The First World War
Soldiers and NCOs of The Royal Canadian Regiment

The Bermuda Roll - The Originals

The following soldiers and non-commissioned officers (NCOs) of The RCR were original members of the Regiment who served in Bermuda during 1914-15. This list is effective for November 1914. Officers who served in Bermuda may be found here, and the Valcartier Draft that brought the Regiment up to strength while in Bermuda are listed here.

Regt'l. No. Rank. Name in full (Surname first) Previous Service. Place of Attestation. Date of Attestation.
9787PrivateAbbott, Septimus JohnB.A.Halifax, N.S.18 May 1914
9858PrivateAdcock, WilliamB.A. DeserterToronto, Ont1 Sep 1914
9619PrivateAldridge, Francis GeorgeB.A.Halifax, N.S.20 May 1912
9741BoyAllen, Roydun ArthurHalifax, N.S.25 Oct 1913
5601PrivateAllison, JohnB.A.Fredericton15 Nov 1909
9698PrivateAnderson, AdamThree Rivers, P.Q.3 Jul 1913
7774PrivateArmstrong, JamesLondon, Ont8 Jul 1914
12173PrivateArney, FredToronto, Ont19 Feb 1912
7248PrivateArnold, HerbertP.F.Fredericton6 Aug 1912
9723PrivateArsenault, Joseph EmanuelHalifax, N.S.23 Sep 1913
9716PrivateArthur, HenryP.F.Halifax, N.S.8 Aug 1913
9749PrivateAshford, James FrederickB.A.Halifax, N.S.3 Dec 1913
9865PrivateAtkin, GeorgeB.A.Toronto, Ont1 Sep 1914
4828PrivateBaker, WilliamToronto, Ont13 Nov 1907
9750Lance-CorpBaldwin, George AlfredB.A.Halifax, N.S.3 Dec 1913
4799PrivateBall, JamesToronto, Ont13 Jul 1907
9876PrivateBallantyne, RobertB.A.Halifax, N.S.7 Sep 1914
4264SergeantBanks, Herbert HenryNilNiagara, Ont4 Jul 1899
9236PrivateBanks, WilliamB.A.Halifax, N.S.11 Mar 1907
9759PrivateBarker, Robert ArnottHalifax, N.S.5 Dec 1913
9833PrivateBarnes, RobertB.A.Toronto, Ont13 Aug 1914
5222CorporalBarnett, Edwin VictorSt. John, P.Q.24 Jan 1902
9117CorporalBarratt, RobertB.A.Halifax, N.S.12 Jan 1907
7244SergeantBasanta, Louis CampbellLondon, Ont1 Dec 1904
9691BandsmanBaskerville, Alfred FrankB.A.Halifax, N.S.10 Jun 1913
4850PrivateBate, Walter HartP.F.Toronto, Ont29 Dec 1910
9646PrivateBattle, OwenB.A.Halifax, N.S.17 Sep 1912
7656SergeantBeaton, Gordon MurrayLondon, Ont25 Jul 1910
9424PrivateBeaudoin, George MassonP.F.Quebec11 Aug 1914
4565Band- CorpBedell, RobertP.F.Toronto, Ont3 Oct 1905
12171PrivateBell, George AlbertToronto, Ont10 Feb 1912
8577PrivateBelmore, Joseph EdwardQuebec22 Aug 1913
7776PrivateBennett, Frederick ArthurB.A.London, Ont20 Jul 1914
9318CorporalBenson, DanielHalifax, N.S.28 Jan 1909
4888PrivateBentley, AlfredP.F.Toronto, Ont3 Dec 1912
6940PrivateBerry, GusHalifax, N.S.26 Jan 1906
9870PrivateBerry, Alfred ErnestB.A.London, Ont1 Sep 1914
9167PrivateBewley, RobertB.A.Halifax, N.S.12 Jan 1907
4549SergeantBingham, EdwardB.A.Toronto, Ont30 Aug 1905
9511PrivateBingham, VivianB.A.Halifax, N.S.16 Mar 1911
9190PrivateBird, ThomasB.A.Halifax, N.S.12 Jan 1907
7745BoyBlack, Vincent JamesLondon, Ont23 Sep 1913
12227PrivateBlackham, Arthur ErnestToronto, Ont20 Nov 1913
7664PrivateBlom, Charles Henry JamesLondon, Ont6 Dec 1910
8559PrivateBoisjoly, GeorgeQuebec18 Jul 1912
8544PrivateBoisjoly, Jarvis CharlesQuebec15 Jan 1912
9848PrivateBond, GeorgeHalifax, N.S.31 Aug 1914
9586Lance-CorpBonner, Harry VictorHalifax, N.S.17 Feb 1912
9088PrivateBooth, WilliamB.A.Halifax, N.S.12 Jan 1907
9795PrivateBoudreau, PeterHalifax, N.S.26 Jun 1914
12231PrivateBovill, George StanleyToronto, Ont1 Dec 1913
9778PrivateBradford, WalterB.A.Halifax, N.S.3 Feb 1914
8583PrivateBradley, Patrick JosephB.A.Quebec, P.Q.18 Oct 1914
12221PrivateBrandon, John HenryToronto, Ont23 Sep 1913
8600PrivateBreen, JosephB.A.Levis, P.Q.2 Jul 1914
4998CorporalBresnan, ThomasP.F.Toronto, Ont15 Nov 1910
7524PrivateBrewer, Ernest GordonP.F.London, Ont15 Nov 1910
9482BandsmanBright, Henry LewisB.A.Halifax, N.S.13 Feb 1912
7719CorporalBrothers, William HenryLondon, Ont15 Aug 1912
6213PrivateBrown, Reginald GeorgeR.N.Bermuda3 Nov 1914
9775PrivateBrown, Walter ThomasB.A.Halifax, N.S.6 Feb 1914
8388PrivateBrown, WilliamP.F.Bermuda30 Sep 1914
