The First World War
War Diary of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Transcription by Captain Michael O'Leary, The RCR.


Copy No. 18

22nd October 1917

R.C.R. Order No. 75.


1.     The Regiment will entrain at CAESTRE at 4.00 a.m. 23rd October 1917 and move by Train to YPRES.


2.     Companies will parade at 2.00 a.m. And move off in the following order, "H.Q.", "C", "B", Band and Drums, "A" and "D".


3.     Cross Roads between "C" and "D" Cos. Billets.

Exact location will be sent round by Runner.

Head of Column will pass start point at 2.15 a.m.


4.     Head of column will be at CAESTRE Station 20 minutes before hour of entrainment.

Men will be numbered off by tens, excluding Officers.

Lieut. A.A. ALLENBACK is detailed to assist Captain T.B. MALONE, Brigade Entraining Officer at CAESTRE.

Nothing but the Equipment carried by the men will be taken on board the Train.

LEWIS GUNS will be carried by men.


5.     Detrainment will be at YPRES.


6.     Guides from Advance Parties will be at YPRES and will lead Units to their respective Billetting Areas Interval of 25 yards will be observed from detraining point (between platoons).


7.     (Other Ranks.) Men will wear Caps. Greatcoats and Blankets will be carried in Pack. Steel Helmets will be carried on the face of the pack and held by two flap straps.

(Officers) Gloves and puttees will be worn. Raincoats will be carried Banderole over the Right Shoulder. Sticks, Box Respirators will be carried, also P.H. Helmets.


8.     All occupied Camp Areas, Billets, Horse Lines, Latrines, etc., will be left thoroughly clean and sanitary. Usual Billeting Certificates will be obtained.


9.     There will be NO REAR PARTY. Men will proceed by Train or walk 20 miles with Transport.

Q.M. and T.O. arrangments


1.     Rations for the 23rd instant will be drawn in the usual manner today.

Rations for the 24th instant will be delivered by 3rd Canadian Divisional Train at Q.M. Stores (ST JEAN AREA) on the 23rd instant.


2.     HOT BREAKFAST will be served before moving off. Haversack Rations will be carried by all.


3.     Officers' Kits will be called for as Btn. H.Q., Junior H.Q. and Coy H.Q. Messes at 1.00 a.m. Mess Kits will be carried on Company Field Kitchens.

Bn. H.Q. and Junior H.Q. Mess Kits will be called for at 1.30 a.m. By MESS CART.


4.     Officers' Chargers will proceed with Transport.

Issued by Runner at ____ p.m.

R.M. Millett
A/Adjutant The Royal Canadian Regiment

Copy No. 1 - 7th Canadian Brigade.
2. - "A" Company.
3. - "B" Company.
4. - "C" Company.
5. - "D" Company.
6. - Scouts Officer.
7. - Signal Officer.
8. - Bombing Officer.
9. - Lewis Gun Officer.
10. - Quartermaster and T.O.
11. - Band.
12. - Drums.
13. - R.S.M.
14. - Police.
15. - Medical Officer.
16. - Paymaster.
17. - Runners.
18-20. - War Diary.

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