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Lieut. William McGregor Blott

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GvR Memorial Cross Lieutenant W.M. Blott

Lieutenant W.M. Blott (photo taken while still serving with the P.P.C.L.I.)
Photo from the Canadian Bank of Commerce Letters from the Front, 1914-1919.


Lieut. Blott is buried in the Niederzwehren Cemetery; Germany.

Canadian Virtual War Memorial:  W.M. Blott

Canadian Bank of Commerce: Letters from the Front (1914-1919)

Blott, William McGregor – Lieutenant. Born 10th August, 1892, at Dunnville, Ontario, Canada. Father, Thomas Blott, Farmer (retired). Educated at Dunnville Public and High Schools. Enterd the service of the Bank, 29th June, 1909. Enlisted June, 1915, from Moosejaw Branch, in 4th McGill University Company, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, with the rank of Private. Promoted Lieutenant, December, 1916. Principal action: Third Battle of Ypres, 3rd June, 1916.

Died of Wounds, while a prisoner of war, 13 May, 1917.

Note: Mr. Blott received his commission in recognition of his work, at the Third Battle of Ypres on 3rd June, 1916, when he was wounded. He was again wounded by a machine-gun bullet, at the taking of Vimy Ridge, and was taken prisoner. He was taken to Douai and Mainz, where he underwent several operations. he succumbed to his wounds and was buried with full military honours at Mainz, Germany.

(The Canadian Bank of Commerce volume also notes that Blott's brother, Robert Dudley Blott, was also an officer of the bank who served in the CEF. D.A. Beck also served in the 7th Canadian Infantry Brigade, with the 42nd Canadian Infantry Battalion (Royal Highlanders of Canada). He survived the war and returned to service at the Bank during most of 1917 (Feb to Dec), after which he left to study medicine. – He is listed in the 1923 Ontario Medical Register.)

Date of Birth - 10 Aug 1893; Dunville, Ontario

With appreciation to David Black, a member of the CEF Study Group, who discovered the photo and details on Lieut. Blott in the Canadian Bank of Commerce: Letters from the Front (1914-1919).