The First World War
War Diary of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Transcription by Captain Michael O'Leary, The RCR.

JULY 1916


R.C.R. Order No. 17.

Copy No. 15


Reference Map Sheet 28 N.W. & N.E.3. parts of

1.    The enemy is known to occupy both the East and West phases of the LOOP.

It is intended to raid LOOP on the night 17TH/18TH July if East side is not too strongly wired and operations likely to prove too costly.

In that case block North and South ends and work on West side improving it to use as assembly point. These parties to withdraw during the day and work at night.

2.     The raiding party will be divided as follows:-

Raiding Party will at 12.30 a.m. 18TH July enter LOOP via GOUROCK ROAD and proceed to work outwards that is one party to North and one to South.

If LOOP is not too strongly held the raiding party will endeavour to clear the east side and establish blocks North and South and also in any enemy communication trench leading into LOOP.

If the East side of LOOP is too strongly held to carry out this operation the party will work as follows,-

They will clear West side of LOOP of enemy with a view to establishing Blocks:-

3.     The advanced patrol provided with wire cutters to consist of 1 N.C.O. and 5 men.

Working party will be sub-divided into three, one party for each Block, and each party will consist of one officer or N.C.O. and six men carrying picks, shovels, and sandbags. They will establish the Blocks previously mentioned.

The raining party will consist of 3 Officers and 24 N.C.O's and men, these being Bayonet men and Bombers.

4.     The advanced patrol will if the wire has not been successfully cut by the Artillery complete the cutting, return to the Main party and act as guides in and out of the enemy trench. They will also act as connecting files, during the operation. The bayonet men and Bombers will, having cleared the trench, act as a covering party for the Blocking party.

On completion of each Block, the covering and working parties will return to junction of GOUROCK ROAD and West side of LOOP and await orders from Lieut. WOODS to retire.

5.     A tool depot will be established by "A" Co. at the GOUROCK ROAD Bombing post.

6.     The Artillery will cut the enemy wire today on West side of LOOP.

7.     The Stokes Gun Officer will arrange to cover the retirement of the raiding party.

8.     The medical Officer will arrange an Aid Post at "A" Co. H.Q. trench 63. Stretcher bearers will accompany the raiding party.

9.     The 2nd i/c will place himself at "A" Co. H.Q.

10.     The Signalling Officer will establish Telephone communication from LOOP back to Bn. H.Q.

11.     The raiding party will proceed on the raid without identification marks, papers, Maps, etc., etc., of any sort.

12.     Faces of the raiding party will be blackened in order to avoid confusion.

13.     "A" Co. working parties will cease work at 12.15 a.m. 18Th inst. The Co. standing to in order to take action if required.

14.     All information will be sent to Bn. H.Q. with the least possible delay.

E.C. Snider
A/Adjutant The Royal Canadian Regiment.

Issued by runner at 1.35 p.m.

Copy. No. 1 - 7TH Canadian. Inf. Bde.
Copy. No. 2 to 2ND Bde. R.F.A.
Copy. No. 3 to 42ND. Bn.
Copy. No. 4 to P.P.C.L.I.
Copy. No. 5 - "A" Coy.
Copy. No. 6 - "B" Coy.
Copy. No. 7 - "C" Coy.
Copy. No. 8 - "D" Coy.
Copy. No. 9 - Bombers.
Copy. No. 10 - Snipers.
Copy. No. 11 - Medical Officer.
Copy. No. 12 - Lewis Gun.
Copy. No. 13 - Signals.
Copy. No. 14 - Stokes Gun.
Copy. No. 15-17 - War Diary.

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