9091CorporalBrown, JohnB.A.Halifax, N.S.30 Sep 1910
6800PrivateBrown, John JosephFredericton4 Mar 1905
12225PrivateBrown, WilltamB.A.Toronto, Ont14 Nov 1913
8586PrivateBrunton, James McIntyreQuebec16 Dec 1913
9692PrivateBunnage, Albert EdwardB.A.Halifax, N.S.11 Jun 1913
9814PrivateBurden, Charles HenryHalifax, N.S.24 Jul 1914
12281PrivateBurdett, Thomas HenryToronto, Ont13 May 1914
5638PrivateBurgess, HarryP.F.Fredericton13 Sep 1913
12244PrivateBurke, JamesToronto, Ont5 Dec 1913
2095PrivateBurns, Isaac StephenFredericton29 Mar 1884
12147CorporalBurns, Sydney WilliamB.A.Toronto, Ont8 Jan 1912
4741PrivateButler, Herbert FrankToronto, Ont25 Sep 1911
7374PrivateByford, ThomasP.F.London, Ont19 Feb 1909
9767PrivateCallow, Alfred JohnHalifax, N.S.22 Dec 1913
9813BoyCameron, GeraldHalifax, N.S.20 Jul 1914
9820PrivateCampbell, HughHalifax, N.S.18 Aug 1914
4656PrivateCampbell, ArthurB.A.Toronto, Ont26 Jan 1906
4922PrivateCarden, John B.Toronto, Ont8 Jan 1910
9800PrivateCarliss, JohnHalifax, N.S.2 Jul 1914
9583BandsmanCarr, FrancisB.A.Halifax, N.S.14 Feb 1912
8227SergeantCarr, ThomasP.F.Quebec14 Feb 1912
9094SergeantCarroll, JohnB.A.Halifax, N.S.12 Jan 1907
9575PrivateCarroll, John JosephB.A.Halifax, N.S.19 Jan 1912
5500SergeantCarruthers, JohnFredericton15 Aug 1906
9267PrivateCasey, PatrickP.F.Halifax, N.S.16 Mar 1904
4489CorporalCastle, CharlesToronto, Ont7 Apr 1905
9812PrivateChandler, HenryB.A.Halifax, N.S.18 Jul 1914
9878PrivateChaplin, WallisB.A.Halifax, N.S.7 Sep 1914
8302PrivateChappell, Ernest StanleyQuebec11 Jan 1907
12196PrivateCharman, William Frederick JamesToronto, Ont19 Feb 1913
5670PrivateChesley, Frederick Temple.C.M.R., etcFredericton18 Aug 1911
8590PrivateClaeys, Edouard Adolphe Hilaire Luden Marie JosephQuebec16 Feb 1914
6624CorporalClark, Robert SpottiswoodeFredericton22 Jan 1900
9872PrivateClark, William HenryHalifax, N.S.7 Sep 1914
9817PrivateClarke, Edward JamesB.A.Halifax, N.S.4 Aug 1914
9555PrivateClarke, GeorgeB.A.Halifax, N.S.28 Nov 1911
9835PrivateColeman, PatnckB.A.Toronto, Ont13 Aug 1914
9591PrivateColp, Walter EdgarB.A.Halifax, N.S.22 Feb 1912
5246Col. SergtConnolly, Waltcr JamesP.F.St. John, P.Q.11 May 1903
5660CorporalConnolly, JohnFredericton15 Apr 1911
4867PrivateCookson, CuthbertP.F.Toronto, Ont19 May 1909
12247PrivateCooper, GeorgeToronto, Ont9 Dec 1914
7639PrivateCoots, Harry ScottP.F.Toronto, Ont18 Aug 1914
9838PrivateCope, Sydney JamesToronto, Ont14 Aug 1914
4968PrivateCoupland, ErnestBrockville, Ont30 Jul 1910
9679PrivateCraig, AlbertB.A.Halifax, N.S.20 Mar 1913
7771PrivateCrampton, Harry GilbertP.F.London, Ont29 May 1914
9550CorporalCrawford, John J.Halifax, N.S.18 Nov 1911
12218PrivateCresswell, Henry JamesToronto, Ont19 Sep 1913
4879PrivateCrouch, ThomasB.A.Toronto, Ont24 Sep 1909
9129PrivateCuddy, ThomasB.A.Halifax, N.S.12 Jan 1907
4884PrivateCumberland, AlbertB.A. and P.F.Toronto, Ont2 Dec 1912
9652PrivateCuthbertson, EdwinHalifax, N.S.5 Oct 1912
7641PrivateDaine, GeorgeLondon, Ont19 Nov 1908
9754PrivateDaniel, JohnB.A.Halifax, N.S.3 Dec 1913
7722PrivateDaniels, StewartLondon, Ont25 Feb 1913
7597PrivateDavis, FrankLondon, Ont13 Jul 1908
9737PrivateDavis, William CharlesB.A.Halifax, N.S.24 Oct 1913
9040PrivateDay, WilliamB.A.Halifax, N.S.4 Sep 1908
5727PrivateDayies, JohnFredericton9 Jul 1914
9721PrivateDeacon, ArthurHalifax, N.S.10 Sep 1913
9192PrivateDean, ThomasB.A.Halifax, N.S.12 Jan 1907
9755PrivateDeavin, AlfredB.A.Halifax, N.S.3 Dec 1913
8609PrivateDeblois, LeonQuebec1 Sep 1914
4940PrivateDencer, StanleyToronto, Ont5 Feb 1910
9370BandsmanDenial, AlbertB.A.Halifax, N.S.19 Nov 1909
9801PrivateDenney, Robert WilliamB.A.Halifax, N.S.6 Jul 1914
4882PrivateDennis, Sydney GeraldToronto, Ont22 Nov 1909
4677PrivateDixon, WilliamB.A.Toronto, Ont27 Mar 1906
5687PrivateDobbin, JohnFredericton13 Mar 1912
9806PrivateDoham, WilliamB.A.Halifax, N.S.8 Jul 1914
9684BoyDonald, Percy DouglasHalifax, N.S.31 Mar 1913
9772PrivateDorman, Henry FrancisB.A.Halifax, N.S.20 Jan 1914
