrs. C. T., Morrissonville, New York, U.S.A.
Olsen, Mr. Eric, C. E., Trail, British Columbia
Olsen, Mrs. Hilda E., Toronto, Ontario
Orchard, Mr. F. J. A., 1st C.C.B., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Orchard, Mr. Joseph, C.F.C., Trenton, Ontario
Ormerod, Mr. Henry, 3rd C.M.S. Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Orr, Mrs. Lucy, Steveston, British Columbia
Ortloff, Mr. E., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Osborne, Mr. Robert F., Vancouver, British Columbia
Osborne, Mr. Archie, 184th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Osborne, Mrs. A., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Osborne, Mr. Wm., 8th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Osler, Mrs. J. S., Queenstown, Alberta
Ottaway, Dr. Frank G., 58th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Owen, Rev. C. C., Vancouver, British Columbia
Owen, Mr. Levi R., 85th Bn., Berwick, Nova Scotia
Owen, Rev. Albert E., Unionville, Ontario
Owler, Mr. George O., 15th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Oxenham, Capt. Hugh W., 52nd Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba

Packer, Mr. John, 21st Bn., St Lambert, Quebec
Packham, Mr. Peter, Imp., Edmonton, Alberta
Packham, Mrs. Peter, Edmonton, Alberta
Packham, Miss Edith E. A., Edmonton, Alberta
Packman, Capt. Caleb H., 102nd Bn., Windsor, Ontario
Packman, Miss Isabel, Ottawa, Ontario
Padley, Mrs. Jonas G., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Page, Mr. Wm., 52nd Bn., Port Arthur, Ontario
Paget, Mr. Alfred J., 14th Bty., C.F.A., Windsor, Ontario
Pain, Mr. Francis A., 2nd C.M.R., Calgary, Alberta
Pain, Mrs. F. A., Calgary, Alberta
Pain, Miss Nancy H., Calgary, Alberta
Palmer, Mr. Eyre S., 1st Can. Pioneers, Peachland, British Columbia
Palmer, Mrs. Abigail, Goderich, Ontario
Palmer, Mr. Albert C., D.C.M., 1st C.M.R., Grimsby, Ontario
Palmer, Mr. Wilmer, 19th Bn., Tottenham, Ontario
Palmer, Mrs. W., Tottenham, Ontario
Palmer, Mr. Corden G., R.N.V.R., Regina, Saskatchewan
Palmer, Mrs. C. G., Regina, Saskatchewan
Palmer, Miss Versa, Regina , Saskatchewan
Paquet, Mr. J. F. A., 15th Bn., Bougainville, Quebec
Paradis, Mr. Louis J., 5th C.M.R., Montreal, Quebec
Park, Capt. Wm. B., Indian Army, Westmount, Quebec
Parker, Capt. Oswald R., R.N.R., Victoria, British Columbia
Parker, Mrs. O. R., Victoria, British Columbia
Parker, Capt. Wm. F., 64th Bn., Sussex, New Brunswick
Parker, Miss Mabel L., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Parker, Mr. Edgar P., 24th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Parker, Mr. Frank, 116th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Parker, Mr. George A., 2nd C. P., Toronto, Ontario
Parkes, Mr. Harold C., Imp., Prince Rupert, British Columbia
Parkes, Miss Ida, Norwich, Connecticut, U.S.A.
Parkes, Rev. Dr. Robt. H., 6th F.A., Norwich, Connecticut, U.S.A.
Parkes, Mrs. R. H., Norwich, Connecticut, U.S.A.
Parkhill, Mrs. E. W. L., Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Parkin, Mrs. Elizabeth A., Powell River, British Columbia
Parkin, Miss Margaret M., Powell River, British Columbia
Parkinson, Mr. Thos., 87th Bn., Walkerville, Ontario
Parrett, Mr. William., Toronto, Ontario
Parry, Mr. James H., 10th Bn., Regina, Saskatchewan
Parry, Mrs. J. H., Regina, Saskatchewan
Parry-Evans, Mrs. Maysel A., N.S., Prescott, Ontario
Parsons, Mr. Edward J., 1st Bde. Artillery, Smiths Falls, Ontario
Parsons, Mrs. E. J., Smiths Falls, Ontario
Parsons., Mr. Arthur E., 87th Bn., Galt, Ontario
Partridge, Mrs. Annie, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Pascoe, Mr. Chas. C., 103rd Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Pascoe, Mr. Claud A., King Edward's Horse., Toronto, Ontario
Patchell, Mr. R. A., K.C., C.E., Carleton Place, Ontario
Paterson, Mrs. Jean, Cadomin, Alberta
Paterson, Mr. John S., 72nd Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Paterson, Miss E. M., Guelph, Ontario
Paterson, Mr. Jesse G., 20th C.M.G.C., Toronto, Ontario
Paterson, Mrs. J. G., Toronto, Ontario
Paterson, Mr. George., Toronto, Ontario
Paton, Major Geo. MacD., 1st C.M.R., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Patrick, Mr. James, 5th C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Patten, Mr. Austin, 5th Bn., Birtle, Manitoba
Patterson, Mrs. Anna B., Wetaskiwin, Alberta
Patterson, Mrs. Margaret, Blairmore, Alberta
Patterson, Mr. Ralph V., 49th Bn., Vegreville, Alberta
Patterson, Mrs. R. V., Vegreville, Alberta
Patterson, Mr. Samuel J., 8th F.A., Calgary, Alberta
Patterson, Mrs. S. J., Calgary, Alberta
Patterson, Mr. Robt., Calgary, Alberta
Patterson, Miss Dorothy, Calgary, Alberta
Patterson, Mr. J. H., 44th Bn. & 4th C.M.G.C., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Patterson, Mrs. Gertrude, N.S., Imp., Hamilton, Ontario
Patterson, Mr. Wm. J., C.L.H., Regina, Saskatchewan
Pattison, Mr. Edward J., C.E., Regina, Saskatchewan
Paul, Mr. Percy W., C.M.G.C., Oak Lake, Manitoba
Paul, Mrs. P. W., Oak Lake, Manitoba
Paul, Miss Emily A., Oak Lake, Manitoba
Pavey, Mr. Alfred, 116th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Payne, Mrs. Nellie A., Creston, British Columbia
Payne, Mr. Sydney H., Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
Payne, Mrs. S. H., Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
Payne, Mr. Harry G., 1st Bn., Monkton, Ontario
Payne, Mr. John E., C.F.C., Toronto, Ontario
Payne, Mr. Thos. A., C.A.M.C., Montreal, Quebec
Payne, Mr. George W., 5th C.M.R., Webster Groves, Missouri, U.S.A.
Payne, Mrs. G. W., Webster Groves, Missouri, U.S.A.
Paynter, Mr. Chas. S., 2nd Bty., C.F.A., Ottawa, Ontario
Peach, Mr. Stanley A., 18th Bn., London, Ontario
Peach, Mrs. S. A., London, Ontario
Pearce, Mr. Wm. G., 4th Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Pearce, Mrs. W. G., Calgary, Alberta
Pearce, Mr. Wm. A. V., L.S.H., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Pearce, Mrs. W. A. V., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Pearce, Mrs. Frances E., Sussex, New Brunswick
Pearce, Miss Lorna, Sussex, New Brunswick
Pearce, Mr. Wm., Sussex, New Brunswick
Pearce, Mr. Wm. R., C.A.V.C., Montreal, Quebec
Pearce, Mr. Geo. E., 53rd Bn., Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Peart, Mr. W. E., 47th Bn., New Westminster, British Columbia
Peart, Mrs. W. E., New Westminster, British Columbia
Peattie, Mr. Wm., R.N., Noranda, Quebec
Peel, Mr. Reginald, R.E., Brownsburg, Quebec
Peel, Mr. Maxwell (7., 85th Bn., Whittier, California, U.S.A.
Pemberton, Mr. Albert, 2nd Bn., Mimico, Ontario
Pembroke, Lt.-Col. Harry E., P.P.C.L.I., Owen Sound, Ontario
Peneycad, Mr. John, 1231'd Bn., Mimico, Ontario
Penner, Mr. Oswald L., 58th Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Pennock, Mr. Ernest F., Elnora, Alberta
Penny, Mr. S. James, 171st Que. R., Corner Brook, Newfoundland
Pense, Lt.-Col. Henry E., 21st Bn, Kingston, Ontario
Penton, Mrs. Emily N., Brandon, Manitoba
Penton, Miss Norah E., Brandon, Manitoba
Perkin, Mrs. T. R., Toronto, Ontario
Perkins, Mr. Wm. B., 38th Bty., Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
Perkins, Mrs. W. B., Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
Perowne, Mr. George T. J., 47th & 16th Bn., North Vancouver, British Columbia
Perrett, Mr. Charles W., 75th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Perry, Mr. Henry, 13th L.R.Op. Corps, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Perry, Mrs. G. W., North Bay, Ontario
Perry, Mr. George, North Bay, Ontario
Perry, Mr. Arthur, North Bay, Ontario
Perry, Mr. Wm., 3rd Bn., Perth, Ontario
Perry, Mrs. Wm., Perth, Ontario
Perry, Mr. Wm. V., 21st Bn., Long Branch, Ontario
Perry., Mr. Leonard H., 1st Bn., Camp Borden, Ontario
Petch, Mrs. Eleanore E., N.S., Montreal, Quebec
Peters, Mrs. Helen S., Vernon, British Columbia
Peters, Mr. D., Wawanesa, Manitoba
Peters, Mr. Marshall B., 27th Bn., Wawanesa, Manitoba
Peters, Mrs. M. D., Wawanesa, Manitoba
Peters, Mrs. Susan., Toronto, Ontario
Petley, Mrs. P., Calgary, Alberta
Petley, Mr. Robt., 31st Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Petley, Mr. S. G., 50th Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Petrie, Miss Bessie., Toronto, Ontario
Pettit, Capt. P. S., 28th Bn., Strasbourg, Saskatchewan
Pheasant, Mr. Herbert, 18th Bn., Windsor, Ontario
Phelps, Mr. Thos. E., 27th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Phelps, Mrs. T. 13., Vancouver, British Columbia
Phelps, Mr. James W., Vancouver, British Columbia
Phillifant, Mr. Frederick, 2nd C.M.R., Vancouver, British Columbia
Phillips, Mrs. Mabel, West Vancouver, British Columbia
Phillips, Miss Beatrice M., West Vancouver, British Columbia
Phillips, Mr. Albert G., 27th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Phillips, Mrs. A. G., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Phillips, Mr. Harry G., 3rd C.F.A., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Phillips, Capt. Edmund M., 3rd C.D.T., Ottawa, Ontario
Phillips, Mr. Geo. A., 21st Bn, Cornwall, Ontario
Phillips, Mrs. G. A., Cornwall, Ontario
Phillips, Mr. Geo. H. R., 2nd Can. Pioneers, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Phillips, Mrs. G. H. R., Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Phillips, Mr. David, 28th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Phillips, Mrs. David., Toronto, Ontario
Phillips, Mr. David L., Toronto, Ontario
Phillips, Mr. Edward T., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Phillips, Mrs. E. T., Toronto, Ontario
Phillips, Mrs. S. H., Montreal, Quebec
Phillips, Mrs. Annie, Regina, Saskatchewan
Phillips, Mr. Edward, C.L.H.A., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Phillips, Miss Patricia M., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Phillips., Mr. Stephen H., 5th C.M.R., Montreal, Quebec
Philpott, Capt. P. J., 46th Bn., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Phinney, Mrs. Mary A., West St John, New Brunswick
Pickard, Mrs. Jean, Nelson, British Columbia
Pickard, Mr. Gordon, Nelson, British Columbia
Pickering, Mr. Thos. F., C.F.A., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Pickering, Mrs. T. F., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Pidduck, Mr. John R., R.P.C.L.I., Toronto, Ontario
Piggales, Mr. Joseph A., 116th Bn., London, Ontario
Pigott, Miss Marion, N.S., New York, New York, U.S.A.
Pike, Mr. Alfred O., 46th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Pilkington, Mr. John, 7lst C.F.C., St James, Manitoba
Pinkham, Capt. Wm. C. H., 27th Bn., St John, New Brunswick
Pinner, Mr. Bertie G., 1st Bn., Stratford, Ontario
Pinner, Mrs. B. G., Stratford, Ontario
Pinner, Miss Josephine M., Stratford, Ontario
Pinner, Miss Carol B., Stratford, Ontario
Piper, Mr. John J., R.F.A., Canmore, Alberta
Pippin, Mr. S. J., C.E., Montreal, Quebec
Pirie, Mrs. Mary, Langdon, Alberta
Pitchford, Mr. A. J., C.F.A., Vancouver, British Columbia
Pitman, Mr. Henry C., R.F.C., Alameda, California, U.S.A.
Pitman, Mrs. H. C., Alameda, California, U.S.A.
Pizzey, Mr. Joseph, 1st Bn., Brantford, Ontario
Pizzey, Mrs. Joseph Brantford., , Ontario
Pizzey, Miss Edna, Brantford, Ontario
Pizzey, Mr. Samson, 1st Bn., Brantford, Ontario
Pizzey, Mrs. Samson, Brantford, Ontario
Pizzey, Miss Fern, Brantford, Ontario
Plamondon, Mr. Emilien, Imp., North Bay, Ontario
Planche, Dr. Henry H., Imp., Vancouver, British Columbia
Planche, Mrs. H. H., Vancouver, British Columbia
Planche, Miss Dorothy, Vancouver, British Columbia
Platt, Mr. Arthur V., Shell Lake, Saskatchewan
Plint, Mr. John H., R.C.N.V.R., Prince Rupert, British Columbia
Plowman, Mr. Arthur W., Can. Cyclists, Victoria, British Columbia
Plunkett, Mrs. Hector A., Montreal, Quebec
Pollard, Mr. Frederick E., 10th C.F.A., Essondale, British Columbia
Pollard, Mr. Richard J., 47th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Pollitt, Miss Annie, N.S., Imp., Medicine Hat, Alberta
Pollitt, Miss Ellen, N.S., Imp., Medicine Hat, Alberta
Pollitt, Mr. Nicholas T., Medicine Hat, Alberta
Pomeroy, Mr. Stanley (3., 16th Bn., Alameda, California, U.S.A.
Pomeroy, Mrs. S. C., Alameda, California, U.S.A.
