The First World War
War Diary of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Transcription by Captain Michael O'Leary, The RCR.

APRIL 1918


The Royal Canadian Regiment
Work and Wire Report for Month of April 1918

DateNature of WorkLocation Remarks
2-4-18.Carrying Stokes Ammunition to Outposts.SOURIS ROADFrom ACCESS to T.3.c.55.99
Clearing Trench.SOURIS ROAD
Firestepping Trench (ACTRESS)BETTYBRANDON RD.20 Firesteps put in ACTRESS. 5 Bivouacs nearly completed.
23-4-18.Clearing SOURIS RD. (Crumped in.)T.3.c.70.82ACCESS TRENCHThis Trench is now in good condition.
Carrying Wire.AVION DUMP.T.3.c.70.82Very few stakes and little wire here.
Making Blocks.T.3.b.45.15T.3.b.35.30For new dispositions and now practically complete.
Digging Dugouts.Approx T.9.c.15.50Filled 200 sandbags and put in three forms.
Carrying.Approx T.9.c.15.50Carried 250 sandbags, salvaged 12 picks and 12 shovels.
Firestepping Trench (ACTRESS)BETTYACCESSWhole trench now firestepped.
4-4-18.Apron fencing.T.3.b.50.20T.3.b.50.0875 yards laid. Material used 20 coils.
Completing blocks.T.3.b.60.25This work now complete.
Cleaning out Dumps.AVION TRENCH
Cleaning and improving ACCESS.SOURIS ROADBILLIE BURKEDigging out and deepening caved in places.
Building Bivouacs.ACCESSACTRESS
Removing SalvageT.3.c.30.10350 boxes salvaged Bombs.
Building Dugout.Approx. T.9.c.15.50350 sandbags filled. 6 Forms ut in. 20 yards trench deepened.
Building Fire Steps.KEANETEDDY GERARDFirestepping 200 yards of trench.
Wiring TEDDY GERARD.T.15.a.60.9025 yards double apron fence.
5-4-16.Building Dugout.Approx. T.9.c.15.50Filled 200 sandbags and 6 Forms put in.
Wiring TEDDY GERARD.T.15.a.56.92T.9.c.36.05150 yards old Fence repaired. 20 coils used.
Improving VISTA TILLEYT.15.b.02.68T.10.c.10.76It is almost impossible to improve firesteps owing to rain and lack of sandbags.
6-4-18.Improving VISTA TILLEYT.15.b.02.58T.10.c.10.76
Building Dugout.Approx. T.9.c.15.50Filled 200 sandbags and put in 6 Forms.
Wiring TEDDY GERARD.T.15.a.45.99T.9.c.37.03Filled in 50 yards broken wire fence. 9 coils used.
Cleaning SOURIS ROAD.T.3.c.60.90T.3.c.68.80Trench fell in on account of wet and rain.
Double Apron Fence in front of Post.Approx. T.3.b.45.2060 yards double apron.
Building Bivouacs in ACTRESS.T.3.c.56.76T.8.b.51.70Three bivouacs are in course of completion and will be finished today.
6-4-18.Cleaning SOURIS ROAD.T.3.c.60.90T.3.c.68.80Trench fallen in on A/C rain and wet.
Building Dugout.Approx. T.9.c.15.50Filled 650 sandbags. Emptied 800 sandbags. 6 Forms put in.
Building Bivouacs in ACTRESS.T.3.c.56.76T.8.b.61.70Bivouacs now completed.
9-4-18.Wiring RED TRENCHJunct. RED TRENCH & LENS ARRAS RD.40 coils loose filling.
Cleaning RED TRENCH & digging sump holesCYRIL TRENCHLENS ARRAS RD.500 yards cleaned.
10-4-18.Trench cleaning.GERTIE TRENCH.Deepening and improving 100 yds. GERTIE.
Wiring RED TRENCH.Junct RED & LENS-ARRAS RD.42 coils loose filling.
Cleaning RED TRENCH and digging sump holes.CYRIL TRENCHLENS ARRAS RD.
11-4-18.Wiring.Junct LENS-ARRAS RD. & RED TRENCH.40 coils loose filling, strengthening fence.
Improving RED TRENCH.CYRIL TRENCHLENS ARRAS RD.600 yards cleaned.
12-4-18.Cleaning and deepening RED TRENCH.CYRIL TRENCH.LACOULOTTE RD.
Improving RED TRENCH.RED TRENCH.Leveling Bathmats and repairing same. Draining and digging sump holes.
14-4-18.Digging trench.Extensions CAVALRY.40 O.R's employed two hours.
Erecting and repairing camouflage screen.Billetting Area M.30.a.
Erecting gas blankets and proofing old ones.Billetting Area M.30.a.
Deepening trench.SOUCHEZ POST.Jct: ALMANAC & RED.Trench generally improved.