9793PrivateDow, WillardHalifax, N.S.22 Jun 1914
7636PrivateDoxsie, Harold WilliamP.F.Quebec22 Nov 1913
9724PrivateDoyle, Vaughan JoyceHalifax, N.S.23 Sep 1913
5691PrivateDrake, Francis LovellB.A.Fredericton16 May 1912
9722PrivateDrinkwater, John EdwardHalifax, N.S.10 Sep 1913
4502PrivateDriseoll, JeremiahP.F.Toronto, Ont3 Aug 1911
12255Lce-CorpDrummond, JamesToronto, Ont11 Dec 1913
5698PrivateDryden, Gordon AlbertFredericton15 Jul 1912
8532PrivateDube, AntoninQuebec14 Sep 1911
8573PrivateDumble, Albert JamesQuebec9 Jun 1913
9421Lce-CorpDuncan, PeterMontreal25 Oct 1910
7287CorporalDunlop, ErnestLondon, Ont1 Jul 1905
12206Lce-CorpDurell, Thomas CarlynNiagara, Ont11 Jul 1913
9781BoyEades, WilliamHalifax, N.S.28 Apr 1914
5729PrivateEdmundson, RichardFredericton29 Jul 1914
9680PrivateEdwards, JamesB.A.Halifax, N.S.20 Mar 1913
12257PrivateEdwards, JohnToronto, Ont12 Dec 1913
9120PrivateEllis, Albert EdwardP.F.Fredericton21 Nov 1914
4632PrivateElson, CharlesB.A.Toronto, Ont23 Dec 1905
12110PrivateElwood, WalterToronto, Ont28 Oct 1911
6672SergeantEndall, HerbertFredericton26 Nov 1908
9169PrivateEstles, HarryB.A.Halifax, N.S.12 Jan 1907
7276PrivateEvans, Harry SudgenLondon, Ont20 Jun 1905
9008DrummerFader, Henry LouisP.F.Halifax, N.S.9 Feb 1906
4595PrivateFairbrass, Arthur JohnB.A.Toronto, Ont23 Nov 1905
12009Lance-CorporalFardy, WilliamToronto, Ont30 Nov 1910
9155PrivateFarrell, JohnB.A.Halifax, N.S.12 Jan 1907
9874PrivateFarrell, JosephB.A.Halifax, N.S.7 Sep 1914
9286SergeantFell, IsaacB.A.Halifax, N.S.8 Feb 1908
185400:00:00PrivateFerguson, GeorgeLondon, Ont3 Apr 1913
7627PrivateFerry, HarryB.A.London, Ont16 Jul 1909
12235PrivateField, JamesToronto, Ont3 Dec 1913
8270PrivateFieldsend, ThomasB.A. and P.F.Halifax, N.S.31 Dec 1909
9738PrivateFisher, AlbertB.A.Halifax, N.S.24 Oct 1913
12245PrivateFitzgerald, AlexanderToronto, Ont8 Dec 1914
8598PrivateFitzpatrick, JohnQuebec5 Jun 1914
7783PrivateFlanagan, EdwardP.F.London, Ont28 Aug 1914
4673SergeantFlansberg, SamuelToronto, Ont23 Mar 1906
4067Q.M. SergtFleming, JosephP.F.Toronto, Ont20 Oct 1902
9430PrivateFlynn, TimothyMontreal1 Nov 1910
8399PrivateFord, HarrySt. John, N.B23 Dec 1909
5407PrivateForrest, EdwardP.F.Quebec10 Aug 1914
9132PrivateForse, Albert EdwardB.A. and P.F.Halifax, N.S.22 May 1911
9791PrivateFoster, Richard ArthurB.A.Halifax, N.S.13 Jun 1914
3891Lance-SergtFreeland, Frank HowellP.F.London, Ont12 Dec 1904
7511PrivateGade, HarryFredericton5 Jun 1908
7696PrivateGalbraith, Hugh HendryLondon, Ont22 Nov 1911
9186BandsmanGale, ThomasB.A.Halifax, N.S.12 Jan 1907
5619PrivateGard, Frederick AlfredFredericton10 Mar 1910
9770PrivateGarner, Edward ChristopherB.A.Halifax, N.S.3 Jan 1914
9725PrivateGaudet, AnthonyHalifax, N.S.23 Sep 1913
12287PrivateGee, ArthurToronto, Ont2 Aug 1914
4641PrivateGibbons, JamesToronto, Ont29 Dec 1905
9184BandsmanGibson, WilliamB.A.Halifax, N.S.12 Jan 1907
5724PrivateGibson, William EzraFredericton14 Apr 1914
9676PrivateGibson, VincentHalifax, N.S.22 Feb 1913
6892SergeantGiles, Arthur ArnoldB.A.Halifax, N.S.19 Oct 1905
9809PrivateGilmore, Michael JosephHalifax, N.S.14 Jul 1914
9761Lce-CorporalGladwin, Albert EdwardB.A.Halifax, N.S.6 Dec 1913
8608PrivateGodard, HaroldQuebec1 Sep 1914
9765PrivateGogang, RannieHalifax, N.S.19 Dec 1913
9616PrivateGould, FrederickHalifax, N.S.30 Apr 1912
2716SergeantGould, JohnFredericton20 Nov 1891
9557BoyGould, RalphHalifax, N.S.29 Nov 1911
9827PrivateGraham, ErnestHalifax, N.S.18 Aug 1914
6745PrivateGray, John MicklesFredericton26 Sep 1914
9822PrivateGreen, RobertHalifax, N.S.18 Aug 1914
7784PrivateGreen, Robert HenryLondon, Ont27 Aug 1914
6898PrivateGreene, JamesB.A.Halifax, N.S.24 Oct 1905
4553PrivateGreig, Robert WilliamB.A.Toronto, Ont11 Sep 1905
12210PrivateGriffin, ThomasB.A.Toronto, Ont1 Sep 1913
5396PrivateGriffiths, BenjaminB.A.Halifax, N.S.28 Apr 1909
5141PrivateGuy, PrudentSt. John, P.Q.20 Sep 1898
9568PrivateHammond, JameaB.A.Halifax, N.S.3 Jan 1912
