The First World War
War Diary of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Transcription by Captain Michael O'Leary, The RCR.

JUNE 1916

Copy No. 1


Officer Commanding,
Lewis Guns, R.C.R.

Please arrange to have a Lewis Gun at 64 R, and 65 R. to fire intermittently after dark at least 50 yards NORTH of CHARING CROSS Road and parallel to it, sweeping up towards the APPENDIX on the possibility of worrying working parties. Under no circumstances are you to fire closer than 40 yards to COUROCK ROAD, the firing to be by short bursts at fair intervals (i.e., 10 to 20 minutes.)

At 1.15 a.m. the attack will take place which you will support.

C.H. Hill
Lieut. Colonel.
Commanding The Royal Canadian Regiment

Copy No. 1



O.C. 42ND Battalion

The G.O.C. 3RD Canadian Infantry Division orders as follows:-

A.     That you drive in the German Post along old Front Line and establish a post as near as may be to Junction of 60 and 61, and a post controlling German Sap or trench that runs from J.19.c.1.7. to J.19.a.0.1.

B.     Also that you drive in German Post or patrol near CHARING CROSS and establish yourself in such a manner as to deny this post to him.

C.     Details as to hour of attack and composition of parties should be submitted for approval without delay. Runner should be arranged for.

D.     2 Stokes Guns will co-operate with the attack.

E.     The Artillery are prepared to put on barrage on our old Front Trenches or any portion required when called up.

F.     The question of food, water, sandbags and shovels should be gone into.

G.     The Signalling Officer will place at the disposal of the 42ND battalion an Operator with phone.

H.     The O.C. Royal Canadian regiment will arrange to support attack up GOUROCK ROAD with Lewis Guns at the time or signal arranged by the O.C. 42ND battalion

I.     The G.O.C. will be at DORMY HOUSE during the operation.

The attack will commence at 1.15 a.m.

Sgd. A.H.B. Foster, Major,
Brigade Major,
7th Canadian infantry Division

Copy No. 1


1.     To push Germans out of Block "A" in trench 60 i.e. 60 yards North of junction of WARRINGTON AVENUE and trench 60.

2.     To push our own Block North of this to about the junction of 60 and 61.

3.     To destroy reported Sap along edge of WOOD as stated in telegram and to establish a post at Junction of this sap with trench 60 which will control it.

4.     To drive the enemy out of his Block at CHARING CROSS and occupy it or control it - in any case deny it to the enemy.

5.     The attack is to be timed as far as possible to synchronize with the attack by the 20TH Division.

6.     The Artillery will be ready to put on a barrage if required.

7.     The intention is by effective action now, to prevent the enemy at any time to consolidate trenches across our front from which later he may make an attack and which trenches we would have to retake at probably greater cost.

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