The First World War
Officers of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Major Harold Preston Evans Phillips, M.C.

Regimental Sergeant Major, The RCR
Dec 1914 to 19 Mar 1916

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R.S.M. H.P.E. Phillips, Bermuda, 1915

R.S.M. H.P.E. Phillips
(Bermuda, 1915)

Capt. H.P.E. Phillips. M.C.

Capt. H.P.E. Phillips. M.C. (1918)

Capt. H.P.E. Phillips. M.C.

Capt. H.P.E. Phillips. M.C. (Nov. 1918)

Capt. H.P.E. Phillips. M.C. (1920)

Capt. H.P.E. Phillips. M.C., Valcartier Camp, 1920

Major H.P.E. Phillips. M.C. (1933)

Major H.P.E. Phillips. M.C. (1933)

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Bar to the Military Cross Citation

SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE, 1 FEBRUARY, 1919; 31 January 1919, Issue number: 31158, Page number: 1634; BAR TO THE MC

Qr.-Mr. and Capt. Harold Phillips, M.C., R. Can. R., Nova Scotia R. - For conspicuous gallantly and devotion to duty as transport officer during operations from 26th August, 1918. While the advance was still in progress and during heavy enemy bombardment, he reconnoitred forward routes and then brought up much-needed rations and water. He was constantly in the forward area by day and night, and it was due to his disregard for personal safety that the transport regularly delivered rations and water. (M.C. gazetted 1st January, 1917.)

The Connecting File, Vol XVII, No. 2, April 1938

Old "K" Company members will remember Col.-Serjt. H.P.E. Phillips. 1915 members will remember R.S.M. Phillips. But the greatest number will remember the T.O. who, night after night, without fail, brought up the rations to the companies in the Line. They will remember the T.O. who made a habit of taking transport prizes with his harness and his wagons, and those horses which took on a new coat when they came to The R.C.R. But there are officers who will also remember that although they could carry 100 lbs. (more or less), those glossy horses could not drag more than 35 lbs. for an officer. Whereas Lieut. and later Capt Phillips, supplied rations to the troops, Major Phillips now supplies information to M.D. No. 2, as D.M.I.O. We congratulate him on his appointment. As will be noted in these columns, he is one of the few of the Old Guard left in uniform.

Corporal to Field Officer

Corporal to Field Officer, was a reference work written by Captain H.P.E. Phillips, MC, and Lieutenant-Colonel R.J.S. Langford, designed for use by officers and NCOs in the Canadian Army to contain the essentials of all the army's other military manuals. Originally published in 1925, the 4th edition was in use at the beginning of and during the World War II.

Date of Birth - 4 May 1888