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Brevet Major Ferdinand George Macculloch

Soldiers of the First World War database entry - F.G. Macculloch

Lieut. Ferdinand George Macculloch

Lieut. Ferdinand George Macculloch (1912)


The Connecting File, Vol XIV, No. 2, April 1935

The marriage took place in Montreal recently of Major F.G. Macculloch, late Royal Canadian Regiment, of Montreal, son of Lady Van Strauberzee, of Newbury, England, and Mrs Learmont, widow of the late Holton Learmont of Montreal.

The nuptials recorded in the regimental journal were Macculloch's second marriage. He had previously been married on 26 Jun 1915 while serving with the Regiment in Bermuda. His first wife, Emily Hughes Macculloch (nee Ingram) petitioned the Parliament of Canada for the dissolution of their marriage in 1931.

Died on Active Service; Second World War

On 12 Oct 1941, Major Ferdinand George Macculloch died at Montreal, P.Q., while on active service.

Date of Birth - 22 Jul 1888