Naval Toasts of the Day

The Canadian Navy announced that, effective Sunday, May 2, 1999, on the anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic, that new naval toasts of the day would become effective:

(From the "Navy" pages of the Maple Leaf, Vol. 2, No. 8, 1999)

The traditional Naval Toasts of the Day:

Sunday - 'To Absent Friends'
Monday - 'To Our Ships at Sea'
Tuesday - 'To Our men'
Wednesday - 'To Ourselves'
Thursday - 'For A Bloody War on a Sickly Season'
Friday - 'For a Willing Foe and Sea Room'
Saturday - 'To Wives and Sweethearts'

The new politically correct Naval Toasts of the Day:

Sunday - 'Absent friends/Amis absents'
Monday - 'Our ships/Nos navires'
Tuesday - 'Our sailors/Nos marins'
Wednesday - 'Ourselves/Nous-memes'
Thursday - 'Our navy/Notre Marine'
Friday - 'Our nation/Notre nation'
Saturday - 'Our families/Nos familles'