Poole, Mr. Harry, 7th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Pope, Mr. Chas. L., 244th Bn., 5th C.M.R., 3rd C.S.C., Farnham, Quebec
Popham, Mr. John O., 16th Bn., New Westminster, British Columbia
Poppelwell, Mr. William, 19th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Porter, Mrs. John, W.A.A.C., Calgary, Alberta
Porter, Mr. Reginald S. N., 48th Bn., Victoria, British Columbia
Porter, Mrs. R. S. N., Victoria, British Columbia
Porter, Mr. F. E., 5th C.M.R., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Porter, Mrs. F. E., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Porter, Mr. Frank, P.P.C.L.I., Toronto, Ontario
Porter, Mrs. Frank., Toronto, Ontario
Porter, Geo. M., Toronto, Ontario
Porter, Mr. George, 44th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Porter, Mr. Henry, 33rd Bty., Toronto, Ontario
Porter, Mrs. Henry., Toronto, Ontario
Porter, Mr. Samuel, 3rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Porter, Miss Margaret Y., Montreal, Quebec
Potter, Mr. Charles, 4th C.F.A., Vancouver, British Columbia
Potter, Mr. G. R. L., 13th Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Potter, Mr. Raymond G. B., 16th C.F.A., London, Ontario
Potts, Mrs. T. E., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Potts, Mr. Thos. E., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Poupore, Lt.-Col. Albert G., 75th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Powell, Mrs. Dorothy, Vancouver, British Columbia
Powell, Mr Henry T., 1st Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Powell, Mr. A. T., Siberian Ammun. Column, Brownsburg, Quebec
Powers, Miss Sadie M., Toronto, Ontario
Poyser, Mr. Harold, 5th C.G.A., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Pozer, Mrs. M. S., Ericsdale, Manitoba
Pozer, Mrs. P. E., Ericksdale, Manitoba
Pozer, Mr. Reed, Ericksdale, Manitoba
Prater, Mr. E. C., Toronto, Ontario
Pratt, Mr. R. B., 31st Bn., Medicine Hat, Alberta
Pratt, Mr. John, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Pratt, Mrs. John., Toronto, Ontario
Pratt, Mr. John, Imp., East Angus, Quebec
Pratt., Miss Doreen., Toronto, Ontario
Preston, Mrs. Henry G., Calgary, Alberta
Preston, Rev. Alfred J., 116th Bn., Keene, Ontario
Preston, Mrs. A. J., Keene, Ontario
Preston, Mr. Edwin E., 13th C.M.G.C., Vankleek Hill, Ontario
Pretty, Mr. Alfred, C.E., Claremont, Ontario
Prewett, Mr. Francis, Imp., Pioneer Mine, British Columbia
Price, Mrs. Olive M., Calgary, Alberta
Price, Mr. Llewellyn T., R.C.D., Vaucouver, British Columbia
Price, Mrs. L. T., Vancouver, British Columbia
Price, Mr. Trevor O., Vancouver, British Columbia
Price, Mr. Frederick F., R.C.R., Toronto, Ontario
Price, Miss Eunice 113., Montreal, Quebec
Price-Hughes, Mrs. Lottie, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Pridham, Col. Edwin A., 1st C.M.R., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Pridham, Mrs. E. A., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Priestley, Mr. Harry, C.A.S.C., Vancouver, British Columbia
Prior, Mr. Francis A., 20th Bn., North Bay, Ontario
Prissick, Mr. Wilfred W., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Prissick, Mrs. W. W., Toronto, Ontario
Prissick, Miss Myra E., Toronto, Ontario
Pritchard, Mr. Ernest, C.A.D.C-, Toronto, Ontario
Probert, Mr. Stanley W., R.I.F, R.S., Manc. Regt., Ottawa, Ontario
Proctor, Miss Ida M., Ottawa, Ontario
Profit, Mr. S. B., 11th Siege Bty., Sussex, New Brunswick
Prosser, Mr. Howard T. V., 102nd R.A.F., Vancouver, British Columbia
Provan, Mrs. Catherine, Montreal, Quebec
Province, Mr. Samuel J., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Province, Mrs. S. J., Toronto, Ontario
Province, Miss Eileen., Toronto, Ontario
Province, Miss Eleanor., Toronto, Ontario
Province, Mr. S. J., Toronto, Ontario
Prowse, Mr. Louis F., 44th Bn., Marblehead, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Puckett, Mr. John W. 3rd Div., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Puckett, Mrs. J. W., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Pue, Major Frederick J., 12th C.M.R., Vancouver, British Columbia
Pugh, Mr. Wesley G., 12th C.R.T., Stratford, Ontario
Purkis, Mr. Cecil, R.C.R., Preston, Ontario
Purkis, Mrs. Cecil, Preston, Ontario
Puzey, Mr. Cedric J., 49th Bn., Red Deer, Alberta
Puzey, Mrs. C. J., Red Deer, Alberta
Pyatt, Mrs. 8., Fort William, Ontario
Pye, Mr. Edwin, 5th Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Pyke, Mrs. Lucy., Toronto, Ontario
Pyle., Mrs. Hannah., Toronto, Ontario
Pyper, Mr. Charles B., 15th R.I.F., Toronto, Ontario

Quigg, Miss Catherine, Berwyn, Alberta
Quigley, Mrs. M., Vancouver, British Columbia
Quigley, Miss Mary E., N.S., Vancouver, British Columbia
Quigley, Miss Alice M., Vancouver, British Columbia
Quigley, Miss Emma M., Vancouver, British Columbia
Quinn, Mr. Wm., 14th Bn., St Anne de Bellevue, Quebec

Rabbitt, Mr. Thomas, 9th Siege Bty., R.C.G.A., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Rabnett, Mr. Anthony A., C.A.F., Ottawa, Ontario
Rabnett, Mrs. A. A., Ottawa, Ontario
Rabnett, Mr. Jerome E., Ottawa, Ontario
Radburn, Mr. Alfred G., 14th C.A.M.C., Toronto, Ontario
Radcliffe, Mr. Thomas M., Imp., New Westminster, British Columbia
Rae, Mr. John R., 10th Bn., Edgerton, Alberta
Rae, Mr. Wm. J., 15th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Rae, Miss Mona., Toronto, Ontario
Rae., Mrs. W. J., Toronto, Ontario
Rahal, Mrs. Winifred E., Fernie, British Columbia
Rajotte, Mr. Henry G., 2nd Field Co., C.E., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Ramsden, Mr. Samuel, 29th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Ramsey, Mrs. C. W. P., Ottawa, Ontario
Ramsey, Miss Dorothea E., Ottawa, Ontario
Ramsey, Mr. John, Ottawa, Ontario
Rance, Rev. John, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Rancourt, Mrs. Lea, Quebec, Quebec
Randall, Mrs. Elizabeth, Fort William, Ontario
Randles, Mr. A., The King's (Liverpool) Regt., Montreal, Quebec
Rankin, Miss Eva, Fort William, Ontario
Ransom, Mr. Algernon F., 3rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Raspin, Mr. Joseph, 2nd M.M.G.C., Toronto, Ontario
Raspin, Mrs. Joseph., Toronto, Ontario
Ratcliffe, Mr. Wem. A., P.P.C.L.I:, Whitby, Ontario
Rath, Col. The Hon. Fred. J., Utica, New York, U.S.A.
Rathbone, Mr. John E., 25th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Rattew, Mr. Arthur O., 4th C.M.R., Frederickhouse, Ontario
Ravelle, Mrs. Margaret A., N.S., Toronto, Ontario
Ravesteyn, Mr. Wm. A., C.A.M.C., Calgary, Alberta
Ravesteyn, Mrs. W. A., Calgary, Alberta
Ravesteyn, Miss Audrey, Calgary, Alberta
Rawson, Mrs. Violet, Edmonton, Alberta
Rawson, Mr. George, Edmonton, Alberta
Ray, Mr. Hector G., 43rd Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Ray, Mr. Arthur C., 2nd T.M., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Raymond, Mrs. Arthur E., Woodstock, New Brunswick
Rayner, Miss Alice V., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Read, Mr. Horace, Ottawa, Ontario
Read, Mrs. Horace, Ottawa, Ontario
Read, Mr. Donald, 6th C.S.R., Saginaw, Michigan, U.S.A.
Read, Mr. Herbert, 24th Bn., Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.
Read, Mrs. Herbert, Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.
Reason, Mr. Felix G., 4th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Reavie, Mr. D. F., Rocanville, Saskatchewan
Reavill, Mr. Robert F., Imp., Vancouver, British Columbia
Reay, Mrs. Catharine, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Reay, Mrs. Hannah, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Reay, Mr. James, 9th Siege Bty., R.C.G.A., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Reburn, Mr. C. L., 164th &. 116th an., Toronto, Ontario
Reburn, Mrs. C. L., Toronto, Ontario
Redden, Mrs. Elizabeth, Port Arthur, Ontario
Redden, Miss Ida, Port Arthur, Ontario
Reddon, Mr. Richard A., 50th Bn., Olds, Alberta
Redfern, Mr. Wesley B., 9th Field Co. C.E., Toronto, Ontario
Redfern, Mrs. W. B., Toronto, Ontario
Redfern, Miss Marian., Toronto, Ontario
Redfern, Miss Jean., Toronto, Ontario
Redfern, Miss Barbara., Toronto, Ontario
Redfern, Mr. Donald., Toronto, Ontario
Redford, Capt. Geo. A., C.F.A., Rouyn, Quebec
Redwood, Mr. W. J. M., 116th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Reed, Mrs. Helen L., London, Ontario
Reed, Mr. John R., 60th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Reed, Mrs. J. R., Toronto, Ontario
Rees, Miss Margaret G., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Rees, Mr. Joseph, 11th Bty., C.F.A., Hamilton, Ontario
Reeson, Mrs. Elizabeth, Regina, Saskatchewan
Reeve, Mr. Ernest V., R.A.S.C., Banff, Alberta
Reeve, Mr. Leonard J., Banff, Alberta
Reeves, Mr. Jas., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Reeves, Mrs. Jas., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Reeves, Mr. Dave W., 107th Bn., Englehart, Ontario
Reeves, Mrs. D. W., Englehart, Ontario
Reeves, Mr. Walford D., Englehart, Ontario
Reid, Miss Helen F., Edmonton, Alberta
Reid, Mr. Jas. S., 50th Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Reid, Mrs. J. S., Calgary, Alberta
Reid, Mr. Andrew C., Qualicum Beach, British Columbia
Reid, Mr. Allan B., 8th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Reid, Mr. Harry M., C.A.M.C., St Vital, Manitoba
Reid, Mr. John R., 8th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Reid, Miss Ruby, Ninette, Manitoba
Reid, Mrs. Sarah, Ninette e, Manitoba
Reid, Capt. Frederick L., M.D., C.A.M.C., Trenton, Ontario
Reid, Mr. John R., 33rd Bty., Hamilton, Ontario
Reid, Mr. Robt W., 1st Bn., Hamilton, Ontario
Reid, Mr. Thos. J., 19th Bn., Hamilton, Ontario
Reid, Mr. Wm., 87th Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Reid, Mr. Wm., R.E., Windsor, Ontario
Reid, Capt. A. M., 1st Field Co., C.E., Toronto, Ontario
Reid, Mr. Harry., Toronto, Ontario
Reid, Mr. Charles, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Reid, Mrs. Charles., Toronto, Ontario
Reid, Mr. Samuel, 3rd Field Co., C.E., Toronto, Ontario
Reid, Mr. C. Dixon, C.A.M.C., Montreal, Quebec
Reid., Mr. Alex, 53rd C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Reilly, Mr. Hugh J., D.A.C., Welland, Ontario
Reilly, Mrs. H. J., Welland, Ontario
Reilly, Mr. John D., 21st Bn, Toronto, Ontario
Reilly, Mrs. Kathleen, Montreal, Quebec
Relf, Mr. John, 4th C.M.R., Toronto, Ontario
Rendell, Mrs. Florence G., Victoria, British Columbia
Rendell, Miss Hilda M., Victoria, British Columbia
Render, Mrs. Margaret, Medicine Hat, Alberta
Revoy, Mr. Frederick R., 33rd Bty., Peterborough, Ontario
Rew, Mrs. Arthur H., Swansea, Ontario
Reynolds, Mr. George, 3rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Reynolds, Mr. Frederick, 21st C.F.C., Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
Reynolds, Miss Alice, Flint, Michigan, U.S.A.
Rhude., Master Harry B., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Rhude., Mr. Samuel B., 8th Bde., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Riach, Mrs. Margaret, M.G., Montreal, Quebec
Rice, Mr. Fred C. W., 27th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Rice, Mrs. F. C. W., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Rice, Miss Muriel J., Ottawa, Ontario
Rice, Mr. Stanley, 5th Bn., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Rice, Mr. Duncan, C.A.M.C., Kalamazoo, Michigan, U.S.A.
Rice, Mrs. Duncan, Kalamazoo, Michigan, U.S.A.
Rice, Mr. Robt. L., 3rd C.S.B., Larchmont, New York, U.S.A.
Rice, Mrs. R. L., Larchmont, New York, U.S.A.
Richards, Mr. Jim L., C.F.C., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Richards, Mr. James T., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Richards, Mrs. J. T., Toronto, Ontario
Richards, Mrs. Mary K., Toronto, Ontario
Richardson, Miss Alice P., Vancouver, British Columbia
Richardson, Mr. D., Chilliwack, British Columbia
Richardson, Mr. David, 16th Bn., Can. Scottish, Chilliwack, British Columbia
Richardson, Mrs. Mary P., Chilliwack, British Columbia
Richardson, Mrs. R. P., Sarnia, Ontario
Richardson, Mr. Albert J., 75th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Richardson, Mrs. Jean M., Toronto, Ontario
Richardson, Mr. Stephen E., 124th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Richardson, Mrs. S. E., Toronto, Ontario
Richardson, Mr. C. E., 10th Siege Bty., Brownsburg, Quebec
Richardson, Mrs. C. E., Brownsburg, Quebec
Richardson, Mr. Alfred V., 3rd Bn., Chicago, Illinios, U.S.A.
Riches, Mr. Arthur, 16th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Riches, Mrs. A., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Ricks, Mr. Frederick K., Imp., Montreal, Quebec
Ricks, Mrs. F. K., Montreal, Quebec
Riddell, Mr. Alexander, 1st C.P., Edmonton, Alberta
Riddell, Mrs. A., Edmonton, Alberta
Riddell, Mr. Jas. D., 67th Bn., Victoria, British Columbia
Riddell, Mr. Wm. G., London, Ontario
Riddell, Mr. Angus N., London, Ontario
Riddell., Mr. Wm., 1st C.M.R., London, Ontario
Ridgway, Mr. Tom, 9th Bty., C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Ridgway, Mrs. Tom., Toronto, Ontario
Rigden, Mr. Edward H., Imp., Vancouver, British Columbia
Riley, Mrs. Edith, Vancouver, British Columbia
Riley, Mr. Walter H. E, 38th Bn., Westboro, Ontario
Riley, Mrs. W. H. F., Westboro, Ontario
Riley, Mr. Joseph F., C.A.M.C., Toronto, Ontario
Riley, Mrs. J. F., Toronto, Ontario
Riley, Miss Josephine., Toronto, Ontario
Riley, Miss Dora C., Toronto, Ontario
Riley, Mr. Francis J., 13th Bn., Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.
Rimmer, Mrs. Margaret, Hamilton, Ontario
Rimmer, Mr. Arthur, 2nd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Rinehart, Mrs. Mary., Toronto, Ontario
Rinn, Mrs. Harry, R.C.D., Tottenham, Ontario
Rinn, Mrs. Harry, Tottenham, Ontario
Risser, Mr. John J. E., Riverport, Nova Scotia
Ritchie, Mr. Hugh, 2nd Bn., Neepawa, Manitoba
Ritchie, Miss Edythe A., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Ritchie, Miss Jane., Toronto, Ontario
Ritz, Mr. Harry E, 78th Bn., Drumheller, Alberta
Robb, Capt. The Rev. Andrew D., C.P.N.L., Oshawa, Ontario
Robb, Mr. Thos. W., Imp., Chippawa, Ontario
Robbins, Miss Christine, Chilliwack, British Columbia
Roberts, Mr. James, 29th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Roberts, Mr. Geo. W., 36th Bty., C.F.A., Sydney, Nova Scotia
Roberts, Mr. Stanley W., Sydney, Nova Scotia
Roberts, Mr. Edward T., 73rd R. Hldrs., St Catharines, Ontario
Roberts, Mr. Alfred T., 85th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Roberts, Mrs. A. T., Toronto, Ontario
Roberts, Mr. Fred., Toronto, Ontario
Roberts, Mrs. Mary., Toronto, Ontario
Roberts, Miss Norah, R. N., Toronto, Ontario
Roberts, Miss Pansy E., N.S., C.G.H., Toronto, Ontario
Roberts, Mr. Thomas J., 5th C.D.A.C., Toronto, Ontario
Roberts, Mrs. Ethel, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Roberts, Mr. George, 38th Bn., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Roberts, Mrs. George, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Roberts, Mr. Richard, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Roberts, Miss Evelyn, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Roberts, Mr. Emrys, 5th C.M.R., New York, New York, U.S.A.
