The First World War
War Diary of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Transcription by Captain Michael O'Leary, The RCR.


1-9-1918. - ARRAS.

Day Fine and warm. Morning spent packing up and preparing to move. Battalion marched out of ARRAS at 11.50 a.m. and marched to ETRUN, about 5 kilometres from ARRAS arriving there about 1.pp p.m. remainder of day spent in cleaning up.

1 O.R. Committed to prison.
2 O.Rs. to CCS.

2-9-1918. - ETRUN.

Morning spent cleaning up. Word received about 2.00 p.m. that we were to move to advance positions. Battalion paraded about 5.30 p.m. and marched through ARRAS to TILLOY to old British Front Line about three kilometres from ARRAS where it bivouacked for the night. Great congestion of traffic. Enemy Aircraft rather active over back areas.

3 O.Rs. to C.C.S.

3-9-1918. - TILLOY.

Fine and warm. Battalion paid during day. Artillery quite. Nothing further to report. Lieut. A.T.E. CROSBY returned from leave.

5 O.R's from C.C.R.C.
1 O.R., previously reported missing, now at duty.

4-9-1918. - TILLOY.

Fine and warm. Day spent in equipping in Battle Equipment, etc. Day quiet and nothing further to report.

Lieut. A.J. GOUGH returned from leave.

5-9-1918. - TILLOY.

The battalion moved at 5.00 p.m. and took up position behind hill 65. Battalion H,.Q. being established at about 8.00 p.m. Slight enemy shelling. Vicinity of Transport Lines shelled with H.V. Gun and gas shells causing three casualties.

6-9-1918. - FIELD.

Day showery. The C.O. left Battalion Headquarters at 10.30 a.m. and visited companies. Men kept busy improving bivouacs. Lieut. A.J. GOUGH wounded in forearm by bullet from enemy aeroplane. Enemy aircraft active at night in vicinity of Transport Lines.

7-9-1918. - FIELD.

Heavy showers all day. Trenches at Battalion Headquarters flooded. Heavy enemy shelling in vicinity of Transport Lines causing casualties. Enemy shelled rear areas at night with H.V. Gun.

Lieut. W.H. POOLE returned from leave.
5 O.R's from C.C.R.C.
1 O.R. from C.C.S.
1 O.R. Killed.
15 O.R's wounded.

8-9-1918. - FIELD.

Weather fair. Slight enemy shelling. A party of 14 men proceeded to Rear to attend "L" Courses, six of these were wounded whilst getting paid at Brigade Headquarters at ARRAS, four of whom subsequently died.

Lieut. W.L. BARRETT LENNARD proceeded on leave.
Lieut. A.C. MILLS joined from C.C.R.C.
26 O.R's from C.C.R.C.
3 O.R's from C.C.S.
1 O.R. Died.

9-9-1918. - FIELD.

Weather fair. Situation normal. Enemy shelling of village of SAUDEMONT. Transport Lines moved further back on account of heavy shelling and are now situated at CHERISY.

1 O.R. wounded.
Capt H.B. POSTON evacuated to C.C.S.
24 O.R's from C.C.R.C.

10-9-1918. - FIELD.

Weather fair. Slight enemy shelling.

Lieut L.G. LYON died of wounds.

Capt W.J. HOME reported at Battalion Headquarters about 3.00 p.m. and "A" Company moved back to bivouacs beside "D" Company. Enemy aircraft active in rear of Transport Lines but were driven off by A.A. and Machine Gun fire.

9 O.R's to C.C.S.
2 O.R's wounded.

11-9-1918. - FIELD.

Situation normal. Advance party sent out to take over billets etc. occupied by 1ST C.M.R. Battalion at U.4.b.2.8. the Battalion was relieved by 5TH C.M.R. in the line. Enemy artillery active in vicinity of Battalion Headquarters, gas shells being used and the use of S.B.Rs. became general. Relief complete at 10.00 p.m. No casualties.

Lieut. L.C. LINTON joined from C.C.R.C.
Lieut. M. ISBESTER returned from course.
1 O.R. from C.C.S.
4 O.Rs. from C.C.R.C.

12-9-1918. - FIELD.

Weather cloudy with showers. Day spent in improving bivvies and salvaging material for same. Phone system installed by Battalion Signallers between battalion headquarters, Companies and Transport Lines.

Lieut. G.L.P. SUTTIE-GRANT joined from C.C.R.C.
Lieut. C.P. WRIGHT returned from course.
6 O.R's to C.C.S.

13-9-1918. - FIELD.

Fine and warm. Slight enemy shelling in area occupied by "A" and "B" Companies. No casualties.

9 O.Rs. from C.C.R.C.
2 O.Rs. to C.C.S.

14-9-1918. - FIELD.

Fine and warm. Battalion paid during the day. Nothing further to report.

Lieut. A.A. ALLENBACK invalided to England.
2 O.Rs. died of wounds.
4 O.Rs. to C.C.S.
5 O.Rs. from C.C.S.
1 O.R. wounded.
18 O.Rs. from C.C.R.C.

