The First World War
Officers of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Captain John Stanley Woods, M.C.

Soldiers of the First World War database entry - J.S. Woods


Miltary Cross Citation:

SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE, 22 SEPTEMBER, 1916; 22 September 1916, Issue number: 29760

Lt. John Stanley Woods, Can. Infy - For conspicuous gallantry when destroying an enemy post with its garrison. With another officer and a supply of explosive he forced his way through the wire round their post, and, though the enemy bombed him heavily, he laid and exploded his charge successfully.

Citation for Bar to the Military Cross:

SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE, 7 NOVEMBER, 1918; 5 November 1918, Issue number: 30997

Capt. John Stanley Woods, M.C., R. Can. R. - For conspicuous gallantry in action. He led a section of whippet Tanks in broad day light to its objective, under heavy fire. (Later, when the infantry advance was checked, he pushed forward over ground that was continually swept by machine-gun and rifle fire, to reconnoitre the position held by the enemy. He displayed great courage and initiative under difficult circumstances, and set a very fine example to the men. (M.C. gazetted 22nd September, 1916.)

Date of Birth - 3 Jan 1889