Roberts, Mrs. E., New York, New York, U.S.A.
Roberts., Mrs. E. T., St Catharines, Ontario
Robertson, Miss Margaret, Calgary, Alberta
Robertson, Mr. Robt., C.A.S., Calgary, Alberta
Robertson, Mrs. Robt., Calgary, Alberta
Robertson, Mr. Arthur, C.F.C., Massett, British Columbia
Robertson, Mrs. Arthur, Massett, British Columbia
Robertson, Mr. Robert, R.A.F., Vancouver, British Columbia
Robertson, Miss Gladys M., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Robertson, Miss Jean, Alonsa, Manitoba
Robertson, Mr. L. V., R.C.R., Shelburne, Nova Scotia
Robertson, Mrs. L. V., Shelburne, Nova Scotia
Robertson, Capt. A. M., C.E., Ottawa, Ontario
Robertson, Mr. Stuart, 3rd M.G., Bn., Drayton, Ontario
Robertson, Mrs. Annie., Toronto, Ontario
Robertson, Mr. Charles, 6th Black Watch., Toronto, Ontario
Robertson, Mr. Mathew, C.A.D.C., Indian Head, Saskatchewan
Robins, Mr. R. L., Brantford, Ontario
Robinson, Miss Bessie A., Vancouver, British Columbia
Robinson, Mr. Tom, I.D.B.M., Man. Regt., Dugald, Manitoba
Robinson, Mrs. Tom, Dugald, Manitoba
Robinson, Mrs. Ella L., Windsor, Ontario
Robinson, Mr. Joseph W., P.P.C.L.I., London, Ontario
Robinson, Mrs Mildred D., Port Arthur, Ontario
Robinson, A. A., C.E.F., Toronto, Ontario
Robinson, Mr. Clifford, 3rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Robinson, Mr. Henry S., 8th Bde., Toronto, Ontario
Robinson, Mr. Thomas A., C.A.G.S., Toronto, Ontario
Robinson, Mrs. Isabel., Toronto, Ontario
Robinson, Mr. W. E., C.M.R., Toronto, Ontario
Robinson, Mr. David M., 14th Bn., Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Robinson, Mrs. David M., Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Robson, Mr. David, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Robson, Mr. Mark, C.A.D.C., Montreal, Quebec
Roche, Mr. James J., R.N.C.V.R., Montreal, Quebec
Roche, Mrs. Alice M., Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
Rochester, Mr. G. H., C.E., Ottawa, Ontario
Rochon, Mr. David, 79th Bty., Montreal, Quebec
Rochon, Mr. Jean 13., 10th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Rockcliff, Mr. James, Imp., Swan River, Manitoba
Roddick, Mrs. Minnie, New Westminster, British Columbia
Roddis, Mr. Albert E., 3rd Can. Pioneers, Pouce Coupe, British Columbia
Roddis, Mrs. A. E., Pouce Coupe, British Columbia
Rodger, Mr. James, C.M.G.C., Morley, Alberta
Rodger, Mrs. Jas., Morley, Alberta
Rodger, Miss Margaret W., Morley, Alberta
Rodger, Mr. John R., R.A.F., Kitscoty, Alberta
Rodger, Mrs. J. R., Kitscoty, Alberta
Rodger, Miss Lois, Kitscoty, Alberta
Rodriguez, Mr. P., 2nd C.M.G.C., Montreal, Quebec
Roe, Mr. A. S. R., 5th Siege Bty., St John, New Brunswick
Roe, Mrs. Sarah, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Roff, Mrs. Florence, Alberni, British Columbia
Roger, Mr. Andrew J., 24th Bn., Willen, Manitoba
Roger, Mrs. A. J., Willen, Manitoba
Rogers, Mrs. A. L., Calgary, Alberta
Rogers., Mr. Geo. E., C.E.M.T., Riverside, Ontario
Rolfe, Mr. Emrys, Vancouver, British Columbia
Rolfe, Mrs. Emrys, Vancouver, British Columbia
Rolfe, Master Alun, Vancouver, British Columbia
Rolfe, Mr. Wm., 6th F.C.C.E., Vancouver, British Columbia
Rolfe, Mr. Chas. A., C.L.H., Wawota, Saskatchewan
Rolfe, Mrs. C. A., Wawota, Saskatchewan
Rolland, Major Henry D., 87th C.G.G., Ottawa, Ontario
Rolls, Mr. Albert, C.A.S.C., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Rolph, Mr. Frank G., 38th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Ronahan, Mrs. Evelyn H., Edmonton, Alberta
Ronahan, Miss Madge E., Edmonton, Alberta
Roney, Mr. Basil O., 6th C.R.T., Kapuskasing, Ontario
Roper, Mr. Alfred, 13th Bn., Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia
Roper, Major John S., K.C., M.C., 85th Bn., Nova Scotia
Rorke., Lt.-Col. Herbert V., 20th Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Rosamund, Miss D., Oakville, Ontario
Roscoe, Coi. B. W., 26th Bn., Kentville, Nova Scotia
Roscoe, Mr. Ronald W., Kentville, Nova Scotia
Rose, Mr. Alfred W., 3rd Can. Div. Train, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Rose, Mrs. A. W., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Rose, Miss Catherine C., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Rose, Mr. Judson W., 25th Bn., Sackville, New Brunswick
Rose, Mr. Alexander C., 36th Bn., Sarnia, Ontario
Rose, Mr. George E., C.A.M.C., Toronto, Ontario
Ross, Mr. Geo. H., 10th Bn., Craigmyle, Alberta
Ross, Dr. Herbert, C.A.D.C., Rocky Mt House, Alberta
Ross, Mrs. Lillie M., Edmonton, Alberta
Ross, Miss H. M. Mary, Edmonton, Alberta
Ross, Mr. Wm. W., 85th Bn., Mulgrave, Nova Scotia
Ross, Mrs. W. W., Mulgrave, Nova Scotia
Ross, Mr. Alex, Imp., Prescott, Ontario
Ross, Dr. Chas. B., Can. Sig. Corps, Gravenhurst, Ontario
Ross, Mrs. C. B., Gravenhurst, Ontario
Ross, Capt. Alexander P., 18th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Ross, Miss Marjorie, N.S., 3rd C.G.H., Montreal, Quebec
Ross, Brig-Gen. Alex., 61h Inf. Bde., Yorkton, Saskatchewan
Ross, Mrs. Alex., Yorkton, Saskatchewan
Rosser, Mr. G. L., R.C.D. and R.E., Ottawa, Ontario
Rossiter, Mr. Eric T., 7th Bn., Tacoma, Washington, U.S.A.
Rotherham, Mr. Edward J., 54th Bn., Princeton, British Columbia
Rotherham, Mrs. E. J., Princeton, British Columbia
Rothnie, Mrs. Ann E., Vancouver, British Columbia
Rothwell, Miss Susie, Lanark, Ontario
Roumbanis, Mr. Demetrius C., French Army., Toronto, Ontario
Round, Mr. Arthur J. M., C.F.C., Calgary, Alberta
Round, Mrs. A. J. M., Calgary, Alberta
Round, Miss Joan, Calgary, Alberta
Round, Miss Barbara, Calgary, Alberta
Round, Master Geoffrey, Calgary, Alberta
Round, Master Robert, Calgary, Alberta
Round, Mrs. Caroline, Montreal, Quebec
Round, Mr. Edmund, 87th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Routh, Mr. Albert, 78th Win. Gren., Lethbridge, Alberta
Routh, Mr. Albert G., Lethbridge, Alberta
Routley, Mr. Frank S., C.E., Toronto, Ontario
Rowe, Mr. John W., 15th Bn., GaIt, Ontario
Rowe, J. W., Galt, Ontario
Rowland, Mr. John W., Div. Sig., Toronto, Ontario
Rowland, Mr. Wm. O., 4th Field Co., C.E., Kindersley, Saskatchewan
Rowley, Mr. Frank, Imp., London, Ontario
Rowley, Mrs. Frank, London, Ontario
Rowley, Mr. Ronald W., London, Ontario
Rowley, Miss Mary E., London, Ontario
Roxborough, Mr. Ebenezer S., 140th & 60th Bns., St John, New Brunswick
Roy, Miss Jean L., Ottawa, Ontario
Roy, Miss Marjorie T., Ottawa, Ontario
Roy, Mr. Geo. E., 7th Bn., C.R.T., Weyburn, Saskatchewan
Royle, Mr. Thomas, 58th Bn., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Royle, Mrs. Thos., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Ruddick, Mr. Wm. M., C.A.S.C., Weston, Ontario
Ruddy, Mr. W. W., Hanna, Alberta
Rump, Miss Violet M., Wetaskiwin, Alberta
Rundle, Mr. John W., 28th Bn., Sherridon, Manitoba
Russell, Miss M. J., Sussex, New Brunswick
Russell, Mr. Geo. A., 4th C.M.R., Newmarket, Ontario
Russell, Dr. Geo. A., C.A.M.C., Canfield, Ontario
Russell, Mrs. G. A., Canfield, Ontario
Russell, Mr. Milton O., 27th Bn., Markham, Ontario
Russell, Mr. James, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Ruston, Mr. Walter, 38th Bn., Renfrew, Ontario
Rutherford, Mrs. Dellmarion, Blenheim, Ontario
Rutledge, Mr. S. S., Imp., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Rutledge, Mrs. S. S., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Ryckman, Mrs. J. A., Creston, British Columbia
Ryder, Mr. Frank A., 8th C.F.A., St John, New Brunswick
Ryder, Mrs. F. A., St John, New Brunswick
Ryder, Miss Norma A., St John, New Brunswick
Ryder, Mr. Everett, St John, New Brunswick
Ryder, The Rev. Walter E., 2nd C.M.R., Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Ryder, Mrs. W. E., Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Ryerson, Major Arthur O., 31st Bty., Toronto, Ontario

Sadler, Mr. Alfred, Imp., Ottawa, Ontario
Sadler, Mrs. Alfred, Ottawa, Ontario
Sadler, Master Roy A., Ottawa, Ontario
Sager, Mr. Elmer, 1st C.M.G., Toronto, Ontario
Saker, Mr. John A., Chauvin, Alberta
Salter, Mrs. Emily J., New Westminster, British Columbia
Salter, Mr. Robert., Toronto, Ontario
Samphier, Miss Marjorie., Woodstock, New Brunswick
Sanders, Mr. W. D., Exeter, Ontario
Sanders, Mrs. W. D., Exeter, Ontario
Sanders, Mr. William B., 4th Bty., C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Sanderson, Mr. John I., 33rd C.F.A., Guelph, Ontario
Sanford, Mr. Norman S., Amherst, Nova Scotia
Sangster, Mr. James E., Imp., Hamilton, Ontario
Sansum, Mr. A., R.E., Belmont, Ontario
Sansum, Mrs. A., Belmonte, Ontario
Sargeant, Mrs. May, Hamilton, Ontario
Sargent, Mr. R0bt., 2nd C.F.A., Michichi, Alberta
Sargent, Mrs. R0bt., Michichi, Alberta
Sargent, Mr. Thos., Michichi, Alberta
Sargent, Mr. David R., 5th C.I.F., Nanaimo, British Columbia
Sargent, Mrs. D. R., Nanaimo, British Columbia
Sartier, Miss Emma J., San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
Saunders, Mrs. Alice, Calgary, Alberta
Saunders, Miss Dorothy, Calgary, Alberta
Saunders, Mr. Albert E., R.C.R., London, Ontario
Saunders, Mr. W. L., 6th C.R.T., Ottawa, Ontario
Savage, Miss Flossie R., Chatham, New Brunswick
Savage, Mr. Arthur, 50th B.G., R.O.D., R.E., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Sawers, Mr. George, 42nd Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Sawyer, Mr. G. G., 13th Bn., Fernie, British Columbia
Scaife, Mr. Albert, 44th Bn., Mather, Manitoba
Scaife, Mrs. A., Mather, Manitoba
Scales, Mrs. Katherine, Sarnia, Ontario
Scammell, Mr. Chas. R., C.A.M.C., Rochester, New York, U.S.A.
Scammell, Mrs. C.R., Rochester, New York, U.S.A.
Scammell, Mr. Chas. B., Rochester, New York, U.S.A.