7758PrivateHarrington, William JamesLondon, Ont17 Jan 1914
4990PrivateHarris, ClaytonToronto, Ont24 Oct 1910
7767BoyHart, Harry SmithLondon, Ont4 May 1914
4740PrivateHatton, ArthurToronto, Ont24 Oct 1906
9215PrivateHaughton, Christopher CharlesB.A. and P.FHalifax, N.S.19 Jun 1913
7728PrivateHawkes, Walter DavidLondon, Ont24 Apr 1913
9158Col.-SergtHayes, William HenryB.A.Halifax, N.S.12 Jan 1907
8587BoyHealey, Albert JamesQuebec16 Dec 1913
7503PrivateHeath, William Henry BernardP.F.Halifax, N.S.15 Nov 1911
9747PrivateHebb, Dalton ComingsHalifax, N.S.24 Nov 1913
4563PrivateHebb, JohnP.F.Toronto, Ont2 Oct 1905
9830PrivateHempenstall, JosephHalifax, N.S.20 Aug 1914
9620Lance CorporalHerring, SamuelB.A.Halifax, N.S.23 May 1912
9877PrivateHerron, William HerronB.A.Halifax, N.S.27 Sep 1914
9022SergeantHewer, ThomasB.A.Halifax, N.S.16 May 1906
9101CorporalHicks, WilliamB.A. and P.FHalifax, N.S.27 Sep 1910
8602PrivateHiggins, AlexanderQuebec11 Jul 1914
9204PrivateHinchcliffe, FrankB.A. and P.FHalifax, N.S.9 Oct 1912
9602PrivateHine, JohnB.A.Halifax, N.S.22 Mar 1912
12200PrivateHoag, Norman ErnestToronto, Ont25 Mar 1913
7778PrivateHoban, JamesLondon, Ont10 Aug 1914
12004PrivateHodge, DaytonToronto, Ont24 Nov 1910
6891BandsmanHogbin, JohnB.A.Halifax, N.S.10 Oct 1905
4912CorporalHolden, William EdwardToronto, Ont21 Dec 1909
9742PrivateHoldway, ErnestB.A.Halifax, N.S.11 Nov 1913
4970PrivateHolgate, Herbert ArthurP.F.Niagara, Ont23 Aug 1913
4630PrivateHoward, Thomas MichaelP.F.Niagara, Ont3 Jun 1912
12226PrivateHughes, AndrewToronto, Ont15 Dec 1913
12118PrivateHummerston, AlbertB.A.Toronto, Ont10 Nov 1911
9581BoyHunt, GarfieldHalifax, N.S.30 Jan 1912
8061SergeantHunt, RichardP.F.Quebec13 Feb 1903
7434SergeantHutchings, Harry DavidB.A.London, Ont16 Feb 1907
7578SergeantHymmen, GordonLondon, Ont28 Dec 1907
4913PrivateINicholas, William HenryB.A.London, Ont26 Feb 1913
7615PrivateInnes, Robert AlbertLondon, Ont7 Dec 1908
5730PrivateIrvine, ArthurSt. John18 Aug 1914
9810PrivateIrving, AlexanderHalifax, N.S.14 Jul 1914
9881PrivateIsom, WilliamB.A.Halifax, N.S.11 Sep 1914
9821PrivateJames, JamesHalifax, N.S.18 Aug 1914
9193BandsmanJames, JosephB.A.Halifax, N.S.12 Jan 1901
9739Lance-CorporalJarvis, Henry JamesB.A.Halifax, N.S.24 Oct 1913
8286PrivateJennings, Thomas Wi1liamP.F.Halifax, N.S.14 Apr 1914
5608PrivateJennings, JohnFredericton7 Jan 1910
12189Lance-CorporalJerret, AIexanderToronto, Ont19 Oct 1912
9824PrivateJessome, WilsonHalifax, N.S.18 Aug 1914
9707PrivateJohnson, GcorgeThree Rivers, P.Q.3 Jul 1913
9006SergeantJohnston, ArchibaldB.A.Halifax, N.S.9 Apr 1906
12186PrivateJohnston, GeraldToronto, Ont8 Oct 1912
5346CorporalJones, DanielB.A.Ottawa30 May 1905
9181Band SergtJones, HugoB.A.Halifax, N.S.12 Jan 1907
5245PrivateKeating, JohnP.F.St. John, P.Q.24 Mar 1903
9788PrivateKeeley, GeorgeHalifax, N.S.18 May 1914
9525PrivateKelliher, Michael JosephHalifax, N.S.19 May 1911
9808PrivateKemp, JosephHalifax, N.S.14 Jul 1914
9021CorporalKemplin, William HendryB.A.Halifax, N.S.11 May 1906
7635PrivateKennedy, BlakelyLondon, Ont14 Dec 1909
9682PrivateKenward, FrederickB.A.Halifax, N.S.20 Mar 1913
9789PrivateKernick, JohnHalifax, N.S.18 May 1914
4539PrivateKershaw, HarryToronto, Ont11 Aug 1905
6933BandsmanKidd, LawrenceB.A.Halifax, N.S.10 Jan 1906
9756Lance-CorporalKilleen, AustinB.A.Halifax, N.S.13 Dec 1913
8323PrivateKirby, JamesB.A.Quebec12 Sep 1907
9869PrivateKnight, JamesB.A.London, Ont1 Sep 1914
12217PrivateKrimmel, HarryWilliamB.A.Toronto, Ont17 Sep 1913
8195PrivateLabrie, AlphonseLevis, P.Q.29 Jun 1905
8542Lance CorporalLabrie, Joseph AlphonseQuebec29 Dec 1911
9348PrivateLaFrance, CharleyP.F.Halifax, N.S.2 Sep 1914
8473PrivateLagueux, LeonceP.F.Quebec9 Jul 1913
8585PrivateLally, Lawrence FrederickB.A.Quebec1 Dec 1913
12259PrivateLamb, JohnToronto, Ont12 Dec 1913
9274Lance-CorporalLamont, Charles AlbertP.F.Halifax, N.S.10 Feb 1914
1213Col.-SergtLamontagne, EmmanuelSt. John5 Jul 1887
6914BandsmanLancaster, LeslieB.A.Halifax, N.S.15 Nov 1905
