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Capt. James Ernest McAskill
Medical Officer

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Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario: Overseas Record, 1914-1917

Record of Graduates, Alumni, Members of Staff, and Students of Queen's University on Active Military (Overseas) Service (to June 1st, 1917)

Canadian Medical Association Journal - Volume 76(6); March 15, 1957


DR. JAMES ERNEST McASKILL, 68, an otolaryngoloist,, died in Watertown, N.Y., on October 6. He was bom in Highgate, Ont., and graduated from Queen's University, Kingston, Ont., in 1914. He served in World War I with the 2nd C.M.R.'s and later with the 9th Field Ambulance and at No. 1 General Hospital in France. He was formerly chief of the eye, nose and throat department of the Mercy Hospital, past-president of the medical staff, and honorary member of the medical staff. He had also been chief of the eye nose and throat department of the House of the Good Samaritan. Dr. McAskill was a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and a member of the Queen's University board of trustees.

He is survived by his widow.

Date of Birth - 31 Jan 1888