Scandrett, Mr. Geo. H., 18th Bn., Sandwich, Ontario
Scandrett, Mrs. G. H., Sandwich, Ontario
Scarth, Mr. Harry O., 8th Bde., C.F.A., Timmins, Ontario
Scaysbrook, Mr. George, R. E., Toronto, Ontario
Scheelar, Mrs. Beatrice L., Strome, Alberta
Schofield, Mr. Clive, 2nd Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Schofield, Mr. Francis B., Mere. Marine, London, Ontario
Schofield, Mrs. F. B., London, Ontario
Schroeter, Mr. C. V. J., 194th Bn., Edmonton, Alberta
Schurman, Miss Winnifred D., N.S., Summerside, Prince Edward Island
Schweitzer, Capt. Valmore E., 27th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Schweitzer, Mrs. V. E., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Scott, Mrs. Annie, Alhambra, Alberta
Scott, Mr. Robert, Fernie, British Columbia
Scott, Mr. Anthony H., 12th C.E., Brandon, Manitoba
Scott, Mrs. A. H., Brandon, Manitoba
Scott, Miss Janet, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Scott, Mrs. Amy L., Amherst, Nova Scotia
Scott, Miss Margaret, Amherst e, Nova Scotia
Scott, Mr. Howard G., 1st Bn., New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
Scott, Mrs. Elsie E., Hamilton, Ontario
Scott, Miss Carol M., Toronto, Ontario
Scott, Miss Marguaret J., Toronto, Ontario
Scott, Mr. Richard S., R.A.F., Toronto, Ontario
Scott, Mrs. R. S., Toronto, Ontario
Scott, The Rev. Elton, 5th Siege Bty., Lennoxville, Quebec
Scott, Mrs. Elton, Lennoxville, Quebec
Scott, Lt.-Col. The Venerable The Archdeacon Frederick G., Chaplain Service, Quebec, Quebec
Scott, Mr. Harry, Quebec, Quebec
Scott, Miss Caroline, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Scott, Miss Isabelle F., Birch Hills, Saskatchewan
Scowen, Mr. Herbert H., 35th C.F.A., Bishopton, Quebec
Seabrook, Mr. Arthur F., L.S.H., Toronto, Ontario
Seamer, Mr. H. A., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Searle, Maurice., Toronto, Ontario
Searle, Mr. Wm. T., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Sears, Mr. Richard A., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Sears, Mr. Henry, 24th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Sears, Mrs. Henry, Montreal, Quebec
Seary, Mr. John T., 148th Bn., Brownsburg, Quebec
Sedger, Mr. Gerald H., Imp., Victoria, British Columbia
Sedgwick, Mr. Harry, Montreal, Quebec
Sedgwick, Mrs. Harry, Montreal, Quebec
Seeley, Mrs. Olive., Toronto, Ontario
Seers, Mrs. Isabella C., Toronto, Ontario
Seggie, Mr. George, 29th Bn., Nanaimo, British Columbia
Segre, Mr. Beresford H., C.F.A. & R.E., Ottawa, Ontario
Segre, Mrs. B. H., Ottawa, Ontario
Seibert, Mrs. Dorothy E., Toronto, Ontario
Sellar, Mr. F. O., 78th Bn., New Westminster, British Columbia
Sellars, Mr. Robert, 15th Bn., Brown's Corners, Ontario
Seward, Mr. Harry, Punnichy, Saskatchewan
Seymour, Mr. J. B., R.A.F., Calgary, Alberta
Shackley, Mr. R. P., 78th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Shackley, Mrs. R. P., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Shackley, Miss Alice, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Shannan, Mr. Joseph, 3rd C.M.R., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Shannan, Mrs. Jos., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Shapton, Mr. Walter E, 52nd Bn., Fort William, Ontario
Sharman, Mrs. C., West Vancouver, British Columbia
Sharp, Mr. Geo. W., 20th Bn., Timmins, Ontario
Sharpley, Mr. F. A., 2nd F.A., Conquest, Saskatchewan
Shaw, Mr. Philip, 15th Bn., C.O.E.F., Leduc, Alberta
Shaw, Mrs. Phi1., Leduc, Alberta
Shaw, Miss Selma, Leduc, Alberta
Shaw, Mr. Robt., 15th Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Shaw, Mrs. Robt., Calgary, Alberta
Shaw, Mr. Robert, Calgary, Alberta
Shaw, Mrs. Wm., Calgary, Alberta
Shaw, Master Wm., Calgary, Alberta
Shaw, Lt.-Col. John Wm., 161st Bn., Clinton, Ontario
Shaw, Mrs. J. W., Clinton, Ontario
Shaw, Mr. Harry, Clinton, Ontario
Shaw, Miss Dorothy, Montreal, Quebec
Shaw, Miss Esther, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Shcobert, Mr. H. A., 4th Bn., Lethbridge, Alberta
Shearer, Mrs. Grace, Vancouver, British Columbia
Shearn, Mrs. Kate A., St Boniface, Manitoba
Shearn, Miss Kathleen, St Boniface, Manitoba
Shearns, Miss Ethel, St Boniface, Manitoba
Sheekey, Mrs. Robt., Toronto, Ontario
Sheel, Mr. Herbert H., 87th Bn., Beloeil, Quebec
Shefford, Mrs. L., 24th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Shelton, Mr. John W., Can. R. Hldrs., Calgary, Alberta
Shelton, Mrs. Mary, Calgary, Alberta
Shelton, Miss Betty, Calgary, Alberta
Shepherd, Mr. Douglas, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Shepherd, Mr. George, 116th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Sheppard, Mr. Alexander, 1st C.R.T., Toronto, Ontario
Sheppard, Mrs. Alexander., Toronto, Ontario
Sheppard, Mrs. Isabel]., Toronto, Ontario
Sherren, Mr. G. E., Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Sherren, Mrs. Geo. E., Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Shick, Mr. Herbert E., C.F.C., San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
Shields, Mrs. Annie, Darlinford, Manitoba
Shields, Mr. James, 1st F.A.D., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Shields, Miss Margaret T., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Shields, Mr. Robt. A., 52nd Bn., Sioux Lookout, Ontario
Shields, Mr. Wm. T., Imp., Montreal, Quebec
Shields. Capt. P. R., Imp., Calgary, Alberta
Shine, Mrs. Kate., Toronto, Ontario
Shinobu, Mr. Saburo, Vancouver, British Columbia
Shirreff, Mr. Robt. G., C.R.T., Edmonton, Alberta
Shoobert, Mr. W. A., Lethbridge, Alberta
Shoooert, Mrs. H. A., Lethbridge, Alberta
Shorrock, Mr. Jas. W., M.M., 143rd & 47th C.A.G.S., Eckville, Alberta
Shoult, Mr. Wm. J., C.A.M.C., Reston, Manitoba
Shular, Mrs. Oliver E., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Shurety, Mrs. Nellie, Peterborough, Ontario
Shuttleworth, Mr. James M., London, Ontario
Sibley, Mr. Alfred P., C.F.A., Montreal, Quebec
Siddall, Mr. Wm., 8th Bn., L.B.D., Port Arthur, Ontario
Sifton, Mr. Leonard Bamlet, Imp., St Thomas, Ontario
Sillers, Miss Marion R., Walkerton, Ontario
Silson, Mrs. Ruth., Toronto, Ontario
Silver, Mr. John A., 28th Bn., Fort William, Ontario
Silver, Mrs. John A., Fort William, Ontario
Silver, Master Andrew W. H., Fort William, Ontario
Sim, Mrs. Ella, Verdun, Quebec
Sime, Mr. E. H., 11th C.R.T., Port Arthur, Ontario
Simm, Mrs. Gertrude E., Vancouver, British Columbia
Simm, Miss Winnifred, Vancouver ', British Columbia
Simon, Mrs. Sarah, Brockville, Ontario
Simpson, Mr. John A., 28th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Simpson, Mrs. J. A., Vancouver, British Columbia
Simpson, Miss Muriel A., N.S., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Simpson, Mr. Ernest, Imp., Fraserdale, Ontario
Simpson, Mrs. Ernest, Fraserdale, Ontario
Simpson, Mrs. Margaret J., Toronto, Ontario
Simpson, Major Rupert, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Simpson, Mrs. Rupert., Toronto, Ontario
Simpson, Mrs. R. P., Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Simpson, Mr. Wm., 5th C.D.A.C., Verdun, Quebec
Simpson, Mr. Wm., Verdun, Quebec
Simpson, Mrs. Wm., Verdun, Quebec
Simpson, Mr. Leonard, Verdun, Quebec
Simpson, Miss Cora, Huntingdon Park, California, U.S.A.
Sims, Mr. Charles, 102nd Bn., Victoria, British Columbia
Sims, Mrs. Charles, Victoria, British Columbia
Sinclair, Mr. David C., 52nd Bn., Owen Sound, Ontario
Singer, Mr. Wesley S., 48th Bn., 3rd P.N.E.S., Massett, British Columbia
Singer, Mrs. W. S., Massett, British Columbia
Singleton, Mr. Ernest, 66th Bn., Edmonton, Alberta
Singleton, Mrs. E., Edmonton, Alberta
Sirois, Mr. L. P. Dilfred, Labor Bn., Grand River, Quebec
Sivyer, Mr. Frank, 3rd Bn., Innisfail, Alberta
Skanes, Mr. Wm., 14th Bn., R.M.R., Montreal, Quebec
Skanes, Mrs. Wm., Montreal, Quebec
Skeates, Mr. F. W., 87th Bn., St Lambert, Quebec
Skeates, Mrs. F. W., St Lambert, Quebec
Skellern, Mr. Ernest, 4th C.M.R., North Bay, Ontario
Skellern, Mrs. Ernest, North Bay, Ontario
Skelton, Mr. Wm., Edmonton, Alberta
Skelton, Mr. W., C.M.G.C., St James, Manitoba
Skelton, Mr. Wm. D., St James, Manitoba
Skelton, Mr. Nigel S., 28th Bn., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Skilbeck, Mr. Cyril, 68th Bn., Detroxt, Michigan, U.S.A.
Skilbeck, Miss Grace W., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Skinner, Mrs. E. M., Sandwich East, Ontario
Skinner, Mr. H. Gordon, R.C.H.A., Niagara Falls, Ontario
Skinner, Mrs. H. G., Niagara Falls, Ontario
Skitch, Mrs. W. E., Long Beach, California, U.S.A.
Skrimshire, Mr. Linton H., 1st Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Skrimshire, Mrs. L. H., Toronto, Ontario
Slackford, Miss Mabel M., Summerside, Prince Edward Island
Slade, Miss Esther M., Ottawa, Ontario
Slade, Mr. Harry A., 3rd Bn. 7, Toronto, Ontario
Slater, Mr. James, 15th Bn., Fort William, Ontario
Slipp, Mrs. David M., Woodstock, New Brunswick
Sloan, Mr. James, 2nd M.G. Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Sloan, Mr. Robert W., Toronto, Ontario
Smallwood, Mr. Edw. P., Edmonton, Alberta
Smart, Mr. Robert K., 13th C.F.A., Vancouver, British Columbia
Smart, Mr. Thos. McD., 5th Hldrs., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Smart, Mrs. T. McD., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Smart, Miss Phyllis R., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Smart, Miss Margaret H., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Smart, Mrs. Anne C., N.S., A.E.F., London, Ontario
Smart, Mrs. Rose, Ottawa, Ontario
Smart, Mrs. (Dr.) W. E., Penetanguishene, Ontario
Smelt, W. J., Toronto, Ontario
Smethurst, Mr. Harold, 8th Sty. Hosp., Humboldt, Saskatchewan
Smethurst, Mrs. Harold, Humboldt, Saskatchewan
Smiles, Miss Robena L., Billing's Bridge, Ontario
Smiles, Miss Belle W., Billings' Bridge, Ontario
Smiley, Miss Caroline, Montreal, Quebec
Smith, Mr. Chas., 3rd Tunnelling, Bowden, Alberta
Smith, Mrs. Chas., Bowden, Alberta
Smith, Mr. E. S., 10th Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Smith, Mrs. E. 8., Calgary, Alberta
Smith, Mr. Donne S., Calgary, Alberta
Smith, Mr. John, 10th Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Smith, Mrs. John, Calgary, Alberta
Smith, Mr. Sidney O., Calgary, Alberta
Smith, Mrs. Margaret L., Edmonton, Alberta
Smith, Mrs. May V., Calgary, Alberta
Smith, Mrs. Annie E. J., Vancouver, British Columbia
Smith, Mrs. Frances M., Passmore, British Columbia
Smith, Mr. George A., 72nd Bn., Armstrong, British Columbia
Smith, Mr. Harold, C.A.S.C.T.D., Vancouver, British Columbia
Smith, Mr. Walter, Imp., Vancouver, British Columbia
Smith, Mr. Wm D., 3rd C. E., Stewart, British Columbia
Smith, Mr. Arthur H., Can. Cyclists, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Smith, Mrs. Catherine, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Smith, Mr. Robt. N. G., R.A.S.C., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Smith, Mrs. Violet, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Smith, Mr. Frank N., 5th C.D., Truro, Nova Scotia
Smith, Miss Mathilde O., Parrsboro, Nova Scotia
Smith, Mrs. May, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Smith, Mr. Thos. B., 1st C.G.C.S., Liverpool, Nova Scotia
Smith, Mrs. Ada, Sarnia, Ontario
Smith, Mr. Albert E., 20th Bn., Orillia, Ontario
Smith, Mr. Chas. E., Sudbury, Ontario
Smith, Mr. Charles S., 20th Bn., Windsor, Ontario
Smith, Mr. Frank, 20th Bn., Peterborough, Ontario
Smith, Miss Lily, Belleville, Ontario
Smith, Mrs. Mary, Guelph, Ontario
Smith, Mrs. Mary A., Dunbarton, Ontario
Smith, Mr. M. James, 16th C.F.A., Ottawa, Ontario
Smith, Mr. Vincent C., 38th Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Smith, Mr. Wallace E., 52nd Bn., Port Arthur, Ontario
Smith, Mrs. W. E., Port Arthur, Ontario
Smith, Mr. Wm. F., C.F.A., Ottawa, Ontario
Smith, Mrs. W. F., Ottawa, Ontario
Smith, Mr. James E., Imp., Ingersoll, Ontario
Smith, Mr. A. J., C.A.S.C., Toronto, Ontario
Smith, Mrs. A. J., Toronto, Ontario
Smith, Miss Birdie., Toronto, Ontario
Smith, Mr. Edward L. H., 21st Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Smith, Mr. Harry O., C.A.S.C., Toronto, Ontario
Smith, Mrs. H. O., Toronto, Ontario
Smith, Miss Andrey G., Toronto, Ontario
Smith, Mr. Henry W., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Smith, Mrs. H. W., Toronto, Ontario
Smith, Master Wallace., Toronto, Ontario
Smith, Miss June., Toronto, Ontario
Smith, Mr. Sydney, 18th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Smith, Mrs. Sydney., Toronto, Ontario
Smith, Mr. Wm. G., Toronto, Ontario
Smith, Mrs. W. G., Toronto, Ontario
Smith, Mr. Bristol B., 22nd Bn., Coaticook, Quebec
Smith, Mr. Clifford A., 4th C.F.A., Montreal, Quebec
Smith, Mrs. C. A., Montreal, Quebec
Smith, Mr. George F., Sig., Montreal, Quebec
Smith, Mrs. G. F., Montreal, Quebec
Smith, Mr. Wm. H., 60th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Smith, Miss Alice E., Regina, Saskatchewan
Smith, Miss E. Roxana, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Smith, Mrs. Mabel A., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Smith, Miss Beatrice E., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Smith, Mr. Thos. E., 49th Bn., Peabody, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Smith, Mr. Andrew, Imp., Rochester, New York, U.S.A.
Smith, Mrs. Andrew, Rochester, New York, U.S.A.
Smith, Miss Wilhelmina, N.S., New York, New York, U.S.A.
