The First World War
War Diary of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Transcription by Captain Michael O'Leary, The RCR.

MARCH 1917


R.C.R Order No. 7.

Copy No. 17

13th, March, 1917

Reference map
VIMY. 8A. 1/30,000


1.     7TH Canadian Infantry Brigade will attack tomorrow La Folie Ridge from the junction of the tracks at S.29.a.6.9 1/2 (inclusive) to Blue Trench at S.22.b.5.2 including ECOLE COMMUNE, Schloss Weg. Britt. Trench and Staubwasser, and Artillery Weg, up to and inclusive, with their junctions with Britt Trench at S.23.c.3 1/2.6. and S.23.c.4 1/2.4 1/2. respectively. From their final objective to push forward and dig and consolidate a general line in La Folie Wood from S.23.c.9.1. to S.22.b.7.4.

2.     The R.C.R. will assault and capture:-

(A)     Intermediate objective: S.28.b.6 1/2..7. to S.22.d.7 3/4.2.

(B)     Final objective:- The general line S.23.c.9.1. to junction ARTILLERY WEG and BRITT TRENCH (S.23.c. 4 1/2.4 1/2.) (inclusive) and along BRITT TRENCH to S.23.c.4.5. (ECOLE COMMUNE inclusive).


1.     Observation line from P . . . . . . . to P . . . . . . . and new trench (X) dug 50 yards behind it and parallel to it.


1.     C & D Cos. will form up in observation line, C. Co. on the right, D. Co. on the left. B. & A. Cos. in new trench (X), B. Co. on the right and A. on the left. The third platoon on each Co. will be used as a carrying platoon.

2.     One platoon of moppers up from the 49TH. Battalion will follow in rear of the leading platoons of C. & D. Co. Another platoon of the 49TH Battalion will follow immediately in rear of third platoon of C. & D. Cos.

3.     One Machine Gun from 7Th C.I.B. M.G. Co. will follow last platoon of B. Co. The other M.G. of the 7TH B.M.G. Co. will follow in rear of the third platoon of C. Co.

4.     Two Stokes Guns will follow in rear of the third platoon of C. Co.

5.     The Engineers and Brigade Wirers will move forward with the special party detailed to dig S.P.5.

6.     "C" & "D" Cos. will assault, consolidate and garrison that portion of FAMINE & FEATHER Trenches from S.28.b.6 1/2.7. to S.22.d.7 3/4.2.

7.     "D" & "D" Cos. having occupied the intermediate objective, "B" & "A" Cos. will form up and following the barrage will assault ECOLE COMMUNE, CHATEAU, ARTILLERY WEG, and those portions of SCHLOSS WEG, and BRITT TRENCH lying on our front. They will consolidate and garrison the general line etc. (Page 2. 6d.)

On reaching the final objective "B" & "A" Cos. will immediately send forward patrols and covering parties.

Wiring and consolidating will be commenced after patrols report al clear and covering parties are in position.




1.     Lieut. KENNEDY, C.E. with a party of 50 from "C" Co. will, when the barrage has sufficiently cleared, S.23.c.2.1. in AERTILLERY WEG, proceed to that location and establish there S.P.5. The two M.G's in the intermediate objective will push forward to S.P.5. on being relieved by two other M.G's from the 7TH B.M.G. Co. This strong point is to be wired. Minimum garrison to be fifty.

2.     There are two strong points to be constructed in the final objective, one by "B" Co. at S.23.c.7.4. and one by "A" Co. at S.23.c.4 1/2.4 1/2. Minimum garrison of each to be twenty. Men not working on these two S.P's will commence joining them up and also joining up with S.P's on our right and left.


1.    The mopping up platoon following in the rear of the leading platoons of "C" and "D" Cos. will mop up the area between CRATERS (inclusive) to FANNY TRENCH (exclusive.

2.    The other platoon following in the rear of the third platoon of "C" and "D" Cos. will mop up the area from FANNY (inclusive) to intermediate objective (exclusive). On completion of the mopping up report will be sent to Battn. Hd. Qrs. To that effect, both platoons rendezvousing in FANNY TRENCH and forming a garrison of that trench.


1.    The Stokes Guns will be prepared to deal with any point offering strong resistance to our message.

2.    Ammunition must be used sparingly as it is anticipated that the guns and ammunition will be required to deal with the ECOLE COMMUNE.

3.    Stokes Guns will eventually form part of the garrison of the intermediate objective.


1.    Battalion Headquarters will be established in P76 and will be marked by a blue, yellow and black flag.


1.    Battalion Dumps will be established near battalion headquarters.

2.    Company Dumps will be established without delay.


1.    Zero hour will be notified later.


1.    Discs, flares, etc. will be shown to contact Aeroplanes at X50 and X90 or at any other time when called for.


1.    Watches will be synchronized with Battalion Headquarters at 8.55 A.M. tomorrow.


1.    Reports to Battalion Headquarters.


1.    Reference Operation Order R.C.R. No. 7. immediately after para. 7. (1st sheet):-

They will consolidate and garrison the general line, add.

S.23.c.9.1. to junction ARTILLERIE WEG to BRITT TRENCH (s.23.C.4 1/2.4 1/2.) (inclusive) and along BRITT TRENCH to S.23.c.4.5. (ECOLE COMMUNE INCLUSIVE).


E.C. Snider
Adjutant The Royal Canadian Regiment.

Copy No. 1. - 7th. C.I.B.
2. - 49th. Battn.
3. - 7th. F.C.C.E.
4. - 7th. B.M.G. Co.
5. - 7th. C.T.M. Batty.
6. - Bde. Wirers.
7. - "A" Co.
8. - "B" Co.
9. - "C" Co.
10. - "D" Co.
11. - Lewis Guns.
12. - Bombing Officer.
13. - Scout Officer.
14. - R. S. M.
15. - Signals.
16. - Medical Officer.
17-19. - War Diary.


FROM O.C. ______________ Coy, ____________ Bn, TO O.C. ________________ Bn.

Signature of sender Rank.

Signature of receiver Rank.

My unit occupies line as shown by pencil markings B___B on sketch.

My Company H.Q. is located as shown by (flag) on sketch.

Enemy occupies line as shown by pencil markings E_____E on sketch.

I (am) (am not) in touch with _______ (Company) (Battalion) on my right.

I (am) (am not) in touch with _______ (Company) (Battalion) on my left.

My effective strength is __________.

My casualties are approx _________.

Enemy casualties are approx _________.


(Delete words not required.)

General Remarks:-

Remarks on Artillery:-


0.0 - 0.3 Barrage jumps 75 yards each Time and 150 yards in rear 1st objective.
0.3 - 0.8
0.8 - 0.11
0.11 - 0.17
0.17 - 0.20
0.20 - 0.23
0.23 - 0.26
0.26 - 0.29
0.29 - 0.32
0.32 - 0.35
0.35 - 0.60 Halts for 25 minutes 150 yards Rear 1st objective.
0.60 - 0.64 100 yards per 4 minutes to 150 yards in rear final objective.
0.64 - 0.68
0.68 - 0.72
0.72 - 0.76
0.76 - 0.80 100 yards per 4 minutes to N.E. edge La Folie Wood where it will gradually die away.
0.80 - 0.84
0.84 - 0.88
0.88 - 0.92
0.92 - 0.96
0.96 - 0.130
0.130 - 0.134
0.134 - 0.138
0.138 - 0.145
0.145 - 0.149
0.149 - 0.160
0.160 - 0.164
0.164 - 0.168


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