The First World War
War Diary of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Transcription by Captain Michael O'Leary, The RCR.

JULY 1918

Copy No. ___

The R.C.R. ORDER NO. 110.

25th. July 1918.

Reference Maps.
LENS II. 1/100,000
Sheet 51b.S.W. 1/40,000
Sheet 51b.S.E. 1/40,000


1.     The Royal Canadian Regiment will be relieved in Right Support, Mercatel Sector on night 25th/26th July by the 17TH. Battn. Royal Sussex Regiment.


2.     Guides at the rate of one per platoon, one per Coy. H.Q. and two per Bn. H.Q., will rendezvous at Battn. H.Q. at 8.30 p.m. under Lieut W.L. Barrett-Lennard.


3.     All maps, aeroplane maps, photographs, etc, and Trench Stores will be handed over to incoming Units. Copy of receipt obtained, and forwarded to Rear Battn. H.Q. by 9. a.m. 26th.


4.     Completion of relief to be notified to Battn. H.Q. by code word. Company Commander's Name.

KITS etc.

5.     Limbers will report at cos. at 10.30 p.m. for L.Gs., Cooking Kits, etc.


6.     On completion of relief, Battn. Will move to DAINVILLE by train, and come into G.H.Q. Reserve and be ready to move at 12 hours notice. Completion of move will be notified to Orderly Room by Runner.


7.     a.     Battalion will entrain at BLAIREVILLE Siding. R.34.d.05.90. siding at 11.45 p.m. and will detrain at DAINVILLE.

b.     Capt A. MacDonald will superintend entraining at BLAIRVILLE Siding, and will report to Staff Captain "A" and "Q" at siding at 11.00 p.m. Lieut H.F. ORMAN and will superintend detraining and will proceed to DAINVILLE on first train.

Adjutant, The Royal Canadian Regiment.

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