Smollett, Mr. Dewey D., 14th R.M.R., New Carlisle, Quebec
Smollett, Mr. Henry W., New Carlisle, Quebec
Smyth, Major C. M., 7th Bn., Sydney, Nova Scotia
Smyth, Mrs. C. M., Sydney, Nova Scotia
Smyth, Miss Elise D., Sydney, Nova Scotia
Snape, Mrs. A. B., Jasper, Alberta
Snider, Mrs. Alex., Westboro, Ontario
Snowball, Mr. John, C.A.M.C., Calgary, Alberta
Solley, Mrs. Mary L., Toronto, Ontario
Somers, Mrs. Joseph, Nanaimo, British Columbia
Soper, Mrs. Alma P., Uxbridge, Ontario
Soutar, Mr. Chas. E., 38th C.I.B., Ottawa, Ontario
Soutar, Miss Elizabeth, Belleville, Ontario
Southwick, Mr. Wm. A., C.A.M.C., Montreal, Quebec
Southwick, Mrs. W. A., Montreal, Quebec
Southwick, Master Wm. L., Montreal, Quebec
Sowray, Mr. George, 25th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Spalding, Mr. James, Coppercliff, Ontario
Spearing, Mr. Albert, 18th Bn., Amherstburg, Ontario
Speller, Mr. C. S., Imp., Lloydminster, Saskatchewan
Speller, Mrs. C. S., Lloydminster, Saskatchewan
Speller, Mr. Phillip W., Lloydminster, Saskatchewan
Speller, Miss Kathleen, Lloydminster, Saskatchewan
Spence, Mr. Alexander, 8th C.R.T., Edmonton, Alberta
Spence, Mrs. Alex., Edmonton, Alberta
Spence, Mr. Samuel D., 58th Bn., Espanola, Ontario
Spence, Mrs. S. D., Espanola, Ontario
Spence, Mr. Charlie, 24th V.R.C., Montreal, Quebec
Spence, Mrs. C., Montreal, Quebec
Spence, Mr. Samuel E., C.E., Valois, Quebec
Spencer, Mr. L. Arthur, 3rd C.S.B., Port Arthur, Ontario
Spencer, Miss Coral B., Ottawa, Ontario
Spencer, Mr. Thos., 1st C.R.T., Sarnia, Ontario
Spencer, Mrs. Thos., Sarnia, Ontario
Spencer, Mr. Wilton W., 14th R.M.R., Montreal, Quebec
Spindler, Mr. Wm., 230th Bn., Breton, Alberta
Spindler, Mrs. Wm., Breton, Alberta
Spinney, Mrs. J. O., St George, New Brunswick
Spooner, Mr. Frank A., 2nd Heavy Bty., Cobourg, Ontario
Sprague, Miss Mary B., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Spratling, Mr. Edward J., 58th Bn., Niagara Falls, Ontario
Spratling, Mrs. E. J., Niagara Falls, Ontario
Spreckley, Miss Mildred E., Calgary, Alberta
Spriggs, Mr. Aubrey E., 86th Bn., Hamilton, Ontario
Sproule, Mr. Robt. C., P.P.C.L.I., Calgary, Alberta
Sproule, Mrs. R. O., Calgary, Alberta
Sproule, Miss Dorothy S., Calgary, Alberta
Sproule, Miss Margaret O., Calgary, Alberta
Sproule, Mr. Brian J., Calgary, Alberta
Spurway, Mrs. Nellie E., Calgary, Alberta
St. George, Mr. Hector, 38th Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
St. Onge, Miss Marie A., N.S., Montreal, Quebec
St. Onge, Miss W. Alma, Montreal, Quebec
Stack, Mr. Thos. E., Imp., Montreal, Quebec
Stafford, Mr. Geo., C.O.R.C.C., Rosebud, Alberta
Stafford, Mrs. Geo., Rosebud, Alberta
Stafford, Mrs. Alice M., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Stafford, Mrs. B. J., Kingston, Ontario
Stagg, Miss Constance E., Fort William, Ontario
Stallwood, Mr. J. B., Beamsville, Ontario
Stallwood, Mrs. J. B., Beamsville, Ontario
Stanbridge, Mr. Ernest W., 2lst Bn., Brantford, Ontario
Standen, Mr. Leonard D., 12th C.E., Gem, Alberta
Standen, Mrs. L. D., Gem, Alberta
Standen, Mr. Glen L., Gem, Alberta
Standen, Miss Mary L., Gem, Alberta
Stanely, Mr. E., 123rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Staniforth, Mr. D., Melfort, Saskatchewan
Staniforth, Mrs. D., Melfort, Saskatchewan
Staniland, Mrs. Maud, Barrhead, Alberta
Stanilandf Mr. Wm., Imp., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Stanway, Mr. Leonard J., 4th C.M.R., Toronto, Ontario
Stanworth, Mr. Harold, 5th Bn., Port Arthur, Ontario
Stanworth, Mrs. Harold, Port Arthur, Ontario
Starr, Mr. Hugh R., C.A.S.C., Brockville, Ontario
Starr, Mr. Kirby G., Brockville, Ontario
Ste. Marie, Mr. Lucien, 14th Bn., R.M.R., Montreal, Quebec
Steed, Mr. Harry A., R.G.A., New Westminster, British Columbia
Steele, Mr. Tom, Edmonton, Alberta
Steele, Mr. Henry R, 8th Bn., Fergus, Ontario
Steele, Mrs. Janet H., Ottawa, Ontario
Steele, Mrs. Maude K., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Steeves, Miss Emma G., The Glades, New Brunswick
Steeves, Mr. Willard M., C.E., Oxford, Nova Scotia
Stephen, Mrs. Amelia, Calgary, Alberta
Stephens, Mr. S., 52nd Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Stephens, Mr. Geo. E., C.R.T., Montreal, Quebec
Stephens, Mrs. G. E., Montreal, Quebec
Stephenson, Mr. Robert, 4th C.S.C., Toronto, Ontario
Stevens, Mr. Charles, 20th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Stevens, Mr. Edgar G. W., 2nd C.E., Toronto, Ontario
Stevens, Mr. Walter A., C.A.S.C., Toronto, Ontario
Stevenson, Mr. Henry M., Edson, Alberta
Stevenson, Mr. James, 67th Bn., Victoria, British Columbia
Stevenson, Mrs. James, Victoria, British Columbia
Stevenson, Mr. James, Vancouver, British Columbia
Stevenson, Mrs. James, Vancouver, British Columbia
Stevenson, Miss Muriel, Vancouver, British Columbia
Stevenson, Mr. E., 1st C.E., Toronto, Ontario
Stevenson, Mrs. E., Toronto, Ontario
Stevenson, Mr. Ernest F., C.E., Toronto, Ontario
Stewart, Mr. Arthur A. M., C.A.S.C., Priddis, Alberta
Stewart, Mr. Wm. W., 50th Bn., Priddis, Alberta
Stewart, Mrs. W. W., Priddis, Alberta
Stewart, Mr. Wm. W., Priddis, Alberta
Stewart, Mr. Alex, 54th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Stewart, Mr. Donald, 28th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Stewart, Mrs. C. Ellen, Mt Lehman, British Columbia
Stewart, Mr. Wm. A., 29th Bn., Essondale, British Columbia
Stewart, Mr. C., 78th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Stewart, Mrs. G., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Stewart, Miss N., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Stewart, Mr. Harry G., F.G.H., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Stewart, Master Ian, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Stewart, Mrs. Agnes, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Stewart, Mr. Adelbert P., Dunnville, Ontario
Stewart, Mr. Alex, C.M.R., Bar River, Ontario
Stewart, Dr. Donald W., 160th Bn. & R.A.F., Shelburne, Ontario
Stewart, Mr. John R., 18th Bty., Ottawa, Ontario
Stewart, Miss Mary I., Kincardine, Ontario
Stewart, Mrs. Agnes., Toronto, Ontario
Stewart, Mr. David, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Stewart, Dr. Evan A., 87th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Stewart, Mr. John, 58th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Stewart, Mrs. Leila M., Toronto, Ontario
Stewart, Capt. Richard A. W., 20th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Stewart, Mr. William, 45th Bty., Toronto, Ontario
Stewart, Mr. George, 42nd Bn, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Stewart, Mrs. Minerva, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
Stickney, Miss Dorothy L, Moncton, New Brunswick
Stille, Mr. Fred C., Ottawa, Ontario
Stille, Mrs. F. C., Ottawa, Ontario
Stilwell, Mr. Sidney H., Imp., Brownsburg, Quebec
Stinson, Mr. Frank, 19th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Stinson, Mrs. Sarah., Toronto, Ontario
Stirk, Mrs. Edith O., Vancouver, British Columbia
Stirling, Mrs. Florence, Vancouver, British Columbia
Stitt, Mrs. R. D., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Stocdale, Mr. Wm. J., 20th Bn., North Bay 7, Ontario
Stockdale, Mrs. W. J., North Bay, Ontario
Stockebrand, Dr. Alfred, Evanston, Illinios, U.S.A.
Stockebrand, Mrs. Alfred, Evanston, Illinios, U.S.A.
Stoddart, Mr. John C., 2nd Bn., Shelburne, Ontario
Stoddart, Mrs. J. C., Shelburne, Ontario
Stokes, Mr. Percy H., R.C.N.V.R., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Stokes, Mrs. P. H., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Stone, Mr. Joseph S., 2nd Bn., Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Stone, Capt. Blair O., C.A.M.C., Arcola, Saskatchewan
Stone, Mrs. B. C., Arcola, Saskatchewan
Stonehewer, Mr. Harry, 49th Bn., Edmonton, Alberta
Stonehewer, Lt.-Col. James, 2nd C.M.G.C., Hamilton, Ontario
Storey, Capt. Vernon H., C.A.M.C., Bowmanville, Ontario
Storey, Mrs. V. H., N.S., Bowmanville, Ontario
Storie, Mrs. Stanley, Powassan, Ontario
Stothers, Mr. Carman E., 15th Bn., Picton, Ontario
Stott, Mr. Wm. T., 85th Bn., Lethbridge, Alberta
Stott, Mrs. W. T., Lethbridge, Alberta
Stott., Mr. Joseph, C.O.C., Toronto, Ontario
Stout, Mr. Joseph W., 31st Bn., Medicine Hat, Alberta
Strang, Miss Jean L., Ponoka, Alberta
Strang, Miss Helen C., N.S., 2nd A.I.M.N.S.R., New York, New York, U.S.A.
Stransman, Mr. Harry, 38th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Stratford, Mr. Edward, 52nd Bn., Brandon, Manitoba
Stratford, Mrs. Edw., Brandon, Manitoba
Stratton, Mr. Victor W., 3rd C.M.G.C., Midland, Ontario
Strawson, Mrs. R. A., Fort William, Ontario
Strawson, Miss Ethel M., Fort William, Ontario
Strong, Mrs. N. L., Edmonton, Alberta
Strong, Miss Shirley, Edmonton, Alberta
Strong, Mr. Orville B., 1st Bn., Windsor, Ontario
Struthers, Mr. E. J., Rock Island, Quebec
Struthers, Mrs. E. J., Rock Island, Quebec
Struthers, Miss Jessie M., Regina, Saskatchewan
Struthers, Mr. Thos. C., 2nd C.S.C., Gainsborough, Saskatchewan
Struthers, Mrs. T. C., Gainsborough, Saskatchewan
Stuart, Mr. James R., 42nd Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Stuart., Mr. George, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Stubbs, Mrs. Agnes, Galt, Ontario
Stubbs, Miss Peggy, Galt, Ontario
Sturgeon, Mrs. Georgie L., Hamilton, Ontario
Suitor, J., Nanton, Alberta
Sullivan, Mr. James, P.P.C.L.I., Emerson, Manitoba
Sullivan, Mr. Edward G., C.E., Niagara Falls, Ontario
Sullivan, Mrs. E. G., Niagara Falls, Ontario
Summers, Mr. George L., 5th C.M.R., Toronto, Ontario
Summers, Mrs. G. L., Toronto, Ontario
Sutcliffe, Mr. Arnold, 3rd Bn., Victoria, British Columbia
Sutcliffe, Mrs. Arnold, Victoria, British Columbia
Sutcliffe, Capt. James E., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Sutherland, Mrs. Ellen, Vancouver, British Columbia
Sutherland, Mr. Jas. N., 27th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Sutherland, Mrs. J. N., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Sutherland, Mrs. Laura A. A., Holmfield, Manitoba
Sutherland, Mrs. M. F., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Sutherland, Mr. Alexander W., 224th F. Corps, West River Station, Nova Scotia
Sutton, Mr. Herbert H., 48th Highlanders, New Westminster, British Columbia
Swales, Mr. Cecil B., Calgary, Alberta
Swales, Mrs. C. B., Calgary, Alberta
Swan, Mr. Wm., 58th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Swann, Mr. Geo. H., Imp., Calgary, Alberta
Swanson, Mr. James O., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Swanson, Mrs. J. O., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Sweatman, Mr. Percy, 4th C.M.G.C., Duncan, British Columbia
Sweeney, Mrs. Margaret M., Toronto, Ontario
Sweeney, Mr. John J., 3rd Field Co., C.E., Montreal, Quebec
Sweeney, Mrs. J. J., Montreal, Quebec
Sweet, Mr. Rayburn S., 2nd Section, 5th C.D.A.C., Norwood, Manitoba
Swift, Mr. Lawrence O., Imp., London, Ontario
Swift, Mr. Chas. H., 7th C.R.T., Regina, Saskatchewan
Swinden, Mrs. Gladys C., Montreal, Quebec
Switzer, Mrs. Mary J., Toronto, Ontario
Syda, Mr. Gerald E., 16th C.F.A., Digby, Nova Scotia
Sykes, Mrs. E. L., Ottawa, Ontario
Sylvester, Mr. Jack A., Belgian Army., Toronto, Ontario
Syme, Mr. Malcolm J., C.P., New Toronto, Ontario
Symes, Mr. Alfred W., 21st Bn., St Lambert, Quebec
Symes, Mrs. A. W., St Lambert, Quebec
Symons, Mr. Wilfrid G., 87th Gren. Guards., Toronto, Ontario

Tabram, Mr. Alfred, 21st Bn., Cornwall, Ontario
Tait, Mrs. Lilliam, Nanaimo, British Columbia
Tait, Mrs. Isabella., Toronto, Ontario
Tait, Miss Isabella., Toronto, Ontario
Tait, Mr. Robert, C.A.M.C., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Tanner, Mr. Howard, 46th Bn., Little Britain, Ontario
Tarlton, Mr. A. Ross, Hamilton, Ontario
Tarlton, Mrs. A. R., Hamilton, Ontario
Tarras, Mrs. Elizabeth M., Chilliwack, British Columbia
Tate., Mr. J. A., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Tattersall, Mr. R. A., 15th Bn., London, Ontario
Tattersall, Mrs. R. A., London, Ontario
Tavendale, Mr. Alexander, 102nd Bn., Penticton, British Columbia
Tavendale, Mrs. Alexander, Penticton, British Columbia
Tavendale, Miss Leila, Penticton, British Columbia
Taylor, Mrs. Elizabeth, Edmonton, Alberta
Taylor, Miss Velma M., Edmonton, Alberta
Taylor, Mr. Harry V., 38th Bty., C.F.A., Vanderhoof, British Columbia
Taylor, Mr. Robert, Princeton, British Columbia
Taylor, Mrs. Robert., Princeton, British Columbia
Taylor, Miss Annie E., Princeton, British Columbia
Taylor, Mr. Alexander, 27th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Taylor, Col. The Hon. F. G., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Taylor, Mr. Francis W., 43rd Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Taylor, Mr. Bertram A., 13th Bn., Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
Taylor, Mr. Daniel, Imp., Port Arthur, Ontario
Taylor, Mr. Donald B., 1st Sig., Almonte, Ontario
Taylor, Mr. Geo. H., 52nd Bn., Mimico, Ontario
Taylor, Mrs. G. H., Mimico, Ontario
Taylor, Mr. Henry M., C.C.C.B., Sarnia, Ontario
Taylor, Mr. John T., 1st C.P., Hamilton, Ontario
Taylor, Mrs. J. T., Hamilton, Ontario
Taylor, Mr. Walter H., C.A.S.C., Picton, Ontario
Taylor, Mr. Wm. J., Imp., Kerrwood, Ontario
Taylor, Mr. W;m. S., 21st Bn, Kingston, Ontario
Taylor, Mrs W. 8., Kingston, Ontario
Taylor, Mr. Charles H., 13th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Taylor, Mr. Wm. J., P.P.C.L.I., Westmount, Quebec
Taylor, Mr. Harvey F., 116th Bn., Frobisher, Saskatchewan
Taylor, Mrs. H. F., Frobisher, Saskatchewan
Taylor, Mr. David, 77th Field Artillery, Mill Valley, California, U.S.A.
Taylor, Mrs. David, Mill Valley, California, U.S.A.
Taylor, Mrs. Mary, Pasadena, California, U.S.A.
Taylor., Mr. Robert L., Princeton, British Columbia
Taylor., Mr. David, 11th Bty., Toronto, Ontario
Taylor., Mrs. David., Toronto, Ontario
Taylor., Mrs. Emma., Toronto, Ontario
Taylor., Mr. Frank, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Taylor., Miss Minnie E., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Tease, Mr. Finlay G., Can. Cyclists, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Telfer, Mrs. Mary E., Calgary, Alberta
Telford, Miss Margaret P. W., Surrey, British Columbia
Telford, Mrs. Muriel M., Burnaby, British Columbia
Temple, Mrs. Lettie 1., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Tench, Miss Ada M., Ottawa, Ontario
Tenney, Mr. Chas. E., 2nd Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Terry, Mr. Frank H., 20th Bty., Toronto, Ontario
Teskey, Mr. Ben., Calgary, Alberta
Tetreault, Mr. Joseph A., C.E., Kinley, Saskatchewan
Theberge, Mr. Frank J., C.A.M.C., St Boniface, Manitoba
Theberge, Mrs. F. J., St Boniface, Manitoba
Third, Mr. Thomas W., C.F.A., Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.
Third, Mrs. T. W., Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.
Thom, Mr. John O., 29th Bn., Marwayne, Alberta
Thom, Mrs. J. C., Marwayne, Alberta
Thom, Mr. John M., 1st Bn., Kalamazoo, Michigan, U.S.A.
Thom, Mrs. J. M., Kalamazoo , Michigan, U.S.A.
