The Rogue's Papers

Each soldier that has marched before us belongs to the regiment as surely as we do ourselves. It is important to realize that for the diverse lineages of many of our Infantry regiments, that includes those who marched under the colours and cap badges of each and every amalgamated and perpetuated regiment and battalion in our respective lineages. These too, are the stories of our regiments.

"Auftragstaktik" – an obscure German word related to an approach to warfare, nearly untranslatable into English, difficult to explain, probably even more difficult to comprehend.

The Regimental System
We are led, as young officers and soldiers, to believe in the sanctity and strength of the Regiment. But those who so instruct us seldom portray the regiment within its relative position to greater organizations.

The Canadian Infantry Section Attack Part One: Attrition Training in a Manoeuvre Army
The perceived importance of section tactics has ebbed and flowed with our proximity to combat. Well established following WWI, refined throughout WWII and confirmed in Korea, section tactics and the tactical responsibilities of section leaders remained consistent from 1917 until the 1980s.

The Canadian Infantry Section Attack, Part Two: Initiative is Always an Option
In any tactical situation, the section commander must balance the platoon commander's intents and tasks against his (or her) own preferred tactical solution.

Tiger's Can't Live in a Box
It's time to open the box, to open all the boxes given their inter-dependencies. Because 'the box' contains not the evils of the world, 'it' contains our future and our credibility as an Army.

A la Bayonet
"The sole object of weapon training is to teach all ranks the most efficient way of handling their weapons in order to kill the enemy."

21st Century Infantry Company
Throughout history, the sudden or accumulated advance of technology has driven the reorganization of armies.

Vimy Memorial
On the two pylons, in French and English, is the inscription: "To the valour of their countrymen in the Great War and in memory of their sixty thousand dead this monument is raised by the people of Canada."

Dieppe Cemetery
The Dieppe Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery holds over 700 graves, not all from the Dieppe raid. Some are earlier and some are later wartime casualties.

Unknown Soldier
Our father, brother, son, uncle, cousin - we miss you, we mourn you, we thank you; for our freedom and the years of peace your death and so many, too many, others won for us.

How to Suck an Egg
The purpose of this exercise is to follow precise unnecessary directions issued by a higher HQ.

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The Royal Canadian Regiment

Too Few Honours; Rumours of Historical Parsimony in Regimental Honours and Awards
The secret? - that The Royal Canadian Regiment was considered by some of its own to have a long history of stinginess when it came to honours and awards. To take the tale at face value was to accept that perhaps there was a factual basis to this long held belief, shared late at night in quiet Messes, in the wee hours at company smokers, and over discussions of regimental history (both lore and fact) between old soldiers and interested young ones seeking to know and understand their Regiment.
Battle Honours of
The Royal Canadian Regiment

1. How many Battle Honours?
"The Regiment has been awarded or perpetuates fifty-seven battle honours for specific distinguished actions and general actions on active service. Of these, twenty-five battle honour names have been approved for emblazonment on the Regimental Colour of each Battalion."

2. 1915: Bermuda and Belgium
"How then, is it that the Regiment has four battle honours for the First World War that predate the Regiment's arrival in France?"

3. Great War Battle Honours Revisited; 25 or 49?
"Should we not, as a Regiment proud of our history and heritage, take care that each separate battle honour awarded to each perpetuated unit is known and recognized as part of our regimental history?"