The Royal Canadian Regiment and
The First World War - 1914-1919

The RCR - Prisoners of War (POWs)

The following table lists soldiers, non-commissioned officers and officers of The Royal Canadian Regiment who were taken prisoner during the First World War. This list was compiled from Guests of the Kaiser; Prisoners-of-War of the Canadian Expeditionary force 1915-1918, by Edward H. Wigney. (Further details on each soldier can be found in that reference.)

Regt. No. Rank Given Names Surname POW date Remarks
477005PteErnest LeonardAdcock8 Oct 1916
478503PteGeorgeAllen8 Oct 1916
552770PteFred ShackletonBarratt8 Oct 1916
477046PteJoseph AlburnBassett17 Oct 1916Died of wounds 20 Oct 1916, buried at Ontario Cemetery, Sains-les-Marquion; Nord, France
402465PteVictor MilneBell8 Oct 1916
488324PteDavid HutchisonBlack8 Oct 1916
LieutWiliam MacGregorBlott9 Apr 1917Died of wounds 13 May 1917, buried at Niederzwehren Cemetery; Germany.
477081PteJoseph SamuelBoismier8 Oct 1916
454636PteJohnBudreau8 Oct 1916
479016PteDavidByers10 Nov 1918
477137PteFrederickCahill8 Oct 1916
478687PteHarris JamesCorkum8 Oct 1916
477203PteJohnCrawford8 Oct 1916
552029A/CplCharlesCrowley8 Oct 1916
478885PteMarkCurtis8 Oct 1916
477227CplWilliam EdwardDavis8 Oct 1916
477253PteJoseph CharlesDolan8 Oct 1916
477285PteAlbert EdwardEllis8 Oct 1916
229280PteSidney EdwardFlint8 Oct 1916Died of wounds while a POW 3 Nov 1916, buried at Porte-De-Paris Cemetery; Nord, France
478907L/CplOsmond GlorieuxGeernart8 Oct 1916
406085PteRichardGilbert9 Apr 1917
817430PteFlorianGrant9 Apr 1917
477365PteRobertGreen8 Oct 1916
477348A/SgtAllan GordonGutteridge8 Oct 1916a.k.a. Glayde
477413L/CplClarenceHodge8 Oct 1916
261495PteEvan JasonJones14 Aug 1918
477483PteGeorgeKeeley8 Oct 1916Interned at Switzerland from 27 Dec 1917, died 1 Apr 1920, buried at Vevey (St. Martin's) Cemetery; Switzerland.
455740PteJames CarterKeir8 Oct 1916
477488PteWilliam JamesKempton8 Oct 1916
478653PteAndrewKeough8 Oct 1916
228490PteDavidLawson8 Oct 1916
444498PteGeorge LeslieLawson8 Oct 1916Died of wounds while a POW 6 Feb 1917, buried at Cologne Southern Cemetery; Germany.
454739PteRichardLeigh8 Oct 1916
514357PteArthur PercivalLiswell10 Nov 1918
477541PteWilliamLitherland8 Oct 1916
441549PteHarold FrederickLozo8 Oct 1916
400631PteErnestMartel8 Oct 1916
478526PteAngusMcAskill8 Oct 1916
228341PteJohnMcCoach17 Oct 1916Died of wounds while a POW 20 Oct 1916, buried at Flesquieres Hill British Cemetery; Nord, France.
477630CplWilliam JamesMcConnell26 Aug 1918
261286PteGeorgeMcDonald12 Feb 1917Deserted, real name was established to be Otto Ludwig Dorr. See remarks by Robert England, MC, in his Recollections.
478532PteMalcolmMcDonald8 Oct 1916
478533PteAngusMcDougall8 Oct 1916
878127PteJohnMcPherson26 Aug 1918
455139PteEdward PatrickMcQuade8 Oct 1916
455565PteWilliamMiller8 Oct 1916
460778PteAndrew AllisonMoffat8 Oct 1916
461304PteJames SewellMoffat8 Oct 1916Died of wounds 28 Dec 1918 after release, buried at Copenhagen Western Cemetery; Denmark.
477674PteJamesNimmo8 Oct 1916
455848PteEphram GeorgeOlmstread8 Oct 1916
878393PteRoderick AlexPatterson26 Aug 1918
477709PteAlbertPayette8 Oct 1916
504643PteJames WilliamPayn12. Jan. 1917
478685PteFenwick Ruben W.Pernette10. Oct. 1916Died of wounds while a POW 5 Dec 1916, buried at Hamburg Cemetery; Germany.
552405PteErnest EdwardPetts8 Oct 1916
477727PteMorley AstorPineo8 Oct 1916
477741SgtNorman Henry GeorgePreston8 Oct 1916
477761PteSydneyRayner8 Oct 1916
455417PteArthur GeorgeReynolds8 Oct 1916
478554PteRalphRichards8 Oct 1916
733236PteJames AllisonRicker26 Aug 1918Died while a POW 27 Aug 1918, buried at Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery; Pas de Calais, France.
454394PteHaroldRiley8 Oct 1916
477783PteWilliam HenryRoberts8 Oct 1916Died of wounds while a POW 22 Oct 1916, buried at Hamburg Cemetery; Germany."
455842PteAlfred WalterRobinson8 Oct 1916
877969PteJoseph AlexSampson26 Aug 1918
478659PteWilliam HenrySanford8 Oct 1916
478805PteEdmund BelfordSaunders14 Oct 1916
478795PteAveman LoranSchofield8 Oct 1916
LieutErnest HughSimpson8 Oct 1916
477839PteWilliam GeorgeSinger8 Oct 1916
455768PteJohnSlattery8 Oct 1916
455265PteGeorgeSmith8 Oct 1916
477888PteJohn AlexanderStobie8 Oct 1916
455912PteWilfred GordonStoodley8 Oct 1916Died of wounds while a POW 5 Dec 1916, buried at Hamburg Cemetery; Germany.
455827PteBurtonStorey8 Oct 1916
478935PteEdward HaroldSweeney8 Oct 1916
460198PteHarry NelsonTallman8 Oct 1916
477933PteAndrewTurnbull8 Oct 1916
477941PteJohn WilliamTurner8 Oct 1916
478816PteJoseph FreemanVance8 Oct 1916
455304PteClayton EarlVarcoe8 Oct 1916
184102PteJohn WesleyVinton8 Oct 1916
478897PteGilbertWatson8 Oct 1916
488314PteGeorge DanielWhelton8 Oct 1916
454596PteFrederickYoung8 Oct 1916
478759PteJosephYoung8 Oct 1916

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