The First World War
War Diary of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Transcription by Captain Michael O'Leary, The RCR.

JULY 1918

Copy No. ___

The R.C.R. ORDER NO. 109.

Reference Maps.
51C.S.E. 1/20,000
51C.S.W. 1/20,000


1.     The 7TH Canadian Infantry Brigade will relieve the 8TH Canadian Infantry Brigade in the MERCATEL Sector on the night 14th/15th July 1918. Units of the Brigade will relieve Units of the 8TH Cdn. Inf. Bde. As under:-


2.     H.C. Co. R.C.R. will relieve H.Q. Co. 5TH C.M.R.
"A" Co. R.C.R. will relieve "A" Co. 5TH C.M.R.
"B" Co. R.C.R. will relieve "B" Co. 5TH C.M.R.
"C" Co. R.C.R. will relieve "C" Co. 5TH C.M.R.
"D" Co. R.C.R. will relieve "D" Co. 5TH C.M.R.


3.     5 Guides per Co. and 2 per Bn. H.Q. from 5TH C.M.R. Bn. will rendezvous at R.C.R. Orderly Room at 9.00 p.m.


4.     R.C.R. Orderly Room.

Head of Column will pass Starting Point at 9.00 p.m. BLAIRVILLE RIDGE will not be crossed before 9.45 p.m.


5.     "A", "B", "C", "D" Cos., H.Q. Co. Intervals of 50 yards between Platoons will be maintained on march. 200 yards between Companies. Lewis Gun Limbers will accompany Companies.


6.     Battle Order. Greatcoats will be rolled and placed under Flap of Haversack.


7.     (a)     The T.O. will arrange to transport L.G's to Company H.Qrs. Limbers following immediately in rear of FIRST PLATOON of their respective Companies.

(b)     All available Water Tins will be filled and transported to Co. DUMPS.

(c)     Cooking Kits will be transported to Co. and Battn. H.Qrs. by limber.


8.     Cos. will forward to Bn. H.Q. by 9.00 a.m. 15th instant List of all Trench Stores taken over. Disposition Map and Trench Strength State.


9.     Reports to be rendered will be same as last tour.


10.     Regimental Aid Post will be established at S.2.b.5.0.


11.     Completion of Relief will be at once notified to Battalion Headquarters by CODE WORD "RUN".

Issued by Runner at 5.00 p.m.

Adjutant, The Royal Canadian Regiment.

Copy No. 1. - 7TH Cdn. Inf. Bde.
No. 2. - 5TH C.M.R. Bn.
No. 3. - 2ND C.M.R. Bn.
No. 4. - "A" Co.
No. 5. - "B" Co.
No. 6. - "C" Co.
No. 7. - "D" Co.
No. 8. - Scout Officer.
No. 9. - Signal Officer.
No. 10. - M.O.
No. 11. - J.H.Qrs.
No. 12. - R.S.M.
No. 13. - File.
No. 14-16. - War Diary.
No. 17. - Q.M. and T.O.

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