The First World War
War Diary of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Transcription by Captain Michael O'Leary, The RCR.





19TH Dec. 1917.

Reference maps:-
36a - 1/40,000
36b - 1/40,000
36c - 1/40,000
LENS - 1/10,000

1.     Moves.

(a)     Personnel. Personnel will move by bus on 21st inst. in accordance with O.O. 126, embossing order will be issued when details are available.

(b)     Transport of units will move independently on 21st inst. to lines in FOSSE 10. March formation and discipline to be maintained.

2.     Baggage lorries have been applied for for Battalions and Trench Mortar Battery. Unit will detail one guide each to be at Brigade Hqrs. At 5.45 a.m. on the 21st to guide lorries allotted to them to their lines as lorries will rendezvous at Brigade Headquarters. Loading parties will travel with lorries so that same may be promptly unloaded and return to Corps the same day.

Baggage wagons will report to their units prior to move.

3.     Supplies.

Supplies will be delivered as notified in Appendix "A". Effort will be made to take utmost advantage of Light railway facilities; further instructions will be notified later.

Supply of dry rations for emergency will be maintained by Town Majow LIEVIN.

4.     Trench Munitions.

As notified in para ? Appendix "A" and following Brigade Dumps:

Establishment of munitions on these dumps to be notified later.

List of trench Stores taken over will be forwarded to Brigade Headquarters the morning following relief.

5.     General.

Administrative arrangements in new area will be as set out in 3RD Cdn. Div. Q/S/A/3/13, forming Schedule "A" hereto and Medical arrangements as in Schedule "A" thereto.

Instructions contained in these appendices will be carefully complied with by units.

6.     Billets.

Units will be responsible that all billets and areas occupied by them are left in clean and sanitary condition and will obtain all prescribed or necessary clearances from Town majors and inhabitants before vacating same.

All camp equipment must be handed over to Town Majors and receipts obtained; detailed instructions have already been issued in this respect.

7.     Post Office.

Field Post office will move with Brigade Headquarters.

8.     Billeting.

Transport lines and details and Rear Orderly Rooms of all Battalions and Trench Mortar Battery will be in FOSSE 10 upon Brigade moving into the line and Rear Brigade Headquarters will open at Chateau, Billet 90, BULLY GRENAY on 23rd inst.

9.     Acknowledge.

(signed, illegible)
For Staff Captain,
7TH Canadian Infantry Brigade.

Issued to recipients of 7TH Cdn. Inf. Bde. Operation Order No. 124.

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