The First World War
War Diary of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Transcription by Captain Michael O'Leary, The RCR.

JUNE 1918


3rd Canadian Divisional Sports Programme.

1.9.30 a.m.Officers' Indoor Baseball.
2.9.30 a.m.O.R's Indoor Baseball.
3.10.30 a.m.Mass Football.
4.11.00 a.m.Volley Ball.
5.11.30 a.m.Football.
6.12.00 Noon.Tug of War (semi-finals) (to be pulled off at half time of football)
Lunch Interval.
7.1.00 p.m.Lacrosse Match.
8.1.30 p.m.100 yards dash heats.
9.1.30 p.m.Putting the Shot.
10.1.45 p.m.Mule Team Race.
11.1.45 p.m.Pole Pillow Fighting.
12.2.00 p.m.22 Yards Heats.
13.2.15 p.m.Obstacle Race.
14.2.30 p.m.440 Yards Race.
15.2.30 p.m.High Jump.
16.2.40 p.m.Mile Walk.
17.2.50 p.m.Sack Race.
18.3.00 p.m.100 Yards Final.
19.3.10 p.m.Mile Run.
20.3.10 p.m.Running Broad Jump.
21.3.20 p.m.1000 Yards Shuttle Race.
22.3.30 p.m.220 Yards Final.
23.3.30 p.m.Tilting the Bucket.
24.3.40 p.m.Half Mile Run.
25.3.50 p.m.Three Mile Run.
26.3.55 p.m.Walk, Run and Ride Race.
27.4.10 p.m.Tug of War, Final.
28.4.20 p.m.Race.
29.4.30 p.m.Parade.
30.5.00 p.m.Base Ball.


Events No 1 to 7 inclusive are run off on the Field to West of Main Track.

Groups should detail an Officer who will be responsible that these entries arrive at the ground and that they are collected and ready for their events 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the event. The name of this Officer is to be sent to the Sports Committee 3rd Canadian Division "A" Branch.

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