!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> The Royal Canadian Regiment; First World War; CEF War Diary; July, 1918

The First World War
War Diary of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Transcription by Captain Michael O'Leary, The RCR.

JULY 1918



FRANCE sheet 51B. 1/40,000
FRANCE sheet 51C. 1/40,000.

The Brigade in Divisional Reserve will be prepared to move at one hours notice, between the hours of 6.00 a.m. and 10.00 a.m. and at all other times at four hours notice.

Upon receipt of the order to "STAND TO" ALL units will be ready to move at half an hours notice.

If orders are received to "MOVE TO ASSEMBLY POSITIONS" Units will move from their Billets to the following assembly areas:-

"C" - Battalion in WAILLY HUTS to R.28.b.

The Brigade may be called upon to act as follows:-

"A" - Command any portion of the Second Line System (PURPLE) or TELEGRAPH HILL SWITCH.

"B" - to move to assist in the defence or recapture of HILL 120 in X.12 - HILL 115 in S.1. and HENDECOURT VILLAGE SPUR, as far South as X.16. central and X.22.b. on the right Flank of this Division and TELEGRAPH HILL on the Left Flank.

"C" - To counter-attack to retake any part of the Second System (PURPLE) or Outpost system.

In the event of "A"

(a)     The Brigade may be called upon to man the PURPLE LINE in which case boundaries and Headquarters will be allotted as follows:-

"C" Battalion from B.29.b.4.6. to M.19.b.25.35. junction of PINT C.T. inclusive to "C" Battalion along road to R.23.b.4.6.

(b)     The Brigade may be called upon to man the TELEGRAPH HILL SWITCH in which case boundaries and H.Qrs. will be allotted as follows:-

"C" Battalion from "B" Battalion Northern Boundary M.20.c.3.3. to point M.21.b.2.9.

In the event of "B":-

To assist in the defence and recapture of HILL 120 in X.12 - HILL 115 in S.1. and the HENDECOURT VILLAGE SPUR as far south as X.16. central.

It is at present impossible to lay down any definite lines of approach in the couter-attack as this will depend on the general situation at the time.

Possible situations which may arise are, however:-

(I)     The PURPLE SUPPORT LINE in S.1.d. and S.7.b. in the hands of the enemy with the reminder of the Square in ours.

(II)     In addition to the situation in (I) the height in X.12.b. may be in the possession of the enemy.

(III)     The area mentioned in (I) and (II) may be in our hands with the enemy occupying HENDECOURT.

In (I) and (II) the counter-attack would probably be made from the direction of HENDECOURT or along the PURPLE System from the North.

In (III) the counter-attack may form part of one on a large scale including an attack on ADINFER SPUR.

On the other hand the position of the enemy in the remainder of the Battle Area might necessitate a Flank attack across the open North East of the hill in S.1.d. and S.7.b. or a direct frontal attack on the position from the N.W. The guiding principle is that the counter-attack must be pushed vigorously and as soon as possible so as to prevent the enemy making his footing secure on the ground he has succeeded in penetrating.

Battalions will reconnoitre the Area mentioned above with a view to counter-attacking.

"C" Battalion R.34.a.

To assist in the defence and recapture of TELEGRAPH HILL.

No definite assembly positions or lines of approach can be laid down at present as it would depend on the general situation at the time.

Battalions will reconnoitre the area WEST of TELEGRAPH HILL will a view to launching a counter-attack. Probable positions of assembly would be in the low ground WEST of BEAURAINS with Brigade Headquarters - M.8.c.7.0.

In event of "C"

Battalions will be prepared to counterattack any positions of the Second System. As far as the situation will allow areas for attack will correspond with the positions for Battalions as laid down in action "A" paras (a) and (b) with Brigade Headquarters at - R.14.a.90.85.

On completion of all moves two runners will be sent to Brigade Headquarters together with notification that the Unit is in position.

Adjutant, The Royal Canadian Regiment.


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