9713PrivateLanglois, EdgarHalifax, N.S.10 Jul 1913
8113PrivateLannon, ThomasSydney, C.B.18 Jul 1904
7730PrivateLaurie, John ElliottLondon, Ont25 Jun 1913
7735PrivateLawson, John CarringtonLondon, Ont27 Jun 1913
9104PrivateLaxton, HarryB.A.Halifax, N.S.12 Jan 1907
5560SergeantLeadbeater, JohnFredericton10 Jun 1908
9440PrivateLeBoeuf, Joseph EmileP.F.Quebec19 Nov 1913
8383PrivateLecuyer, EugeneP.F.Halifax, N.S.8 Jul 1914
8603PrivateLefebvre, FernandLevis, P.Q.11 Jul 1914
4312Sgt.-Maj, W.O.Legge, John SaundersonToronto, Ont29 May 1900
9353PrivateLescouter, FrankP.F.Halifax, N.S.10 Aug 1912
8606PrivateLeslie, Clifton JohnP.F.Quebec31 Aug 1914
7278PrivateLewis, JamesP.F.Halifax, N.S.19 Nov 1908
12228DrummerLinfoot, Victor StewartToronto, Ont25 Nov 1913
12239PrivateLittler, AlbertToronto, Ont5 Dec 1913
9335CorporalLogan, Clyde GarfieldHalifax, N.S.10 May 1901
7768PrivateLondon, Aaron LeslieLondon, Ont19 May 1914
12059SergeantLonergan, HerbertP.F.Toronto, Ont17 Sep 1913
8594PrivateLord, EsauQuebec22 May 1914
8601PrivateLoreau, Octave WilfredLevis, P.Q.8 Jul 1914
9508Lance-CorporalLowe, WalterHalifax, N.S.6 Feb 1911
5728PrivateLyons, RobertFredericton9 Jul 1914
7753PtivateMacCauley, JamesLondon, Ont5 Dec 1913
7775PrivateMacDonald, John EdwardLondon, Ont8 Jul 1914
4371SergeantMackness, JosephToronto, Ont12 Jul 1899
4937PrivateMacRoberts, Wilham Edw.P.F.Toronto, Ont8 Feb 1913
7782PrivateMaddison, Colin ArthurLondon, Ont25 Aug 1914
7680PrivateMagulle, James AlexanderLondon, Ont19 Apr 1911
8531Lance CorporalMaloney, GeorgeQuebec9 Sep 1911
9628BoyMansley, WilliamHalifax, N.S.11 Jul 1912
8260PrivateMarcil, JosephP.F.Quebec6 Dec 1912
7747CorporalMarkham, Joseph BenjaminB.A.Ottawa9 Jan 1912
7765PrivateMarshall, Robert JosephP.F.Halifax, N.S.13 May 1914
9783PrivateMartin, Ernest CharlesB.A.Halifax, N.S.8 May 1914
9064BandsmanMaslin, TheodoreB.A.England15 Jul 1913
9879PrivateMason, ErnestHalifax, N.S.7 Sep 1914
6060CorporalMatheson, WallaceFredericton24 Feb 1894
9715BoyMatheson, William WallaceHalifax, N.S.16 Jul 1913
9768PrivateMathieson, SidneyB.A.Halifax, N.S.22 Dec 1913
12176PrivateMatthews, GeorgeToronto, Ont17 May 1912
9544BandsmanMattinson, CyrilB.A.Halifax, N.S.6 Nov 1911
9790BandsmanMaule, James EdwardB.A.Halifax, N.S.1 Jun 1914
9811PrivateMcAuley, Angus JosephHalifax, N.S.14 Jul 1914
4556PrivateMcCleary, Robert P. FToronto, Ont20 Sep 1905
9170PrivateMcDonald, HenryB.A.Halifax, N.S.12 Jan 1907
9541PrivateMcDonald, JohnHalifax, N.S.26 Oct 1911
9598Lance CorporalMcGowran, Edwin FrankB.A.Halifax, N.S.6 Mar 1912
5703Lance CorporalMcGrath, Charles UnsworthP.F.St. John15 Aug 1912
5717PrivateMcGregor, PeterFredericton1 Sep 1914
9514BandsmanMcGuire, Charles AlfredB.A.Halifax, N.S.24 Mar 1911
9220CorporalMcHugh, ArthurB.A.Halifax, N.S.12 Jan 1907
9015PrivateMcKenna, JamesB.A.Halifax, N.S.26 Apr 1906
4398PrivateMcLaughlin, FredP.F.Toronto, Ont6 Jan 1903
9650PrivateMcLean, HughHalifax, N.S.28 Sep 1912
8167CorporalMcLennan, Norman HenryQuebec13 Apr 1905
9590PrivateMcMauus, Allred ErnestB.A.Halifax, N.S.25 Feb 1912
12256PrivateMcMillan, WilhamToronto, Ont11 Dec 1913
12238PrivateMcQueen, William FoyToronto, Ont4 Dec 1913
9052PrivateMeOnie, Roy DouglasHalifax, N.S.24 Nov 1906
7417PrivateMillington, CharlesP.F.Toronto, Ont18 Sep 1914
8486PrivateMills, RalphLevis, P.Q.19 Jul 1910
8273CorporalMills, Samuel PercyQuebec10 Aug 1906
9757PrivateMluden, George AlexanderB.A.Halifax, N.S.3 Dec 1913
9012BandsmanMolloy, Michael EganB.A.Halifax, N.S.2 May 1906
9456PrivateMolloy, Wilham WalterP.F.Halifax, N.S.2 Sep 1914
12212PrivateMonkman, WalterToronto, Ont5 Sep 1913
6635PrivateMonteith, JamesFredericton21 Mar 1900
9663PrivateMoore, ThomasHalifax, N.S.25 Nov 1912
9171PrivateMoorehouse, ThomasB.A. and P.F.Halifax, N.S.8 Jul 1913
6710Col. SergeantMorash, LouisP.F.Fredericton15 Jul 1903
5707PrivateMorns, Charles EarlFredericton21 Aug 1914
9020PrivateMorris, George RobertB.A.Halifax, N.S.9 May 1906
8596PrivateMorris, William G. EQuebec29 May 1914
