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How to Suck an Egg

The Defence of Duffer's Drift
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The Battle of Booby's Bluffs
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The Defence of Bowler Bridge
Rise, Fall and Re-Birth of the Emma-Gees
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The Officers' Mess
Mess Dinners
Mess Dinners; Advice for Subaltern Organizers of
Annex A: Mess Dinner Sequence (circa 1983)
Annex B: Mess Dinner Questions (circa 1983)
Annex C: Toast to Fallen Comrades
Entre Nous… (1951)
"In the Officers' Mess" by Alden Nowlan
Standing Rules for Officers' Messes of The RCR (1902)

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Regimental System
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Battle Honours in the Canadian Army, by J.R. Grodzinski
North West Rebellion Battle Honours (PF) (NPAM)
South African War Battle Honours (PF) (NPAM)
First World War Battle Honours
Second World War Battle Honours
Korean War Battle Honours
Auth List of Battle Honours (1999)
Battle Honours of the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps
Battle Honours of the Royal Canadian Infantry Corps

Infantry Battalions
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The Officers' Mess
The Senior Subaltern
Staff Duties and the Young Officer
How to Write Effective English
Notes and Quotes - Staff Duties
The Officer and Fighting Efficiency (1940)
Advice to Officers (1782)
The Young Officer's Guide to Knowledge (1915)
An Open Letter to the Very Young Officer (1917)
The RCR, "A" Company Standing Orders (1918)
An Officer's Code (1925)
RCSI Hints for Young Officers (1931)
RCSI Notes on Drill (1931)
Customs of the Service (1939)
Hints for Newly Commissioned Officers (1943)
Comrades in Arms (1942)
Hints for Junior Officers (1945)
Customs of the Army (1956)
How to be a Successful Subaltern (1978)
The RCR Regimental Standing Orders - Senior Subaltern (1992)
A Miscellany of Advice for Subalterns
The Young Officer and the NCO - Quotes

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The RCR in the Great War
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NCOs and Soldiers
An Officer's Diary (1914-1918)
On to Bermuda (1914-15)
Overseas with The Royals (1915)
Amiens (1918)
Cambrai (1918)
Monchy-le-Preux (1918)
Badges - Signs of the Times
The 7th Trench Mortar Battery
A Regimental Goat

Badges of The RCR; Introduction
Badges of The RCR: Crowns, Cyphers and Controversy
1894-1902, 1919-27
South African War
EviiR Badges (1902-11)
GvR Badges (1911-19)
St Edward's Crown Badges (1927-70s)
Maj Cock, M.C., Collection (1933)
Imperial Crown Badges (1926-50s)
Imperial Crown Badges (1960s-80s)
Dress Regulations (Extracts) - 1960
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Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Vimy Memorial
Dieppe Cemetery
Perpetuation of CEF Units
Researching Military Records
Recommended Reading
The Frontenac Times
RCR Cap Badge (unique)
Boer War Battles
In Praise of Infantry
Naval Toast of the Day
Toasts in the Army (1956)
Duties of the CSM and CQMS (1942)
Windows Wallpapers

Standing Orders for the Fortress of Halifax, N.S.; 1908
Medals and Badges - Fakes and Copies
Army Punishments Part 1 - Part 2

C.A.R.O. No. 6719 - Campaign Stars, Clasps, The Defence Medal and the War Medal 1939-45

The "Man-in-the-Dark" Theory of Infantry Tactics and the "Expanding Torrent" System of Attack, by Captain B.H. Liddell-Hart, K.O.Y.L.I.