Thomas, Mr. Arthur E., 16th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Thomas, Mr. Henry J., Imp., Sudbury, Ontario
Thomas, Mrs. H. J., Sudbury, Ontario
Thomas, Mr. Leonard, 74th Bty., Ottawa, Ontario
Thomas, Mr. Robert, Ottawa, Ontario
Thomas, Mrs. Leonard, Ottawa, Ontario
Thomas, Mrs. J. M., Toronto, Ontario
Thomas, Mrs. T. G., Toronto, Ontario
Thomas, Miss Margaret 0., Toronto, Ontario
Thomas., Mr. George G., 2nd C.R.T., Toronto, Ontario
Thomas., Mrs. G. C., Toronto, Ontario
Thomas., Miss Isabel., Toronto, Ontario
Thomas., Mr. John M., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Thomas., Mr. Ian M., Toronto, Ontario
Thomas., Mr. Thomas G., R.A.F., Toronto, Ontario
Thompsett, Mr. H., Victoria, British Columbia
Thompsett, Mrs. Harry, Victoria, British Columbia
Thompson, Mr. Joseph H., 31st Bn., Edmonton, Alberta
Thompson, Mrs. J. H., Edmonton, Alberta
Thompson, Mrs. Margaret, Calgary, Alberta
Thompson, Mr. Jackson, 1st Can. Pioneers, Vancouver, British Columbia
Thompson, Mr. Joseph P., Imp., East Wellington, British Columbia
Thompson, Mr. Ross T., 4th C.S.B., Pioneer Mine, British Columbia
Thompson, Mrs. R. T., Pioneer Mine, British Columbia
Thompson, Miss Sarah A., Quesnel, British Columbia
Thompson, Mr. John, 27th Bn., St Boniface, Manitoba
Thompson, Mrs. John, St Boniface, Manitoba
Thompson, Mr. Wm. E., Imp., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Thompson, Mr. Gerald S., 16th Bn., Truro, Nova Scotia
Thompson, Mrs. G. S., Truro, Nova Scotia
Thompson, Mr. Albert, 54th R.A.F., Hamilton, Ontario
Thompson, Mrs. Albert, Hamilton, Ontario
Thompson, Mr. Andrew R., 4th Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Thompson, Mrs. A. R., Ottawa, Ontario
Thompson, Dr. Fred. G., 47th Bn., Clinton, Ontario
Thompson, Mrs. F. G., Clinton, Ontario
Thompson, Mr. Robt. G., 2nd C.M.R., Teeswater, Ontario
Thompson, Mrs. Sibby, Galt, Ontario
Thompson, Capt. Allan O., 19th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Thompson, Mr. Charles S., 16th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Thompson, Mr. David, C.A.M.C., Toronto, Ontario
Thompson, Mrs. Hannah M., Toronto, Ontario
Thompson, Major James W. G., 116th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Thompson, Mrs. Mary J., Toronto, Ontario
Thompson, Mr. R., Rlwy Troops, Toronto, Ontario
Thompson, Mrs. R., Toronto, Ontario
Thompson, Mr. Thomas, 21st Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Thompson, Mrs. Elizabeth B., Outremont, Quebec
Thompson, Mr. Harold, C.A.M.C., Verdun, Quebec
Thompson, Mrs. Harold, Verdun, Quebec
Thompson, Mr. John, 12th S.B., Montreal, Quebec
Thompson, Mrs. John, Montreal, Quebec
Thompson, Mr. Cyril A., 51st Bn., Humboldt, Saskatchewan
Thompson, Mr. Frederick, 43rd Bn., Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Thompson, Mrs. Fred., Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Thompson, Master Frederick G., Moose Jaw., Saskatchewan
Thoms, Miss Eleanor, Ottawa, Ontario
Thomson, Mr. Alexander, 16th Bn., New Westminster, British Columbia
Thomson, Mrs. Alexander, New Westminster, British Columbia
Thomson, Mrs Christine, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Thomson, Major Jas. S., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Thomson, Mr. James, 3rd Div. Tr., Toronto, Ontario
Thomson, Mrs. James., Toronto, Ontario
Thomson, Major, W. R., Toronto, Ontario
Thomson, Miss Ida M., Indian Head, Saskatchewan
Thorn, Mrs. Edwin G., Millet, Alberta
Thorn, Miss Meta L., Lindsay, Ontario
Thorn, Mrs. R. F, Omemee, Ontario
Thorne, Mr. Reginald, C.M.G.C., Watford, Ontario
Thorneycroft, Mr. John P., C.A.V.C., Swift Current, Saskatchewan
Thorneycroft, Mrs. J. P., Swift Current, Saskatchewan
Thorns, Mrs. J. C., N.S., Ottawa, Ontario
Thorpe, Mr. Harold, 74th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Thoyns, Mr. J. C., C.M.M.G., Ottawa, Ontario
Thrall, Mrs. R., Qualicum Beach, British Columbia
Thresh, Mr. George, R.A.F., Montreal, Quebec
Thresh, Mr. John W., 22nd Bty., Montreal, Quebec
Throp, Mr. Wm., 78th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Thurston, Mrs. George, Vancouver, British Columbia
Thurston, Mrs. Mary F., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Tierney, Miss Dorothy M., Ottawa, Ontario
Tierney, Miss Eleanor M., Ottawa, Ontario
Timmins, Mr. Harold W., 20th Bty., Toronto, Ontario
Tindall, Mr. Earl E., C.M.G.C., North Bay, Ontario
Tinker, Major George P., C.I.B., Prince Rupert, British Columbia
Tinsman, Mrs. Chas. A., Vancouver, British Columbia
Tinworth, Mr. William S., 1st Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Tinworth, Mrs. W. S., Toronto, Ontario
Tinworth, Miss Ethel., Toronto, Ontario
Tipper, Mr. Percy A., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Tippett, Mr. S. C., 14th R.M.R., St John, New Brunswick
Tippett, Mrs. S. C., St John, New Brunswick
Tippin, Mr. Albert H., 111th Bn., St Catharines, Ontario
Titmarsh., Mr. James H., 19th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Titmarsh., Mrs. J. H., Toronto, Ontario
Titmarsh., Mr. James S., Toronto, Ontario
Tocher, Mr. John C., 4th C.M.G.C., Wapella, Saskatchewan
Todd, Mrs. A. W., Farnham, Quebec
Todhunter, Mrs. G. N., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Tomlin, Mr. Harry, 2nd C.P.B., Barrie, Ontario
Tomlin, Mrs. Harry, Barrie, Ontario
Tomlinson, Mr. Wm., C.A.M.C., St Boniface, Manitoba
Tomlinson, Mrs. W., St Boniface, Manitoba
Tomlinson., Mrs. James, Toronto, Ontario
Tompkins, Mrs. W. J., High River, Alberta
Toole, Capt. Archer J., 31st Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Tooley, Mr. R. R., C.R.C.R., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Toovey, Mr. Cyril G., 6th Bn., St Catharines, Ontario
Topham, Mr. Robt., 26th Bn., Consort, Alberta
Topham, Mrs. R., Consort, Alberta
Topping, Mr. Frederick W., 15th C.M.R., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Topping, Mrs. F. W., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Topping, Mr. Garner M., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Topping, Mr. John G., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Tordiff, Mrs. Grace F., Bowmanville, Ontario
Torr, Miss Alice, N.S., Toronto, Ontario
Torrie, Mr. James M. R., Imp., St Catharines, Ontario
Torrie, Master Fraser G., St Catharines, Ontario
Tosh, Miss Minnie, Calgary, Alberta
Totten., Mrs. Violet R., Toronto, Ontario
Tovey, Mr. Chas. W., Imp., Montreal, Quebec
Tovey, Mrs. C. W., Montreal, Quebec
Towers, Dr. T. L., C.A.M.C., London, Ontario
Towers, Mrs. T. L., London, Ontario
Towler., Mr. Raymond E., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Towler., Mrs. R. E., N.S., Toronto, Ontario
Towler., Miss Eleanor., Toronto, Ontario
Townend, Mrs. Mary E., Cochrane, Alberta
Towns, Mr. Sirastin, 58th B.G. Opr. Co., Ottawa, Ontario
Towns, Mrs. 8., Ottawa, Ontario
Townsend, Mr. F. J., Vancouver, British Columbia
Townsend, Mr. Clifton N., 18th C.F.B., Louisburg, Nova Scotia
Townsend, Miss Jean M., Summerside, Prince Edward Island
Tozer, Mrs. E., Orono, Maine, U.S.A.
Tozer, Miss, Orono, Maine, U.S.A.
Tracey, Mr. Wilfred J., 102nd Bn., St Catharines, Ontario
Tranter., Mr. John, 1st C.M.B. Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Traub, Mrs. Emerson, Edmonton, Alberta
Trim, Mr. A. O., 3rd C.M.G.C., Crawford Park, Manitoba
Trim, Mrs. A. O., Crawford Park, Manitoba
Trimble, Mr. Wm. C., 28th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Trimble, Mrs. W. C., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Trollope., Mr. George, C.E., Toronto, Ontario
Trollope., Mrs. George., Toronto, Ontario
Trowsdale, Mr. Robert W., 4th C.I.B., North Vancouver, British Columbia
Trudelle, Mr. Louis, 14th Bn., St Cyrille, Quebec
Trueman, Mrs. W. L., Melville, Saskatchewan
Trueman., Dr. Wm. L., C.A.D.C., Melville ', Saskatchewan
Tuck, Miss Clara L., Calgary, Alberta
Tucker, Mr. Edward, 47th Bn., Victoria, British Columbia
Tucker., Mr. Oliver, 46th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Tucker., Mr. Walter E., 7th Field Co., C.E., Toronto, Ontario
Tuckett, Miss Bertha, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Tudor, Mr. Henry, 38th Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Tulloch, Mr. Bruce, 80th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Turbyne, Mr. Alexander M., Verdun, Quebec
Turnbull, Mr. Percy M., 31st Bn., Lethbridge, Alberta
Turnbull, Mr. Wm., Imp., Brantford, Ontario
Turnbull, Mr. Wm. McA., L.S.H., Guelph , Ontario
Turnbull, Mr. Alexander, Imp., Outremont, Quebec
Turner, Mr. Arthur, 31st Bn., Cochrane, Alberta
Turner, Mrs. Mary, Edmonton, Alberta
Turner, Mrs. Florence, West Vancouver, British Columbia
Turner, Mr. Harold S., 10th Field Co., C.E., Goderich, Ontario
Turner, Mr. John, 2nd Ammun. Column, Hamilton, Ontario
Turner, Mr. Lawrence G., 1st M.M.G.C., Ottawa, Ontario
Turner, Lt.-Gen. Sir Richard, V.C., Ottawa, Ontario
Turner., Mrs. Kathleen E., Toronto, Ontario
Turner., Mr. Tom, 15th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Turnham, Mr. S. H., 67th Bn., North Battleford, Saskatchewan
Turpin., Mr. Christopher W., C.A.M.C., Toronto, Ontario
Turpin., Mrs. Hannah P., Toronto, Ontario
Turpin., Mrs. Violet H., Toronto, Ontario
Turton, Mr. Robt., 25th Bn., St Catharines, Ontario
Turton, Mrs. Robt., St Catharines, Ontario
Turton, Miss Pearl, St Catharines, Ontario
Tussie, Mers. Selina, St Catharines, Ontario
Tvas, Mrs. Minnie P., Toronto, Ontario
Twaddle, Mr. Wm. M., 58th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Twaddle., Mrs. Margaret., Toronto, Ontario
Twidale, Mr. Percy, 16th Can. Scottish, Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
Twidale, Miss Enid M., Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
Twohey, Mr. Wm. D., Imp., Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
Twohey, Mrs. W. D., Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
Tyler., Mr. E. O., 3rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Tyler., Mrs. E. C., Toronto, Ontario
Tyrell, Mrs. Geo. M., Ottawa, Ontario
Tyrell, Miss Jessie D., Ottawa, Ontario
Tyrell, Miss Rose M., Ottawa, Ontario
Tyrer, Lt.-Col. Thos. G., P.P.C.L.I., Regina, Saskatchewan
Tyrer, Mrs. T. G., Regina, Saskatchewan
Tyrer, Miss Elizabeth, Regina, Saskatchewan
Tyrrell, Capt. Chas. S., C.A.P.C., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Tyson, Mr. John H., 46th Bn., Wawota, Saskatchewan
Tyson, Mr. Robert, Akron, Ohio, U.S.A.
Tyson, Mrs. Robert, Akron, Ohio, U.S.A.

Ullman, Mr. Geo. D., C.C.S., Barrie, Ontario
Ullman, Mrs. G. D., Barrie, Ontario
Unia, Mrs. E. A. J., Toronto, Ontario
Unia., Mr. Edward A. J., 3rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Unthank, Mr. William A., 26th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Unwin, Mr. Arthur, 12th C.M., Banff, Alberta
Upson, Mrs. Geo. O., Big River, Saskatchewan
Upson, Miss Pat, Big River, Saskatchewan
Upson, Mr. Brian, Big River, Saskatchewan
Usher, Mr. Robt. M., 18th Bn., 2nd Div., Ottawa, Ontario

Valentlne, Mr. Thomas, 16th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Van Lysebetten, Miss F. A., Calgary, Alberta
Vanderburgh, Miss Mary F., Toronto, Ontario
Vann, Mrs. Dorothy J., Toronto, Ontario
Vann, Miss Dorothy Y., Toronto, Ontario
Vann, Mr. Frank G., Toronto, Ontario
Vannan, Mr. Donald, 1st Bn., Windsor, Ontario
Venton, Mr. Wm. J., 6th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Venton, Mrs. W. J., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Vergeylen, Mr. Paul A., 12th Bn., C.F.A., Montreal, Quebec
Vetter, Mr. Harold V., R.N.C.V.R., Toronto, Ontario
Vigrass, Mrs. M. J., Toronto, Ontario
Vigrass, Miss Mercedes, Toronto, Ontario
Vincent, Mr. Frank, P.P.C.L.I., Wolseley, Saskatchewan
Vyse, Mr. Stephen G., 116th Bn., Toronto, Ontario

Williams, Mr. Geo. E., 21st Bn., Cornwall, Ontario
Waddell, Mr. James V., Imp., St Rose, Quebec
Waddington, Mr. Arthur H., 7th Bn., Prince Rupert, British Columbia
Waddington, Mrs. A. H., Prince Rupert, British Columbia
Waddington, Miss Nellie, Sioux Lookout, Ontario
Wade, Mr. Harry R, 28th C.F.A., McAdam Junction, New Brunswick
Wademan, Mr. Thos. H., 116th Bn., Lawrence, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Wadlin, Mr. Lorenzo N., 2nd Can. Pioneers, Ottawa, Ontario
Wadlin, Mrs. L. N., Ottawa, Ontario
Waghorn, Miss Muriel E., Fort William, Ontario
Waghorn, Mrs. H. R., Fort William, Ontario
Wagner, Mr. Ernest I. O., 4th C.M.R., Chicago, Illinios, U.S.A.
Wagner, Mrs. E. I. O., Chicago, Illinios, U.S.A.