9841PrivateMoss, DonaldB.A.Toronto, Ont13 Aug 1914
9866PrivateMoxon, FrankB.A.Toronto, Ont1 Sep 1914
9483PrivateMudd, AlfredMontreal22 Nov 1910
9257PrivateMulcahy, JosephP.F.Halifax, N.S.29 Oct 1913
7497PrivateMunden, James EdwardP.F.Halifax, N.S.21 May 1912
4703PrivateMundy, CorneliusToronto, Ont26 Jun 1906
9745PrivateMurphy, John JosephB.A.Halifax, N.S.22 Nov 1913
12220PrivateMurphy, HarrisonToronto, Ont1 Dec 1913
9799PrivateMurphy, Wilham JohnHalifax, N.S.25 Jun 1914
9240PrivateMurray, Thomas Patrick;Halifax, N.S.27 Apr 1907
8454PrivateMyers, JamesSt. John5 Feb 1914
7620PrivateNanfan, Arthur FrancisLondon, Ont17 May 1909
9573PrivateNearing, John JosephHalifax, N.S.17 Jan 1912
9777Lce. CorporalNicholls, ArthurB.A.Halifax, N.S.14 Jun 1913
4667PrivateNicholls, WilliamB.A.Toronto, Ont10 Mar 1906
9484Corp'lNicholls, LeonardMontreal16 Nov 1910
4813PrivateNicholson, SamuelToronto, Ont15 Oct 1907
9291PrivateNorman, JamesB.A.Halifax, N.S.12 Jan 1907
9198BandsmanNorthern, WilliamB.A.Halifax, N.S.12 Jan 1907
9407Co1. SergtNorwood, George DeForestHalifax, N.S.24 Sep 1910
12258PrivateNosworthy, WalterToronto, Ont12 Dec 1913
12094PrivateO'Brien, FrankB.A.Niagara, Ont21 Jul 1911
5590PrivateO'Connell, JohnFredericton31 Mar 1914
8539PrivateO'Connor, EdwardB.A.Quebec21 Dec 1911
9600CorporalO'Connor, ThomasB.A.Halifax, N.S.18 Mar 1912
9140PrivateO'Keefe, EdwardB.A.Halifax, N.S.12 Jan 1907
9069CorporalO'Shea, ChristopherB.A.Halifax, N.S.12 Jan 1907
9235PrivateOddie, JohnP.F.Halifax, N.S.6 Feb 1911
9310PrivateOgilvie, AlexanderB.A.Halifax, N.S.2 Jan 1909
12277PrivateOrme, ErnestToronto, Ont3 Mar 1914
9728PrivateOrmrod, GeorgeHalifax, N.S.23 Sep 1913
4866PrivateOwen, Arthur HowellToronto, Ont8 Jun 1909
12010PrivatePage, JamesP.F.Halifax, N.S.16 Dec 1913
4804PrivatePalmer, AlbertB.A.Toronto, Ont26 Aug 1907
7754PrivatePantall, BarnardLondon, Ont9 Dec 1913
9610PrivateParks, RussellHalifax, N.S.16 Apr 1912
9554PrivateParsons, WalterB.A.Halifax, N.S.28 Nov 1911
7584CorporalPaul, Francis JohnLondon, Ont18 Mar 1908
8184PrivatePaul, Horace JohnQuebec15 May 1905
7599CorporalPaul, William GeorgeLondon, Ont6 Aug 1908
9819PrivatePay, JohnB.A.Halifax, N.S.8 Aug 1914
9856PrivatePayette, AlbertToronto, Ont1 Sep 1914
9829PrivatePayne, George LloydB.A.Halifax, N.S.19 Aug 1914
7764PrivatePeach, WilliamB.A.London, Ont18 Apr 1914
6994PrivatePearson, FrankHalifax, N.S.15 Mar 1906
7571PrivatePeckett, ArthurB.A.Toronto, Ont23 Dec 1907
9816PrivatePerkins, Arthur HenryB.A.Halifax, N.S.30 Jul 1914
9708PrivatePerry, WilliamThree Rivers, P.Q.3 Jul 1913
9696Lance CorporalPescod, WilliamB.A.Halifax, N.S.23 Jun 1913
9769PrivatePettit, CorneliusB.A.Halifax, N.S.22 Dec 1913
7613Col. SergeantPhillips, HaroldLondon, Ont7 Nov 1908
6916SergeantPike, Walter HenryB.A.Halifax, N.S.3 Nov 1905
9609PrivatePiper, Albert EdwardB.A.Halifax, N.S.15 Apr 1912
9503PrivatePope, Charles HenryP.F.Halifax, N.S.2 Sep 1914
9751PrivatePracey, Joseph WilliamB.A.Halifax, N.S.3 Dec 1913
4920SergeantPratt, James StandenB.A.Toronto, Ont21 Jan 1910
9326CorporalPreston, Norman Henry GeorgeHalifax, N.S.18 Mar 1909
9780PrivatePreston, AlfredHalifax, N.S.16 Apr 1914
9828PrivatePrinec, AlbcrtHalifax, N.S.18 Aug 1908
9418DrummerProctor, RobertMontreal20 Oct 1910
12085PrivatePullen, John WilliamToronto, Ont8 May 1911
9389PrivatePurcell, RobieHalifax, N.S.31 Jan 1910
9135CorporalPushman,Wi1liamB.A.Halifax, N.S.12 Jan 1907
7390PrivateQuick, WilliamP.F.Toronto, Ont17 Mar 1914
8595PrivateQuintin, Thephold EddIeQuebec27 May 1914
9773PrivateRampton, Ernest FrederickB.A.Halifax, N.S.20 Jan 1914
9702PrivateRandall, AlfredThree Rivers, P.Q.3 Jul 1913
12138Private;Rayner, SydneyToronto, Ont18 Dec 1911
9729PrivateReay, JamesHalifax, N.S.23 Sep 1913
6930PrivateReay, WilliamB.A.Halifax, N.S.19 Dec 1905
4496PrivateReinholt, RichardToronto, Ont17 Apr 1905
5153PrivateRenault, LouisP.F.Niagara, Ont18 Jul 1914
9740Lce.-Corpl.Revell, RobertB.A.Halifax, N.S.24 Oct 1913
