The First World War
War Diary of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Transcription by Captain Michael O'Leary, The RCR.

JULY 1918

Copy No. ___

The R.C.R. ORDER No. 108.

LENS. 11. 1/100,000
Sheet. 51.b.S.W. 1/40,000
Sheet. 51.b.S.E. 1/40,000

8th. July 1918.


1.     The R.C.R. will be relieved in the front line on the night 8th/9th July 1918. by the 43RD. Canadian Infantry Battalion.

On completion of relief the Battalion will move to Divisional Reserve at WAILLY HUT



2.     Cos. Will be relieved as follows:-


3.     (a)     Guides to the number of one per Co. and one per Bn. H.Q. will report at WAILLY HUT CAMP at 4.00 pm. Under the charge of Lieut. W.H. DEO, and will guide 43RD Cdn. Inf Btn. To MARBLE ARCH. Transport Officer will detail guide for limbers from WAILLY HUTS to MARBLE ARCH. (b) One guide per platoon and one guide per Co. H.Q. and two per Bn. H.Q. will rendezvous at MARBLE ARCH at 10.00 pm. Under Lieut. W.L. BARRETT-LENNARD, from this point. Company guides will take their respective Companies to M.90.b.90.15 when Limbers will be off-loaded of Lewis-Guns and Cos. proceed to their respective positions.


4.     On completion of relief Companies will move off independently

(a)     To WAILLY HUT CAMP and take over same billets as occupied before coming into line.

(b)     Rear Adjutant will send necessary Advance Party to take over WAILLY HUT CAMP.

(c)     Limbers for Lewis Guns, Kits, etc will be at SUNKEN ROAD M.22.b.90.15 at 11.45 pm. Cos. will detail 2 O.R's to accompany Limbers to WAILLY.


5.     130 Water tins will be handed over to 43RD Cdn. Inf Bn. at the rate of 30 per Co.


6.     Receipts, in duplicate, for all Maps, Trench stores etc. will be obtained and forwarded to Bn. H.Q. by 9.00 am. 7th. Inst.


7.     All details permanently billeted in MONCHIET will join Battalion at WAILLY on the night of 8th. Inst.


8.     All trenches, Funk holes, etc. must be left in a thoroughly clean and sanitary condition.


9.     Completion of relief to be notified to Bn. H.Q. by Wire, Code word "JAKE" being used.

Completion of move will be notified Bn. H.Q. at WAILLY HUTS Camo by Runner.

A/Adjutant, The Royal Canadian Regiment.

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