Waine, Mr. Jack, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Waine, Mrs. Jack, Toronto, Ontario
Waite, Capt. John, 102nd Bn., Portage La Prairie, Manitoba
Wakefield, Miss Edith, Windsor, Ontario
Wakeling, Mr. Robt. E, 4th Bn., Brantford, Ontario
Wakeling, Mrs. R. F., Brantford, Ontario
Wakelyn, Mr. A., 31st Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Wakelyn, Mrs. A., Calgary, Alberta
Wakelyn, Mr. Arthur, Calgary, Alberta
Waldram, Master Wm. A., New Liskeard, Ontario
Walkem, Lt.-Col. High C., 42nd Bn., Montreal, Quebec
Walker, Mr. Alex., Calgary, Alberta
Walker, Mr. Wm. E., 8th Bn., Hesketh, Alberta
Walker, Mr. David C., 43rd Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Walker, Mr. David, 6th Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Walker, Miss Emily V., Ottawa, Ontario
Walker, Miss Lydie A., Ottawa, Ontario
Walker, Lt.-Col. Wm. K., 1st C.M.G.C., Ottawa, Ontario
Walker, Mr. Goldwin W. O., 33rd Bty., C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Walker, Mr. Robert L. M., 24th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Walker, Mrs. Eliza A., Verdun, Quebec
Walker, Mrs. John R., Regina, Saskatchewan
Walker, Mr. Thomas H., 116th Bn., Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.A.
Wallace, Miss Kathleen, Canmore, Alberta
Wallace, Mrs. Mary, Nelson, British Columbia
Wallace, Mr. Claude R, 2nd Bn., Trenton, Ontario
Wallace, Mr. William, 75th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Wallace, Mr. Hugh F., 4th Bn., Shawinigan Falls, Quebec
Wallace, Mr. James, 18th Bn., Detrmt, Michigan, U.S.A.
Walsh, Mr. Owen, 54th Bn., Nakusp, British Columbia
Walsh, Mr. Geo. E., 78th Bn., St Boniface, Manitoba
Walsh, Mr. Ronald V., St Boniface, Manitoba
Walsh, Mr. Harry E., 85th Hldrs., Kentville, Nova Scotia
Walsh, Mrs. H. E., Kentville, Nova Scotia
Walsh, Mrs. Adeline, Hamilton, Ontario
Walsh, Mr. Herbert L., 11th Bn., Niagara Falls, Ontario
Walsh, Mrs. H. L., Niagara Falls, Ontario
Walsh, Mr. James, Niagara Falls, Ontario
Walsh, Miss Rosemary, Niagara Falls, Ontario
Walsh, Mr. George B., C.A.D.C., Outremont, Quebec
Walters, Mr. Arthur J., Imp., Fort William, Ontario
Walton, Mr. George, C.F.A., Victoria, British Columbia
Walton, Mrs. George, Victoria, British Columbia
Walton, Mr. Victor, Victoria, British Columbia
Walton, Mr. Wilfred, 24th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Walton, Mr. James, Moncton, New Brunswick
Walton, Mrs. James, Moncton, New Brunswick
Walton, Mr. Leonard, 4th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Wansbrough, Dr. E. McK., 2nd Bn., C.M.G.C., Shelburne, Ontario
Wansbrough, Mrs. E. McK., Shelburne, Ontario
Wanstall, Mr. Henry A., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Ward, Miss Elsie, Edmonton, Alberta
Ward, Dr. J. O., 5th Bn., Leduc, Alberta
Ward, Mrs. J. G., Leduc, Alberta
Ward, Mr. H. D., Roslyn, British Columbia
Ward, Mr. Victor, 46th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Ward, Mrs. Victor, Vancouver, British Columbia
Ward, Miss Phyllis M., Vancouver, British Columbia
Ward, Miss Gertrude, Ottawa, Ontario
Ward, Mrs. M., Sudbury, Ontario
Ward, Mr. Robt. P., C.S.C., Lorne Park, Ontario
Ward, Mrs. R. P., Lorne Park, Ontario
Ward, Miss Sylvia C., Lorne Park, Ontario
Ward, Major Henry, M.G. Bn., Regina, Saskatchewan
Ward, Mrs. Lily, Birch Hills, Saskatchewan
Ward, Master George, Birch Hills, Saskatchewan
Wardle, Mr. Walter, 29th Bn., New Westminster, British Columbia
Wardle, Mrs. Walter, New Westminster, British Columbia
Wardle, Mrs. J. A., Toronto, Ontario
Ware, Mr. Francis R., 8th Bn., Wellington, British Columbia
Ware, Cyril., Toronto, Ontario
Wareham, Mr. Albert, 42nd Bty., Montreal, Quebec
Wareham, Mrs. A., Montreal, Quebec
Warnock, Mr. David W., 6th Bn., Port Alberni, British Columbia
Warnock, Mrs. D. W., Port Alberni, British Columbia
Warnock, Miss Sally, N.S., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Warren, Mr. S. G., 2nd Div. Sig., Lethbridge, Alberta
Warren, Mr. Henry, 63rd Bn., Victoria, British Columbia
Warren, Miss E. Damie, Sussex, New Brunswick
Warrington, Mr. John J., 15th Bn., Astoria, LI, New York, U.S.A.
Warrior, Mr. Reginald W., 39th C.F.A., Coronation, Alberta
Warwick, Mr. Arthur T., 28th Bn., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Warwick, Mrs. A. T., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Wasson, Mr. Wm. B., 6th C.F.A., Truro, Nova Scotia
Wasson, Mrs. W. B., Truro, Nova Scotia
Wasson, Mr. Hollis, Truro, Nova Scotia
Waterfield, Mr. John G., 1st C.S.C., Belmont, Ontario
Waterfield, Mrs. J. G., Belmont, Ontario
Waters, Miss Mary E., Belleville, Ontario
Waters, Mr. Sydney H., 76th Bn., Verdun, Quebec
Waters, Mrs. S. H., Verdun, Quebec
Waters, Miss Grace B., N.S., 7th C.G.H., Utica, New York, U.S.A.
Watherston, Mr. Edmund F., Barrhead, Alberta
Watkins, Mrs Mona, N.S., Imp., St Thomas, Ontario
Watkinson, Mr. John V., 53rd Bn., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Watkinson, Mrs. J. V., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Watson, Mre. David W., Imp., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Watson, Mrs. Viva L., Woodstock, New Brunswick
Watson, Mrs. Ellen, Ottawa, Ontario
Watson, Mr. Geo. W., 10th Bn., Havelock, Ontario
Watson, Mr. Francis J., Havelock, Ontario
Watson, Mrs. F. J., Havelock, Ontario
Watson, Lt.-Col. Henry G., F.G.H., C.A.P.C., Brantford, Ontario
Watson, Miss Margaret E., Brantford, Ontario
Watson, Miss Frances P., Brantford, Ontario
Watson, Mr. James P., 2nd C.C.S., Stratford, Ontario
Watson, Mrs. J. P., Stratford, Ontario
Watson, Capt. Robt. S., 4th Inf. Bde., Hamilton, Ontario
Watson, Mrs. R. S., Hamilton, Ontario
Watson, Mr. Edgar W., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Watson, Mrs. Ellen J., Toronto, Ontario
Watson, Mr. Harry, 11th C.E., Lachine, Quebec
Watson, Mrs. Harry, Lachine, Quebec
Watson, Mr. G. H., 66th I.V., 3rd Bn., Imp., Lashburn, Saskatchewan
Watson, Mrs. G. H., Lashburn, Saskatchewan
Watson, Miss Edna E., Lashburn, Saskatchewan
Watt, Mr. Norman A., 2nd C.M.M.G., Prince Rupert, British Columbia
Watt, Mr. James C., Div. Cyclists, London, Ontario
Watt, Mr. James D., 4th C.M.G.C., Welland, Ontario
Watt, Mrs. J. D., Welland, Ontario
Watt, Mr. Robt. 1., 13th Bn., London, Ontario
Watt, Mrs. R. 1., London, Ontario
Watts, Mrs. Margaret, Calgary, Alberta
Waugh, Mr. Bruce W., 18th C.M.G., Ottawa, Ontario
Weagant, Dr. Henry W., 4th C.F.A., Cornwall, Ontario
Webb, Mr. Alph. A., 18th Bn., Windsor, Ontario
Webb, Mrs. A. A., Windsor, Ontario
Webb, Mrs. Carrie, Port Credit, Ontario
Webb, Mr. Sidney J., C.F.C., Ottawa, Ontario
Webb, Mrs. S. J., Ottawa, Ontario
Webb, Mr. Chas., P.P.C.L.I., Toronto, Ontario
Webb, Mrs. Chas., Toronto, Ontario
Webb, Mrs. L. J., Davidson, Saskatchewan
Webb, Mr. James, Davidson, Saskatchewan
Webb, Mr. Robert, Davidson, Saskatchewan
Webber, Mrs. Marion J., Edmonton, Alberta
Webster, Mr. Wm. A., 3rd C.R.T., Calgary, Alberta
Webster, Mr. Gordon W., Calgary, Alberta
Webster, Mrs. Ellen, Coal Creek, British Columbia
Webster, Mrs. Queena J., Vine Mount, Ontario
Webster, Mrs. Maggie L. M., Toronto, Ontario
Weddell, Mr. A., 31st Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Weddell, Mrs. A., Calgary, Alberta
Weeks, Miss Jessica M., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Weir, Mrs. Catharine, Drumheller, Alberta
Weir, Mr. John J., 6th C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Weir, Mr. Robert, C.A.S.C., Toronto, Ontario
Weir, Mrs. Robert., Toronto, Ontario
Weismiller, Mr. W. J., 85th C.E.C.C., R.E., Exshaw, Alberta
Weismiller, Mrs. W. J., Exshaw, Alberta
Welch, Mr. Harold L., 50th Bn., Didsbury, Alberta
Welch, Mr. Herbert M., C.A.M.C., Calgary, Alberta
Welch, Mrs. Herbert M., Calgary, Alberta
Wellard, Mr. Chas. J., 52nd Bn., Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Weller, Mrs. Mary L., Toronto, Ontario
Wellman, Mr. Isaac, 58th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Wells, Mr. William A., 20th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Wells, Mrs. Ada M., Alhambra, California, U.S.A.
Welsh, Mr. Joseph, Imp., Red Deer, Alberta
Welton, Miss Frances L., Calgary, Alberta
Welwood, Miss Jean M., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Welwood, Capt. Thomas R., M.D., C.A.M.C., Toronto, Ontario
Wemyss, Mr. James E., 124th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Wemyss, Mrs. J. E., Toronto, Ontario
Wensley, Mr. Arthur, 31st Bn., Edmonton, Alberta
Wensley, Mrs. Arthur, Edmonton, Alberta
Wesson, Mr. Fred, 1st Bn., Waterloo, Ontario
West, Miss Amy, Vegreville, Alberta
West, Mr. Angus C., Newmarket, Ontario
West, Mr. James A., C.A.S.C., Toronto, Ontario
West, Mrs. J. A., Toronto, Ontario
West, Mr. William, P.P.C.L.I., Toronto, Ontario
Westbeare, Mr. William A., 127th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Westby, Miss Marion, Fernie, British Columbia
Westman, Mr. Geo. E., D.D.S., 9th Inf. Bde., Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Westman, Mrs. G. E., Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Westman, Mrs. Florence A., Toronto, Ontario
Westwater, Mr. William, 24th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Westwood, Miss Rachel, Fort William, Ontario
Wetton, Mr. Arthur N., C.L.H., North Battleford, Saskatchewan
Wharrie, Mr. John, 27th Bn., Hamilton, Ontario
Wheelans, Mr eNilliam, 42th Hldrs., Toronto, Ontario
Wheelans, Mrs. Wm., Toronto, Ontario
Wheeler, Mrs. Lily, Burnaby, British Columbia
Wheeler, Mrs. Mary, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Wheeler, Mr. Wm., 2nd Bn., Pickering, Ontario
Whelan, Mr. Alfred J., 2nd Div., Ottawa, Ontario
Whelan, Miss Margaret L., Ottawa, Ontario
Whelan, Miss Teresa, Ottawa, Ontario
Whetstone, Mrs. Elizabeth, Aylmer, Ontario
Whiskin, Mr. Frank, C.D.C., Penticton, British Columbia
Whitaker, Mr. Geo. E., 22nd Bty, C.F.A., Simcoe, Ontario
Whitaker, Mrs. G. E., Simcoe, Ontario
White, Mr. Albert V., 17th C.F.A., New Westminster, British Columbia
White, Mrs. Catherine, Vancouver, British Columbia
White, Mr. Charles M., Saanichton, British Columbia
White, Mr. John, 48th Bn., Kamloops, British Columbia
White, Mr. Henry T., Winnipeg, Manitoba
White, Capt. Douglas V., 2nd C.S.B., St John, New Brunswick
White, Mrs. Florence H., Ottawa, Ontario
White, Mr. Oliver, 2lst Bn., Windsor, Ontario
White, Mr. C. E, 4th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
White, Mrs. C. F., Toronto, Ontario
White, Mr. Vernon., Toronto, Ontario
White, Mr. Charles L., Imp., Toronto, Ontario
White, Mrs. C. L., Toronto, Ontario
White, Major James A. G., 2nd Bde., C.E., Toronto, Ontario
White, Mrs. J. A. G. ., Toronto, Ontario
White, Mr. Norman S., R.C.D., Toronto, Ontario
White, Mrs. N. S., Toronto, Ontario
White, Miss Yvonne., Toronto, Ontario
White, Mr. A. O., 4th Siege Bty., Montreal, Quebec
White, Mr. John, 228th Bn., Montreal, Quebec
White, Mrs. Mary L., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Whitehouse, Mr. Ralph, 4th C.M.R., Toronto, Ontario
Whitehurst, Mr. W. R., 10th C.F., Port Arthur, Ontario
Whitehurst, Mrs. W. R., Port Arthur, Ontario
Whitehurst, Master Wm., Port Arthur, Ontario
Whitely, Mr. Elmer., Toronto, Ontario
Whiteside, Miss Joy, Edmonton, Alberta
Whitfield, Mr. A. J., 5th Bty., C.F.A., Barrie, Ontario
Whitham, Mr. Walter, 10th Bty., Toronto, Ontario
Whitham, Mrs. Walter., Toronto, Ontario
Whitham, Mr. Walter., Toronto, Ontario
Whitham, Mr. D. K., Montreal, Quebec
Whitham, Mr. D. L. Y., Montreal, Quebec
Whitham, Mr. R. E., Montreal, Quebec
Whitlow, Mr. A. J., A. Transport., Toronto, Ontario
Whitman, Mr. Arthur G., C.A.M.C., Lethbridge, Alberta
Whitnall, Mr. Percy, 2nd C.M.R., Toronto, Ontario
Whitnall, Mrs. Percy., Toronto, Ontario
Whitnall, Mr. William., Toronto, Ontario
Whitney, Mrs. Ellen O., Bow Island, Alberta
Whittaker, Mr. Arthur, Niagara Falls, Ontario
Whittaker, Mrs. Arthur, Niagara Falls, Ontario
Whittaker, Mr. Isaac, 4th C.M.R., Toronto, Ontario
Whittaker, Mrs. Isaac., Toronto, Ontario
Whittaker, Miss Margaret., Toronto, Ontario
Whittle, Mrs. Mary A., Victoria, British Columbia
Whittle, Mrs. Alice, Guelph, Ontario
Whittle, Mr. William, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Whitworth, Mr. James W., C.A.M.C., Pointe Claire, Quebec
Whyte, Mr. Marvin, 10th Bn., Glendale, California, U.S.A.