12023PrivateReynolds, Henry WilliamP.F.Toronto, Ont21 Feb 1914
6916DrummerRice, Robert EdwardP.F.Halifax, N.S.16 Nov 1905
9329PrivateRichard, PhillipHalifax, N.S.20 Mar 1909
9709PrivateRitchot, GastonThree Rivers, P.Q.3 Jul 1913
9612PrivateRix, ArthurB.A.Halifax, N.S.19 Apr 1912
9151Col.-SergeantRoberts, Robert JamesB.A.Halifax, N.S.12 Jan 1907
8089PrivateRoberts, William HenryQuebec12 Feb 1914
9748Sgt.-DrmrRoberts, William ReesB.A.Halifax, N.S.27 Nov 1913
7762PrivateRobinson, Gordon MostynLondon, Ont11 Apr 1914
9447PrivateRobson, ThomasMontreal3 Nov 1910
4411PrivateRoe, HarryToronto, Ont15 Sep 1903
12222PrivateRose, John WilfridToronto, Ont8 Oct 1913
9794PrivateRoss, DonaldP.F.Halifax, N.S.23 Jun 1914
11880PrivateRoss, AlbertB.A.Halifax, N.S.7 Sep 1914
9412PrivateRoss, Earl MorrisonP.F.Halifax, N.S.6 Oct 1913
9743Lce.-CorporalRowbotham, William JamesB.A.Halifax, N.S.11 Nov 1913
8269PrivateRoy, EmileP.F.Quebec31 May 1912
5684PrivateRoy, JosephFredericton6 Feb 1912
9491PrivateRoy, LouisP.F.Quebec29 Nov 1913
9446Lce.-CorpRudee, Frederick JosephP.F.Toronto, Ont28 Oct 1913
12121PrivateRuscoe, AlfredToronto, Ont15 Nov 1911
9875PrivateRyan, MichaelB.A.Halifax, N.S.7 Sep 1914
8049SergeantRyan, ReginaldP.F.Halifax, N.S.30 Sep 1902
8181CorporalRyan, Leopold JosephQuebec6 Apr 1905
8373PrivateSaban, VictorSt. John, P.Q.27 Nov 1909
9815PrivateSanson, GeorgcB.A.Halifax, N.S.30 Jul 1914
9041SergeantSaunders, WalterB.A.Halifax, N.S.13 Sep 1906
9784PrivateSawler, WilliamHalifax, N.S.8 May 1914
4903PrivateScott, AlexanderB.A.Toronto, Ont10 Dec 1909
9802PrivateScott, HaroldHalifax, N.S.8 Jul 1914
12282PrivateSeager, Thomas JamesToronto, Ont20 May 1914
9606PrivateSeager, WilliamB.A.Halifax, N.S.3 Apr 1912
5655CorporalSears, GeorgeP.F.Fredericton17 Sep 1913
9154SergeantSharpler, GeorgeB.A.Halifax, N.S.12 Jan 1907
4353SergeantShaw, Charles ArthurP.F.Toronto, Ont20 Jul 1904
9260SergeantShaw, Charles EdwardHalifax, N.S.25 Oct 1907
12285PrivateShawe, JohnNiagara, Ont12 Jun 1914
7769PrivateShelley, Edward JohnB.A.London, Ont23 May 1914
7231SergeantShields, JamesLondon, Ont31 Aug 1904
9752PrivateShipp, CharlesB.A.Halifax, N.S.13 Nov 1913
9458PrivateSinger, George OscarHalifax, N.S.16 Dec 1910
9855PrivateSkipper, ArthurHalifax, N.S.3 Sep 1914
9673PrivateSlater, William HenryHalifax, N.S.6 Feb 1913
9683PrivateSlavin, MichaeHalifax, N.S.27 Mar 1913
4943PrivateSlowey, Edward Gordon BellP.F.Quebec5 Nov 1912
5725PrivateSmart, JosephB.A.Fredericton4 Jul 1914
5559Lance-CorporalSmith, AlbertFredericton10 Jun 1908
9693PrivateSmith, JosephB.A.Halifax, N.S.11 Jun 1913
9053PrivateSmith, LindsayHalifax, N.S.27 Nov 1914
7781PrivateSmith, WilliamB.A.Halifax, N.S.17 Aug 1914
9763PrivateSmith, John PatrickB.A.Halifax, N.S.6 Dec 1913
6869PrivateSmyth, Ernest JohnP.F.Three Rivers, P.Q.3 Jul 1913
12068SergesntSnook, HenryToronto, Ont10 Feb 1911
8560PrivateSpencer, DudleyQuebec17 Sep 1912
12284PrivateSpendiff, RichardB.A.Niagara, Ont27 May 1914
4877PrivateStennar, JohnB.A. and P.F.Toronto, Ont16 Jan 1913
8591PrivateStevens, Frederick CharlesB.A.Quebec10 Mar 1914
11323PrivateStevenson, JohnHalifax, N.S.10 Mar 1909
12159PrivateStewart, RobertToronto, Ont18 Jan 1912
6283PrivateStewart, WilliamSt. Johns14 Jul 1904
9194BandamanStillwell, AllredB.A.Halifax, N.S.12 Jan 1907
9595CorporalStirling, JohnB.A.Halifax, N.S.27 Feb 1912
9406PrivateStobie, John AlexanderHalifax, N.S.15 Sep 1910
9873PrivateStratford, GeorgeB.A.Halifax, N.S.7 Sep 1914
9818Lance-CorporalStride, Arthur GeorgeR.NHalifax, N.S.8 Aug 1914
4995PrivateStroud, HenriP.F.Toronto, Ont20 Feb 1913
4966PrivateStupple, James FrancisP.F.Niagara, Ont1 Jul 1913
4354PrivateSweeting, CharlesP.F.Toronto, Ont21 Oct 1910
6863Lance-CorporalSykes, HaroldP.F.Fredericton19 Dec 1913
9629PrivateSymons, Thomas EdwardB.A.Halifax, N.S.20 Jul 1914
9601PrivateTanner, James FrancisHalifax, N.S.22 Mar 1912
9588BoyTanner, William;Halifax, N.S.20 Feb 1912
7704PrivateTaylor, WilfredLondon, Ont16 Mar 1912
