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Lieut. Randolph Winston Churchill

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Lieut. Randolph Winston Churchill

Lieut. Randolph Winston Churchill (Nov. 1918)


Biographical Notes (Source), by Elizabeth Churchill Snell.

Randolph Winston Churchill joined the First Regiment, Canadian Garrison Artillery, mobilized in 1914. He was commissioned in the 112th Battalion, 1915, and sent overseas aboard H.M.T. Olympic (sister ship of the Titanic and a troop transport during the war) in July 1916. After training at Bramshott, Randolph was sent to France, having requested reversion in rank to get into the fighting. He was wounded six weeks later in an attack on the Vimy-Avion rail way embankment and hospitalized at Etaples, then Manchester, Broadstairs and Chester. At this point Winston the Englishman reputedly asked to meet him. Whether he did is not clear. Randolph returned to Canada in 1917, in time to assist in relief work following the terrible explosion there that year. But by January 1918 he was back in the European war, wounded again, hospitalized again, and recovered. He was at Mons on 11 November 1918 for the signing of the Armistice at the time Winston the Englishman was at his Ministry of Munitions HQ, looking down upon the pandemonium in Northumberland Avenue as Big Ben struck the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh rnonth - about which he writes so movingly in the last chapter covering 1918 in The World Crisis.

Date of Birth - 23 Dec 1888