Wickes, Mr. Frederick G., 54th Bn., Hamilton, Ontario
Widdows, Mrs. Maud, Hamilton, Ontario
Widgery, Mr. Chas. E. J., C.M.G.C., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Widgery, Mrs. C. E. J., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Widgery, Mr. Charles, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Wight, Miss Doris, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Wight, Mrs. M., Saskatoon-, Saskatchewan
Wilcox, Mr. Isaiah, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Wilcox, Mr. George F., 15th Bn., Lachine, Quebec
Wilcox, Mrs. G. F., Lachine, Quebec
Wilcox, Miss Gwendolyn, Lachine, Quebec
Wilcox, Miss Kathleen, Lachine, Quebec
Wild., Mr. Harry E., C.A. Pay. C., Montreal, Quebec
Wilde, Mr. Ernest H., 5th Bde., H.Q., Montreal, Quebec
Wilde, Mrs. E. H., Montreal, Quebec
Wilde, Miss Patricia, Montreal, Quebec
Wilderman, Mrs. Ida, N.S., Imp., Blackie, Alberta
Wilderman, Miss Patricia, Blackie, Alberta
Wildgoose, Henrietta., Toronto, Ontario
Wilding, Mr. Gilbert G., 1st C.M.M.G., Montreal, Quebec
Wileman, Mr. Alan W., Montreal, Quebec
Wileman, Miss Florence E., Montreal, Quebec
Wiley, Mr. Oliver, 2nd D.A.C., St Catharines, Ontario
Wiley, Mrs. Oliver, St Catharines, Ontario
Wilkins, Mr. James, 72nd Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Wilkins, Mrs. James, Vancouver, British Columbia
Wilkins, Miss Catherine R., St John, New Brunswick
Wilkins, Mr. Chas. V., 10th C.E., Trenton, Ontario
Wilkins, Mrs. C. V., Trenton, Ontario
Wilkins, Mr. George, 5th C.R.T., Ottawa, Ontario
Wilkins, Mr. Geo. S., 2nd Bn., Prescott, Ontario
Wilkinson, Mr. Wilfred, Calgary, Alberta
Wilkinson, Mrs. A. S., New Westminster, British Columbia
Wilkinson, Mrs. Jessie, Sidney, British Columbia
Wilkinson, Mr. Harold, 58th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Wilkinson, Mrs. Harold., Toronto, Ontario
Wilkinson, Miss Lillian., Toronto, Ontario
Wilkinson, Mr. John., Toronto, Ontario
Wilkinson-Newsholme, Mr. W. S., Imp., Dropmore, Manitoba
Willard, Mr. Frederick G., Can. Little Black Devils, Pasadena, California, U.S.A.
Willard, Mrs. F. G., Pasadena, California, U.S.A.
Willett, Mr. Charles, Imp., Hamilton, Ontario
Williams, Mrs. Matilda, Edmonton, Alberta
Williams, Miss Grace, Edmonton, Alberta
Williams, Mr. W. J., 191st Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Williams, Mrs. W. J., Calgary, Alberta
Williams, Mr. John A., Calgary, Alberta
Williams, Mr. Humphrey D., 2nd C.M.R., Vancouver, British Columbia
Williams, Mr. John, 3rd C.R.T., Vancouver, British Columbia
Williams, Mrs. Daisy, Elkhorn, Manitoba
Williams, Mr. Harry A., Kentville, Nova Scotia
Williams, Mr. C. E., 4th Bn., Campbellford, Ontario
Williams, Major Chas. F., M.D., Imp., Ottawa, Ontario
Williams, Mr. Frank S., 94th & 16th an., Fort William, Ontario
Williams, Mrs. F. 8., Fort William, Ontario
Williams, Mr. L. Douglas, Fort William, Ontario
Williams, Mr. Frank, Fort William, Ontario
Williams, Miss Margaret, Fort William, Ontario
Williams, Mr. Geo. H., 15th Bn., St George, Ontario
Williams, Mrs. G. H., St George, Ontario
Williams, Miss Sherley E., St George, Ontario
Williams, Mr. Arthur, C.A.M.C., Toronto, Ontario
Williams, Major Frank A., Sig., Toronto, Ontario
Williams, Mr. Francis E., 58th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Williams, Mr. Richard D., 123rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Williams, Mrs. Louisa, Montreal, Quebec
Williams, Miss Margaret E. F., Montreal, Quebec
Williams, ML. Arthur E., Imp., Regina, Saskatchewan
Williams, Major Wm. D., R.O.A. and Imp., Regina, Saskatchewan
Williams., Mrs. H. A., Kentville, Nova Scotia
Williamson, Major Donald, 1st C.M.R., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Williamson, Mr. Leonard, 30th C.F.A., Toronto, Ontario
Willimott, Mr. Sidney, 19th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Willinan, Major Samuel L., 242nd C.F.C., Calumet, Quebec
Willis, Mr. Joseph H., 1st C.M.R., Binscarth, Manitoba
Willoughby, Mr. Frank D., 21st Bty., Montreal, Quebec
Willson, Mr. Albert H., 44th Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Willson, Mrs. A. H., Calgary, Alberta
Willson, Mr. W. L., 19th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Willson, Mrs. W. L., Toronto, Ontario
Willson, Miss Shirley., Toronto, Ontario
Wilson, Mr. John, P.P.C.L.I., Coleman, Alberta
Wilson, Mr. John, 137th and 31st an., Calgary, Alberta
Wilson, Mrs. John, Calgary, Alberta
Wilson, Mr. John R., Calgary, Alberta
Wilson, Mr. John J., 50th Bn., Calgary, Alberta
Wilson, Miss Jessie W., V.A.D., New Westminster, British Columbia
Wilson, Mrs. Kate, Victoria, British Columbia
Wilson, Mr. James, Victoria, British Columbia
Wilson, Mr. Walter, C.R.T., Burns Lake, British Columbia
Wilson, Mrs. Walter, Burns Lake, British Columbia
Wilson, Miss Mary E., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Wilson, Miss Isabella S., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Wilson, Mr. Joseph B., 42nd Bn., Waterville, Nova Scotia
Wilson, Mrs. J. B., Waterville, Nova Scotia
Wilson, Mr. Norman A., 42nd Bn., Waterville, Nova Scotia
Wilson, Miss Olie, Waterville, Nova Scotia
Wilson, Mr. Paul R., Nerwick, Nova Scotia
Wilson, Mrs. Amy E., Trenton, Ontario
Wilson, Mr. Clyde T., 87th Bn., Clarence, Ontario
Wilson, Mr. Ernest T., Imp., Kincardine, Ontario
Wilson, Mr. Norman M., 48th Hldrs., Beamsville, Ontario
Wilson, Mrs. N. M., Beamsville, Ontario
Wilson, Dr. Robt. B. E., 24th Bn., Uxbridge, Ontario
Wilson, Maj. S. H., Port Arthur, Ontario
Wilson, Mr. Victor, 4th Field Co., C.E., Niagara Falls, Ontario
Wilson, Mr. Willard P., 116th Bn., St Catharines, Ontario
Wilson, Mr. Andrew, 11th C.M.G., Toronto, Ontario
Wilson, Mrs. Andrew., Toronto, Ontario
Wilson, Mrs. Jane., Toronto, Ontario
Wilson, Mr. John, C.R.T., Toronto, Ontario
Wilson, Mr. Herbert, 2nd C.F.A., Montreal, Quebec
Wilson, Capt. Robert, 1st Siege Bty., C.G.A., Montreal, Quebec
Wilson, Mrs. Kate, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Wilson, Mr. Arthur H., Imp., San Diego, California, U.S.A.
Wilson, Mrs. A. H., San Diego, California, U.S.A.
Wilson, Mr. John E., 5th C.M.R., Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.
Wiltshire, Mr. Walter E., 47th Bn., New Westminster, British Columbia
Wiltshire, Mrs. Elizabeth., Toronto, Ontario
Winch, Mrs. Mary M., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Winch, Master Alfred A., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Winget, Mrs. Chrissie, Langley Prairie, British Columbia
Winget, Miss Jean, Langley Prairie, British Columbia
Winslow, Mr. John D., 8th C.A.S.C., Woodstock, New Brunswick
Winslow, Mrs. J. D., Woodstock, New Brunswick
Winslow, Miss Charlotte H., Woodstock, New Brunswick
Winsor, Dr. Allen L., Kings County, New Brunswick
Winter., Miss Eveline A., Vancouver, British Columbia
Wiseman, Mr. Stanley, 21st Bn., C.R.T., Montreal, Quebec
Wiseman, Mrs. Stanley, Montreal, Quebec
Wishart, Mr. Thos., C.L.H., Calgary, Alberta
Wishart, Mrs. Thos., Calgary, Alberta
Wishart, Mary E., Kamloops, British Columbia
Wishart, Mr. James P., Imp., Woodstock, Ontario
Witcombe, Mr. Edwin J., 123rd Bn., Burks Falls, Ontario
Witts, Mr. Albert, C.D.A.C., Sheddon, Ontario
Wolferstan, Mr. Ronald D. P., Montreal, Quebec
Wolhaupter, Mrs. M. Adelaid, St Catharines, Ontario
Wolhaupter, Miss Marion, St Catharines, Ontario
Wonnacott, Mr. Lloyd A., 2nd Bty., Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Wood, Miss Elizabeth C., Edmonton, Alberta
Wood, Mr. Fred., Calgary, Alberta
Wood, Mrs. Sally, N.S., Imp., Calgary, Alberta
Wood, Miss Joan, Calgary, Alberta
Wood, Mr. George B., 143rd & 2nd C.M.R., Sechelt, British Columbia
Wood, Mrs. G., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Wood, Mrs. Dora M., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Wood, Mr. Joseph E., 1st Div., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Wood, Mr. Robt., P.P.C.L.I, Minnedosa, Manitoba
Wood, Mr. W. F., 27th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Wood, Mr. James H., 3rd Bn., Ottawa, Ontario
Wood, Mr. Lionel C., D.T.M., Oshawa, Ontario
Wood, Mr. Charles A., C.O.C., H.Q., Toronto, Ontario
Wood, Mrs. C. A., Toronto, Ontario
Wood, Miss Grace E., Toronto, Ontario
Wood, Mr. James, 60th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Wood, Mr. Frederick, R.C.N.V.R., Montreal, Quebec
Wood, Mr. Henry J., 13th Bn., Lachine, Quebec
Wood, Mrs. H. J., Lachine, Quebec
Wood, Mr. Donald H., Lachine, Quebec
Wood, Miss Mabel, St Eustache sur le Lac, Quebec
Wood, Miss Nellie, V.A.D., Montreal, Quebec
Wood, Mr. Arthur, Regina, Saskatchewan
Wood, Mrs. Arthur, Regina, Saskatchewan
Wood, Miss Gwen, Regina, Saskatchewan
Woodhouse, Mr. Edwin, R.C.R., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Woodrow, Mr. Bertie, 1st C.M.R., Kenora, Ontario
Woodrow, Mrs. Bertie, Kenora, Ontario
Woods, Mr. Walter S., 1st Bde., C.F.A., Ottawa, Ontario
Woods, Mrs. Walter 8., Ottawa, Ontario
Woods, Mr. Percy D., 4th Bn., Quebec, Quebec
Woodward, Mr. George. 10th Bn., White Rock, British Columbia
Woodward, Mr. Hezekiah, Cannington, Ontario
Woodward, Capt. John H. C., 135th Bn., London, Ontario
Woodward, Mr. Frederick C., 170th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Woodward, Mrs. F. C., Toronto, Ontario
Woodworth, Mr. Harold G., 85th Bn., Berwick, Nova Scotia
Woolley, Miss Kathleen., Toronto, Ontario
Wordley, Mr. John W., 15th Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Wordley, Mrs. J. W., Toronto, Ontario
Workman, Mr. Allan, C.A.M.C., New Westminster, British Columbia
Wormald, Mrs. Elizabeth., Toronto, Ontario
Worrall, Mr. Wm. H., Imp., Neepawa, Manitoba
Worrall, Mrs. W. H., Neepawa, Manitoba
Wotherspoon, Mr. Wm., Imp., Vancouver, British Columbia
Wrenn, Mrs. Agnes E., Bowmanville, Ontario
Wright, Mrs. Annie, Canmore, Alberta
Wright, Miss Ada, Canmore, Alberta
Wright, Mrs. Helen M. C. F., Aldergrove, British Columbia
Wright, Miss Sylvia, Aldergrove, British Columbia
Wright, Miss Marjorie, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Wright, Mr. Wm., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Wright, Mr. Alfred J., 4th Can. Rly., North Bay, Ontario
Wright, Mrs. A. J., North Bay, Ontario
Wright, Mr. Arthur E., 4th Bn., Hamilton, Ontario
Wright, Mrs. A. E., Hamilton, Ontario
Wright, Mrs. J. Stanley, Port Hope, Ontario
Wright, Miss Ellen, Port Hope, Ontario
Wright, Mrs. L. E., Ottawa, Ontario
Wright, Mrs. M. E., Toronto, Ontario
Wright, Miss Marjory., Toronto, Ontario
Wright, Mr. Walter, Imp., Toronto, Ontario
Wright, Mrs. Walter., Toronto, Ontario
Wright, Mr. Geo. W. G., C.A.S.C., Regina, Saskatchewan
Wright, Mrs. G. W. G., Regina, Saskatchewan
Wright, Mr. E. J., C.F.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Wrigley, Mr. Wm. E., 18th C.F.A., Montreal, Quebec
Wyand, Mr. Blake, Ottawa, Ontario
Wylie, Mr. Arthur 8., Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan
Wynne, Mr. John, 102nd Bn., Anyox, British Columbia

Yates, Mr. Reginald 8., 3rd C.M.G., Wild Horse, Alberta
Yates, Mr. John, Imp., Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
Yates, Mr. Hubert E, 10th Bty., C.F.A. & B.E.F., Quebec
Yates, Mrs. Hannah, Ituna, Saskatchewan
Yates, Miss Margaret W., Regina, Saskatchewan
Yeager, Mrs. Lillian, Grimsby, Ontario
Yeager, Mr. Lloyd, Grimsby, Ontario
Yeager, Mrs. L., Grismby, Ontario
Yeaman, Miss Agnes G., Toronto, Ontario
Yeardye, Mr. Arthur D., 78th Bn., Winnipeg, Manitoba
York, Mr. C. N., 5th Bty., Rolla, British Columbia
York, Miss Irma J., Rolla, British Columbia
Young, Mrs. Bella, Calgary, Alberta
Young, Mr. Robt. A. G., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Young, Mr. Earle M., C.M.G.B., Fredericton, New Brunswick
Young, Mrs. E. M., Fredericton, New Brunswick
Young, Mr. Ronald E., Fredericton, New Brunswick
Young, Mr. A., D.S.C., Imp., Windsor, Ontario
Young, Mrs. A., Windsor, Ontario
Young, Mr. Arthur H., Kingston, Ontario
Young, Mr. G. A., Havelock, Ontario
Young, Mrs. G. A., Havelock, Ontario
Young, Mrs. Elizabeth, St Thomas, Ontario
Young, Mr. Geo. O., 4th Bn., St Catharines, Ontario
Young, Mr. Victor H., 3rd Bn., Hamilton, Ontario
Young, Mr. Alexander, 123rd Bn., Toronto, Ontario
Young, Mrs. Elizabeth P., Toronto, Ontario
Young, Mr. Wm., P.P.C.L.I., Saltcoats, Saskatchewan
Young, Miss Annie B., Flint, Michigan, U.S.A.
Younie, Mr. John, 5th Bn., Vancouver, British Columbia
Yuill, Mrs. Janet., Toronto, Ontario
Yuill, Miss Ruby., Toronto, Ontario

Zimmer, Mr. Otto H., 16th Bn., Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Zinck, Dr. Clark R., 42nd Hldrs., Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Zinck, Mrs. C. R., Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

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In Memorium

MRS. A. U. DuPENCIER, of Vancouver, British Columbia, who died on July 13th, 1936, while en route to Montreal to join the Vimy Pilgrimage.

MRS. R. A. KEMP, of Calgary, Alberta, who died on board the R.M.S. "Antonia" on July 28th, 1936, while en route to England after visiting her husband's grave in France.