15-9-1918. - FIELD.

Fine and warm. Enemy aircraft very active. Several attacks made on our observation balloons. Nothing further to report.

Lieut H.V. BONNER proceed on L.G. Course.

16-9-1918. - FIELD.

Fine and warm. Companies out salvaging and good results are reported. Heavy rain fell during the night.

Capt. W.J. HOME proceeded to Rest Camp.
14 O.Rs. joined from 43rd Bn.

17-9-1918. - FIELD.

Violent rain storm in the early morning. Remainder of day warm. Excellent work accomplished by salvaging parties. Enemy bombing planes approached but were driven off by the R.A.F. One enemy aeroplane was seen to burst into flames and crash. Enemy shelled our area but no casualties were reported.

Lieut. H.R. StC. JONES on musketry course.
Lieut. R.M. MILLETT rtd. from leave.
1 O.R. from C.C.R.C

(Appendix 1, & 2.)

18-9-1918. - FIELD.

Day fine and warm. Battalion preparing to move to BERNVILLE. Advance parties sent out. Enemy shelled area occupied by us, a few gas shells were used but no casualties were reported.

Lieut. M.F. GREGG, MC, returned from leave.
1 O.R. from C.C.R.C.
1O.R. from C.C.S.

(Appendix 3, 4, & 5.)

19-9-1918. - FIELD.

Starting at 12.00 noon from O.33.c.85.40. the Battalion marched to CROISILLES via FONTAINE les CROISILLES and entrained for DAINVILLE. The train did not leave CROISILLES until 5.00 p.m. and what would have been a tiresome delay was easily turned into a pleasant hour by the willing efforts of the Regimental band and Drums. The former rendering some very pleasant airs and the latter carried out a march past with their usual smartness and precision which never fails to gain the admiration of the onlooker. The Battalion detrained at 7.00 p.m. in DAINVILLE and marched to BERNEVILLE where a hot meal was provided. Battalion quartered in comfortable billets.

2 O.Rs. transferred to Cdn. Corps inf. School. 1 O.R. trans. To C.C.R.C.

(Appendix 6 & 7.)

20-9-1918. - BERNEVILLE.

Day bright and warm. Companies paraded for rifle inspection and clothing. Remainder of day spent in cleaning up.

Lieut S.H. HALL, Lieut. N.F. McCORMACK, Lieut. R. DUPLISSIE, Lieut E.A. BENT and Lieut H.S. TAYLOR joined from C.C.R.C.
1 O.R. wounded and missing.

21-9-1918. - BERNEVILLE.

Battalions bathed at BERNEVILLE in forenoon and carried out specialist training, Musketry, and smartening up drill for three hours.

1 O.R. admitted to Base Hospital.

22-9-1918. - BERNEVILLE.

Battalion paraded for Divine services at BERNEVILLE. Battalion resting reminder of day.

23-9-1918. - BERNEVILLE.

Two bombs were dropped in training ground near BERNEVILLE. Casualties 2 O.Rs. wnd. Specialist training carried out for two hours. Party of 6 Officers reconnoitring forward area.

Lieut. A.M. GOUGH invalided to England.

24-9-1918. - BERNEVILLE.

Party of Officers reconnoitred forward area leaving Brigade Headquarters at 8.00 am. Training carried out for 3 hours. Smartening up drill, and specialist training.

Lieut. C.C. SMITH Invalided to England.

25-9-1918. - BERNEVILLE.

Party of Officers again reconnoitred forward area. Training carried out and instruction in German Light Machine Gun. Band concert in afternoon.

(Appendix 8.)

26-9-1918. - BERNEVILLE.

At 9.00 a.m. order received from 7TH Canadian Infantry Brigade for battalion to move. Battalion embossed at 8.00 p.m. Debussed at BULLECOURT at 10.30 p.m. and marched to QUEANT over very heavy road arriving at 3.00 a.m.

17 O.Rs. from C.C.R.C.

27, 28, 29, 30-9-1918. - CAMBRAI.

Weather fair. Some rain. Conditions generally good. See narrative attached.

(Appendix 9.)


R.E. Balders
Commanding The Royal Canadian Regiment.

Letter by Lieut.-Col. C.B. Topp, 42nd Cdn. Inf. Bn. regarding recommendaton of Victoria Cross for Lieut. Milton F. Gregg.

Appendices 1 to 4. - Orders issued to R.C.R. Battn. dated 17.9.18. and 18.9.18.

Appendix 1.
Appendix 2.
Appendix 3.
Appendix 4.

Appendix 5. - Order issued by R.C.R. Battn. dated 18.9.18.

Appendices 6 to 8. - Orders issued to R.C.R. Battn. dated 18.9.18. to 25.9.18.

Appendix 6.
Appendix 7.
Appendix 8.

Appendix 9. - List of officers proceeding into action, 27.9.18.

[Appendix 10.] - Narrative of operations of R.C.R. from 28.9.18. to 30.9.18.