Deepening APPROACH.ADROIT.AMULET.Trench generally improved.
15-4-18.Deepening Sap & making L.G. Post.N.25.a.65N.25.a.7520 yds. trench dug down 2 ft.
Digging Trench.N.25.a.75N.25.a.73New trench 12 yds. long, 5 ft. deep, 3 ft. wide.
Deepening and cleaning trench.N.25.a.76N.25.a.72Deepening down 75 yds. of trench 2 ft.
Digging enlargement of Lewis Gun Post.SOUCHEZ POST.4 yds. long, 5 ft. deep, 3 ft, wide
Digging Post to protect O.T.N.19.c.88Not completed. Work camouflaged.
15-4-18.WiringN.20.c.12.N.26.a.19.30 yds. new apron fence. Work difficult owing to enemy flares.
Improving trench.AMULET.Extreme left or trench.Cleaned out 150 yds trench. Put in 12 trench mats.
Repairing DugoutsCoy H.Q. AMULET.Filling 100 sandbags out of dugout and cellars and rendered dugout fit for habitation.
WiringAMULET Trench.Approx. 19.d.35.80.Used 6 coils wair. Fence unfinished.
Digging Saps.ADROIT C.T.Party dug 3 small saps, 30 ft. long.
Improving fire steps.ADROIT.APPROACH.Improved fire steps along trench.
Cleaning and improving.AMULET.ARGYLE.Cleaned out and improved this trench.
Carrying trench mats.CROW DUMP.N.25.b.45.1 Offr & 25 O.R's from 7.45 p.m. to 11.20 p.m.
Digging Machine Gun emplacement.Approx. 24.d.80.90, N.24.c.70.90., N.25.d.40.80.3 parties of 1 N.C.O. and 10 O.R's from 7.45 p.m to 1.45 a.m.
Digging out and deepening AGUE TR.2 parties of 2 N.C.O's and 20 O.R's from 7.45 p.m to 11.30 p.m.
16-4-18.Digging Saps.ADROIT C.T. Near AMULET TR.Completed 3 saps 12 ft long and 3 ft deep.
Wiring.AMULET TR. Rt. Coy. H.Q.Repaired 40 yds wire fence. Used 10 coils of wire.
Deepening and cleaning out sap.N.25.b.15.80.N.25.b.30.65.75 yards of trench deepened 2 ft.
Completing Post in ADROIT TR.N.19.c.70.85.Post completed and camouflaged.
Deepening and cleaning out trench."D" Coy. front.1 N.C.O. & 20 O.R's from 7.30 p.m. - 11.00 p.m.
Carrying party and deepening tr.1 N.C.O. & 160 O.R's from 8.00 p.m. - 11.00 p.m.
17-4-18.Digging Rifle Pits.ABSALOM TRENCH.
Improving AGUE TRENCH.AGUE TRENCH.Carrying Trench Mats from CROW DUMP.
Improving CAVALRY TRENCH.CAVALRY TRENCH.Building weather proof S.A.A. & Bomb shelters.
Improving and deepening trenches.AGUE-ADJUNCT TRENCHES.Working on Right Battle position and general improvements.
Clearing trench.AMULET TR.ADROIT C.T.Cleaned out 20 yds of trench.
Building firing post in C.T.ADROIT JCT. of APPROACH.Work not quite complete, not camouflaged.
Building firing post in C.T.AGUE JCT. of ALMANAC.Work completed and camouflaged.
Building Fire steps.N.19.d.00.00.N.23.b.10.75.10 steps each to accommodate 3 men.
Digging new trench.N.25.b.20.70.N.25.b.30.60.35 yards of trench 4'6" deep, 3' wide.
Digging extension of AGUE.N.25.b.10.19.N.25.b.40.50.Trench now 5 ft deep.
Digging firesteps.N.19.c.80.40.N.19.c.90.20.Eight steps completed.
Completing Firing Post.Jct AGUE & ADROIT N.19.c.65.25.Work now completed and camouflaged.
Cleaning trench.N.19.b.30.10.N.19.b.35.00.Cleaned out 20 yds of caved-in trench.
Wiring right of Coy. H.Q.N.19.d.40.50.N.19.d.30.65.Repaired 30 yards trench. Used 10 coils wire.
Repairing trench AMULET & ADROIT.N.19.b.30.10.N.19.b.90.20.Repaired 20 yds trench and repaired fire steps.
Strengthening wire.N.25.b.10.80.N.19.c.90.20.
Carrying Stokes ammunition.Front Line.CROW DUMP.Carried 50 rounds.
Repairing trench AGUE.N.19.c.60.50.N.19.c.90.20.50 yards completed.
Strengthening wire.N.25.b.10.80.N.19.c.90.20.
18-4-18. Contd.
Making shelters for Bombs. AGUE-ADJUNCT.N.25.a.7.3.
Digging store for Reserve Water Tins.N.25.a.50.30.
Building S.A.A. shelter in CAVALRY.M.24.c.40.80.M.24.c.50.80.
