The Royal Canadian Regiment and
The First World War - 1914-1919

Regimental Sergeants Major (R.S.M.)

The following excerpt from the Standing Orders of The Royal Canadian Regiment, published in 1935, provides an overview of the duties of, and expectations placed upon, a Regimental Sergeant Major.

H.Q. 1-12-35.

Standing Orders
of The Royal Canadian Regiment

X.     Warrant Officers

1.     Warrant Rank being, as it is, a mark of high character, valuable service and long experience, must at all times be accorded the highest respect by all ranks.

2.     All Warrant Officers will invariably be addressed as "Sir" by their juniors. Warrant Officers, Class I, will be addressed by Officers and referred to by all ranks by their surnames with the prefix "Mister."

3.     In respect of absence from their quarters during other that duty hours Warrant Officers are entitled to the same privileges as Officers.

XI.     The Regimental Sergeant Major.

1.     The Regimental Sergeant Major is the senior warrant officer of his battalion. He is directly charged with the discipline of the non-commissioned officers and with the supervision of their duties. On his knowledge, personality and influence the efficiency of the non-commissioned officers and consequently of the battalion, largely depends.

2.     He must be an expert in Drill, and must have a perfect knowledge of the Standing Orders and regimental customs of his Regiment and of the duties of every individual.

3.     He must carefully observe the character and conduct of all non-commissioned officers, and the spirit and manner in which they perform their duties. He will take every opportunity of assisting with his advice and will encourage them to seek it. He will give special care to the training of lance corporals on first appointment.

4.     He will personally keep the Duty Roster of the non-commissioned officers and will be responsible for its correctness and fairness.

5.     Under the orders of the Adjutant, and as his assistant, he will constantly and closely supervise the instruction of recruits.

6.     He is ex-officio president of the Sergeants' mess, and it is his duty to see that it is conducted strictly in accordance with the King's Regulations and the Regimental Rules for Sergeants' mess (Appendix A). He will check undesirable discussions and any tendency to conduct which is not creditable to the Mess and to the Regiment. He will immediately report any irregularities to the Adjutant.

7.     He will invariably bring to the notice of the Adjutant any special aptitude, valuable initiative and special instances of excellent performance of duty, and any neglect, slackness or irregularity, on the part of the non-commissioned officer.

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