The First World War
War Diary of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Transcription by Captain Michael O'Leary, The RCR.



Letter to 7th Brigade from Maj.-Gen. Lipsett.

7th Canadian Infantry Brigade
B. M. R. 60/

42ND Canadian Battalion.
49TH Canadian Battalion.

The following letter has been received from the Major-General Commanding 3RD Canadian Division, and is published for the information of all concerned.

Dear General Dyer -

"I was very pleased, on my return on the 15th to get the reports of your patrol activity carried out on your front. Will you please convey my appreciation to those who were responsible for this active work. I am sorry that they didn't have better luck in finding the Germans when they visited their posts; but I quite appreciate it is a difficult front to really carry out effective operations against the Germans, and the best we can do is to continually try to raid their posts, as seems to have been done. We must hope eventually for good luck to come our way. However, leaving our trenches in these small attempts I am sure has the very best effect on keeping up the spirits of our men.

(Sgd.) L.J. LIPSETT,
Cmdg., 3rd Canadian Division.

The G.O.C. wishes to add to the above his sincere thanks to those responsible, and expresses his appreciation of the excellent work carried out under most trying circumstances.

Eric Osborne
For Brigade Major,
7TH Canadian Infantry Brigade.


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