19-4-18.Improving Bathmats in AGUE TRENCH.N.19.a.60.60.N.19.c.60.30.About 50 yards repaired.
20-4-18.Wiring RED LINE.M.18.a.60.10.M.28.d.20.30.Repaired 200 yards old fence wire.
Wiring ABSALOMM.24.d.50.30.M.24.c.20.20.Put in three Blocks 3 East and 2 West of CAVALRY.
Cleaning our No. 4 Post.N.20.a.10.20.
Cleaning out C.T. ADROIT.N.19.b.90.20.
Wiring ALPACA.N.20.c.15.75. - N.20.c.10.25. - N.20.c.20.90.Not yet completed.
Cleaning out and deepening AGUE.Deepening, cleaning and laying bathmats.
Cleaning out trench and filling ld latrine.N.19.c.50.95.
Deepening AGUE.N.19.c.95.10.N.19.c.93.00.
New Rifle Pit in ADROIT.M.23.d.20.40.M.25.d.35.60
21-4-18.Wiring RED TRENCHM.23.d.30.40.M.23.d.35.60.250 yards Apron Wire and carried 100 coils from dump.
Building 1 Block and reconstructing 2.M.24.d.20.35.
22-4-18.Work on Rifle Pit in C.T. ADROIT.N.19.c.25.85.
Work on AGUE TRENCH.N.19.c.99.10.N.19.c.99.05Laying Bathmats and deepening trench.
Digging AGUE TRENCH.N.19.c.62.84.N.19.c.62.70.75 yards dug out and repaired.
Wiring.M.32.d.00.00.M.29.b.80.50.Constructed 3 sections of wire fence 50 yards.
Wiring and salvaging.M.23.d.35.22.M.23.d.10.25.Repaired 200 yards fence. Salvaged 25 coils wire and 140 stakes.
Wiring up gaps in Outpost line.N.20.c.10.30.N.20.c.12.75.
Deepening ARGYLE and ADROIT.N.19.b.92.15.N.19.b.93.20.Cleaning trench and filling gaps in parapet.
Wiring up gaps in ALPACA SAP.N.20.a.10.80.Work now complete.
Deepening ADROIT C.T.N.19.b.98.45.N.19.b.25.45.
Making gooseberries and placing in position in gaps in Outpost Line.N.20.a.20.00.N.19.b.92.50.40 Gooseberries made and placed in position.
23-4-18.Work on AGUE Trench.N.19.c.99.10.N.19.c.99.05.
Rifle Pit in ADROIT.N.19.c.35.35.
Deepening Jct. ARGYLE & ADROIT.N.20.a.05.15.N.19.b.98.15.2 shifts 1 N.C.O. and 10 men each.
Deepening ARGYLE.N.19.b.92.15.N.19.b.98.20. trench 1 foot deeper.
Digging and wiring ADROIT C.T.N.19.d.30.90.N.19.d.30.98.4 hurdles and digging out Rifle Pit.
23-4-18.Salvaging.Salvaged 60 coils of wire and 70 stakes.
Digging ABSALOM C.T.M.24.d.40.10.Rifle Pit dug and camouflaged.
Wiring.M.32.d.00.00.M.29.b.80.50.Repairing Wire Fence.
26-4-18.Deepening and cleaning AGUE.N.19.c.80.40.N.19.c.85.80.Bathmats adjusted and deepened 18".
Draining AGUE from ADROIT to ALMANAC.N.19.c.65.80.N.25.b.20.50.Water in places 18" deep.
Cleaning ADROIT TRENCH.N.19.b.40.00.N.19.b.40.80.
Cleaning ARGYLE TRENCH.N.19.c.70.80.N.19.c.85.70.
27-4-18.Bailing jct AMULET-ADROIT to jct ADROIT-ARGYLE.N.19.b.10.20.N.19.b.10.40.
Carrying wire and erecting 40 coils.M.29.c.Central.
Draining Trench AGUE.N.25.b.40.60.N.19.c.70.06.
Deepening Trench.N.19.c.6.6.N.19.c.80.40.Trench deepened 1 ft and bathmats cleaned.
Cleaning Trench. AMULET.N.19.b.30.50.N.19.b.30.20.Cleaned 50 yards of Trench.
Cleaning and repairing AMULET.N.19.b.30.50.N.19.b.30.20.Repaired 50 yards of Trench.
28-4-18.Cleaning AGUE.N.19.c.65.85.N.25.b.45.60.Preparing for re-setting Bathmats.
Carrying Sand Bags.CROW DUMP.N.19.d.30.75.Carried 250 Sand Bags.
29-4-18. APPROACH TRENCH.N.19.c. 90.70.N.19.c.25.38.25 yards trench cleaned.
Cleaning AGUE TRENCH.N.19.c.65.85.N.23.b.40.56.Keeping water under control and cleaning.
Cleaning and repairing ADROIT TRENCH.M.24.d.55.92.M.19.c.65.85.Raising, cleaning and repairing Bathmats.
Cleaning and repairing ABSALOM TRENCH.M.24.c.50.60.M.24.d.60.92.Raising, cleaning and repairing Bathmats.
30-4-18.Repairing and repairing APPROACH.AMULET.N.19.d.50.20.Cleaned 50 yards of trench. Repaired 20 Bathmats.
Cleaning APPROACH.ADROIT.AMULET.Cleaned 300 yards of trench.

R.M. Millett
Adjutant The Royal Canadian Regiment.

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