4338PrivateTaylor, WilliamToronto, Ont3 Dec 1914
7678PrivateThomas, Albert MorleyB.A.London, Ont4 Apr 1911
9825PrivateThomas, JoshuaSydney, C.B.1 Aug 1914
9494PrivateThompson, DavidMontreal21 Nov 1910
4267Q.M. SergtThompson, William FrankToronto, Ont6 Jul 1899
5713BoyThomson, Albert LotimoreFredericton1 May 1913
9792PrivateTimms, GeorgeHalifax, N.S.18 Jan 1914
8578PrivateTimperley, GeorgeB.A.Quebec15 Sep 1913
8219PrivateTingman, James HavelockQuebec7 Dec 1905
7435PrivateTobias, HenryLondon, Ont22 Feb 1907
6834CorporalTooke, Joseph FrankP.F.Fredericton20 Mar 1905
7693PrivateTreffry, John TreffryLondon, Ont26 Oct 1911
7203PrivateTreusch, HenryP.F.London, Ont15 Oct 1902
9774PrivateTuck, Frederick JohnB.A.Halifax, N.S.10 Jan 1914
9640PrivateTuffs, William CharlesB.A.Halifax, N.S.2 Aug 1912
9758PrivateTugwell, Frederick Geo.B.A.Halifax, N.S.22 Nov 1913
12275PrivateTulloch, WilliamToronto, Ont11 Feb 1914
8607PrivateTurcotte, TelesphoreQuebec31 Aug 1914
9130SergtTurner, EdwardHalifax, N.S.12 Jan 1907
9463CorporalTurner, George FrederickHalifax, N.S.21 Dec 1910
9853PrivateTurner, HerbertB.A.Halifax, N.S.3 Sep 1914
12248PrivateTyler, WalterToronto, Ont9 Dec 1913
4785PrivateValentine, JamesToronto, Ont1 Jun 1907
8132PrivateWalker, James FrankP.F.Halifax, N.S.27 Nov 1907
3319PrivateWalsh, William HerbertP.F.London, Ont20 Jan 1906
8582Lance-CorporalWalters, Charles JamesQuebec14 Oct 1913
7482L.-CorporalWalters, CharlesP.F.Halifax, N.S.16 Feb 1914
5549SergeantWalton, ArthurFredericton11 Dec 1907
7745PrivateWalton, William ValentineLondon, Ont21 Apr 1914
9651PrivateWarburton, AlfredB.A.Halifax, N.S.25 Jun 1914
8062CorporalWard, CharlesP.F.Quebec13 Feb 1903
8517DrummerWard, CharlieQuebec28 Jan 1911
4486SergtWarmington, Wm. JohnHalifax, N.S.11 Jan 1909
9661PrivateWasher, JamesB.A.Halifax, N.S.5 Nov 1912
12214PrivateWatkins, William HenryToronto, Ont9 Sep 1913
6743PrivateWe1sh, Frank AlexP.F.Halifax, N.S.19 Jan 1912
9223SergtWebb, GeorgeB.A.Halifax, N.S.12 Jan 1907
9736PrivateWebb, CharlesHalifax, N.S.18 Oct 1913
9797PrivateWeir, AlexanderThree Rivers, P.Q.24 Jun 1914
9547BoyWelsh, Harold JosephHalifax, N.S.14 Nov 1911
6832PrivateWelsh, FrankP.F.Halifax, N.S.11 Jan 1909
9844PrivateWesson, Fredenck ArnoldB.A.Toronto, Ont14 Aug 1914
9497PrivateWesterby, WilliamMontreal2 Dec 1910
7765PrivateWeston, Leslie Norman HallamB.A.London, Ont14 Apr 1914
9730PrivateWheaton, VaughanHalifax, N.S.23 Sep 1913
9662Lance CorporalWhite, Joseph LeonardHalifax, N.S.15 Nov 1912
8041PrivateWhite, SamuelQuebec23 Jun 1909
4701PrivateWhite, Thomas WilliamB.A.Ottawa7 Jul 1906
7741PrivateWhite, Walter WilliamLondon, Ont5 Jul 1913
9671PrivateWhite, JohnHalifax, N.S.13 Jan 1913
9561PrivateWhite, ThomasB.A.Halifax, N.S.11 Dec 1911
9798PrivateWhitman, JamesThree Rivers, P.Q.24 Jun 1914
4334PrivateWilcox, HamiltonP.F.Toronto, Ont12 Dec 1912
5681PrivateWilks, CharlesFredericton20 Jan 1912
9543PrivateWilliams, James HenryB.A.Halifax, N.S.6 Nov 1911
12279PrivateWilliamson, CarlKingston14 Mar 1914
4464PrivateWilliamson, JamesToronto, Ont29 Dec 1905
8370PrivateWilson, AbrahamB.A.Quebec27 Mar 1913
12264PrivateWilson, HenryToronto, Ont15 Dec 1913
7777PrivateWilson, Thomas HenryB.A.London, Ont1 Aug 1914
5622CorporalWise, CharlesFredericton21 Mar 1910
9664PrivateWitherow, WmB.A.Halifax, N.S.28 Nov 1912
7737PrivateWood, GeorgeLondon, Ont27 Jun 1914
4403CorporalWood, Walter EdwinB.A.Toronto, Ont30 Jan 1903
12116PrivateWoodcock, JamesB.A.Toronto, Ont10 Nov 1911
9224SergtWoodcock, JohnB.A.Halifax, N.S.12 Jan 1907
9753PrivateWoodford, Charles RobertHalifax, N.S.13 Nov 1913
12109Lance CorporalWoodhouse, ArthurB.A.Toronto, Ont19 Oct 1911
8398SergeantWoodland, HarveyQuebec31 Dec 1909
9071SergeantWoolley, LucasB.A.Halifax, N.S.12 Jan 1907
12269PrivateWright, AlbertToronto, Ont16 Dec 1913
12152PrivateWright, William JohnToronto, Ont10 Jan 1912
9621BandsmanWright, ArthurB.A.Halifax, N.S.10 Jun 1912
9415CorporalWyatt, JohnHalifax, N.S.3 Oct 1910
9499PrivateYates, JamesMontreal2 Nov 1910