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Lieut. Robert England, M.C.

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Lieut. Robert England, M.C.

Lieut. Robert England, M.C. (1918)


M.C. Citation - SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE, 4 OCTOBER, 1919; 3 October 1919, Issue number: 31583, Page number: 12357

Lt. Robert England, R. Can. R., Nova Scotia R. - For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during the operations near Cambrai from 27th September to 1st October, 1918. During the night prior to the attack he reconnoitred a village, and later returned with a party and mopped up enemy posts. During the operations as scout officer he kept the battalion commander accurately informed of the situation, being wounded in obtaining information.

Date of Birth - 15 Sep 1894

Recollections of a Nonagenarian of Service in The Royal Canadian Regiment, 1916-1919; by Robert England, M.C. (1983)

This small booklet of 36 pages, including paper cover, was written by Robert England in 1983 for the centennial of The RCR. Produced and issued in limited distribution, copies were available to members of the Regiment that year. A web search has identified only four mentions of the volume in bibliographical or archival references. The text of these recollections have been reproduced here.

Listed in The Canadian Who's Who, 1938-1939:

ENGLAND, Robert; company executive; b Portadown, Ireland, 15 Sept. 1894; s David and Elizabeth E.; e Nat. sens.; private tuition; Queen's Univ., M.A. (econ.); normal sen., Saskatoon, Sask. (1st class and high sch. teachers cert.); College Libre de Sciences Soc. Paris, Cert d'Etudes Soc, Sask. Govt, Paris Schol., 1923-24; m Amy Marion d Henry E. Hale of Hounsdown, Hampshire, Eng., 1919; ECONOMIC ADVISER IN CHARGE OF DEVELOPMENT, WINNIPEG ELECTRIC CO., since 1937; worked on farms in W. Can.; taught sch., Ukrainian dist, 1920-23; engaged in business as cont. supt. for Candn. Nat Rlys. (London, Eng.). 1924-30; W. mgr., Dept of Agric. and Colonization, do., Winnipeg, 1930-36; dir. of extension and assoc, prof, of econ., Univ. of B.C., 1936-37; organized community progress competitions in non-Eng. dists. of W. Can., 1930-33; specialized in knowledge of European peoples in W. Can. served in World War, lieut, R.C.R., France 1916-18; in action at Vimy Ridge, Hill 70 and Cambrai; seriously wounded twice; awarded M.C., Cambrai; del., Inst Internat. Affairs, 1933; mem., Candn. Inst of Internat. Affairs; vice-pres., Candn. Assn. for Adult Educ.; fellow,. Roy. Economic Soc.; Geog. Soc Am.;. author of "The Central European Immigrant in Western Canada"; "The Colonization of Western Canada"; "The Threat to Disinterested Education--A Challenge" and articles in journs. and quarterlies; recreations travelling, reading; Clubs Manitoba; Canadian (past pres., Winnipeg br.); Office Winnipeg Electric Co., Winnipeg, Man, Home 257 Wellington Crescent. Winnipeg, Man.

Medals awarded to Lieut. Robert England, M.C., as displyed in The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum.

Medals awarded to Lieut. Robert England, M.C.,
as displayed in The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum.
Photo by Arthur Majoor.