The First World War
Officers of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Major William Gordon Peterson, D.S.O.

Soldiers of the First World War database entry - W.G. Peterson


First World War Mention in Despatches:

Silhouettes of Mars

In Oct 1918, the volume of sketches, Silhouettes of Mars written by Maj Peterson was published. This volume may be read on the internet archive site His closing paragraphs read as follows:

We knew them well out there, but often could scarce bear to look upon their faces so brightly shone these young eyes, beneath the steel helmets, amidst the surrounding darkness of the world. Say not that their light is quenched, but rather that with the lifting of the cloud it has mingled with the brightness of the sun, brought back once more by them.

We shall never forget them, but shall hear their footsteps always, growing fainter perhaps down the corridors of time, but never lost, the myriad footsteps of the mightiest and the most gallant armies that have ever moved through history.

Date of Birth - 8 Nov 1886

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